Mrs. Han Xu, former ambassador to the United States: Sino-US friendship lasts forever.

  A recent photo of Ms. Ge Qiyun. Ms. Ge Qiyun, born in 1926, graduated from the Foreign Languages Department of Fudan University in Shanghai. He joined the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 1950 and worked in the International Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the liaison office in the United States and the embassy in the United States. (Xinhuanet Feng Yanqiang photo taken on December 31, 2008)

  Xinhuanet, Beijing, December 31st (Xu Qian, Feng Yanqiang) "George H.W. Bush was elected president of the United States in November 1988. As in the past three years, he still came to the China Embassy in the United States for Christmas in December, and we invited them to eat roast duck. They are coming for roast duck. They especially like Beijing roast duck and Zhajiang Noodles in old Beijing. " Ge Qiyun, wife of Han Xu, former China ambassador to the United States, said with a smile when talking about former US President George W. Bush.

  On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and the United States, Xinhuanet interviewed Ms. Ge Qiyun. Ge Qiyun, who is in her seventies, is energetic and amiable. From her, you can feel the atmosphere and easygoing of the older generation of diplomats in China. As a witness in the process of establishing diplomatic relations and development between China and the United States, Ge Qiyun told reporters about the interesting diplomatic past between China and the United States.

  Barbecue club

  "I think the American people are very easy to get along with. The American people are very lovely and enthusiastic. They are more active in thinking, as can be seen from their usual clothes, and they are more casual. Americans are very humorous, and high-level people will joke, which left a particularly deep impression on me. " When talking about his impression of Americans, Ge Qiyun showed his affection for the American people without reservation.

  Ge Qiyun excitedly talked about his interesting experience in the "barbecue club"-American Journalists Association. The so-called "barbecue club" is not a place to eat barbecue, but a place for American journalists to meet, where they "barbecue" American political elites, find fault with them and make a fool of themselves.

  On the evening of February 9, 1988, President Reagan and his wife held a reception for the diplomatic envoys of various countries in the United States. The picture shows the Reagan couple taking a photo with China’s Ambassador Han Xu and his wife. President Reagan wrote an inscription on the photo: "Best wishes to His Excellency Ambassador Han Xu of People’s Republic of China (PRC) and his wife, Ronald Reagan."

  Ge Qiyun still remembers the anecdote of her first meeting in the "Barbecue Club". At that time, the object of "barbecue" was Reagan, then president. After Reagan arrived, the reporters below made things difficult for him. "Do you remember this, Madam President?" Reagan replied, "I don’t remember. I forgot all about it." Everyone burst into laughter. They are either malicious or just joking. Because Reagan became president in his 70 s, his memory declined. When people ask him any questions, he often answers, "I forgot."

  Another time I played a joke on Barbara, the wife of George H.W. Bush. Barbara has silver hair and never dyes her hair. She shows her true colors. Journalists like to make fun of her and persuade her to dye her hair and look younger, but Barbara, who has a strong personality, is dismissive. However, on one occasion, Barbara intentionally wore a black fake headgear to attend a party of the "barbecue club", but it was quickly discovered by reporters, and the audience burst into laughter and gave warm applause.

  George H.W. Bush spent Christmas at the China Embassy four times.

  Before the interview, the reporter heard that Han and Xu had a deep friendship with the Bush couple. Korea and Syria worked in the United States for 10 years before and after, but the friendship with President Bush began in 1974, when Bush was the director of the US Liaison Office in China.

  When he was the director of the liaison office in Beijing, George H.W. Bush used to cycle around the streets in order to get to know more about the people of China. This practice was extremely rare among foreign ambassadors to China at that time, and it became an interesting story for a while.

  On December 23rd, 1988, China’s ambassador to the United States, Mr. and Mrs. Han Xu, hosted a Christmas dinner for newly elected US President George Bush and his wife Barbara. This photo was taken on December 23rd, but after President Bush signed an inscription on August 14th, 1989, he asked General scowcroft, the US National Security Assistant who was about to visit China, to give it to Han Xu when he visited China. Bush wrote an inscription on the photo: "Pay tribute and friendship to Han Xu and Ge Qiyun-well done, Mr. Ambassador! George Bush, August 14, 1989 "

  Ge Qiyun also talked about the fact that Mr. and Mrs. Bush went to the China Embassy in the United States for Christmas. "Americans like to eat turkey at Christmas, which means the same thing as our Chinese New Year package in jiaozi. But when we invited them, we invited them to eat roast duck. In Beijing’s roast duck restaurant, it is said that ducks are roasted with jujube wood, but at that time, the embassy didn’t have that condition, only an electric stove. They came for ducks and especially liked to eat roast duck. When they left, we didn’t send any heavy gifts, just green onions, sweet noodle sauce and Zhenjiang vinegar. "

  In 1988, George H.W. Bush was elected President of the United States. Ge Qiyun said: "On Christmas Day in December, George H.W. Bush led the whole family, including the current President George W. Bush and his wife, to the China Embassy in the United States for Christmas. At that time, we had a colleague here who was very talented. He wrote a poem for the Bush Sr. and his wife, accompanied by an American tune, and asked someone to sing it in Bel Canto, which moved Mrs. Bush Barbara. "

  When the Bush Sr. and his family came to China’s embassy in the United States for Christmas, Ge Qiyun said, "They are still treated to the same things and eat roast duck. Bush senior is very low-key and unassuming, giving people the feeling that he is close. The Bush family has played a great role in promoting Sino-US relations. "

  Ge Qiyun presented her personal calligraphy work "Dragon Eagle" to Mrs. Bush Barbara at the China Embassy in the United States, and wrote an inscription: Sino-US friendship will last forever, and Ms. Barbara bush will survive.

  "George H.W. Bush and his wife are very traditional. Some values and family values are very similar to ours. They are all traditional." Talking about George H.W. Bush, Ge Qiyun still remembers it vividly, and his face is full of nostalgia.

  From 1985 to 1989, when Han Xu was the ambassador to the United States, the Bush Sr. and his wife spent Christmas with Han Xu at the China Embassy in the United States for four years in a row. For the last time, Bush Sr. led the whole family, including the current President George W. Bush, to spend Christmas at the China Embassy in the United States, which was unique among previous American presidents.

  Ge Qiyun has been away from the United States for many years, and Han Xu has been dead for more than ten years, but American friends such as President Bush Sr. still keep in touch with Ge Qiyun. Their relationship proves a famous song "Friendship lasts forever".

  "2009 is the 30th anniversary of Sino-US relations, which is of great significance. My feeling is that it is hard-won. Han Xu worked there for 10 years, and after he came back, he was in charge of the work of the United States for 6 years, so he had a lot of experience in the work of the United States. The relationship between China and the United States has experienced many twists and turns, but it will definitely get better and better. This is not based on human will, "Ge Qiyun said.

Editor: Li Erqing

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The multiplayer happy escape game "Rubber Champion: Holiday Prelude" developed and distributed by Flashbulb has been officially launched on Steam.

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Running away from Baidu, he became a scientist and entrepreneur! Zeng said that scientists should start their business from the future.

From scientist to entrepreneur, Yu Kai is not the first person to "run away" in the field of artificial intelligence.

Despite the previous achievements in scientific research, joining in entrepreneurship means facing the reality of bone feeling.

In March 2015, Yu Kai said in an interview: "If a business can get the resources it deserves to do what it wants, then choose to start a business; If you join a big platform and have more resources to do one thing, then join a big platform. " Sure enough, three months after that, he left Baidu and founded Horizon.

Yu Kai

From the initial "no one pays the bill" to October this year, Horizon successfully won the investment of 2.4 billion euros from Volkswagen, setting the largest single investment record for Volkswagen in the past 40 years, and establishing a joint venture company with audi ag’s software company. The transformation of Yu Kai’s identity can be described as unsuccessful.

Before becoming the founder of Horizon, Yu Kai’s label was the top international scholar in the field of machine learning and the main promoter of deep learning technology in China. His published papers were cited more than 20,000 times, and he won the silver award for the best paper in ICML-2013 International Machine Learning Conference. He himself also served as the domain chairman of ICML and NIPS, two major conferences of machine learning.

Yu Kai’s achievements in the academic field go far beyond this.

NEC Research Institute of the United States was once one of the major centers of international machine learning research. During his tenure, Yu Kai established a highly prestigious technology research and development team in Silicon Valley. This team is one of the earliest and most active teams in the field of deep learning in the world. A series of technologies led and developed by him have pushed image object recognition to a new level worldwide, and won many international famous awards.

After joining Baidu in 2012, the voice technology team, deep learning technology team and image technology team led by Yu Kai won the "Baidu’s highest award" three times in succession, creating records of various technical and business teams within Baidu.

In the eyes of outsiders, Yu Kai at that time, both academically and professionally, was smooth sailing.

But at this time, he chose to start a business.

Yu Kai’s reason is straightforward: "In the past three years, what I have done at Baidu is to promote artificial intelligence in the cloud. But I think there will be a bigger trend in the next few years that I have to do: from artificial intelligence in the cloud to artificial intelligence around everyone. "

Therefore, Yu Kai, who has always believed in "doing things is the most important thing", founded Beijing Horizon Information Technology Co., Ltd. in July 2015, focusing on edge computing in the field of artificial intelligence.

From the moment the company was founded, in his own words: First of all, I will forget that I am a scientist more and more.

To be a scientist, you can put the mainexperienceDo research and write papers, but as an entrepreneur, you should focus more on business and customer needs.

Yu Kai has always wanted to grasp some "truth" things in this process, for example, things that can really create long-term value. With this idea in mind, at the beginning of Horizon’s establishment, he played the slogan of "making brains for machines", and avoided the edge of the field giants, took the edge computing route, and insisted on making AI chips.

It was really hard at first.

When recalling the initial stage of starting a business and determining the development direction, Yu Kai mentioned: At that time, we were predicting a far future, a future that might take 20 years as its dimension. From computers to smart phones, and beyond, what is a bigger computing platform than these? At that time, they were sure,beRobot computing platform. AI chip is the indispensable key to realize this calculation.

Now that we hear about AI chips, it’s needless to say its importance. But when Horizon was founded, not every investor could understand the "blueprint" in Yu Kai’s eyes. As a direct result, the horizon was once unsustainable. Until smart cars become "robots"calculate"The first and biggest landing scene at present, everyone began to understand that Yu Kai had bet on it.

In 2020, smart cars ushered in an outbreak period. As a result, there is a global "lack of core" in the automotive industry.question.

A chip with excellent computing power, like a smart brain, can accurately control the behavior of the vehicle. A series of functions, such as environmental awareness, route planning, driving assistance and so on, advertised by smart cars all need to rely on chips to be realized.

This is also consistent with what Yu Kai has always wanted to do. He has always believed that the real significance of artificial intelligence is not to survive and develop as the opposite of human life, but to support people’s decision-making and enhance their ability. Once the smart car scene is broken down, this ability will definitely spill over to others.floatApplication scenario of robot.

In August 2019, Horizon announced the mass production of China’s first car-class AI chip "Journey 2";

In September 2020, Horizon officially launched the AI chip "Journey 3";

In July, 2021, Horizon released "Journey 5", a high-performance and large-computing, full-scene intelligent central computing chip for the whole vehicle.


Yu Kai once said, "The course of a scientist’s entrepreneurship is not based on business opportunities,FromStart in the future. "

This cooperation between Horizon and Volkswagen may be the next future in Yu Kai’s plan.

Shanghai Tourism Guide -iconic architecture


1. Oriental Pearl TV Tower

Located in Lujiazui, Shanghai, Pudong New District, full name Dongzhu Radio and TV Tower, 467.9 meters high, nearby Huangpu River, perspective with the Bund. The TV tower is the third tallest tower in Asia -and the third tallest tower in the world. Secondly, the Canadian National Television Tower and the OSTROKELET TV Tower in Russia, it is the iconic building of Shanghai -. Every year, the number of tourists and tourism revenue is second, and there are world -renowned tourist attractions. The sightseeing layer overlooks the scenery of the Huangpu River. The rotating restaurant can taste the food, and the space hat can be seen from 3D movies.


Business hours are 8: 30-21: 30, buses 81, 82, 583, 774 are like roads. Tickets are charging at a high level, and the price is very high.

2. Jinmao Building

Also known as Jinmao Building, located on the banks of Huangpu River, Shanghai, Pudong New District, echo and Oriental Pearl Radio and TV Tower, the building height is 420.5 meters. The eighth high building in the world. Shanghai’s business card, the structure of the Chinese and Western -style pagodas, especially from the ground 340.1 meters of 88th floor. For China’s second high sightseeing layer, more than 1 can accommodate 000 visitor. Looking around, extreme appearance, Shanghai’s new appearance is full of eyes. There are also various shopping, restaurants, hotels and other places in the building. If you are lucky, you can meet the challenges such as high -altitude skydiving.

Tip ●

The business hours are 10: 00-22: 00. Under the Lujiazui Station of Metro Line 2, bus 96, 119, 583, 607, 630 is available.

3. Shanghai Global Financial Center

Located in Lujiazui, Shanghai, completed on August 29, 2008. 492 meters high, 101 floors above the ground. It is currently the second largest building in China, the third building in the world, and the highest Pingding skyscraper in the world. It is one of the modern landmarks in Shanghai.

4. New paradise and earth

Located on NO. 181, Taicang Road, Luwan District renovated in the old district of Shanghai Shixoumen Building. This is the collection, business, entertainment, and culture of the catering industry. The history and cultural style of urban tourist attractions and leisure pedestrian streets and Shanghai.