5G Science Popularization: Can an ordinary mobile phone connect to a 5G network? What are the priority areas for coverage?

  BEIJING, March 7 (Reporter Wu Tao) Recently, 5G mobile phones have been released intensively, and 5G related news has emerged in an endless stream, which has dazzled netizens. But can the current 5G network be used? Where can I use it and how can I use it? Many netizens are confused.

  Can mobile phones use 5G networks now?

  One of the doubts of netizens is, can the current mobile phone use 5G network?

  At present, most of the users use 4G mobile phones, and it is definitely impossible to connect to 5G networks.

  In addition, there are no mass-produced 5G mobile phones on the market. Although Huawei, ZTE, Samsung, OPPO, Xiaomi, etc. have recently released 5G mobile phones, mass production and sale are basically in the middle of this year.

  What kind of 5G mobile phone should I buy?

  There are so many 5G mobile phones, which one is better?

  Judging from the current release of mobile phone manufacturers, a mainstream configuration is Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor+Snapdragon X50 modem. For example, the 5G version of Xiaomi MIX3 is this configuration. The 5G mobile phones released by ZTE and OPPO also use Snapdragon X50 modem.

  However, on February 19th, Qualcomm introduced the second generation 5G NR modem — — Snapdragon X55 modem. So if you are not in a hurry to change the 5G mobile phone, you may wish to wait. After all, the X50 was launched in 2016.

  How does the current 5G terminal use the 5G network?

  Many netizens are asking: How do I see that media reports have started to use 5G networks?

  It is understood that this situation is the use of some dedicated equipment. For example, in the media workspace of the two sessions, journalists can use the 5G network and 5G+VR high-definition camera installed in the "Minister’s Channel" of the Great Hall of the People to watch the live interview of the experience minister through VR glasses.

  Moreover, network coverage also needs to be specially built by operators. China Mobile, the representative of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, said that it would complete the construction of two 5G microcellular base stations in Beijing Railway Building within 36 hours.

  Which places give priority to the opening of 5G networks?

  The good news is that some areas are expected to be the first to experience the 5G network. Recently, Miao Wei, Minister of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, said that the 5G license will be issued soon. So everyone is expected to experience the 5G network soon.

  According to incomplete statistics, before that, the three major operators have carried out off-site testing or 5G pilot projects in Beijing, Xiong ‘an, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Tianjin, Hangzhou, Suzhou, Wuhan, Chengdu, Lanzhou and Nanjing.

  Specific to the city, China Unicom said that the 5G base station will give priority to several key scenes in Beijing, including Media Center, Beijing City Sub-center, Beijing New Airport, along Chang ‘an Avenue, Financial Street, and the 2019 Beijing World Expo.

  What is the speed?

  One of the main characteristics of 5G network is its fast network speed. According to many operators, compared with 4G, the speed of 5G network is ten times faster.

  Mate X, a folding 5G mobile phone released by Huawei, is said to have a bandwidth of 200MHz, with a theoretical peak of 4.6Gbps, and can download a 1G video in 3 seconds at the earliest.

  Of course, these are all in the test state, and their speeds are different in different environments.

  For example, the same is China Mobile 5G. After field test in Beijing Railway Building, the downlink rate of the network reaches 700Mbps and the uplink rate reaches 90Mbps.

  However, on February 27th, China Mobile opened its first 2.6GHz 5G base station in Lhasa. After testing in outdoor environment, the peak download rate reached 530M/ s, and the average download rate was about 500M/ s. It took 2 seconds to download a 1GB movie.

  What applications have been launched?

  In fact, the characteristics of 5G are far from limited to fast network speed, and its application is not limited to 5G mobile phones. Its application can cover almost all walks of life. At present, 5G+4K live broadcast is widely used.

  The relevant staff of China Unicom told the reporter of Zhongxin.com that in fact, the 5G mobile phone is only a terminal product of 5G, and the application of 5G network is far from limited to mobile phones.

  Miao Wei recently said, "In the future, about 20% of 5G facilities will be used for communication problems between people, and 80% will be used for things and things, things and people, that is, the Internet of Things, especially the mobile Internet of Things communication problems."

  For example, in the education industry, recently, China Unicom launched an open class of 5G new technology. In order to let students better experience the refraction and total reflection of light, students can wear VR glasses to feel the mirage.

  Li Yunzhao, an expert in education informatization of Hubei Unicom, explained that holographic projection portraits have higher requirements for network speed than live HD video. The network speed of 5G is more than 10 times faster than that of 4G, and the network delay of holographic projection video is less than 5 milliseconds. Only when entering the 5G era can video tools truly realize vivid holographic projection.

  At the 2019 Shandong 5G Industry Summit held recently, 21 5G application booths based on 17 scenarios were displayed, which comprehensively demonstrated the top 10 5G application directions such as 5G+ artificial intelligence, 5G+ robot, 5G+ virtual reality and 5G+ Internet of Things.

The Japanese animation new work "The Son of the Weather" is popular in China, and the original novel is sought after.

The Japanese animation new work "The Son of the Weather" is popular in China, and the original novel is sought after.

Photo courtesy of the organizer of the novel "The Son of the Weather" (Simplified Chinese Version)

  Zhongxin. com, Guangzhou, November 3 (Reporter Jun Guo) The new work "The Son of the Weather" by Makoto Shinkai, a well-known Japanese animation director, was released in China on November 1. The first day’s box office performance was good, and the popularity of online topics continued to rise. With the popularity of movies, the original novel written by Makoto Shinkai has attracted much attention. The simplified Chinese version of the novel has a circulation of over 350,000 copies in the first month.

  On the afternoon of the 2nd, Guangzhou Tianwen Jiaochuan Animation Co., Ltd., the producer of the simplified Chinese version of The Son of the Weather, invited Lin Qinghua, an associate professor and translator of the School of Foreign Languages of Guangdong University of Technology, to hold a translator sharing meeting in Guangzhou Yanjiyou Bookstore to share the "Makoto Shinkai World" in The Son of the Weather.

Photo courtesy of the poster organizer of the movie "The Son of the Weather"

  "The Son of Weather" tells the story of how boys and girls, teased by fate, choose their own way of life in an era when climate control is out of control. The picture is beautiful, showing the beauty of breezes and images everywhere, with a strong personal style of Makoto Shinkai. His new work not only describes the growth of adolescent boys and girls, but also attempts to explore various conflicts between gain and loss, life and death, innocence and sophistication, personal wishes and social expectations, acting against nature and Taoism. Makoto Shinkai, with the help of delicate characterization and skillful dramatic conflict techniques, has aroused readers’ and fans’ thoughts.

  In fact, The Son of the Weather itself is Makoto Shinkai’s response to social evaluation. In the postscript of the novel of the same name, he said that the new work is not a traditional story, but your name three years ago. After the big heat, he thought about different evaluation voices from all walks of life.

The Translator Sharing Meeting of The Son of the Weather was held in Guangzhou.

  "Movies are not school textbooks." In the postscript of the novel, Makoto Shinkai wrote, "I want to narrate in a language different from textbooks, politicians and critics. I want to write stories with standards different from morality or education. "

  Makoto Shinkai is famous for the animated film Your Name. "and widely known. "Your name. "Not only was it included in Japanese film history with a box office of over 25 billion yen, but its original novel also became one of the best-selling books in Japanese library department in 2016 with a record of exceeding one million copies.

  According to the staff of Tianwen Jiaochuan, the simplified Chinese version of the novel "The Son of the Weather" was launched in Guangzhou and Shanghai at the same time on October 2. As of October 28, the circulation of the novel has exceeded 350,000 copies, ranking first in the sales list of JD.COM youth literature.