A 19-year-old female security guard died on New Year’s Eve in a mourning hall at the gate of the bathroom family property.

Photo of the 19-year-old deceased A Ying before her death. Our reporter Zhu Danyang photo

  19-year-old female security guard died in the bathroom on New Year’s Eve. 

  (Reporter/Guo Xiaoge) "She was only 19 years old. She just came out to work and died inexplicably!" The family of the deceased is telling. Yesterday, in Yucui Garden, Longdong, Tianhe District, Guangzhou, because A Ying, a female security guard in the community, died unexpectedly while taking a bath on New Year’s Eve, her family set up a mourning hall at the gate of the property to discuss with the property company.

  Yesterday afternoon, at the gate of Yucui Garden, the coffin of the deceased was placed in the middle of the road, and pieces of paper money were flying in the wind on the road. In order to prevent accidents, the security officer separated the family members from the community passage.

  According to the introduction of the deceased’s sister, at 9 o’clock on New Year’s Eve, A Ying and other employees of the company ate the New Year’s Eve, then returned to the dormitory not far from Yucui Garden and chatted with a male colleague in the living room until 10: 05. Cell phone records show that at 10: 20 pm, no one answered her phone.

  At about 12 o’clock in the evening, another colleague in the same room returned to the dormitory, heard the sound of water in the bathroom, went back to the bedroom, changed his clothes and waited for a bath. Unexpectedly, after a while, no one came out. She patted the door, didn’t respond, and immediately realized that something was wrong. "They hurriedly knocked down the door, and Ingrid was lying on the ground. When the 120 ambulance arrived, she was already dead. " A Ying’s family shed tears as they spoke.

  According to family members, the deceased did not have any wounds. After forensic identification, homicide and suicide have been ruled out. The most likely thing is gas poisoning while taking a bath. "But if it is poisoning, why did her nostrils and mouth bleed when she went to the hospital morgue to see her sister the next day? The property company has not said anything until now. " Ying’s brother said.

  According to a person in charge of the property company, A Ying came to work in the company in August last year, mainly responsible for the maintenance of public security in the community. After the incident, the company informed the family of the deceased at the first time. "We proposed an autopsy, but the family members don’t agree now; Later, it was proposed to deal with it through normal legal procedures, and they did not agree. We have to invite the local judicial authorities to coordinate the handling. " The person in charge said helplessly.

  "The family members have been here for three days in a row, and they are not making trouble. They just scatter paper money and burn incense in the community, and the security of the community is also restrained. There is no conflict between the two sides." According to the residents of the community, yesterday morning, the family members suddenly carried the coffin to the door of the community, and the mother of the deceased climbed an 18-storey building in an attempt to die. At present, the two sides are further negotiating.

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It is a textbook answer! In the future, the new energy vehicle replacement mode is clearly encouraged by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

Cctv newsRecently, at the press conference on the development of industrial communication industry in the first half of the year held by the State Council Office, Xin Guobin, Vice Minister of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, gave a detailed introduction to the characteristics of new energy vehicles’ power exchange mode when answering a reporter’s question, which was clear in organization and could be called a textbook answer.

He believes that charging and changing electricity are both ways to supplement the energy of electric vehicles, each with its own advantages, its own application fields and consumer groups. At present, although new energy vehicles have made great progress, they are still in the early stage of industrial development. The technical route and business model are still being explored and changed. He suggested that everyone should support the innovative development of new technologies, new formats and new models, encourage enterprises to develop new charging and power exchange technologies, and explore the application of the mode of separation of vehicles and electricity to meet the needs of different markets.

Compared with the charging methods that you know more about, the power exchange mode also has its own characteristics. Xin Guobin can be summarized as follows.

First, the separation of vehicles and electricity can greatly reduce the cost of consumers buying cars.Now it is generally felt that new energy vehicles are relatively expensive, although the state has a subsidy policy. Moreover, the subsidy policy of this country has made it clear that the slope retreat will be completed by the end of this year. Due to the impact of the epidemic, it is decided to postpone the progress of slope retreat, and it can be extended for another period. Therefore, the separation of vehicle and electricity can greatly reduce the cost of car purchase for consumers.

Second, it can increase the convenience for consumers to travel.The time for changing batteries is even shorter than that for adding a tank of oil. Relevant comparisons show that, for example, if the power station is changed now, it takes less than 3 minutes for the car to drive in and out, and it takes 5 minutes or 8 minutes to add a tank of oil. Therefore, changing electricity is actually very convenient as long as you get used to it.

Third, the centralized monitoring, maintenance and management of batteries by battery operating companies is conducive to prolonging the life of power batteries and improving the safety of batteries.Consumers buy new energy vehicles, and many people just drive them, so the care, attention and maintenance of the vehicles are not so timely. In fact, the battery is also a very fragile component. In addition to the battery monomer, there is also the management problem of the battery pack, which requires high technical requirements and needs to be maintained and tested in time during use. Otherwise, there is a great risk during charging and one hour after charging. Once the thermal control and management are not good, deflagration may occur. Even with this problem, the spontaneous combustion rate of new energy vehicles is lower than that of traditional vehicles. Centralized management by battery operating companies can improve the safety of batteries. In fact, it is very important to change the concept. It is natural and normal for traditional cars to go to gas stations to refuel, so it should be possible for new energy vehicles and electric vehicles to change batteries and rent electricity.

The fourth is to use the difference between peak and valley electricity prices to reduce the charging cost.At present, new energy vehicles are often driven home to charge at night and charged at peak hours, so the price of electricity will be relatively high. If a battery operation company manages batteries, it can fully use the peak-valley preferential electricity price to charge, which can reduce the cost of renting batteries.

Fifth, we can consider how much electricity to rent that day according to the daily mileage.At present, the basic driving range of new energy electric vehicles is 400 kilometers, and a set of batteries in a car is six or seven hundred kilograms, which accounts for a high proportion of vehicle weight. In fact, most people don’t travel more than 50 kilometers a day. Imagine that if you want to run 50 kilometers today, you can rent 50 kilometers of batteries instead of carrying 400 kilometers of batteries, so the weight of the car will be greatly reduced and the power consumption will be greatly reduced. For the whole society, if everyone does this, it will be a great savings. If you are worried about how to rent 50 kilometers of electricity, as a battery operating company, you can do it if you want 50 kilometers and allocate 70 kilometers of electricity just in case there is a little problem.

There’s another way,It can solve the problem of difficult construction of charging piles in old communities.Now, there is still a concern for people to buy new energy vehicles. They live in an old community and need to build a charging pile. The voltage load in this community is not enough, so they can’t install it. When the charging pile company wants to install in this community, it encounters some problems, such as insufficient power load. Who will expand the capacity? Who will pay for the expansion? Therefore, it brings a series of problems. The construction of charging piles in old communities is a social problem and difficult to handle. Therefore, if the power exchange mode is adopted, this problem can be effectively solved.

Sixth, the power exchange model can also give birth to some new service formats.Nowadays, express delivery is very convenient. You can get to your side in 10 minutes by making a phone call. If the industry adopts the mode of changing electricity, engages in a tram and swims in the street, whoever proposes to change electricity must ensure that it will arrive within 10 minutes. In fact, there is no technical problem. This may give birth to some new service models.

Of course, there are still many problems to be solved to promote this power exchange mode. For example, the overall design of the vehicle, the battery box should be standardized and unified, there should be national standards, and the battery should also be standardized, whether it is soft or hard, square or cylindrical, the specifications should be standardized. In addition, the plug-in of batteries should also be standardized, which still needs further exploration.

However, from a technical point of view, there should be no major problems. Therefore, in the next step, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology will continue to vigorously promote the construction of this charging and replacing infrastructure with relevant departments, further improve relevant technical standards and management policies, and encourage enterprises to develop battery replacement models according to usage scenarios. It will also support pilot projects in places like Beijing and Hainan to promote the high-quality development of new energy vehicles.

In this regard, some places are still moving faster, such as Beijing, where enterprises are ready to push this mode of power exchange. In some fields, such as buses in public transportation, some electric buses adopt the mode of changing electricity. In the field of taxis, some have adopted the electricity-changing mode. For example, after the taxis in Beijing adopted the electricity-changing mode, the order-taking rate increased by more than 30%, the driving mileage increased by nearly 30%, and the personal income of taxi drivers also increased by more than 30%.This is a very beneficial model for all parties.

In the next step, relevant departments will actively promote it. Xin Guobin also put forward an initiative. Welcome everyone to publicize these new things and new formats, give them more encouragement and support, let them mature at an early date, and make more contributions to the green development of the whole society.

The world’s largest rugby match wants to take a stake in the world’s largest sports TV station to send these signals.

  The relationship between sports events and broadcasters is changing.

  On January 18th, a number of American sports people revealed to the media that the NFL (National Football League) is considering a minority investment in ESPN (Entertainment and Sports Television Network).

  If NFL finally shares in ESPN, it will be an important change for ESPN in media copyright negotiation.

  In the past, broadcasters generally obtained media rights directly through purchase. Now, perhaps in order to reduce the purchase cost, ESPN is acquiring the rights of NFL events at a lower price through a new form of minority equity swap.

  Many people in the industry regard it as a sign that broadcasters have made concessions and that competitors have gained more say in media copyright. At least in the pricing negotiation of the next copyright cycle, the league parties with platform copyright will have more chips in their hands.

  Traditional sports broadcasters have indeed gradually declined in recent years.

  back onThe company’s ESPN is the largest cable TV sports channel in the world. Since its launch in 1979, it has held the resources of top-level sports events such as NFL and NBA for a long time, and can provide sports news content and sports broadcast for the audience 24 hours a day.

  However, in the last decade, traditional sports TV has been severely impacted by short videos and social media platforms.

  (Source: Interface News/Fan Jianlei)

  According to the "2023 Sports Fans Insight Report" released by Deloitte, 90% of Z-generation viewers prefer to watch sports events by using short videos and social media. Due to the fragmentation of life time, these young viewers did not watch live TV or online games for a long time, but chose to watch wonderful highlights after the game, interviews with athletes and social media dynamics of athletes and events.

  The reduction of audience means the reduction of ratings, which will directly affect the advertising investment of broadcasters.

  The financial report of ESPN’s parent company in fiscal year 2023 shows that in fiscal year 2023, its revenue was 88.898 billion US dollars (equivalent to 643.8 billion yuan), a year-on-year increase of 7%. butIt dropped by 25% year-on-year to $2.354 billion, and its profitability dropped significantly. In terms of sectors, the revenue of sports business was $17.111 billion, which was lower than that of entertainment and experience, while the operating profit also fell by 9% to $2.465 billion.

  In July, 2023, in order to control the cost, ESPN laid off nearly 20 TV commentators, including Jeff Van Gundy, the basketball anchor who worked for many years and the team coach when Yao Ming played for the Rockets. Now, ESPN has played the abacus of "reducing the cost" in media copyright.

  It is worth mentioning that the NBA is also watching this high-level negotiation between NFL and ESPN. ESPN has also thrown an olive branch of shareholding cooperation to this top basketball league.

  According to NBA’s plan, the next media copyright sales period will begin in 2025, and NBA hopes that the new sales cycle will earn 75 billion US dollars. Adam Xiao Hua, president of NBA, has repeatedly revealed that in order to achieve this goal, besides traditional TV broadcasters, the league is also considering cooperation with streaming media platforms and social media platforms. Public information shows that Google,andAnd other technology giants are in the bidding team of NBA streaming media copyright.

  In Chinese mainland, the copyright of NBA belongs to Tencent. duplexFor a period of five years (2020 -2025), Tencent pays 1.5 billion US dollars (about 9 billion yuan) to the NBA every year. This price is three times higher than that of the last contract.

  This price has obviously brought a lot of pressure to Tencent Sports. The main source of income for sports event broadcasting comes from the to B (enterprise-oriented) game advertisements. However, Tencent’s media advertising revenue in 2021 was only 13.3 billion yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 7%. At the same time, Tencent Sports also lost a large number of paying users due to the suspension of events affected by the epidemic.

  Under this pressure, since 2020, Tencent Sports has successively transferred NBA and MLB businesses to Tencent Video. Many business groups of Tencent Sports were also abolished in July 2022, and most of the employees were optimized. Only the business groups with liquidity such as sports copyright operation group, sports brokerage group and live event group were still retained.

  Like Tencent, the other two giants in the "Ai Youteng" combinationAnd Youku are also cautious about the layout of sports copyright in the past two years.

  Youku, who is backed by Ali, used 1 billion yuan to win 2018.Unfortunately, the effect is not satisfactory:In the third quarter of 2018, the financial report showed that the loss of Alibaba Entertainment, where Youku Video is located, reached 4.805 billion yuan, and the reason for the loss was precisely the investment in original content production and the purchase of copyright. At present, the most important copyright in Youku’s hands is badminton-related World Badminton Federation Tour and World Championships.

  Then we joined hands with Xinying to set up Xinai Sports, and chose football, the most secure of the three big balls. Xin Ai has successively held the copyrights of top European football matches such as Premier League, La Liga, Serie A and Champions League. In terms of new investment, Xinai has only invested more in sports where high-net-worth people such as golf and tennis gather in the past two years.

Amazing appearance! The fashion personality of beautiful women has caused heated controversy.

When she walked into the room, the whole atmosphere changed. Her appearance, like a breeze, blew away all the troubles and anxieties.

Every inch of her skin, every hair, is shining with charming light, which makes people irresistible. The fashion personality of beautiful women has aroused heated controversy.

Some people say that she is a representative of fashion, some people say that she is a symbol of personality, and some people say that she is the embodiment of beauty. But in any case, her appearance is absolutely amazing.

She wore a tight black dress, which set off her perfect figure. Wearing a red belt around her waist just highlights her figure.

Her feet are on a pair of high heels, and she walks gracefully and confidently. Her hair naturally hangs over her shoulders, slightly curly, and people can’t help but want to reach out and touch it.

But what is even more amazing is her personality. She is not the kind of person who blindly pursues fashion, but has her own style and thinking.

She wore a thick chain around her neck and a silver cross hung on it. This kind of collocation is both fashionable and full of personality.

When she entered the room, everyone was attracted by her charm. Some people began to guess her identity, and some people began to guess her purpose.

However, no matter who she is, her appearance has made this room unique. This is the story of the hot controversy caused by the fashion personality of beautiful women.

Her appearance, like a lightning strike, is unforgettable. Her personality and fashion have made people re-examine their own clothes. I hope we can all express our personality bravely and create our own fashion like her.

This is a fashion design guide.

Do you know anything about fashion?

Article source: SODO
Author: SODO
Editor: Yan Sheng

With the improvement of people’s living standards in China and the promotion of social environment, people’s ideas pay more and more attention to dressing up and how to define "beauty". Many domestic brands also realize the importance of international integration and embark on the internationalization route. More radical design concepts have contributed to the rapid development of many domestic brands in first-tier cities.

In the past two years, international brands founded by Chinese people such as Shushutong and fengchenwang have entered people’s field of vision, and fashion designer niche clothing brands have mushroomed in Shanghai, Guangzhou and Beijing Fashion Week. The development of fashion clothing in China has also exploded with great potential, so it can be said that the employment prospects are still very impressive. The vigorous development of these brands on the international stage not only indicates that "China local design" is being accepted by people, but also broadens the employment route for fashion graduates.

What can our fashionable graduates do besides men’s design, women’s design, luggage design, underwear design, haute couture, functional costume design and so on?

Fashion brand PR: If you like socializing, you want to expand your circle and improve your social circle.

(Kang IELTS in the famous Hong Kong drama "Jewellery", wandering in the upper class) To solve all the needs of customers and brands, fashion public relations is very different from public relations in other industries, bearing more communication tasks, public opinion monitoring and crisis management, especially involving major public opinion crises (such as D&G, accidents/star accidents).

Fashion PR basically has an internal media database for each team, which records the media people’s information of national media fashion pages/channels in detail. Brand publishing depends entirely on this contact form and daily media relations, which involves adding a list of stylists and brokers when borrowing clothes. The media need to know who cares what and how far it can operate. The daily dynamics of the brand, or other information that requires formal public relations manuscripts, are generally output through this channel.

Clothes, shoes and bags all belong to the management of sample clothes. Based on the needs of brand communication and media topic selection, clothes will run back and forth between the agency brand and the media. The agency needs to record the fitting time, publication time, exposure type, who to wear it for, and when to send it back … and so on (well, it’s super trivial, and there are surprises in the trivial, For example, sand, dead branches, necklaces of other non-service brands in Africa have been found in the returned bags, and they have been sent wrongly, lost or destroyed …) There are also long-term brand communication needs that pr needs to undertake, such as quarterly kol cooperation in Weibo, notes on Little Red Books and so on.

Required abilities: EQ, resilience, and crisis management awareness.

Brand visual merchandising: According to the brand positioning and the demand point of publicity, plan and formulate a detailed shooting plan, then start to form a team, and finally the visual output is simply preparation-shooting-output. Although the intermediate process is complicated, it is the only way for a brand visual merchandising, and it is interlocking, and each step can reflect the professionalism of the service process.

According to different display methods, we seek the strong exposure of brand positioning, stimulate consumers’ resonance and influence consumers’ purchase decisions through the scene atmosphere. Sometimes, it is not the product itself that affects consumers’ purchase, but a large part of the decision-making factors are reflected in advertising marketing. Through interesting story lines/excellent visual output, consumers can have a feeling of longing for their hearts, which can be conveyed to people’s hearts through vision, thus promoting consumption.

This job requires creative ability, but also has a strong ability to control the consumer psychology.

Brand image management: A good "brand image management" actually works in any period and in the hearts of any consumer. The quality of brand image management directly determines whether consumers will pay for brand products and spend them for a long time. Promote the core values of the brand. It is equivalent to establishing a brand through the maintenance of the activity image. The value of brand image management is embodied in these dimensions:

1. Prevention of sudden crisis events and prevention in advance.

2. Make use of effective high exposure to increase consumers’ search index and attention to the brand, as well as brand cultural identity.

3. Continuously increase the freshness and reputation of the brand through regular and different forms of activity planning.

In order to enhance the reputation of the brand in the eyes of users, brand image management is a necessary link, and its real value is far greater than the brand’s response to "emergencies" (pr). Nowadays, the role of brand image is increasingly obvious. A good brand image is the cornerstone of brand development. How to plan brand image management in advance is the key point that fashion brands need to consider.

Ability: information sensitivity of fashion industry, financial data management and control ability, and event planning ability.

Personal stylist: Stylist is a service industry with high technical content, that is to say, it needs high technical level and service consciousness. Secondly, it needs extensive and comprehensive knowledge, and many abilities such as cultural accomplishment, aesthetic level, appreciation ability, communication ability and activity ability should be integrated.

Stylists are different from makeup artists. Makeup artists are good at face care, but now people’s living standards have improved, especially many people, both men and women, pay attention to their external image after work and social life, so makeup artists who can only make up gradually fail to meet their needs, so stylists have emerged. Monica Rose, the stylist of Gigi Hadid, Kendall and Kylie, seems to know how to shape a celebrity beyond life besides collocation skills.

Before her, the stylist was an unknown behind-the-scenes hero, and after her, the stylist became a business partner that the star was willing to show off. At the same time, she is undoubtedly good at self-marketing. After getting to know Kardashian, she started a blog to record the change of Kardashian’s style and share her styling tips with readers.

Required ability: Stylist can control the personal "personal design" style and body image of users (stars, supermodels and actors) through his own understanding of basic knowledge such as clothing collocation, makeup modeling and color principle (facial makeup, hair design, clothing collocation and even nail art) and the analysis of fashion system/fashion brand trend, in addition to his professional and technical level, he also needs to have strong service awareness and communication.

Analysis of the shipment volume, market size and market competition pattern of China smart speaker industry in 2022 [Figure]

Analysis of industrial chain, market demand potential and enterprise layout of domestic smart speaker industry in 2022 [Figure]

Smart speaker, the product of a speaker upgrade, is a tool for home consumers to surf the Internet by voice, such as ordering songs, shopping online, or knowing the weather forecast. It can also control smart home devices, such as opening curtains, setting the refrigerator temperature, warming up the water heater in advance, etc.

Basic functions of intelligent speakers

Source: Collation of Common Research Network.

Intelligent speaker industry chain includes traditional acoustic-related OEM/ODM suppliers, chip suppliers, voice technology service providers, content providers and channels.

Intelligent speaker industry chain

Source: Collation of Common Research Network.

In 2019, China’s smart speaker market experienced explosive development, with the shipment of smart speakers reaching 45.89 million units, up by 109.7% year-on-year. In 2020, affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, the sales volume of smart speakers reached 36.76 million units, with a cumulative decrease of 8.6%. In 2021, the market shipment of smart speakers contracted by 2.50% year-on-year, dropping slightly to 35.841 million units.

2018-2021 China Smart Speaker Market Shipment Trend

Source: Collation of Common Research Network.

In 2021, China’s smart speaker market was 7.885 billion yuan, up by 14.99% year-on-year. With the continuous integration and improvement of intelligent speaker artificial intelligence technology, the potential of smart speaker consumption market in China will be released in the future, and the industry is expected to usher in rapid growth.

2018-2021 China Smart Speaker Market Scale Trend

Source: Collation of Common Research Network.

At present, the main functions of smart speakers in China are voice interaction, content service and home control. Voice interaction is a voice interaction technology based on voice recognition and semantic understanding, which provides a more natural man-machine interaction mode. Content service and life service are streaming media resources such as high-quality music and audiobooks, and third-party service resources such as take-out and taxi service. Home control is connected to the cloud through networking, becoming a home control center and interconnected with other smart home products. With the development of voice interaction technology, smart speaker products can not only provide content entertainment services and life services, but also connect to smart homes, realize scene intelligent control, and become the control center of smart homes. In the future, the Internet of Things will take voice as its population, resulting in a new business model.

Domestic layout smart speaker manufacturers can be divided into five categories.

Source: Collation of Common Research Network.

What is the market prospect of smart speaker industry? The 2023-2029 China Smart Speaker Market Survey and Investment Strategy Report published by Gongwang has analyzed in detail the relevant definitions of smart speaker industry, the global smart speaker industry market development status, the development environment of smart speaker industry in China, the operation of smart speaker industry in China, the monitoring of the operation data of smart speaker industry in China, the market structure of smart speaker in China, the demand characteristics and trends of smart speaker industry in China, China smart speaker industry regional market situation, China smart speaker industry competition, China smart speaker industry development prospect analysis and forecast, China smart speaker industry development strategy and investment suggestions, etc., to help enterprises and investors understand the smart speaker industry market investment value. If you want to have a systematic understanding of the smart speaker industry or invest in the smart speaker industry, this report is your indispensable and important tool.

[Poetic and painting] column: "Su Xin Yan" was officially broadcast

The column of "Poetry and Painting" originated from the sudden outbreak in March 2022. It aims to use the power of art to inspire people’s hearts. I look forward to the success of early resistance and the beautiful scenery of the chest. The aesthetic mood of music to express people’s longing for a better life and pay tribute to classics.

[Poetry and painting] column: "Su Xin Yan" was officially broadcast by the column of this episode by the American artist Cao Jun and the chairman of the Shanghai Recitation Association Lu Chenglie, so stay tuned. Essence Essence

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[Poetic and painting] column: "Su Xin Yan" was officially broadcast

(Watch horizontally)




Cao Jun painting · Poetry / Lu Cheng recitation

The heart is eight, not climbing;

Watching Liuhe, endless.

Zi Jiu Youyun,

Poetry should be lonely, painting should be quiet.

I send a bird in the soil and soil,

Look up to see the sentient beings,

Low eyebrows.

The so -called Zen,

It is the realm of quietness and net.

How many mixed life,

A few hustle and bustle,

Find a quiet and elegant situation,

Being alone,

A book, a piece of song, a line of small characters, poetry rhyme.

In the cozy, a pond of water, a lotus, Zen also.


▇ ▇ ▅ ▂ ▇ ▇ ▅ ▃ ▃ ▃

Cao Jun, a well -known artist in the United States, is currently co -chairman of the Academic Committee of the Museum of Art Museum in New York. He is also a visiting professor at the School of Arts of Nanjing, Renmin University of China, and Communication University of China. He has held a exhibition at the McMallen Museum of McMalon, the Chinese Art Museum, and Boston Academy in New Zealand’s Bruce Mason Art Center. His works have been invited to participate in the Louvre of the Louvre, France, the New York Armal Studius 94 Pier New York and other international art exhibitions, and was collected by dozens of art museums and museums such as the Rockefeller family. More than ten monographs on publishing arts are built with the "Cao Jun Art Museum". His artistic achievements have been reported by CCTV and "People’s Daily".

Cao Jun’s "New Song -style Chinese Painting" was included in the textbooks of higher arts academic research by many countries such as China, the United States, Austria and other countries, and was used as an academic research object.


▇ ▇ ▅ ▂ ▇ ▇ ▅ ▃ ▃ ▃

Lu Cheng, host of Shanghai Radio and Television Program, Editorial of National First -level Literature, Winners of the National Broadcasting Host Gold Merroscopy, President of the Shanghai Recitation Association, Vice President of the Shanghai Language Workers Association, and a member of the Shanghai Workers Association.

Cao Jun’s works appreciation

Light -luminous wings


Kamiya Baji



Small to suck the charm


New poem in the sleeve


(Watch horizontal screen)

Autumn water


In the river




Producer, total producer

Shi Yanqi

General consultant

Feng Yuan

General planning

Mao Shi’an

Art consultant in this episode

Cao Jun Lu Cheng

Title of "Poetic Love"

Wu Qianyu

Legal adviser

Zhao Jingguo




Yuan Bing Yang Qi

Color adjustment


Piece Ending

Tao Hong


Xiao Yi


Chen Xuan




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China Television Cultural Tourism Art Research Institute

Joint camera

Shanghai Shahu Media Co., Ltd.


China Television Cultural Tourism Research Institute

China Television Travel Poetry Research Institute

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China Television Travel Literature and Art Research Institute

Zhongyang Cultural Communication (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

Shanghai, China

China Television Travel

Relying on the Central Digital TV Channel, China Television Cultural Tourism brand is based on the inheritance and dissemination of Chinese classic culture. It will integrate the central -level media platforms to combine the advantages of new media to create a cultural communication platform of media, culture, art, and tourism. It involves media operations, art research institutes, publishing, cultural exchanges, art exhibitions, art auctions, cultural tourism, literary evening party building, art and technology, art and finance, and art cross -border brand building.

At present, it has successfully implemented the Shanghai Center of China Digital TV Chinese Studies Channel and Shanghai Center. With the joint creation of "National Cultivation", "The Moon of the Sea", "Fall in the North Bund" with the Propaganda Department of the Hongkou District Committee of the Communist Party of China, integrate it, the exhibition, the exhibition, and the cultural and creative. New style of cultural fusion.

On December 24, 2018, the first "National Academic Rhymes" Haipai Painting and Painting Master’s Academic Invitational Exhibition was held

On December 31, 2019, the first "Ocean Birth Moon" National Oil Painting Master’s Academic Invitational Exhibition was held

Life aesthetics and aesthetic application forums on January 18, 2020

On April 20, 2020, the "Covenant of the Hong Confucianism" was held in the north and south flowers and bird paintings of the north and south of the country

In November 2020, he participated in the 3rd Yangtze River Delta International Cultural Fair and held the exhibition "flowing art". The integration of art and technology

From December 2020 to July 2021, "Fall in Love with the North Bund" master sketching and creative exhibition activities

On June 17, 2021, the second "National Cultivation Art Rhyme" TOP special exhibition was held

On July 1, 2021, the "traceability is true, value consensus" encrypted digital art round table forum

In November 2021, the second "Falling in Fall in Beibu" national oil painting master sketching and creative activities

Features in the form of exhibitions and columns, explore the new forms of offline physical exhibitions and online television and network synchronous exhibitions, and strive to exhibit works from all -round three -dimensional presentation from visual impact, emotional driving, and in -depth analysis.

In 2018, China Television Cultural Tourism Art Research Institute has been established. The Academy and Food and Culture Research Institute takes artistic research, art education, and artistic creation as the development pattern, integrating expert resources and academic research.