[Liubei Anti-drug Science] Are you sleepy when you go to work? This "refreshing" trick can’t be done!

as the proverb goes

happy events do good to one’s heart

I feel sleepy when I get to work.

Especially after a long holiday.

After a few beautiful days without getting up early

Going to work is even more sleepy.

Face fatigue and tiredness

Little friends have tried their best.

Strong tea, coffee, cool oil …

But remember

There are thousands of refreshing methods.

Don’t use drugs as a means

A truck driver started taking drugs with the idea of giving it a try because he was easy to get sleepy and heard from his friends that taking drugs could refresh him. Finally, he was detained for 15 days.

An online writer was arrested by the police because he often stayed up late to catch a manuscript and used drugs to "refresh himself" and "seek inspiration".

A 22-year-old boy, Zhang, was finally detained for 15 days in order to earn more overtime pay.

Can drugs really refresh you?

Amphetamine drugs such as ice, magu and ecstasy have strong central nervous system excitement. Taking this kind of drugs can make people feel energetic, excited and confident in the short term, and they can continue to work and study for a long time without eating or drinking. However, long-term use of methamphetamine will inevitably lead to organ damage and even auditory hallucination mental disorder.

Drug abuse can "eliminate fatigue" and "refresh the mind"

It’s all a lie

Never believe in the "magic effect" of drugs

Maintain healthy and regular sleep habits.

have a good sleep

Is the secret of "refreshing"

Original title: "[Liubei Anti-drug Science Popularization] Are you sleepy when you go to work? This "refreshing" trick can’t be done! 》

What is the self-healing function of craftsmanship in present life?

Changsha Evening News Pocket Changsha December 19 According to Hunan Daily News, what role does craftsmanship play in today’s life? On December 16th, Luo Yi Cheng, the IP founder of "China Shouyi", held a reading meeting in Changsha, the only academy of Minmetals, with his new work "Yellow River Map: Yellow River Valley Craftsmen and Their Hometown". Luo Yi Cheng believes that craftsmanship can help people heal themselves in the present life.
The stories and crafts of 27 craftsmen
Luo Yi Cheng used to be a senior advertising practitioner, and worked in many famous international advertising companies such as Ogilvy & Mather. He has published three books, namely, 108 artisans in China: Poetics and Nostalgia of Traditional Handicraft Artists, Seeking Common Ground while Preserving Arts: Ingenious Dialogue between Craftsmen on both sides of the Taiwan Strait and Yellow River Map.
The sharing of the day began with telling stories.
In the past eight years, Luo Yi has been doing all the things related to crafts, digging up records and sorting out crafts all over the country, and turning them into exquisite books, documentaries, exhibitions and so on.
The newly published Yellow River Map contains the stories and skills of 27 craftsmen, including vivid articles and beautiful pictures.
Five years ago, he started from the source of the Yellow River, trudged all the way to the mouth of the Yellow River and walked the whole course of the Yellow River, interviewing and recording the stories of craftsmen and their crafts along the way. However, the structure of books is built according to people’s life: chapter one, seeking children; The second chapter, birth; Chapter three, growth; Chapter four, starting a family; Chapter five, establishing a career; Chapter six, housekeeping; Chapter seven, enjoy life; Chapter eight, past life.
The reason for this structure is that he believes that these crafts that have been handed down for thousands of years are linked with people’s life, which fully embodies the life wisdom of China people. So when he started to do this in 2018, he set a sentence: life is a river, and every life deserves to be treated grandly.
Craft is meaningful to our life today.
Luo Yi Cheng said: I actually walked two rivers along the Yellow River: one is the Yellow River and the other is Life.
What he wants to tell readers is, in the past, what kind of skills people used to correspond to different life nodes of a person, so that people’s lives were treated with dignity.
In this process, he gradually realized that those flexible and emotional things in the past can make people appreciate the feelings between people and the sense of happiness and fulfillment in life.
Such as the lion on the kang, common people sleep on the kang. How did it come from? In the past, mothers had to take care of their children and do farm work, so they put their children on the kang, but it was easy to roll down. What should I do? Just make a stone lion, about ten centimeters high, with one leg hollowed out and put in red silk. When the child reaches 100 days, his father will give it to the child as a gift. Put it on the kang, the red silk is tied with a stone lion at one end and a child at the other end, so the child will not roll down from the kang, so it is also called tied baby stone.
Shishi is also a ready-made toy for children. Generation after generation, children played with stone lions. After several generations, they were all soaked.
Being a lion on the kang is exquisite, and you can’t scare the children. One is shaped with things, so no stone lion on the kang is exactly the same; The second is to be cute, and the children like it. Masons have never seen a real lion, even a photo, and they all create by their own imagination.
When children are twelve years old, the significance of guarding them by the lion on the kang is unnecessary.
Farmers will untie the cloth belt, make it into children’s belts, or hang it on jujube trees in the yard, which means "becoming a useful person at an early date".
When children can walk, they want to learn to run. In this process, you will imagine what can fly in the sky. So there is a "kite". Yang Hongwei, a teacher from Yangjiabu, Shandong Province, is the inheritor of Yangjiabu kites. The author has been to Yangjiabu four or five times, and recorded that Teacher Yang and her niece Yang Yang made kites and then released them.
He said: Flying kites has a special feeling that something flying in the sky is controlled by us through a thread. For children, it is very fulfilling.
Luo Yi Cheng said frankly: What he wants to convey is that craftsmanship is meaningful to our life today.
He said: These skills are good for me to learn how to be a father and for the growth of my children. It is a very important kind of healing. What should we share with our children to provide beneficial nutrients for their growth under the circumstances of great volume and anxiety?
At the reading meeting, Luo Yi Cheng also had an interactive sharing with guests and readers.