A 19-year-old female security guard died on New Year’s Eve in a mourning hall at the gate of the bathroom family property.

Photo of the 19-year-old deceased A Ying before her death. Our reporter Zhu Danyang photo

  19-year-old female security guard died in the bathroom on New Year’s Eve. 

  (Reporter/Guo Xiaoge) "She was only 19 years old. She just came out to work and died inexplicably!" The family of the deceased is telling. Yesterday, in Yucui Garden, Longdong, Tianhe District, Guangzhou, because A Ying, a female security guard in the community, died unexpectedly while taking a bath on New Year’s Eve, her family set up a mourning hall at the gate of the property to discuss with the property company.

  Yesterday afternoon, at the gate of Yucui Garden, the coffin of the deceased was placed in the middle of the road, and pieces of paper money were flying in the wind on the road. In order to prevent accidents, the security officer separated the family members from the community passage.

  According to the introduction of the deceased’s sister, at 9 o’clock on New Year’s Eve, A Ying and other employees of the company ate the New Year’s Eve, then returned to the dormitory not far from Yucui Garden and chatted with a male colleague in the living room until 10: 05. Cell phone records show that at 10: 20 pm, no one answered her phone.

  At about 12 o’clock in the evening, another colleague in the same room returned to the dormitory, heard the sound of water in the bathroom, went back to the bedroom, changed his clothes and waited for a bath. Unexpectedly, after a while, no one came out. She patted the door, didn’t respond, and immediately realized that something was wrong. "They hurriedly knocked down the door, and Ingrid was lying on the ground. When the 120 ambulance arrived, she was already dead. " A Ying’s family shed tears as they spoke.

  According to family members, the deceased did not have any wounds. After forensic identification, homicide and suicide have been ruled out. The most likely thing is gas poisoning while taking a bath. "But if it is poisoning, why did her nostrils and mouth bleed when she went to the hospital morgue to see her sister the next day? The property company has not said anything until now. " Ying’s brother said.

  According to a person in charge of the property company, A Ying came to work in the company in August last year, mainly responsible for the maintenance of public security in the community. After the incident, the company informed the family of the deceased at the first time. "We proposed an autopsy, but the family members don’t agree now; Later, it was proposed to deal with it through normal legal procedures, and they did not agree. We have to invite the local judicial authorities to coordinate the handling. " The person in charge said helplessly.

  "The family members have been here for three days in a row, and they are not making trouble. They just scatter paper money and burn incense in the community, and the security of the community is also restrained. There is no conflict between the two sides." According to the residents of the community, yesterday morning, the family members suddenly carried the coffin to the door of the community, and the mother of the deceased climbed an 18-storey building in an attempt to die. At present, the two sides are further negotiating.

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Traffic Management Bureau of the Ministry of Public Security: On the second day of the New Year holiday, the national road traffic was stable and orderly.

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CCTV News: According to the Traffic Management Bureau of the Ministry of Public Security, on the second day of the New Year holiday (December 31), the traffic safety situation was generally stable, and the main highways and national highways were smooth. As of 17: 00 today (December 31), there has been no long-distance traffic congestion in the country, and no road traffic accident with more than 5 deaths has been reported.
In accordance with the deployment requirements of the Ministry of Public Security, local public security traffic control departments have scientifically adjusted their service and police force in combination with local traffic flow, weather changes, travel characteristics, etc., taken targeted measures, strengthened the control of key time sections, strictly controlled serious traffic violations such as drunk driving and "three excesses and one fatigue", and made every effort to ensure the safe and smooth roads and the smooth travel of the people during the festival. In view of the adverse effects of foggy weather in some areas on traffic travel, the traffic control department of public security has strengthened coordination and linkage among departments, and taken corresponding measures such as speed limit and police cars taking lanes according to road traffic conditions to ensure traffic to the maximum extent and minimize road closures.
It is expected that the number of returning vehicles will increase tomorrow, and the traffic flow and people flow around the roads in the direction of returning to the city, the suburbs of the city and the tourist attractions will be more concentrated. According to the forecast of the Central Meteorological Observatory, from January 1 to 2, there will be small to medium snow or sleet in parts of northeastern Inner Mongolia, northwestern Heilongjiang, northern Xinjiang and eastern Tibet, and small to moderate rain in parts of Jianghan, Jiangnan, southwestern China and southern China. The Traffic Management Bureau of the Ministry of Public Security reminds drivers and friends to pay attention to the weather and road information before driving, arrange the travel time and route reasonably, and consciously travel safely, legally and civilly. In case of rain, snow, ice and fog, be sure to drive carefully, slow down and control the distance to prevent traffic accidents such as rear-end collision and rollover.