Survey: Most elderly scooters come from unqualified small workshops with low security.

  Langfang, China Broadcasting Network, September 12 (Reporter Wang Yiqun Xiaoyuan) According to the Voice of China, electric vehicles are fast and cheap, and have developed rapidly in recent years, which has become the first choice for many people to travel for short distances. At present, the number of electric vehicles in China has been conservatively estimated to have exceeded 200 million, which is comparable to the number of motor vehicles in China. However, despite the huge scale of electric vehicles, the laws and regulations on electric vehicles are still quite lacking from production and sales to modification management, and the loopholes in the system can not be ignored. Starting today, we will launch a series of reports "Investigation on Illegal Production and Marketing of Electric Vehicles", focusing on the chaos of electric vehicles.

  In recent years, a vehicle named "scooter for the elderly" has been favored by more and more people because of its easy use and low price. However, this kind of car is also controversial because of its unlicensed driving, red light running, forced lane change and illegal operation. The reporter’s investigation found that most elderly scooters come from small workshops without business qualifications, and driving safety cannot be guaranteed at all.

  Dacheng County, Langfang, Hebei Province, which is less than 200 kilometers away from Beijing, is one of the largest distribution centers for electric vehicle production in the north. On the South Ring Road in Dacheng County, the radio advertisements of many brands of electric vehicle dealers are endless. An old scooter dealer, in order to promote the so-called "advanced" electric vehicles produced in other places, even took the initiative to expose the chaos of the electric vehicle industry in big cities and counties. "At present, there are many brands of electric vehicles on the market, but most of them are produced by small factories and workshops in Shandong, Henan and Hebei, with no technical content, no quality guarantee and no safety guarantee & HELIP; …”

  From Dacheng County to Fucao Village all the way west, billboards of various old scooters and road flags on roadside lampposts can be seen everywhere. Many old scooters in the shape of "Land Rover" or "BMW" are parked in front of the shops. Many of these street shops have adopted the model of "front shop and back factory". The person in charge of Jintai electric vehicle, which produces four-wheeled old scooters locally, took the reporter to the production and assembly workshop just a few hundred meters away from the exhibition store.

  The person in charge told the reporter that the biggest cost of an old scooter is mainly the shell and battery. Many illegally assembled small workshops do not have the financial strength to introduce tens of millions of yuan of stamping equipment for car shells, and it is impossible to spend hundreds of thousands to design and develop the new appearance of car shells. Generally, they buy car shell parts from Jiangsu and other places first, and then buy various spare parts locally for assembly. The assembly itself has no technical content.

  The person in charge said, "The money for driving a shell mold, like this car, is 6 million, and the shell of a mini car is 14 million. Jiangsu specializes in driving shell molds. We specialize in producing electrical components and chassis and then assembling them. "

  Parts of all kinds of electric vehicles are piled up in a factory building called Rael Electric Vehicle in Jinbao West Road, Dacheng County. Parts of the car shell, wheels, electric throttle and steering wheel that have not been welded and assembled are piled up together at random. Bundles of electric car doors are sealed with rubber strip, which is entangled with wires of various colors and covered with dust. Car shells of welded and assembled old scooters, some of which have not been painted, paint buckets and electric car windows waiting to be installed are piled up in the grass behind the factory building. The assembler stirred the gelatin in the eight-treasure porridge jar with hard paper strips. Although several electric fans in the factory kept turning, the whole "workshop" was filled with a strong pungent smell.

  Reporter: Is this a car shell to be painted?

  Worker: Spray painting. Well, it’s not completely assembled.

  Reporter: How long does it take to assemble one?

  Person in charge: It takes about 4 hours to assemble one car.

  In another small open-air workshop without any signs and qualifications, seven or eight workers are loading more than a dozen electric cars for transportation. Workers told reporters that the four-wheeled electric scooter for the elderly can go to personal tailor as long as they have an exterior map.

  At the request of the reporter, a person in charge took the reporter to test drive an old scooter that looks like QQ. The other party said that the configuration of this scooter is divided into different grades according to the price, and it can be customized according to the customer’s requirements. "The expensive one is, for example, the chassis, etc., and the expensive one is absolutely different from sitting. For example, the "Land Rover" model, the motor is 4000W, and the AC motor, controller and rear axle are different. Like this, it is a very common 1800W motor and a small wheel. "

  The reporter’s unannounced visit found that several elderly scooter manufacturers in Dacheng County illegally produced and assembled elderly scooters by means of "edge ball". Although the business scope in its business license includes the production of electric vehicles and mopeds, and some hold the Production License of Special Equipment, the concept and definition of "scooter for the elderly" have never been found in the laws and regulations of traffic management and vehicle management because there is no clear national standard at present, but it is just a commercial name. The owner of Jintai Electric Vehicle admits that because there is no unified national standard, many companies, including them, produce according to their own so-called "enterprise standards". Buying and using this kind of electric car, license plate, insurance and driver’s license are all unnecessary.

  And more small family-style workshops, even without formal industrial and commercial registration, are illegally assembled openly. It takes two or three workers to assemble an old scooter, which takes several hours to be fast and one day to be slow at most. After assembly, there is no condition for quality inspection, collision test, brake test and so on. In addition to the ubiquitous "factory shops" that produce old scooters, there are also a few small workshops that produce accessories. Motors, disc brakes, chassis, steering and anti-theft locks can basically be bought. In a store that produces and sells the "accelerator pedal" of electric vehicles, a child under the age of 20 is holding a power tool to assemble parts while watching the live game on his mobile phone. This kind of plastic electric "throttle" is very cheap, less than 10 yuan each, and the reporter can bend it with a little force in his hand. Workers say that this kind of "throttle" can do almost 1000 a day.

  The environment is bad, the procedures are incomplete, there is no standard, and the old scooter assembled by hand in a small workshop can pass the quality test? The sales of a factory store tell the truth: there are many "genuine" things in it that ordinary people don’t understand.

  The "General Technical Conditions for Electric Bicycles" clearly states that electric bicycles can only be called electric bicycles if they can be ridden by manpower and electric power is only used as an auxiliary, and the maximum speed should be no more than 20km/h and the mass of the whole vehicle should be no more than 40kg. In this way, the old scooter can’t be called an electric bicycle. The definition of a motor vehicle in the Road Traffic Safety Law is "a wheeled vehicle that is driven or towed by a power plant and travels on the road for passengers or for transporting articles and carrying out special engineering operations". Generally speaking, the so-called "scooter for the elderly" does not meet the definition of "motor vehicle".

  Moderator: Since legally, the so-called "old scooter" should be highly suspected to be a motor vehicle, then let’s imagine how many hidden dangers will be brought to the life safety of all traffic participants by thousands of motor vehicles that are fast, don’t obey the traffic regulations and have worrying quality. The key is that they don’t need to be licensed, can’t manage it at all and can’t find it. The legal and management vacuum of the "old scooter" is particularly terrible.

Gu ‘an, Hebei Province: Se-enriched cherries "grab fresh" for listing.

Nowadays, cherries in greenhouses are maturing one after another. In a greenhouse in Gu ‘an, Hebei Province, the branches of selenium-enriched cherries with crystal clear and full fruits are full of mouth watering. Citizens and tourists who come to experience the fun of picking can be seen everywhere in the greenhouse. In recent years, Gu ‘an County has given full play to its geographical advantages adjacent to Beijing and Tianjin, actively adjusted its agricultural planting structure, vigorously developed protected fruit planting, skillfully played the "wrong season listing" card, and built a characteristic fruit planting industrial base, thus embarking on a development road of "leading by science and technology, scientifically managing, standardizing production, increasing income and enriching the people".

Producer: Ma Baojun

Planning: Du Yiran

Coordinator: Zhang Qing

Director: Shen Xuanxuan

New Media Editor: Tao Lingjun Du Liwei

Source: Propaganda Department of Gu ‘an County Committee

Produced by China Xinhua News Network (CNC)


    [Content at a glance]When Yang Guang was a child, he lost his sight because of a sudden illness. However, his natural wide range and unique feeling and understanding of music made him gradually show his talent in music. Although he encountered many difficulties in life, he never gave up easily, and overcame the unimaginable difficulties with an optimistic and persevering character. Now, Yang Guang can not only stand on his own feet, but also will release his first music album.

  Moderator: Audience friends, welcome to today’s "Man and Society". Andrea bocelli, an Italian, was blinded by an accident when he was 12 years old. However, he overcame his physical defects with optimistic passion and persistence in art, and stepped into the peak of his career step by step, becoming a world-class singer who has made remarkable achievements in the fields of classical music and pop music. In today’s program, the young man we want to introduce is also very similar to the blind musician just mentioned. Although he is blind, he has a resounding name-Yang Guang.

  Commentary: This summer, for the blind singer Yang Guang, there was some desolation and some helplessness. Just two weeks ago, he left the Disabled Art Troupe and moved to a damp and dark basement. In doing so, he is waiting for an opportunity, an opportunity that he thinks is very important.

  At the same time: I was just waiting for an event, the music channel of Beijing People’s Broadcasting Station, the anniversary opening ceremony of the 974 audio-visual room. I believe that many people will know me through that event.

  Commentary: Yang Guang is full of expectations for this activity, but he doesn’t know what this activity can bring him. He just wants to change his current situation strongly. Yang Guang was blind since he was a child. He lived with his grandmother and didn’t return to his parents until he was at school. Dad bought a children’s electronic organ specially for him to pass the time at home. Unexpectedly, since then, it has opened a door to the music world for Yang Guang.

  At the same time: I didn’t expect him to listen to the radio and then follow that feeling, but he could also play a tune. At that time, it was like "Huo Yuanjia". After listening to it, he could sing along and play it. His father thought it was quite strange. Later, I also thought that since he liked it so much, he should go formal and find a teacher for him.

  Commentary: Seeing Yang Guang’s talent in music, his parents specially invited a teacher for him. From then on, he began to study piano and vocal music formally. In 1998, 19-year-old Yang Guang was admitted to the Disabled Art Troupe. He thought that he could stay here with music steadily and steadily. Unexpectedly, what he really had to face was the cold reality.

  At the same time: (at that time) I was not provided with food and clothing, and my salary was very low at that time, so I felt quite wronged at that time. The most busy time was to perform four performances a day, then leave immediately overnight and perform four performances the next day.

  Commentary: During a performance of the Art Troupe in Beijing, I occasionally heard that Yang Guang of Beijing People’s Broadcasting Station had a new song promotion activity for newcomers, and suddenly she gave up her intention.

  At the same time: (in the art troupe) I still feel that there is no development, and it is just muddling along. I don’t want to muddle along, so I will find my own new road.

  Commentary: Although the head of the troupe tried his best to retain him, Yang Guang resolutely left the disabled art troupe, which had lived for two years, and moved to the basement. However, it didn’t take long for Yang Guang’s life to be in a dilemma. How should he spend the rest of his life?

  In the same period: I just sold my mobile phone, that is, I bought a mobile phone for more than 1,000 yuan, and sold it for 700 yuan. At that time, it seemed that I sold 700 yuan (money), and then I left 500 yuan (money), took the remaining 200 yuan, and bought a broken mobile phone.

  Commentary: this 500 yuan has accompanied him through a period of financial difficulties. One day, Yang Guang found that he had only a few tens of dollars on him. At this moment, his mother, who was far away in Harbin, suddenly called and said that she would come to Beijing to see him, which made Yang Guang suddenly feel a little uneasy.

  At the same time: I think my income should be quite high among all the children of my mother’s colleagues.

  Commentary: Yang Guang always thought he was the pride of his parents. He really didn’t want his mother to see his difficult situation. That night, he completely lost sleep.

  Commentary: In 1979, Yang Guang was born in an ordinary family in Harbin. His arrival brought great joy to the whole family. However, when Yang Guang was eight months old, he was diagnosed with an incurable disease.

  At the same time: retinoblastoma, which belongs to eye cancer.

  Commentary: Parents took Yang Guang everywhere for medical treatment, but no hospital could make him see the light again. In the future, Yang Guang was destined to live in the dark, but her strong and persistent grandmother tried to let the sun shine into Yang Guang’s heart.

  At the same time: the feeling of snow, rain and water in nature, touching animals, cats, dogs and chickens, (grandma) let him feel it with his hands.

  At the same time: Grandma will take me to the road, and then tell me that you are a PLA soldier, buy me a submachine gun and tell me to rush forward.

  Commentary: In spring, he smells the brilliance and fragrance of lilacs. In summer, he hears the sunlight crawling through the window. In autumn, he tramples on the beach kissed by the waves. In winter, he goes to the pine forest to listen to the falling of snowflakes. Time flies, Yang Guang has grown up happily. He not only has a strong physique, but also has a strong and persistent personality. In recent years, he has never wanted to let his family worry about him.

  At the same time: I was asked if anyone bullied me outside, how much money I earned, and how about eating, but what I told her was definitely 80% false.

  Commentary: Now that he is in such a situation, how can he face his mother? The heavy frustration makes Yang Guang feel sad. However, in any case, his mother still has to pick up the station when she comes to Beijing. After counting his own money, Yang Guangcai finds that all his property is only 42 yuan money, and now there is no one to accompany him to travel. What should I do? When I grind my teeth, I can only take a taxi. On the way, Yang Guang has been whispering in his heart, and I don’t know if this 42 yuan money is enough for the fare to Beijing Railway Station. Fortunately, after paying the fare at the Beijing station, Yang Guang actually had 23 yuan money left. After receiving his mother, Yang Guang shared the last sum of money with his mother who didn’t know the truth.

  In the same period: there are more than 20 yuan left, and only one breakfast can be eaten.

  Commentary: Seeing her son’s calm face, the mother told the real purpose of coming to Beijing.

  At the same time: I want to see how he works in Beijing, and I just want to confirm it.

  Commentary: At this time, Yang Guangzhen wanted to tell his mother all about the current situation, but when the words came to his mouth, he held back and said something else.

  At the same time: He said that I am no longer a child, and he said that you can rest assured. At that time, I thought that he might arrange it well.

  Commentary: After breakfast, the mother was eager to see where her son lived. Yang Guang had to take her mother to the basement where she lived. As soon as she saw her son’s living environment, she understood it all at once.

  At the same time: Tears rolled around the eyes, but I didn’t fall down. I felt that the child was too strong, which moved me. I didn’t blame him. I just said that my heart was very sad, that is to say, it was so difficult for you to see, and then you didn’t worry me. I think he is becoming more and more mature.

  Commentary: At this time, it is no longer possible to hide from his mother. Yang Guang told her all her feelings and plans firmly and optimistically.

  At the same time: he said that I would venture outside, and I wanted to be with normal people. With that mentality, I said, can I do it? He said yes, you can rest assured.

  Commentary: Seeing that her son is so determined, the mother decided to stay in Beijing for a long time and take care of her son’s daily life. She gave her son most of the little money she brought with her. This time, it was the first time that Yang Guang used her mother’s money in the past 10 years.

  At the same time: since I was 16 years old, I haven’t taken the initiative to ask my mother for money.

  Commentary: With his mother’s company, Yang Guang doesn’t have to worry about his livelihood for the time being, but he can prepare for the program of Radio Beijing wholeheartedly. Soon, the radio station specially recorded a program for Yang Guang for half an hour. Although the program was very popular with the audience after it was broadcast, it did not pave the way for him to become famous overnight.

  At the same time: At that time, a lot of people knew me, but you knew that to be a culture, you had to have a lot of money first. If you wanted to be famous at that time, another thing was that you had to have a lot of connections. I was a teenager at that time.

  Commentary: Although he didn’t get the success he expected, Yang Guang made many friends because of this activity. When he needed help for his livelihood, it was his friend Xiang Yang who accompanied his family to the bar to find opportunities to sing.

  At the same time: Sometimes when it rains, he will let me wait in the car. He braved the rain, ran there to talk to others, went to the bar and talked about it, and then he came back to pick me up.

  Commentary: Yang Guang, who has always been confident in himself, has been repeatedly rejected by bar owners.

  At the same time: they think that inviting a blind singer will damage the image of my restaurant or bar, and maybe this bar doesn’t need to perform.

  Commentary: A few days later, a bar finally accepted Yang Guang. So, he began a career of singing in a bar. Although his income was not high, his life was simple and happy. One day not long after, when Yang Guang came back from a friend’s residence, he fell into extreme pain and contradiction.

  At the same time: it was an actor’s colony. They lived in a very shabby basement, with a long bobbin house and small single rooms like pigeon cages on both sides. One by one, just look at that person. Some were one or two people, and some were two or three people crowded in that big bed. There was a TV at most in the room, and the basement would give off a musty smell from time to time.

  Commentary: Seeing that there are so many healthy artists whose living environment is comparable to his own, Yang Guang was greatly touched and his heart was extremely sad. At this time, he began to learn from the bitter experience and think about his next step.

  At the same time: because there are too many singers, and no one is willing to spend a lot of money to invite a person with physical disabilities and no characteristics to perform, first of all, I have to take care of you. At least when you come on stage, you have to let others lead you up, right? He has to find a sound singer. Well, there are too many singers now, so I have to be different. I have to find a new way.

  Commentary: Where is the way? This problem has always plagued Yang Guang, but he never wanted to understand it, but an idea jumped into his mind. He should go to the outside world to have a look, and maybe there will be new gains. Pack up your bags and Yang Guang set off again.

  During the same period: I began to perform all over the country, I should say the three northeastern provinces, and I basically performed all the big night shows.

  Commentary: This time, Yang Guang cooperated with many performance units. At this time, he is no longer a teenager who wanders around the world and sings for survival. He is looking for his own way. In performances around the world, he sang freely and often won a full house of applause. However, Yang Guang thinks that these are not what he wants.

  At the same time: if you are out of town, you will run the night show again. Aren’t you still an actor? That’s a living, that can’t be called a career.

  Commentary: In his spare time, Yang Guang likes to be alone. At this time, he often recalls many past events around his grandmother and parents. It was a very happy time. After grandma and father died one after another, my mother was the only one in my hometown. When I think of my mother, the softest place in Yang Guang’s heart will always quiver gently. After so many years of traveling outside, he and his mother always gather less and leave more, but their mother’s concerns and exhortations always echo in my ears. When I thought of this, Yang Guang’s heart suddenly surged with a melody and a few lyrics. He immediately wrote down this feeling. For several days, Yang Guang was immersed in this melody. Finally, the yearning for loved ones turned into a trickle flowing on the keyboard. In a performance not long after, Yang Guang presented this song to the audience, which unexpectedly aroused the applause of the audience. After that, this song became his repertoire, and at this time, Yang Guang and his songs attracted the attention of a music producer.

  At the same time: when I knew he was blind, then he had such a good voice, such a good ear sound, such a good condition and such a happy feeling. This comprehensive thing infected me.

  Commentary: Under the planning of this music producer, Yang Guang’s song "There is someone waiting for you at home" quickly became popular on the Internet. This song is like a touchstone, which tests the charm of Yang Guang’s music.

  At the same time: it’s just a demo, a small demo (audio-visual version), but it’s incredibly popular on the Internet, so I’m more confident.

  Commentary: After that, Yang Guang’s passion for music burst forth, and he wrote a lot of songs. He finally found his own way, that is, he wrote and composed his own words, sang and played himself, and interpreted each song with true feelings.

  Commentary: Now, Yang Guang is no longer worried about his livelihood, but his life is still frugal and simple. He still lives in the basement, and uses the money saved to buy music equipment and his favorite music CDs, because there is still a bigger dream hidden in his heart.

  At the same time: I very much hope that I can become a very good cultural businessman.

  Commentary: Now Yang Guang lives with his mother most of the time. While his career and life are gradually becoming stable, her mother is getting old. Therefore, no matter what the scenery is on the road of life in the future, Yang Guang will accompany her together.

  At the same time: To tell the truth, I feel that without her, there would be no me today, so I have a grateful heart for her.

  Moderator: Your smile is no longer as wrinkled as before, and your black hair is no longer as white as before. My voice is not as hoarse as before, and my steps are not as slow as before; When you are old and your hair is white, my eyes are still on your face. When you are old and wrinkled, I will still accompany you to watch the sunset. This is a few lyrics from Yang Guangge, which we extracted. With such a moving song, we believe that Yang Guang’s future road will be covered with sunshine. Thanks for watching today’s program. Please stay tuned for "People and Society" at the same time tomorrow.

  Premiere at 18: 46 on September 11th.

  Replay at 23: 55 on September 11th and 11: 55 on September 12th.

Editor: Wang Shanshan

Chasing light | No wonder this sport can enter the Olympics.

Just this week.
The 141st Plenary Session of the International Olympic Committee
Adopted a resolution on the 2028 Los Angeles Olympic Games
Proposal to add five major items
Flag rugby was listed as an Olympic event for the first time.
Will appear in the Olympic Games in five years.
NFL (Major League Football)
Have a large number of fans around the world
In the process of popularization of this sport
Waist flag football has also been widely promoted.
Won many countries and regions around the world.
The favor of sports lovers
Unlike traditional American football,
Waist flag football takes a short time and has a fast pace.
Is a relatively safe."non-collision"sports
Easy to participate and have stronger social attributes.
There is a good participation rate in all groups.
In recent years, rugby has been heating up in China.
Various types of competitions emerge one after another.
Young people regard it as a "tidal movement"
More and more schools offer related courses.
Huamei Rugby League
It is one of the national high-level adult amateur leagues.
At present, dozens of American football teams are among them.
There are many teams that have just been established in recent years.
The participating players come from all walks of life.
Many are even at school.
Are all amateur football players.
In their spare time, they are armed to the teeth.
Practice the techniques of serving, rushing and catching in an organized way.
Very professional
"Play ball after work.
Exercise also relieves stress. "
"Football and basketball have been played by many people.
Rugby is very trendy. "
Although it is an amateur team.
But many teams have their own official accounts.
Post training and competition videos on social media.
In order to attract new players
More and more people learn about this sport through this.
And gradually spread it to more cities.
Not only in society.
Football is also popular in schools nowadays.
Hangzhou normal university rugby field
It is the venue for rugby sevens in Hangzhou Asian Games.
The school also used this venue to set up football courses.
Stimulate students’ interest in sports
At Harbin University of Commerce
With the help of the 2018 World College Football Championship,
The opportunity to hold it there
More and more people are taking part in rugby.
At Harbin Engineering University
In recent years, a number of rugby matches have been held here.
Heilongjiang Student Rugby Championship
Even attracted primary school students to participate.
Rugby has developed rapidly in the campus of Heilongjiang Province.
Many schools have organized football teams.
And put rugby in physical education class.
Harbin No.8 Middle School is in Heilongjiang Province.
The first batch of youth rugby training bases
On the physical education class here.
Students can learn the culture and rules of football.
And experience the happiness brought by football.
In order to better develop rugby.
Harbin Education Bureau once joined Harbin Institute of Teaching and Research.
Hold the city’s primary and secondary school physical education teachers’ waist flag rugby rotation training
Nowadays, the economic effects of rugby are gradually emerging.
In Shanghai, Qingdao, Nanning, Harbin and other places
Beach football, snow football and other competitions.
Attract social capital to participate.
Promote the sales of rugby-related equipment
People in the industry believe that flag football will enter the Olympics.
Will further promote the promotion of rugby.
"Tide Movement" will lift the tide again.
Reporter: Wang Junbao
Photo: Can Cao Ren Chao Li Ziheng
Editor: Wu Junkuan, Huang Xuguo

Why is love full of twists and turns? Li Junxian and Chen Xiaoyun talk about the emotional line in You Have Today.

The TV series You Have Today, directed by Chen Mingzhang and starring Chen Xingxu and Zhang Ruonan, is being broadcasted by Youku. The play revolves around the work and life love between several young lawyers. Among them, the love line between wu jun (played by Li Junxian) and Cheng Xi (played by Chen Xiaoyun) is full of twists and turns. A few days ago, Li Junxian and Chen Xiaoyun told the media that listening, understanding and companionship in love are the most important things for this couple.

Wu jun (Li Junxian) and Cheng Xi (Chen Xiaoyun).

Li Junxian: The relationship between wu jun and Cheng Xi is mutual respect.

In You Have Today, Li Junxian plays wu jun as a partner of Junheng Law Firm. He and Qian Heng (played by Chen Xingxu) are good friends and business partners with tacit cooperation. Qian Heng is responsible for solving professional problems and wu jun is responsible for expanding customers. In the play, wu jun is regarded as the "immortal boss" of the law firm, which will not only provide employees with emotional value, activate the company atmosphere, but also give generous benefits. Li Junxian admits that his life is not as lively as wu jun’s, "but I am also a Northeastern myself, and I will try my best to raise the rhythm of my acting, which will make everyone look not tired."

Wu jun, played by Li Junxian, is a partner of Junheng Law Firm.

Outside of his career, wu jun seems to be laughing and laughing, but he is emotionally obsessed with Cheng Xi (played by Chen Xiaoyun) who has recruited Cheng Yao (played by Zhang Ruonan), the younger sister of Cheng Xi, into the law firm. And wu jun’s most attractive place for Li Junxian is that this character is persistent and single-minded about love, and Wu Jun has always been filled with Cheng Xi in his heart. "wu jun’s feelings with Cheng Xi are mutual respect. See and hear each other’s true thoughts, instead of paying unilaterally, because sometimes your pay may not be what your lover needs, so I think listening, understanding and companionship are the most important. "

Chen Xiaoyun: I appreciate Cheng Xi’s self-consistency

In the play, Cheng Xi, a public interest lawyer played by Chen Xiaoyun, is in a state of "daring" whether she is married, single or in love again. When she is with her ex-husband, she is desperate and leaves when she leaves. When she is single, she has peace of mind and enjoys a single life. In Chen Xiaoyun’s view, Cheng Xi is soft on the outside and strong on the inside. "She is very sober, especially knowing when and what she wants. She wanted peace, so she rented a house in the countryside and became a public interest lawyer. She is particularly clear about her planning at each stage. "

In Chen Xiaoyun’s view, Cheng Xi is soft on the outside and strong on the inside.

In the early stage, Cheng Xi took an evasive attitude towards wu jun’s pursuit, but with wu jun’s persistent company, all ends well. Chen Xiaoyun said frankly that Cheng Xi’s acceptance of love has always been relatively consistent. When she wanted to be alone, she was alone and immersed in her work. When she was ready for the world of two people, she accepted wu jun. Chen Xiaoyun said that she appreciates Cheng Xi’s self-consistency. "She is also a state that I am pursuing now."

Beijing News reporter Liu Wei

Editor Xu Meilin

Proofread Lin Zhao

General Luo Yuan: Die-hard "Taiwan independence" elements should be listed as war criminals!

In the course of the national anti-epidemic campaign, Tsai Ing-Wen, Lai Qingde, Su Zhenchang and other scum of the Chinese nation on Taiwan Province Island tried to take advantage of the "epidemic" to fight against China and seek independence.
They forget their ancestors, and they completely tear the false face of so-called "human rights" and "democracy", challenging not only Chinese mainland, but also human morality. These people must pay the price for their words and deeds.
What goes around comes around is not just talk, but let the perpetrators feel the consequences.
First of all, we should shock them psychologically and crush them, and we should not let them be so arrogant in imposing manner.
In this anti-epidemic process, we not only showed the ability to deal with public health emergencies, but also showed the strong mobilization, organization and coordination and mobile delivery ability of the army, as well as the strong cohesion of military and civilian unity as one person.
To transform this "non-war military action" into "war military action", we only need to start the transformation mechanism; Transforming this ability to cope with "natural disasters" into the ability to cope with "Taiwan independence" man-made disasters will be a disaster for the "Taiwan independence" separatist forces.
The perverse actions of "Taiwan independence" elements in the face of major disasters have angered people, which has aggravated the resentment of mainland people against "Taiwan independence" elements and the public opinion that they want to clean up and punish them, which has laid a solid public opinion foundation for punishing "Taiwan independence" elements.
Don’t always talk about Taiwan Province’s public opinion. The iron will of 1.4 billion people in Chinese mainland is the biggest mainstream public opinion.
In addition, we must take effective measures in action and increase punishment. I suggest:
First, we can consider amending the Anti-Secession Law to incorporate the latest ideas and research results on Taiwan.
It has been 15 years since the law was enacted, and the situation and specific conditions have changed greatly. It is necessary to keep pace with the times and further refine or modify some provisions.
For example, the law puts forward the bottom line that Chinese mainland can handle the Taiwan Province issue by "non-peaceful means" under three circumstances, but it is vague and general.
What three situations, people and groups should be defined as "Taiwan independence" separatist forces, and what words and deeds should be classified as "Taiwan independence" separatist facts?
Are there qualitative and quantitative standards for "a major incident that will lead to the separation of Taiwan Province from China"?
Under what circumstances can it be defined as "the possibility of peaceful reunification is completely lost"?
Five measures to achieve "peaceful reunification" are listed in the Anti-Secession Law, so what are the "non-peaceful means"?
Is it possible for Taiwan Province to realize "one country, two systems" once the Taiwan Province issue is solved by "non-peaceful means"?
In addition, the Anti-Secession Law clearly stipulates that "the settlement of the Taiwan Province issue … shall not be interfered by any foreign forces".
So what is "interference by foreign forces"? Is it Wen or Wu? Is it business or law? What should we do if foreign forces interfere?
These details should be clarified legally as soon as possible, otherwise, "Taiwan independence" elements will continue to provoke China unscrupulously in the form of "edge ball" and erode our bottom line. Now, the US Congress has repeatedly enacted Taiwan-related bills. Why can’t we raise the banner of law?
Second, "Taiwan independence" die-hards should be included in the list of war criminals who provoke cross-strait military conflicts.
The implementation of this creative policy by our army in the later period of the liberation war played a positive role in dividing and disintegrating the enemy, winning over the middle forces, isolating and cracking down on die-hards and ringleaders.
Now, Tsai Ing-Wen and Lai Qingde are constantly clamoring for "confrontation with the mainland" by force and constantly buying advanced weapons from the United States, which is an attempt to reject reunification by force and push Taiwan Province to the road of no return to war. If a military conflict breaks out in the Taiwan Strait, they will be the chief culprit.
Third, timely announce the words and deeds of "Taiwan independence" elements to split the motherland and formulate a memorandum of words and deeds of "Taiwan independence."
It will provide a factual basis for us to liquidate the criminals who split the motherland in the future, and also let the whole world know who is provoking the war. Once the PLA uses force, it will be a forced counterattack. Thus, further occupy the commanding heights of public opinion and morality.
Fourth, impose sanctions on enterprises and individuals that support "Taiwan independence." Some people should not be allowed to engage in "Taiwan independence" while making money from the mainland.
Fifth, strengthen the maneuverable and visible drills against "Taiwan independence" backbone elements and "Taiwan independence" separatist plots, with actual combat background and imaginary enemies.
It is necessary to continuously squeeze the living space of "Taiwan independence" and turn "routine" joint military exercises into targeted punitive rehearsals. Once provoked by "Taiwan independence" elements, our military aircraft and warships with bombs moved closer to Taiwan Province’s coastal areas, making Taiwan’s "identification zone" useless. Let the Taiwan military always be like a frightened bird and be exhausted. Let the people of Taiwan Province realize that it is the "Taiwan independence" elements that have stirred up Taiwan Province.
Sixth, the heart is the best. While strengthening the education on the benefits of "peaceful reunification" for the people of Taiwan Province, we should also strengthen the propaganda on the price that Taiwan Province will pay once it is "unified by martial law", so that the people of Taiwan Province can make a choice between peace and war, and between reunification and division.
Seventh, publish a unified timetable in due course. We cannot let the Taiwan Province issue drag on for a long time.
At present, the "Taiwan independence" separatist forces are going further and further on the road of splitting the motherland, and the space for peaceful reunification is being squeezed smaller and smaller. No matter "Wu Tong" or "He Tong", the historical trend of cross-strait reunification is unstoppable by anyone.
The writer is a former member of Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference.
The picture comes from the Internet.
Original knife mender writes a knife/Luo Yuan

Running away from Baidu, he became a scientist and entrepreneur! Zeng said that scientists should start their business from the future.

From scientist to entrepreneur, Yu Kai is not the first person to "run away" in the field of artificial intelligence.

Despite the previous achievements in scientific research, joining in entrepreneurship means facing the reality of bone feeling.

In March 2015, Yu Kai said in an interview: "If a business can get the resources it deserves to do what it wants, then choose to start a business; If you join a big platform and have more resources to do one thing, then join a big platform. " Sure enough, three months after that, he left Baidu and founded Horizon.

Yu Kai

From the initial "no one pays the bill" to October this year, Horizon successfully won the investment of 2.4 billion euros from Volkswagen, setting the largest single investment record for Volkswagen in the past 40 years, and establishing a joint venture company with audi ag’s software company. The transformation of Yu Kai’s identity can be described as unsuccessful.

Before becoming the founder of Horizon, Yu Kai’s label was the top international scholar in the field of machine learning and the main promoter of deep learning technology in China. His published papers were cited more than 20,000 times, and he won the silver award for the best paper in ICML-2013 International Machine Learning Conference. He himself also served as the domain chairman of ICML and NIPS, two major conferences of machine learning.

Yu Kai’s achievements in the academic field go far beyond this.

NEC Research Institute of the United States was once one of the major centers of international machine learning research. During his tenure, Yu Kai established a highly prestigious technology research and development team in Silicon Valley. This team is one of the earliest and most active teams in the field of deep learning in the world. A series of technologies led and developed by him have pushed image object recognition to a new level worldwide, and won many international famous awards.

After joining Baidu in 2012, the voice technology team, deep learning technology team and image technology team led by Yu Kai won the "Baidu’s highest award" three times in succession, creating records of various technical and business teams within Baidu.

In the eyes of outsiders, Yu Kai at that time, both academically and professionally, was smooth sailing.

But at this time, he chose to start a business.

Yu Kai’s reason is straightforward: "In the past three years, what I have done at Baidu is to promote artificial intelligence in the cloud. But I think there will be a bigger trend in the next few years that I have to do: from artificial intelligence in the cloud to artificial intelligence around everyone. "

Therefore, Yu Kai, who has always believed in "doing things is the most important thing", founded Beijing Horizon Information Technology Co., Ltd. in July 2015, focusing on edge computing in the field of artificial intelligence.

From the moment the company was founded, in his own words: First of all, I will forget that I am a scientist more and more.

To be a scientist, you can put the mainexperienceDo research and write papers, but as an entrepreneur, you should focus more on business and customer needs.

Yu Kai has always wanted to grasp some "truth" things in this process, for example, things that can really create long-term value. With this idea in mind, at the beginning of Horizon’s establishment, he played the slogan of "making brains for machines", and avoided the edge of the field giants, took the edge computing route, and insisted on making AI chips.

It was really hard at first.

When recalling the initial stage of starting a business and determining the development direction, Yu Kai mentioned: At that time, we were predicting a far future, a future that might take 20 years as its dimension. From computers to smart phones, and beyond, what is a bigger computing platform than these? At that time, they were sure,beRobot computing platform. AI chip is the indispensable key to realize this calculation.

Now that we hear about AI chips, it’s needless to say its importance. But when Horizon was founded, not every investor could understand the "blueprint" in Yu Kai’s eyes. As a direct result, the horizon was once unsustainable. Until smart cars become "robots"calculate"The first and biggest landing scene at present, everyone began to understand that Yu Kai had bet on it.

In 2020, smart cars ushered in an outbreak period. As a result, there is a global "lack of core" in the automotive industry.question.

A chip with excellent computing power, like a smart brain, can accurately control the behavior of the vehicle. A series of functions, such as environmental awareness, route planning, driving assistance and so on, advertised by smart cars all need to rely on chips to be realized.

This is also consistent with what Yu Kai has always wanted to do. He has always believed that the real significance of artificial intelligence is not to survive and develop as the opposite of human life, but to support people’s decision-making and enhance their ability. Once the smart car scene is broken down, this ability will definitely spill over to others.floatApplication scenario of robot.

In August 2019, Horizon announced the mass production of China’s first car-class AI chip "Journey 2";

In September 2020, Horizon officially launched the AI chip "Journey 3";

In July, 2021, Horizon released "Journey 5", a high-performance and large-computing, full-scene intelligent central computing chip for the whole vehicle.


Yu Kai once said, "The course of a scientist’s entrepreneurship is not based on business opportunities,FromStart in the future. "

This cooperation between Horizon and Volkswagen may be the next future in Yu Kai’s plan.

Analysis of the shipment volume, market size and market competition pattern of China smart speaker industry in 2022 [Figure]

Analysis of industrial chain, market demand potential and enterprise layout of domestic smart speaker industry in 2022 [Figure]

Smart speaker, the product of a speaker upgrade, is a tool for home consumers to surf the Internet by voice, such as ordering songs, shopping online, or knowing the weather forecast. It can also control smart home devices, such as opening curtains, setting the refrigerator temperature, warming up the water heater in advance, etc.

Basic functions of intelligent speakers

Source: Collation of Common Research Network.

Intelligent speaker industry chain includes traditional acoustic-related OEM/ODM suppliers, chip suppliers, voice technology service providers, content providers and channels.

Intelligent speaker industry chain

Source: Collation of Common Research Network.

In 2019, China’s smart speaker market experienced explosive development, with the shipment of smart speakers reaching 45.89 million units, up by 109.7% year-on-year. In 2020, affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, the sales volume of smart speakers reached 36.76 million units, with a cumulative decrease of 8.6%. In 2021, the market shipment of smart speakers contracted by 2.50% year-on-year, dropping slightly to 35.841 million units.

2018-2021 China Smart Speaker Market Shipment Trend

Source: Collation of Common Research Network.

In 2021, China’s smart speaker market was 7.885 billion yuan, up by 14.99% year-on-year. With the continuous integration and improvement of intelligent speaker artificial intelligence technology, the potential of smart speaker consumption market in China will be released in the future, and the industry is expected to usher in rapid growth.

2018-2021 China Smart Speaker Market Scale Trend

Source: Collation of Common Research Network.

At present, the main functions of smart speakers in China are voice interaction, content service and home control. Voice interaction is a voice interaction technology based on voice recognition and semantic understanding, which provides a more natural man-machine interaction mode. Content service and life service are streaming media resources such as high-quality music and audiobooks, and third-party service resources such as take-out and taxi service. Home control is connected to the cloud through networking, becoming a home control center and interconnected with other smart home products. With the development of voice interaction technology, smart speaker products can not only provide content entertainment services and life services, but also connect to smart homes, realize scene intelligent control, and become the control center of smart homes. In the future, the Internet of Things will take voice as its population, resulting in a new business model.

Domestic layout smart speaker manufacturers can be divided into five categories.

Source: Collation of Common Research Network.

What is the market prospect of smart speaker industry? The 2023-2029 China Smart Speaker Market Survey and Investment Strategy Report published by Gongwang has analyzed in detail the relevant definitions of smart speaker industry, the global smart speaker industry market development status, the development environment of smart speaker industry in China, the operation of smart speaker industry in China, the monitoring of the operation data of smart speaker industry in China, the market structure of smart speaker in China, the demand characteristics and trends of smart speaker industry in China, China smart speaker industry regional market situation, China smart speaker industry competition, China smart speaker industry development prospect analysis and forecast, China smart speaker industry development strategy and investment suggestions, etc., to help enterprises and investors understand the smart speaker industry market investment value. If you want to have a systematic understanding of the smart speaker industry or invest in the smart speaker industry, this report is your indispensable and important tool.

Nine -ball, Pan Xiaoting is more than 1 billion, now 39 years old is still single or yellow flower girl

"Nine -ball Queen" Pan Xiaoting, the value of more than 1 billion is conservative. Today, the age of 39 is still single and is still a big daughter of Huanghua.

She once announced her own spouse selection criteria:

1. The face value is high, and the height cannot be lower than 1 meter 76;
2. Mature and stable, you must have your own career;
3. To pursue her actively, if you don’t take the initiative, you would like to miss it;
4. Don’t have filial piety.

Netizens shouted directly: It’s too difficult to take off the order!

There is a saying in the billiard industry called "Men have Ding Junhui, and women have Pan Xiaoting."

Pan Xiaoting is the first player to win the World Championship in my country’s billiard industry. He is the holder of the 9 -ball World Championship, which is therefore called the "Nine Ball Hou".

Pan Xiaoting was born in Jining, Shandong in 1982. His father was a billiard enthusiast and opened a bill for a bill. Due to the excellent ball skills, it is called "Pan Yi".

In Pan Xiaoting’s childhood, he did not show any interest in billiards, but was interested in painting.

She drew perseverance, and one painting has been for several years. Art has also become her dream.

Until college, Pan Xiaoting rarely played billiards. Occasionally, Pan Xiaoting was in a bad mood because of conflicts with his classmates.

As soon as home, she picked up the club of the table to vent her emotions.

What she and her father did not expect was that although Pan Xiaoting had not practiced, she scored several balls at hand.

This is obviously a talented player.

However, at the time, Pan Xiaoting didn’t think too much, and his father only hoped that his daughter could grow up happily and did not deliberately train billiards, but occasionally played.

During the college entrance examination, Pan Xiaoting, who has always liked painting, applied for art colleges. Unexpectedly, it was fell on the list.

For a while, Pan Xiaoting lost his direction in the future and doubted himself.

Fortunately, after repeated consideration, Pan Xiaoting decided to learn billiards with his father.

For her daughter’s future, her father began to train her strictly.

Regardless of the winter or cool summer, Pan Xiaoting play billiards for more than seven hours a day. For a month, it can only take a break, sometimes only half a day.

What makes Pan Xiaoting feel more hard is that in the summer, even the hottest weather, the fans are not opened during training. Pan Xiaoting often sweats hotly and has to continue training.

In winter, even if your fingers are frostbite, you still have to practice.

For her, occasionally wanting to be lazy, she is not allowed.

A boy is even difficult to endure this training intensity, and it is a flower girl.

During that time, Pan Xiaoting thought more than once that her father didn’t love her, so she had a hard time to eat her so much.

Fortunately, Huang Tian lived up to the painstaking people, and Pan Xiaoting’s dedication got the return.

In 1998, Pan Xiaoting’s father, Pan Jian, took Pan Xiaoting to Beijing to participate in the first nine -ball women’s opening game.

In Beijing for a month, in order to save money, the father and daughter lived in a 15 -dollar air -raid hole, eating 10 yuan of fish flavor shredded, and life was very difficult.

Fortunately, the two were not very bad. Pan Xiaoting won the championship in one fell swoop and won 4,000 bonuses.

My father was proud of his daughter, and asked what his daughter wanted to eat?

Pan Xiaoting said excitedly:

"Dad, I want to eat Beijing roast duck!"

Pan Jian Shuang agreed quickly and immediately took her to Quan Jide.

As a result, the father and daughter opened the menu and looked at them immediately!

A roast duck, it costs 156 yuan!

Although the fragrance of roast ducks made Pan Xiaoting sorrowful, she still felt very distressed and pulled her father’s corner and said: "

"Dad, let’s forget, let’s take a look elsewhere."

Pan Jian said to his daughter:

"Girl, eat it when you come, let’s order half!"

So Pan Xiaoting ate it quickly. At that moment, Pan Xiaoting felt her father loved her again.

In order to make parents live a better life, Pan Xiaoting worked harder to train. And on the road of billiards, she also opened all the way.

In 2000, Pan Xiaoting won the championship again in the national sports competition. In the same year, she won 6 national championships.

Since then, Pan Xiaoting has opened a journey to win.

In 2007, Pan Xiaoting won the world championship in the World Championship final and became China’s first billiards world champion.

In addition to getting bonuses, Pan Xiaoting also made a lot of advertisements and received a lot of endorsements. It is estimated that the value is conservative!

There is no doubt that Pan Xiaoting is already the pride of his parents in his career. However, on personal problems, Pan Xiaoting made his parents very concerned.

At the age of 39, she is still single and is still a yellow flower girl.

During the period, although he had a scandal with Ding Junhui, Pan Xiaoting showed that he was just a good friend!

Today, Ding Junhui’s children will make soy sauce, and Pan Xiaoting is still alone.

For the other half, Pan Xiaoting also announced her request:

It seems that it is not high, but it is not found. It is also impressive. Is it really not good for a boyfriend?

In addition to the "Nine Balls" Pan Xiaoting, there is also a particularly excellent woman, which is nearly 40 years old, worth 10 billion yuan, and is still single.

She is a woman who refuses Ma Yun three times, currently the director of Yunfeng Fund, Li Ying.

Li Ying graduated from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Because of his high IQ, he was too good, and was appreciated by Ma Yun.

However, Ma Yun invited the other party to join his company three times, but he was rejected.

Until the fourth time, Li Ying promised to serve as a director of Yunfeng Fund.

Today, this strong woman is nearly 40 years old, with tens of billions of dollars, but still single.

In this regard, some netizens said:

Such a woman is not good at climbing, and it is a kind of sadness to be stronger than no one.

Some netizens said:

If you have money, why do you have to get married? Single is cool for a while, and he has been single.

How do you think about this? Welcome to leave a message. The picture comes from the Internet, invading and deleting.

"New Time and Space", "New Model", "New Experience" 2020 Shanghai Tourism Festival to produce beautiful responses

Shanghai, September 27th (Gong Li SHA) On September 27, the Shanghai Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government held a press conference. An introduction of effectiveness, deputy director of the Cultural and Tourism Cheng Meihong City Bureau, Deputy Director of Liu Min City Commercial Committee, Minister Lu Xiaohui, Propaganda Department of Xuhui District Committee, Changlong Wanlong, Jing’an District, deputy district, and deputy head of the Chujie Yan District of Songjiang District attended the meeting.

Create a "new space" everywhere for the tourist scene

Shanghai is a well -known tourist city. This is an excellent tourist city "king is everywhere and should be accessed from time to time." The journey of this Tourism Festival has adhered to Jiangsu, the city of festivals, excavating tourism landmarks, new carriers, and new methods to fully stimulate the vitality and release of the city, in order to better serve the development of the Yangtze River Delta.

First, the tourist destination that focuses on promoting shows the Yangtze River Delta. In the context of promoting the development of high -quality cultural tourism integration in the Yangtze River Delta, strive to take the lead in traveling in the "same city effect" in tourism. In some cities in the Yangtze River Delta, the original "good neighbors" to the current "family." This year’s tourist festival, our first time, our first tourism festival. Four items of implementation. The first group of the Yangtze River Delta Tourism Festival was at the Nantong venue, Wenzhou, Huangshan, and three cities launched nearly 100 theme activities. It attracted the participation and attention of more than 8 million people. Through the first time to go to the night market culture, business activities, gourmet punch, self -driving tour, people who have been driving, such as the Yangtze River Delta city, showed some new boutique space for cultural tourism.

At the same time, at the main venue of the opening ceremony of the tourist festival, there is no cultural tourism Yangtze River Delta with rich TV network broadcast resources. The first batch of Shanghai -Huzhou City, Zhejiang’s boutique tourism line "living room from Huangpu River to the world", and the first batch of Shanghai citizens and tourists embarked on a wonderful journey of Shanghai Lake. For the first time, we launched 17 joint Shanghai and Yangtze River Delta cities. The products launched only 12 days, and it sold more than 20,000 copies.

The second feature of the new space is the dotted line of Shanghai urban cultural tourism strings. Shanghai Red Culture, Shanghai Culture, and Southern Cultural Resources are very rich. In the tourist festival, we carefully sort out and integrate, the integration of the focus will not work, provide the public to the public, and lead tourists to participate in a high -quality experience life. Essence At the Tourism Festival, the 16 district government’s cultural tourism enterprises, including our business business, and so on. Then it launched 156 events and nearly 500 fine lines of fine lines, covering three cultures, one river and one river, and buildings can be read. All aspects of online celebrities photography, shopping, food, and so on. The network involves thousands of red punching points.

"The road of sailing, listening to Shanghai Wei," The sound of cultural activities in Shanghai, Shanghai launched 100 red tourism routes; the "Charm Binjiang" event across the river area, released the theme and product line of the five major theme 104 seaside linkage; The introduction of "Building can read", a good place in Shanghai on 16 nights, 103 micro -structures; the golden autumn tourism shopping season to create eight shopping integration, tourism, CultureConsumer’s wonderful destination, to provide consumers with various green business for consumers Travel joint document; "Good Shanghai? Garden Life" launched the theme park line of the five nations for the theme of the five nations; "Magic City Model Young 2020 Youth Travel Experience Award", launch the 15 -week youth journey Deep official website of recruitment experience.

Third, the wave of C -disc in Shanghai is the latest demonstration of punching. During the tourist festival, adapting to the new needs of urban life, the trend of young people, Shanghai launched many recent waves of red networks, punching and best movie photography points, and continue to cultivate "platform+merchants", "boxing line grass grass grass grass grass grass +Offline, "text travel consumption model. The top ten "best movie points" and 12 "best stamping red dots" were launched by Yangpu River in Yangpu District; Hongzhuang District launched four best photography in the eight o’clock and the most beautiful landmarks; Minhang District , Launched "Treasure Hunting Minxing? Minhang Hongfa Ten Nets," He "traveling Minhang called" Book Competition Minhang Road; Xuhui District Celebrating the Vitality of the Holidays, Public Speaking of Music and Wonderful Charm Construction Cross -border Integration; Putuo District Organization; The three lines were packaged on the ground camps to play the two parties in Suzhou to expand the new space of hydrological tourism on the Suzhou River.

Establish a "new model" for integration and interaction in all places

Tourism is a comprehensive industry, and has the effect of "100 % of the industry". In the normal context, prevent control, the tourism festival adheres to leading innovation, initiative to change, respond to new new needs, create new demand for new supply, online and offline interaction, and the complementary platform content. In order to better serve the new development model Essence

Provide and demand and promote each other. The epidemic prevention and control in the background of the standardization, the travel method and destination to the public have changed a lot. Forcing the text tour, we need to improve the quality For the service series, leading public tourists choose new local tourism depth. During the Tourism Festival, the integration of iterative upgrades of the "micro -Shanghai" project of the text tour, Daren Punch and the best movie photography point of photography in Shanghai, listening to the story of urban cultural researchers tell the story of the old house, listening to a wonderful opera chanting, has become Shanghai’s’s in Shanghai City walking line.

So far, the spring travel company has organized more than 50, and 10,000 people participated in Micro Shanghai tourism products. In the next step, it will also strongly support the wishes of local farming Shanghai Cultural Tourism Company, increase the supply of product content, improve service quality, and meet the new needs of public tourist tourists. September 27th is World Tourism Day. This morning, a good place was found in the suburbs of Shanghai-2020 World Tourism Day to see Shanghai activities. Shanghai travel consumer market recovers.

Hug each other online and offline. In the Internet economy, she gave birth to "New Online Text Brigal" as a new concept, "Online Tour", and "the next holes" has become a new cultural tourism experience model. Through the online platform, a new urban cultural tourism business card is realized, the competitiveness of the global market of Shanghai cultural tourism industry has been enhanced, and the new allocation of regional tourism resources is highly created.

The first "Cloud Tourism" platform of the Tourism Festival this year brought together hundreds of high -quality tourist festivals on the live line. Hundreds of articles covering Shanghai’s key business districts, tourist attractions, and cultural sites theme lines.新华社, 伦敦, 美国特派团评论, 携程, 驴母亲旅行, 巡回赛上海应用程序, 颤音, 百度, 丁东买食物, 获取物理应用程序, 达达集团和其他公司,旅游节发射特殊窗口, 特征, List online to show the theme of the tourist festival, and the tourism festival provides exclusive rewards and trends.

According to statistics, the "Cloud Tourism" platform clicks a total capacity of 1.017 million people. In the comments from participating in the statistics of Midea Group, from September 12th to 25th, the amount of food and beverages increased by 56.6 % year -on -year, leisure and entertainment expenditure increased by 39.8 %, bed expenditure increased by 33.9 %, 90 % of 90 % , Sales of Travel Ticket Sales at the same time.

Mutual assistance interactive platform and content. The services of the Yangtze River Delta and even the whole country are set up to the masses. Passengers in Shanghai are mission. Through the connected platforms and contents, they will continue to strengthen exchanging cultural tourism and tourism to combine the country’s resources to improve quality and promote literary promotion effects.

On the day of the visit, the city jointly established the Yangtze River Delta Tourism Promotion Alliance in Sanxue and Zhejiang Province. The Yangtze River Delta will work together to host various tourism promotion activities. The team builds a tourism marketing network to cover the entire media. Jointly developed a tourist boutique line shared by the Yangtze River Delta, information sharing, product push, and transmitting each other, creating a new image of the Yangtze River Delta integrated tourism destination. This year’s tourism festival has also become the best time to focus on Shanghai and Shanghai. According to statistics, there are remote markets, such as nearly 40 tourism promotion activities in Inner Mongolia, Tianjin, Shandong and Yangtze River before and after tourism.

All local Wenxiao departments through literary performances, food activities, shopping mall road shows, and so on. Babies, beautiful scenery, cultural folk customs, food specialty, and so on. Let the citizens enjoy the great riverside of the beautiful motherland at the door. The 2020 Shanghai (China) Conference and Business Tourism and Domestic Tourism Direct Transactions have established a series of conference industry exchanges and interactive activities, sharing conferences awards and the current situation and development trend of the business tourism industry, and strengthened industry exchanges and improvements.

Share "new experience", so that a beautiful life is everywhere

Tourism is a good time to live in a beautiful life of the people. The tourist festival adheres to the concept of people’s urban development, and vigorously promotes the integration of tourism, urban life, and city experience, so that citizens and tourists will be tourism, fully experience "cities, make life better", and let the book "people city" read. , I can see it, you can see it.

"Cross -border integration" "Travel+ N". The epidemic suffered unprecedented impact. How to seek opportunities from the needs of CRISISFROM in adversity, it is necessary to seek new cross -border integration of the upstream industrial chain. The cooperation between the various departments this year is a highlight. This launched a series of "travel+" products and activities. The opening ceremony of the Tourism Festival merged with Nanjing Road East Tower. It only takes 20 minutes to sell the "self -sufficient flow" of the tourist festival and the two IP addresses of Nanjing Road. The overall effect of the opening of the Championships has formed a geometric factor growth.

According to statistics, on September 12, at 8:00 pm, the instantaneous traffic of Nanjing Road was 3.60,000 people, and the tourist festival almost turned over last year. The Municipal Commerce Commission has led the autumn tourist peak season shopping. It has created eight business travel lounges. The integration of 644 is famous. The famous, famous restaurant, the name of this street. Autumn is the harvest season. The Municipal Agricultural Committee and the Municipal Transportation Commission launched 18 rural boutique tourism routes to propose comprehensive suburbs of Shanghai’s most beautiful villages. Shanghai Film Group has held nearly 50 well -known brand business travel of the "Worry -Free Calcium Marathon Party" text brings exquisite cultural and creative and interactive activities, attracting tourists to participate in the public to participate in the public.

The 3rd China (Shanghai) International Health Tourism Expo has become an important platform for the pharmaceutical industry to gather tourist attractions, cross -border integration of sports and health, promoting a win -win cooperation between the health tourism industry, prosperity and development. Shanghai Pudong Development Bank has launched the theme of the debit card theme happy Yangtze River Delta. You can buy the Yangtze River Delta text brigade voting, and 18 has been released. 40000.

The cultural connotation of "show depth". "Shanghai urban tourism resources cannot be separated from red culture, Shanghai culture and southern culture empower power, and show the depth of cultural connotation for the" cultural soul "of tourism in the tourism industry. The text brigade provides a better experience for public visitors. Reading the content of the "Tourism Festival, the second meeting of the cultural and creative market, Shanghai will become the resource characteristics of the" building possible "cultural creative product, so that public visitors will be stronger and more intuitive to understand the city’s city’s History, the taste of urban culture.

According to statistics, a total of 62 cultural and creative enterprises in the city’s 16 districts have 929 cultural and creative product exhibitions. Shanghai People’s Broadcasting Station, "The road of sail, listening to the Shanghai" plan ". Without the voice of Shanghai Red Culture, Red Tourism provides a new experience for the people. On September 14th, "early 990 news" listened to 3.13 %, an increase of 37.89 %, and the number of 55 years per day. 70,000.

The world holds the theme activity of the "traditional city center" and gives full play to the advantages of the comprehensive effect of art world performance art. The Yangtze River Delta has created the theme of IP IP in the non -heritage music festival. 16 days of tourist festival, Shanghai’s colorful culture and performance art market, the world’s main performance art performances 51 and 152 on -site projects, with an average of nearly 10 games per day, the number of major performance projects increased by 59 %, and the on -site growth rate was 55 %.

Consumption upgrade "Enable power." Continuous innovation supporting markets, high -quality products of consumers, and launching many high -quality products in the tourist festival of organizational activities, promoting consumption, and leading public tourists pursuing the quality of life. According to statistics, the sales of the businessmen along the Nanjing Road along the Tourism Festival have increased significantly, and the new world of Deman Department Store in Dim Province. Sales of Family Fashion Store. 080,000 yuan, Rose 54 % subway: September 12-13 days, 1388 entire network traffic. 60,000 people, the ring on weekends -more than 5 % (September 6) increased.

On September 12, the passenger flow of Nanjing East Road Station was 11.560,000 passengers, which usually increased by 16 % on weekends. According to statistics, during the tourist festival, the sales of the four districts of the city increased by 5.2 %, and the sales of Huangpu District increased 26 times. 6 %. Fireworks Shanghai Food Season Activities attracted nearly 13 million people to participate; the "Southern Food" section "on -site" on -site participation was more than 50 years old, 10,000, and sales of nearly 200 million.

(Edit: Tang Xiaoli, Han Qing)