Tesla responded to the rights protection incident at Shanghai Auto Show: it will continue to communicate with car owners.

  Zhongxin Online Haihai, April 19 (Zhou Zhuoao) On April 19, the first day of the media day of the 2021 Shanghai International Auto Show, a lady wearing a T-shirt with the words "Brake Failure" stood on the roof of a Tesla exhibition car at the Tesla booth and shouted loudly: "Brake Failure."

  Tesla officially responded that the owner obtained the documents to enter the exhibition hall in an unconventional way, broadcast live around the booth, exposed the customized rights protection T-shirt, and boarded the roof and shouted. After noticing the behavior, the on-site staff repeatedly persuaded him, but the owner did not stop the relevant behavior. After the on-site staff negotiated with the exhibition organizer, the organizer considered that the behavior seriously affected the normal order of the exhibition and coordinated the security and public security law enforcement personnel to persuade the owner to leave.

  Tesla said that the owner had a collision accident due to speeding violation before, and then insisted on returning the car on the grounds of product quality. "In the past two months, we have been actively negotiating with the owner and expressed our willingness to assist in the completion of testing, maintenance or insurance claims. At the same time, we proposed a variety of solutions, but because the owner did not accept any form of third-party testing and strongly rejected all the solutions we proposed, the related matters can only be continuously communicated. Next, we will continue to communicate closely with car owners to help car owners return to normal car life as soon as possible. "

  The reporter from Zhongxin. com saw at the scene in the afternoon that the Tesla booth had returned to normal. (End)

The Lantern Festival in my memory turned out to be like this!

Time, like Lishui, flows leisurely towards Dongting Lake.In a blink of an eye, we have waved goodbye to the Year of the Rabbit and ushered in a hopeful year of the loong.
Along with year of the loong, there is also the Lantern Festival, which we have been absent for a long time, and we are looking forward to it.


Standing on this shore of time, what will come to your mind when you think back to the once crowded Lantern Festival?
Is it the laughter floating on Guanyin Bridge, the singing and dancing in front of the south gate, or the cups in Dayong Mansion?


Entrenched in the memory of our lantern festival, there is no shortage of the songs of Dayongyang Opera;There are many kinds of lanterns.Even more indispensable is the enthusiasm and unrestrained dance of Maugus.
We gave applause to the wonderful performance of the dragon and lion dance team;We used to sing with the melody of Sangzhi folk songs;We once praised the delicious kudzu root powder..


Undoubtedly, since Dayong ancestors held the first Lantern Festival thousands of years ago, the unique elements of the Lantern Festival, such as Yang Opera, Lion Dance, Dragon Dance, Lantern Festival and Jiuzi Whip, have been imperceptibly implanted in the hearts of everyone in Zhangjiajie, becoming special Spring Festival memories of Zhangjiajie people from generation to generation, and helping to shape a unique Zhangjiajie culture.
There is no doubt that when everyone in Zhangjiajie talks about the Lantern Festival in his hometown, he will definitely open a knowing smile from the corners of his mouth, and his yearning for another Lantern Festival will rise in his heart-
There, we forget the sadness and loss of last year, immerse ourselves in the happiness and joy of this moment, and pin our good wishes on the new year.


However, due to the impact of the epidemic, the Lantern Festival has been absent from the Spring Festival for four years, which has become a major regret in our hearts.
The flowers still bloom every year, but the flowers are different from each other year after year.A bright lantern is a witness of the years and also carries our beautiful memories.


Four years later, the dazzling lanterns of Lantern Festival will bloom as scheduled this year, illuminating the whole city.
And the person who accompanied you through the streets and alleys of Zhangjiajie to traverse the joy, where are those people now?
We wish each other a long life so as to share the beauty of this graceful moonlight, even though we are miles apart.Zhangjiajie in the palm of your hand wishes everyone can think of that person and those people together on the Lantern Festival, and then look for the joy that has been absent for a long time!Then experience the precious affection, friendship and love!

How to avoid minefield in second-hand car trading

  Xi yawei

  Recently, the Beijing Consumers Association conducted a survey on "the consumption problem of used cars" and found that many of them were suspected of concealing the real car condition or illegal operation. In fact, the chaos of second-hand car trading is not uncommon, which leads to many cases of transaction fraud flooding into the court. Then, what are the "minefields" in used car transactions, and how should consumers avoid them?

  Minefield 1

  It is difficult to identify the identity of the trading platform for car payment remittance to salesman account.

  Guo selected two used cars in official website, a second-hand car platform operated by a company. When he went to the store for consultation, Gao, a salesperson, was responsible for the reception. Guo expressed his willingness to buy through WeChat. Gao said that there was no need to sign a contract, and the car money could be transferred to the company through him, and he provided Guo with his own bank account. After that, Guo put the car money into Gao’s account. Soon, one of the cars was transferred to Guo’s name, but the other car was not delivered after repeated urging. Guo found that the car had been sold to others, so he appealed to the court to request the termination of the contract, refund the car purchase price and compensate. The company argues that it has not signed any sales contract with Guo, and there is no sales contract relationship between the two parties. Their identity is only an intermediary, not a vehicle seller. And although Gao is a salesperson, his responsibilities do not include concluding oral contracts and collecting payment.

  The judge dispelled doubts

  As a salesperson of the company, the vehicle information involved in the WeChat transaction with Guo came from the company’s second-hand car platform official website. Although the company claimed that the salesperson had no right to collect the payment, the court found that during Guo’s car purchase, Gao had transferred money to the company several times, with a huge amount, and Guo successfully purchased and transferred one of the cars by transferring money to Gao’s account. In these circumstances, it can be concluded that Gao has long-term behavior of collecting customers’ payment, which is a duty behavior. Therefore, Guo and the company have established a de facto sales contract relationship, and the company bears the seller’s responsibility, not the intermediary responsibility. Now that another car has been sold to others, the fundamental purpose of the contract cannot be realized. Guo has the right to terminate the sales contract involved and ask the company to refund the car money and compensate for the loss of capital occupation.

  Second-hand car trading platforms have dual identities, except for intermediaries, and sometimes they are sellers. Some second-hand car platforms sell second-hand cars themselves, but they deliberately evade their responsibilities in the car purchase agreement. When consumers have problems after buying vehicles through the platform and its staff, the platform refuses to pay compensation on the grounds that they are intermediaries rather than sellers. In the process of trading, what kind of responsibilities the platform undertakes mainly depends on the nature of the contractual relationship it forms with customers. If a sales contract relationship is established, it is the seller of the sales contract and bears the seller’s responsibility. It must deliver the used car that meets the contract to the buyer and handle the transfer according to the contract. If you are the intermediary of the sales contract, you will be responsible for the intermediary if you provide the opportunity to conclude the contract and match the buyers and sellers to reach a deal. Compared with the seller of the sales contract, it bears less contractual responsibility. However, in practice, there are cases where a written contract is not signed, and there is a dispute about whether the second-hand car trading platform is the seller. At this time, the court will comprehensively determine whether the second-hand car trading platform is the seller according to the evidence such as chat records, recorded materials, payment vouchers and witness testimony.

  Judge’s advice

  When buying a car, consumers should try to avoid making a private deal with individuals. They must not only sign a formal car purchase contract by verbal agreement, ensure that the transfer procedures are complete, determine the legal nature of the vehicle, and stipulate the rights and obligations of both parties through a written contract; It is necessary to carefully review the terms of the contract and keep the relevant documents of the transaction; If the rights protection is unsuccessful, you can sue the court for rights protection.

  Minefield 2

  Vehicle mileage data is falsified. Car operators return one and lose three.

  Qu bought a used car through an old motor vehicle brokerage company, and the mileage of the vehicle delivered in the contract was 139,000. After buying a car, Qu entrusted an appraisal company to appraise the vehicle, and concluded that the odometer of the vehicle was artificially changed, and the actual mileage should be above 220,000 at present. Qu filed a lawsuit with the court on the grounds of fraud, demanding that the old motor vehicle brokerage company cancel the contract, refund the car purchase price, make three times compensation and pay the appraisal fee.

  The judge dispelled doubts

  The mileage belongs to the important information in the process of second-hand car trading, which will directly affect consumers’ purchase choices and belong to the scope of the right to know.

  Although during the trial of the case, the used motor vehicle brokerage company believed that it had been tested by a third-party agency when it acquired the vehicles involved in the case, and the mileage shown in the test report was 132,600 kilometers, it was sold to Qu Mou according to the test data, and there was no intention of fraud. However, as a professional used car seller, the used motor vehicle brokerage company should carefully identify and truthfully inform consumers. Although the "apparent mileage" of the vehicle is stated in the test report, it has also been made clear that "odometer reading is not the basis for judging the actual mileage of the certified vehicle". The company did not show the test report to Qu in the transaction process, which made him lose the opportunity to choose according to the test report, which obviously had the intention of fraud.

  According to the provisions of Article 55 of the Law on the Protection of Consumer Rights and Interests, if an operator commits fraud in providing goods or services, it shall increase the compensation for the losses it has suffered according to the requirements of consumers, and the amount of compensation shall be three times the price of goods purchased by consumers or the cost of receiving services; If the amount of increased compensation is less than that of 500 yuan, it shall be 500 yuan. In the above case, the court finally decided to terminate the sales contract between the two parties, and the old motor vehicle brokerage company refunded Qu’s car purchase price and compensated him for three times the car purchase price.

  Judge’s advice

  When buying a second-hand car, consumers should not only choose the brand and color of the car, but also pay attention to whether the car has had an accident, maintenance records and other quality-related conditions, which is also the main difference between buying a second-hand car and a new car. Before buying a car, the seller should be required to provide the vehicle condition test report, accident records, maintenance records and other materials. When signing a sales contract, consumers should carefully read the terms of the contract and know the agreed contents. When encountering ambiguous terms and expressions, they should negotiate and amend them in time, and remember not to just listen to verbal promises. In addition, both parties shall clearly state in the contract the commitments made by the operators on the vehicle condition, such as non-accident vehicles, non-soaking vehicles, non-burning vehicles and non-stealing vehicles, the warranty period provided, the authenticity of vehicle mileage and other important contents, as well as the liability for breach of contract. And we should pay special attention to the format clauses that exempt the seller from the main obligations and exclude the main rights of consumers.

  Minefield 3

  During the warranty period, the vehicle spontaneous combustion shall be determined according to the actual situation.

  Wu Mou signed a transfer agreement with the second-hand car company, stipulating that "the company guarantees that the purchased vehicles are free from major accidents, soaking in water and fire, and the engine, gearbox and circuit board are guaranteed for two years". Subsequently, Wu Mou got the car after paying a loan of 220,000 yuan, but five months later, Wu Mou was driving home when the cockpit of the car caught fire. Afterwards, he entrusted an appraisal company to investigate the cause of the fire of the vehicle involved. The appraisal conclusion is that the possibility of fire caused by lightning strike, external fire source, artificial arson, vehicle accident collision and circuit failure can be ruled out, and the possibility of fire and spontaneous combustion caused by vehicle power system/fuel supply system failure cannot be ruled out. Wu Mou believed that the second-hand car company failed to deliver the vehicles meeting the quality standards as agreed in the contract, so he appealed to the court, demanding that the contract be terminated and all the car money be compensated. Second-hand car companies argue that Wu Mou bought the car with knowledge of the car condition and warranty commitment, and the damage to the car was caused by spontaneous combustion, so it should not be held responsible.

  The judge dispelled doubts

  According to Article 15 of the Measures for the Administration of Second-hand Car Circulation and Article 16 of the Specification for Second-hand Car Trading, second-hand car distribution enterprises must provide quality assurance and after-sales service commitments to buyers. According to the appraisal results in this case, the second-hand car company, as the seller, should guarantee the quality and performance of the delivered vehicles, and make corresponding warranty commitments, and should bear corresponding compensation responsibilities for the damage caused by the spontaneous combustion of vehicles. Wu Mou, the buyer, knew that it was a used car, but obviously its quality and performance could not be compared with that of a new car, so he still chose to buy it. At the same time, considering that he had used the car for five months from the time he picked it up to the time when the car spontaneously ignited, during which the battery was replaced and the vehicle involved was not properly maintained, Wu Mou himself should also bear the corresponding responsibility. Considering the contractual obligations of both parties, the use time of the vehicle and the principle of fairness, the court finally found that Wu Mou and the second-hand car company were each responsible for 50% of the damage to the vehicle.

  Judge’s advice

  When consumers buy used cars, they must check whether the vehicle procedures are complete. The seller shall provide complete formalities, including motor vehicle registration certificate, original invoice for car purchase, vehicle driving license, vehicle purchase tax payment certificate, purchase surcharge, vehicle insurance, road maintenance fee, vehicle and vessel use tax, etc., and the buyer shall check them one by one. In addition, consumers should also check whether the car engine number and frame number are consistent with the description on the relevant certificates such as the vehicle driving license. After the vehicle is overhauled, there should be relevant documents, warranty forms and vehicle safety technical inspection marks. The vehicle frame number (VIN code) and engine number in these documents must be the same as the vehicle. When necessary, you can ask to go to the motor vehicle registration management department with the seller to check whether there are rights defects such as mortgage and judicial seizure in the traded vehicles.

  Minefield 4

  Buying a car through "car bugs" leads to disputes. The identity of the seller must be comprehensively identified.

  Wei met Feng, a "car bug" in a second-hand car dealership. The two sides reached an agreement through WeChat, and Wei bought a second-hand BMW from Feng. After paying for the car, Wei found that the car had serious quality problems and could not be used normally. For the purpose of the contract, Feng could not be sued to the court, demanding to cancel the contract and return the car for a refund. Feng argued that he was neither the owner nor the seller, but a second-hand car agent. After receiving the agency fee, he transferred the remaining car money to the owner Liu, and provided the transfer record. He believed that Wei should claim rights from Liu. After the court added Liu as the third person in this case, Liu said that he did not know Wei, nor did he entrust Feng to sell the car, but only sold the car to Feng.

  The judge dispelled doubts

  Whether there is a sales contract relationship between Wei and Feng is the focus of controversy in this case. Although Feng said that he was only an intermediary, it was impossible to see from the WeChat chat records of both parties that he had clearly stated his intermediary status, and he could not submit the relevant evidence that the owner Liu entrusted him to sell the car. According to the principle of contract relativity, the court found that Wei and Feng had established a contract relationship for the sale of used cars, and the purpose of the contract could not be achieved. Wei had the right to request the termination of the contract, and Feng should return the car money to Wei, who would return the car to Feng.

  In cases involving "car bugs", because they have no formal qualifications and company supervision, the used cars sold are prone to ownership disputes or other major quality problems. When there is a dispute, "Car Bug" will call himself an intermediary, denying that it is the seller to evade the responsibility. If it can provide sufficient evidence to prove that it is an intermediary, it will not undertake the obligation of refund, otherwise it should be refunded.

  Judge’s advice

  When consumers buy used cars, they should choose regular operators and try not to trade through "car bugs". At the same time, both parties should sign a written contract to clarify the identity of the seller and pay attention to checking the ownership and condition of the vehicle. In addition, consumers should establish a sense of evidence, pay attention to retaining the evidence in the relevant transaction process and vehicle use, including invoices, contracts, electronic credentials, chat records, promotional materials, audio-visual materials, etc., so as to keep good evidence for future rights protection and safeguard their legitimate rights and interests.

  Standardized governance

  Work together to build a supervision system for used car trading

  Since 2018, cases related to used car transactions have shown a rapid growth trend. After investigation, consumers are faced with "three difficulties" in disputes over second-hand car transactions: First, second-hand car operators have various fraud methods, and it is difficult for consumers to protect their rights. Some operators lack integrity and cheat consumers by adjusting odometer data and concealing overhaul experience. Second, the information of used cars is opaque, which makes it difficult for consumers to inquire. At present, China has not established a national unified second-hand car trading information network system. When signing a contract, it is difficult for consumers to find all the information about the legality, maintenance, insurance and accidents of the vehicle on the platform. Third, the legal responsibility of used car operators is difficult to determine, and it is difficult for consumers to prove. Second-hand car operators and financial management are relatively chaotic. They often don’t sign written contracts, but only rely on salesmen to contact consumers. Salesmen collect consumers’ car purchases in their own names.

  Therefore, if consumers choose to buy used cars, they will inevitably take more risks while enjoying preferential prices. Be sure to keep your eyes open, stay calm, try to choose a formal trading market and network platform, and check the vehicle situation on the spot, sign a formal car purchase contract, ensure that the transfer procedures are complete, determine the legal nature of the vehicle, save the relevant documents of the transaction, and avoid the consumption trap to the greatest extent. At the same time, second-hand car operators should abide by the law, operate in good faith, standardize the transaction process, and actively fulfill their obligation to inform consumers. Relevant administrative departments and industry associations should focus on promoting the construction of official inquiry platform for second-hand car condition information, and further refine the quality identification standards related to second-hand cars to promote the standardized development of the second-hand car industry.

  (Author: Beijing No.1 Intermediate People’s Court)


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2012-08-02 16:31 Author:ZhubuchongSource:Life Week

In 1958, a game of Blackheath Football Club.

Many people are convinced of this story. Rugby originated in 1823. "When wilhelm weber Ellis caught the ball and ran with it, a purely random game began at the football match held at rugby Public School for Boys in Warwickshire." Ball games have existed in the British Isles for nearly 1300 years, and the invasion of Normans and Vikings has brought their own culture — — From language, clothing, diet, weapons to games, the most popular among the lower classes is this wild and irregular ball game — — Games are often held between two neighboring villages and towns, or between monasteries and even universities. In 1363, King Edward III issued an edict forbidding all recreational activities such as throwing stones and wood, kicking balls, fighting cocks and fighting dogs.

Nevertheless, this banned sport remained among the people in England, and in the 18th and 19th centuries, just as the Enlightenment emphasized that building a sound body was also an inseparable part of modern civic education, many elites in the upper class began to try to "domesticate" it as a means to cultivate masculinity and gentlemanly manners by making rules.

In August, 1845, Jim McKee, a student of Rugby School, tried to formulate the first rugby rules, stipulating that any collision after the ball touches the ground, before the kick-off or when the players are in the air is illegal, and the game must be terminated when the players are injured so that the former can receive treatment. An offensive player without the ball is offside if he is in front of the players who kick or take the ball … … Soon, the sport became popular in elite preparatory schools such as Harold and Eton College, and was eventually brought to universities such as Oxford and Cambridge by these students. In 1871, the British Rugby League (RFU) was formally established in PallMall Hotel, Regent Street, London. The original members were 21 clubs from different regions, and the founder and chairman of Richmond Club, E.C. Helms, became the first general manager of the League.

On March 27th, 1871, the English rugby team and the Scottish rugby team held the first international rugby match in Edinburgh’s Raeburn Palace Stadium. With the cheers of 4,000 enthusiastic local fans, Scotland beat England, which was exhausted by the long journey, through two touchdowns and a converted penalty kick.

England wore white shirts, white shorts and navy socks during the competition. This glorious tradition originated from Rugby College — — Different from the English football team and cricket team "the symbol of the three lions of the Plantagenet Dynasty", the symbol on the jacket of the English football team is a red rose.

Central Meteorological Observatory: There is an obvious cooling process in Jiangnan and South China, and it is rainy and rainy in the south.

  CCTV News:The Central Meteorological Observatory issued a weather bulletin. During the day, there was moderate to heavy rain in Hunan, and small to medium snow in Xinjiang, Shaanxi and Henan. It is expected that there will be strong winds and cool weather in the central and eastern regions in the next three days, and attention will be paid to the impact on simple facilities, energy supply, maritime shipping, etc. Low temperature and rainy weather in the eastern part of southwest China, Jiangnan and South China; The rainy and snowy weather in northern Xinjiang is concerned about the impact on transportation, agriculture and animal husbandry.

  First, the weather situation

  1. moderate to heavy rain occurred in Hunan and other places. Snowfall occurred in Xinjiang and Henan, Shaanxi.

  During the day today, moderate to heavy rain occurred in central Hunan and other places, and small to medium snow and local heavy snow occurred in Xinjiang along the Tianshan Mountains and parts of northern Xinjiang, central and northern Shaanxi, and western Henan.

  2.Significant cooling has occurred in Gansu, Shaanxi and other places

  At 16 o’clock today, compared with 16 o’clock yesterday, the temperature dropped by 4 ~ 8℃ in parts of central and western Gansu, central and southern Shaanxi, Sichuan Basin, Huanghuai, Jianghan, central and western Jiangnan and eastern South China.

  Second, the key weather forecast

  1. There is an obvious cooling process in Jiangnan and South China.

  From the night of the 11th to the 13th, due to the influence of strong cold air, the minimum temperature or daily average temperature in Huanghuai, Jianghuai, the eastern part of Southwest China, Jiangnan, South China and the central and eastern parts of Qinghai-Tibet Plateau dropped by 4 ~ 8℃ cumulatively, among which the temperature in southwest Guangxi dropped by 10 ~ 12℃, and there were northerly winds of 4 ~ 6 in some areas. The lowest temperature appears on the morning of 13th to 14th, and the lowest temperature 0℃ line is located in the line from the south of Huanghuai to the north of Jianghuai. The lowest temperature in Jianghan, the south of Jianghuai, the north and west of Jiangnan and the north and east of Guizhou will drop to 2 ~ 4℃ (see Figure 1).

Figure 1 National cold air cooling forecast map (November 11

20: 00 -13: 00)

  From 20: 00 on the 11th to 20: 00 on the 12th, some areas in northern Xinjiang, Qinghai, southeast coastal areas of Fujian, Taiwan Province Island and other places will have strong winds of 5-6 grades and gusts of 7-8 grades; There will be strong winds of 7-8 grades and gusts of 9 grades in the southern part of the East China Sea, the Taiwan Province Strait, the east of Taiwan Province, bashi channel, the northern and central South China Sea, and Beibu Gulf, among which the winds in parts of the Taiwan Province Strait can reach 9 grades and gusts of 10 grades. From 20: 00 on the 12 th to 20: 00 on the 13 th, there will be strong winds with 5~6 grades and gusts of 7~8 in western and northern Tibet, southern Qinghai, southeastern Fujian coastal areas and Taiwan Province Island; There will be strong winds of 7-8 grades and gusts of 9 grades in the southern part of the Yellow Sea, most of the East China Sea, Taiwan Province Strait, east of Taiwan Province, bashi channel, northern and central South China Sea, Beibu Gulf and Qiongzhou Strait, among which the winds in parts of the Taiwan Province Strait can reach 9 grades and gusts of 10 grades.The Central Meteorological Observatory continued to issue a gale blue warning at 18: 00 on November 11.(See Figures 2 and 3.)。

Figure 2 National gale forecast map (20: 00 on November 11th-20: 00 on December 12th)

Figure 3 National gale forecast map (20: 00 on November 12-20: 00 on November 13)

  2. It’s rainy in the south.

  From the night of 11th to 15th, it was rainy in the eastern part of Southwest China, Jianghan, Jiangnan and South China. Among them, from the night of the 11th to the 12th, there were moderate to heavy rains and local heavy rains in Sichuan Basin, southern Yunnan, southwestern Guangxi and Hainan Island.

  In addition, from the night of the 11th to the 14th, there were small to medium snow or sleet in parts of northern Xinjiang and along the Tianshan Mountains, and there was heavy snow locally.

  Third, the specific forecast for the next three days

  From 20: 00 on November 11 to 20: 00 on December 12,There is light snow or sleet in parts of Xinjiang along the Tianshan Mountains, central and eastern Tibet, northern and southeastern Qinghai, central and southern Gansu and Hexi, Shandong Peninsula and northern Sichuan Plateau. There is moderate to heavy rain in parts of Sichuan Basin, southern Guizhou, southwestern Hunan and Hainan Island, and there is heavy rain (50 ~ 65 mm) in the local area. There are 5 ~ 6 winds in parts of Liaodong Peninsula, northern Qinghai, northern Hebei, Shandong Peninsula, central Sichuan Basin and eastern Zhejiang. There are strong winds of 7-8 grades and gusts of 9 grades in the south of the East China Sea, Taiwan Province Strait, east of Taiwan Province, bashi channel, northern and central South China Sea and Beibu Gulf (see Figure 4).

Figure 4 National Precipitation Forecast Chart (20: 00 on November 11th-20: 00 on December 12th)

  From 20: 00 on November 12 to 20: 00 on November 13,There is light snow or sleet in parts of northern Xinjiang and southern Gansu. Among them, there is moderate to heavy snow (5 ~ 7 mm) in parts of Altay and Ili Valley in Xinjiang. There are small to moderate rains in parts of the southeastern part of Southwest China, western Jiangnan, northwestern South China and Hainan Island. There are 4 ~ 6 winds in parts of central Inner Mongolia, northeastern Heilongjiang, Liaodong Peninsula, Shandong Peninsula, eastern Zhejiang and southeastern Guangxi. There will be 6-8 winds in the Bohai Sea, the Yellow Sea, most of the East China Sea and parts of the Taiwan Province Strait, and the gust can reach 9 (see Figure 5).

Figure 5 National Precipitation Forecast Chart (from 20: 00 on November 12 to 20: 00 on November 13)

  From 20: 00 on November 13th to 20: 00 on November 14th,There are small to medium snow or sleet in parts of northern Xinjiang and central Qinghai. Among them, there are moderate to heavy snow (5 ~ 8 mm) in parts of Xinjiang along Tianshan Mountain. There are small to moderate rains in parts of central and southern Yunnan, southern Hunan, northern South China and Hainan Island. There are 4 ~ 6 winds in parts of western and central Inner Mongolia, northeastern Heilongjiang, Liaodong Peninsula, Shandong Peninsula, eastern Zhejiang and southeastern Guangxi. There will be 6 ~ 8 winds in Beibu Gulf, bashi channel and the central and northern South China Sea, and the gust can reach 9 (see Figure 6).

Figure 6 National Precipitation Forecast Chart (from 20: 00 on November 13th to 20: 00 on November 14th)

"New Time and Space", "New Model", "New Experience" 2020 Shanghai Tourism Festival to produce beautiful responses

Shanghai, September 27th (Gong Li SHA) On September 27, the Shanghai Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government held a press conference. An introduction of effectiveness, deputy director of the Cultural and Tourism Cheng Meihong City Bureau, Deputy Director of Liu Min City Commercial Committee, Minister Lu Xiaohui, Propaganda Department of Xuhui District Committee, Changlong Wanlong, Jing’an District, deputy district, and deputy head of the Chujie Yan District of Songjiang District attended the meeting.

Create a "new space" everywhere for the tourist scene

Shanghai is a well -known tourist city. This is an excellent tourist city "king is everywhere and should be accessed from time to time." The journey of this Tourism Festival has adhered to Jiangsu, the city of festivals, excavating tourism landmarks, new carriers, and new methods to fully stimulate the vitality and release of the city, in order to better serve the development of the Yangtze River Delta.

First, the tourist destination that focuses on promoting shows the Yangtze River Delta. In the context of promoting the development of high -quality cultural tourism integration in the Yangtze River Delta, strive to take the lead in traveling in the "same city effect" in tourism. In some cities in the Yangtze River Delta, the original "good neighbors" to the current "family." This year’s tourist festival, our first time, our first tourism festival. Four items of implementation. The first group of the Yangtze River Delta Tourism Festival was at the Nantong venue, Wenzhou, Huangshan, and three cities launched nearly 100 theme activities. It attracted the participation and attention of more than 8 million people. Through the first time to go to the night market culture, business activities, gourmet punch, self -driving tour, people who have been driving, such as the Yangtze River Delta city, showed some new boutique space for cultural tourism.

At the same time, at the main venue of the opening ceremony of the tourist festival, there is no cultural tourism Yangtze River Delta with rich TV network broadcast resources. The first batch of Shanghai -Huzhou City, Zhejiang’s boutique tourism line "living room from Huangpu River to the world", and the first batch of Shanghai citizens and tourists embarked on a wonderful journey of Shanghai Lake. For the first time, we launched 17 joint Shanghai and Yangtze River Delta cities. The products launched only 12 days, and it sold more than 20,000 copies.

The second feature of the new space is the dotted line of Shanghai urban cultural tourism strings. Shanghai Red Culture, Shanghai Culture, and Southern Cultural Resources are very rich. In the tourist festival, we carefully sort out and integrate, the integration of the focus will not work, provide the public to the public, and lead tourists to participate in a high -quality experience life. Essence At the Tourism Festival, the 16 district government’s cultural tourism enterprises, including our business business, and so on. Then it launched 156 events and nearly 500 fine lines of fine lines, covering three cultures, one river and one river, and buildings can be read. All aspects of online celebrities photography, shopping, food, and so on. The network involves thousands of red punching points.

"The road of sailing, listening to Shanghai Wei," The sound of cultural activities in Shanghai, Shanghai launched 100 red tourism routes; the "Charm Binjiang" event across the river area, released the theme and product line of the five major theme 104 seaside linkage; The introduction of "Building can read", a good place in Shanghai on 16 nights, 103 micro -structures; the golden autumn tourism shopping season to create eight shopping integration, tourism, CultureConsumer’s wonderful destination, to provide consumers with various green business for consumers Travel joint document; "Good Shanghai? Garden Life" launched the theme park line of the five nations for the theme of the five nations; "Magic City Model Young 2020 Youth Travel Experience Award", launch the 15 -week youth journey Deep official website of recruitment experience.

Third, the wave of C -disc in Shanghai is the latest demonstration of punching. During the tourist festival, adapting to the new needs of urban life, the trend of young people, Shanghai launched many recent waves of red networks, punching and best movie photography points, and continue to cultivate "platform+merchants", "boxing line grass grass grass grass grass grass +Offline, "text travel consumption model. The top ten "best movie points" and 12 "best stamping red dots" were launched by Yangpu River in Yangpu District; Hongzhuang District launched four best photography in the eight o’clock and the most beautiful landmarks; Minhang District , Launched "Treasure Hunting Minxing? Minhang Hongfa Ten Nets," He "traveling Minhang called" Book Competition Minhang Road; Xuhui District Celebrating the Vitality of the Holidays, Public Speaking of Music and Wonderful Charm Construction Cross -border Integration; Putuo District Organization; The three lines were packaged on the ground camps to play the two parties in Suzhou to expand the new space of hydrological tourism on the Suzhou River.

Establish a "new model" for integration and interaction in all places

Tourism is a comprehensive industry, and has the effect of "100 % of the industry". In the normal context, prevent control, the tourism festival adheres to leading innovation, initiative to change, respond to new new needs, create new demand for new supply, online and offline interaction, and the complementary platform content. In order to better serve the new development model Essence

Provide and demand and promote each other. The epidemic prevention and control in the background of the standardization, the travel method and destination to the public have changed a lot. Forcing the text tour, we need to improve the quality For the service series, leading public tourists choose new local tourism depth. During the Tourism Festival, the integration of iterative upgrades of the "micro -Shanghai" project of the text tour, Daren Punch and the best movie photography point of photography in Shanghai, listening to the story of urban cultural researchers tell the story of the old house, listening to a wonderful opera chanting, has become Shanghai’s’s in Shanghai City walking line.

So far, the spring travel company has organized more than 50, and 10,000 people participated in Micro Shanghai tourism products. In the next step, it will also strongly support the wishes of local farming Shanghai Cultural Tourism Company, increase the supply of product content, improve service quality, and meet the new needs of public tourist tourists. September 27th is World Tourism Day. This morning, a good place was found in the suburbs of Shanghai-2020 World Tourism Day to see Shanghai activities. Shanghai travel consumer market recovers.

Hug each other online and offline. In the Internet economy, she gave birth to "New Online Text Brigal" as a new concept, "Online Tour", and "the next holes" has become a new cultural tourism experience model. Through the online platform, a new urban cultural tourism business card is realized, the competitiveness of the global market of Shanghai cultural tourism industry has been enhanced, and the new allocation of regional tourism resources is highly created.

The first "Cloud Tourism" platform of the Tourism Festival this year brought together hundreds of high -quality tourist festivals on the live line. Hundreds of articles covering Shanghai’s key business districts, tourist attractions, and cultural sites theme lines.新华社, 伦敦, 美国特派团评论, 携程, 驴母亲旅行, 巡回赛上海应用程序, 颤音, 百度, 丁东买食物, 获取物理应用程序, 达达集团和其他公司,旅游节发射特殊窗口, 特征, List online to show the theme of the tourist festival, and the tourism festival provides exclusive rewards and trends.

According to statistics, the "Cloud Tourism" platform clicks a total capacity of 1.017 million people. In the comments from participating in the statistics of Midea Group, from September 12th to 25th, the amount of food and beverages increased by 56.6 % year -on -year, leisure and entertainment expenditure increased by 39.8 %, bed expenditure increased by 33.9 %, 90 % of 90 % , Sales of Travel Ticket Sales at the same time.

Mutual assistance interactive platform and content. The services of the Yangtze River Delta and even the whole country are set up to the masses. Passengers in Shanghai are mission. Through the connected platforms and contents, they will continue to strengthen exchanging cultural tourism and tourism to combine the country’s resources to improve quality and promote literary promotion effects.

On the day of the visit, the city jointly established the Yangtze River Delta Tourism Promotion Alliance in Sanxue and Zhejiang Province. The Yangtze River Delta will work together to host various tourism promotion activities. The team builds a tourism marketing network to cover the entire media. Jointly developed a tourist boutique line shared by the Yangtze River Delta, information sharing, product push, and transmitting each other, creating a new image of the Yangtze River Delta integrated tourism destination. This year’s tourism festival has also become the best time to focus on Shanghai and Shanghai. According to statistics, there are remote markets, such as nearly 40 tourism promotion activities in Inner Mongolia, Tianjin, Shandong and Yangtze River before and after tourism.

All local Wenxiao departments through literary performances, food activities, shopping mall road shows, and so on. Babies, beautiful scenery, cultural folk customs, food specialty, and so on. Let the citizens enjoy the great riverside of the beautiful motherland at the door. The 2020 Shanghai (China) Conference and Business Tourism and Domestic Tourism Direct Transactions have established a series of conference industry exchanges and interactive activities, sharing conferences awards and the current situation and development trend of the business tourism industry, and strengthened industry exchanges and improvements.

Share "new experience", so that a beautiful life is everywhere

Tourism is a good time to live in a beautiful life of the people. The tourist festival adheres to the concept of people’s urban development, and vigorously promotes the integration of tourism, urban life, and city experience, so that citizens and tourists will be tourism, fully experience "cities, make life better", and let the book "people city" read. , I can see it, you can see it.

"Cross -border integration" "Travel+ N". The epidemic suffered unprecedented impact. How to seek opportunities from the needs of CRISISFROM in adversity, it is necessary to seek new cross -border integration of the upstream industrial chain. The cooperation between the various departments this year is a highlight. This launched a series of "travel+" products and activities. The opening ceremony of the Tourism Festival merged with Nanjing Road East Tower. It only takes 20 minutes to sell the "self -sufficient flow" of the tourist festival and the two IP addresses of Nanjing Road. The overall effect of the opening of the Championships has formed a geometric factor growth.

According to statistics, on September 12, at 8:00 pm, the instantaneous traffic of Nanjing Road was 3.60,000 people, and the tourist festival almost turned over last year. The Municipal Commerce Commission has led the autumn tourist peak season shopping. It has created eight business travel lounges. The integration of 644 is famous. The famous, famous restaurant, the name of this street. Autumn is the harvest season. The Municipal Agricultural Committee and the Municipal Transportation Commission launched 18 rural boutique tourism routes to propose comprehensive suburbs of Shanghai’s most beautiful villages. Shanghai Film Group has held nearly 50 well -known brand business travel of the "Worry -Free Calcium Marathon Party" text brings exquisite cultural and creative and interactive activities, attracting tourists to participate in the public to participate in the public.

The 3rd China (Shanghai) International Health Tourism Expo has become an important platform for the pharmaceutical industry to gather tourist attractions, cross -border integration of sports and health, promoting a win -win cooperation between the health tourism industry, prosperity and development. Shanghai Pudong Development Bank has launched the theme of the debit card theme happy Yangtze River Delta. You can buy the Yangtze River Delta text brigade voting, and 18 has been released. 40000.

The cultural connotation of "show depth". "Shanghai urban tourism resources cannot be separated from red culture, Shanghai culture and southern culture empower power, and show the depth of cultural connotation for the" cultural soul "of tourism in the tourism industry. The text brigade provides a better experience for public visitors. Reading the content of the "Tourism Festival, the second meeting of the cultural and creative market, Shanghai will become the resource characteristics of the" building possible "cultural creative product, so that public visitors will be stronger and more intuitive to understand the city’s city’s History, the taste of urban culture.

According to statistics, a total of 62 cultural and creative enterprises in the city’s 16 districts have 929 cultural and creative product exhibitions. Shanghai People’s Broadcasting Station, "The road of sail, listening to the Shanghai" plan ". Without the voice of Shanghai Red Culture, Red Tourism provides a new experience for the people. On September 14th, "early 990 news" listened to 3.13 %, an increase of 37.89 %, and the number of 55 years per day. 70,000.

The world holds the theme activity of the "traditional city center" and gives full play to the advantages of the comprehensive effect of art world performance art. The Yangtze River Delta has created the theme of IP IP in the non -heritage music festival. 16 days of tourist festival, Shanghai’s colorful culture and performance art market, the world’s main performance art performances 51 and 152 on -site projects, with an average of nearly 10 games per day, the number of major performance projects increased by 59 %, and the on -site growth rate was 55 %.

Consumption upgrade "Enable power." Continuous innovation supporting markets, high -quality products of consumers, and launching many high -quality products in the tourist festival of organizational activities, promoting consumption, and leading public tourists pursuing the quality of life. According to statistics, the sales of the businessmen along the Nanjing Road along the Tourism Festival have increased significantly, and the new world of Deman Department Store in Dim Province. Sales of Family Fashion Store. 080,000 yuan, Rose 54 % subway: September 12-13 days, 1388 entire network traffic. 60,000 people, the ring on weekends -more than 5 % (September 6) increased.

On September 12, the passenger flow of Nanjing East Road Station was 11.560,000 passengers, which usually increased by 16 % on weekends. According to statistics, during the tourist festival, the sales of the four districts of the city increased by 5.2 %, and the sales of Huangpu District increased 26 times. 6 %. Fireworks Shanghai Food Season Activities attracted nearly 13 million people to participate; the "Southern Food" section "on -site" on -site participation was more than 50 years old, 10,000, and sales of nearly 200 million.

(Edit: Tang Xiaoli, Han Qing)