Online celebrity patients in Huoshenshan recorded the difference between life and death with more than 400 anti-epidemic diaries.

  Wan Chunhui tells the story of his struggle with the virus.

  Wan Chunhui’s mobile phone holds a photo with the medical staff of Vulcan Mountain Hospital.

  From having a fever on January 24th to being discharged from hospital after recovering from illness on February 20th, Wan Chunhui, 45, recalled this special experience and lamented that it was a magical journey without losing strength. "I will remember and thank the most lovely people who helped me all my life"!

  During the whole epidemic, Wan Chunhui wrote more than 400 diaries. Among them, more than 100 diaries from admission to discharge have accumulated more than 60 thousand words, which will be included in "Very Care" and published simultaneously at home and abroad in the near future.

  There is one last bed left on the tenth floor of the inpatient department.

  A photo attracts millions of readers.

  Wan Chunhui is a free investor. A few years ago, he registered his personal headline "Ghost Story Finance" and occasionally published several articles on investment and financial management. He is a "amateur" with only a few hundred fans.

  On January 26th, with a persistent high fever, he went out for medical treatment and walked to Hankou Hospital for two hours. There were few pedestrians and almost no vehicles along the way, and the whole city was silent. As a native of Wuhan, this scene broke Wan Chunhui’s heart. He took a photo with his mobile phone, published the first anti-epidemic diary, and soon had millions of readings.

  "I used to feel very popular when I saw 100,000+tweets. I didn’t expect to write a few words casually, so many people would pay attention." Wan Chunhui said that when I think of so many netizens standing with me, I feel full of strength.

  At that time, there was no special kit, and the doctor screened Wan Chunhui for a variety of known respiratory viruses, which was highly suspected to be COVID-19. The rescue room and observation ward were crowded with people, and the alarm sounds of ECG monitors kept coming and going. There was no empty bed, so Wan Chunhui had to go home.

  This is the most tense period of beds, and Wan Chunhui pricks up his ears to inquire about bed information every day. On the evening of January 30th, I heard that a new ward was opened in Houhu Campus of Central Hospital. He had no time to clean up and hurried there, and there was just the last bed left on the tenth floor of the inpatient department.

  In the first three days of hospitalization, Wan Chunhui had a high fever of 39.8℃, and his oxygen saturation dropped to 90, and he tried his best with every breath. It is only two or three meters away from the hospital bed to the bathroom. He feels like walking straight. "It feels like seasickness. I can’t say where it is uncomfortable, but it is uncomfortable everywhere."

  At the worst, there was a moment of despair. Wan Chunhui feebly picked up his mobile phone and almost wrote "Sorry, I can’t make it", but the words he finally typed out were "I can"!

  She made three bows facing her hometown.

  The 400 articles are all full of emotions.

  On February 4, Wan Chunhui was transferred to Vulcan Mountain Hospital. After getting off the bus, he insisted on walking into the ward, and his heart was irrepressible. "The best military doctors in China are gathered here. I feel like I am in a safe."

  On the first day of admission, Wan Chunhui experienced the puncture technique like a military medical textbook.

  "My blood vessels are relatively flat. In the past, needles and punctures often missed." Wan Chunhui recalled that a tall male nurse came that day, wearing goggles and double medical gloves. "It’s so beautiful to hit the nail on the head in such a difficult situation!"

  Later, Wan Chunhui learned that the nurse surnamed Li, from Handan, Hebei Province, was a local blood donation star before supporting Vulcan Mountain, and the cumulative blood donation was equivalent to the sum of the whole body blood volume of two adults. After coming to Vulcan Mountain, "Li Dage" shaved his head twice for the convenience of putting on protective clothing and disinfection.

  Dr. Bai from Bethune International Peace Hospital in Shijiazhuang, both husband and wife signed up for the first line, and the young children had to be looked after by the elderly. A nurse who supported Vulcan Mountain in Yunnan, her mother died suddenly, so she had to bow three times in the direction of her hometown, and then dried her tears and went on working. There is also a nurse who has been unwell all the time during his mission. When he completed the task of isolation, he sent the elderly to see a doctor and found out that it was the advanced stage of gastric cancer.

  "You are so handsome when you try your best to save people!" Wan Chunhui wrote in his diary, "Some nurses are thin and small, and protective clothing is like a long skirt, but the power that generate came out when saving people is really great."

  Volunteer to clean the ward.

  He inspired his patients with his story of rebirth.

  The ward of Huoshenshan Hospital is U-shaped, and two nurses are responsible for the nursing tasks of 40 patients. In order to help the medical staff reduce the burden, Wan Chunhui volunteered in the ward. In addition to cleaning and recycling domestic garbage, psychological counseling for patients has become an important task.

  An old lady in her 90s was running around without a mask. When Wan Chunhui asked if she was hungry, she stuffed her with a box of Oreo cookies, but when she visited later, she found that the old lady didn’t eat at all, just sitting alone by the bed, staring blankly out of the window — — I don’t know if the disease can be cured well, and I don’t know when I can reunite with my loved ones, which is the biggest heart disease. In order to appease the old man’s mood, Wan Chunhui chats with her whenever she is free.

  On February 16th, Wan Chunhui didn’t come for two days, and the old lady was a little unhappy. Wan Chunhui explained that Grandpa Su in the next bed was gone, and he was very sad, so he didn’t go out.

  The old lady’s eyes suddenly softened, which in turn comforted Wan Chunhui. "Is he disobedient?" "Yeah. He just disobeyed, gave up on himself and refused to take an injection and take medicine. " The old lady nodded thoughtfully. Wan Chunhui quickly asked, "Are you obedient?" The old lady immediately said, "I am obedient."

  There are many stories about patients like the old lady. Wan Chunhui keeps coming out and cheering for his patients with his own rebirth story, hoping to let more people see the vitality from the predicament. These patients have also come to Wan Chunhui’s pen and become the protagonists of the diary of Vulcan Mountain.

  On February 20th, Wan Chunhui’s twice nucleic acid test results were negative, reaching the discharge standard. The medical staff escorted Wan Chunhui out of the ward. Ten meters apart, Wan Chunhui hugged them from a distance, and a "treasure" suddenly wet his eyes. Wan Chunhui said: "I have never experienced this situation, and it is difficult to understand this feeling between doctors and patients. We are friends of life and death."

  Great care in an extraordinary period

  Publish books to pay tribute to the retrograde of Vulcan Mountain

  During this period of discharge, Wan Chunhui was busy proofreading the manuscript. For more than three months, Wan Chunhui has written more than 400 diaries, which has caused great repercussions on the Internet. He decided to collect and publish more than 100 diaries up to the time of discharge, and Central South University Press will publish the domestic version, while Chinese Publishing House of China Publishing Group will be responsible for the overseas version.

  The manuscript is basically named "Take Good Care". Wan Chunhui said that no matter whether it is medical staff, volunteers or sinking cadres, they are all working hard to save more lives, regardless of remuneration, and I would like to dedicate this book to all people who risk their lives to save lives. The word "extraordinary" is, first, because it is indeed an extraordinary period, and second, as a description of the degree, it is praised by our medical staff.

  Wan Chunhui never forgot his relatives in Vulcan Mountain for a moment. At 5 o’clock in the morning on April 16th, he got up early and rushed to the airport — — On the 15th, Vulcan officially closed its cabin, and it is very likely that the medical staff will be evacuated on the 16th. Unable to enter the terminal, he had to watch from a distance and watch the motorcade leave.

  Medical fans are also always paying attention to the dynamics of Wan Chunhui. The next day after returning to Shijiazhuang, Director Han of the ward called and said that he was walking in the courtyard of the community. This relaxed feeling has been long gone, and he was busy sharing his joy with his old friends. The nurse was away from home for three months in autumn, and her husband made a mess at home, and all the flowers and plants died. Nurse "Li Dage" accidentally lost half a tooth in Wuhan. After returning to Handan, he was in a hurry to fill the tooth. He repeatedly asked about the progress of the manuscript, hoping to see it finished as soon as possible.

  A few days ago, Wan Chunhui was caught in a traffic jam when he went out for a haircut. He was not anxious or annoyed, but he was very happy because the whole city had slowly recovered. "Most of the medical staff in the ward are from Hebei. We have an appointment to wait for the epidemic to pass. I want to go to Shijiazhuang to see these life and death. Now it seems that this day will not be too far away. "

  Text/Reporter Wu Yetu/Reporter Jin Zhenqiang

Getting Started with Running | How do novices start running plans?

I have been dormant for a whole winter, and after working at home in spring, it is the season suitable for going out for sports, and runners have exposed their running data. Some runners may find it very difficult to resume training. Before running much, they start to gasp, and they can’t hold on at all, let alone follow the running plan … Next, I will solve these problems for you one by one.


Part 1

Why does running always wheeze?


In fact, it is very suitable to use Easy Run to lay the foundation when you start running after a break, because the intensity of easy run is very beneficial to exercise the myocardium. When the heart rate reaches 60% of the maximum heart rate, the strength of the heart beating every time will reach the maximum.


At the same time, easy running can increase the number of blood vessels and make the heart deliver more blood and oxygen to the moving muscles. Moreover, when running easily, it is easier for us to stick to it.


Easy running refers to the running intensity that is comfortable and can be chatted, but if you want to monitor it more accurately, you can’t do without a heart rate meter. So how do you set your own easy running heart rate interval?


Part 2

How to find the strength that suits you?




According to the reserve heart rate method


Heart rate interval = (maximum heart rate-resting heart rate) * reserve heart rate percentage+resting heart rate.



01 Maximum heart rate


The maximum heart rate represents the upper limit of the heart rate, which can be roughly calculated by using the method of 220- age, or the accurate value can be measured by the following methods. Need to remind everyone that due to the high intensity of the test, it is best to be accompanied by professionals.




Treadmill test method


8km/h*4 minutes+2 minutes rest.

9km/h*4 minutes+2 minutes’ rest

10km/h*4 minutes+2 minutes rest.

11km/h*4 minutes+2 minutes rest.

By analogy …

Each step is increased by 1km/h until the pace cannot be maintained. Runners can adjust the starting speed according to their own abilities (for example, they can start directly from 10km/h if they have enough abilities), and the whole test ends in about 30 minutes.


Playground intermittent test method


Pace 7:00 *800 meters+rest for 2 minutes.

Pace 6:30 *800 meters+rest for 2 minutes.

Pace 6: 00 * 800m+rest for 2 minutes.

Pace 5:30 *800 meters+rest for 2 minutes.

Pace 5: 00 * 800m+rest for 2 minutes.

By analogy …

Each pace is increased for 30 seconds until the pace can’t be maintained. Runners can adjust the initial pace according to their own abilities (for example, they can start at 6:00), and the whole test ends in about 30 minutes.


Hillside test method


Jogging to warm up for 10 minutes.

Run the first 400 meters with 80% self-conscious effort+jog downhill+rest at the bottom of the slope for 3 minutes.

Run the second 400 meters with 90% self-conscious effort+jog downhill+rest at the bottom of the slope for 3 minutes.

Run the second 400 meters with 100% self-conscious effort+jog downhill+rest at the bottom of the slope for 5 minutes.

And so on …

Until you can’t run a higher heart rate than the previous trip, you can get the maximum heart rate.


Five-kilometer test method


The pace of each kilometer should be faster and faster, and the pace should be pushed to the highest in the last 400-800 meters and maintained to the end.?


02 resting heart rate


Resting heart rate represents the lower limit of heart rate, which refers to the lowest heart rate at room temperature and at rest when awake in the morning. It is relatively easy to measure, and it will be automatically measured if you wear a watch when you sleep at night.




03 reserve heart rate percentage


The percentage of reserve heart rate is shown in the figure below. After inputting the maximum heart rate and the quiet heart rate, HUAWEI Health APP will automatically calculate five heart rate intervals. Substituting 59%~74% of the reserve heart rate for easy running into the formula can also get your own easy running heart rate interval ~




Part 3

How can we stick to it?


In the process of resuming running, the exercise intensity should be controlled within the heart rate range of easy running by adjusting breathing and pace frequency. From the beginning of running for 30 minutes, the same running amount should be maintained for 4 weeks. When the cardiopulmonary endurance is improved and the heart rate change is controlled within 10%, try to increase the running amount.


If you feel relaxed, it will be much easier to increase the distance or running time, and it will also build your running confidence and keep you running!



Researchers in Huawei Sports Science Laboratory wear Runner and other equipment to do the maximum oxygen uptake test.


Part 4

Start your exclusive smart running program.


Of course, you can also follow HUAWEI Health’s smart running plan. Whether you are a novice, want to stay healthy or want to improve your performance, there is always a plan for you ~?




First of all, start with determining your running goal, enter basic information, recent running amount, best running results, etc., and then choose running day, strength training day and rest day to tailor your running plan.




Secondly, after the plan is generated, you will arrange training scientifically according to your physical fitness and physical condition; After running on the same day, you will dynamically adjust the training rhythm of the next stage according to your running data; Every week, you will also receive a detailed weekly running report, including data charts, coaches’ professional comments and sports suggestions.




The smart running plan can also be synchronized to HUAWEI WATCH GT Runner, a watch designed by Huawei for runners, so that you can have a portable "running coach" to help you start scientifically. Open the HUAWEI Health APP-Sports page now, select "Plan", create your own running plan, and run together ~



[Poetic and painting] column: "Su Xin Yan" was officially broadcast

The column of "Poetry and Painting" originated from the sudden outbreak in March 2022. It aims to use the power of art to inspire people’s hearts. I look forward to the success of early resistance and the beautiful scenery of the chest. The aesthetic mood of music to express people’s longing for a better life and pay tribute to classics.

[Poetry and painting] column: "Su Xin Yan" was officially broadcast by the column of this episode by the American artist Cao Jun and the chairman of the Shanghai Recitation Association Lu Chenglie, so stay tuned. Essence Essence

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[Poetic and painting] column: "Su Xin Yan" was officially broadcast

(Watch horizontally)




Cao Jun painting · Poetry / Lu Cheng recitation

The heart is eight, not climbing;

Watching Liuhe, endless.

Zi Jiu Youyun,

Poetry should be lonely, painting should be quiet.

I send a bird in the soil and soil,

Look up to see the sentient beings,

Low eyebrows.

The so -called Zen,

It is the realm of quietness and net.

How many mixed life,

A few hustle and bustle,

Find a quiet and elegant situation,

Being alone,

A book, a piece of song, a line of small characters, poetry rhyme.

In the cozy, a pond of water, a lotus, Zen also.


▇ ▇ ▅ ▂ ▇ ▇ ▅ ▃ ▃ ▃

Cao Jun, a well -known artist in the United States, is currently co -chairman of the Academic Committee of the Museum of Art Museum in New York. He is also a visiting professor at the School of Arts of Nanjing, Renmin University of China, and Communication University of China. He has held a exhibition at the McMallen Museum of McMalon, the Chinese Art Museum, and Boston Academy in New Zealand’s Bruce Mason Art Center. His works have been invited to participate in the Louvre of the Louvre, France, the New York Armal Studius 94 Pier New York and other international art exhibitions, and was collected by dozens of art museums and museums such as the Rockefeller family. More than ten monographs on publishing arts are built with the "Cao Jun Art Museum". His artistic achievements have been reported by CCTV and "People’s Daily".

Cao Jun’s "New Song -style Chinese Painting" was included in the textbooks of higher arts academic research by many countries such as China, the United States, Austria and other countries, and was used as an academic research object.


▇ ▇ ▅ ▂ ▇ ▇ ▅ ▃ ▃ ▃

Lu Cheng, host of Shanghai Radio and Television Program, Editorial of National First -level Literature, Winners of the National Broadcasting Host Gold Merroscopy, President of the Shanghai Recitation Association, Vice President of the Shanghai Language Workers Association, and a member of the Shanghai Workers Association.

Cao Jun’s works appreciation

Light -luminous wings


Kamiya Baji



Small to suck the charm


New poem in the sleeve


(Watch horizontal screen)

Autumn water


In the river




Producer, total producer

Shi Yanqi

General consultant

Feng Yuan

General planning

Mao Shi’an

Art consultant in this episode

Cao Jun Lu Cheng

Title of "Poetic Love"

Wu Qianyu

Legal adviser

Zhao Jingguo




Yuan Bing Yang Qi

Color adjustment


Piece Ending

Tao Hong


Xiao Yi


Chen Xuan




China Television Travel


China Television Cultural Tourism Art Research Institute

Joint camera

Shanghai Shahu Media Co., Ltd.


China Television Cultural Tourism Research Institute

China Television Travel Poetry Research Institute

China Television Travel Art Research Institute

China Television Travel Literature and Art Research Institute

Zhongyang Cultural Communication (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

Shanghai, China

China Television Travel

Relying on the Central Digital TV Channel, China Television Cultural Tourism brand is based on the inheritance and dissemination of Chinese classic culture. It will integrate the central -level media platforms to combine the advantages of new media to create a cultural communication platform of media, culture, art, and tourism. It involves media operations, art research institutes, publishing, cultural exchanges, art exhibitions, art auctions, cultural tourism, literary evening party building, art and technology, art and finance, and art cross -border brand building.

At present, it has successfully implemented the Shanghai Center of China Digital TV Chinese Studies Channel and Shanghai Center. With the joint creation of "National Cultivation", "The Moon of the Sea", "Fall in the North Bund" with the Propaganda Department of the Hongkou District Committee of the Communist Party of China, integrate it, the exhibition, the exhibition, and the cultural and creative. New style of cultural fusion.

On December 24, 2018, the first "National Academic Rhymes" Haipai Painting and Painting Master’s Academic Invitational Exhibition was held

On December 31, 2019, the first "Ocean Birth Moon" National Oil Painting Master’s Academic Invitational Exhibition was held

Life aesthetics and aesthetic application forums on January 18, 2020

On April 20, 2020, the "Covenant of the Hong Confucianism" was held in the north and south flowers and bird paintings of the north and south of the country

In November 2020, he participated in the 3rd Yangtze River Delta International Cultural Fair and held the exhibition "flowing art". The integration of art and technology

From December 2020 to July 2021, "Fall in Love with the North Bund" master sketching and creative exhibition activities

On June 17, 2021, the second "National Cultivation Art Rhyme" TOP special exhibition was held

On July 1, 2021, the "traceability is true, value consensus" encrypted digital art round table forum

In November 2021, the second "Falling in Fall in Beibu" national oil painting master sketching and creative activities

Features in the form of exhibitions and columns, explore the new forms of offline physical exhibitions and online television and network synchronous exhibitions, and strive to exhibit works from all -round three -dimensional presentation from visual impact, emotional driving, and in -depth analysis.

In 2018, China Television Cultural Tourism Art Research Institute has been established. The Academy and Food and Culture Research Institute takes artistic research, art education, and artistic creation as the development pattern, integrating expert resources and academic research.