Fifteen Connections between Fantastic Animals Series and Harry Potter —— From McGonagall, Deathly Hallows to Room of Requirement

As J·K· Rowling’s new work in the post-Harry Potter era, the special feature of Time Network, the third film of Fantastic Animals series, Fantastic Animals: The Mystery of Dumbledore, was released in Chinese mainland today!

The series of stories of Fantastic Animals took place in 1926-1945, starting with Newt Scarmand’s coming to new york in 1926 (the year when Voldemort was born) to perform a secret mission of "silence" for albus dumbledore. Theoretically, it will end in the legendary battle where Dumbledore defeated dark wizard’s Gellert Grindivo-the year Voldemort left Hogwarts and disappeared for many years. As for the familiar story of Harry Potter, it will not begin until Harry was born in 1980 and began to go to Hogwarts in 1991.

Fantastic Animals: The Mystery of Dumbledore

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Adventure/Family/Fantasy released in America on April 8th, 2022.

As a prequel to the Harry Potter series, apart from sharing the same magical worldview, what are the connections between Fantastic Animals and Harry Potter? summarized 15 noteworthy points in the first two films, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them and Fantastic Animals: The Crime of Grindelwald, in order to better prepare for the third film.

01 magical animals

The series "Fantastic Animals" originally came from a Hogwarts textbook "Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them" written by Rowling in his early years. The author of this book is the protagonist of the movie series "Fantastic Animals" (maybe he has become a supporting actor now? ) Newt Scarmand. This book is neither a novel (like the original Harry Potter) nor a script (like the script book of Fantastic Animals). It can be said to be an index of "Fantastic Animals", which includes all kinds of knowledge about them.

As the name implies, the film series of Fantastic Animals must have the amazing appearances of various animals such as sniffing, tree-protecting Luo Guo, Li Wu, Thunderbird, horse-shaped monster, poisonous horned beast and so on. In the original Harry Potter series, animals such as Vernon, fire dragon, Buckbeak, the winged animal with the head of a horse, also played important roles in different stages of Harry’s life. In "Fantastic Animals 3", the newly joined Kirin, Scorpion bijuu, and Winged Birds will continue to bring new surprises to the audience.

02 polyjuice potion

The clever "Gryffindor know-it-all" (this phrase is not derogatory unless it is used by Professor Snape) hermione granger can make polyjuice potion in the second grade! This magic potion can make you look like a different person in a short time, and it has a great effect in the Harry Potter series-Harry and Ron sneak into the Slytherin lounge, Bartemius Crouch, Jr. becomes Professor Moody, and the Iron Triangle breaks into the Ministry of Magic, even in the Privet Drive transfer plan of "Seven Harry", polyjuice potion has contributed a lot.

In the Fantastic Animals series, it was also thanks to polyjuice potion that gellert grindelwald disguised himself as Percival Graves, the security secretary of the American Magic Congress.

03 the history of Dumbledore

In the Harry Potter series, thanks to the famous gossip reporter "The Beatle" (not) rita skeeter’s "Dumbledore’s Life and Lies", Harry and his friends were able to learn about the love and hate between the headmaster and Grindelwald in his early years and the tragedy that happened to Dumbledore’s sister Ariane.

Since "Fantastic Animals 3" has the subtitle of "Dumbledore’s Mystery", it will introduce the true identity of Claydens-Aurili uz Dumbledore and his secret connection with this family in detail. After the accident in godric Valley, how did Dumbledore and his old lover Grindelwald break the blood alliance and turn against each other? The "Fantastic Animals" series will give you the answer slowly. Speaking of which, I would like to remind you that aberforth dumbledore, Dumbledore’s younger brother who loves goats in the Harry Potter series, will also play an important role in Fantastic Animals 3.

The name of the Ministry of Magic and Muggle

Corresponding to the British "Ministry of Magic", the institution that performs the function of "government" in the United States is called "MACUSA". The top leader of the American Magic Congress is the President, while the top leader of the British Ministry of Magic is the Minister. There are similar differences between Britain and the United States-in Harry Potter, the British call people who can’t do magic "Muggle", while Americans call such people "No-Maj".

05 magic world entrance

Just as there is diagon alley in London, England, and other big cities where wizards gather, there are also special places like "diagon alley" that connect the Muggle world with the magical world. There is a similar circus in Paris, and there is a bar run by goblins in this place in new york, USA-similar to leaky cauldron in London. In Fantastic Animals 3, we will also see that there is such a "special place" in Berlin, Germany.

In addition to the entrance to the magical world, the entrance to the Ministry of Magic is also located in the bustling Muggle city center, which is hidden by magic and has a special entrance or password. Only wizards can enter and leave freely. Unlike the telephone booth in London (password is 62442——magic), the entrance of the Ministry of Magic in Paris is a fountain with a statue behind it.

06 Rita lestrange

Real fans will be shocked when they hear the name "lestrange". Bellatrix lestrange, Voldemort’s number one deputy in the Harry Potter series, took the husband’s surname after marriage-she was a member of the Black family and married rodolphus lestrange. Rita was theseus Scarmand’s fiancee and Newt’s ex-girlfriend in the Fantastic Animals series. The movie spent a whole episode exploring the blood relationship between Rita and Claydens, and the final conclusion was that it didn’t matter, and Rita finally died.

07 Silent Books

In the world of Harry Potter, the wizard book publishing house that publishes Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them is called Silent Book Company. "Silent" in Fantastic Animals refers to a dark magical force in the magical world. In order to escape bad luck, young wizards will suppress their magic power, but because of lack of guidance, they have not learned to control and control their own power, so they have derived parasites-dark magic power silently. These hosts are called "silent people", including Claudens and Ariana Dumbledore.

08 nicolas flamel

Nicolas flamel, the philosopher’s stone maker who only heard his name in Harry Potter, also appeared in the series of Fantastic Animals, and even the philosopher’s stone appeared. Interestingly, nicolas flamel was a real Frenchman in history and the ancestor of European alchemy. His appearance in the Paris part of Fantastic Animals was also in line with his nationality.

His story sounds very popular. It is said that he successfully turned mercury into gold, and was robbed after his death, only to find that there was no body in the coffin. Centuries later, Newton (yes, that Newton) translated nicolas flamel’s manuscript from French into English.

Variations by Hedway

Every time a Hogwarts scene appears in Fantastic Animals, BGM is the most famous "Hedway Variations" in Harry Potter movies, which was created by john williams.

10 Nagini

Nagini, the serpent who was inseparable from Voldemort in the Harry Potter series, turned out to be an Asian girl who was cursed by blood in Fantastic Animals. She was originally an orc circus performer with blood curse, because the blood curse inherited from the maternal line of the family can switch between human and snake, but the curse will eventually turn her into a snake completely. Nagini’s beast is a 12-foot-long serpent, which later became Voldemort’s pet. It is one of Voldemort’s seven horcruxes and also Voldemort’s murder weapon.

Many, many years later, Nagini not only killed people, but also killed Professor Snape, and was finally beheaded by neville longbottom … Will you shudder when you associate it with that beautiful girl who lived alone with Claydens?

Professor McGonagall

This is actually quite controversial. During the period of Harry Potter, Professor McGonagall was born in 1935 and began to teach at Hogwarts in 1956. However, in the 1920s when the series of "Fantastic Animals" took place, especially in "Fantastic Animals 3", minerva mcgonagall appeared as a young woman, and the birth year of Professor McGonagall on Pottermore was also deleted.

12 deathly Hallows

As the most important "concept" in the last two films of Harry Potter series, the "Deathly Hallows" refers to the three sets of elder wand, Resurrection Stone and Invisibility Cloak. Having these three sets at the same time can make you the master of death (such as Harry himself, the chosen son). In "Fantastic Animals" series, Grindelwald, incarnated as Percival Graves, gave Claydens the necklace of Deathly Hallows as a "keepsake".

The wand in Grindelwald’s hand, which reveals his true colors, is the real elder wand-the one in Dumbledore’s hand during the Harry Potter period many years later, and the one that Voldemort died of. In "Fantastic Animals 3", Grindelwald will get more close-ups with elder wand in his hand when he fights with Dumbledore.

Mirror of Eris

In the Harry Potter series, little Harry once stood in front of Eris sunglasses and eagerly looked at his parents and other deceased family members in the mirror-a mirror that shows your deepest desire. Principal Dumbledore once lied to Harry that he saw himself in the mirror with a pair of wool socks in his hand. However, in the series of Fantastic Animals, young Dumbledore saw in the mirror the former best friend and ex-boyfriend Grindelwald (Depp’s face at that time …).

An unbreakable oath

In the Harry Potter series, Professor Snape and narcissa malfoy made an unbreakable vow to help her son Draco kill President Dumbledore. In the series "Fantastic Animals", this spell appeared again. This time, Yusef Kumar made an oath. His father made him swear that he must kill Rita lestrange’s younger brother Claydens. As a result, he turned around and found that Claydens was not her brother at all. The younger brother who was related to Rita had already been buried in the depths of the Atlantic Ocean.

15 room of requirement

The room of requirement in the Harry Potter series is a magical place, and one can only go in when one really needs it. This is the secret stronghold where Harry leads D.A. to carry out magic training. His first kiss with cho chang is here. He hides the potions textbook of the half-blood prince on this side. Malfoy introduced the Death Eaters to Hogwarts through the room of requirement, and killed President Dumbledore. Ravenclaw’s crown, as one of Voldemort’s horcruxes, is also hidden here …

In the Fantastic Animals series, as an important part of Hogwarts, the room of requirement will also play a role, especially in the third part.

Author/Editor: Zhen Zi