With a market scale of over 100 billion yuan, how much money does the women’s entertainment group attract?

  Since its launch, Youth with You 2 and Creation Camp 2020 have searched the list of topics in a hot search mode-this year’s entertainment keywords must have a seat for the "women’s group".

  Two years ago, in the summer, "Creation 101" set a high-light moment in the draft of the women’s entertainment group with over 50 million people watching the live broadcast of the final selection. Rocket Girls 101, which was voted by fans with time, emotion and real money, will be dissolved as scheduled in June this year, and the first draft women’s team will soon become history.

  In the third year of the women’s team draft for internal entertainment, this year’s women’s team draft has struck again with unprecedented momentum compared with the men’s team that has been continuously launched. Why is the women’s group so concerned? What changes have been made in the women’s team draft? How big is the market for inner entertainment women’s groups? What do the audience like to watch when they watch the women’s team draft?


  Why do we all define the new women’s group?

  Compared with 2019, this year’s women’s team can be described as an attack by the whole army. The head platforms, Iqiyi, Tencent Video and Mango TV, have launched heavy productions to define the "new women’s group" of internal entertainment. Behind the high heat, how attractive is the women’s team market?

  From the data point of view, when Creation 101 ended, the total broadcast volume was 4.86 billion, and the reading volume of the topic of the same name in Weibo was 10.45 billion; As of May 29th, 13.78 billion people have read the topic of the same name in Youth with You 2. The topic reading volume of Creation Camp 2020, which has only been broadcast for four weeks, has also exceeded 14.33 billion, with a cumulative broadcast volume of 3.043 billion. This year’s women’s team draft market is still hot.

  As early as the "Creation 101" period, the scale of China’s idol economy market has reached nearly 100 billion, of which the core music market (including physical records, digital music, concerts, etc.) and derivative markets (movies, variety shows, advertisements, etc.) each contributed about half. According to the prediction of Yien database, the market size of China’s idol economy will exceed 100 billion yuan in 2020.

  Yi En’s Iterative Research Report on Chinese Idol Industry

  According to the Southern Metropolis Daily, on the day of the final of Creation 101, the total amount of money raised by the top 11 players and fans was about 41.25 million yuan. In order to send Meng Mei Qi’s C debut, fans publicly raised a conservative amount of more than 12 million yuan; In the "Idol Trainee" broadcast three months before it, KUN fans who made their debut on the C-fault publicly raised about 2 million yuan-the krypton gold and idolize ability of women’s group fans far exceeded the market expectation.

  So, how do you make a multi-dimensional profit as a women’s group? Who benefits from it?

  ▌ Hundreds of millions of investment, the golden signboard of the video platform

  For the sponsor of the women’s team draft, the cost of building such an S+ (super key project) variety show on the broadcasting platform is several hundred million yuan, and there are hundreds of people working on the spot alone. With such a high investment in manpower and material resources, the feedback is also proportional.

  ● Advertising sponsorship is an important source of income for talent shows.

  In addition to the high exposure of the general title, other big sponsors can also get huge traffic by launching lists and fans voting to decide the right to broadcast. The increasing attention of the program and the multi-scene implantation make Creation 101 a must-have traffic pool in the eyes of advertisers. According to relevant sources, the revenue of Creation 101 in advertising alone has reached 400-500 million yuan (the total investment of the program is about 600 million yuan).

  This year’s women’s team draft is still strong in attracting gold. The general title of "Youth has You 2" is Mengniu real fruit, flowers and fruits, light milk; In addition, there are more than 20 famous brands such as Black Toothpaste, Sophie Pocket Magic Series, Kiehl’s, Chimelong Resort, NIKE, Armani Makeup, QQ Music, etc., and they have invested heavily in the cooperation of various title. The total title of "Creation Camp 2020" is Mengniu (Chun Zhen Xiao Man Yao), and other sponsors include well-known brands such as Colgate, JD.COM, ABC Sanitary napkins, Mystery, Puma, Manifen, Tencent Microvision, QQ Music, Glory, Lancome, McDonald’s, L ‘Oré al Paris and Estee Lauder.

  ● The greater significance of the participation of the whole people in the group draft for the platform lies in "promoting vitality and bringing forth new ideas"

  In two or three months, the broadcast volume of optical programs can reach several billion, which does not include some derivative information, which strongly drives the DAU and MAU of video platforms. Fans must go through the official designated voting channel to help their pick members.

  "Creation 101" sets the differentiation rules that members like 121 times a day and ordinary users like 11 times a day. Under the fans’ crazy pk, the program directly completed the new KPI ahead of schedule. There are not a few users of "Tencent video members have been charged for 20xx years".

  In the previous votes of iQiyi’s "Youth has You 2", each account can help 9 members, and VIP members have one more chance. After the competition has entered a white-hot stage, the rules will be changed to only help one member per account, and members will have one more chance. If you use the iQiyi Bubble App, you will have one more chance. This means that the audience needs to change from "goodwill" to "loyalty" to the players. The adjustment of voting method can better show the number of "strong sticky" fan groups of each trainee.

  "Qing 2" Iqiyi’s fourth round of assistance rules

  Based on the program form of reality show, the video platform will also launch the content of member exclusive edition. High-quality member-specific tidbits and derivative variety shows enable fans to understand idols in all directions, and enhance their stickiness and willingness to pay for them.

  The viewing schedule includes feature films and members’ exclusive parts.

  Using online voting to pull DAU and MAU, and using membership difference rules to guide ordinary users to convert to VIP and drain to sub-App, the effect is remarkable. Last year, the income of iQiyi members reached 14.44 billion yuan, surpassing advertising income for the first time and becoming an important income sector. The video website launched the national draft variety show, which brought N benefits to the platform, including the ability of idol groups to continue to drain after forming a group. This is an important reason why Tencent Video and Iqiyi are still willing to launch the draft in 2020.

  ▌ Multiple channels of realizing women’s groups

  Idol group draft is different from some traditional variety shows selected by professional judges in the past, and the number of votes of fans directly determines whether the players can debut. In the era of idol economy, the number of fans is the most intuitive expression of popularity and an important assessment dimension of business value.

  In the current Chinese idol market, the channels for realizing women’s groups can basically be divided into two parts: B-end and C-end. Among them, B-end (mainly film and television variety shows, commercial endorsements, etc.) still belongs to an important source of realization in China; The growth potential of the C-end (mainly fan consumption) is the weight for the Chinese idol market to break through in the competition.

  Low 101 mode out of the group, will be the realization of B and C combined.

  This can be seen from the distribution of resources after the debut of Rocket Girl. Members who are more popular in the team and have stronger fans’ ability to win gold can get single-person movies and endorsements. For example, Meng Mei Qi starred in the cinema film "Zhu Xian", and the box office exceeded 400 million yuan; She also became a "brand friend" of TOM FORD. Xuan Yi starred in the TV series "Douluo Continent", and endorsed the Snow Show series. YCY has been invited for variety shows, and got the title of AHC’s "global spokesperson" in business. Sunnee became the lip makeup spokesperson of Odin Jr.

  In group concerts and album sales, the personal list link of Rocket Girl will be opened, allowing fans to compete for purchasing power and give full play to the realization potential of C-side.

  Rocket Girls 101 concert scene map, each fan selects seats according to the target of support, and the colors of the support lights are also different. Source: @ Rocket Girls 101 Guanbo

  Brokerage company

  ●B2B mode and B2C mode

  For the traditional women’s group brokers, the potential economic benefits are distributed in the following aspects:

  Under the B2B model, the idols created can receive business activities, endorse and sing theme songs, and these announcements are the most important source of income for most companies. The popular members of the head have the opportunity to participate in film and television and variety projects to drain the group.

  Under the B2C model, the sources of economic benefits are more abundant. The first is to launch albums and singles, the quantity and quality of which are also the indicators to judge the operation of a women’s group; The second is the fan meeting, which meets the interactive needs of fans and idols. Third, concerts are also one of the major sources of income, but there are extremely high requirements for the popularity and strength of women’s groups; Fourth, the sales of magazines/reports around idols and related to idols can also arouse fans’ strong willingness to pay; Fifth, it is also the attempt direction of women’s group brokerage companies to build and operate a fan community through App.

  Debut is the primary goal of the idol training company, which proves that there must be something extraordinary in the chain of exploring and building idols, which is conducive to the rapid promotion of the company’s popularity.

  And all kinds of traditional film and television, online celebrity brokerage and other companies also send players to participate in the competition, but they don’t really care about whether they debut or not; It is the key to promote the all-round exposure of artists by taking advantage of the flow of programs.

  ● The domestic entertainment idol market set off a "Hundred Regiments War"

  In recent years, the idol culture of Japan and South Korea gradually invaded, which made some domestic companies see the prospect of idol groups and began to lay out the idol industry. The earlier and well-known one was SNH48. In 2012, Siba Culture launched SNH48, a large-scale female idol group. SNH48 cooperated with Japan AKB48 in copyright in the early days, and later became a domestic women’s group with pure domestic operation due to the needs of local development. Compared with the Japanese model, SNH48 has many local innovations. For example, some original songs that meet the taste of the China market will be selected, and theaters will be selected in first-and second-tier cities to collectively manage artists (Japanese adopt part-time idol system).

  From 2014 to 2018, the star-building companies of Jingwei Company Awakening Oriental, WR/OC and other idol tracks were established one after another, and began to make star reserves.

  In 2018, "Idol Trainee" and "Creation 101" announced the arrival of the "Idol First Year" of internal entertainment. After the end of Creation 101, Rocket Girls 101, voted by fans one vote one vote, gained a top position in the women’s entertainment group market, and the theme song Calorie, which was sung for the film The Richest Man in Xihong City, was even more popular all over the country. Based on this, in the post-101 era, more companies participated in the cultivation of idol groups, and the idol economy grew wildly.

  Idol groups emerge one after another every year. According to conservative estimates, there are at least 200 women’s groups with official group names from 2016 to now.


  In the third year of the women’s team draft,

  What changes have been made?

  Program form

  ● The essence is still reality show+talent competition.

  Born out of South Korea’s "Produce101", the content of the national women’s team draft can be summarized as "reality show+talent competition".

  Compared with the exploration of idol group draft in the domestic market the year before last, the environment of this year’s women’s group draft has changed, and the competition among platforms, players and brokerage companies has been escalating from the front to the back.

  The main visual posters of "Youth with You 2" and "Creation Camp 2020", the source program official blog.

  ● "Youth has you 2" is more inclined to the original Korean model, and the circle is measured by topic discussion.

  Judging from the form of the program, the first release of "Youth with You 2" is still close to the original Korean version, allowing trainees to form teams according to companies, take turns to show them, and be graded by instructors, and then show the strength and growth of trainees to fans through continuous practice and performance. As a "youth producer", fans helped 109 contestants by voting, and the nine girls with the highest number of votes finally made their debut in a group.

  Although the form of the draft has not changed much, iQiyi has made great efforts in marketing. Even people who haven’t seen the first episode of the program have brushed "yellow long skirts, fluffy hair …" in Weibo or friends circle.

  Rap clip of brainwashing in "Youth has You 2"

  ● "Creation Camp 2020" greatly changed the competition system, trying to break through from strength.

  The premiere of "Creation Camp 2020" directly changed the previously successful program form, not only cutting the debut of the previous 11 people directly to 7 people, but also canceling the grading system from Class A to Class F.

  In the first program, without members’ self-introduction, the coaching team directly asked 101 girls "Who thinks he is the strongest vocal/dance player among these 101 people" and asked them to fight each other to select 7 debutants.

  If "Creation 101" is a breakthrough of "from scratch" in the internal entertainment women’s group draft, the goal of Tencent Video this year is obvious-not only to be a women’s group, but also to "be excellent from scratch". Reduce the topic marketing of players and increase the display of players’ strength.


  ● More atypical female team players appear.

  During the period of 101, Naomi, a kicker with European and American style, said: "Some people say that I am not suitable for being a women’s team, but what is the standard of being a women’s team? I have eaten all the standards and burdens here. What you (the audience) are holding is to redefine the rights of the first women’s group in China. " Naomi, an atypical women’s group, was full of fans. In the middle and late stage of the program, "When will Sister Ju debut if you don’t vote for me?" almost became a national carnival.

  Among the debut members, Yamy and Sunnee also project the public’s rebellious psychology to the stereotype of the women’s group to a certain extent. The members of the women’s team don’t have to be tall, thin and white, and the differentiated aesthetic feeling is just one of the reasons why the women’s team variety can be a big fire.

  Therefore, on this year’s stage, the participation of more atypical women’s team players is also a bright spot. Shangguan, who received an A rating at the initial rating, seems to be far from the image of the women’s team in appearance, but this does not prevent her from revealing her strength on the stage; Yu Zhang and Yvonne Wang, who took the "retro and funny style", also contracted the live jokes because of their intense performances.? ? ? ?

  The first stage performance of "Qing 2", left: Yu Zhang, right: Shangguan loves it.

  Girls with different characteristics are trying to overthrow the rigid aesthetic impression and meet the expectations of different audiences. Girls, it’s more than one thing. What kind of girls can be women’s groups? The standard should be decided by the strength and the audience.

  Participating companies

  ● A large number of new companies have joined this track.

  Comparing the companies behind the contestants of this year’s two programs with two years ago, some people are out of the track, while others are busy entering.

  During the "Creation 101" period, a total of 42 artists from brokerage companies participated in the competition. By this year, there are 48 companies participating in Creation Camp 2020, and 46 companies participating in Youth with You 2. More than half of them have not participated in the women’s group variety show, and some international companies have participated in the competition. For example, Yaoxing Culture (YG China Branch) was registered on January 17th this year.

  ● The idol artist division of the film and television company has some players with good attention.

  In addition, the film and television brokerage company also actively laid out the idol branch business under the wind, and exported some players with good attention.

  For example, Jiaxing Media (Yang Mi’s company) established a wholly-owned subsidiary Jiaxing Xinyue after the "Creation 101" competition. This time, a total of 10 artists were sent to two programs, and several trainees won a lot of attention after the smooth start of "Creation Camp 2020". Huace Film and Television delivered a player to each of the two platforms, and Esther Yu successfully debuted in "Youth has You 2"; Xiaotang Zhao and Snow Kong from Taiyang Chuanhe (company of Angelababy and Papi) have also formed a group.

  ● Live broadcast, online celebrity Company also tried to share a piece of the traffic in the women’s team draft.

  In front of the "attractive cake", the live broadcast and online celebrity companies also entered the market one after another, trying to share a piece of the flow of the women’s team draft. For example, online celebrity, Hana Lin and Luna Qin, who have tens of millions of Weibo fans, also participated in the women’s team draft through online celebrity Company.


  The audience watched the women’s team draft,

  What do you like to see?

  ▌ What does the audience like to watch?

  What do the audience like to watch when they watch the girls’ group draft? We interviewed some "show powder":

  "I feel that this year’s two programs are much more mature than before, and there are many bright players. The battle between them is very attractive."

  "I only like to watch the reality show, and it’s cool to watch plmm tear each other."

  "The competition system of Creation Camp 2020 is cruel and beautiful."

  "I really like the delicate feelings between girls, saying that I don’t really want to chase them, but I cried in several periods."

  "Going to the tutor, the result was shocked by the strength of some players."

  "I used to chase the Korean group, but now I find that there are many excellent love beans in the entertainment, and idolize will be more convenient."


  The women’s team draft is endowed with double attraction because it combines "reality show" and "talent competition". On the one hand, under the cruel elimination system, girls must train hard from morning till night to show their progress and stage charm in order to stay in the rounds of voting. The competitive part can arouse the audience’s sense of participation-interaction-protagonist-dream. On the other hand, the reality show shows the unintentional expression of emotions, expressions and actions of the disciplined players in some links and scenes. It deviates from the track of discipline, which can arouse the audience’s curiosity and voyeurism, and also produce some emotional resonance.

  In the first half, contradictions are highlighted to attract the attention of passers-by, while in the second half, warmth is rendered to consolidate fans, and at the same time, players and fans are constantly urged by rankings, so it is difficult for the women’s team draft under the guidance to "enter the game" without arousing the audience’s true feelings.

  ▌ The additive effect of scripts and clips

  Qiu Yue, the producer of Creation 101, said in an interview with the media that it is actually very difficult to be a women’s group. "Girls look at boys with filters, and there is only one emotion, powder, love, and he is particularly good; Girls look at girls with "knives", but because of this, the program is also easy to form a discussion of various aesthetics and values, causing topics. "

  At that time, the creative team even conducted a social survey-how did the audience rank the demand for male idols and female idols? The conclusion is that the order of male traits is value, ability and personality, while women are personality, ability and value.

  The "Creation 101" program group even exposed the operation process of the screenwriter in front of the media-

  Before the start of the program, the writers should sort out all the information of the contestants-past history, reports, social media, etc., sort out their biographies, and even make a map analysis for everyone from a psychological point of view.

  When shooting, as long as there are contestants, the writers will definitely watch. Because the writers decide the logic, framework and specific content of each program. Whoever has more shots and who has better shots is first checked by this group of people, and finally reviewed by the general director, producer and broadcaster.

  Every night, the writers of the show will pull the girls to interview. Because the writers need to bury the thread-in the program, each player has his own narrative, his own story line and his own personal design. The contestants have to tell their stories so that the writers can help them write them into the program. The story line determines the number of shots in the program.

  Wu Changchang, the chief screenwriter consultant of Creation 101, is also an associate professor in the journalism department of School of Communication, East China Normal University. It is not difficult to imagine that the screenwriter+communication team will naturally create a personal design and hot search explosion point. After "Creation 101", Wu Changchang first set up the required course of variety screenplay in colleges and universities.

  Generally speaking, there are several common script settings in variety shows:

  1. "Big Devil" setting-This kind of player’s strength and popularity are unstoppable, and fans are particularly fond of him under Mu Qiang’s psychology, and the possibility of debut is great;

  2. "Sacrifice to Heaven" script-generally, this kind of player hates the existence of the program group, and by magnifying some details, it causes people to diss; her;

  3. "Goose Selection/Peach Selection" Settings-such players often get more shots and attention, causing everyone to guess whether they are the target of the program group;

  4. "Beautiful Waste" Settings-This kind of player has high face value but weak strength, and both red powder and black powder occupy a large number, which is also easy to market.

  In addition,Group CP is also the usual means of powder absorption in the program.When Youth Has You 2 was first broadcast, Xiaotang Zhao’s attention was not high. However, her poor personality with Esther Yu’s "Cold vs Chatty" made their funny and loving interaction the hottest editing material at the initial stage. After the broadcast of the two programs, a large number of "Dayu Haitang" CP powder has been produced, calling for a vote to send the two to debut together. Therefore, Xiaotang Zhao’s ranking rose from the original 61st to the debut position.? ?

  Esther Yu and Xiaotang Zhao, who are concerned by editing because of their interaction and love.

  I know there is a script, but I don’t know how it will go. It is under all kinds of suspicions that the drama of the women’s team draft is unparalleled.

  ▌ the power of krypton gold

  Why are fans willing to constantly spend money to create idols? Their psychology can be mainly divided into the following categories:

  fromFeminine perspectiveOn the whole, the idols they support must have qualities that she recognizes and envies. Driven by the idea of "wanting to be her", they regard idols as their goal and psychological sustenance, and move their career and life closer to idols. It is not so much krypton that creates an idol, as it is to create a self projected onto the idol.

  fromMale-biased perspectiveFrom the point of view, chasing girls is based on the psychology of "wanting to have her". Just as men love beans and always have countless girlfriends, male fans tend to pick some idols that meet their own aesthetic and mate selection standards when chasing female groups.

  There is also a large part of the fan chasing women’s groups that are entirely out ofThe mentality of "cultivating the department". Aidou is not necessarily a strong business, nor is it necessarily outstanding in value, but if it can touch them a little, they will be willing to pay more attention and emotion to this idol. In the process of this investment, fans’ feelings for idols have gradually become stronger, and fans’ stickiness has become stronger and stronger. Inspired by highly concentrated goals, idol interests often transcend personal interests. This is similar to the "Nugget" mentality-among hundreds of trainees, they pick out dark horses with their own eyes, and constantly call on others to pay attention and vote. If they can help them make their debut, they will not only have a sense of accomplishment, but also prove that they have excellent judgment.

  One of the important reasons why people still talk about Creation 101 today is that it refreshed the public’s impression of the women’s group. According to the Baidu index, in the portraits of the audience, women actually pay much more attention to the women’s team talent show than men.

  Source: Baidu Index

  Compared with the traditional stars that are exquisitely packaged, idols seem to be an "imperfect but always chasing for better" existence. Fans participate in the shaping of idols, and every success, frustration and progress of idols affect fans’ emotions.

  At present, there is still a blue ocean in the women’s group market, but the cultivation of women’s groups is a road that needs patience. Patience here refers not only to the market and brokerage companies, but also to every member of the women’s group, parents, fans and so on. Only by planning the layout in the long run and not just focusing on the present can we avoid the "short-lived" ending.


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  Source: Jingwei Venture Capital

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The 2023 Beijing North Football Invitational Tournament concluded, leading the public health movement.

BEIJING, Beijing, November 1st (Xinhua)-Hosted by Beijing Social Sports Management Center, the 2023 Jingbei Football Invitational Tournament hosted by Beijing Football Association recently came to an end in the football field of Kangbite Sports City. After nearly two months of competition, the champion was finally decided.

With the theme of "I exercise, I am healthy and I am happy", the Jingbei Football Invitational Tournament is a national social football brand competition created by Beijing Social Sports Management Center, aiming to convey a positive, healthy and happy sports concept to the general public. The Invitational Tournament has been successfully held for six times since 2018.

After nearly two months of intense competition, this year’s invitational tournament finally won the first and second place in 1994, with Guan Gao United and Brothers Company tied for the third place.

The players are in the competition. Photo: Provided by the event organizer

A contestant said that after years of development, the invitational tournament has been warmly welcomed and highly recognized by the majority of football fans, which has had a far-reaching impact in the football world. It is very happy to have the opportunity to participate in the Jingbei Football Invitational Tournament, a mass football brand event. "I can feel that everyone here is full of sports vitality and enjoy the happiness brought by football."

According to the organizer, it is hoped that the Beijing North Football Invitational Tournament will further vigorously promote the national football, advocate the spirit of national fitness, promote the development of football in the city, enhance the physical fitness of the whole people, and cultivate the sportsmanship of striving, enterprising, unity and cooperation among the citizens.

The 2023 Beijing North Football Invitational Tournament was closed. Photo: Provided by the event organizer

In recent years, the Beijing Municipal Sports Bureau has made continuous efforts to build a sports and fitness environment from various angles, such as enriching diversified sports events, building fitness venues all over urban and rural areas, and scientifically guiding national fitness, which not only improved the citizens’ sports and cultural literacy, but also led the transformation of the public’s healthy lifestyle. It is reported that a series of mass sports activities will be launched next to promote the physical and mental health of the whole people and promote the all-round development of sports. (End)

Attention! These "good habits" you think may not be able to keep fit.

  With more and more people paying attention to health care, health care has become a hot topic in people’s spare time. Are all the legendary health preserving methods true?

  The effect of grinding whole grains into powder is greatly reduced

  Whole grains are good things in themselves. Eating them often is helpful to health and can prevent many diseases. For example, millet can remove heat and tonify deficiency, and open the stomach; Soybeans can moisten dryness and eliminate water, prevent osteoporosis and strengthen the spleen; Walnut can strengthen the brain, improve intelligence and lower cholesterol, but if these grains are ground into powder and eaten, their effect will be greatly reduced, because the dietary fiber is gone, and only starch and sugar are left. Although they are all grains, the health care effect is very different.

  Drinking porridge every day can’t meet the body’s demand for nutrients.

  Everyone knows that drinking porridge helps digestion and promotes nutrient absorption. But it is not suitable for drinking every day, because porridge is low in fat, salt and sugar, which can not meet the body’s demand for nutrients. At the same time, if you observe carefully, you will find that people who drink porridge three times a day are often weak. For example, patients in hospitals often drink porridge every day, and when their health improves, doctors will suggest improving their diet.

  It is easy to cause metabolic disorder by keeping in good health.

  Keeping in good health means not eating grains, meat, eggs, etc., and only drinking water and taking glucose instead of three meals, which is called a health care method that can better "clean up the stomach". I don’t know that such a health care method does not conform to the physiological laws of the human body. If it is done for a long time, it will lead to metabolic disorders and diseases such as gastritis and gastric ulcer.

  Drinking 8 cups of 200ML water every day is a little too much.

  Just drink a proper amount of water every day. If you drink it according to hard indicators, too much water in your body will accumulate in your body, which will increase the burden on your spleen, lead to dysfunction of your spleen and stomach, imbalance of water and liquid metabolism, and make people feel bloated and sleepy. Seriously, it will also cause many cystic diseases, such as liver cysts, kidney cysts, ovarian cysts, uterine cysts, etc. Therefore, although drinking water is beneficial to the body, it is not the more the better.

  Walking 20,000 steps every day will cause physical harm.

  Although walking is good for your health, the effect of excessive use is different. Walking too much will become overwork and bring harm to the body, the most obvious of which is synovitis and effusion in the knee joint, which will also lead to thigh fracture.

  Eating more vitamins is not necessarily good for your health.

  There are many kinds of vitamins with different functions, among which vitamin C and vitamin E are common, although vitamins can play an auxiliary therapeutic effect on some diseases. But vitamins are not everything, and the more you eat, the better. In this regard, some experts said that if the body itself is not short of vitamins, it is also a waste to eat vitamins no matter what kind of diseases it suffers from, and it is a burden on the body. Excessive vitamin content in the body will cause new diseases, such as urinary calculi and accelerated arteriosclerosis. (Reporter Li Yuan)

Today’s Lantern Festival, did your family eat Yuanxiao or Tangyuan?

  Today is the annual traditional festival-Lantern Festival, with the traditional custom of eating Yuanxiao in the north and glutinous rice balls in the south. In many people’s minds, many people think that Yuanxiao and Tangyuan are different names for a kind of food, which are silly and confusing. In fact, there are still some differences between Yuanxiao and Tangyuan in practice, hardness, size and taste. Do you know the difference between Yuanxiao and Tangyuan?

  Yuanxiao and Tangyuan: Different production techniques.

  Tangyuan is wrapped, while Yuanxiao is "shaken".

  North Lantern Festival, first mix the stuffing, the stuffing is hard, cut into cubes smaller than table tennis. Then put the stuffing into a dustpan, pour a proper amount of glutinous rice flour, and sprinkle water while rolling until the stuffing is covered with glutinous rice flour, and the Yuanxiao gets bigger and rounder. It’s slightly bigger than glutinous rice balls.

  Southern dumplings are made like buns. The stuffing of glutinous rice balls is soft. Put glutinous rice flour into a ball with water, pull a small ball of wet noodles by hand and squeeze it into a round shape. Pick a ball of stuffing with chopsticks and put it on the glutinous rice slice, then turn and close it with both hands. It is slightly smaller than Yuanxiao.

  Yuanxiao and Tangyuan: Different tastes.

  Yuanxiao tastes rough, and the fillings are mostly sweet, usually white sugar, sesame, rose, chocolate and other fillings. The cooking time is relatively long. After cooking, the water will be a little turbid, the glutinous rice will taste thick, the skin will be soft, and the filling will be "biting".

  Tangyuan has a soft and glutinous taste, while the stuffing is sweet and salty, with rich taste, mainly black sesame, red bean paste, fruit, vegetables, meat, etc. The cooking time is relatively short, and the soup is relatively clear after cooking, and the taste of glutinous rice is relatively light.

  Yuanxiao and Tangyuan: Different distribution areas.

  Yuanxiao is common in the north, and it can often be seen that it is sold on the street, processed on the spot, and now eaten and shaken, because Yuanxiao needs to be quickly wrapped with powder, which is relatively ready to eat, and has certain requirements on temperature. Fresh Yuanxiao can only be eaten in the north!

  In the south, dumplings are mainly used, but the temperature requirement of dumplings is not high, so prepackaged dumplings can be eaten all over the country.

  For thousands of years, Yuanxiao/Tangyuan has been an indispensable delicacy on the dining table of every household, and it is also a witness to the traditional culture of the Chinese nation. No matter how different the taste is, the same is everyone’s good wishes and expectations for reunion.

  Do you like Yuanxiao or Tangyuan?

  Yuanxiao and Tangyuan have diverse tastes.

  What wonderful fillings have you eaten?

Source: Henan Education Broadcasting

The typhoon "fireworks" is coming!

  At 6 o’clock on July 22, the Central Meteorological Observatory issued a blue warning for typhoon and a yellow warning for rainstorm: the rainfall system that caused the rainstorm in Henan moved northward, which will cause heavy rainfall in Hebei, Shanxi and other places in the last three days, and the new typhoon "Fireworks" also appeared.

  Experts from China Meteorological Bureau reminded people who have plans to travel in summer to avoid risks and go to rainstorm centers or mountainous areas prone to floods.

  Yesterday, there were torrential rains in Henan and Hebei.

  From 08: 00 yesterday to 06: 00 today, there was a rainstorm or torrential rain in central and northern Henan. There were torrential rains (250-668 mm) in Anyang, Hebi, Xinxiang and Jiaozuo, with the maximum hourly rainfall of 50-90 mm, and the local area of Hebi, Xinxiang and Anyang was 100-150 mm. There were 8-9 thunderstorms and strong winds in parts of central and northern Henan, and there were 7 in Anyang, Hebi and Xinxiang.

  In addition, there were heavy rains or torrential rains along the mountains in central and southern Hebei, eastern Shanxi and western Beijing, local torrential rains (250-316 mm, maximum hourly rainfall of 50-88 mm) in Shijiazhuang, Xingtai and Handan, Hebei, and tornadoes in Baoding, Hebei.

  In addition, heavy rain and local heavy rain (100 ~ 155 mm) occurred in parts of western Sichuan Basin, northwestern Guizhou and northeastern Yunnan.

  Affected by the tropical depression weakened by Typhoon Chapaka, heavy rains occurred in parts of western Guangdong, south-central Guangxi and western Hainan Island, with heavy rains (100-217 mm) in Jiangmen, Yangjiang and Maoming in Guangdong, Qinzhou and Nanning in Guangxi, and gusts of magnitude 7-9 occurred in these areas.

  There are heavy rains in Henan, Hebei, Shanxi and other places today.

  The Central Meteorological Observatory predicts that there will be heavy rain to heavy rain in parts of central and northern Henan, southern Hebei, eastern Shanxi, southeastern Guangxi, southern Leizhou Peninsula, northwestern Hainan Island and northern Taiwan Province Island from 20: 00 on July 21 to 20: 00 on July 22, among which there are heavy rains (250-280 mm) in northwestern Henan and southwestern Hebei; Some of the above areas are accompanied by short-term heavy rainfall (the maximum hourly rainfall is 20 ~ 50 mm, and the local area can exceed 70 mm), and there are strong convective weather such as thunderstorms and strong winds.

The typhoon "fireworks" is coming!

  National Heavy Rainfall Forecast Map (July 21, 2000-July 22, 2000)

  The Central Meteorological Observatory predicts that there will be heavy rains in parts of southwestern Hebei, northwestern Henan, southwestern Guangxi, Guangdong Leizhou Peninsula, northwestern Hainan Island, southern Yunnan, coastal areas of central and northern Zhejiang, and central and northern Taiwan Province Island from 08: 00 on July 22 to 08: 00 on July 23. Among them, there are heavy rains in parts of southern Hebei, western and northern Henan, Leizhou Peninsula, northwestern Hainan Island and northern Taiwan Province Island (100 ~ 100). Some of the above areas are accompanied by short-term heavy rainfall (the maximum hourly rainfall is 20 ~ 50 mm, and the local area can exceed 70 mm), and there are strong convective weather such as thunderstorms and strong winds.

  The new typhoon "fireworks" will affect the east China coast.

  According to the Central Meteorological Observatory, this year’s No.6 typhoon "Fireworks" was strengthened to a strong typhoon level at 11: 00 a.m. on the 21st. At 5: 00 p.m., its center was located at 24.2 north latitude and 126.9 east longitude. The maximum wind force near the center was 14 (42 m/s), and the lowest pressure in the center was 955 hectopascals.

  It is estimated that "Fireworks" will move westward at a speed of about 10 kilometers per hour, and its intensity will gradually increase, and the strongest will reach the super typhoon level. It will move into the southeast of the East China Sea around the evening of the 23rd, and then turn to the northwest, and will land in the coastal areas (typhoon level or strong typhoon level) from the night of the 24th to the day of the 25th. At present, it is impossible to completely rule out the possibility of going northward in the offshore waters of Zhejiang.

  The Central Meteorological Observatory issued a typhoon blue warning at 18: 00 on July 21.

  There will be heavy rain in parts of Henan, Hebei and Shanxi in the next three days.

  From 20: 00 on July 21 to 20: 00 on July 22, there were heavy rains to heavy rains in parts of central and northern Henan, southern Hebei, eastern Shanxi, southeastern Guangxi, southern Leizhou Peninsula, northwestern Hainan Island and northern Taiwan Province Island, among which there were heavy rains (250-280 mm) in northwestern Henan and southwestern Hebei. There are 4 ~ 6 winds in parts of Zhejiang and Fujian.

The typhoon "fireworks" is coming!

  National Precipitation Forecast Chart (July 21, 2000-July 22, 2000)

  From 20: 00 on July 22 to 20: 00 on July 23, there were moderate to heavy rains in central and eastern Zhejiang, eastern Fujian, eastern Yunnan, southwestern Guangxi, southwestern Guangdong, western Hainan Island and Taiwan Province Island, among which there were heavy rains or heavy rains (100-180 mm) in parts of eastern Zhejiang, Taiwan Province Island and western Hainan Island.

The typhoon "fireworks" is coming!

  National Precipitation Forecast Chart (July 22, 2000-July 23, 2000)

  From 20: 00 on July 23 to 20: 00 on July 24, there were moderate to heavy rains in the eastern part of Southwest China, southern Jiangsu, Shanghai, central and eastern Zhejiang, northeastern Fujian and Taiwan Province Island, among which there were heavy rains or heavy rains (100-200 mm) in eastern Zhejiang and other places.

The typhoon "fireworks" is coming!

  National Precipitation Forecast Chart (July 23rd at 20: 00-July 24th at 20: 00)

  Levels of rainstorm warning and countermeasures

  Experts from China Meteorological Bureau reminded us that it is the flood season and there are many typhoons landing. When going out or traveling, we must pay attention to the weather changes and avoid going to rainstorm centers or mountainous areas prone to floods.

  The rainstorm warning signal is divided into four levels, which are blue, yellow, orange and red from low to high.

  Blue warning standard: within 12 hours, the rainfall will reach more than 50 mm, or it has reached more than 50 mm and the rainfall may continue.

  Defense guide:

  1, the government and relevant departments in accordance with their duties to prepare for the storm;

  2. Schools and kindergartens should take appropriate measures to ensure the safety of students and children;

  3. Drivers should pay attention to road water and traffic jams to ensure safety;

  4, check the city, farmland, fish pond drainage system, ready for drainage.

  Yellow warning standard: within 6 hours, the rainfall will reach more than 50 mm, or it has reached more than 50 mm and the rainfall may continue.

  Defense guide:

  1, the government and relevant departments in accordance with their duties to do a good job of rainstorm prevention;

  2. The traffic management department shall take traffic control measures in heavy rainfall sections according to the road conditions, and implement traffic guidance in waterlogged sections;

  3, cut off the dangerous outdoor power supply in low-lying areas, suspend outdoor work in open places, and transfer people in dangerous areas and residents of dangerous houses to safe places to shelter from the rain;

  4, check the city, farmland, fish pond drainage system, take the necessary drainage measures.

  Orange warning standard: within 3 hours, the rainfall will reach more than 50 mm, or it has reached more than 50 mm and the rainfall may continue.

  Defense guide:

  1, the government and relevant departments in accordance with their duties to do a good job in emergency work against heavy rain;

  2. Cut off the dangerous outdoor power supply and suspend outdoor work;

  3. Units in danger zones shall suspend classes or business, and take special measures to protect the safety of students, children and other working personnel who have arrived at school;

  4, do a good job in urban and farmland drainage, pay attention to prevent possible disasters such as flash floods, landslides and mudslides.

  Red warning standard: within 3 hours, the rainfall will reach more than 100 mm, or it has reached more than 100 mm and the rainfall may continue.

  Defense guide:

  1, the government and relevant departments in accordance with their duties to do a good job in emergency and rescue work against heavy rain;

  2. Stop the assembly, suspend classes and suspend business (except for special industries);

  3, do a good job in mountain torrents, landslides, mudslides and other disasters prevention and rescue work.

  What should the public pay attention to in rainstorm weather? Meteorologists warned not to cross the road barefoot, because the water on the road is very deep, and some roads are wired, so it is easy to leak electricity in rainy days. When encountering lightning weather, try to avoid danger outside and try to avoid going to the mountains.

  (Original title: The torrential rain moved northward, and the new typhoon "Fireworks" appeared)

  Source: Guangming Daily


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China Game Industry Annual Conference released the annual list of the top ten games in 2022.

IT House reported on February 13th that the 2022 China Game Industry Annual Conference was held from February 12th to 14th and officially released, according to the news of the Game Working Committee of China Music and Digital Association. Annual list of top ten games in 2022.

The list consists of ten outstanding Chinese traditional culture games, ten outstanding social value games, ten outstanding "going out" game enterprises, ten outstanding client games and ten outstanding mobile games, and is selected from ten nominations. Summary of IT House, the winners are:

  • Excellent scientific and technological innovation enterprise: Guangzhou Netease Computer System Co., Ltd.

  • Excellent "going out" game enterprise: Shanghai Mihayou Network Technology Co., Ltd.

  • Excellent Game R&D Team: Fantasy Tower Studio

  • Excellent game operation platform: TapTap

  • Excellent Mobile Game: The Original God

  • Excellent client game: Shadow Torch City

  • Excellent Social Value Game: Health Defence War

  • Excellent Chinese traditional cultural game: Autumn Wind with Purple Plug

  • Excellent Game Music Design: the glory of the king

  • Excellent Game Art Design: Endless Lagrange

Bundesliga Round 33 | Bayern suffered a 1-3 reversal in Leipzig, and pawar and Mazravi even sent two points.

Bayern lost! It was reversed again, like losing to Mainz 1-3, and the home and away games were in a mess.

At 00: 30 on May 21st, Beijing time, in the 33rd round of the Bundesliga and the penultimate round of the Bundesliga in the 22/23 season, Bayern took a seat at Allianz Stadium to face Leipzig. In the first half, Gnabry scored the first goal. In the second half, leimer equalized the score. pawar and Mazravi sent two points in a row. Nkunku and Szoboszlai hit the knife. In the end, Bayern lost to Leipzig 1-3 at home. Leipzig ended the 11 th unbeaten match against Bayern, and at the same time locked in the third place in this season’s league one round ahead of schedule and qualified for the Champions League next season. Bayern only led Dortmund by one point in the first round, and handed the initiative to Dortmund. Dortmund held an excellent opportunity to win the championship with 6 points in the last two rounds. At 23: 30 Beijing time today, Dortmund will challenge augsburg away.

In the 25th minute, Muller assisted, and Gnabry turned to take the ball and volleyed, hitting the inside of the left column and bouncing into the other side of the goal. Bayern scored 1-0 in Leipzig.

Set the ball to attack and defend! In the 64th minute, kimmich fired another suicide corner kick, and Leipzig quickly launched a counterattack. In the frontcourt, leimer scored a goal near the penalty spot to equalize the score, and Leipzig 1-1 Bayern;

From the overall situation, Bayern must win and have the initiative to win the championship. Even if Leipzig doesn’t score a final round, you can still qualify for the Champions League. But from the scene, Leipzig is more fighting, and Luo Ze is not even satisfied with a draw.

In the 76th minute, Nkunku broke through with the ball, and pawar kicked Nkunku down on the edge of the restricted area. Bayern was executed, and Nkunku personally took the penalty and hit the ball in the middle. In the 86th minute, a corner kick from Leipzig, a handball from Mazravi, a penalty from Szoboszlai and two undisputed but incredible penalties finally sent Bayern to the freezing point.

After being reversed by Leipzig, a large number of home fans left early.

The final round of Bundesliga will start at 21: 30 on May 27th. (By LazyHonda)

Foreign tourists came to Shanghai to play, and after seeing the "financial center", DRAM: This design is strange

The old man Qiu continued to send, and Shanghai will welcome the most popular starting day! We all know that Shanghai is a very prosperous city. There are also many beautiful scenery in Shanghai. When the holiday is here, many people will go to Shanghai.

In addition to domestic tourists, Shanghai also ushered in many foreign tourists. Some foreign tourists arrive in Shanghai to play and see ShanghaiAfter the financial center, I was surprised. The design of this building is really strange.

This building surprises many foreign tourists in Shanghai Global Financial Center. I know this name knows that the building is higher. Shanghai’s global financial center is very high. Looking at many places in Shanghai, you can see the figures of this structure.

This building is high492.Instrument, all104.The floor has three floors underground. The location of this building is Pudong Century Avenue. The reason why this building surprised everyone is mainly because of its shape, especially, the roof part looks like a bottle cap with a beer.

If the distance is far away, the Shanghai Global Financial Center seems to be relatively small. At that time, I felt that I was a bottle of beer.

Because this building looks different, it is easy to notice this, so this building has also become a local iconic building. Although some people seem to understand, the building has also received various awards. It can also be seen that although the building looks a bit incredible. But there are their own unique.

This building looks like a beer bottle bottle. This design is surprised and will feel bright. This building is very good. Around the prosperity of the business, there are still many people who stand through the windows through the window. You can see that the Huangpu River is not far away. Some people think that this building is novel and shows us the charm of the building. Some people think that if the building can repair our common commercial buildings, the building area is more.

The strange shape of this architecture left a deep impression of many people. Maybe people will take photos of the Shanghai Global Financial Center after Shanghai Global Financial Center. Because this is nearby500.The rice high building is really easy to find. When you look up, I can see it. Now this building is very famous, so there are many people taking pictures as the background.

Shanghai is a very good tourist city. It is more suitable for bad tourism. This strange architectural style is only one of the many beautiful landscapes in Shanghai. The reason why Shanghai is suitable for poor tourism is because there are many attractions here that can be released to everyone freely. The quality of the scenic area is very good.