Accident! The two new naturalizations of the national football team staged a derby showdown in Europe, representing China’s debut as soon as next year.

A few days ago, in the Dutch Cup, two popular naturalized national football players, Fizezhan Tianle and Yang Rui Anshang, played an alternative derby, in which Fizezhan Tianle started and played for the team for 90 minutes. Yang Ruian only got the chance to come off the bench in the 73rd minute. Fei Cizhan-Tianle and Yang Ruian are both Chinese players. As long as they are willing to be naturalized by the China Football Association, they can play for the national football team as soon as next year.

Fei Cizhan-Tianle belongs to the excellent player who came out of Ajax youth training system. He used to be the core of the second team and often wore the captain’s armband to play. Whenever Ajax team 2 encounters a deadlock in the game, Ficzen-Tianle can stand up for the first time and put on a good show to turn the tide. Fei Cizhan-Tianle mainly plays the front waist on the court and belongs to the commander urgently needed by the national football team.

Fei Cizhan-Tianle didn’t catch up with the initial stage of the naturalization policy in China football a few years ago, so he came to play in the national football team. The main reason is that Feci Zhan-Tianle is still looking forward to his entry into the Dutch national team. However, according to his development momentum in recent seasons, it is basically impossible to knock on the door of the Orange Legion. Therefore, the most pragmatic goal of Fei Cizhan-Tianle is to play football in the national football team.

Yang Ruian is the main striker position and also has certain finishing ability. If Fei Cizhan-Tianle and Yang Ruian can be naturalized in the national football team, the hope that the national football team will hit the 2026 World Cup will be greatly increased, and both of them are willing to play in the preliminaries for China. National football fans think that if Fei Cizhan-Tianle and Yang Ruian can be naturalized smoothly, I hope they can continue to work hard in Europe instead of returning to the Super League.

Because naturalized players will only get worse and worse when they play in the Super League. Fizichan-Tianle and Yang Ruian both have the ability to play in the Dutch main force, and they can continue to play in the Dutch league. I hope these two national football favorites can become the core of the national team as soon as possible, and coach jankovic will also entrust them with important tasks. I believe that the performances of Fei Cizhan-Tianle and Yang Ruian will not disappoint the fans.

Wang Bo is desperate! After Hu Jinqiu+Sun Minghui was completely injured, Cummings was reimbursed in the first stage. How can I fight?

Cummings’ injury involved Guo Ailun? Sunspots are everywhere. We often say that it never rains but it pours. This sentence is really appropriate when applied to Guangsha. Wang Bo’s despair is also normal. Any coach would not be in a good mood. Last season’s playoffs, Hu Jinqiu and Zhao Yanhao were injured one after another. This season, Hu Jinqiu had already suffered a fracture before taking part in the official game. In the first game, Cummings, a foreign aid, also suffered a palm fracture, which was really too difficult for Guangsha team!

Liaoning played against Guangsha in CBA, and finally the Liaoning men’s basketball team won. Cummings, a new foreign aid from Zhejiang Dongyangguang, also performed very well. He played for 35 minutes, made 8 of 17 shots, made 4 of 7 3-pointers, and scored 23 points, 3 rebounds, 2 assists and 1 steal from four free throws. The data is still good. Because it’s only the first game of CBA, the MVP of this European league is still not used to it. I believe that after adjustment, it will definitely play its due level.

Two yuan generals were reimbursed at the beginning of the season, which was a big loss for Zhejiang Dongyangguang and head coach Wang Bo. One is the main inside center, and the other is the newly-joined defender’s foreign aid. The two lines have been hit hard, and I’m afraid the record of the first stage will be greatly affected.

However, don’t be too depressed, Wang Bo. Injuries are also a part of the competition. The previous Liaoning men’s basketball team has experienced it, and other teams have similar situations. I believe that with the passage of time, players will recover and the team’s situation will improve. Guangsha’s fighting capacity is not weak at present, so they can lower their posture first, and spend the difficult time steadily, especially for players like Xu Zhonghao. They should pay attention to their movements in the game, and don’t be punished for malicious foul, or even expelled from the game, which will eventually lead to attrition in non-combat, which will be even more costly. Mentality is very important. I hope Wang Bo can survive.

Finally, I want to explain that Cummings’ injury has nothing to do with Caring for Aaron. Two people are fighting for each other normally, and they don’t have much physical contact. There are some regional sprays with rhythm, which is not good.

List of Shanghai Chongming New House in 2022

[Selected Real Estate 1] Chongming Sanxiang Forest Sea Shang

Real estate review

After smoking this cigarette

Let me briefly outline the advantages of the Sanxiang Forest Haishang: dual -track, Dong Community’s commercial facilities, the entire East community environment, and the quality of Sanxiang. And Sanxiang’s construction site is the most satisfied with what I currently see.

There are buses around for easy travel.

Old driver driving school

I have been to Chongming many times, not many corners, it is still a bit far from the future subway, but it can still be accepted

[Selected Real Estate 2] Blue Lake Bay

Real estate review


There are comprehensive shopping malls nearby. Lenovo Computer Stores, Lianhua Supermarket, Jinye Supermarket, Wenfeng Supermarket, Xiufang Supermarket, eating and buying vegetables are very convenient. There are 8 units, with 66.0-118.0 square meters in different areas of different areas of different areas. Choose, take what you need.


The greening rate of the community is good, the environment is beautiful, the eyes are full of green, and the living comfort is high.

Chongming is now more and more houses. To be honest, there are a few who work in Shanghai to buy that goes.

[Selected Real Estate II

Real estate review


1. The kitchen is L -shaped and has a large space area, which is convenient for cooking food and kitchen supplies. 2. The kitchen and toilet have windows, which are convenient for oil fume and odor, and the ventilation is better. 3. The master bedroom is the suite design. In addition to the independent bathroom, there is also a test room, which is convenient for the owner’s life. The privacy is better and the living comfort is high. ; 1. The depth is unreasonable, which will cause the part to be dim and need to turn on the light during the day.

The property fee is 2.5 yuan/square meter and month, and the price is acceptable. It depends on the quality of the service. The average price is about 26647 yuan/㎡.

Little Snail Nica

It is already the existing house. It is close to the Changxing Town Government, and the surrounding foundation is OK.