Hezhang, Guizhou: Cherry blossoms in March and stay fresh in May.

It’s cherry blossom again. In the early spring, more than 10,000 acres of cherry flowers in Liuquhe Town, Hezhang County are in full bloom, and the snow-white cherry flower sea all over the mountains attracts many tourists to come and enjoy the flowers. "Enjoy flowers in March and fruit in May", the cherry industry has become one of the leading industries in Liuquhe Town to help rural revitalization.
Walking into the Mill Village of Liuquhe Town, looking around, more than 3,000 acres of cherry flowers here are blooming beautifully, and they complement each other with the surrounding villages, forming a beautiful picture of spring, welcoming the most beautiful season of the year and attracting many tourists to watch the flowers and enjoy the scenery.
Cherry planting in Liuquhe Town has a long history, and the cherries produced are big, full of moisture, sweet and mature late, which is the "golden fruit" for villagers to get rich. At present, cherry is in full bloom, which is a good time to enjoy flowers, and the harvest hope of cherry in the new year is born from this.
In the early spring, more than 10,000 acres of cherry flowers in Liuquhe Town, Hezhang County are competing to bloom, which is a good time to enjoy flowers. Photo by Li Xueyou
In recent years, based on the advantages of local altitude, climate and soil, Liuquhe Town has actively optimized the layout of cherry industry, vigorously developed the cherry industry, constantly polished Hezhang’s business card of "Hometown of Cherry in China", promoted people’s income and wealth, and helped rural revitalization.
In Nianfang Village, Liuquhe Town, a small red cherry has become a "golden fruit" for local farmers to increase their income. Looking around, the rolling hills and beautiful villages are hidden in the snow-white cherry sea of flowers, which is spectacular. The cherries produced here are crystal clear, rich in sweetness, rich in juice and delicious.
In the early spring, more than 10,000 acres of cherry flowers in Liuquhe Town, Hezhang County are competing to bloom, which is a good time to enjoy flowers. Photo by Li Xueyou
"There are about 3,000 mu of agate red cherries in Nianfang Village, Liuquhe Town. Agate red cherries have good taste, large sweet and sour particles, and can be preserved for a longer time than conventional cherries at room temperature, with an annual output of about 700 tons." Gao Yanyong, secretary of the Party branch of Nianfang Village in Liuquhe Town, told the author that the cherry products in Nianfang Village are mainly sold to Guiyang, Chengdu, Wuhan, Chongqing, Kunming, Guangdong, Zhejiang and other capital cities. In recent years, the agate red cherry industry in this village has driven the increase of about 300 households with more than 1,200 people in the village, with an average household income of about 8,500 yuan.
Liuquhe Town has mild climate, four distinct seasons, abundant sunshine, large temperature difference between morning and evening and abundant rain, which is very suitable for cherry planting. Fully relying on this geographical advantage, Liuquhe Town has actively adjusted the agricultural industrial structure and vigorously developed the cherry industry. The cherry planting area in the town has reached 12,000 mu, including 5,200 mu of traditional cherry planting area and 6,800 mu of agate red cherry planting area, with an annual output of 3,600 tons of cherries, which has driven 4,500 people to obtain employment, initially forming a large-scale and intensive industrial development trend. At the same time, the development of cherry industry has also promoted the development of agricultural products sales, agricultural products processing, logistics and transportation, and created more employment opportunities for the masses.
In the early spring, more than 10,000 acres of cherry flowers in Liuquhe Town, Hezhang County are competing to bloom, which is a good time to enjoy flowers. Photo by Li Xueyou
"The cherries in Liuquhe Town are mainly distributed in villages such as mill houses, fields, rivers, bamboo houses and yards. Cherry products are mainly sold to Guiyang, Wuhan, Chongqing, Kunming, Guangdong, Zhejiang and other capital cities. " Wang Hao, member of the Party Committee and Propaganda Committee of Liuquhe Town, said: "In recent years, the cherry industry has driven about 1,200 households with more than 3,000 people in the town to increase their income, with an average household income of about 8,000 yuan. Among them, there are 500 poverty-stricken households with 2000 people. The cherry industry has become one of the main industries in our town to promote rural revitalization. "
It is reported that in the next step, Liuquhe Town will continue to strengthen the development of cherry industry, formulate more scientific and reasonable development plans, strengthen technology research and development and personnel training, strive to improve planting technology and management level, deepen cooperation between upstream and downstream enterprises in the industrial chain, promote information sharing and benefit sharing, increase market development and marketing efforts, enhance brand awareness and competitiveness, strengthen ecological and environmental protection construction, and realize the sustainable development of cherry green industry. (Photo/Text/Li Xueyou, Deng Weixuan, Sheng Can)

More than 202 tons of fresh fruits and vegetables from Baise, Guangxi rushed to Huanggang, Hubei.

More than 202 tons of fresh fruits and vegetables from Baise, Guangxi rushed to Huanggang, Hubei.

The picture shows the special train ready to leave. Photo by Zhong Xin

  Zhongxin. com Baise, February 18 (Reporter Lin Hao) "Baise fruits and vegetables rushed to Huanggang, and the children of Guangxi and Hubei were heart to heart!" "Warm in the same boat, unite as one to fight the epidemic!" "Huanggang come on! Come on in Hubei! Come on, China! " … …

  On February 18th, in Baise East Railway Station, Baise City, Guangxi, an old revolutionary base area, the "Baise No.1" fruit and vegetable train with more than 202 tons of fresh fruits and vegetables was slowly started, and it sailed to Huanggang City, Hubei Province, thousands of miles away, sending the people in the epidemic area the care and blessings of Baise people.

The picture shows the caring person receiving the donation certificate. Photo by Zhong Xin

  The fruits and vegetables transported by this special train include 9 categories, such as radish, green vegetables, lettuce, wax gourd, pepper, sugar orange, jujube, cherry tomato and sweet potato. Some of them come from the alpine mountain area in the north of Baise, some from Baini Village in leye county where Huang Wenxiu, the "National Excellent Communist party member", fought before his death, and some from Jingxi City, a border city between China and Vietnam. All of them are donated by local caring enterprises in Baise, cadres and workers in government departments and caring people in society, which will give priority to the needs of designated hospitals, isolation points, first-line security units, special groups and community residents in Huanggang City, Hubei Province.

  It is reported that Baise is an important fruit and vegetable production base in China, with a fruit planting area of 2.5562 million mu and a vegetable planting area of 1.7609 million mu. Huanggang City is adjacent to Wuhan. Up to now, the cumulative number of confirmed cases ranks third in Hubei Province, and it is one of the areas with severe epidemic situation in Hubei Province.

The picture shows the crane loading special carriage. Photo by Zhong Xin

  On February 13th, Peng Xiaochun, vice chairman of Guangxi CPPCC and secretary of Baise Municipal Committee, contacted and communicated with Liu Xuerong, deputy director of Hubei Provincial People’s Congress Standing Committee and secretary of Huanggang Municipal Committee, and decided to donate a batch of fruit and vegetable products to Huanggang City after learning about the local epidemic prevention and control situation. Subsequently, relevant departments, enterprises and caring people in Baise City acted quickly, and in just a few days, they completed the harvesting, packaging and cold chain storage and transportation of more than 202 tons of fruits and vegetables.

  According to the Guangxi Department of Commerce, the "Baise No.1" green train for fruits and vegetables is the first green channel for cold chain transportation of the "South Vegetable to North" railway in China. Since its opening, it has operated nearly 200 trains, transporting tens of thousands of tons of southern fruits and vegetables to the northern region.

  After the outbreak, the "Baise No.1" fruit and vegetable green special train has been transported or participated in six classes in Baise, Nanning and Guilin, Guangxi, and sent to Wuhan, honghu city, Xianning, Yichang, Shiyan and Huanggang, Hubei, providing a guarantee for the efficient export of high-quality agricultural products in Baise and even Guangxi and the first-line logistics of Hubei’s resistance to the epidemic.

  The Guangxi Department of Commerce said that next, Guangxi will continue to run two shifts a week to support Hubei’s fruit and vegetable materials to the cold chain special train, and continue to convey the friendship and care of Zhuang’s children to Hubei.

Teach you a set of "heart-stopping methods" after the Spring Festival, specializing in all kinds of "don’t want to go to work"!

The Spring Festival holiday is coming to an end!

What’s even more frightening is that

The first day of work after the holiday

There are bound to be many people who are uncomfortable.

Even have a fear of going to work.

This is the so-called "post-holiday syndrome"

Hey, Xiaobian has a set here.

Spring Festival "Accepting Heart Dafa"

I think all the readers have strange bones.

Must be wizards.

It’s better to be with Xiaobian.

Down with post-holiday syndrome

Return to normal working conditions!

Dizziness, dizziness, sleep disorder syndrome

During the Spring Festival, many people choose to take advantage of the long vacation to go home for the Spring Festival, or visit relatives and friends and travel. When going out, the schedule is irregular, which causes some people to be unable to adjust from the holiday schedule for a while after coming back after the festival. They are full of energy at night and can’t fall asleep until the morning. The sudden change of people’s living habits and environmental factors leads to mental stress, disrupting the biological rhythm of sleep and awakening, and physical and mental fatigue, which leads to sleep disorder.

Coping with Dafa:

1. Restore the original life rules as soon as possible to ensure the regularity of sleep;

2. Don’t make your brain highly excited before going to bed. You can use music and other means to meditate. Keep soaking feet in hot water for 5 ~ 10 minutes every night;

3, staying up late will make people’s digestive system circulation worse, so you can’t eat too much, and focus on light, eat more foods with high vitamin content;

4, people with poor gastrointestinal and poor sleep can drink hot tea or chrysanthemum tea soaked in medlar.

Holiday dyspepsia syndrome

Spring Festival is definitely inseparable from the dinner, every day is chicken, duck, fish, meat, plus all kinds of snacks, all day long mouth is not idle. After a few days, some people feel that they have no appetite, can’t eat anything, and have a dull pain in their stomachs. In addition, many colleagues want to eat vegetarian food to clear the intestines and lose weight after the New Year, but unexpectedly they have discomfort symptoms such as abdominal distension.

Coping with Dafa:

1. To treat bulimia, we must first manage our mouth and let the gastrointestinal tract have a good rest;

2. Take an active part in some favorite sports, such as brisk walking, jogging, doing exercises, playing ball or dancing, etc., and do some sports that make your heart beat faster and sweat, so that your body and mind can "move" and your appetite will be adjusted to normal.

3. In addition, eat more fresh vegetables and fruits to promote gastrointestinal peristalsis and accelerate the discharge of harmful substances in the body.

Holidays addiction syndrome

During the Spring Festival holiday, there are also such a group of people who stay at home, spend all day with computers and indulge in the Internet. After a few days, I just feel top-heavy, my eyes are dry, and my eyes are blurred. Until I went to work, I was still thinking about my holiday life.

Coping with Dafa:

1. For this psychological disorder, the key lies in positive self-adjustment;

2. Try to adjust your state at work, devote yourself seriously, and take a vacation for your mind when you rest, and learn to relax and entertain.

Return trip "getting angry" syndrome

Many people will "get angry" after experiencing the painful return peak, while others will have red eyes, toothache, oral ulcers, herpes on the corners of their mouths, etc. When they think of going through that kind of pain again before going to work, they are all sour and refreshing!

Coping with Dafa:

1, drink plenty of water, add the right amount of water;

2, you can use hot water to soak your feet every night, and the water temperature can be slightly higher, so it is appropriate to feel "slightly hot". Soaking your feet can dilate blood vessels, accelerate blood flow, enhance blood circulation, and relieve fatigue and sleep.

Mental disorientation and fear of going to work

After the Spring Festival holiday, there are always some people who have inexplicable fears in their hearts, mainly including the following symptoms. They are dizzy and don’t know what to do. They often sit at their desks for a long time and don’t know where to start their work. Soft hands and feet, weakness; Dizziness; I suddenly feel boring at work and want to quit.

Coping with Dafa:

1. Actively make corresponding adjustments from the content of life to the schedule of work and rest, meditate on what you should do after work, and adjust your psychology to the working state;

2, you can take a long and deep breath every 2 hours. Imagine that with each breath, the tension also leaves the body;

3. It is recommended to take a hot bath before going to work and try to return to the schedule before holidays. It is best to drink a cup of chamomile tea to help sleep before going to bed.

Crossing the Spring Festival, the new year is expected. No matter whether you are ready for a new round of work or not, the countdown to the end of the long holiday has already begun ~ If you are still immersed in the joy of the holiday, Xiaobian reminds you to adjust your state quickly, accept your heart, and harvest the return of the next year with hard work!

Come on in the new year, yeah!

Original title: "Teach you a set of" heart-stopping solutions "after the Spring Festival, specializing in all kinds of" don’t want to go to work "! 》

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How to play badminton well, 14 skills to help you improve.

(Circle cards have been added here, please go to today’s headline client to check)

First, you can take any badminton. The first condition of serving is accuracy, so as long as it can stabilize the ball, any method will do. Usually, the method of holding badminton can be divided into the following two ways: gently pinch the top of the feather with your fingers, and the ball holder is downward. Or gently hold the ball above the ball holder with five fingers, and the ball holder part is downward. No matter which way you take the ball, you should always train to hit the ball in a certain position.

Second, hold and clap your hands as relaxed as possible, so as to maximize the strength of your wrist.

Third, strive to hit the ball in front of the upper body, and never let the ball fall below the neck, otherwise the return ball will have no attack power.

Four, in singles, unless the spike, never hit the ball in the opponent’s midfield, as far as possible to play two corners.

5. When hitting the ball, you must master the strength. After you can control the ball, find someone to practice hitting yourself from four corners to four corners of the opposite court, because hitting four corners can make your opponent run the farthest distance. Hit the long ball from the rear corner to the opposite rear corner, and put the ball to the front corner. Pick the opposite and rear corners from the front two corners and put the ball from the front two corners, and a total of 46 styles of play can be derived.

6. The singles serve should be as high and far as possible, the doubles serve should be short, the flight route of the ball should be close to the upper edge of the net, and the serve should be changeable.

7. In singles, first look at the opponent’s weak ball path, and then feed the opponent to push his elbow. Generally, the opponent’s playing quality depends on whether his backhand is sharp or not. If the opponent is good at all kinds of balls, it depends on the opponent’s unstable ball path, which leads to more mistakes.

Eight, before you are ready to kill the ball, lean sideways, with your left foot in front, the toes of your two feet touching the ground, and step back with a fast step, so that the hitting point is in front of your right shoulder. Because if the hitting point is lower, you can only play golf.

Nine, before killing the ball, the body leans back and basically bows, so that you can use all the strength of your body.

Ten, before killing the ball, the grip must be relaxed, and there must be a gap between the palm of your hand and the handle. This is the most important thing, because only by relaxing first can you use your strength to kill the ball, otherwise if the grip is always tight, the strength of your wrist will definitely not come out. Grasp the racket and kill the ball hard at the moment of killing the ball.

Authentic advanced badminton racket A-class offensive all-carbon fiber single-shot ultra-light 32lbs 3U4U adult racket


Eleven, in a powerful forehand or backhand stroke, the body should turn to the hitting side in order to stand firm.

Twelve, for beginners, the backhand end line is usually its weak area, and attention should be paid to hitting its weakness.

Thirteen, when hitting the high ball back in the frontcourt, you should try to use spike. Spike is an important scoring method, but don’t hit the high and short ball at the baseline, which usually gives the opponent a chance to kill the ball.

Fourteen, if you are scoring, don’t change the way you play, if you are losing, you should immediately adjust your manners. If your continuous attack doesn’t work, you can hit a high ball and then find a fighter to launch an attack again.

[Poetic and painting] column: "Su Xin Yan" was officially broadcast

The column of "Poetry and Painting" originated from the sudden outbreak in March 2022. It aims to use the power of art to inspire people’s hearts. I look forward to the success of early resistance and the beautiful scenery of the chest. The aesthetic mood of music to express people’s longing for a better life and pay tribute to classics.

[Poetry and painting] column: "Su Xin Yan" was officially broadcast by the column of this episode by the American artist Cao Jun and the chairman of the Shanghai Recitation Association Lu Chenglie, so stay tuned. Essence Essence

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[Poetic and painting] column: "Su Xin Yan" was officially broadcast

(Watch horizontally)




Cao Jun painting · Poetry / Lu Cheng recitation

The heart is eight, not climbing;

Watching Liuhe, endless.

Zi Jiu Youyun,

Poetry should be lonely, painting should be quiet.

I send a bird in the soil and soil,

Look up to see the sentient beings,

Low eyebrows.

The so -called Zen,

It is the realm of quietness and net.

How many mixed life,

A few hustle and bustle,

Find a quiet and elegant situation,

Being alone,

A book, a piece of song, a line of small characters, poetry rhyme.

In the cozy, a pond of water, a lotus, Zen also.


▇ ▇ ▅ ▂ ▇ ▇ ▅ ▃ ▃ ▃

Cao Jun, a well -known artist in the United States, is currently co -chairman of the Academic Committee of the Museum of Art Museum in New York. He is also a visiting professor at the School of Arts of Nanjing, Renmin University of China, and Communication University of China. He has held a exhibition at the McMallen Museum of McMalon, the Chinese Art Museum, and Boston Academy in New Zealand’s Bruce Mason Art Center. His works have been invited to participate in the Louvre of the Louvre, France, the New York Armal Studius 94 Pier New York and other international art exhibitions, and was collected by dozens of art museums and museums such as the Rockefeller family. More than ten monographs on publishing arts are built with the "Cao Jun Art Museum". His artistic achievements have been reported by CCTV and "People’s Daily".

Cao Jun’s "New Song -style Chinese Painting" was included in the textbooks of higher arts academic research by many countries such as China, the United States, Austria and other countries, and was used as an academic research object.


▇ ▇ ▅ ▂ ▇ ▇ ▅ ▃ ▃ ▃

Lu Cheng, host of Shanghai Radio and Television Program, Editorial of National First -level Literature, Winners of the National Broadcasting Host Gold Merroscopy, President of the Shanghai Recitation Association, Vice President of the Shanghai Language Workers Association, and a member of the Shanghai Workers Association.

Cao Jun’s works appreciation

Light -luminous wings


Kamiya Baji



Small to suck the charm


New poem in the sleeve


(Watch horizontal screen)

Autumn water


In the river




Producer, total producer

Shi Yanqi

General consultant

Feng Yuan

General planning

Mao Shi’an

Art consultant in this episode

Cao Jun Lu Cheng

Title of "Poetic Love"

Wu Qianyu

Legal adviser

Zhao Jingguo




Yuan Bing Yang Qi

Color adjustment


Piece Ending

Tao Hong


Xiao Yi


Chen Xuan




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At present, it has successfully implemented the Shanghai Center of China Digital TV Chinese Studies Channel and Shanghai Center. With the joint creation of "National Cultivation", "The Moon of the Sea", "Fall in the North Bund" with the Propaganda Department of the Hongkou District Committee of the Communist Party of China, integrate it, the exhibition, the exhibition, and the cultural and creative. New style of cultural fusion.

On December 24, 2018, the first "National Academic Rhymes" Haipai Painting and Painting Master’s Academic Invitational Exhibition was held

On December 31, 2019, the first "Ocean Birth Moon" National Oil Painting Master’s Academic Invitational Exhibition was held

Life aesthetics and aesthetic application forums on January 18, 2020

On April 20, 2020, the "Covenant of the Hong Confucianism" was held in the north and south flowers and bird paintings of the north and south of the country

In November 2020, he participated in the 3rd Yangtze River Delta International Cultural Fair and held the exhibition "flowing art". The integration of art and technology

From December 2020 to July 2021, "Fall in Love with the North Bund" master sketching and creative exhibition activities

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