What’s it like to play volleyball on the bench? Come to Wenchang, Hainan to see "Village Pai"

There are different ways to celebrate the Spring Festival in different parts of the country. In Wenchang, Hainan, which is a "hometown of volleyball", the most lively place during the Spring Festival is the volleyball court. Follow the reporter to the scene to feel it.

In Wenchang, Hainan, there is a tradition of organizing volleyball matches on holidays, and this year’s Spring Festival is no exception. The local government specially organized the 2024 "Village Pai" Spring Festival Competition, which lasted from the start of the twelfth lunar month to the final match of the Lantern Festival on the fifteenth day of the first month. Today coincides with the match day, and many people at the scene are specially here to watch the game.

In the afternoon, a village row competition between Jinshan Town Beef Dried Team and Gongpo Town Xiangmi Team ended here. The participating teams were named after the most famous local agricultural special products, which made the audience remember the local characteristics at once. At the same time, the wonderful competition also ignited the enthusiasm of the audience, and the whole scene was full of gongs and drums.

In Wenchang, besides regular volleyball matches, you can also see many fancy volleyball matches created by villagers. The bench volleyball match, which takes advantage of the gap between matches, is different from the way of hitting the ball by hand in the conventional volleyball match. As the name implies, the main prop of bench volleyball is a four-corner plastic stool. Players on the court use the stool to serve, catch, pass and even jump up and smash. Each team of the two sides will send three players, and the team that wins 15 points first will win the game.

Not only is the competition on the field enthusiastic, but the cheerleading off the field is full of enthusiasm. Tourists from all over the country and local citizens in Wenchang cheered and shouted for the players in the live game. Some beat gongs and drums, and some took stainless steel pots at home to cheer, which was huge and particularly lively.

Volleyball courts in all villages and towns in Wenchang are very popular, and local people will come to a New Year’s volleyball match when they visit relatives and friends during the Chinese New Year. This year is year of the loong. Everyone takes off and struggles on the field, which also symbolizes the good color of the dragon and tiger leaping, showing a vigorous spirit. In order to let tourists from all over Wenchang better watch the game, taste the taste of the year and celebrate the custom of the year, there is also a temple fair about 100 meters away from the stadium.

"Hainan Coconut Semi-Wenchang", fresh green coconut, coconut milk refreshing and cool, coconut sugar coconut cake, these are the specialties of Wenchang Coconut. There are also coconut carvings, which not only have strong Hainan characteristics but also are national intangible cultural heritage.

Today, many people at the village platoon watched the game, held specialty products in their hands and ate snacks in their mouths, and felt the traditional and healthy Spring Festival in Wenchang.