Top ten games in 2022, a top surprise

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In the past 2022, did you play your favorite game?

If you only look at the masterpieces of the game, it seems that 2022 is not the "big year" expected by players.

Those masterpieces that attracted much attention in 2021 and were planned to be released in 2022 all jumped to the ticket in 2023: the legend of zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, Blue Sea and black sails, Heart of the Atom (this is a repeat offender), The Legacy of Hogwarts, Starry Sky (fixed, but as we all know, not yet accurate) and so on. The highly anticipated IP works of Warhammer "Total War: Warhammer 3" and "Warhammer 40K: Dark Tide" did not reach the expected popularity, and seemed to disappear from everyone.

Is 2022 a "small game year"? It seems that it is not. In fact, many games with small categories or styles of painting have achieved "breaking the circle"-the longevity of "Bao Ke Meng" and "Ka Bi of the Star" are full of vitality, and foreign manufacturers have made national style action games that amaze China players.

Perhaps we can call 2022 a year of "playing well-off", which includes both epic masterpieces and quasi-first-line masterpieces. If you are also a game lover, the following 10 games are really not to be missed.


It’s hard to imagine that this is a kung fu game made by the French.

The combat system is impressive for the restoration of kung fu, the innovative design based on weakness attack and many very artistic performances of stream of consciousness.

The love and respect for China Kung Fu is also an important reason why Master deserves to be recommended. It is such a combination of form and spirit-the moment when the protagonist finally stood on the top of the mountain and forgave all his enemies, many players shouted "I was really touched." As an indie game, the sales volume of more than 1 million also fully shows the affirmation of the majority of players.

The Legend of Baokemeng, Al Zeus

This is a very different kind of treasure dream, but it is also a very fun treasure dream.

When Tian Kaozhi, the producer of Baokemeng, first made this series, he was inspired by "catching bugs", and on this basis, he gave birth to the game of throwing the ball, which made catching really an interesting thing.

In addition, the open world gives people a sense of exploration and the treasure dream ecology in different regions, which makes this world full of vitality. Except that "BOSS was killed by sandbags" is somewhat confusing, others have satisfied the dream of a "trainer" to take risks freely.

Kabi of the Stars: Exploration and Discovery

I believe that not many people can refuse this pink fat man.

In addition to more unconstrained transformation forms, the system design that evolves with the game process also brings a richer play experience.

As the first fully 3D Kabi, its linear box-level designed with various transformation mechanisms is also full of interesting challenges and explorations.

When it opened its mouth and swallowed a car, a beverage vending machine or even a faucet, the player’s troubles seemed to be eaten up in one bite.

This is the simplest happiness, and this is the magic of Nintendo games.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Revenge of Schleede

Originally, I thought it was just a work selling feelings, but the excellent pixel picture performance, smooth movements and good sense of shock all gave people great surprises.

In addition to the skill system, hit evasion, friend rescue and other mechanisms constitute a combat system with a certain depth, which makes it both refreshing and playable. Although the plot is simple, it is also an interesting way to express the game plot with the assembly process of the villain Langer as the main line.

When you scuffled with your five friends and no one could find anyone, I really seemed to go back to the time when I was fighting with my friends for the handle of the red and white machine.

Watching the Pioneer Return

In the summer of 2016, when players manipulated Genji to cut six opponents with one knife, perhaps many people thought to themselves: "I will play this game for a lifetime." But who would have thought that all kinds of twists and turns made this game decline and gradually faded out of people’s sight.

Now, the watch pioneer has finally returned, and the players have been able to return to the world that they once loved extremely.

It is fun: the adjustment of the six-man team into a five-man team has accelerated the pace of the game, and the revision of various occupations has made the "broken shield pioneer" gone forever; The importance of tanks has been greatly improved, and the output has more room for operation; The data that the number of players exceeded 25 million within 10 days of opening service also shows that the brand appeal is still there.

Although, the treatment is still very uncomfortable, the ranking is still very jail, and the payment mode is not satisfactory … Maybe it has just returned and will leave immediately.


Which contemporary is not a cat slave.

When you see a kitten wandering alone in an underground city where only robots live, how can you refuse to lead it out of this predicament?

When you see it leading a small robot and avoiding those terrible bugs alone, how can you refuse to help it escape?

How can you not be moved when you see that it has gone through all kinds of hardships and finally brought the haze under the ground to light?

What’s more, it’s so cute … Don’t you think?

Spradun 3

If you are a fan of shooting games, competitive games and Nintendo games, then Spradun 3 can satisfy almost all your fantasies about shooting competitive games.

Extremely friendly entry threshold, deep combat system, rich and varied play modes, and exquisitely designed box level all make it the first multiplayer competitive game for many single players.

Of course, if its server can be more stable, it will be even more squid-like.

Bao ke Meng Zhu zi

If "Zeus" is a bold attempt by GameFreak to open the world, then "Bao Ke Meng Zhu Zi" is a big step forward on its basis.

The freely selectable propulsion route, the expansion of the fighting depth and the crystallization of the valuable degree of Baokemeng, and the collection and cultivation system that is already very durable, have created a brand-new game experience of Baokemeng.

The narrative rhythm and plot performance of this work are very surprising and moving. If you can ignore those funny bugs and bad optimizations, this vast world of dreams will definitely bring you a lot of fun.

God of War: Twilight of the Gods

This is a god of war that has evolved greatly in terms of gameplay, fighting, plot and other elements on the basis of four generations. It has a more refreshing battle, a more shocking BOSS battle, a more delicate and true emotional expression and a more magnificent plot narrative.

The level design of Ares: Twilight of the Gods has also reached a new height. The rational distribution of exploration factor density, the perfect series of branch tasks, the interpenetration of main line and exploration rhythm, and the large number of exploration maps greatly enriched Kui Ye’s trip to Northern Europe. In addition, the top-level picture performance and the quality of play also fully illustrate the industrial strength of Santa Monica’s games.

In the plot, Kui Ye and Atreus experienced various emotional entanglements, and finally they understood each other, which also made people feel deeply. Except that the ending is a little stingy, this is almost a perfect work without too many flaws.

In the next "God of War", where will Master Kui go?

Eldon’s Ring of Law

This is probably one of the most addictive games in the last five years.

Exploring in the vast narrow land is a process of constantly tempering courage, patience and growing by various means. Long-term flow experience, combined with various grand performance effects (such as the scene of broken stars turning into meteorites), makes people have to be impressed by it.

Eldon’s Dharma Ring is a top work that perfectly combines the challenge of the soul system with the exploration of the open world, and it is really a masterpiece of the soul system. In his own way, Hidetaka Miyazaki once again redefined the open world, and once again "fell off the altar".

Eldon’s Ring made a good start at the beginning of the year, and Twilight of the God of War drew a perfect ending for the end of the year. It can be said that 2022 is a very happy year for gamers. I hope 2023 will also be a big game year!


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