The excitement of game festival marketing on the battlefield, who is happy and who is worried?

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During festivals, players have money and leisure. Driven by the festive atmosphere, they are more willing to immerse themselves in the game world and have fun than normal working days. Therefore, every festival is an important marketing node for the game, and it is also a battleground for the military strategists of major games.

Taking this opportunity, the game company will plan a variety of holiday marketing activities, whether it is launching new content or distributing welfare, it can attract players’ attention from the user side, so as to achieve the purpose of attracting new, retaining and returning. From the income side, it can further stimulate the player’s willingness to pay, thus improving the daily life of the game.

Successful holiday marketing can not only spread outside the circle, but also achieve the effect of shaping the brand. Take the Sea Lantern Festival of "The Original God" as an example. This is a self-made festival based on the game worldview during the Spring Festival, which not only makes players feel the flavor of the year in the game, but also pushes the brand’s cultural output to a new height. This year’s Lantern Festival promotion of "Dream Star" focuses on the dream linkage between CCTV Lantern Festival party and the game square to watch the party. This wave of marketing operation has increased its daily revenue the next day by 202% compared with the forecast on the day of Lantern Festival.

However, holiday marketing is not easy, and improper planning will also lead to disputes among players and damage the reputation of the game. Just like "Love and Deep Space" used a self-made festival "Numerous Lantern Festival" to replace the Lantern Festival, many players did not feel the festive atmosphere, and questioned why the game manufacturers should overhead the China Festival. The public opinion storm around the "festival" has brought negative influence to the game.

It can be seen that the holiday marketing of games should not only win by surprise, but also avoid risks. So for game companies, how can we balance the relationship between the two and compete for the biggest user growth in the golden stall of festivals?

Self-made festivals, differentiated competition with mixed reputation

Generally speaking, there are two ways for games to do holiday marketing. One way is to create a holiday and create a completely fictional holiday. The second is to celebrate traditional festivals and resonate with the festive atmosphere in reality. These two methods have their own advantages and challenges. When choosing marketing strategies, game manufacturers should not only combine their own game types, but also consider the players’ preference.

For example, Love and Deep Space, a popular B-girl game this year, achieved a global estimated income of over 600 million yuan in the first month of its launch. But it also fell a little bit in holiday marketing. During the Lantern Festival, it chose to create its own "Numerous Lantern Festival" according to its own worldview. This strategy has caused controversy among players, among which the player’s most dislike is "why only China Festival is overhead, but foreign festivals such as Halloween are not overhead."

In this regard, the official blog of "Love and Deep Space" responded that "there are no real festivals in any country or region in the game, and Halloween and other contents are not corrected in time because of audit omissions." However, many players don’t pay for this response, and also put forward that "it is not acceptable to change foreign festivals into overhead festivals, but only to accept the original models of traditional festivals appearing in the game as they are."

If this public opinion storm is resumed, as the first domestic B-girl mobile game released simultaneously in the world, Love and Deep Space is obviously not fully considered in domestic and foreign holiday marketing. Sole, the game planner, told Guduo, "If the game makers only do the festival culture in a certain region, they can only provide the players in some regions with a sense of atmosphere and immersion, while the players in other regions have less sense of cultural substitution. Therefore, some games will choose to overhead the festival for the sake of global simultaneous distribution, which will not only take care of the cultural substitution of global players, but also facilitate the localized operation of the game. "

But if this method is not well balanced, it will cause controversy. "Therefore, when making holiday planning in the early stage of the game, if there are conditions, it is best to ask public relations to intervene in the evaluation to avoid some public opinion risks."

Sole usually considers three factors when planning holiday marketing: first, go straight to the activity goal and adopt appropriate means, which may be to pull new ideas, promote activities or return; The second is to find the theme related to the festival and launch new content and gameplay around the theme; The third is to increase welfare, so that the spread of the periphery can achieve better results. From her experience in planning activities for many times, she found that the degree of holiday welfare distribution is the most important part for players, which directly affects the participation, income and reputation of holiday marketing.

The well-recognized brand festival in the game circle has to be the "Sea Lantern Festival" created by "The Original God". This is a fictional festival designed with the Spring Festival in China as the prototype, and it also takes place on the Moon-moon continent with China as the prototype. In this fictional festival, the output of China traditional culture can be seen everywhere. For example, the village design of Qiaoyingzhuang refers to the Huizhou architectural style, one of the six architectural styles in China, as well as the activities with the theme of non-genetic inheritance, as well as the broken spread of the opera PV "Goddess Split View", which ranked third in the annual broadcast list of bilibili in 2022.

The "Sea Lantern Festival" in "The Original God" not only creates an annual flavor in the virtual world, but also stimulates the national pride of China players, and also narrows the distance between global players and China culture.

In addition, there is the May 5th Friends’ Day created by the glory of the king. The celebration date of this festival is May 5th, which is derived from the glory of the king’s "5V5" black-and-white gameplay. During the festival, a large number of players will be brought to the game, and the daily life and income will increase. Sole believes that the important reason for the success of these cases is to find the correct way to open the holiday meaning.

"The significance of this festival is closely combined with gameplay and experience. For example, the significance of the May Fifth Friends’ Day is to encourage friends to cooperate and enhance friendship. First of all, the game should give the festival a sense of meaning, followed by a sense of ceremony. Then we need the support of some marketing materials and activities, and it is best to add offline linkage to achieve a wider spread. "

However, the marketing method of making festivals out of nothing has both advantages and disadvantages. Its advantage is that it won’t collide with other games, and it can achieve differentiated competition. The disadvantage is: "Self-made festivals need to re-implant a concept in players’ minds, which requires a certain player education cost. If you want to make the festival famous, you need enough marketing budget." Sole said.

Traditional festivals are exciting battlefields for competitive marketing.

Compared with self-made festivals, traditional festivals not only have a wide range of nationality, but also have rich cultural traditions to learn from and integrate. However, for game manufacturers, this is also an exciting battlefield for competing marketing tactics, because most games are competing for users of the same festival, which will inevitably lead to homogenization competition.

How to play their own characteristics in the promotion of traditional festivals is a problem that game manufacturers need to think about. Especially for the long holidays like the Spring Festival, most players have time for leisure and entertainment, and their desire for consumption is stronger than usual, so most games will pay great attention to the promotion of the Spring Festival version. For example, Dream of the Yuan Dynasty spent a lot of money on the promotion of the Spring Festival and the Lantern Festival, holding various activities such as traveling lanterns, welcoming the god of wealth and fireworks show, which created a strong flavor of the year for the game.

Before the Lantern Festival, "Dream of the Yuan Dynasty" launched solve riddles on the lanterns activities and benefits with prizes to attract players’ attention. On the day of the Lantern Festival, "Dream of the Yuan" boarded the CCTV Lantern Festival party and was broadcast live on the big screen of Xingmeng Square in the game. Around the Lantern Festival, a large number of UGC creators created maps with the theme of "Yuanxiao".

From pre-holiday warm-up to post-holiday operation, Tencent can be described as a combination of traditional holiday marketing. According to seven wheat statistics, the revenue of Yuan Meng Xing on February 24th was estimated to be $147,012, and the number of downloads was estimated to reach 78,032. On February 25th, the revenue was estimated to be $297,783, which was 202% higher than that on the Lantern Festival, and the number of downloads was also estimated to be 90,822.

The strong growth of data shows the stability and firmness of marketing strategy. David, a creative game planner in Lilith, thinks: "Dream Star, as a game of Tencent, opens up Tencent’s product matrix and can pool resources to form joint marketing, which is its advantage. Moreover, as a party game, many players are too young to choose much content, so going to CCTV is a good publicity way and can also satisfy the social psychology of players interacting with reality. "

However, the marketing style of Yuan Meng Xing has little room for other games. Sole said: "Many small and medium-sized manufacturers don’t rely on Tencent’s resources like Dream Star, so they need to consider the input-output ratio of marketing. For example, the user group of a B-girl game is mainly aimed at young women in first-and second-tier cities. The number of players is relatively small compared with party games, and it may not be necessary to promote it on CCTV. "

There are still some game manufacturers who are not involved in the battlefield of holiday marketing. David said: "Game companies that distribute overseas don’t pay as much attention to holiday marketing as domestic game manufacturers. For example, Lilith’s distribution strategy is to focus on overseas, and most of the released games tend to SLG (strategic games). This kind of gamers usually spend a lot, and the difference between festivals will not be too big, so Lilith will focus on the marketing time of new games and new versions. "

In addition, another important factor that affects the marketing mode of festivals is the type of games. David said: "Games like SLG don’t have much worldview design, and it’s hard to make their own festivals, so we have to bundle domestic traditional festivals to do a wave of marketing. The secondary game "The Original God" has its own worldview. When players want to enter the worldview to feel the fun of the game, they are suitable for self-made festival marketing. "

Generally speaking, traditional festivals are a natural public domain traffic pool, and any game can come and share a piece of it, but who can grab the biggest traffic dividend depends on the publicity strategy and market budget. Sole believes: "If you don’t have enough confidence to combine self-made festivals with games, the risk of traditional festival marketing will be smaller, the cost will be relatively lower, and some new users who don’t know about games will be attracted."


Whether it is a self-made festival or a traditional festival marketing, the word "creativity" is the most important.

A good idea can save a large purchase cost and bring its own enthusiasm. Just like the PV of "The Goddess Split View" of "The Original God", it not only exploded in bilibili, but also played nearly 10 million on overseas youtube. Many foreign netizens said that they fell in love with opera because of this PV. Behind the creativity is the player’s insight into the current national sentiment and the profound exploration of the significance of the festival.

Just like the Lantern Festival public opinion storm in Love and Deep Space, it is not only a holiday marketing rollover, but also reflects the national pride of the players and their recognition of China traditional culture. The players’ distinct positions and attitudes have undoubtedly brought conceptual innovation to the game industry.

Traditional festivals may be a hot time for game makers, but for players, festivals have more profound significance and cultural value. Although overhead traditional festivals are a way of differentiated competition, game manufacturers need to consider the patriotic feelings of domestic players, skillfully integrate China traditional cultural elements into the game, and show the charm of China traditional culture to the world through the game as a carrier.

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Investigation on imported fruits: most fruits outside the e-commerce sales list are made in China.

   Japanese honeydew melon of nearly 1500 yuan each.

   Merchants who marked Japanese fruit said it was "made in China"

  Text/Figure Yangcheng Evening News reporter Luo Qing Intern Wang Wei

  Recently, a netizen vomited that he ate a 138-yuan-a-petal honeydew melon at a one-day food store in Shenzhen. The store responded to the relevant media that this is Shizuoka honeydew melon imported from Japan. According to Shenzhen Customs, there are no honeydew melons or cantaloupes among the fresh fruits that China has allowed to import from Japan.

  The Yangcheng Evening News survey found that after the incident, many Japanese food stores were still selling "Shizuoka honeydew melon"; Many e-commerce merchants sell fruits other than the List of Varieties of Fresh Fruits Approved for Import and Export in China (hereinafter referred to as the List) issued by the General Administration of Customs. When the reporter questioned the merchants selling these imported fruits, whether the fruits were imported or not, many merchants said that they were "made in China". In other words, these businesses selling fruits outside the catalogue are either suspected of false propaganda or smuggling. In addition, experts say that it is difficult for consumers to tell whether the fruits they buy are imported from formal channels.

  Many merchants sell off-list fruits.

  The reporter’s investigation found that the sale of "Shizuoka honeydew melon" in Shenzhen Japanese food store is not an isolated case, and similar situations also exist in other regions. The reporter searched for keywords in Meituan and public comments and found that some Japanese food stores in Beijing, Guangzhou and other regions also sell cooking packages containing "Shizuoka Melon", and the prices are generally higher. In a Japanese food store in Haizhu District, Guangzhou, only the most expensive 4,680 yuan double package includes Japanese Fuji-class Shizuoka honeydew melon, and other packages only indicate "seasonal fruits".

  In addition to Japanese food stores, the reporter searched on the e-commerce platform with "imported fruit" and "high-end fruit" as keywords, and many expensive fruits appeared, such as Shizuoka honeydew melon in Japan, Shizuoka tomato in Japan, pale white strawberry in Japan, and unicorn fruit in Colombia. The reporter checked the list and found that Japan only allowed to import apples and pears, and Colombia only allowed to import bananas and avocados. The common feature of these imported fruits is the high price. For example, the price of six Japanese Shizuoka honeydew melons in a box is as high as 8,900 yuan, and the price of Shizuoka tomatoes with a weight of 1 kg is 988 yuan.

  Subsequently, the reporter randomly selected three products marked as "imported fruits" on the e-commerce platform for inquiry. As a result, the other party indicated that their fruits were "made in China". When the reporter asked an e-commerce customer service where the "spot Shizuoka tomato" with a price of 398 yuan per catty and the Japanese pale white strawberry with a price of 178 yuan per catty were produced, the other party replied "Kiss, made in China".

  Customs has repeatedly destroyed non-compliant imported fruits.

  Customs quarantine of imported food is the last and most critical line of protection for consumers to eat imported food. The reporter found that in 2016, Shenzhen Customs destroyed nearly 25 tons of bananas imported from the Philippines with pesticide residues exceeding China’s food safety standards; In 2020, Shenzhen Customs also found that there were two batches of imported fruits with excessive pesticide residues.

  Some imported fruits will also be suspended because they fail the inspection and quarantine. For example, due to the fact that the Chinese customs has repeatedly detected the species of pineapple, annona squarrosa and lotus fog that have been allowed to be imported in Taiwan Province since 2021, the website of the General Administration of Customs issued notices on March 1 and September 20, 2021 to suspend the import of pineapple, annona squarrosa and lotus fog into Chinese mainland. So far, the above fruits have not been allowed to resume entry.

  Is there any way for consumers to tell that the fruits they buy come from formal channels? Jiang Zhuoqin, a professor in the Department of Nutrition, School of Public Health, Sun Yat-sen University, said, "It’s very difficult": "First, consumers don’t have much time and methods to trace this problem, and second, few businesses offer imported documents on their own initiative." Jiang Zhuoqin said that it is the best choice for consumers to buy through formal channels.

  The reporter found that not only few merchants offered to provide imported documents, but even when the reporter wanted to check the relevant certificates, he also encountered the situation of "buying before reading". When the reporter asked the e-commerce store selling "Thailand Dragon Palace Fruit" if it could provide the customs declaration form and relevant quarantine certificate, the other party said, "I will provide it for you if you place an order." The reporter bought two kilograms and sent the order to the other party before receiving the relevant certificate.

Winter food, winter dates and chestnuts, the original heat is not "good stubble"!

  Unconsciously, it’s winter again. Pedestrians wearing thin down jackets pass by on the street. Dried fruit roasted seeds and nuts shops on the roadside seem to warm people’s hearts. Crispy winter dates ~ waxy chestnuts ~ enter their mouths, and one after another can’t stop. Hmm ~ only children do multiple-choice questions, but adults do! Boss, one catty each! If I don’t eat them this season, I feel sorry for waiting for them for a year! Fat can be reduced in two months, but winter dates and chestnuts will be gone in two months!

  Today, let’s take a look at the main nutritional components of winter jujube and chestnut, so as to avoid the introspection of "growing stronger and stronger for no reason" next spring. In fact, winter dates and chestnuts are not "good stubble" of heat.

  "Compendium of Materia Medica" records: "Jujube is sweet, non-toxic, calming the middle and nourishing the spleen, calming the stomach and clearing the nine orifices." Therefore, jujube has become a treasure in fruit because it integrates medicine, health care and eating. In daily life, dates can also be seen everywhere (blood, iron and qi), and winter dates are the "uncrowned king" of vitamin C. The vitamin C content of 100g fresh winter jujube is about 300mg, which is about 10 times that of citrus, 50 times that of pear and 70 times that of apple. The weight of a fresh winter jujube is about 15g, and the edible part is 87%. Those three fresh winter jujubes can provide about 100mg of vitamin C, while the recommended intake of VC for normal adults is 100 mg/ day. Of course, in addition to vitamin C, Dongzao has other "nutritional weapons", such as jujube flavonoids, cyclic adenosine monophosphate, triterpenoids and other plant compounds. These active ingredients can play an important role in anti-oxidation, anti-aging, immunity improvement, anti-cancer and anti-fatigue.

  However, winter jujube is not such an "angel". First of all, the calorie of winter jujube is not low. If winter jujube is used as a fruit to add meals, it is best not to exceed 100g every day, which is about 6-7 pieces in normal size. At the same time, we should pay attention to the changes of blood sugar. Secondly, the dietary fiber content of winter jujube is higher than other common fruits (grapes, apples, etc.), which is easy to cause gastrointestinal discomfort such as bloating; Finally, the peel of winter jujube is crisp and thin, so it is difficult to chew it fully when chewing. The peel (or stone) with sharp edges is often swallowed into the digestive tract, which is easy to cause pain or discomfort of stomach lesions and even life-threatening.

  For chestnuts, the calories of a handful of chestnuts (about 10 chestnuts, about 110g edible parts) are equivalent to that of a bowl of cooked rice with 200g carbohydrate, which is not as much as the "two or two meals" in the canteen. Because the content of protein and fat in chestnuts is slightly higher than that in rice, and there are more oligosaccharides and resistant starch that are not absorbed by small intestine, the GI index (glycemic index) is lower than that in rice, which is more friendly to people who need to control blood sugar. On the other hand, these unabsorbed dietary fibers can easily make people feel bloating, so people with poor digestive function should pay attention to eating less, especially avoiding eating raw chestnuts. At the same time, try to eat hot cooked chestnuts and stew meat with chestnuts.

  Having said that, I actually want to tell you that when winter comes, those "winter fat" who can’t be returned for 7 days without reason may find some answers in the crunchy and silly sweetness of this mouthful.

The whole circle of friends went skiing? A 3-minute "Tao" Guide for Beginners

Do you love skiing this winter?

Image source: pixabay

Slogan of "300 million people on ice and snow"

Let all China completely "burn" this winter.

Many people feel the charm of skiing for the first time.

By this dopamine and adrenaline

Sports "planting grass hard"

Do you know why skiing makes people want to stop?

Is it difficult to get started skiing?

It is rumored that "the end of the snow trail is orthopedics". Is skiing really easy to get hurt? What preparations need to be made?

Before rushing to the snowy road, you can gain more fun by knowing some skiing knowledge ABC!

Why does skiing make people happy?

The unique charm of skiing is that it is a kind of sport that will instantly lose weight from a height.

From a scientific point of view, the secretion of endorphins in our brain will increase during exercise, which will make us feel euphoric and happy, so endorphins are also called "pleasure hormones".

In addition to the benefits of general exercise, skiing brings rapid secretion of dopamine and adrenaline due to speed and weightlessness, which makes people’s heart beat faster and excited, and brings people happiness and satisfaction.

Dopamine also has the function of eliminating fatigue and inhibiting depression, so skiing is not easy to feel tired and bored, which is the secret of skiing’s addiction.

Does skiing hurt people?

Yes, exciting sports are often accompanied by danger. According to ISSS statistics, among all sports, skiing is indeed a kind of sports injury, especially in the knees and wrists, and snowboarding is more likely to be injured than snowboarding.

But don’t back down in a hurry! In fact, skiing is a highly technical sport, and many people, as the "little white" who first climbed the snowy road, mostly fell because they didn’t understand it.

According to statistical analysis, the causes of skiing injuries are not only the technical and psychological factors of skiers, but also the climatic factors. In fact, most of the injuries can be avoided as long as the general skiers are fully prepared and have a good sense of safety!

The sources of skiing injuries are mainly divided into the following categories:

Incorrect skiing posture leads to ligament or muscle injury when falling.

The novice can’t control the speed and direction well, and the collision caused by too fast speed.

If you don’t hit people, people will hit you, and you may be scratched by skis and poles.

Safety reading before going up the snowy road.

If you want to ski safely and have fun, the most important thing is to start from ourselves:

Wear protective gear and do stretching and warm-up for 2-5 minutes before starting skating.

The first step in skiing: learn to fall! Expert’s experience: If you are going to fall, then go and fall with the trend. Don’t compete, it is particularly easy to get hurt.

Do what you can and don’t do things beyond your level. (e.g. descending steep slope, high-speed dash, jumping platform, etc.)

Pay attention to the front, back, left and right at any time like driving, and be sure to take a look at whether there is anyone behind you when changing lanes. Don’t stand still in the snowy road. If you don’t slide, move to the edge of the snowy road in time.

Skiing ABC

What should novices prepare before going on the snowy road? Here is a summary for you. Come and have a look.

How to choose the right snowboard for you

According to the use of skis, skiing can be divided into snowboarding and snowboarding.

In general, we should choose a snowboard with a height minus 5~15cm. Beginners choose shorter skis, which are more flexible and easier to control; The longer the skis, the faster the speed.

Compared with snowboarding, snowboarding is close to the category of extreme sports. Unless you already have a certain skiing foundation, it is recommended not to try snowboarding rashly.

How to choose a suitable ski resort for you?

In different venues, the difficulty of skiing is also very different. From easy to difficult, it can be divided into:

Volkswagen ski resort

cross-country skiing

Alpine skiing (professional level)

U-pool ski jumping (professional level)

Adventure skiing (professional level)

A beginner-friendly ski resort is like this:

Sloping slope

The snow trail is not long, and the sliding time is short.

Don’t be too high in the snow field. The low oxygen content in the mountain air will affect the body function.

Choose sunny days, and sports injuries are more likely to occur when the snow field temperature is low and the weather is bad.

What equipment do you need to prepare before skiing?

The secret of happy skiing

Step 1: Know your level.

"I am a sports white, how can I start skiing?"

"What should people who have exercise habits but have never skied pay attention to?"

When you come into contact with any new sport, you should pay attention to step by step, and skiing is the same! Don’t be like the news a few days ago that a novice skier rashly challenged a trail that didn’t suit her and broke her bones.

Don’t rush to pursue speed and high excitement when you first go on the snowy road. Start from the basic movements and give the body a process of gradually establishing "muscle memory".

Step 2: Do you want to hire a coach?

Once again, skiing is a dangerous sport with certain technical requirements. If you can’t turn and brake for the first time, you will lose your confidence before you really appreciate the fun of skiing. In fact, it is not worth the candle.

Therefore, if economic conditions permit, it is recommended to start the introductory stage under the guidance of a professional coach.

Step 3: Safety boundaries should be observed.

For beginners, there are two very important indicators that must be paid attention to when skiing, and don’t exceed the warning line, otherwise it is equivalent to stepping into a dangerous door with one foot!

Image source: pixabay

"Busy skiing, busy wrestling, busy being happy!"

"Keep loving going to mountains and seas, no skiing and no winter!"

See you here:

Even the friends circle ski copy is ready for you.

Take it away. No thanks!

(Red Star News)


Do you still need a structural biologist with AI? Wait for the top experts in Shi Yigong to see it this way.

Recently, Yan Ning, a famous structural biologist, announced that he would resign from Princeton University and set up the Academy of Medical Sciences in Shenzhen. In response to the latest research that she will focus on when she returns to China, she said that the discovery of structural biology is of great significance to the pharmaceutical industry, including the research on the interaction between drugs and hormones, which has more implications for drug development and disease treatment.

Yan Ning said, for example, that through the method of structural biology, scientists saw for the first time that two commonly used drugs used protein as a "scaffold", which directly "side by side" affected the normal function of protein.

Technological change promotes the development of structural biology.

Protein, as the scaffold and main substance of human tissues and organs, plays an important role in human life activities. In the cell, a large number of protein elements form the molecular machines, which performs important molecular processes in the cell through the interaction of protein, including the cell’s response to the external environment and the internal environment, and also forms a signal transduction network system with the interaction of protein as a link.

Structure By studying the three-dimensional structure, dynamic process and biological function of biological macromolecules, biology can provide more details of protein interaction and real-time dynamic process, thus helping scientists to understand molecular mechanism and explore the pathogenesis of diseases related to macromolecular dysfunction.

The development of biology not only contributes to the discovery of drugs, but also affects the research fields of life sciences including biochemistry, cell biology, genetic development, neurobiology, microbiology and pathopharmacology.

The development of science and technology has been promoting the progress of structural biology. In 2017, the Nobel Prize in Chemistry was awarded to cryoelectron microscopy, which can greatly improve the efficiency of analyzing the atomic resolution three-dimensional structure of large protein complexes; Moreover, researchers can freeze biomolecules in motion and visualize their motion process.

This breakthrough has brought a perfect storm to the field of structural biology. In recent years, important breakthroughs have been made in the field of life sciences. The work of China scientists such as Cheng Yifan, Shi Yigong, Yang Maojun and Liu Zhengfeng has also benefited from this technology. They have analyzed the important complex structure of atomic resolution. In addition, the enzyme that produces the protein that leads to Alzheimer’s syndrome was analyzed by cryomicroscope.

In August, 2015, Shi Yigong’s research team published an article in Nature, reporting the three-dimensional electron microscope structure of human γ -secretase with a resolution of 3.4 angstrom, and studying the function of the pathogenic mutant of γ -secretase based on the structure analysis, which provided an important foundation for understanding the working mechanism of γ -secretase and the pathogenesis of Alzheimer’s disease.

In February, 2020, after the outbreak of COVID-19, the research team of West Lake University successfully analyzed the full-length structure of novel coronavirus receptor ACE2 for the first time by using cryo-electron microscopy, which helped the research and development of drugs in COVID-19.

What does AI predict protein folding change?

With the help of artificial intelligence technology, DeepMind, a subsidiary of Google, recently announced 220 million kinds of protein structures predicted by AlphaFold software, which shocked the field of structural biology, because it indicates that artificial intelligence enterprises have begun to "truly hand over the power of Al to scientists all over the world".

Scientists compare the significance of this disruptive breakthrough with the human genome project. In the 1990s, when the Human Genome Project began to take shape, scientists realized that it was not enough to master the base arrangement of genes, but also to know the protein, the product of genes.

Shi Yigong, academician of China Academy of Sciences, structural biologist and president of West Lake University, commented on AlphaFold’s work: "Its accurate prediction of protein structure is the greatest contribution of artificial intelligence to the scientific field, and it is also one of the most important scientific breakthroughs made by mankind in the 21st century."

Shi Yigong once told China Business News: "AlphaFold represents the world’s leading artificial intelligence protein organization prediction system." At the same time, he said, China’s high-tech enterprises are catching up, expecting to bring surprises to the world in the near future.

He also said that the improvement of the accuracy of protein structure prediction will greatly benefit the pharmaceutical industry. "Artificial intelligence prediction of protein structure provides an important foundation for drug design and optimization. The structure of drug target proteins combined with all small molecule drugs can almost be wiped out by AlphaFold. " Shi Yigong said.

In the opinion of some scientists, although AlphaFold’s work is shocking, the accuracy of drug research and development prediction is not enough. Professor Liu Zhijie, executive director of iHuman Institute, Shanghai University of Science and Technology, told the First Financial Reporter: "It has been a long time to predict the protein structure. Now the accuracy of the prediction is definitely getting higher and higher, but it still hasn’t reached the precision of crystal structure."

Liu Zhijie First Financial News told the reporter that the crystal structure is the most accurate, and now artificial intelligence can predict the protein folding with the accuracy of electron microscope and nuclear magnetic resonance. In addition, because there are thousands of structures in protein, the difficulty of analysis is different. "If some protein sequences are similar to the known structure of artificial intelligence, it is easier to predict." Liu Zhijie said.

However, he still believes that with the continuous improvement of the prediction accuracy of protein folding, it will play a more important role in the field of life sciences in the future. "If the current prediction can reach the accuracy of electron microscope, some drugs can already be designed. Drug design is the biggest application field of artificial intelligence protein folding prediction." Said to Liu Zhijie First Financial Reporter.

Others think that with the development of artificial intelligence, there may not be so many structural biologists in the future. "Many researchers who do structural biology are actually more like technical service personnel. The more people there are, the more structures that can be analyzed. Therefore, in essence, a large part of their work depends on manpower. Now with AI, it is true that a large number of people who do structural biology have changed careers." A virus researcher told the First Financial News reporter.

However, for top structural biologists such as Shi Yigong, technology is only a powerful support for the "top brain", which can help them realize more ideas. "Every conscientious biologist should know how to make good use of the structural prediction of artificial intelligence." Shi Yigong said.

Professor Michael Levitt, winner of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 2013, told China Business News: "I think many structural biologists are not only doing structural research, but also doing a lot of work on protein function and drug research and development, just like Professor Yan Ning. Artificial intelligence only liberates a part of traditional manpower, but the progress of science still needs to rely on the smartest human brain. I’m afraid that artificial intelligence alone will not work. "

In recent years, a number of AI pharmaceutical companies have also been born in China. In this regard, Ewing Nan, academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences and president of Beijing Institute of Scientific Intelligence, pointed out to the First Financial Reporter: "The emergence of AI for Science research paradigm is an important historical opportunity for scientific and technological innovation, which not only expands the capability boundary of data-driven and physical model-driven models, but also is expected to promote the organic combination of the two, provide theoretical basis for further solving practical problems, and greatly narrow the distance between scientific research and practical application."

There are 3 5A 5A tourist attractions in Shanghai. Which three do you know? How to plan your travel?

# 304 All list the 5A Scenic Area # Shanghai (called Shanghai, Shen) is the central city of China, Central City, Hangzhou China. This is an international economy, finance, trade, transportation, and technological innovation center. It is the first batch of open cities along the coast.

1. There are three national 5A tourist attractions in Shanghai, from:Shanghai Science and Technology Museum Oriental Pearl Radio and TV Tower, Shanghai Wildlife Park, and so on. The specific location is displayed in the figure.

2. Self -driving tourNational 5A -level Tourist Scenic Area Stroke route:Shanghai Oriental Pearl Radio and Television Tower -Shanghai Science and Technology Museum -Shanghai Wildlife Park -Return.

3,Self -driving tourNational 5A -level Tourist Scenic Area Arrangement:

On the first day, Shanghai -Oriental Pearl Radio and TV Tower

Shanghai Self -driving Tour Oriental Pearl Radio and Television Tower Traffic route:Shanghai -Nanjing West Road -Tibet Middle Road -Yan’an East Road -Yan’an East Road (Auxiliary Road) -Dincheng Middle Road -Garden Shiqiao Road -Lujiazui Circle -Phoenix Road -Oriental Pearl Broadcasting TV Tower. 4.8 kilometers in length and 10 minutes by car.

Play Oriental Pearl Broadcasting Tower throughout the day. Close to the hotel at night and Neil or representative.

[Oriental Pearl Radio and TV Tower]Located in no. Avenue of the 1st century, Pudong New District, Shanghai, is a national 5A tourist attraction. It is one of the landmarks and cultural landscapes in Shanghai.

Suggested playback length: 1-3 hours. Open hours: 8: 00-21: 30. Bill reference: the first goal is 100 yuan/person, the second goal+the exhibition hall is 135 yuan/person, and the three -ball ticket is 150 yuan/person.

Recommended Shanghai Science and Technology Museum Hotel: Shanghai Pudong Riton Callon Hotel, Oriental Binjiang Hotel, etc. Recommended restaurants near the Shanghai Technology Museum: Shanghai Xiaonan Township (Congress Building), old Shanghai restaurant (Oriental Pearl), and so on.

The next day, Oriental Pearl Radio and Television Tower -Shanghai Science and Technology Museum -Shanghai Wild Zoo -Return.

Oriental Pearl Radio and Television Tower Bicycle to Shanghai Science and Technology Museum Transportation route:Eastern Pearl Radio and Television Tower -Lujiazui Ring Road Century Avenue -Dingxiang Road -Shanghai Technology Museum. 5.6 kilometers in length and 15 minutes by car.

Shanghai Science and Technology Museum’s autonomous driving to Shanghai Wild Zoo traffic direction:Shanghai Science and Technology Museum -Pudong New Area -Shanghai Liyu Expressway -Shenjiahu Expressway -Nanxun Road -Shanghai Wildlife Park. 33.1 kilometers in length and 41 minutes by car.

In the morning, play the Shanghai Science and Technology Museum. Play the Shanghai Wild Zoo in the afternoon and return to the afternoon or evening.

【Shanghai Science Center】Located in no. In 2000, Century Avenue, Pudong New Area, Shanghai, a national 5A tourist attraction. The landlord covers an area of ??6. More than 80 years old, 000 square meters, and a building area of ??9.80,000 square meters. It is divided into 11 format theme exhibition areas, 4 high -tech special cinemas, 3 ancient and modern Chinese and foreign scientists and their footprints, art Promenado, and a few of them, and a few. Temporary exhibition hall. They are shame, vividly explain the eternal theme of "nature", people, and technology "for tourists.

Suggested playback time: 4-8 hours. Open hours: 9: 00-17: 15. Bill reference: 45 yuan/person.

Shanghai Science and Technology Museum Recommended: Oriental Hotel, Overwhelming Ice Wine Store Apartment Shop. The Shanghai Science and Technology Museum near a restaurant is recommended: Shanghai People’s (Huidian), Donglingchun Fortune (Dingxiang International), and so on.

[Shanghai Wild Zoo]No. 178, Nanton Road, Pudong New District, Shanghai, is a national 5A tourist attraction. The park is a theme park, exhibition, breeding, and science education for wildlife breeding.

Suggested playback time: 3-6 hours. Open hours: 8: 30-16: 30, 8: 00-17: 00 of the pendant opening time. Ticket reference: 130 yuan/person.

The Shanghai Science and Technology Museum recommends hotels: Shanghai Shangtai International Hotel, family hotel (Shanghai South Road Wildlife), and so on. It is recommended that a restaurant near the Shanghai Science and Technology Museum: Tang Niu (Tang Nu Nanhui Wildlife), Nanmen Meat (Nanmeng Road), and so on.

The above is for reference only.