Tesla responded to the rights protection incident at Shanghai Auto Show: it will continue to communicate with car owners.

  Zhongxin Online Haihai, April 19 (Zhou Zhuoao) On April 19, the first day of the media day of the 2021 Shanghai International Auto Show, a lady wearing a T-shirt with the words "Brake Failure" stood on the roof of a Tesla exhibition car at the Tesla booth and shouted loudly: "Brake Failure."

  Tesla officially responded that the owner obtained the documents to enter the exhibition hall in an unconventional way, broadcast live around the booth, exposed the customized rights protection T-shirt, and boarded the roof and shouted. After noticing the behavior, the on-site staff repeatedly persuaded him, but the owner did not stop the relevant behavior. After the on-site staff negotiated with the exhibition organizer, the organizer considered that the behavior seriously affected the normal order of the exhibition and coordinated the security and public security law enforcement personnel to persuade the owner to leave.

  Tesla said that the owner had a collision accident due to speeding violation before, and then insisted on returning the car on the grounds of product quality. "In the past two months, we have been actively negotiating with the owner and expressed our willingness to assist in the completion of testing, maintenance or insurance claims. At the same time, we proposed a variety of solutions, but because the owner did not accept any form of third-party testing and strongly rejected all the solutions we proposed, the related matters can only be continuously communicated. Next, we will continue to communicate closely with car owners to help car owners return to normal car life as soon as possible. "

  The reporter from Zhongxin. com saw at the scene in the afternoon that the Tesla booth had returned to normal. (End)

Capello: All sports in China are great. Why not football?

Live on November 8th In an interview with titan sports, Capello, a famous Italian coach who once coached Jiangsu Suning, talked about his views on China football.

-You have coached star players like teixeira in Suning, and also coached many China players, including some international players. What’s your impression of China players?

I always had the feeling that when I saw those China players, they looked great. But when foreign aid arrived, they seemed to get worse in speed and technology. It stands to reason that with such a huge population base, supplemented by care and determination, China football should produce great stars. You are great at all sports, why not football?

A huge difference between China football and Italian football is that foreign aid can make everything different in the China League; Not in Italy.

Of course, for China football, foreign aid still plays a role: playing with better players will help you become better. Similarly, Serie A teams need to adapt to a faster pace when they play in the Champions League. Once upon a time, Italian football was at the top of the world. The root cause was that the best players played in Serie A at that time. They improved the rhythm of the whole league, so everyone played better.

-I don’t know if you remember that Min Kim Zai once played for the Super League, but it was after you left Jiangsu. Naples, where Min Kim is located, has not only performed well in the league, but also demonstrated its full dominance in the European War.

Italian football is growing. Don’t forget that we won the European Cup last year. Naples is amazing as well as surprising. This club knows how to find good players. Min Kim and Kvaratskheliya, two Serie A players, have the strength to be top stars in any league, because they have both strength and skills, are extremely focused in the game and are gifted! Don’t forget, they are still very young.

(Nanling cries and cries)

Bai Yansong: Are soccer and soccer the same sport in China?

On July 19th, Bai Yansong paid attention to the "football road, how should China go?" in CCTV’s "News 1+1" program. Among them, the golden sentence is constant. Some words may sound a little harsh, but we can understand the helplessness of many experienced fans who can only have fun in the midst of years of pursuing love and constant loss. The so-called "love is deep and responsibility is urgent".

Let’s listen to what Yansong said ~

"I don’t want to talk about China football and everyone laughs."

When it comes to football in China, everyone will be happy and tell many jokes. In fact, I don’t want everyone to laugh when talking about China football, but China football has tortured fans for so many years, and I think we have some capital to laugh now. What can we do if we don’t smile?

But we really don’t want to laugh. We really want China football to develop better. But how to develop?

"How can China football develop without a stadium and a good coach?"

There is a survey: What do you think is the most important thing for China football to be strong? I think two figures are too low: 3% people choose.Build more stadiums, and 3% of people choose.Training of grass-roots coachesThis ratio is too low.

Let’s take a look at the goal of China Football Association: to expand the training scale of coaches year by year. By 2020, the total number of certified coaches in China will reach 70,000. Note that it is to strive to achieve it by 2020, which is quite different from the fact that 100 children in Iceland may have a good coach to take care of them.

There are also people who study football in China now, but after graduating in four years, they can’t get a certificate, and then they may be assigned to a school and stop teaching football and become ordinary physical education teachers.

Without a stadium and a good coach, it is almost impossible to make football in China the same sport as football.

"Playing football well has nothing to do with the population."

I often hear people in China say that 1.4 billion people can’t find 11 players. The four most populous countries in the world rank first in China, second in India, third in the United States and fourth in Indonesia. Except for the United States, which often enters the World Cup, the remaining three countries are not good at playing football, so it has nothing to do with the population.

What does that have to do with anything? CCTV 5, the sports channel, made a 20-episode feature film called Football Road before the World Cup. Frankly speaking, after the World Cup, I watched it again, and I saw that my blood was boiling and I often became very quiet. How about football in China? Is China football and football a sport after all, and how can they become the same sport?

"The goal of the national team competition in 2018 has almost not been completed."

Next, let’s look at the goals of the national team. The Chinese Football Association’s Action Plan for 2020 has drawn up three goals for the national team in 2018:

The goal of FIFA U20 World Cup was to strive to participate, but I didn’t go.;

FIFA U17′ s goal was to compete, but it didn’t go.;

The goal of U23 Asian Championship was to enter the top eight, but failed.!

In other words, the goal of the 2018 competition was almost not completed. The goal of the 2019 competition is to enter the top four of the Asian Cup. Can it be completed? Frankly, I’m not optimistic.

"We don’t want to be people who tell jokes about China football."

I really hope that all football players in China can take a good look at the 20 episodes of Football Road on Sports Channel. After reading it, we will all be the beneficiaries. We don’t want to be people who tell jokes about football in China. Frankly speaking, how lively the World Cup is, we are just passers-by, just a group of spectators. Only when China football is really well done and China football and football become the same sport, will we be really happy.

Want to see more suggestions from Bai Yansong about the development of football in China, click to watch the full video ↓↓↓

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# Beauty cosmetics

A fairy must have: Outfits of the week.

1. Estee Lauder Double-effect Liquid Foundation: This liquid foundation has strong concealer and high durability, and is suitable for occasions that need long-term makeup. At the same time, it also has moisturizing effect and will not make the skin feel dry.

2. Chanel Brilliant Liquid Foundation: This liquid foundation is light and thin, which can brighten the skin tone and make the skin look more shiny. At the same time, its concealer is also good, which is suitable for daily makeup.

3. Lancome flawless liquid foundation: This liquid foundation is fine in texture and can naturally blend into the skin, making the skin look smoother. At the same time, it has strong concealer power and is suitable for the skin that needs to cover flaws.

4. Guerlain Diamond Liquid Foundation: This liquid foundation is moist in texture, which can provide sufficient moisture for the skin and make it look more moist. At the same time, its concealer is also good, and it is suitable for dry skin.

5. Armani Silk Texture Liquid Foundation: This liquid foundation is light and thin, which can make the skin look more natural, and at the same time, it has strong concealing power, which is suitable for occasions that need long-term makeup.

The above are some liquid foundations that I recommend to you. I hope you can buy your favorite products at the Double Eleven Shopping Festival.

Wild fishing, you can’t catch big fish, do you make the same mistake?

Wild fishing, you can’t catch big fish, do you make the same mistake?

Everyone basically knows what wild fishing is. The simple understanding is that in addition to artificial cultivation ponds, we can fish in the water in the natural environment. We collectively referred to as wild fishing.

Although wild fishing is better in environmental and quality than artificial breeding. Perhaps it tastes much better in taste.

However, because of the wide area, the density of the fish is relatively poor, and the hook rate is far less than that of the pond.

Therefore, wild fishing wants to catch big fish in the rare environment of its own fish, so we must pay attention to the following points:

Share with everyone here, I hope to help fishermen.

The fish in the wild is more vigilant than the home -raising fish. After all, the alert fish with low vigilance has been fishing.

With a little movement around, the fish will be scared away, and the courage is particularly small.

So, if we want to catch big fish, we must stay away from the crowd, traffic, and find a place with less noise or no noise.

Set your phone to mute, and speak softly to speak, maintain a certain silence, and use tools when making nests, such as the nesting device.

Some fishermen are in the mood of being eager to catch fish in order to miss any wind and grass, and adjust their sensitivity high.

But knowing that you ca n’t eat hot tofu, in fact, this is a do not lose money. It is because it is too sensitive. If you just move, you will mistake you to think that there is a fish hook, which will cause frequent rods. This will definitely affect fishing. It will definitely affect fishing. Caused fish to be counterproductive, so sometimes it cannot be tuned too sensitive.

In order to make the effect of the fish attracting the fish, most fishermen will add some atomized materials to the bait.

Make the atomization more three -dimensional and highlight. In fact, there is no problem with fishing fish in this way. If it is used to catch big fish, it will have some effects.

Because the effect of atomization has increased, there are more small miscellaneous fish, and the bait is eaten by the small fish, and the big fish will not come over.

When the fish speaks, it is difficult to know. Some people with acute children will constantly change bait and want the fish to eat.

There is a problem. If you keep changing the bait, it will cause the fish to be vigilant. The fish is not stupid. If you change it, it will cause the fish to not speak, and the big fish will not be available. Try to avoid using this type. The bait.

In order to avoid this situation, we can spray a few times when we bait.

Because Qi Muyu is very rich in lure fish.

Especially in freshwater fish, many hormones, fish steroids, and multiple vitamins are added with freshwater fish. After the fish smells the taste, it will appetite and increase appetite.

Even when the fish itself is not hungry, the fish will have the desire to eat.

There is also a very good role in leaving fish. This taste will be kept in the water for a long time, and it will not disperse.

It can effectively attract big fish and improve the hit rate.

No matter what bait you use, it is more taboo to change frequently, raising the pole.

However, in terms of cost -effectiveness or quality, Qi Mu high -carbon pole fishing. Will reduce a certain loss for you.

Qi Mu’s high carbon pole is really friendly to fishing friends. Material is made of high -tonnage carbon cloth. It holds lighter in hand, has a good waist strength, and is not easy to break.

I don’t lose the brand in my hand, even if it is fishing for a day, it won’t be tired. Whether the big fish or the small fish can catch it in seconds.

Qi Mu’s high carbon pole belongs to a comprehensive rod of 28, which can adapt to a variety of venues, light texture, easy to carry, fashionable appearance, and basically cannot run after the fish hooks. It is a good fishing rod.

The above -mentioned precautions must be clearly understood. These issues will have more chances of making mistakes in novices. As for some fishermen who live in fishing ground for a long time, they can be used as a reference. After all, everyone’s habits are different. Make copy, randomly strain according to the actual situation.

Also, as a fellow fishing fellow, we should remember mistakes and change flexibly. We should do fishing for fishing.

After we get a big harvest, we can release some, instead of taking away all the brains. This will not only destroy the ecological environment, but also affect the harvest of fishing in the future.

Everyone can be able to release appropriately, so I think every harvest can be rich.

The most important point is that we must take away the garbage when we fish, because everyone is responsible for the environment.

During fishing, garbage everywhere will also affect our mood and the harvest of fishing.

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