Why is love full of twists and turns? Li Junxian and Chen Xiaoyun talk about the emotional line in You Have Today.

The TV series You Have Today, directed by Chen Mingzhang and starring Chen Xingxu and Zhang Ruonan, is being broadcasted by Youku. The play revolves around the work and life love between several young lawyers. Among them, the love line between wu jun (played by Li Junxian) and Cheng Xi (played by Chen Xiaoyun) is full of twists and turns. A few days ago, Li Junxian and Chen Xiaoyun told the media that listening, understanding and companionship in love are the most important things for this couple.

Wu jun (Li Junxian) and Cheng Xi (Chen Xiaoyun).

Li Junxian: The relationship between wu jun and Cheng Xi is mutual respect.

In You Have Today, Li Junxian plays wu jun as a partner of Junheng Law Firm. He and Qian Heng (played by Chen Xingxu) are good friends and business partners with tacit cooperation. Qian Heng is responsible for solving professional problems and wu jun is responsible for expanding customers. In the play, wu jun is regarded as the "immortal boss" of the law firm, which will not only provide employees with emotional value, activate the company atmosphere, but also give generous benefits. Li Junxian admits that his life is not as lively as wu jun’s, "but I am also a Northeastern myself, and I will try my best to raise the rhythm of my acting, which will make everyone look not tired."

Wu jun, played by Li Junxian, is a partner of Junheng Law Firm.

Outside of his career, wu jun seems to be laughing and laughing, but he is emotionally obsessed with Cheng Xi (played by Chen Xiaoyun) who has recruited Cheng Yao (played by Zhang Ruonan), the younger sister of Cheng Xi, into the law firm. And wu jun’s most attractive place for Li Junxian is that this character is persistent and single-minded about love, and Wu Jun has always been filled with Cheng Xi in his heart. "wu jun’s feelings with Cheng Xi are mutual respect. See and hear each other’s true thoughts, instead of paying unilaterally, because sometimes your pay may not be what your lover needs, so I think listening, understanding and companionship are the most important. "

Chen Xiaoyun: I appreciate Cheng Xi’s self-consistency

In the play, Cheng Xi, a public interest lawyer played by Chen Xiaoyun, is in a state of "daring" whether she is married, single or in love again. When she is with her ex-husband, she is desperate and leaves when she leaves. When she is single, she has peace of mind and enjoys a single life. In Chen Xiaoyun’s view, Cheng Xi is soft on the outside and strong on the inside. "She is very sober, especially knowing when and what she wants. She wanted peace, so she rented a house in the countryside and became a public interest lawyer. She is particularly clear about her planning at each stage. "

In Chen Xiaoyun’s view, Cheng Xi is soft on the outside and strong on the inside.

In the early stage, Cheng Xi took an evasive attitude towards wu jun’s pursuit, but with wu jun’s persistent company, all ends well. Chen Xiaoyun said frankly that Cheng Xi’s acceptance of love has always been relatively consistent. When she wanted to be alone, she was alone and immersed in her work. When she was ready for the world of two people, she accepted wu jun. Chen Xiaoyun said that she appreciates Cheng Xi’s self-consistency. "She is also a state that I am pursuing now."

Beijing News reporter Liu Wei

Editor Xu Meilin

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