Steady growth in the beginning of the year | After the Spring Festival, the recruitment of busy power battery manufacturers is "a good start"

CCTV News:The strength of the policy directly drives the benefits of enterprises. Since last year, with the consumption boom of new energy vehicles, the power battery industry has ushered in explosive growth. In 2021, China’s power battery loading volume increased by 142.8% year-on-year. Power batteries are in short supply, and manufacturers have been in a state of rushing to work. This year’s Spring Festival not only did not stop work, but even the post-holiday recruitment was much earlier than in previous years.

Just after the Spring Festival holiday, the recruitment center of this enterprise in Ningde, Fujian Province was crowded. Zhou Yuyang from Liaoning flew to Ningde to apply for a job. When he first arrived at the factory, he was shocked by the hot recruitment scene.

Staff told reporters that just after the Spring Festival holiday, Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Limited started the recruitment for the new year, and the recruitment demand of various bases in Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Limited reached 6,000 in February. Since the seventh day of junior high school, the recruitment center has been packed with applicants every day. Some of them got recruitment news from the internet, and some of them were introduced by old employees.

Because of the strong demand for power batteries, products are in short supply. This Spring Festival, more than 90% of employees in Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Limited chose the left-behind enterprises to work overtime.

This power battery company in Qingdao, Shandong Province, is also full of horsepower during the Spring Festival holiday. The person in charge of the enterprise told the reporter that employees would have a holiday on New Year’s Eve and the first day of junior high school in previous years, but in this Spring Festival of the Year of the Tiger, the factory did not stop production for a moment, and from the second day of junior high school, the factory began a new round of recruitment.

In recent years, the maturity of China’s new energy vehicles has been continuously improved. China Automobile Industry Association predicts that the domestic market will continue to maintain a rapid growth trend in 2022, and the market demand for power batteries is still increasing.

Wang Yao, Assistant Secretary General of China Automobile Industry Association:In 2022, the annual production and sales volume of new energy vehicles is expected to reach 5 million, with a year-on-year increase of 42%, and its market share in the automobile market is expected to exceed 18%. If the average charge of a bicycle is 47 kWh, the loading capacity of power batteries is expected to exceed 235 GWh in 2022.

The Lantern Festival in my memory turned out to be like this!

Time, like Lishui, flows leisurely towards Dongting Lake.In a blink of an eye, we have waved goodbye to the Year of the Rabbit and ushered in a hopeful year of the loong.
Along with year of the loong, there is also the Lantern Festival, which we have been absent for a long time, and we are looking forward to it.


Standing on this shore of time, what will come to your mind when you think back to the once crowded Lantern Festival?
Is it the laughter floating on Guanyin Bridge, the singing and dancing in front of the south gate, or the cups in Dayong Mansion?


Entrenched in the memory of our lantern festival, there is no shortage of the songs of Dayongyang Opera;There are many kinds of lanterns.Even more indispensable is the enthusiasm and unrestrained dance of Maugus.
We gave applause to the wonderful performance of the dragon and lion dance team;We used to sing with the melody of Sangzhi folk songs;We once praised the delicious kudzu root powder..


Undoubtedly, since Dayong ancestors held the first Lantern Festival thousands of years ago, the unique elements of the Lantern Festival, such as Yang Opera, Lion Dance, Dragon Dance, Lantern Festival and Jiuzi Whip, have been imperceptibly implanted in the hearts of everyone in Zhangjiajie, becoming special Spring Festival memories of Zhangjiajie people from generation to generation, and helping to shape a unique Zhangjiajie culture.
There is no doubt that when everyone in Zhangjiajie talks about the Lantern Festival in his hometown, he will definitely open a knowing smile from the corners of his mouth, and his yearning for another Lantern Festival will rise in his heart-
There, we forget the sadness and loss of last year, immerse ourselves in the happiness and joy of this moment, and pin our good wishes on the new year.


However, due to the impact of the epidemic, the Lantern Festival has been absent from the Spring Festival for four years, which has become a major regret in our hearts.
The flowers still bloom every year, but the flowers are different from each other year after year.A bright lantern is a witness of the years and also carries our beautiful memories.


Four years later, the dazzling lanterns of Lantern Festival will bloom as scheduled this year, illuminating the whole city.
And the person who accompanied you through the streets and alleys of Zhangjiajie to traverse the joy, where are those people now?
We wish each other a long life so as to share the beauty of this graceful moonlight, even though we are miles apart.Zhangjiajie in the palm of your hand wishes everyone can think of that person and those people together on the Lantern Festival, and then look for the joy that has been absent for a long time!Then experience the precious affection, friendship and love!

Small disasters, plums were punished for 880,000

"Strictly beating"

Recently, the beauty collection store Harmay Diaolia Corporate Company Shanghai Diaoli Lexiang Enterprise Development Co., Ltd. was fined 887,000 yuan, because the big -name small sample cosmetics label sold did not meet the regulations.

It is worth noting that this is not the first time that the beauty collection store has planned to follow the sample, but the fine is innovative. This punishment signal is considered by the industry to be the beginning of strict samples, and the samples on the vent on the air’s mouth should also be reduced.

35 big -name small sample rollover, the plum was fined 887,000

According to the administrative penalty letter made by the Shanghai Municipal Supervision Bureau to the Shanghai Diaolu Enjoy Enterprise Development Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Shanghai dialect Mei Lexiang), on April 16, 2021, the Municipal Supervision Bureau was on the "Harmay in Xingye Road, Huangpu District. The "Cosmetics Collection Store for the" Cosmetics Collection Store. It was found that the "Clarins Clarins" brand Huanyan Elastic Ridon (5ml), which was selling at the scene, had a missing item of 4 brands of 4 brands and 24 cosmetics. At the same time, the Shanghai Municipal Supervision Bureau stated that during the investigation of the above cases, some cosmetics sold in the above case still had Chinese labels that were missing.

According to the equity penetration information, the legal representative of Shanghai Dia spectrum is consistent with Beijing dialect Melalexiang Technology Co., Ltd. (that is, the parent company of Harmay dialect).

局 Intercept the Shanghai Municipal Supervision Bureau

According to Green Eye statistics, all the cosmetics of these Chinese labels are all small samples of international big names, including 11 brands such as Tiffany, Bobley, Da Ke, and Jiao Shiyun, with a total of 35 cosmetics. The problem of illegal labels is mainly concentrated in the three aspects of labelless cosmetics component tables, production batch numbers, and imported cosmetics filing numbers. Among them, the Dake series is the most, involving 17 sample products, which accounts for almost half of the total number of the above brands.

The penalty letter shows that the parties sell a total of 35 cosmetics without tax (13%tax rate) sales of 152,000 yuan, the value of the goods is 245,000 yuan, and a total of 1134 cosmetics are inventory.

According to the provisions of the "Cosmetics Supervision and Administration Regulations", "the minimum sales unit of cosmetics should have labels. Tags should comply with relevant laws, administrative regulations, and mandatory national standards, and the content is true, complete, and accurate." The behavior is suspected of violating the provisions of Article 35 of the Cosmetics Supervision and Administration Regulations, which constitutes the behavior of cosmetics that does not meet the requirements of the operating label.

In the end, the Shanghai Municipal Supervisory Bureau enjoys the Shanghai dialect, which enjoys a penalty of "confiscating illegal income RMB 152,000 and a fine of RMB 735,000".

In response to punishment, Qingyan contacted Harmay today, but the other party did not make a statement.

It is reported that Harmay said since 2008 on the online Taobao store, and opened the first offline store in Anfu Road, Shanghai in 2017. In 2019, the Beijing Sanlitun Store became popular on social platforms. Favorite.

Earlier this year, Harmay Mi Mei received about 200 million US dollars (about RMB 1.27 billion) D -round financing. At present, a total of 4 rounds of financing has been completed. Public news shows that currently Harmay’s big names and overseas niche brands have more than 400, SKU exceeds 9,000, and more than a hundred new Jinjin cooperative brands in 2021.


In the past two years, with the continuous refinement of consumers’ needs, small sample products are small, portable, and low -testing the characteristics of low -testing costs. They are sought after by consumers and brands. Brands such as Lancome and Keyan have placed "sample machines" in malls. Consumers use products by free delivery samples, so as to excavate customers.

With the rise of beauty gathering stores such as Harmay and onlywrite, big samples have become the weapon for store drainage and marketing, and the size of the small sample economic market has grown rapidly.

However, behind the hot samples, many people in the industry are worried, "Non -selling products and money, (the market) where there are so many small and medium samples." Even a beauty retail channel practitioner told Qingyan that the small samples circulating on the market at present The scale has far exceeded the industry supply.

梅Harmay talk information map

So, outside the official channels, where did the samples sold by the beauty collection store come from? Harmay’s co -founder Ju Chunmao said in an interview with 36KR: "Under the current business environment of China, the license of big names is more difficult to get. Mainly from counters and traders. "

According to Qingyan survey, most of the small and medium samples in the market are from the following four channels: brand gifts; brand counters or internal personnel for resale; "reversing" supply; smuggling and fraud. But there are few small and medium samples produced in the first two channels.

The above -mentioned beauty retail channel practitioners told Qingyan that the samples sold in the beauty collection store have a cross -border trade in the cosmetics counters of department stores -a lot of small samples without Chinese labels come from this, that is, the goods purchased overseas Small sample.

"No import cosmetics filing number, of course, does not rule out smuggling and fake sale." Zhang Taijun, R & D director of Guangzhou Tsui Tsui Skin Skin Science and Technology Research Institute. According to the "Regulations on the Supervision and Administration of Cosmetics" and "Administrative Measures for Cosmetics Tags", cosmetics should have Chinese labels. Offline channel sales do not have Chinese label imported cosmetics, or products that do not meet the prescribed labels are obviously illegal.

It is worth noting that in January last year, ONLY WRITE, the beauty collection store of Hangzhou Kerry Center, was reported by consumers. The local market regulatory bureau contacted the customs department to assist in the investigation. Nearly 3,000 pieces of suspected smuggling cosmetics were detained, most of which were small cosmetics samples (for details, see "onlywrite! The source of cosmetics samples").

Strict sample

It is not difficult to see that the unqualified cosmetics label reflects product sources and product quality issues, which plays an important role in rectify the small sample market.

"Cosmetics supervision will become stricter and stricter. There are small and medium samples (gifts) in the management measures of cosmetics labeling. It has been implemented for a long time, but no one has paid special attention to it before. Many big brands have also issued official statements. The barcode is sold. "The above person said.

Among them, many people in the industry reported to Qingyan to strictly check the samples, which will be a punch of the beauty collection stores mainly sampled drainage. "As soon as this incident came out, it was understood that people had already been removed (non -compliant). The samples of formal channel sources were not problems. If informal channels, these beauty collection stores will definitely be affected later."

There is also a factory in the direction of Qingyan, "At present, the domestic brands and foreign -funded brands in domestic production and filing have basically unique and strict supervision. The management of imported products is actually gradually standardized. It’s the compliance of imported products. "

In fact, the tightening of small sample supervision has already begun last year. Earlier this year, the Shenzhen Municipal Supervision Bureau reported that since January last year, it destroyed 3 illegal denominations of cosmetics operations and seized 2,388 boxes of cosmetics with various types of imported brands without Chinese labels, with a minimum packaging cosmetics of more than 22,000 boxes. The estimated value of the goods exceeds 22 million yuan, and 3 cases are filed, of which the value of the counterfeit cosmetics involved in counterfeit infringement is 260,000 yuan, and it is transferred to another public security case.

On March 1 last year, Tmall also issued the "Notice on the Regulations on the release of new Tmall sample products". According to the new rules of Tmall, the pricing of sample products released by merchants shall not be higher than the price of the same proportion of the corresponding formal products. At the same time, the sample volume does not exceed 30%of the decoration products in principle. In addition, the merchants should express the attribute keywords such as "trial", "small samples", "samples", "trial outfit", "experience outfit" in the published sample title, and provide the purchase voucher for the sample for platform review.

"With the introduction of relevant national regulatory policies and the requirements of retail platform specifications, the beauty collection stores with small samples as selling points may adjust the procurement channels, and the continuous supply of products is certain." Some industry people said, "Now it is also very very very very very very very very very very very very It is difficult to say the specific impact on small sample business, but the problem of small sample compliance or the main strike object of strict supervision this year. "

At the same time, with the official implementation of the "Administrative Measures for Cosmetics Labels" on May 1 this year, the sample economy of small sample cosmetics will undoubtedly usher in an inflection point.

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