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Article source: SODO
Author: SODO
Editor: Yan Sheng

With the improvement of people’s living standards in China and the promotion of social environment, people’s ideas pay more and more attention to dressing up and how to define "beauty". Many domestic brands also realize the importance of international integration and embark on the internationalization route. More radical design concepts have contributed to the rapid development of many domestic brands in first-tier cities.

In the past two years, international brands founded by Chinese people such as Shushutong and fengchenwang have entered people’s field of vision, and fashion designer niche clothing brands have mushroomed in Shanghai, Guangzhou and Beijing Fashion Week. The development of fashion clothing in China has also exploded with great potential, so it can be said that the employment prospects are still very impressive. The vigorous development of these brands on the international stage not only indicates that "China local design" is being accepted by people, but also broadens the employment route for fashion graduates.

What can our fashionable graduates do besides men’s design, women’s design, luggage design, underwear design, haute couture, functional costume design and so on?

Fashion brand PR: If you like socializing, you want to expand your circle and improve your social circle.

(Kang IELTS in the famous Hong Kong drama "Jewellery", wandering in the upper class) To solve all the needs of customers and brands, fashion public relations is very different from public relations in other industries, bearing more communication tasks, public opinion monitoring and crisis management, especially involving major public opinion crises (such as D&G, accidents/star accidents).

Fashion PR basically has an internal media database for each team, which records the media people’s information of national media fashion pages/channels in detail. Brand publishing depends entirely on this contact form and daily media relations, which involves adding a list of stylists and brokers when borrowing clothes. The media need to know who cares what and how far it can operate. The daily dynamics of the brand, or other information that requires formal public relations manuscripts, are generally output through this channel.

Clothes, shoes and bags all belong to the management of sample clothes. Based on the needs of brand communication and media topic selection, clothes will run back and forth between the agency brand and the media. The agency needs to record the fitting time, publication time, exposure type, who to wear it for, and when to send it back … and so on (well, it’s super trivial, and there are surprises in the trivial, For example, sand, dead branches, necklaces of other non-service brands in Africa have been found in the returned bags, and they have been sent wrongly, lost or destroyed …) There are also long-term brand communication needs that pr needs to undertake, such as quarterly kol cooperation in Weibo, notes on Little Red Books and so on.

Required abilities: EQ, resilience, and crisis management awareness.

Brand visual merchandising: According to the brand positioning and the demand point of publicity, plan and formulate a detailed shooting plan, then start to form a team, and finally the visual output is simply preparation-shooting-output. Although the intermediate process is complicated, it is the only way for a brand visual merchandising, and it is interlocking, and each step can reflect the professionalism of the service process.

According to different display methods, we seek the strong exposure of brand positioning, stimulate consumers’ resonance and influence consumers’ purchase decisions through the scene atmosphere. Sometimes, it is not the product itself that affects consumers’ purchase, but a large part of the decision-making factors are reflected in advertising marketing. Through interesting story lines/excellent visual output, consumers can have a feeling of longing for their hearts, which can be conveyed to people’s hearts through vision, thus promoting consumption.

This job requires creative ability, but also has a strong ability to control the consumer psychology.

Brand image management: A good "brand image management" actually works in any period and in the hearts of any consumer. The quality of brand image management directly determines whether consumers will pay for brand products and spend them for a long time. Promote the core values of the brand. It is equivalent to establishing a brand through the maintenance of the activity image. The value of brand image management is embodied in these dimensions:

1. Prevention of sudden crisis events and prevention in advance.

2. Make use of effective high exposure to increase consumers’ search index and attention to the brand, as well as brand cultural identity.

3. Continuously increase the freshness and reputation of the brand through regular and different forms of activity planning.

In order to enhance the reputation of the brand in the eyes of users, brand image management is a necessary link, and its real value is far greater than the brand’s response to "emergencies" (pr). Nowadays, the role of brand image is increasingly obvious. A good brand image is the cornerstone of brand development. How to plan brand image management in advance is the key point that fashion brands need to consider.

Ability: information sensitivity of fashion industry, financial data management and control ability, and event planning ability.

Personal stylist: Stylist is a service industry with high technical content, that is to say, it needs high technical level and service consciousness. Secondly, it needs extensive and comprehensive knowledge, and many abilities such as cultural accomplishment, aesthetic level, appreciation ability, communication ability and activity ability should be integrated.

Stylists are different from makeup artists. Makeup artists are good at face care, but now people’s living standards have improved, especially many people, both men and women, pay attention to their external image after work and social life, so makeup artists who can only make up gradually fail to meet their needs, so stylists have emerged. Monica Rose, the stylist of Gigi Hadid, Kendall and Kylie, seems to know how to shape a celebrity beyond life besides collocation skills.

Before her, the stylist was an unknown behind-the-scenes hero, and after her, the stylist became a business partner that the star was willing to show off. At the same time, she is undoubtedly good at self-marketing. After getting to know Kardashian, she started a blog to record the change of Kardashian’s style and share her styling tips with readers.

Required ability: Stylist can control the personal "personal design" style and body image of users (stars, supermodels and actors) through his own understanding of basic knowledge such as clothing collocation, makeup modeling and color principle (facial makeup, hair design, clothing collocation and even nail art) and the analysis of fashion system/fashion brand trend, in addition to his professional and technical level, he also needs to have strong service awareness and communication.