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Yichexun On January 18th, FAW-Volkswagen Golf Enjoying Edition and Talent Edition were officially launched, of which Pro280TSI Enjoying Edition sold for 151,300 yuan and Pro280TSI Talent Edition sold for 153,300 yuan. The two new cars were further upgraded mainly in terms of comfort and technology configuration.

FAW-Volkswagen Golf launched two new cars. car make and model Price (ten thousand yuan) Pro280TSI Enjoy Edition 15.13 Pro280TSI talent edition 15.33

As a new model, the overall design of the Lexiang version and the Daren version listed this time continues the models on sale. The two new cars are mainly upgraded in comfort and technology configuration, further enriching consumers’ choice space. Among them, the Lexiang version is equipped with an electric seat bag, and the Daren version is equipped with an electric seat bag and a smart internet bag. In addition, the purchase of any golf model also provides two digital package configurations free of charge for a limited time: digital key 2.0 and AR real-life navigation system (including driving recorder), which shows higher cost performance.

In the power part, the two new cars are still equipped with a 1.4T engine, with a maximum power of 150 HP and a peak torque of 250 Nm. The transmission part is matched with a 7-speed dual-clutch gearbox.