The whole system comes standard with L2 intelligent driving system, and Changan UNI-Z 117,900 has been officially listed.

On March 28th, the live broadcast conference of Changan UNI-Z was held grandly. Under the witness of the whole network, Changan UNI-Z, a new leapfrog blue whale smart electric SUV, was officially launched. This time, three configurations were released, namely, blue whale smart electric iDD 125km leading type, blue whale smart electric iDD 125km surpassing type and blue whale smart electric iDD 125km superior type. The official guide price was 117,900 yuan-131,900 yuan.

At the same time, in order to make it easy for more enterprising family members to own this leapfrog work, Changan Automobile also launched a five-fold leapfrog gift for UNI-Z in a limited time.

Leap without worry:Lifetime warranty for non-operating vehicles (first owner);

Leap-forward gift:Time-limited full brand replacement subsidy of 10,000 yuan;

Leap financial ceremony:The down payment is as low as 15% and the term is as long as 60 periods; Or 24 installments with 0 interest;

Leap charging ceremony:888 yuan to enjoy the value of 3500 yuan 7kW charging pile and free installation;

Leap to Zhilian ceremony:Basic traffic is free for life, and value-added traffic is free for 5 years (including iQiyi traffic for 60 days); Free OTA system upgrade for life.

* The above rights and interests are only available for vehicles that have been subscribed before April 30th (inclusive) and invoiced and sold before May 31st (inclusive).

At the press conference, in order to fully verify the excellent performance and quality of Changan UNI-Z, Ye Pei, executive vice president of Changan Automobile, officially announced that "the spring breeze in Wan Li UNI is really good-UNI-Z Ten Cities Dynamically Challenge Miles" was launched. The event will be held in ten cities at the same time, with ten lines going hand in hand, which not only shows the confidence and pride of Changan UNI-Z in its own powerful strength, but also presents an unprecedented, challenging and passionate ultimate test drive feast.

As the first mass-produced vehicle after the release of the new Blue Whale power platform, UNI-Z is another masterpiece under the UNI series of Changan, which represents the comprehensive evolution of the UNI series in the next product era, and is also an important step for Changan Automobile’s "Shangri-La" new energy strategy.

Changan UNI-Z has a deep insight into the demand and trend of the mainstream consumer market, and has created a brand-new and leapfrog electric hybrid product with three core advantages: leapfrog new blue whale power, leapfrog intelligence and leapfrog space. Its unique plug-and-mix and extended-range power form at the same level not only brings double enjoyment at the price of one car, but also reshapes a new benchmark of high-efficiency hybrid at the same level, and brings users a new driving experience with economic efficiency and comfortable inductance.

Leaping new blue whale power, one car and two enjoyment, economic efficiency and inductance comfort coexist.

As the first product of the new blue whale power platform, Changan UNI-Z leads a new era of hybrid travel with excellent intelligent iDD power system. The system perfectly integrates the new Blue Whale power HE 15 engine, the new Blue Whale dual-motor electric drive, iEM intelligent high-order control and Changan golden bell battery, which not only has high efficiency and energy saving in plug-in mode, but also can switch the extended range mode with one button to enjoy stronger inductance, which is easy to open, save and relax.

Hybrid special engine, lower fuel consumption, economical and efficient.In terms of engine technology, the new blue whale HE 15 engine carried by Changan UNI-Z combines the design concept of blue whale "AGILE" combustion system and the characteristics of hybrid vehicles, and adopts a number of industry-leading technologies. Among them, the stroke cylinder-diameter ratio of 1.45, high-energy ignition of 150mJ and high compression ratio of 16:1, combined with advanced technologies such as intelligent start-stop and low-friction design, make this engine achieve a thermal efficiency as high as 43.31%, which is at the leading level in its class. Under the working condition of WLTC, the fuel consumption of feed is only 5.15L/100km, which brings users long battery life and excellent fuel consumption performance.

Hybrid special dual-motor electric drive, smooth and smooth, and enjoy high energy.In terms of electric drive, Changan UNI-Z adopts the 10-layer Hairpin flat-wire oil-cooled motor technology, which was first developed in the world. Compared with the 6-layer or 8-layer motor commonly used in the industry, the 10-layer Hairpin flat wire technology effectively improves the material utilization rate and motor efficiency by increasing the number of motor layers. This makes the maximum power of the motor reach 158kW, the maximum torque is 330N·m, the maximum efficiency is as high as 97.8%, and the comprehensive efficiency is 89.6%. In the high-power and high-power mode, the acceleration time of Changan UNI-Z is only 7.4 seconds, which fully meets the users’ dual pursuit of energy saving and performance of hybrid SUV.

Hybrid special battery, battery life, refusing anxiety.In terms of batteries, Changan UNI-Z’s special hybrid battery with golden bell jar has set a new industry standard with its core advantages of "true safety, long life, quick recharge and super efficiency". Even in the extremely low temperature environment of -30℃, through the advanced micronucleus pulse heating technology, the battery temperature can be increased by up to 4℃ per minute, the power can be increased by 50%, and the charging time can be shortened by 15%, so that the battery temperature can be rapidly increased and the power can be stably output, and users can be assured to use it in different environments.

New blue whale intelligent hybrid system, one car for two, comfortable inductance.In addition, Changan UNI-Z is also equipped with an iEM intelligent high-order control system independently developed, and ECMS algorithm is applied to production vehicles for the first time in the industry, bringing users an unprecedented dual experience of pluggable and mixed range extension. The price of a car, you can experience double enjoyment, and it is more fuel-efficient than extended range and more inductive than plug-in! When driving in urban areas, the forced extended range mode provides pure electric driving comfort; When driving at high speed, switch to the plug-in mode with one button, which can easily cope with endurance anxiety and make travel more economical and convenient.

At the same time, through advanced software algorithm and stepless transmission technology, Changan UNI-Z further improves the ride comfort and comfort of driving, so that the rear passengers can also enjoy the silky inductance experience and bid farewell to the carsickness troubles completely.

Leap-forward intelligence, the whole system comes standard with L2 intelligent driving+intelligent cabin, reshaping the high-value experience.

In the current automobile market, higher safety configuration is often regarded as exclusive to high-profile models, but Changan UNI-Z breaks this convention and puts forward the concept of "safety is not high-profile, only standard", integrating humanistic care into every detail and providing all-round safety guarantee for every driver and passenger.

The entry is high, and the whole system comes standard with L2-level assisted driving.Through 11 active safety functions such as IACC integrated adaptive cruise, FCW front collision warning and LDW lane departure warning, Changan UNI-Z can provide timely and effective protection for drivers and passengers in various road conditions. This is not only a technological innovation, but also attaches great importance to the safety of drivers and passengers.

In addition, Changan UNI-Z is also equipped with a unique full voice AI parking assistant and APA automatic parking 6.0 system. Through simple voice commands, accurate and efficient parking operation can be realized, and even novices can easily control it. At the same time, the mobile APP supports the remote pick-up function within 200 meters, making travel more convenient and worry-free. These intelligent configurations not only improve the convenience of car use, but also bring users a brand-new experience in terms of security, ceremony and dignity.

Meet the needs of the whole scene car and create a high-value intellectual cockpit.Changan UNI-Z comes standard with the ultimate AI voice assistant, which can wake up in 0.3 seconds. It supports the on-line voice recognition and broadcast function outside the car, provides more instructions and broadcast copy selection, and is equipped with two timbres for users to choose from. In addition, the voice assistant also supports the intercom and shouting functions outside the car, making the communication inside and outside the car more convenient and interesting. The standard 14.6-inch super-large technology central control panel brings users a larger display area and wider color gamut details, making the operation faster and more accurate.

It is worth mentioning that Changan UNI-Z Zhiqu cockpit is also equipped with the industry’s first FaceID 3.0 face recognition system. By recognizing face information, functions such as vehicle unlocking, starting and seat welcoming can be linked to realize a convenient experience of starting without feeling.

Leaping space, leading wheelbase at the same level, enjoying unbounded freedom.

Knowing the user’s demand for large space, Changan UNI-Z has a leading wheelbase of 2795mm and a body size of 4730*1890*1660. Based on the standard 19-inch wheels, it has created a spacious and comfortable mobile space for drivers and passengers. The maximum knee space of 121mm in the back row, with the flat floor design and 28 ergonomic backrest angle, allows every passenger to enjoy the same comfortable experience.

Enrich the storage space, and the details are ingenious.There are 31 storage spaces in the whole car, and the large and small items are stored neatly and orderly, which is convenient and beautiful. Whether it is a mobile phone, a water cup or other small objects, you can find a suitable home.

The layered trunk design meets the needs of the whole family.Through ingenious layered design, seven types of storage spaces are finely divided, and the trunk volume can reach 638 L, which can meet the storage requirements of large and large items, and can also flexibly customize the storage of large and small items. After 4/6 of the second row is put down, the maximum volume can reach 1425L L. Whether it is luggage for long-distance travel, children’s toys, cookware and ingredients for picnics, you can catch them all, making travel easier and more enjoyable.

Between the horizontal and vertical, it has its own detachment.In terms of design, Changan UNI-Z follows UNI family’s universal design language, which is dynamic and fierce. Smooth-edged shuttle modeling outlines the outline of forge ahead. Family-style silver wing flying feather prism grille and sky light digital light group complement each other, showing the sense of future technology. The ultra-low drag coefficient and streamlined body ensure excellent aerodynamic performance. The tail design is also brilliant, the tail of the cloud feather wind blade is elegant and smart, and the penetrating taillights of the wings of light and shadow are amazing.

Future technology interior, exquisite at your fingertips.In terms of interiors, UNI-Z also has a sense of technology and advanced. The 14.6-inch super-large technology central control panel adopts minimalist suspension design, which is quick to start and convenient to interact. The new dynamic technology desktop provides day/night mode, with warm and comfortable interface and natural and real dynamic effect. The reactor-type digital life atmosphere lights are linked with the driving state, creating a highly immersive technology cockpit. Horizon-style central control and 11.5㎡ textured first-class seats provide drivers and passengers with a wide field of vision and a comfortable touch. The cloud-feeling zero-pressure seat provides just the right package and support, making every trip easy and enjoyable.

As the first mass-produced vehicle of the new Blue Whale power platform and the leap-forward work of UNI series, Changan UNI-Z not only shows the profound strength and innovative spirit of Changan Automobile in the field of new energy and intelligence, but also brings brand-new travel choices to users by virtue of its unique power form of the same level, intelligent configuration as standard in all departments and wide space performance. Its listing, while improving the UNI series product matrix, will undoubtedly further promote the development and growth of Changan Automobile in the new energy market and inject new vitality into the landing of the "Shangri-La" strategy.

How to break through the original martial arts drama? | Online Roundtable No.27

Martial arts drama has ushered in a small climax.

I don’t know about the chivalrous detective, the heavy fire on the moon, the one-inch lovesickness in a juvenile tour, and the first night of dusk. The last time the martial arts drama was actively discussed by the audience was the remake of The Legend of the Condor Heroes in 2017. Since then, the voice of "the martial arts is dead" has been higher and higher.

After a lapse of three years, the martial arts drama not only did not die, but even broke through the curse of "only classic remakes have sound volume". Several IP adaptations and original martial arts dramas emerged in succession, which also made the frozen martial arts drama market a little more warm. The IP adaptation has the fan base of the original work. In contrast, the original martial arts drama lacks the most primitive audience accumulation. So, how difficult is the breakthrough of the original martial arts drama? How can the chivalrous spirit be accepted by the young audience now? How can the world outlook of martial arts dramas be detailed?

This week’s online round table,Yuli studioXiaoyu, the editor of TV series, Doby, who has read a lot of films, and Shunfenger, a martial arts fan, were invited. These three special "audiences" took the original martial arts drama "Dusk White Head" being broadcast as an example to explore the way out of the original martial arts drama.

How to break through the original martial arts drama? | Online Roundtable No.27
How to break through the original martial arts drama? | Online Roundtable No.27

Moderator: When did you pay attention to the drama "Twilight"? What was your first impression of him? From which episode did "into the pit" begin?

Small fish:After reading "Under the Golden Clothes", I paid attention to Lun Jia. After watching his drama to be broadcast, I paid attention to this "Dusk White Head". The hero and heroine are all my favorite types, and the costumes are also good. I followed it after the broadcast.

Downwind ear:I paid attention to it when it first started broadcasting, because I had a preview on Weibo before it started broadcasting. It’s really into the pit after watching the first episode, because it’s cool and not inky in rhythm. However, the editing of the previous episodes did jump a little, but the place that should be explained was fairly clear, and it was not difficult to understand because of editing problems, and the plot of the male and female protagonists was quite sweet.

Doby:I started to pay attention to the tweet "Drama Can Say", because I usually have the habit of pulling tabs. After seeing the tweet, I felt very interesting, so I went to see it. My first impression was to see the handsome Ren Guochao. About four episodes from into the pit.

How to break through the original martial arts drama? | Online Roundtable No.27

Stills of "Twilight Whitehead", Allen (Ren Guochao)

How to break through the original martial arts drama? | Online Roundtable No.27

Compere: What scenes and plays surprise you?

Doby:Many scenes were shot in real scenes. What impressed me was that when the hero and heroine met for the first time, Lin Jing saved the United States, a boat was surrounded by an umbrella, and between the green mountains and green waters, the picture was beautiful and novel, and the martial arts movements were real and not procrastinating; Lin Jing and Rong Jian met men in black at the inn, and when they were fighting with men in black, it was also interesting that they accidentally "dong". After Rong Chen knew Lin Jing’s identity, he was surrounded in the forest, and the scene of Lin Jing coming out of the crowd was unexpectedly moved.

In addition, there is the scene of the wedding of Lan Yue and Rong Jian. The heroine’s crying scene is very layered. Rong Jian, who has almost nothing, still has a strong look in her eyes and her emotions are expressed in place when she cries.

Small fish:The whole drama is quite real, especially some cliff scenes. It can be seen that the scenery is real, and the actors actually shoot on the spot, which is quite enjoyable to watch. Compared with the previous special effects operation, the picture presentation effect of this drama is really good.

Downwind ear:I prefer the scene of fighting in the rain. It’s really too quiet, the action is crisp and neat, and the splash that falls on the sword makes the atmosphere of fighting in the rain feel very good. The slow motion in the play can be said to be just right, and it won’t be considered endless slow motion. Moreover, in this scene, I also see that Lin Jinghe is completely different from others, and he is handsome.

How to break through the original martial arts drama? | Online Roundtable No.27
How to break through the original martial arts drama? | Online Roundtable No.27

"Twilight Whitehead" is a big wedding scene in the rain.

How to break through the original martial arts drama? | Online Roundtable No.27

Moderator: Lin Jing and Rong Jian were called "eight-speed love" from the beginning. How do you feel about this kind of emotional development mode in which the hero and heroine quickly enter love?

Downwind ear:It’s very cool, not procrastinating. Get to know each other quickly, have a good impression, and then like each other, giving people the feeling of straight-ball love. It seems that most of the love in martial arts is like this, and it is acceptable without any sudden feeling.

Doby:I feel very emotional. The first few episodes are super eye-catching. Others use the progress of 40-60 episodes to solve it here in 6-8 episodes. The rhythm is very fast and attractive, which is different from the rhythm of other domestic dramas.

Small fish:In fact, the first episode still feels that the pace is a little fast, which may be due to the editing, and the bedding is not done enough. Some plots seem unintelligible, and the sweetness is sweet, but it looks a little awkward. It is better for the later episodes to unfold slowly. Ren Jialun and Zhang Huiwen still have a good sense of CP.

How to break through the original martial arts drama? | Online Roundtable No.27

"Twilight Whitehead" stills, Allen, Zhang Huiwen

How to break through the original martial arts drama? | Online Roundtable No.27

Moderator: Allen plays Lin Jing and Na Lanyue with different personalities. What do you think is the difference between his performance and his previous roles?

Doby:It is the biggest difference between one person and the other.

Maybe it turns out that in the play, he only has one way of expression. When he is dull, he is very anxious and wants to confess for him. Don’t worry about it here. It’s a vigorous and icy Lan Yue when you start your career. When you are in love, it is Lin Jing who is full of love words and super sexy.

I like both roles very much. I think he can show the contrast image of the male host in different identities, and the people are full.

Small fish:The costume style is still very handsome, and the two dragons and bangs also have the style of martial arts. In the performance, one is open and the other is restrained, and the sense of contrast is not bad.

Downwind ear:This should be the most exposed role that Allen has ever played. The roles played before, such as Guangping Wang, Lu Yi, Lin Chong, are all relatively cold or decisive.

But this time, Lin Jing is very funny, informal, and sometimes even a little superficial and talkative. It is really the first time to have such a happy role, as if Guo Chao himself. It is really quite different from before, and I can’t see the shadow of my former role. In the later period, due to family changes, Nalan Yue will gradually turn from a free and easy teenager into a calm and forbearing person, which will form a huge contrast between the two personalities.

How to break through the original martial arts drama? | Online Roundtable No.27
How to break through the original martial arts drama? | Online Roundtable No.27

Ren Jialun in Dusk White First

How to break through the original martial arts drama? | Online Roundtable No.27

Moderator: What’s your impression of the role of Rong Jian? Compared with the heroine of the previous martial arts drama, what are the highlights and places worthy of improvement in her body?

obeyWind ear:At first, I felt that I was a lovely and kind girl who had never experienced evil in the Jianghu. It was probably set up by a silly and sweet person, but after reading it, I found that it was actually an anti-routine.

I think her difference is that she won’t be influenced by grudges. In the past, many women who watched martial arts dramas broke up with men because of hatred, but the tolerance was quite clear — — Grudges are grudges, love is love, not filial piety, and will not be influenced by the previous generation. And pure but not Bai Lianhua, have the heart of the guard at the same time, also have their own definition of good and evil, as long as the later people don’t collapse.

Small fish:Rong Jian’s character has a good personality, is not stupid, and is witty and correct. Hui Wen’s image is also quite consistent, which is very different from Lin Xi in nirvana in fire, and she performed that kind of strange energy.

Doby:Rong Chen has the softness of a classical woman and the toughness of a martial artist. Most of the martial arts women in my memory are Jin Yong’s department. They are rather timid. Rong Yan inherited the feeling that the martial arts women are very timid in character, but her body is weak and makes people want to protect.

The biggest bright spot is that she is very strong, but she just looks weak. She can stand up and argue with her father, prove Lin Jing’s innocence, and identify her sister who wants to harm her by the way. This is the attraction of the heroine. In the place of promotion, I selfishly hope that she can be more active. Falling in love here is still not active enough.

How to break through the original martial arts drama? | Online Roundtable No.27

Stills of Dusk Whitehead, Zhang Huiwen.

How to break through the original martial arts drama? | Online Roundtable No.27

Moderator: Apart from the protagonist, which supporting role do you think is more brilliant? Why?

Small fish:Rong rewelding, the person with a big black belly has a sense of belt.

Doby:Lin Jing’s apprentice. I think his presence is the key to Lin Jing’s pursuit of capacity.

Downwind ear:The villain in the play feels a little impressed, a bit like the setting of Tian Shan Tong Mu. One second it was cute, and the next second it was Slay, which was quite emotional.

How to break through the original martial arts drama? | Online Roundtable No.27

"Twilight Whitehead" stills, whitehairpin plays Rong Su.

How to break through the original martial arts drama? | Online Roundtable No.27

Moderator: An obvious feature of "Dusk White Head" is that every character, whether positive or negative, has his own thoughts. Some fans say that this is a "black lotus" for all employees. How do you accept such people?

Small fish:It’s very acceptable. Every character has a bright spot, and there are often reversals when watching the drama. I am glad that no character in this play is a "paper man". Even a small functional character can see his fullness.

Doby:Only when you have your own thoughts can you see something. After all, everyone has two sides. If it is absolutely black and white, the plot is very monotonous and there is nothing to see.

Downwind ear:It is acceptable and interesting. I thought this drama was just dressed in the cloak of martial arts. In fact, it was all about sweet love, but I didn’t expect it to turn out to be a werewolf. Everyone is not what it seems, but has his own other side, and feels a very different look and feel.

How to break through the original martial arts drama? | Online Roundtable No.27

Stills of Dusk Whitehead, Zhang Yanyan.

How to break through the original martial arts drama? | Online Roundtable No.27

Moderator: What is your understanding of chivalry? Which story in "Twilight" makes you feel the "chivalrous righteousness"?

Small fish:A great man is for the country and the people. What I feel most about the chivalrous spirit is watching The Condor Heroes. Yang Guo and Guo Jing have always been chivalrous and heroic models in their hearts. At present, what makes me feel chivalrous in "Dusk White Shout" is the plot of Jingyuan saving Rongchan. "You used to have Lingxu Pavilion and Longyincheng, but now there is nothing, you can only stand up on your own!" This line also contains too much emotion.

Doby:Chivalrous spirit means that brothers should do their best when they are in trouble. I don’t feel very deep now, but when Lin Jing helped Rong Yan, besides seeing the sweet pet, I could really feel the chivalrous demeanor.

Downwind ear:Perhaps influenced by watching TV when I was a child, the understanding of chivalry spirit is "helping each other when the road is rough, being loyal, and having a clear grudge" in Jin Yong’s and Gu Long’s novels and so on.

When watching "Dusk Whitehead", I will feel chivalrous and courageous in Jianghu when I see Lin Jing being hindered and insist on finding out the cause of my father’s death. When I see Lin Jing’s single-minded feelings for Rong Jian, I will also feel the affection of children in Jianghu and what is the real "clear distinction between grievances and grievances". I think it is "chivalry" and "righteousness" to be able to distinguish right from wrong.

How to break through the original martial arts drama? | Online Roundtable No.27

Stills of Dusk Whitehead, Allen.

How to break through the original martial arts drama? | Online Roundtable No.27

Compere: At present, there are very few original martial arts dramas, and it is difficult to make a circle whether it is remake or adaptation. What are the reasons for the difficulty in creating this type of martial arts drama?

Downwind ear:It is true that few people around us watch martial arts dramas now, and some people think that there is no market for martial arts dramas. Creating martial arts dramas requires beautiful martial arts movements and conveys the chivalry and morality that martial arts should have … … Nowadays, too many martial arts dramas are just dressed in the cloak of martial arts, and there is no joy and enmity in the rivers and lakes. Some seem to be just slow-motion poses, familiar Marisol routines and the like, and there is no intention to make a good martial arts drama.

The adaptation and innovation is also a very difficult problem for the martial arts drama. For example, it is not easy to innovate and adapt a story that is familiar to everyone. I think what we lack is actually a good martial arts drama. As long as there is a good original innovative freehand brushwork martial arts script, and a production team is willing to seriously shoot an orthodox martial arts drama, the audience will accept it.

Doby:For me personally, it may be because the Jin Yong series is too classic, and the classics in the 1980s and 1990s are too deep. The version in early 2000 was replayed too many times on TV, just like Princess Huanzhu, which impressed me because of too many repetitions.

Small fish:It’s hard to surpass the classics before them. After all, many martial arts works by Jin Yong and Gu Long were deeply rooted in the hearts of the people in the early years. The martial arts world and system they built were accumulated by many works. Now it is difficult to have a spark with only one or two martial arts works.

How to break through the original martial arts drama? | Online Roundtable No.27

Stills of Dusk Whitehead, Allen.

Gu ‘an, Hebei Province: Se-enriched cherries "grab fresh" for listing.

Nowadays, cherries in greenhouses are maturing one after another. In a greenhouse in Gu ‘an, Hebei Province, the branches of selenium-enriched cherries with crystal clear and full fruits are full of mouth watering. Citizens and tourists who come to experience the fun of picking can be seen everywhere in the greenhouse. In recent years, Gu ‘an County has given full play to its geographical advantages adjacent to Beijing and Tianjin, actively adjusted its agricultural planting structure, vigorously developed protected fruit planting, skillfully played the "wrong season listing" card, and built a characteristic fruit planting industrial base, thus embarking on a development road of "leading by science and technology, scientifically managing, standardizing production, increasing income and enriching the people".

Producer: Ma Baojun

Planning: Du Yiran

Coordinator: Zhang Qing

Director: Shen Xuanxuan

New Media Editor: Tao Lingjun Du Liwei

Source: Propaganda Department of Gu ‘an County Committee

Produced by China Xinhua News Network (CNC)

How to set off fireworks and firecrackers correctly and safely?

Spring Festival is approaching.
Although fireworks and firecrackers are prohibited everywhere.
But many friends are still setting off fireworks.
To create beautiful moments.
This is a lot.
The pain caused by this "beauty"!
Like this
There is a high risk factor in setting off fireworks and firecrackers.
Especially children.
If there are no parents around to take care of them
The consequences would be unthinkable.
Millet is here to explain to you.
How to be correct and safe?
set off firecrackers and fireworks
1, the discharge location should be empty.
The place of discharge should be empty, not close to crowded places, buildings, inflammable and explosive places, trees, grass and firewood stacking. Although many people know this common sense, according to statistics, 80% of the fires caused by setting off fireworks and firecrackers are caused by setting off in an inappropriate place.
2. Don’t let children set off fireworks alone.
Children should be accompanied by adults when setting off fireworks. When setting off fireworks, they should be placed on the ground smoothly, and they should leave immediately after lighting to reach a safe place. In case of abnormal situation, please don’t go near the fireworks immediately. Generally, wait for 15 minutes before dealing with it.
3, the storage location is exquisite
If fireworks and firecrackers are stored at home, the storage time should be as short as possible, and the number should be as small as possible, and care should be taken not to be close to the fire source, to avoid humidity and rain.
4, buy fireworks and firecrackers to "three look"
When people buy fireworks and firecrackers, they should buy them at regular retail outlets. They should buy fireworks and firecrackers with relatively small dosage, and do not buy large fireworks and firecrackers such as harmful fireworks bombs. Products with neat appearance, no mildew, integrity and no deformation, no drug leakage and floating should be purchased; Products with complete and clear marks should be purchased.
5. How to avoid injuries and burns?
There are four main reasons why the injured are injured or burned by firecrackers: first, they are held in their hands before they can be thrown away; Second, some firecrackers and fireworks are too short to dodge; Third, choose dangerous methods such as putting firecrackers in bottles and breaking firecrackers; Fourth, it is too close to setting off fireworks or firecrackers are too powerful. Therefore, we must correct the above improper discharge methods to ensure the personal safety of ourselves and others.
Firefighters remind you to buy qualified fireworks and firecrackers, observe the safety regulations when discharging them, and discharge them at designated places. It is forbidden to discharge fireworks and firecrackers in places with combustible materials.
When discharging, please pay attention to stay away from people, from residential buildings, public buildings, cultural relics protection units and inflammable and explosive dangerous goods places, and from buildings with combustible external insulation materials.

The 3 rd line battle field shines! The throne of football in China will give way! Wuhan soil cannon rises!

China football has been looking for new players to provoke the offensive banner, and now we have one person, who is Wei Shihao, the local cannon of Wuhan Sanzhen Team, the defending champion of Chinese Super League. This season, Wuhan Sanzhen team experienced serious difficulties. The investors of the team suddenly withdrew their funds, and the team became an empty shell team before the AFC Champions League started. The rise of Wei Shihao propped up the team and made it get good results. Since Lei Wu played in the Super League, his goals have been among the best.

But in the sixth season, Wu Lei won the top scorer in the Super League with 27 goals, but lost the opportunity to compete in Europe. In the end, he chose to return to China, but his competitive state declined. No matter in the club or the national team, he no longer had the feeling of being unique. Now, the national football team needs a new person to carry the banner of attack, and this person is Wei Shihao.

Wei Shihao’s performance in Wuhan Sanzhen Team is remarkable, and his rise made the team maintain its fighting capacity after experiencing serious difficulties. In the 29th round of the Super League, Wuhan Sanzhen team played against Shenzhen team at home. Wei Shihao’s form is obviously good. He created many opportunities for the team. Although the team was exhausted, he still played well.

Wei Shihao’s strength cannot be ignored. He entered the national team in 2015 and became the youngest scorer in the Asian Cup. His performance has also been recognized by the head coach of the national team and has been selected for the national team many times. In the national football team’s away game against South Korea in January this year, Wei Shihao scored a goal to help the national football team draw with South Korea, showing his own strength. The rise of Wei Shihao also attracted the attention of fans, and his performance made people look forward to the future of China football.

Although he is still young, he has shown his strength and potential. China football needs such young players with strength and potential to achieve better results in the future. Generally speaking, Wei Shihao is a new star in China football, and his performance has attracted the attention of fans and the media. Although he still needs to constantly hone himself in actual combat, his strength and potential have made people look forward to his future. Can he become the next Lei Wu of China football?

This is an interesting question, which deserves our expectation and discussion. Wei Shihao, he is the player that the Chinese Super League or China football needs at present. Whether in the national team, AFC Champions League or Super League, he can carry the team’s banner, score key goals and win for the team. His strong performance also makes people have to look forward to his future.

In a recent game, Wei Shihao scored a goal at the end of the game, helping the three towns of Wuhan beat Shenzhen 1-0. This ball is also considered as the winner of the game. And he also scored a goal in the last AFC Champions League, which helped the team win the first victory in AFC Champions League history. His goal also helped the national team to see hope when the national team was once in a desperate situation against Uzbekistan.

It can be said that Wei Shihao has an excellent performance in the third-line arena and has become the backbone of the team. Wei Shihao’s strength and performance also make people have to compare him with Lei Wu. It can be said that Wei Shihao has already taken over the banner of Lei Wu. His strength is comparable to that of Wu Lei, and his performance is not lost to Lei Wu. China football in the future needs such players, such backbone and such leaders.

Of course, Wei Shihao’s strong performance is also inseparable from his efforts and dedication. In his training, he always takes every detail seriously and devotes himself to it. His efforts and dedication have also enabled him to play more confidently and excellently in the competition. Generally speaking, Wei Shihao has become the focus of domestic fans.

His strength and performance make people full of expectations, expecting him to carry the banner of China football in the future and make greater contributions to the development of China football.

Foreign media commented on the 25 most popular sports in the world, and badminton ranked only 16th?

To rank the popularity of any sports, we must first determine the ranking criteria. According to the following 13 factors, a foreign sports media selected the 25 most popular sports in the world, while badminton ranked only 16th.

Selection criteria:

1. The number and scale of the global audience;

2. TV ratings;

3. The scale of global professional leagues;

4. TV broadcasting rights;

5. Commercial endorsement and sponsorship;

6. Average salary of top league stars;

7. Number of countries participating in the campaign;

8. Number of social media;

9. Make headlines on the Internet, TV and other media;

10. Annual relevance;

11. Regional advantages;

12. Gender equality;

13. Ordinary people all over the world can play.

TOP1: Football

Football has more than 4 billion fans around the world, which is by far the most popular sport in the world. The World Cup is the most iconic event in this sport. It is not only the most concerned event, but also one of the highest paid competitions in all sports in the world. Football is a very easy sport. Almost everyone in the world has played football in his life.

The English Premier League is the most concerned professional league in the world. It is broadcast in 212 regions around the world, with more than 5 billion viewers watching the live broadcast every season. Sky TV and BT Sports Channel paid a total of 5.136 billion pounds for the broadcasting rights of the Premier League in the 2016-2019 season! And superstar Ronaldo has more than 150 million fans on social networking sites. Real Madrid and Barcelona are the most watched teams on all social media, and each team has more than 100 million fans around the world.

TOP2: Basketball

Basketball has more than 1 billion fans worldwide, and NBA is very popular in the United States, bringing in more than $4.75 billion in revenue every year. At present, basketball ranks second in the global professional leagues, and quite a few countries have held basketball leagues. Spanish, Greek, Italian, French, China and other countries are holding professional basketball leagues, which makes basketball the fastest growing sport. The average annual salary of NBA stars is about $4.4 million, which is the second highest average salary in all leagues in the world.

TOP3: cricket

Cricket has nearly 2 billion fans worldwide and is one of the most popular sports in England, India, Pakistan, Australia, New Zealand and other countries. Cricket League is the third most watched game in the world, second only to football World Cup and rugby World Cup.

TOP4: Tennis

Unlike football, basketball and cricket, which require the participation of many people, tennis is the most popular individual sport in the world, with more than 1 billion fans. The most concerned games are the four Grand Slam events held every year in Australia, France, Wimbledon and the United States.

At the same time, tennis is also the highest prize in all individual sports. There are huge prizes in all four Grand Slams, and the prize money in men’s singles and women’s singles is the highest in all individual sports. In Grand Slam-level events, players earn 200,000 RMB even for a round of tour.

TOP5: Track and Field

Track and field is one of the most influential sports in the world so far, and it is also the most concerned event in the Olympic Games. Most countries in the world will participate in the Olympic track and field events. In the 2012 London Olympic Games, Bolt’s defending tour in the men’s 100-meter final was the most watched event in the history of the Olympic Games, with more than 1 billion viewers worldwide.

TOP6: football

Rugby is popular in Britain, America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan and other countries. Originated in rugby, England in 1823, it was originally named Rugby Football, or rugby for short. France has the largest rugby league in the world, and most of the high-income stars come from French clubs.

In 2015, more than 2.47 million tickets were sold for the Rugby World Cup, among which 480,000 fans came from overseas.

TOP7: World Formula One Championship

F1 is the highest level racing competition in the world today. It is also called "the three major sports events in the world" together with the Olympic Games and the World Cup, with an annual audience rating of 60 billion people.

First of all, F1 is the top race in motor racing. The overall arrangement of the whole year, the race organization of each race, the team work, TV broadcast and other aspects are in good order. This is also the result of continuous improvement since it was held in 1950. It takes 5 to 6 minutes to change one tire from the very beginning, and it only takes about 2 seconds to change four tires now. F1 race can be said to be a collection of high technology, team spirit, wisdom and courage of drivers. It is said that F1 earns between $1.5 billion and $2 billion a year, and Hamilton earns about $40 million a year, making him the highest-paid athlete in F1 at present.

TOP8: Boxing

In this sports list, boxing is as global as tennis and track and field, and boxing is also one of the most popular sports during the Olympic Games. Boxing is a minority in China, but it is absolutely popular in Europe and America.

In the century war between Pacquiao and Mayweather in 2015, Mayweather received an appearance fee of $180 million after playing for 36 minutes, which is equivalent to the sum of the annual income of Cristiano Ronaldo, Messi and Woods. Pacquiao is also full of pots, and the appearance fee of $120 million is equivalent to $3.33 million in one minute. As the most expensive game in boxing history, the official ticket price is $1,500-$7,500, which is still in short supply.

TOP9: ice hockey

Ice hockey is the largest winter sport in the world, and it is very popular in Russia, the United States, Denmark, Sweden and other countries. The North American Professional Ice Hockey League (NHL) is one of the largest professional sports leagues in the world, with an annual income of more than 4.1 billion US dollars, which is equivalent to the NFL, Premier League and NBA as the top five professional leagues in the world.

TOP10: volleyball

Volleyball is very popular in developing countries, such as China, Brazil, Turkey and South Korea. The volleyball court is simple in equipment and the rules of the game are easy to master. It can not only compete and train on the court, but also exercise in the general open space. The amount of exercise can be large or small, which is suitable for people of different ages, sexes, physiques and training levels.

Wang Bo is desperate! After Hu Jinqiu+Sun Minghui was completely injured, Cummings was reimbursed in the first stage. How can I fight?

Cummings’ injury involved Guo Ailun? Sunspots are everywhere. We often say that it never rains but it pours. This sentence is really appropriate when applied to Guangsha. Wang Bo’s despair is also normal. Any coach would not be in a good mood. Last season’s playoffs, Hu Jinqiu and Zhao Yanhao were injured one after another. This season, Hu Jinqiu had already suffered a fracture before taking part in the official game. In the first game, Cummings, a foreign aid, also suffered a palm fracture, which was really too difficult for Guangsha team!

Liaoning played against Guangsha in CBA, and finally the Liaoning men’s basketball team won. Cummings, a new foreign aid from Zhejiang Dongyangguang, also performed very well. He played for 35 minutes, made 8 of 17 shots, made 4 of 7 3-pointers, and scored 23 points, 3 rebounds, 2 assists and 1 steal from four free throws. The data is still good. Because it’s only the first game of CBA, the MVP of this European league is still not used to it. I believe that after adjustment, it will definitely play its due level.

Two yuan generals were reimbursed at the beginning of the season, which was a big loss for Zhejiang Dongyangguang and head coach Wang Bo. One is the main inside center, and the other is the newly-joined defender’s foreign aid. The two lines have been hit hard, and I’m afraid the record of the first stage will be greatly affected.

However, don’t be too depressed, Wang Bo. Injuries are also a part of the competition. The previous Liaoning men’s basketball team has experienced it, and other teams have similar situations. I believe that with the passage of time, players will recover and the team’s situation will improve. Guangsha’s fighting capacity is not weak at present, so they can lower their posture first, and spend the difficult time steadily, especially for players like Xu Zhonghao. They should pay attention to their movements in the game, and don’t be punished for malicious foul, or even expelled from the game, which will eventually lead to attrition in non-combat, which will be even more costly. Mentality is very important. I hope Wang Bo can survive.

Finally, I want to explain that Cummings’ injury has nothing to do with Caring for Aaron. Two people are fighting for each other normally, and they don’t have much physical contact. There are some regional sprays with rhythm, which is not good.

Tell you quietly, one more lead can become so powerful, wild fishing is invincible

During the usual fishing, lead pendants are on the sub -line and eight -character ring, that is, the position of the leading leather seat of the pendant fishing. However, the water love is different, and the method of fishing for fishing must be changed. The reason why the master caught more than you is actually not much secret. The key is a "change" word. What fishing method never uses, nor is it obsessed with single lead or double lead, or some magical bait. For example, in order to increase the fishing nature of fish, we will move the lead, increase the length of the sub -line in disguise, and make the sub -line swinging the amplitude larger. Have time to eat bait.

Good people will have a heart of Barna Haichuan, can tolerate, tolerate, allow it, and help. Good people will have good thoughts. When they see others in trouble, they will reach out to help; when they see the weak are bullied, they will come forward. Good people always think too much for others. If you encounter something, you will think about it. I would rather lose myself, be aggrieved, and do not go to win or lose with others. Kind people, because they are not afraid of suffering, they will not suffer. There will be cause and effect in the world. Good and evil God will judge that you will pay back you will double you in the future. Good people, we, we must learn to understand the change of red dust, to understand calmness all the way; we, we must learn to forgive the imperfections of life, cherish, treat them well

In addition, in order to prevent the small fish from making a nest or a large flow of water, lead pendants are usually increased, and the space beans with fixed lead pendants are opened, which is what we often call fishing and running. Let the bait to the end quickly and use the stability of the large lead to reduce the effect of water flow on float. Through the above two examples, we will find a very interesting thing: it seems that there can be fishing anywhere in the online group, the position of the lead pendant is different, and the effect is different.

This is only the usage of single -lead pendants. In fact, in actual fishing, double -lead or even more lead fishing methods will be used many times. For example, when we fishing and running lead, although the weight of the lead pendant is greater than the buoyant of the float, the lead pendant itself has the entire buoyancy of the float. state. At this time, we must not only bear the buoyancy of the float, but also overcome the rubbing of the lead and the friction of the line group and the lead. The fishing is too blunt.

But at this time, if a double lead pendant, that is, two lead pendants are installed on the main line. First, use the lead pendant above to drift normally, such as adjusting 3 meters. Then use the lead pendant to run for lead. At this time, the lead pendant can only be exposed with a burden, which can be ignored, so the lead pendant will lie flat at the bottom of the water, but it is similar to the anchor -like fixation. effect. The line group can also slide easily in the lead leather seat, and the fish can swallow the bait into the mouth with only smaller strength, which will be much more sensitive than a single large lead pendant fishing and running lead.

In addition, if there is a sauce layer at the bottom of the water, we usually raise the fishing low. In order to prevent the bait from getting into the mud, we will also adjust the proportion of the bait very lightly. However, there will be a problem at this time, and there is no way to push the floats into the water when the double -hook bait hangs. For example, if we adjust the 6 meters, we will be exposed to the water surface after hanging the double bait. But at this time, what should I do if I want to get a bait suspended and the bottom of the bait? It is very simple. You can install a bite on the lower hook. This lead pendant does not need to consider the weight at all. The purpose is to let the lower hook bottom. However, at this time, the hook is still suspended. In this case, there is no need to consider the problem of drift. Fishing 1 or 2 mesh, the state of the bait in the bottom of the water must be a hook suspended and the bottom.

Even if you fish normally in the static waters, you can use double lead. For example, put a small lead pendant under the floating feet, so that the float can be quickly turned over. Make floating drift easier to find signals and positioning fishing points. However, when using a multi -lead pendant, you must consider the leading weight when bleaching, and you cannot interfere with the role of other lead pendants. The general principle is that whether it is a single lead or a double -lead pendant, it is adjusted according to the water and fish feelings. Don’t think that the double lead is tall, and the single lead will be out of date, otherwise it will be counterproductive.

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