Scientists will develop large-scale energy storage battery technology

  Xinhua News Agency, London, September 26th (Reporter Zhang Jiawei) With the increasing demand for electric vehicles and new energy storage, the industry is expecting better battery technology, among which flow battery has a good prospect in large-scale energy storage system. Imperial College London, UK, said on 26th that its scholars have been funded by the European Union to develop a new generation of flow battery technology.

  Dr. Song Qilei from Imperial College London was supported by the Research Initiative Fund of the European Research Council with a total value of 1.5 million euros (about 1.6 million US dollars). His team will cooperate with Edinburgh University, Cambridge University and institutions in Europe and China to develop this battery technology.

  Song Qilei told Xinhua News Agency: "The traditional lithium-ion battery encapsulates electrolyte and electrode materials, and the thermal stability of organic electrolyte is limited, which is prone to deflagration and limited in safety; In contrast, the flow battery decouples the electrolyte material that can be charged and discharged from the stack unit, so that the anode and cathode electrolytes can be stored separately in the container and then pumped into the battery to realize charging and discharging, with high safety and long-term energy storage, which is very suitable for large-scale energy storage system applications. "

  At present, the common flow battery is all vanadium flow battery, which uses commercial ion exchange membrane and vanadium material, but the cost of active material and diaphragm is very high, which limits the large-scale use of flow battery. Song Qilei showed reporters the key component of flow battery — — Diaphragm The performance of this material significantly restricts the performance and production cost of flow battery.

  He said: "We hope to develop new nano-porous membrane materials and low-cost electrolyte materials, fundamentally improve the ionic conductivity and selectivity of the membrane through molecular design, prepare nano-membranes with nano-processing technology, and integrate new electrolyte materials, which is expected to develop the next generation of new, cheap, environmentally friendly and high energy density flow battery technology."

  According to the team, the new membrane material technology can not only be used for batteries, but also have good application prospects in energy and environmental protection fields such as sewage treatment and gas purification in the future.

What’s it like to play volleyball on the bench? Come to Wenchang, Hainan to see "Village Pai"

There are different ways to celebrate the Spring Festival in different parts of the country. In Wenchang, Hainan, which is a "hometown of volleyball", the most lively place during the Spring Festival is the volleyball court. Follow the reporter to the scene to feel it.

In Wenchang, Hainan, there is a tradition of organizing volleyball matches on holidays, and this year’s Spring Festival is no exception. The local government specially organized the 2024 "Village Pai" Spring Festival Competition, which lasted from the start of the twelfth lunar month to the final match of the Lantern Festival on the fifteenth day of the first month. Today coincides with the match day, and many people at the scene are specially here to watch the game.

In the afternoon, a village row competition between Jinshan Town Beef Dried Team and Gongpo Town Xiangmi Team ended here. The participating teams were named after the most famous local agricultural special products, which made the audience remember the local characteristics at once. At the same time, the wonderful competition also ignited the enthusiasm of the audience, and the whole scene was full of gongs and drums.

In Wenchang, besides regular volleyball matches, you can also see many fancy volleyball matches created by villagers. The bench volleyball match, which takes advantage of the gap between matches, is different from the way of hitting the ball by hand in the conventional volleyball match. As the name implies, the main prop of bench volleyball is a four-corner plastic stool. Players on the court use the stool to serve, catch, pass and even jump up and smash. Each team of the two sides will send three players, and the team that wins 15 points first will win the game.

Not only is the competition on the field enthusiastic, but the cheerleading off the field is full of enthusiasm. Tourists from all over the country and local citizens in Wenchang cheered and shouted for the players in the live game. Some beat gongs and drums, and some took stainless steel pots at home to cheer, which was huge and particularly lively.

Volleyball courts in all villages and towns in Wenchang are very popular, and local people will come to a New Year’s volleyball match when they visit relatives and friends during the Chinese New Year. This year is year of the loong. Everyone takes off and struggles on the field, which also symbolizes the good color of the dragon and tiger leaping, showing a vigorous spirit. In order to let tourists from all over Wenchang better watch the game, taste the taste of the year and celebrate the custom of the year, there is also a temple fair about 100 meters away from the stadium.

"Hainan Coconut Semi-Wenchang", fresh green coconut, coconut milk refreshing and cool, coconut sugar coconut cake, these are the specialties of Wenchang Coconut. There are also coconut carvings, which not only have strong Hainan characteristics but also are national intangible cultural heritage.

Today, many people at the village platoon watched the game, held specialty products in their hands and ate snacks in their mouths, and felt the traditional and healthy Spring Festival in Wenchang.


Studies have confirmed that it is not a lie to exercise to fight cancer. What exercise contributes to health? Don’t miss 3 kinds of sports.

Is life rest or exercise?

This problem has puzzled people for many years.

The "sports school" who supports sports believes that maintaining moderate exercise can speed up the whole body blood circulation, improve cardiopulmonary function, promote muscle synthesis, improve basal metabolic rate, enhance resistance and immunity, and help to be happy.

This statement has also been recognized by most people, and scientists have also given relevant evidence that exercise is beneficial to the body and mind, pointing out that proper exercise helps to fight cancer. What is going on? Let’s take a look together.

The research team from Grossman Medical College of new york University published a study in the authoritative medical journal Cell, pointing out that aerobic exercise can activate specific anti-cancer immune cells and inhibit the growth of pancreatic cancer.

Scientists found that aerobic exercise can activate the immune system and inhibit the growth of pancreatic cancer in mice, which undoubtedly confirmed the possibility of anti-cancer by exercise. In order to evaluate the impact of aerobic exercise on the growth of pancreatic tumors, the research team conducted related experiments on mice, and made the mice with pancreatic cancer do low-intensity aerobic exercise. After 3-4 weeks of exercise, the volume of pancreatic cancer in mice was significantly reduced by 20%~30%.

Subsequently, the research team did single-cell RNA sequencing on tumor tissues, with the purpose of understanding the mechanism of aerobic exercise and anti-tumor growth. The results showed that exercise could reshape the immune state of pancreatic cancer mice, reduce immunosuppressive cells in tumor tissues, and significantly prolong the survival time of mice.

Since exercise can fight cancer, what exercise is best for the body? I believe that the first thing that most people think of is running. However, The Lancet magazine has made a sample survey of 1.2 million people. After 10 years, it is found that the best sport is not running, but swing sports, such as table tennis, badminton and tennis. Followed by swimming, because the whole body muscles can be exercised during swimming, improving heart and lung function, and the pressure on the joints is very small.

The third place is still not running, but aerobic gymnastics, which helps to improve heart and lung function and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.

1. Sudden movement

I didn’t have the habit of exercising before, so I immediately did strenuous exercise when I made up my mind to exercise, which made the muscles and tendons unable to adapt quickly, thus affecting the body organs and even causing rhabdomyolysis, leading to acute renal failure. In addition, sudden strenuous exercise will also damage the cardiovascular system and even cause sudden cardiac death.

2, lack of rest

WeinengTo get a good exercise effect, you must have enough rest. During sleep, it is the golden time for muscle and body repair, which can help reduce inflammation, reduce inflammatory damage and help lower blood pressure. Insufficient rest for a long time can reduce muscle strength and weaken the exercise effect, so you should have enough rest during exercise and sleep for 7 hours every day.

3. Exercise on an empty stomach

Fasting exercise can easily lead to exercise-induced hypoglycemia, which will cause nausea and vomiting, headache, dizziness and dizziness, increase the burden on the liver and stomach, and even cause arrhythmia, increasing the probability of sudden cardiac death.

4, still exercise after illness

Whether it is a minor illness or a major illness, it will consume energy. Exercise with illness can increase the burden on the body and affect the recovery of the disease.

5. Not paying attention to diet

Only paying attention to the intensity of exercise, but not paying attention to diet control, then the exercise effect is not very ideal. Therefore, while maintaining moderate exercise, it is necessary to arrange diet scientifically.


It can be seen that exercise can play a certain anti-cancer effect, but we should master the correct exercise mode. Choose suitable sports according to your physical fitness, age and tolerance, such as walking, playing ball, jogging, swimming and cycling, and ensure that the daily exercise time is not less than 30 minutes.

The online manuscript of family doctor shall not be reproduced without authorization.

After the help of the Shanghai people went to Guizhou, Chen Zhi, Secretary of the Guizhou Provincial Party Committee wrote a letter!

In May of this year, a Shanghai elderly tourism group consisted of 30 people to Guizhou travel. In five days, they visited the Scenic Area of ??Xijiang Miao Village, LIBO size, Huangguoshu Waterfall.

Photo of Shanghai Elderly Tourism Group: Hu Guangdan

Photo of Shanghai Elderly Tourism Group: Hu Guangdan

Hu Guangdan, a member of Shanghai Elderly Tourism Group

In the Guizhou tour guide, the driver’s enthusiastic service, the employees of the scenic area are responsible for them to travel and satisfied. After returning to Shanghai, Huang Fan wrote a letter to the party secretary of the Guizhou Provincial Party Committee in the Tourism Group, Sun Zhigang:

The beautiful scenery of the mountains and the hearts of Guizhou people

-The public letter from the Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee

Comrade Sun Zhigang, Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee:

Since May 22, 26, Shanghai tourists participated in the Chunqiu Tourism Company to visit Guizhou. Our 30 tourist teams swimming in Xijiang has thousands of houses. LIBO’s natural bridge, big seven holes, small seven holes, and yellow fruit trees. Due to time, we only swim in Guizhou’s beautiful scenery. It can be a spectacular scenery, a beautiful environment and good air not only injected the health of our middle -aged and elderly people. It also makes us unforgettable memories.

More memorable services to the people of Guizhou Scenic Area. They want tourists to think, help tourists need, and let most tourists come to the hall for satisfaction. For example, the service of the patio travels, Master Li, who has set up a coach is a representative. Master Li served us for a few days. Not only is the car stable, but the service attitude is also very enthusiastic, reducing your luggage for us. Carry all the way to train seat training. be careful. Miss Wu Tong always laughed and introduced the mountain scenes, historical events, and clear people in Guizhou. It is also an introduction to the source, the formation and development of multi -ethnic culture in Guizhou. Guizhou special products, Guizhou’s special products, political history, economy, culture, and Guizhou’s social development is now in the future. Her emotional interpretation is like a vivid and interesting Guizhou multicultural course.

According to the travel itinerary, she also took us to the museum and related shopping malls. Guests can buy more, completely voluntarily, no slightest, forced meaning, still as always, full of enthusiasm for everyone. 30 tourists have a common feeling: Tian Gui’s service is different from the so -called service exposed black guidelines.

When our itinerary entered the golden scenic area, let us come to the sightseeing car of the next attraction. It is not long. It is attracted to the beauty along the way. Many people excitedly took out their mobile phones to take pictures. Tourists also want to take a mobile phone, but the mobile phone is gone. If you lose your phone, it doesn’t matter. The most important thing is that the memory is gone. The tourist is very frustrated and has no interest in watching views. A partner accompanied by the lost mobile phone. I didn’t think anyone answered. This is an unexpected surprise. Tell the tour guide. Tian Weiyu contacted the phone and confirmed that Wang Zhirong received a mobile phone in the car from the car to the tourist car company. Treatment of all confirmation, tourism and tourism returned to the previous excitement and happiness. When the tour of the day was over, when Tian Gui took away his mobile phone, he could defend the owner of the phone. Cao Yuanyuan, a dispatcher, was very serious. He requested calling the mobile phone number. When the dispatcher confirmed, he was rude to the owner and reminded it with goodwill: "Pay attention to keep your own items. There is no similar situation."

Comrade Zhizhi: The author travels at home and abroad. But to Guizhou or the first time. But this is the first time. Let us feel that Guizhou is not only beautiful and beautiful, but at the same time, let us experience the beauty of Guizhou people. Guizhou tourism service.

In this regard, let’s take a look at the actual impact of the provincial government and the provincial government in the 19th national spirit and socialist thought with Chinese characteristics. You are also developing tourist attractions and also create a good tourism atmosphere. This is the past, and the vast and vast landscape of this country will reach the arrival of national or even global tourists. We will also actively promote some scope, and the public letter of the Provincial Party Committee will be widely released among our friends’ friends. Try to mobilize friends, family, classmates, comrades, colleagues and familiar urban and rural residents to Guizhou. Let them share the happiness of traveling to Guizhou.

Guizhou’s vast tourist attraction, its beautiful mountains and mountains, beautiful, beautiful scenery, the hearts of the people of Guizhou, and beautiful tourism services. Comprehensive, we can call this Feng Shuibao’s rich country, which is rich and expensive.

From May 22nd to 26th, the representative of Shanghai to Guizhou Tourism Group

Hu Guangdan

Photo of Shanghai Elderly Tourism Group: Hu Guangdan

Photo of Shanghai Elderly Tourism Group: Hu Guangdan

Today (July 26), a reporter from Guizhou interviewed Hu Guangdan. He said that the reason for Shen Zhigang, the secretary of the Guizhou Secretary’s Provincial Party Committee, was indeed because of a deep impression on Guizhou this time. The journey is short and wonderful. He wants to promote the external world and let tourists from all over the country go to Guizhou to feel the mountains of Guizhou, beautiful, beautiful scenery, and the soul of Guizhou people!

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