China Meteorological Bureau: Recently, the weather situation in China is complex and changeable, and the situation of disaster weather prevention is severe

  CCTV News:According to China Meteorological Bureau’s WeChat WeChat official account news, on March 23, after the national morning weather consultation, China Meteorological Bureau held a video conference to further deploy the disaster weather prevention and response work in view of the recent complex weather situation.

  The meeting pointed out that the weather situation in China has been complicated and changeable recently, and the northern region has been hit by strong winds and dust. The southern region has ushered in the strongest precipitation and strong convective weather this year, and the strong convective weather has entered an active period, and the situation of severe weather prevention is grim.

  The meeting put forward three requirements for the next step:

  First, we should be vigilant, clearly understand the complex situation faced by meteorological disaster prevention and mitigation, overcome paralysis, effectively enhance risk awareness and bottom line thinking, and lay a good foundation for the meteorological service work in flood season this year. According to the forecast, there will be another high-impact weather process around the 29th. It is necessary to pay close attention to weather changes, strengthen monitoring, forecasting and early warning services, and promptly remind relevant areas to respond and provide tracking services.

  Second, we must adhere to the "one process, one policy" to meet the requirements. Meteorological departments at all levels should promptly remind the public to do a good job in the protection of sandstorms and strong winds, be highly alert to the strong disaster-causing nature of weather processes such as heavy rain and local strong convection, respond quickly, and coordinate up and down. The national level should strengthen the guidance to the provincial level, and the provincial level should strengthen the guidance to the cities and counties, and actively adopt effective coping strategies and measures.

  Third, we should do a good job in early warning and response to impending disasters, and actively provide effective and useful decision support for the rapid and efficient disposal of party committees and governments at all levels. Especially when encountering severe weather processes such as high-level rainstorm and strong convection, it is necessary to promptly call local government leaders to take preventive measures in time to prevent problems before they occur.