This week, the wonderful movie channel 6.19-6.25 premiered many new films at home and abroad.

Special feature of 1905 film network This week (June 19-June 25), the movie channel will present a number of new films premiered at home and abroad, whether it is national style or foreign blockbusters. If you miss the cinema schedule, come here and refresh your film list!

Key Tip: The movie "Team America" premiered at 13:11 this Saturday afternoon, and we will see you there!

This is a very realistic children’s film about ethnic minorities. Director Jianghan often sees children playing football in the streets and lanes when he is collecting wind in the northwest. Their smiles and longings written on their faces make people moved. So the director decided to make a film about them, football and dreams, and it was born.

From the perspective of 11-year-old boy Oman, the whole film tells a story of bravely chasing dreams. Striving for the ideal is human instinct, and it is this instinct that makes human beings create miracles.

Wonderful film review:The child’s dream is exciting, and the silhouette of father and son is touching. There is love in your heart and light in your eyes. Bless all your childhood. — — Douban film review Xiaoming

In the film, he played the tender and tough guy — — Stone. He is honest and skillful, but he has no understanding of love. He has been repaired by a strong girl many times and suffered from "torture". After the thirty-six tricks of love were staged in turn, all kinds of routines made the stone hard to parry, and this informal love The Secret Behind gradually surfaced. What should their stories do … …

Wonderful film review:The director did not stick to the single pattern of love movies, but broke through the conventional setting and integrated into the multi-level reflection on social reality. — — 1905 movie network

"Genius Girl", starring "Team America" Chris Evans and the talented girl, has a very delicate performance, and the interaction between the little girl and the team before is also very loving.

My uncle Franco hopes that Mary, a talented girl who has been different since childhood, can live a normal life, while Mary’s mother wants her to go another way, so they have to go to court for custody. This film is led by gifted children and leads us to rethink family and affection.

Wonderful film review:"Team America" Evans abandoned the label of "hero" for the ordinary dream of "genius girl" and turned into a warm-hearted uncle with stubble all over his face, and even tried to fight for a free, innocent, simple and happy childhood life for the little girl at the expense of the court. — — 1905 movie network

She has a heroic spirit, full of strength, rebellious and uncompromising strength. She is a strong woman with ideals, unyielding and tough. She is the surprise captain Carol, who is known as the strongest heroine of the "Reunion". Radiating all over, she has great strength and super-fast speed, and is an indispensable main force in the team. And what is her fascinating growth path? The film will gradually uncover the truth of the past for us.

Wonderful film review:I like Captain Surprise, and I feel that Larson’s version of Captain Surprise is by far the most powerful female super English. This is the "surprise team" in my mind. — — Douban Film Review Jigglypuff Peach

This is a film that is particularly in line with the overall style of the work. Billy, a former policeman and now a private detective, in this broken city full of all kinds of violations, injuries and injustices, the only thing he wants to do is to atone for his past mistakes and seek compensation and comfort. Billy took revenge on the most powerful people in this city with his strong ability and tenacity of never giving up until he reached his goal, forcing them to confront each other head-on and walk into extreme despair.

Wonderful film review:Each of allen hughes’s films puts the characters in the first place, and explores the possible struggles and dynamic relationships when he is in an impossible desperate situation. — — 1905 movie network

Focus on the "pollution trap" of gymnasiums: low standard fitness or getting hurt.

  "Practice three or nine in winter and three volts in summer." With the popularity of indoor gymnasiums, weather changes can no longer stop people’s enthusiasm for sports. In winter, when the cold wind is howling outside, many people will choose to exercise indoors in a relatively warm place. However, when you are sweating in the gym, have you ever thought that the surrounding environment may be unhealthy? In fact, there are all kinds of pollution in the gym. If you don’t pay attention, fitness will become harmful.

  If the ventilation is not good and the disinfection is not timely, fitness may become harmful.

  "I often come here, and it takes at least an hour every time I count running and practicing equipment." In an underground gym in Chaoyang District, Beijing, Xiao Yang, who works in a financial institution, just finished exercising. "Especially in winter, it is cold and foggy outside, and the indoor fitness is warm and clean."

  There are not a few people who have the same idea as Xiao Yang. The gym is indeed warmer than outdoor, but is it really "cleaner" than outdoor? Experts pointed out that there are actually many hidden "pollution traps" in the gym. If you don’t pay attention, fitness may become harmful.

  First of all, the newly opened gym may have decoration pollution problems. Indoor decoration materials, sports equipment, yoga mats and other fitness products are made of various materials, each of which may become a source of pollution.

  Secondly, the location of many gyms "underground" itself is a hidden danger. "The ventilation environment of the underground building structure is relatively closed, and people’s breathing volume increases during fitness, which is 1-mdash of daily activities; 2 times, the concentration of carbon dioxide in the air will rise. " Guangsheng Song, director of the National Indoor Interior Environment and Environmental Protection Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, said that radon pollution still exists underground. Radon is a gas, which comes from soil. The more underground space there is, the more radon there is. If it is not ventilated in time, radon will stay in the underground water and air, and excessive inhalation will be harmful to lung health. "Even in the above-ground fitness venues, due to the high indoor population density, special attention should be paid to supplementing fresh air." Zhao Bin, a professor at the Department of Architectural Technology, School of Architecture, Tsinghua University, said.

  "The gym is like going to jiaozi for a long time, a ‘ Spinning bike ’ There are countless people using it at the end of the day, and the handle of the car is sweaty, which makes people feel really uncomfortable. " Xiao Yang’s worry is not unreasonable. Experts say that people sweating a lot in the gym will increase the possibility of bacterial reproduction, and epidemic bacteria will spread with sweat and breathing.

  In addition to the problem of going to the gym itself, the influence of the outdoor environment can not be underestimated. If the gym is not equipped with an air purifier, or the purification device in the fresh air system is not turned on in time and the pipes are not cleaned frequently, outdoor air pollution such as smog will "penetrate" into the room, affecting human health.

  The diving venue of Rio Olympic Games turned green inexplicably, and urea in many swimming pools in Beijing exceeded the standard. In our life, is it safe for swimmers to come into contact with the water when they jump in by the pool? In this regard, Guangsheng Song said that if the swimming pool is built underground or semi-underground, radon may exceed the standard. Due to the swimming pool to ensure a certain temperature, poor ventilation will lead to an increase in air humidity, which will cause health burden to people with respiratory diseases. Disinfection is not timely or excessive, which will affect the water quality. "When swimming, human skin and mucous membranes are exposed, and disinfection is unqualified, which is easy to cause cross infection." Huang Peng, an associate professor in the Department of Sports Rehabilitation of Beijing Sport University, suggested this.

  The environmental quality of gymnasiums needs to be paid attention to urgently because of the low standard and weak supervision.

  As early as 2005, the Beijing Municipal Sports Bureau issued the "Beijing Gymnasium Safety Management Code", requiring that "the fresh air volume of gymnasiums with mechanical ventilation devices should not be less than 20 cubic meters/person/hour; The environmental noise inside and outside the gym should meet the national standard requirements; The fitness equipment of the operating gym should be disinfected every two hours, not less than 4 times a day, and so on.

  Such a specific specification seems to let everyone see that the fitness environment is guaranteed, but experts and practitioners disagree. "In fact, this standard is not harsh, but it should be stricter." Zhang Yinping, director of Tsinghua University Building Environment Testing Center, explained that the indoor fresh air volume of ordinary office buildings in China is 30 cubic meters/person/hour, and 20 cubic meters/person/hour is not a high standard. "People have a strong metabolism during exercise, and the demand for fresh air is greater than usual. 20 is the demand under ideal indoor conditions. Once there are more indoor air pollutants or a large population density in a certain space, this standard will be low. "

  Mr. Qian, the person in charge of an underground gym in Dongcheng District, Beijing, said that although he was aware of this specification, it was difficult to meet all the standards in actual operation. "on the one hand, it is limited by cost, and it is impossible to disinfect the equipment once every two hours. On the other hand, we don’t have professional testing equipment. Although we keep ventilation every day, we don’t know whether the fresh air volume is higher than 20 cubic meters/person/hour, let alone ‘ The noise shall meet the requirements of the national standard ’ What exactly does it mean? " He revealed that although there are norms, no one has ever checked them.

  "After SARS, China required relevant public places to clean the central ventilation and air conditioning system regularly, but only a few people really did." Zhao Bin told reporters that indoor and outdoor environmental pollution is different in performance — — Sewage discharge has polluted rivers and poisoned fish and shrimp, which can be seen in a short time. However, the impact of indoor environment on human health is not obvious in the short term, which is difficult to quantify, but the long-term cumulative impact is considerable. Therefore, everyone must enhance their awareness of maintaining the indoor environment.

  Compared with other factors, the indoor fitness environment is difficult to guarantee, and the most important thing is that the lack of supervision leads to the ineffective implementation of the norms. The publishers and supervisors of the regulations make the indoor fitness environment almost a gray area of supervision. "The current technical means can completely realize the real-time monitoring of various indicators of the indoor environment. A corresponding information disclosure system should be introduced, and third-party testing should be enabled, so that qualified laboratories can supervise gymnasiums and report data at any time to help the government supervise. " Guangsheng Song said that the standardized management of gymnasiums is a comprehensive issue, which needs the linkage of all departments. Public health supervision departments and other relevant responsible units should strengthen cooperation to monitor and guide the environment of gymnasiums.

  Try to go to the underground fitness places as little as possible. Operators should improve the indoor environment and be responsible for customers.

  Since the gym is not necessarily "healthy", what should we pay attention to when exercising indoors?

  Pan Xiaochuan, a professor in the Department of Occupational Hygiene and Environmental Hygiene of Peking University College of Public Health, said that poor ventilation may lead to a relatively insufficient indoor oxygen supply, which will increase the burden on the human respiratory system. Long-term exercise in a very stuffy environment, especially for middle-aged and elderly exercisers who like treadmills, is at risk of cardiovascular diseases induced by short-term hypoxia. Guangsheng Song said that when choosing a gym, consumers must pay attention to the indoor environment, such as good ventilation, equipment without peculiar smell, and go to underground places as little as possible. When the weather is fine, do more outdoor sports.

  Zhao Bin reminded that even if there is no decoration pollution in the gym, only high carbon dioxide concentration will cause the so-called sick building syndrome (SBS), and exercise in such an environment will have a negative effect. "For example, people who stay in a confined space for a long time will feel chest tightness and headache, which is the reaction of inhaling excessive carbon dioxide. China requires that the indoor carbon dioxide concentration should not exceed 800PPM. In underground densely populated spaces, the concentration of carbon dioxide is easily exceeded. "

  However, how can we know whether the carbon dioxide concentration in the gym is too high? "The human body itself is like a sensor. If you have symptoms such as dizziness, headache, general weakness and abnormal redness of your cheeks during exercise, you must be vigilant and go to a well-ventilated place to relieve it as soon as possible." Zhao Bin said, "In addition, gym operators should have a sense of responsibility, measure the concentration of carbon dioxide regularly, and increase the supply of fresh air once it exceeds the standard. In areas with high smog such as Beijing, the installed fresh air system should be specially filtered. "

  Huang Peng pointed out that the gym is a commercial organization, and it is understandable to seek profits. At present, the more large chain venues with more consumers, the more attention will be paid to reducing environmental pollution and improving safety measures. Therefore, consumers should try to choose a larger fitness venue. "Fitness, health is in the first place. Operators should realize that the gym is not about the size of the area or the number of equipment, but the good environment is the key. "

  In view of the operator’s "limited cost", Zhang Yinping said that in the long run, the gym’s investment in environmental protection will not increase the cost, but will save money for the gym. "Take the heat recovery system in the fresh air system as an example. Because of the heat recovery device, a part of the discharged hot and humid air will heat the incoming cold and dry air, which not only improves the air quality, but also saves electricity."

  It is gratifying that more and more operators have realized the importance of a good environment. Chen Bowen, who runs a gym in Fengtai District, Beijing, recently purchased a batch of air purifiers for the gym. "Customers are very happy. Everyone saw our responsible attitude towards indoor environment and consumer health and introduced their friends here. Recently, people who come to exercise have also increased. " Chen Bowen said with a smile.

The study found that women are so powerful in these aspects.


Recent studies have found that women show unique characteristics and advantages in various fields. Here are some findings about women:

1. In the workplace, female leaders are more empathetic and better at listening and communicating. A study found that the team of female leaders has stronger cohesion and higher trust among employees in times of crisis [1].


2. Psychologically, women are better at dealing with complex emotions. It is found that women are more sensitive than men in recognizing facial expressions, voices and body language, which gives them an advantage in dealing with interpersonal relationships and conflicts [2].


3. In the field of education, women usually excel men in reading, writing and oral expression. A study of students all over the world shows that in reading comprehension, writing and speaking tests, the average score of women is about 10% higher than that of men [3].

4. In terms of health, women’s immune system performs better in some aspects. Studies have found that women have advantages in coping with viral infections and autoimmune diseases, which may be related to the role of estrogen and other hormones [4].


In family life, women play an important role in taking care of children and family. A study found that the mother’s companionship and care during the child’s growth has a positive impact on the child’s cognitive, emotional and social development [5].

These findings reveal the advantages of women in different fields and provide a basis for improving women’s status and participation in all levels of society.

Foreign media commented on the 25 most popular sports in the world, and badminton ranked only 16th?

To rank the popularity of any sports, we must first determine the ranking criteria. According to the following 13 factors, a foreign sports media selected the 25 most popular sports in the world, while badminton ranked only 16th.

Selection criteria:

1. The number and scale of the global audience;

2. TV ratings;

3. The scale of global professional leagues;

4. TV broadcasting rights;

5. Commercial endorsement and sponsorship;

6. Average salary of top league stars;

7. Number of countries participating in the campaign;

8. Number of social media;

9. Make headlines on the Internet, TV and other media;

10. Annual relevance;

11. Regional advantages;

12. Gender equality;

13. Ordinary people all over the world can play.

TOP1: Football

Football has more than 4 billion fans around the world, which is by far the most popular sport in the world. The World Cup is the most iconic event in this sport. It is not only the most concerned event, but also one of the highest paid competitions in all sports in the world. Football is a very easy sport. Almost everyone in the world has played football in his life.

The English Premier League is the most concerned professional league in the world. It is broadcast in 212 regions around the world, with more than 5 billion viewers watching the live broadcast every season. Sky TV and BT Sports Channel paid a total of 5.136 billion pounds for the broadcasting rights of the Premier League in the 2016-2019 season! And superstar Ronaldo has more than 150 million fans on social networking sites. Real Madrid and Barcelona are the most watched teams on all social media, and each team has more than 100 million fans around the world.

TOP2: Basketball

Basketball has more than 1 billion fans worldwide, and NBA is very popular in the United States, bringing in more than $4.75 billion in revenue every year. At present, basketball ranks second in the global professional leagues, and quite a few countries have held basketball leagues. Spanish, Greek, Italian, French, China and other countries are holding professional basketball leagues, which makes basketball the fastest growing sport. The average annual salary of NBA stars is about $4.4 million, which is the second highest average salary in all leagues in the world.

TOP3: cricket

Cricket has nearly 2 billion fans worldwide and is one of the most popular sports in England, India, Pakistan, Australia, New Zealand and other countries. Cricket League is the third most watched game in the world, second only to football World Cup and rugby World Cup.

TOP4: Tennis

Unlike football, basketball and cricket, which require the participation of many people, tennis is the most popular individual sport in the world, with more than 1 billion fans. The most concerned games are the four Grand Slam events held every year in Australia, France, Wimbledon and the United States.

At the same time, tennis is also the highest prize in all individual sports. There are huge prizes in all four Grand Slams, and the prize money in men’s singles and women’s singles is the highest in all individual sports. In Grand Slam-level events, players earn 200,000 RMB even for a round of tour.

TOP5: Track and Field

Track and field is one of the most influential sports in the world so far, and it is also the most concerned event in the Olympic Games. Most countries in the world will participate in the Olympic track and field events. In the 2012 London Olympic Games, Bolt’s defending tour in the men’s 100-meter final was the most watched event in the history of the Olympic Games, with more than 1 billion viewers worldwide.

TOP6: football

Rugby is popular in Britain, America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan and other countries. Originated in rugby, England in 1823, it was originally named Rugby Football, or rugby for short. France has the largest rugby league in the world, and most of the high-income stars come from French clubs.

In 2015, more than 2.47 million tickets were sold for the Rugby World Cup, among which 480,000 fans came from overseas.

TOP7: World Formula One Championship

F1 is the highest level racing competition in the world today. It is also called "the three major sports events in the world" together with the Olympic Games and the World Cup, with an annual audience rating of 60 billion people.

First of all, F1 is the top race in motor racing. The overall arrangement of the whole year, the race organization of each race, the team work, TV broadcast and other aspects are in good order. This is also the result of continuous improvement since it was held in 1950. It takes 5 to 6 minutes to change one tire from the very beginning, and it only takes about 2 seconds to change four tires now. F1 race can be said to be a collection of high technology, team spirit, wisdom and courage of drivers. It is said that F1 earns between $1.5 billion and $2 billion a year, and Hamilton earns about $40 million a year, making him the highest-paid athlete in F1 at present.

TOP8: Boxing

In this sports list, boxing is as global as tennis and track and field, and boxing is also one of the most popular sports during the Olympic Games. Boxing is a minority in China, but it is absolutely popular in Europe and America.

In the century war between Pacquiao and Mayweather in 2015, Mayweather received an appearance fee of $180 million after playing for 36 minutes, which is equivalent to the sum of the annual income of Cristiano Ronaldo, Messi and Woods. Pacquiao is also full of pots, and the appearance fee of $120 million is equivalent to $3.33 million in one minute. As the most expensive game in boxing history, the official ticket price is $1,500-$7,500, which is still in short supply.

TOP9: ice hockey

Ice hockey is the largest winter sport in the world, and it is very popular in Russia, the United States, Denmark, Sweden and other countries. The North American Professional Ice Hockey League (NHL) is one of the largest professional sports leagues in the world, with an annual income of more than 4.1 billion US dollars, which is equivalent to the NFL, Premier League and NBA as the top five professional leagues in the world.

TOP10: volleyball

Volleyball is very popular in developing countries, such as China, Brazil, Turkey and South Korea. The volleyball court is simple in equipment and the rules of the game are easy to master. It can not only compete and train on the court, but also exercise in the general open space. The amount of exercise can be large or small, which is suitable for people of different ages, sexes, physiques and training levels.

Guarding Shanghai

On April 19, a courier rider was delivered to Jiujiang Road, Bund Street. Two buss had just pulled away a close contact with a group of new crown pneumonians from here and sent them to Hangzhou, Zhejiang. China Youth Daily · reporter Li Qiang/Photo

On April 14, a "head" of the community group purchase of community group purchases was inspecting the group purchase list, which was in front of her soybean products. China Youth Daily · reporter Li Qiang/Photo

Photography report | | Li Qiang

This spring, because of the new crown pneumonia, "Magic Capital" Shanghai encountered some problems. For a modern metropolis, in the face of stores and pharmacies, it is difficult to solve the problem of 25 million people to eat and see a doctor in the face of the closing of stores and pharmacies. Conservation has become a big thing.
A citizen living in Yangpu District, Shanghai said that she set up three different platforms to grab the food alarm clock every day: at 12 o’clock in the night, grabbing Sam or US cuisine, at 6 am, and 8 o’clock in the Hema. Nevertheless, she was always "not snatched." The daily greetings of people’s daily greetings are, "Today, have you grabbed the dishes?" The young people who were accustomed to shopping online were tossed online and tossed, and those who had not learned to use smartphones could only be Waiting for assistance.
At the press conference on April 16, Liu Min, deputy director of the Shanghai Municipal Commercial Committee, said that for some time, the problem of difficulty in shopping on online shopping in Shanghai was mainly because many takeaway riders were sealed in the community. Temporarily closed due to the requirements of epidemic prevention, which allows e -commerce to protect the supply ability. In addition, due to the upgrading of the epidemic situation in some places, the land transportation and logistics in some areas are not good, and some living and production materials are blocked on the road, which also affects Shanghai’s confession.
In order to send materials to the people, a company guaranteed enterprises to transfer 160 experienced and professional employees to support warehouse operations from Wuhan, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Beijing, Kunming and other places. In this warehouse for enterprises, the reporter saw a truck sending vegetables. The packant was packed into a box after disinfection of vegetables and transferred to the delivery staff. There are many people who have been temporarily changed to join the delivery team. Some of them were online car drivers, some were driving a photography studio, and some people just came to Shanghai from Inner Mongolia to find a job, but happened to encounter the epidemic.
The rider who was trapped in the community also came out to solve the problem of "last mile". Although they were informed that they could not go back after being out of the community, they still chose to go to the streets to deliver life and medical supplies for citizens. The rider who could not solve the problem of accommodation had to sleep on the street at night. Now on the empty streets of Shanghai, they are the busiest people. They buy fruits, vegetables, meat, and medicines, take pets for pets, and then distribute them in time. On the street electric vehicles, various living materials bags are often hung.

On the evening of April 9th, there were many riders who were waiting to buy goods in Huangpu District, Huangpu District, Shanghai. When a citizen passed by, he looked down curiously. China Youth Daily · reporter Li Qiang/Photo

On the evening of April 9, a fruit shop opened the door for a half -door business. Many riders were waiting to pick up the order to buy fruit, drinks, and eggs for customers. China Youth Daily · reporter Li Qiang/Photo

On April 12, two takeaway riders were resting on the street. They came from Baotou (left) in Inner Mongolia (left) and Kashgar (right) in Xinjiang. In the early days of the epidemic, they were sealed at home. On April 7, they went out of the rented community to deliver takeaway to deliver life and medical supplies for citizens. Since the community no longer allows to enter, they have to temporarily live on the street. China Youth Daily · reporter Li Qiang/Photo

On April 19, a rider walked out of the street’s residence. After going out, because the community was not allowed to enter again, many riders who had nowhere to stay had to choose to temporarily live on the street. The rider used a cloth to separate a piece of space in front of a snack bar. China Youth Daily · reporter Li Qiang/Photo

On April 12, Huangpu District, Shanghai, was divided into Yuyuan Street, which was divided into a preventive area. A business shop counter was filled with medicine waiting for delivery. China Youth Daily · reporter Li Qiang/Photo

On April 12, Huangpu District, Shanghai, was divided into Yuyuan Street, which was divided into a preventive area. China Youth Daily · reporter Li Qiang/Photo

On April 14th, in front of Huangpu District, Shanghai, a rider received a pet medication for customers on behalf of the customer. China Youth Daily · reporter Li Qiang/Photo

On April 11, a large number of orders waiting for delivery were placed in Songjiang District, Shanghai, Shanghai, Songjiang District, Shanghai. The staff told reporters that after returning to business, the online orders quickly "exploded". Due to limited manpower, each time they dared to turn on the system for a few seconds. China Youth Daily · reporter Li Qiang/Photo

On April 17, in Qingpu District, Shanghai, a courier company’s warehouse was full of epidemic prevention supplies that were about to be sent to various communities in Shanghai. This is a group of enterprises donated 10 million yuan of epidemic prevention materials. It will be sent to nearly 200 residential (village) committees and 200,000 families in Shanghai. China Youth Daily · reporter Li Qiang/Photo

On April 10, Pudong New District, Shanghai, a warehouse in Shanghai’s supply enterprise was stored in government group purchases, and was ready to send it. The guarantee enterprises have dispatched 160 experienced logistics professional employees to support Shanghai from Wuhan, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Beijing, Chengdu, Kunming and other places to support Shanghai, so that the warehouse matching system can continue to operate. China Youth Daily · reporter Li Qiang/Photo

On April 10th, a truck was provided in the warehouse of the enterprise in Pudong New District, Shanghai, and a truck was sent to vegetables, including radishes and cabbage. When unloading, each bag of vegetables need to be disinfected. China Youth Daily · reporter Li Qiang/Photo

On April 10, in the Pudong New District of Shanghai, a provider was inside the enterprise warehouse, and a distributor dragged the packed living materials outside the door to prepare to load the car. China Youth Daily · reporter Li Qiang/Photo

On April 10, the Pudong New District of Shanghai, a certain guarantee in the enterprise warehouse, the delivery staff were resting. Many of these distributors are temporarily changed. They originally came from all walks of life. Some people were previously online car drivers. Some people drove a photography studio. Some people just came to Shanghai from Inner Mongolia to find a job. China Youth Daily · reporter Li Qiang/Photo

On April 19, a rider was driving near the street near the Bund. Not far away is the Oriental Pearl TV Tower, which has been suspended.

On April 19, a rider in Huangpu District, Shanghai was driving on the South Suzhou Road. The Daba chrysanthemum beside the Suzhou River was flourishing, but there were few pedestrians on the road. Occasionally someone walked the dogs, and some people who couldn’t get out of the door leaned against the window. China Youth Daily · reporter Li Qiang/Photo

Residents are actively helping themselves in places where the outside world guarantees cannot be reached.
Community group purchases have become an important way for self -rescue of civilians. In many communities in Shanghai, "egg group", "vegetable group", "fruit group" and "milk group" appeared. In a hotel in Minhang District, Chinese and foreign lives are "head" to help everyone buy different materials. The "head of the group" sought their own supply channels and delivery riders. When people grabbing food on the Internet failed, they could always try to get the goods.
In the mutual aid group of Caojiaxiang District, Putuo District, the "Easy Protective" that disappeared from modern daily life became a normal state. Someone took out coffee and wine and replaced vegetables and eggs. In the corridor of the community, people can often see the goods packed with various bags in front of a house. After a hungry resident for many days in the group for help, other residents and volunteers of Lou Dong sent food spontaneously.
At night, some small shops on the street will quietly open the rolling door. The citizens nearby take the time to do nucleic acid testing and go to the temporary grocery store to supplement their living materials. After the riders learned that there was a good news of a fruit shop, they rushed to the shop waiting for the list to buy fruit for customers. Other shops choose to close the door. After the citizen is paid online and down, the rider will be available to the store to pick up the goods.
Some people even start buying vegetables seeds online, planting vegetables on the balcony, or digging wild vegetables on the community. An Anhui person who is a driver in Shanghai all year round becomes a community volunteer. Every day, in addition to the medical staff who sent the medical staff of the Anhui medical team to and from the nuclear acid sampling point, he will also give the extra box lunch to the rental house, and then Fellows who can’t buy life materials. Wanderers on the street can occasionally eat their extra box lunch.

On the evening of April 9th, a grocery store opened the store to provide living materials to guarantee living materials for nearby citizens. A citizen was buying drinks and wine in the store. China Youth Daily · reporter Li Qiang/Photo

On April 12, in Xuhui District, Shanghai, in a community belonging to the seal -and -control area, residents took the car to the living materials storage point to pick up materials. China Youth Daily · reporter Li Qiang/Photo

On April 12, a elderly person went to Yifeng Da Pharmacy in Yuyuan Street to buy medicines. China Youth Daily · reporter Li Qiang/Photo

On April 12, a citizen in Huangpu District, Shanghai, walked out of the house to buy fruits. China Youth Daily · reporter Li Qiang/Photo

On April 11, the takeaway transfer point in front of a supermarket door in Songjiang District, Shanghai. China Youth Daily · reporter Li Qiang/Photo

On April 14, a community volunteer in the fourth grade of elementary school in Shanghai was instructed by an unmanned delivery vehicle to park medicine. In this community, 4 unmanned delivery vehicles solve the problem of the last 100 meters of residents’ living materials. China Youth Daily · reporter Li Qiang/Photo

On April 14th, a bicycle in Shanghai Pudong New Area, a bicycle was carrying the purchased hoe and other living materials in a closed management community. China Youth Daily · reporter Li Qiang/Photo

At the same time, Shanghai is also trying to restore capacity to promote commercial node outlets such as Datang and front warehouses in e -commerce platforms. On April 16, the press conference of the Shanghai New Crown Pneumonia’s Epidemium Prevention and Control revealed that the Shanghai e -commerce platform has been restored to 42 business. 779 are restored before the immune -related warehouse, and the number of takeaway rides is more than 18,000. The daily delivery single volume is about 1.8 million orders.
On April 20, some media learned from the Shanghai Municipal Commercial Commission that "Shanghai Vegetable Insurance Supply of the Wholesale Business Transfer Station" was established in the Jiangqiao wholesale market, encouraging and supporting vegetable wholesale operation enterprises and operating households across the country to actively organize the supply of supply, through Jiangqiao The transit station is transferred to the Jiangqiao wholesale market transaction and continues to supply the Shanghai market. The long -lasting war of this confession is gradually getting out of the predicament under the investment of officials and folk forces.