Today’s Lantern Festival, did your family eat Yuanxiao or Tangyuan?

  Today is the annual traditional festival-Lantern Festival, with the traditional custom of eating Yuanxiao in the north and glutinous rice balls in the south. In many people’s minds, many people think that Yuanxiao and Tangyuan are different names for a kind of food, which are silly and confusing. In fact, there are still some differences between Yuanxiao and Tangyuan in practice, hardness, size and taste. Do you know the difference between Yuanxiao and Tangyuan?

  Yuanxiao and Tangyuan: Different production techniques.

  Tangyuan is wrapped, while Yuanxiao is "shaken".

  North Lantern Festival, first mix the stuffing, the stuffing is hard, cut into cubes smaller than table tennis. Then put the stuffing into a dustpan, pour a proper amount of glutinous rice flour, and sprinkle water while rolling until the stuffing is covered with glutinous rice flour, and the Yuanxiao gets bigger and rounder. It’s slightly bigger than glutinous rice balls.

  Southern dumplings are made like buns. The stuffing of glutinous rice balls is soft. Put glutinous rice flour into a ball with water, pull a small ball of wet noodles by hand and squeeze it into a round shape. Pick a ball of stuffing with chopsticks and put it on the glutinous rice slice, then turn and close it with both hands. It is slightly smaller than Yuanxiao.

  Yuanxiao and Tangyuan: Different tastes.

  Yuanxiao tastes rough, and the fillings are mostly sweet, usually white sugar, sesame, rose, chocolate and other fillings. The cooking time is relatively long. After cooking, the water will be a little turbid, the glutinous rice will taste thick, the skin will be soft, and the filling will be "biting".

  Tangyuan has a soft and glutinous taste, while the stuffing is sweet and salty, with rich taste, mainly black sesame, red bean paste, fruit, vegetables, meat, etc. The cooking time is relatively short, and the soup is relatively clear after cooking, and the taste of glutinous rice is relatively light.

  Yuanxiao and Tangyuan: Different distribution areas.

  Yuanxiao is common in the north, and it can often be seen that it is sold on the street, processed on the spot, and now eaten and shaken, because Yuanxiao needs to be quickly wrapped with powder, which is relatively ready to eat, and has certain requirements on temperature. Fresh Yuanxiao can only be eaten in the north!

  In the south, dumplings are mainly used, but the temperature requirement of dumplings is not high, so prepackaged dumplings can be eaten all over the country.

  For thousands of years, Yuanxiao/Tangyuan has been an indispensable delicacy on the dining table of every household, and it is also a witness to the traditional culture of the Chinese nation. No matter how different the taste is, the same is everyone’s good wishes and expectations for reunion.

  Do you like Yuanxiao or Tangyuan?

  Yuanxiao and Tangyuan have diverse tastes.

  What wonderful fillings have you eaten?

Source: Henan Education Broadcasting

Promoting the construction of modern civilization of the Chinese nation through the exchange and mutual learning of civilizations





  Marxism scientifically expounds the connotation of the diversity of human civilization from the perspective of the dialectical relationship between productive forces and production relations, economic base and superstructure by using historical materialism. As a concept corresponding to barbarism and ignorance, civilization is the product of the development of social economy and human rationality to a certain extent. The diversity of human civilization reflects the characteristics and ways of social progress in various regions, ethnic groups and countries, and also reflects the richness and diversity of human social life. The overall content and value of world civilization are not only composed of the common values of various civilizations, but also enriched, integrated, promoted and developed by the colorful diversity of different civilizations. Human civilization is the unity of universality and diversity. Universality lies in diversity, and diversity cannot be separated from universality. Human civilization exists in diversity, develops in diversity and advances in diversity. Meng Ziyun: "The husband and things are not uniform, and the feelings of things are also; Or double, or a hundred, or ten million. " The diversity of civilization is the driving force for the progress of human civilization. It is precisely because of the diversity of civilizations that the world is full of vitality.



  There is no distinction between high and low civilization and good and bad civilization. The exchange and mutual learning of civilizations requires respect for the unique value of each civilization and the inherent relevance between civilization and a specific nation and country. Chinese civilization is the only great civilization in the world that has continued to develop in the form of a state. It emphasizes unity and concentration, and it is firmly United even if it encounters major setbacks. In the historical changes, it has formed a common belief that the country is inseparable, the country is inseparable, the nation is inseparable, and civilization is unbreakable. Chinese civilization advocates traffic harmony and opposes isolation and occlusion; Advocate symbiosis and oppose self-reliance; Advocating harmony and opposing the law of the jungle. In today’s world, these unique values of Chinese civilization are of great significance to promoting the exchange and mutual learning of civilizations and promoting the historical overall progress of human civilization.

  To build the modern civilization of the Chinese nation, we must have a comprehensive and in-depth understanding of the history of Chinese civilization. Only in this way can the creative transformation and innovative development of Chinese excellent traditional culture be promoted more effectively, and the cultural construction of Socialism with Chinese characteristics can be promoted more effectively. The Chinese civilization with a long history has nurtured the precious spiritual character of the Chinese nation and cultivated the lofty value pursuit of the people of China. Never forget history to open up the future, and be good at inheritance to be good at innovation. To build the modern civilization of the Chinese nation, we must "create our own life according to the rules of the ancients", grasp the outstanding characteristics, grasp the essence, make the past serve the present and bring forth the new.

  3. Strengthen cultural self-confidence and consolidate cultural subjectivity.

  To build the modern civilization of the Chinese nation, we need to hold an open attitude, absorb excellent foreign cultures, promote the localization of foreign cultures, and promote the exchange and integration of different civilizations; On the other hand, we should strengthen our historical confidence and cultural confidence, base ourselves on the great historical practice and contemporary practice of the Chinese nation, profoundly grasp the development law of Chinese civilization, and constantly create new glories of Socialism with Chinese characteristics culture.


  The modern civilization of the Chinese nation has turned from historical precipitation and realistic observation to future development, and innovation is the inevitable choice and the only choice. "Two combinations", especially "the second combination", is the innovative road for the development of modern civilization of the Chinese nation. "Two combinations" is innovation in itself, which opens up a broad space for theoretical and practical innovation. "The second combination" allows us to master the ideological and cultural initiative, "allowing us to make full use of the valuable resources of Chinese excellent traditional culture in a broader cultural space and explore future-oriented theoretical and institutional innovations". The modern civilization of the Chinese nation inherently contains the unity of inheritance and development. Inheritance is to continue the historical context, and development is to write the chapter of the times, which provides inexhaustible motive force for the evolution of civilization.

  It is the key to build the modern civilization of the Chinese nation, stick to the standpoint of Chinese culture and stick to the road of cultural development in Socialism with Chinese characteristics. Emphasizing the position of Chinese culture is to highlight our cultural subjectivity. Any culture must have its own subjectivity in order to stand up and go far, and to have leading, cohesive, shaping and radiating power. Cultural confidence comes from our cultural subjectivity. With cultural subjectivity, there will be a firm self in the cultural sense, a fundamental support for cultural self-confidence, and a powerful cultural force leading the times in the Communist Party of China (CPC). On this basis, we can further broaden the vision of civilization, learn from all outstanding achievements of human civilization with an open mind, and draw excellent ideological and cultural resources from the "sum of human knowledge" to innovate and develop the party’s theory, so as to form an inclusive and comprehensive theoretical pattern. Therefore, we must speed up the construction of China’s discourse system and narrative system, tell the story of China well, spread the voice of China well, show the credible, lovely and respectable image of China, show the long history and humanistic details of Chinese civilization, and urge the world to understand China, China people, the Communist Party of China (CPC) and the Chinese nation. In-depth cultural exchanges and cooperation with other countries, extensive participation in the dialogue of world civilizations, deepening exchanges and mutual learning among civilizations, and promoting Chinese culture to the world better.




Foreign tourists came to Shanghai to play, and after seeing the "financial center", DRAM: This design is strange

The old man Qiu continued to send, and Shanghai will welcome the most popular starting day! We all know that Shanghai is a very prosperous city. There are also many beautiful scenery in Shanghai. When the holiday is here, many people will go to Shanghai.

In addition to domestic tourists, Shanghai also ushered in many foreign tourists. Some foreign tourists arrive in Shanghai to play and see ShanghaiAfter the financial center, I was surprised. The design of this building is really strange.

This building surprises many foreign tourists in Shanghai Global Financial Center. I know this name knows that the building is higher. Shanghai’s global financial center is very high. Looking at many places in Shanghai, you can see the figures of this structure.

This building is high492.Instrument, all104.The floor has three floors underground. The location of this building is Pudong Century Avenue. The reason why this building surprised everyone is mainly because of its shape, especially, the roof part looks like a bottle cap with a beer.

If the distance is far away, the Shanghai Global Financial Center seems to be relatively small. At that time, I felt that I was a bottle of beer.

Because this building looks different, it is easy to notice this, so this building has also become a local iconic building. Although some people seem to understand, the building has also received various awards. It can also be seen that although the building looks a bit incredible. But there are their own unique.

This building looks like a beer bottle bottle. This design is surprised and will feel bright. This building is very good. Around the prosperity of the business, there are still many people who stand through the windows through the window. You can see that the Huangpu River is not far away. Some people think that this building is novel and shows us the charm of the building. Some people think that if the building can repair our common commercial buildings, the building area is more.

The strange shape of this architecture left a deep impression of many people. Maybe people will take photos of the Shanghai Global Financial Center after Shanghai Global Financial Center. Because this is nearby500.The rice high building is really easy to find. When you look up, I can see it. Now this building is very famous, so there are many people taking pictures as the background.

Shanghai is a very good tourist city. It is more suitable for bad tourism. This strange architectural style is only one of the many beautiful landscapes in Shanghai. The reason why Shanghai is suitable for poor tourism is because there are many attractions here that can be released to everyone freely. The quality of the scenic area is very good.