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  Desai Siwei recently released its 2023 annual report. In 2023, the company achieved an operating income of 21.908 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 46.71%, a net profit of 1.547 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 30.57%, and a net profit of 1.467 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 41.47%.
  Intelligent cockpit and intelligent driving with two-wheel drive, single Q4 gross profit margin was repaired from the previous month.
  On the revenue side, thanks to the two-wheel drive of intelligent cockpit and intelligent driving business, the company achieved revenue of 21.908 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 46.71%. Among them, 1) the intelligent cockpit business realized revenue of 15.8 billion yuan, up 34% year-on-year, higher than the industry level. We believe that the continuous high growth of cockpit business is mainly due to the volume of new products such as domain controllers and the expansion of overseas customers. 2) The smart driving business realized a revenue of 4.5 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 74%, mainly due to the large-scale volume of high-end smart driving.
  On the profit side, the company realized a net profit of 1.547 billion yuan, up 30.57% year-on-year, slightly lower than the growth rate of the income side, mainly due to the downstream price pressure transmission and the low gross profit margin (16.2%) of the smart driving business. However, in Q4 alone, the company’s gross profit margin was 21.54%, an increase of 2.83pcts from the previous month, showing an obvious recovery trend. In addition, the scale effect of the company began to appear. Specifically, the company’s management/sales/R&D expense ratio in 2023 was 2.3%/1.4%/9.1%, respectively, which was 0.3pcts/0.2pcts/1.8pcts lower than that in the same period of last year, indicating that the company has passed this expansion stage and started to enter the harvest period.
  The annualized sales of new project orders totaled over 24.5 billion, and the smart driving business ushered in an overseas breakthrough.
  According to the annual report, in 2023, the annual sales of new project orders exceeded 24.5 billion yuan, of which the annual sales orders of new cockpit projects exceeded 15 billion yuan, and new products such as the fourth generation cockpit, HUD and LCD instruments were all designated by the project; The intelligent driving business exceeds 8 billion yuan, and the high-end intelligent driving platform has won new project orders from more than ten car companies, such as Ideality, Guangzhou Automobile Ai ‘an, Geely, Great Wall, Lotus, and Extreme Krypton, which is a strong guarantee for sustained growth in the next year. In addition, the company’s overseas business is progressing smoothly, with revenue of 1.64 billion yuan in 2023, up 48.1% year-on-year, higher than the overall level. It is worth noting that in addition to the cockpit business continuing to receive new orders, the company also obtained the smart driving business project designation of overseas core customers for the first time, and the smart driving business ushered in overseas breakthroughs, and the growth space was further opened.
  Risk warning: 1) The risk that the smart car market will not develop as expected; 2) The risk that the supply chain repair is less than expected due to the intensification of the epidemic; 3) The risk of increasing upstream chip shortage; 4) The risk that the company’s intelligent driving business is not progressing as expected; 5) Risk of intensified market competition.

How to break through the original martial arts drama? | Online Roundtable No.27

Martial arts drama has ushered in a small climax.

I don’t know about the chivalrous detective, the heavy fire on the moon, the one-inch lovesickness in a juvenile tour, and the first night of dusk. The last time the martial arts drama was actively discussed by the audience was the remake of The Legend of the Condor Heroes in 2017. Since then, the voice of "the martial arts is dead" has been higher and higher.

After a lapse of three years, the martial arts drama not only did not die, but even broke through the curse of "only classic remakes have sound volume". Several IP adaptations and original martial arts dramas emerged in succession, which also made the frozen martial arts drama market a little more warm. The IP adaptation has the fan base of the original work. In contrast, the original martial arts drama lacks the most primitive audience accumulation. So, how difficult is the breakthrough of the original martial arts drama? How can the chivalrous spirit be accepted by the young audience now? How can the world outlook of martial arts dramas be detailed?

This week’s online round table,Yuli studioXiaoyu, the editor of TV series, Doby, who has read a lot of films, and Shunfenger, a martial arts fan, were invited. These three special "audiences" took the original martial arts drama "Dusk White Head" being broadcast as an example to explore the way out of the original martial arts drama.

How to break through the original martial arts drama? | Online Roundtable No.27
How to break through the original martial arts drama? | Online Roundtable No.27

Moderator: When did you pay attention to the drama "Twilight"? What was your first impression of him? From which episode did "into the pit" begin?

Small fish:After reading "Under the Golden Clothes", I paid attention to Lun Jia. After watching his drama to be broadcast, I paid attention to this "Dusk White Head". The hero and heroine are all my favorite types, and the costumes are also good. I followed it after the broadcast.

Downwind ear:I paid attention to it when it first started broadcasting, because I had a preview on Weibo before it started broadcasting. It’s really into the pit after watching the first episode, because it’s cool and not inky in rhythm. However, the editing of the previous episodes did jump a little, but the place that should be explained was fairly clear, and it was not difficult to understand because of editing problems, and the plot of the male and female protagonists was quite sweet.

Doby:I started to pay attention to the tweet "Drama Can Say", because I usually have the habit of pulling tabs. After seeing the tweet, I felt very interesting, so I went to see it. My first impression was to see the handsome Ren Guochao. About four episodes from into the pit.

How to break through the original martial arts drama? | Online Roundtable No.27

Stills of "Twilight Whitehead", Allen (Ren Guochao)

How to break through the original martial arts drama? | Online Roundtable No.27

Compere: What scenes and plays surprise you?

Doby:Many scenes were shot in real scenes. What impressed me was that when the hero and heroine met for the first time, Lin Jing saved the United States, a boat was surrounded by an umbrella, and between the green mountains and green waters, the picture was beautiful and novel, and the martial arts movements were real and not procrastinating; Lin Jing and Rong Jian met men in black at the inn, and when they were fighting with men in black, it was also interesting that they accidentally "dong". After Rong Chen knew Lin Jing’s identity, he was surrounded in the forest, and the scene of Lin Jing coming out of the crowd was unexpectedly moved.

In addition, there is the scene of the wedding of Lan Yue and Rong Jian. The heroine’s crying scene is very layered. Rong Jian, who has almost nothing, still has a strong look in her eyes and her emotions are expressed in place when she cries.

Small fish:The whole drama is quite real, especially some cliff scenes. It can be seen that the scenery is real, and the actors actually shoot on the spot, which is quite enjoyable to watch. Compared with the previous special effects operation, the picture presentation effect of this drama is really good.

Downwind ear:I prefer the scene of fighting in the rain. It’s really too quiet, the action is crisp and neat, and the splash that falls on the sword makes the atmosphere of fighting in the rain feel very good. The slow motion in the play can be said to be just right, and it won’t be considered endless slow motion. Moreover, in this scene, I also see that Lin Jinghe is completely different from others, and he is handsome.

How to break through the original martial arts drama? | Online Roundtable No.27
How to break through the original martial arts drama? | Online Roundtable No.27

"Twilight Whitehead" is a big wedding scene in the rain.

How to break through the original martial arts drama? | Online Roundtable No.27

Moderator: Lin Jing and Rong Jian were called "eight-speed love" from the beginning. How do you feel about this kind of emotional development mode in which the hero and heroine quickly enter love?

Downwind ear:It’s very cool, not procrastinating. Get to know each other quickly, have a good impression, and then like each other, giving people the feeling of straight-ball love. It seems that most of the love in martial arts is like this, and it is acceptable without any sudden feeling.

Doby:I feel very emotional. The first few episodes are super eye-catching. Others use the progress of 40-60 episodes to solve it here in 6-8 episodes. The rhythm is very fast and attractive, which is different from the rhythm of other domestic dramas.

Small fish:In fact, the first episode still feels that the pace is a little fast, which may be due to the editing, and the bedding is not done enough. Some plots seem unintelligible, and the sweetness is sweet, but it looks a little awkward. It is better for the later episodes to unfold slowly. Ren Jialun and Zhang Huiwen still have a good sense of CP.

How to break through the original martial arts drama? | Online Roundtable No.27

"Twilight Whitehead" stills, Allen, Zhang Huiwen

How to break through the original martial arts drama? | Online Roundtable No.27

Moderator: Allen plays Lin Jing and Na Lanyue with different personalities. What do you think is the difference between his performance and his previous roles?

Doby:It is the biggest difference between one person and the other.

Maybe it turns out that in the play, he only has one way of expression. When he is dull, he is very anxious and wants to confess for him. Don’t worry about it here. It’s a vigorous and icy Lan Yue when you start your career. When you are in love, it is Lin Jing who is full of love words and super sexy.

I like both roles very much. I think he can show the contrast image of the male host in different identities, and the people are full.

Small fish:The costume style is still very handsome, and the two dragons and bangs also have the style of martial arts. In the performance, one is open and the other is restrained, and the sense of contrast is not bad.

Downwind ear:This should be the most exposed role that Allen has ever played. The roles played before, such as Guangping Wang, Lu Yi, Lin Chong, are all relatively cold or decisive.

But this time, Lin Jing is very funny, informal, and sometimes even a little superficial and talkative. It is really the first time to have such a happy role, as if Guo Chao himself. It is really quite different from before, and I can’t see the shadow of my former role. In the later period, due to family changes, Nalan Yue will gradually turn from a free and easy teenager into a calm and forbearing person, which will form a huge contrast between the two personalities.

How to break through the original martial arts drama? | Online Roundtable No.27
How to break through the original martial arts drama? | Online Roundtable No.27

Ren Jialun in Dusk White First

How to break through the original martial arts drama? | Online Roundtable No.27

Moderator: What’s your impression of the role of Rong Jian? Compared with the heroine of the previous martial arts drama, what are the highlights and places worthy of improvement in her body?

obeyWind ear:At first, I felt that I was a lovely and kind girl who had never experienced evil in the Jianghu. It was probably set up by a silly and sweet person, but after reading it, I found that it was actually an anti-routine.

I think her difference is that she won’t be influenced by grudges. In the past, many women who watched martial arts dramas broke up with men because of hatred, but the tolerance was quite clear — — Grudges are grudges, love is love, not filial piety, and will not be influenced by the previous generation. And pure but not Bai Lianhua, have the heart of the guard at the same time, also have their own definition of good and evil, as long as the later people don’t collapse.

Small fish:Rong Jian’s character has a good personality, is not stupid, and is witty and correct. Hui Wen’s image is also quite consistent, which is very different from Lin Xi in nirvana in fire, and she performed that kind of strange energy.

Doby:Rong Chen has the softness of a classical woman and the toughness of a martial artist. Most of the martial arts women in my memory are Jin Yong’s department. They are rather timid. Rong Yan inherited the feeling that the martial arts women are very timid in character, but her body is weak and makes people want to protect.

The biggest bright spot is that she is very strong, but she just looks weak. She can stand up and argue with her father, prove Lin Jing’s innocence, and identify her sister who wants to harm her by the way. This is the attraction of the heroine. In the place of promotion, I selfishly hope that she can be more active. Falling in love here is still not active enough.

How to break through the original martial arts drama? | Online Roundtable No.27

Stills of Dusk Whitehead, Zhang Huiwen.

How to break through the original martial arts drama? | Online Roundtable No.27

Moderator: Apart from the protagonist, which supporting role do you think is more brilliant? Why?

Small fish:Rong rewelding, the person with a big black belly has a sense of belt.

Doby:Lin Jing’s apprentice. I think his presence is the key to Lin Jing’s pursuit of capacity.

Downwind ear:The villain in the play feels a little impressed, a bit like the setting of Tian Shan Tong Mu. One second it was cute, and the next second it was Slay, which was quite emotional.

How to break through the original martial arts drama? | Online Roundtable No.27

"Twilight Whitehead" stills, whitehairpin plays Rong Su.

How to break through the original martial arts drama? | Online Roundtable No.27

Moderator: An obvious feature of "Dusk White Head" is that every character, whether positive or negative, has his own thoughts. Some fans say that this is a "black lotus" for all employees. How do you accept such people?

Small fish:It’s very acceptable. Every character has a bright spot, and there are often reversals when watching the drama. I am glad that no character in this play is a "paper man". Even a small functional character can see his fullness.

Doby:Only when you have your own thoughts can you see something. After all, everyone has two sides. If it is absolutely black and white, the plot is very monotonous and there is nothing to see.

Downwind ear:It is acceptable and interesting. I thought this drama was just dressed in the cloak of martial arts. In fact, it was all about sweet love, but I didn’t expect it to turn out to be a werewolf. Everyone is not what it seems, but has his own other side, and feels a very different look and feel.

How to break through the original martial arts drama? | Online Roundtable No.27

Stills of Dusk Whitehead, Zhang Yanyan.

How to break through the original martial arts drama? | Online Roundtable No.27

Moderator: What is your understanding of chivalry? Which story in "Twilight" makes you feel the "chivalrous righteousness"?

Small fish:A great man is for the country and the people. What I feel most about the chivalrous spirit is watching The Condor Heroes. Yang Guo and Guo Jing have always been chivalrous and heroic models in their hearts. At present, what makes me feel chivalrous in "Dusk White Shout" is the plot of Jingyuan saving Rongchan. "You used to have Lingxu Pavilion and Longyincheng, but now there is nothing, you can only stand up on your own!" This line also contains too much emotion.

Doby:Chivalrous spirit means that brothers should do their best when they are in trouble. I don’t feel very deep now, but when Lin Jing helped Rong Yan, besides seeing the sweet pet, I could really feel the chivalrous demeanor.

Downwind ear:Perhaps influenced by watching TV when I was a child, the understanding of chivalry spirit is "helping each other when the road is rough, being loyal, and having a clear grudge" in Jin Yong’s and Gu Long’s novels and so on.

When watching "Dusk Whitehead", I will feel chivalrous and courageous in Jianghu when I see Lin Jing being hindered and insist on finding out the cause of my father’s death. When I see Lin Jing’s single-minded feelings for Rong Jian, I will also feel the affection of children in Jianghu and what is the real "clear distinction between grievances and grievances". I think it is "chivalry" and "righteousness" to be able to distinguish right from wrong.

How to break through the original martial arts drama? | Online Roundtable No.27

Stills of Dusk Whitehead, Allen.

How to break through the original martial arts drama? | Online Roundtable No.27

Compere: At present, there are very few original martial arts dramas, and it is difficult to make a circle whether it is remake or adaptation. What are the reasons for the difficulty in creating this type of martial arts drama?

Downwind ear:It is true that few people around us watch martial arts dramas now, and some people think that there is no market for martial arts dramas. Creating martial arts dramas requires beautiful martial arts movements and conveys the chivalry and morality that martial arts should have … … Nowadays, too many martial arts dramas are just dressed in the cloak of martial arts, and there is no joy and enmity in the rivers and lakes. Some seem to be just slow-motion poses, familiar Marisol routines and the like, and there is no intention to make a good martial arts drama.

The adaptation and innovation is also a very difficult problem for the martial arts drama. For example, it is not easy to innovate and adapt a story that is familiar to everyone. I think what we lack is actually a good martial arts drama. As long as there is a good original innovative freehand brushwork martial arts script, and a production team is willing to seriously shoot an orthodox martial arts drama, the audience will accept it.

Doby:For me personally, it may be because the Jin Yong series is too classic, and the classics in the 1980s and 1990s are too deep. The version in early 2000 was replayed too many times on TV, just like Princess Huanzhu, which impressed me because of too many repetitions.

Small fish:It’s hard to surpass the classics before them. After all, many martial arts works by Jin Yong and Gu Long were deeply rooted in the hearts of the people in the early years. The martial arts world and system they built were accumulated by many works. Now it is difficult to have a spark with only one or two martial arts works.

How to break through the original martial arts drama? | Online Roundtable No.27

Stills of Dusk Whitehead, Allen.

Crystal basks in the beauty of "stepping in the spring" and is full of freshness in the sea of flowers.

1905 movie network news Recently, Crystal took a group of selfies full of spring in PO, Weibo. In the photo, Crystal, dressed in a plaid coat, is in the sea of flowers, or smiles directly at the camera, or looks sideways at the sky, and the camera angle is switched at will. My young sister is more beautiful than flowers, full of freshness, and her long legs are very eye-catching.

[Reading the City] Hengdian, more than movies

Hengdian, a town under the jurisdiction of Dongyang City, Zhejiang Province.

Maybe someone will ask, where is Dongyang? Dongyang is a county-level city managed by Jinhua. Compared with Yiwu, which is also managed by Jinhua next door, Dongyang’s sense of existence is obviously almost meaningless. However, Hengdian is one of the most famous towns in China. Because Hengdian has a famous name-Hollywood, China.

As the largest real-life film and television shooting base in China, there are countless movies and TV series filmed in Hengdian. If you are an audience in idolize, you might as well check your own love of beans and see how many days your brother and sister spend in Hengdian in 365 days a year.

Relying on live shooting, the upstream and downstream of the film and television industry and derivative industries are also highly concentrated in Hengdian, which can be described as a veritable film and television town. From props to scenery, from art to lighting, from artists’ agency to cinema distribution, Hengdian is in charge of everything that is closely related to film and television, whether the final product is shown in the cinema or broadcast on TV, or even brushed in Tik Tok’s hands.

For this reason, in many people’s cognition, Hengdian is a place where stars are everywhere and crews are numerous; Every actor on the road and every director in the cafe. This idea is not particularly wrong. Take the statistics in early August this year as an example. At that time, there were 52 filming crews and 50 preparing crews in Hengdian. The huge demand for extras has spawned a unique group called "drifting" in Hengdian, claiming to have as many as 200,000 people. Hengdian, a small town, is like a giant assembly line. Employees from all aspects of the film and television industry gather here from all over the world, producing the same product day and night-film and television drama.

According to the routine, it’s time to say "but".

Film and television is undoubtedly the largest and most famous label in Hengdian, but it is far from the whole of Hengdian. Because in addition to film and television, this town also hides an industrial giant-Hengdian Group, which spans many fields, has six listed companies and has an annual revenue of more than 80 billion.

In a sense, I have read Hengdian Group and also read Hengdian.

Let’s first quote a brief introduction of official website, Hengdian Group: Hengdian Group is a diversified super-large private enterprise in China, covering the secondary and tertiary industries. Through the integration of leading manufacturing technology and information technology, a comprehensive solution integrating product research and development, production, sales and service of new materials, new energy, lighting, micro-special motors, audio, medicine, medical treatment, medical devices and green pesticides is formed.

To sum up for everyone, this fancy introduction is probably to express such a meaning: Hengdian Group is very big, and Hengdian Group does a lot of things.

In 1975, the gear of fate began to turn in Hengdian. This year, Xu Wenrong, secretary of the Party branch of Hengdian Brigade, a farmer, was ordered to take over the silk reeling factory that was on the verge of bankruptcy at that time, and the story of Xu Wenrong and Hengdian Group began. From the perspective of God, the script that Xu Wenrong got is a bit old-fashioned. Simply put, it is a story of private entrepreneurs’ entrepreneurship that has been staged countless times in the Yangtze River Delta region. The heroic man from heaven led the local people to start from scratch and drove the local industry from scratch to become bigger and stronger.

Although you can’t wait to say "I’ve seen this episode", let’s pick a few important time nodes to give a glimpse of the development of Hengdian Group.

After taking over the silk reeling factory, Xu Wenrong set up a knitting factory and a printing and dyeing factory in Hengdian, and then set up the Hengdian Textile General Factory. In 1980, Xu Wenrong sent 33 employees to study in Baoji, Shaanxi Province, and then established Dongyang Hengdian Magnetic Equipment Factory, which entered the electronic component industry. Four years later, Hengdian Industrial Corporation was formally established. By 1987, the total output value of the company had exceeded 100 million yuan, and Hengdian became the first town with 100 million yuan in central Zhejiang. Also in this year, Hengdian Industrial Corporation began to try to develop pharmaceutical intermediates.

In 1990, Hengdian established the first private enterprise group in Zhejiang, Zhejiang Hengdian Enterprise Group Company, and was reorganized into Hengdian Group in 1993. At that time, under the leadership of Xu Wenrong, the magnetic materials and biomedical industries created by Hengdian out of thin air became the two most important puzzles in the business map of Hengdian Group. Today, it is still the signature industry of Hengdian, and it also makes Hengdian like to mention the two rivers and lakes names of "World Magnetic Capital" and "Jiangnan Medicine Valley".

If we continue to follow this script, Hengdian is nothing more than a small town that makes a fortune in a ravine in central Zhejiang. However, in 1995, the wheel of fate turned again. This year, Xie Jin, a famous Chinese director, came to Hengdian, who was preparing the film "Opium War" as a tribute to the return of Hong Kong. According to Xu Wenrong’s own recollection, he didn’t know Xie Jin at that time, and he didn’t know that he was a director.

As for why director Xie Jin ran to Hengdian, it was somewhat ill and rushed to the hospital. "The Opium War" needs a scene on the streets of Guangzhou in the 19th century. Director Xie Jin searched for a shooting base in many places, but never found a suitable one. At that time, Hengdian Group was newly involved in the tourism industry, and in a short period of time, it made a lot of artificial attractions in the local area. After director Xie Jin heard about it, he wanted to try his luck here.

Although he didn’t go to the movies, Xu Wenrong saw the opportunity and took the job decisively. As a result, Hengdian Group invested and blew up a barren hillside in Hengdian in three months, and abruptly built a shooting base of "19th Century Nanyue Guangzhou Street" with 120 houses and a construction area of more than 60,000 square meters.

This big project of "making something out of nothing" has made Hengdian and the film and television industry formally attached to each other. Xie Jin’s Opium War was finished in Hengdian, and another famous director, Chen Kaige, came to the door with Jing Ke Stabbing the King of Qin. Last time Hengdian built a street for Xie Jin, this time Hengdian directly built a Qin king Palace for Chen Kaige.

Since then, a series of real-life shooting bases, such as Hong Kong Street, Ming and Qing Palace and Jiangnan Water Town, have emerged in Hengdian, and the "Hengdian Film and Television City" has gradually taken shape. In 1999, The Hollywood Report, an authoritative magazine in American film and television industry, called Hengdian "Hollywood in China" for the first time. In 2004, Hengdian was approved by the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television as the national film and television industry development base, and Zhejiang Hengdian film and television industry experimental zone was officially listed. From 1996 to 2005, Hengdian received more than 300 film and television crews and filmed tens of thousands of episodes of film and television dramas.

After reviewing the history, let’s take a look at the member enterprises of Hengdian Group now. First of all, there are six listed companies, which are Debang Lighting, Puluo Pharmaceutical, nanhua futures, Hengdian Dongci and Yingluohua Technology. Of course, there is also Hengdian film and television that makes movies.

In addition to these six listed companies, Hengdian Group also has real estate development companies, public service companies, foreign trade companies, large shopping malls, schools, kindergartens and even airports-yes, Hengdian is a town with an airport. As early as 2000, Hengdian Group Aviation Development Co., Ltd. was established, and Dongyang Hengdian General Airport was officially opened to traffic in 2018 and has been in operation since then. So theoretically, you can fly to Hengdian.

In March this year, the 2022 annual report card released by Hengdian Group showed that the group’s annual operating income was 88.626 billion yuan; The trade export volume reached 16.237 billion yuan, with a total investment of 8.628 billion yuan.

Specific to its listed companies, Hengdian Dongci and Yingluohua Technology performed the most brilliantly on the track of new energy and new materials. Among them, Hengdian Dongci achieved revenue of 19.451 billion yuan in 2022, a year-on-year increase of 54.28%. Puluo Pharmaceutical, a biomedical industry, performed equally steadily, with an annual revenue of about 10.545 billion yuan in 2022, up 17.92% year-on-year.

On the contrary, Hengdian film and television, which is well-known abroad, failed to be immune to the downward cycle of the industry. The annual revenue was 1.427 billion yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 37.51%; The net profit attributable to shareholders was negative 317 million yuan, a year-on-year plunge of 24.22%. By the end of 2022, the company’s total assets were 4.555 billion yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 16.48%.

The impact of the epidemic on China’s film and television industry is self-evident, and the life of Hengdian film and television is not easy, which is also expected. However, Hengdian did not completely lie flat in the contrarian trend, but quietly made efforts in the cinema screening business. Last year, the number of cinemas opened by Hengdian Film and Television reached 493, an increase of 37 over the same period of last year, with 247 new screens.

In July last year, Hengdian Film and Television announced that it would acquire 100% equity of Shanghai Xingyi Studios, a subsidiary of Xincheng Group, for 3 billion yuan. Although the merger failed because the two parties failed to reach an agreement, such a large transaction also shows that Hengdian Film and Television wants to expand its market share urgently.

With the overall recovery of the domestic film and television industry this year, "Hollywood in China" has also recovered to the naked eye. At the same time, this small town in the ravine will continue to make a fortune. After all, in addition to the production of fantasy dramas in which heroes fly to the ground and palace dramas in which nuns slap each other, there are also medicines, lamps, new materials and new energy sources, and by the way, futures are also drummed up.

Copywriting: in quantity

Camera: Huang Xiaozhou

Video production: in quantity

Editor-in-Chief: Kong Lingjun

Author: Liu Chang Yu Liang.

Science fiction come true? In the future, mankind will sleep in the meta-universe.

People don’t seem to care much about the future world described in the sci-fi movie The Matrix, but a recent news released on the Meta platform has made people curious about the future world. According to Forbes, a virtual community named Game Free is building a virtual world-"Metauniverse". It has been established for more than ten years, but it is relatively simple compared with the world in the Matrix. What is the magic of meta-universe? Has it become a reality now?

I. Future Society
The idea of "Metauniverse", first put forward by Meta Company, is an expression way to turn people’s vision of the future society into reality. In the setting of X-Men, Professor X has special devices and abilities in real life, and can breathe and move freely, but he can’t turn his control into a real society. The reality is not infinitely close, but gradually close to the ideal society. That is to say, the "infinite approach" pursued by the X-Men is not realistic in real life: it is impossible to turn one person into another; Unable to control human behavior; Unable to control the direction of people’s actions in reality … eventually led to the X-Men being abandoned by the world. If the X-Men movies are sorted out, it is found that the movies have a clear vision for the future society, then the meta-universe will be closer to the real state in reality: on the one hand, the meta-universe, as a virtual space, can be infinitely connected to the real world; On the other hand, Metauniverse will become the key "cornerstone" for building the infrastructure of human society … So what will human society become in the future?

Second, intelligent hardware
The universe is not only a game world, but also a technology. In MetaUniverse, through various virtual carriers such as games and videos, MetaUniverse players can be immersed in it, which is not only a space for games and entertainment, but also an interactive space for knowledge, skills and contacts. There is a kind of meta-universe in a special sense, which is a "virtual life" mode in which the virtual world and the real world merge, influence, blend, promote and expand with each other. It is a place where people can exchange and interact with each other, acquire knowledge and skills and cultivate friendship in this virtual world. For users, Metauniverse makes itself a "human" character-this is the experience they need in games and the real world. For hardware equipment manufacturers, it is the performance of the product itself besides ensuring entertainment, interaction and other functions.

Third, artificial intelligence
As the core of scientific and technological innovation, artificial intelligence will gradually get more applications in the meta-universe. With the help of human beings, artificial intelligence has developed from relying on single software and single function in the past to the present artificial intelligence. In the future, artificial intelligence will be more dependent on computing power. For example, driverless cars are an attempt to realize barrier-free travel in the meta-universe. Starting from the progress in the field of driverless cars, this paper explores the possible forms that driverless cars may appear in the meta-universe, hoping to provide more exploration space for the meta-universe. It is foreseeable that artificial intelligence will play an important role in the meta-universe in the future.

IV. Conclusion.
With the rise of meta-universe, virtual world has been given more and deeper meanings, and the application of science and technology by human beings has changed from passive acceptance to active creation. At the same time, the lifestyle and experience provided by the virtual world in the meta-universe have greatly enriched human thinking and feelings, and made people interested in a new thing. However, with the development and innovation of technology, this trend will gradually become stable. But we believe that technology is always a double-edged sword. It can bring convenience and benefits to human beings, but it may also bring harm to human beings. Like the future world described in science fiction movies, human beings are sleeping in a dormant warehouse made of machines, and their brains are linked to the meta-universe world, so they live falsely.

[Looking for coaches] How is the proportion of the correct motivation? That’s it! -The table tennis national ball exchange

Find a coach+ask the Ma Kaixuan coach to guide it to see if there is any problem with the front and back action? thanks

Coach Ma Kaixuan Answers

Boys, right -handed horizontal board, single -line exercises on the front and backhand.

1. Positive hand. The plate shape is stable, the hitting time is reasonable, and the proportion of impact and friction is quite good. The first thing that needs to be adjusted is the shape, the big arm is started, and now it is too close to the body’s torso, causing the big arm tension, and the continuous shoulders are raised.

It is best to swing with bare hands to solve it. At the same time, the front arm is opened horizontally a little more. In this way, the focus of the exchange is adjusted together. My legs, but I estimate that the distance between my feet is close. That is to say, we comprehensively govern during waving,Open your feet properly, the knee is slightly bent, and the structure will be much more reasonable.It is best to use multi -ball to adjust the action with more effort. It is not impossible to use a single ball. The requirements for the sparrows are relatively high. Of course, you can do a single ball.

2. Affairs. This video is shot well, and there are angle changes, and it will be much more comprehensive.

The child is stable and the action structure is quite stable. The proportion of playing and rubbing in the ball is quite good. This coach is a bit level, at least, it is quite satisfactory. You can stand some properly at your feet, and the sense of stability will be much better.

In addition, there is a detail that he must stand in front of him with his left foot. Sometimes he comes out of his right foot. At the same time, the left foot heel is twisted on the ground. This is not possible. Can you remind him that when hitting the backhand, the left forearm of the left arm is placed near the left waist, and the height on the table is very helpful to the body balance.

At this age, the practice of training, and the number of training hours, the ball skills will rise very fast.

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Ma Kaixuan, former Beijing team member. In 1990, he went to work in the United States and many students were selected as the U.S. National Team. Its table tennis resumes are colorful and unique and have rich teaching experience. He is currently a technical consultant of Ping Pong World Magazine and National Ball Exchange.

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