Survey: Most elderly scooters come from unqualified small workshops with low security.

  Langfang, China Broadcasting Network, September 12 (Reporter Wang Yiqun Xiaoyuan) According to the Voice of China, electric vehicles are fast and cheap, and have developed rapidly in recent years, which has become the first choice for many people to travel for short distances. At present, the number of electric vehicles in China has been conservatively estimated to have exceeded 200 million, which is comparable to the number of motor vehicles in China. However, despite the huge scale of electric vehicles, the laws and regulations on electric vehicles are still quite lacking from production and sales to modification management, and the loopholes in the system can not be ignored. Starting today, we will launch a series of reports "Investigation on Illegal Production and Marketing of Electric Vehicles", focusing on the chaos of electric vehicles.

  In recent years, a vehicle named "scooter for the elderly" has been favored by more and more people because of its easy use and low price. However, this kind of car is also controversial because of its unlicensed driving, red light running, forced lane change and illegal operation. The reporter’s investigation found that most elderly scooters come from small workshops without business qualifications, and driving safety cannot be guaranteed at all.

  Dacheng County, Langfang, Hebei Province, which is less than 200 kilometers away from Beijing, is one of the largest distribution centers for electric vehicle production in the north. On the South Ring Road in Dacheng County, the radio advertisements of many brands of electric vehicle dealers are endless. An old scooter dealer, in order to promote the so-called "advanced" electric vehicles produced in other places, even took the initiative to expose the chaos of the electric vehicle industry in big cities and counties. "At present, there are many brands of electric vehicles on the market, but most of them are produced by small factories and workshops in Shandong, Henan and Hebei, with no technical content, no quality guarantee and no safety guarantee & HELIP; …”

  From Dacheng County to Fucao Village all the way west, billboards of various old scooters and road flags on roadside lampposts can be seen everywhere. Many old scooters in the shape of "Land Rover" or "BMW" are parked in front of the shops. Many of these street shops have adopted the model of "front shop and back factory". The person in charge of Jintai electric vehicle, which produces four-wheeled old scooters locally, took the reporter to the production and assembly workshop just a few hundred meters away from the exhibition store.

  The person in charge told the reporter that the biggest cost of an old scooter is mainly the shell and battery. Many illegally assembled small workshops do not have the financial strength to introduce tens of millions of yuan of stamping equipment for car shells, and it is impossible to spend hundreds of thousands to design and develop the new appearance of car shells. Generally, they buy car shell parts from Jiangsu and other places first, and then buy various spare parts locally for assembly. The assembly itself has no technical content.

  The person in charge said, "The money for driving a shell mold, like this car, is 6 million, and the shell of a mini car is 14 million. Jiangsu specializes in driving shell molds. We specialize in producing electrical components and chassis and then assembling them. "

  Parts of all kinds of electric vehicles are piled up in a factory building called Rael Electric Vehicle in Jinbao West Road, Dacheng County. Parts of the car shell, wheels, electric throttle and steering wheel that have not been welded and assembled are piled up together at random. Bundles of electric car doors are sealed with rubber strip, which is entangled with wires of various colors and covered with dust. Car shells of welded and assembled old scooters, some of which have not been painted, paint buckets and electric car windows waiting to be installed are piled up in the grass behind the factory building. The assembler stirred the gelatin in the eight-treasure porridge jar with hard paper strips. Although several electric fans in the factory kept turning, the whole "workshop" was filled with a strong pungent smell.

  Reporter: Is this a car shell to be painted?

  Worker: Spray painting. Well, it’s not completely assembled.

  Reporter: How long does it take to assemble one?

  Person in charge: It takes about 4 hours to assemble one car.

  In another small open-air workshop without any signs and qualifications, seven or eight workers are loading more than a dozen electric cars for transportation. Workers told reporters that the four-wheeled electric scooter for the elderly can go to personal tailor as long as they have an exterior map.

  At the request of the reporter, a person in charge took the reporter to test drive an old scooter that looks like QQ. The other party said that the configuration of this scooter is divided into different grades according to the price, and it can be customized according to the customer’s requirements. "The expensive one is, for example, the chassis, etc., and the expensive one is absolutely different from sitting. For example, the "Land Rover" model, the motor is 4000W, and the AC motor, controller and rear axle are different. Like this, it is a very common 1800W motor and a small wheel. "

  The reporter’s unannounced visit found that several elderly scooter manufacturers in Dacheng County illegally produced and assembled elderly scooters by means of "edge ball". Although the business scope in its business license includes the production of electric vehicles and mopeds, and some hold the Production License of Special Equipment, the concept and definition of "scooter for the elderly" have never been found in the laws and regulations of traffic management and vehicle management because there is no clear national standard at present, but it is just a commercial name. The owner of Jintai Electric Vehicle admits that because there is no unified national standard, many companies, including them, produce according to their own so-called "enterprise standards". Buying and using this kind of electric car, license plate, insurance and driver’s license are all unnecessary.

  And more small family-style workshops, even without formal industrial and commercial registration, are illegally assembled openly. It takes two or three workers to assemble an old scooter, which takes several hours to be fast and one day to be slow at most. After assembly, there is no condition for quality inspection, collision test, brake test and so on. In addition to the ubiquitous "factory shops" that produce old scooters, there are also a few small workshops that produce accessories. Motors, disc brakes, chassis, steering and anti-theft locks can basically be bought. In a store that produces and sells the "accelerator pedal" of electric vehicles, a child under the age of 20 is holding a power tool to assemble parts while watching the live game on his mobile phone. This kind of plastic electric "throttle" is very cheap, less than 10 yuan each, and the reporter can bend it with a little force in his hand. Workers say that this kind of "throttle" can do almost 1000 a day.

  The environment is bad, the procedures are incomplete, there is no standard, and the old scooter assembled by hand in a small workshop can pass the quality test? The sales of a factory store tell the truth: there are many "genuine" things in it that ordinary people don’t understand.

  The "General Technical Conditions for Electric Bicycles" clearly states that electric bicycles can only be called electric bicycles if they can be ridden by manpower and electric power is only used as an auxiliary, and the maximum speed should be no more than 20km/h and the mass of the whole vehicle should be no more than 40kg. In this way, the old scooter can’t be called an electric bicycle. The definition of a motor vehicle in the Road Traffic Safety Law is "a wheeled vehicle that is driven or towed by a power plant and travels on the road for passengers or for transporting articles and carrying out special engineering operations". Generally speaking, the so-called "scooter for the elderly" does not meet the definition of "motor vehicle".

  Moderator: Since legally, the so-called "old scooter" should be highly suspected to be a motor vehicle, then let’s imagine how many hidden dangers will be brought to the life safety of all traffic participants by thousands of motor vehicles that are fast, don’t obey the traffic regulations and have worrying quality. The key is that they don’t need to be licensed, can’t manage it at all and can’t find it. The legal and management vacuum of the "old scooter" is particularly terrible.