Hezhang, Guizhou: Cherry blossoms in March and stay fresh in May.

It’s cherry blossom again. In the early spring, more than 10,000 acres of cherry flowers in Liuquhe Town, Hezhang County are in full bloom, and the snow-white cherry flower sea all over the mountains attracts many tourists to come and enjoy the flowers. "Enjoy flowers in March and fruit in May", the cherry industry has become one of the leading industries in Liuquhe Town to help rural revitalization.
Walking into the Mill Village of Liuquhe Town, looking around, more than 3,000 acres of cherry flowers here are blooming beautifully, and they complement each other with the surrounding villages, forming a beautiful picture of spring, welcoming the most beautiful season of the year and attracting many tourists to watch the flowers and enjoy the scenery.
Cherry planting in Liuquhe Town has a long history, and the cherries produced are big, full of moisture, sweet and mature late, which is the "golden fruit" for villagers to get rich. At present, cherry is in full bloom, which is a good time to enjoy flowers, and the harvest hope of cherry in the new year is born from this.
In the early spring, more than 10,000 acres of cherry flowers in Liuquhe Town, Hezhang County are competing to bloom, which is a good time to enjoy flowers. Photo by Li Xueyou
In recent years, based on the advantages of local altitude, climate and soil, Liuquhe Town has actively optimized the layout of cherry industry, vigorously developed the cherry industry, constantly polished Hezhang’s business card of "Hometown of Cherry in China", promoted people’s income and wealth, and helped rural revitalization.
In Nianfang Village, Liuquhe Town, a small red cherry has become a "golden fruit" for local farmers to increase their income. Looking around, the rolling hills and beautiful villages are hidden in the snow-white cherry sea of flowers, which is spectacular. The cherries produced here are crystal clear, rich in sweetness, rich in juice and delicious.
In the early spring, more than 10,000 acres of cherry flowers in Liuquhe Town, Hezhang County are competing to bloom, which is a good time to enjoy flowers. Photo by Li Xueyou
"There are about 3,000 mu of agate red cherries in Nianfang Village, Liuquhe Town. Agate red cherries have good taste, large sweet and sour particles, and can be preserved for a longer time than conventional cherries at room temperature, with an annual output of about 700 tons." Gao Yanyong, secretary of the Party branch of Nianfang Village in Liuquhe Town, told the author that the cherry products in Nianfang Village are mainly sold to Guiyang, Chengdu, Wuhan, Chongqing, Kunming, Guangdong, Zhejiang and other capital cities. In recent years, the agate red cherry industry in this village has driven the increase of about 300 households with more than 1,200 people in the village, with an average household income of about 8,500 yuan.
Liuquhe Town has mild climate, four distinct seasons, abundant sunshine, large temperature difference between morning and evening and abundant rain, which is very suitable for cherry planting. Fully relying on this geographical advantage, Liuquhe Town has actively adjusted the agricultural industrial structure and vigorously developed the cherry industry. The cherry planting area in the town has reached 12,000 mu, including 5,200 mu of traditional cherry planting area and 6,800 mu of agate red cherry planting area, with an annual output of 3,600 tons of cherries, which has driven 4,500 people to obtain employment, initially forming a large-scale and intensive industrial development trend. At the same time, the development of cherry industry has also promoted the development of agricultural products sales, agricultural products processing, logistics and transportation, and created more employment opportunities for the masses.
In the early spring, more than 10,000 acres of cherry flowers in Liuquhe Town, Hezhang County are competing to bloom, which is a good time to enjoy flowers. Photo by Li Xueyou
"The cherries in Liuquhe Town are mainly distributed in villages such as mill houses, fields, rivers, bamboo houses and yards. Cherry products are mainly sold to Guiyang, Wuhan, Chongqing, Kunming, Guangdong, Zhejiang and other capital cities. " Wang Hao, member of the Party Committee and Propaganda Committee of Liuquhe Town, said: "In recent years, the cherry industry has driven about 1,200 households with more than 3,000 people in the town to increase their income, with an average household income of about 8,000 yuan. Among them, there are 500 poverty-stricken households with 2000 people. The cherry industry has become one of the main industries in our town to promote rural revitalization. "
It is reported that in the next step, Liuquhe Town will continue to strengthen the development of cherry industry, formulate more scientific and reasonable development plans, strengthen technology research and development and personnel training, strive to improve planting technology and management level, deepen cooperation between upstream and downstream enterprises in the industrial chain, promote information sharing and benefit sharing, increase market development and marketing efforts, enhance brand awareness and competitiveness, strengthen ecological and environmental protection construction, and realize the sustainable development of cherry green industry. (Photo/Text/Li Xueyou, Deng Weixuan, Sheng Can)

On the application of volleyball games in college sports volleyball teaching

Volleyball has a long history all over the world. In recent years, China’s women’s volleyball team has won the championship frequently, which has attracted widespread attention. More and more students are participating in volleyball games. Volleyball has many advantages, for example, it can strengthen students’ physique, and mutual competition among teams can improve students’ teamwork ability and competitive enthusiasm, which is conducive to students’ comprehensive development. However, at present, most colleges and universities still follow the traditional teaching mode, and most physical education teachers lack understanding of the importance of volleyball games and practical experience, and most of them teach students theoretical knowledge and basic competitive skills, which makes volleyball courses in colleges and universities lack relevant educational significance.
First, the educational value of volleyball games to college students
(A) Volleyball games help to stimulate students’ interest in learning volleyball.
According to the survey, most students like to play autonomous volleyball, but they are less interested in volleyball courses. The main reason is that the teaching content of volleyball courses is boring and monotonous, and it also limits students’ freedom. On the contrary, volleyball games can fully show themselves during the game, and the game is competitive, so students will be more active. The application of volleyball games can stimulate students’ interest in learning volleyball, which can not only effectively accomplish the teaching objectives of physical education teachers, but also greatly improve students’ physical fitness.
(B) is conducive to cultivating students’ enthusiasm for competition and teamwork.
Volleyball games are mainly based on competition. Competing among groups can stimulate students’ competitiveness, and volleyball requires the cooperation of many people in groups, so it can also improve the teamwork ability of college students, which is conducive to the healthy and all-round development of college students and conforms to the current environment of quality education reform.
Second, the application strategy of volleyball games in college sports volleyball teaching
With the development of ball games at home and abroad, it is necessary to pay more attention to volleyball teaching in colleges and universities. Especially with the continuous reform of education, college sports volleyball teaching should return games to teaching, use volleyball games to assist volleyball teaching, and at the same time pay attention to the educational value and fitness function of volleyball.
(A) improve the adaptability of the game
The purpose of volleyball games is mainly to cooperate with volleyball teaching, so teachers should still focus on teaching objectives and choose suitable games according to students’ characteristics, including fully considering students’ volleyball foundation and skills, as well as the length of time for students to study volleyball courses. In short-term volleyball teaching, physical education teachers can make students repeatedly train in the same game or the same game, in order to let students master a specific action or skill. In the long-term teaching, the content of the game can be continuously enriched, and students can master more comprehensive volleyball skills.
(2) Adjust the difficulty of the game appropriately.
After a period of practice, students’ mastery of basic volleyball skills will be improved accordingly. However, if students are always trained in games with lower difficulty, it is difficult for them to improve greatly. Therefore, teachers can adjust the difficulty of volleyball games appropriately according to their mastery. However, at present, many college teachers do not have much research on volleyball games, and the game mode adopted is relatively simple. Therefore, teachers need to pay more attention to it and develop volleyball games with moderate difficulty for students to practice.
(C) changing game patterns to improve students’ enthusiasm for participation
After repeated practice of a single game, students will inevitably feel boring. Over time, students lose interest in volleyball. Therefore, teachers need to constantly change the pattern of volleyball games, for example, by changing the number of students forming teams or the number of competitors to increase the interest of the game, which is also conducive to improving the enthusiasm of students to participate in the game. At the same time, teachers can also formulate reward and punishment measures to provide certain rewards to the winning team, while the losing team can be punished for practicing certain volleyball movements. Reward and punishment measures can not only motivate students to be more competitive, but also improve their mastery of basic volleyball movements.
(four) to ensure the safety of the game
In colleges and universities, there are many students in physical education class at the same time, and the danger of volleyball is also high, which is limited by many factors such as venue infrastructure. Students who are new to volleyball should not be required to practice immediately, otherwise it will easily lead to injuries due to improper movements. In addition, teachers should carefully check whether the volleyball court is flat and whether the relevant equipment is safe before class, and ask students to wear sportswear to avoid strain caused by excessive movement.
(5) Formulating the rules of volleyball games and strictly observing them.
Any kind of game needs strict rules as the basis for judging the outcome, and students are required to strictly abide by the relevant rules when playing volleyball games. In the case of less volleyball venues, teachers should allocate groups reasonably and organize all students to participate in the game to ensure the fairness and discipline of the game. Teachers, as judges, also need to enforce the law impartially and not take sides, so as to ensure the normal development of volleyball games.
Third, the conclusion
To sum up, the application of volleyball games can greatly improve the effect of volleyball teaching in colleges and universities, and it is of great significance to the growth and development of students. In the environment of quality education reform, college teachers should innovate teaching methods and enrich teaching contents, and physical education teaching can also incorporate appropriate game elements, so that students can not only learn volleyball related knowledge in a relaxed environment, but also spontaneously consolidate their competitive skills. In addition, the development of students’ volleyball game activities can also improve their team cooperation ability, which is conducive to improving students’ comprehensive quality and making students have a healthier body and mind.

Ministry of Culture and Tourism: In 2022, the written test time of the national tour guide qualification examination extension area has been set.

  Cctv newsAccording to the website of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, in order to effectively protect the rights and interests of the majority of candidates, after careful study, we hereby notify you of the postponement of some examination areas of the 2022 National Tour Guide Qualification Examination as follows:

  I. Date of holding

  The unified written test time for the postponed examination area of the 2022 National Tour Guide Qualification Examination is March 25th, 2023 (Saturday), and the relevant provincial cultural and tourism administrative departments must complete the on-site examination (interview) and submit the results before April 14th, 2023.

  Second, the reference personnel

  Candidates who have passed the registration review and paid fees before 17:00 on September 23, 2022, and have not yet applied for a refund. Candidates who decide not to refer to the postponed examination area can do so at 9: 00 on January 12, 2023 & mdash; Apply for refund before 17:00 on January 16th.

  Third, the examination subjects and time

  From 9:00 on March 20, 2023, candidates can download the admission ticket through the online registration system of the National Tour Guide Qualification Examination and print it themselves. Candidates who fail to pass the examination of registration information, fail to pay fees or have applied for refund cannot download and print admission tickets.

  V. Announcement of test results

  Candidates’ test results are qualified if their written test scores, on-site test (interview) scores and total scores meet the requirements of marking. The test results of the additional test candidates are qualified when the results of the on-site test (interview) meet the requirements of marking. Candidates’ test scores are only valid for the next test.

  From 9:00 on May 19, 2023, candidates in the postponed examination area can log in to the online registration system of the national tour guide qualification examination to check the examination results.

  Vi. Requirements for other matters

  Other related matters of the examination shall be subject to the Notice of the Market Management Department of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism on Organizing and Implementing the 2022 National Tour Guide Qualification Examination (Market Letter [2022] No.43).

  I hereby inform you.

  Department of Market Management, Ministry of Culture and Tourism

  January 10, 2023

In Shanghai Metro Station, women are wearing cool, and the "pattern" on the back has become the focus.

Every legend will fade over time

Some people say that beauty is an art, not just wearing it. They are daring to act as the first person for their fashion forefronts.

Just as the "non -mainstream" and "killing Matt" pursued by the post -90s, the "Curry", "JK uniform", "Hanfu culture" pursued after 00s and so on.

From the perspective of the 90s today, the original avant -garde thought was just a legend, which had faded, and only had some naive and ridiculous memories. Those who were once considered to be mature are just alternatives in the eyes of adults. One day, maybe these post -00 children should also think the same as us.

Some people say that today’s beauty has been subtly involved, the avant -garde thought, and the "deformity" born in the times, they gradually changed the definition of beauty, no longer the innocence and natural beauty of the 70.80s, but the individuality and thoughts pursued by young people’s pursuit Open, they put the definition of "beauty" on exposed wearing, personalities, charming perfumes and luxurious decorations.

In the past, "beauty" was wore for yourself, and the current "deformity beauty" was appreciated by others. Although there were different praises, they didn’t care about this, just as the words on the Internet: "Take your own way, let others let others have others, let others make others others, let others make others others Isn’t it true of us in the past? We ca n’t appreciate others at all, and only we will appreciate it ourselves.

Women of the subway station are cool, and the "pattern" on the back becomes the focus

Some netizens published a scene located in the Shanghai Metro Station. A young and fashionable woman walked in the subway station in a cool and fashionable woman, which attracted the attention of many passers -by.

She wore a short vest on her body, and the whole back was basically in the air. It seemed that this was her real "clothes" with the entire pattern. I can’t help but want to ask if people who have tattoos like to wear clothes like this, whether men and women.

This pattern is not expected to be the focus of everyone’s appreciation. The pattern is covered with the entire back. Only a small part is blocked by the clothes behind. It is obvious that the pattern of a woman dancing at the face is obviously seen.

Her lower body is a black shorts, with two short clothes on the calf part, which should be connected with pants, but she unlocked the connected buttons to form such a shape. Essence

Her arms are two sleeves, like pants, and cut off, but this is not connected to the vest of the top.

If it is hot, wearing cool feelings, but she wears shoes, short clothes and sleeves of the arms, which really makes people really understand whether she is afraid of heat or cold.

Perhaps in her opinion, she just dedicated her to the art of behavior, not to wear warmth or cool clothes. She didn’t care about the gaze of others, and she was more self -confidence.

Indeed, she successfully attracted the attention of passers -by, and many people obviously had passed, and she couldn’t help but look back.

It may be that everyone’s circle is different, different thoughts, and behavior is different. Some women have a soft spot for their own feelings. They think this is an art, fashionable art.

Anyway, the times are developing rapidly today, and thoughts will change with this. Blind traditional thoughts are not a good thing. In this era, some avant -garde people need to open the way for us. Appreciation, this is not a unique beauty.