"Feeding China" meets the story of "a shrimp soldier and a crab general" discovering youth in Sanmen.

Taizhou Sanmen, with seven mountains, one water and two fields, has given the sea here a unique beauty. "Qimen blue crab jumping fish, flat rock mud snail snake clams", in this fresh and sweet seaport city, colorful youth scrolls are slowly unfolding.

At 20: 20 on December 8th, the first big food-viewing, health-care and food culture festival named by COFCO Fulinmen will broadcast the seventh issue on Beijing Satellite TV. Hu Haiquan, Jing Liu, Ma Ling, Ancy and Jier Wen, the "food-feeding and source-exploring group", will go into Sanmen, Taizhou to explore the natural blue granary of the sea, savor the sweet taste lingering on the tip of the tongue and discover touching youth stories.

You don’t have to go far away to dream.

Meet the "Xia Bing Xie Jiang" of Sanmen

Sanmen, which is born to the sea, is located on the golden coastline of China, and the 10,000-mu aquaculture pond and the sea complement each other. Here, the blue crabs are rampant, watching the tide beckon, jumping fish revel, the scorpions open their arms, and the bloodsuckers grow wildly … The "feeding and exploring group" will also feast its eyes on the show and realize the freedom of seafood. Among them, Sanmen blue crab, which is famous for its thin shell, yellow cream, tender meat and delicious taste, and is known as "the treasure in the sea and the treasure in the crab", is the most eye-catching among all the delicacies and has won unanimous praise.

Besides seafood, Sanmen also has many special drinks and cakes, such as grass paste. When experiencing the popular tea cooking around the stove, the "food-raising and source-exploring group" will also meet many young people who have returned home to start a business: Chen Zipeng, a shopkeeper, returned home after graduation in 1995 to transform the old house left by her grandmother into the "vestibule backyard" today, making the little-known village "out of the circle"; Postgraduates and doctors from the College of Oceanography of Ningbo University are devoted to the artificial breeding of the three-door blue crabs. They take it as their duty to protect the marine environment and make the unknown possible. The breeding team with an average age of 29 years fully embodies the strength of new farmers, constantly conquers the key technical problems of Penaeus vannamei breeding technology, micro-ecological technology, etc., realizes a substantial increase in shrimp breeding output, and at the same time drives the surrounding farmers to obtain employment and leads the surrounding farmers to improve their breeding technology.

Nowadays, it has become a trend to start a business in the hometown, and the "shrimp soldiers and crabs will" are writing the fearless and stubborn youth. Grown-up teenagers return to their hometown to compose the movement of rural revitalization; Scholars who have been deeply involved in agriculture have come here to study one hope after another with their youth. The sound of sea breeze and waves here seems to be singing: Pentium youth! Rush, back wave!

Undefined youth

Fish older than dinosaurs?

Jumping fish, also known as mudskippers, are magical creatures born before dinosaurs. Even in today’s all-encompassing, jumping fish is a conspicuous bag. The ugly male jumping fish often attracts females with a dance, but fights with the same sex without a word. Compared with ordinary fish that can only live in water, jumping fish, as an amphibious animal, can get out of the water, get ashore, swim, drill holes and climb trees, which is called "fighter in fish".

Facts have proved that it is very difficult to catch such an "outstanding" fish. In the program, the "feeding and exploring group" will experience "exploring the small sea" in Sanmen and challenge to catch jumping fish. First of all, you must learn to use the "mud horse", that is, a horse like a boat used in the beach. By pedaling the mud horse with one leg, the stress area can be increased, the pressure can be reduced and the mud can be avoided. In addition to mud horses, local fishermen also invented a four-claw hook, a prop that can hook jumping fish without bait. These are the intellectual achievements spontaneously created by working people. Fishing jumping fish requires a fishing rod and a fishing line of more than five meters. It is as difficult as shooting at a distance of more than twenty meters to find the trace of jumping fish at a distance of ten meters.

In the program, the "feeding and exploring group" tried many times, but it never got to the point, while the local fisherman wished Big Brother a hook. Young and unrestrained running, people go fishing together in the next year, and jumping fish is the way to live for Brother Zhu, but now it is inseparable from this "hobby". Youth is a state without being defined by age. Born by the sea, Sanmen people have summed up this set of skills for seeking a small sea through accumulated practice. The word "beg" is the humility of the three people to the sea, and it is also an infinite respect for the soil and water that raised them.

Hymn of youth in the way of food and nutrition

Seafood also has its own healthy partner.

"Three-door blue crabs run wild all over the world", and the unique geographical environment makes Sanmen a city where seafood never stops all year round, and there are more than 100 kinds of little seafood. As a symbol product of chinese national geography, Sanmen blue crabs are the representatives of Sanmen. In the program, the food kitchen will combine ancient and new methods to create a gourmet feast with "sea mistakes" such as blue crabs, watching tides and jumping fish.

According to ancient records, the eating habit of eating seafood has actually been for thousands of years. In the Song Dynasty, there were many masterpieces written by "Chihuo" who loved seafood, such as "Crab Spectrum" and "Crab Brief". In addition to its delicious taste, seafood also has its unique health-preserving effect. In the ancient book Huangdi Neijing, there are records of seafood being used as medicine and treating diseases. In the program, it was learned that the female crab meat of the blue crab is much, and the protein content is high; Male crabs have more cream and are rich in calcium. In addition, vinegar and perilla are "healthy partners of seafood". Because crabs are cold, vinegar and perilla have the effects of detoxifying fish and crabs and dispelling cold. When eaten together, it not only tastes better, but also has more balanced nutrition.

With all kinds of tips on food and nutrition, the "Food and Nutrition Exploration Group" and other guests will hold a youth party. Full of emotional handwritten letters, carefully recorded small videos and relaxed guitar melodies, people sit around and feel the flying and youthful taste at different ages. The back waves of Sanmen come from the sea. In this place where "the world’s sages gather", we have the confidence of "making the world fresh" and the courage of "striving to be the best in the world". They are turning the traditional into the modern, the classic into the popular, the academic into the public, and the national into the world.

There are hundreds of rivers in the sea, and there are also storms in the world. It reflects the sky and outlines the blueprint of youth. The picture of youth in Sanmen, a seaport city, is still expanding, and more young blood is coming, and more hymns of youth are being written. The seventh issue of "Feeding China" entered Sanmen, Taizhou, telling the way of feeding seafood and exploring the youthful taste of indomitable spirit. At 20: 20 on December 8th, please lock in the seventh issue of "Feeding China" by Beijing Satellite TV! The program was broadcast exclusively by COFCO Fulinmen, with the title of COFCO Fulinmen’s fragrance Yimeng earth pressed peanut oil, and sponsored by COFCO Fulinmen natural fragrant rice.

104-year-old mother and 81-year-old daughter make lanterns! Jiading’s "old children" have a Lantern Festival like this →

February 24 is the Lantern Festival, and the atmosphere of the Lantern Festival in Jiading streets is full. Various nursing homes in Jiading also bring joy to the "old children" by holding Lantern Festival activities.
Ma Lu Town Welfare Institute in Jiading held a public open day and Lantern Festival, our festival. The "old children" with an average age of 85 were busy making lanterns, solve riddles on the lanterns and watching performances, and they had a great time. Cheng Yueying, a 104-year-old old man, is the "longevity star" of the welfare home. She is making lanterns with her 81-year-old daughter.
Cheng Yueying told reporters that in the past, the conditions were poor, and I was very happy to eat a bowl of glutinous rice balls during the Lantern Festival. Now, there are countless activities such as solve riddles on the lanterns, making lanterns and watching performances. "When I was a child, I was bitter. I could have a bowl of glutinous rice balls for several days after the Lantern Festival, unlike everything now." Cheng Yueying said.
Daughter Zhang Dingfang introduced that when I was a child, every Lantern Festival, my mother would make New Year’s soup for herself and make rabbit lanterns. Now it’s my turn to spend the holidays with my mother, as if I had returned to my happy childhood.
In addition to solve riddles on the lanterns, lanterns and fun games, the volunteer team of literature and art also brought theatrical performances such as operas, and classic clips such as Shanghai Opera and Yue Opera were staged in turn, and the old children listened with relish. "There are singing and jumping, playing and eating, which is quite happy and lively." The old man Kang Mingjie said.
It is understood that this activity is one of the series of public open days. In recent years, Ma Lu Town Welfare Institute has held public open days in combination with folk festivals, so that family members and citizens can enter the nursing home, enjoy the festival with the elderly and learn about the daily life of the nursing home.
Written by: Yin Qinqin
Camera: Wang Jian

Russian flower skating volleyball track and field was banned, which plushenko called a huge mistake.

After FIFA and UEFA banned the Russian national team and clubs, international individual sports organizations followed suit. Russian sports are facing the biggest test since the World Anti-Doping Organization banned them twice in 2017 and 2019 due to doping problems.
"Ice Doll" bid farewell to the competition field.
In the Beijing Winter Olympics and Paralympic Winter Games, Russian athletes participated in the competition in the name of "ROC". When winning medals, the flag-raising ceremony used the flag instead of the national flag, and the national anthem "Russia, Our Holy Motherland" was replaced by Tchaikovsky’s Piano Concerto No.1.
With the official statement issued by the International Olympic Committee on February 28th, it is suggested that global sports organizations and events should not invite or allow Russian and Belarusian athletes to participate in the competition, and individual sports organizations have successively decided to ban Russia and Belarus.
On March 1st, the International Skating Federation announced that it would ban Russian and Belarusian skaters on the recommendation of the International Olympic Committee. The Russian figure skating team is powerful. At the Beijing Winter Olympics, Cher Bakova and Trousseau Eva won the gold and silver medals for women’s single skating, which left a deep impression on the audience in China.
On March 21st, the World Figure Skating Championships will be held in Montpellier, France, and Russian skaters will not be able to play. Trousseau Eva has posted a message on her personal social account, saying that she will not go to France.
The ban of the International Skating Federation has a great influence on Russian ice rink. Plushenko, a former men’s single skater and now the coach of the Russian national team, was very dissatisfied with the ban. He published a long article on his personal social account attacking the decision of the International Skating Federation. Plushenko said: "This is a huge mistake! Our figure skaters have proved that they are the strongest in the world. Without our athletes, people’s interest in figure skating will also change. We can’t participate in the competition, and the victory of the competition will depreciate, because the strongest players can only stay at home. "
In response to the spirit of global solidarity against the COVID-19 epidemic, the International Olympic Committee changed the Olympic motto "Faster, Higher and Stronger" adopted in 1894 to "Faster, Higher, Stronger and Stronger". plushenko believed that the ban of the International Sliding Federation violated the new principle of "more solidarity". He said: "The isolation of Russia from the world sports community means that Olympic values are a thing of the past.
All competitions were completely banned.
Russia is a powerful volleyball country, and both men’s and women’s volleyball teams have won world championships many times. FIVB released a message in official website on March 1st, which cancelled the Russian qualification to host the 2022 Men’s Volleyball World Championships. The competition was originally scheduled to be held from August 26th to September 11th, with 24 teams participating. The World Championships is one of the traditional "three major competitions" of volleyball, and the champion has a good quality. In 2018, the champion was won by the Polish men’s volleyball team and the Russian men’s volleyball team won the sixth place.
It is worth mentioning that the appeal of the Men’s Volleyball World Championships is very strong. If the seats on the court allow, the audience number of strong teams often exceeds 10,000. The 2018 World Championships will bring good benefits to the host countries Italy and Bulgaria. The Russian volleyball community regrets missing out on the comprehensive benefits that may be gained from hosting this tournament.
In terms of women’s volleyball, several strong teams in the Russian League have strong competitiveness in the European Champions League. Dinamo Kazan, Dinamo Moscow and Locomotive Kaliningrad have reached the quarterfinals of the women’s volleyball Champions League, among which Dinamo Kazan and Dinamo Moscow also met directly, but at present all three teams have been eliminated.
Gamova, a former Russian women’s volleyball star and multiple world champion, also expressed her views on the Russian-Ukrainian conflict on her personal social account on February 26th. She was "horrified" by the progress of the situation. Because she has retired as a coach, the ban has limited impact on her, but she has a large number of fans in China, and the fans on Chinese social networks have a heated discussion about her attitude.
The International Tennis Federation responded to the call of the International Olympic Committee in a relatively gentle way, allowing Russian tennis players to continue to participate in the Tour and Grand Slam events in their own names. This is related to the fact that tennis events are dominated by individuals.
On March 1st, the World Badminton Federation announced the cancellation of all competitions held in Russia and Belarus, and banned the national flags and national anthems of Russia and Belarus from appearing in all competition venues under the association. On the second day, it added an announcement to completely ban Russian and Belarusian players and officials from participating in all international badminton competitions.
The German Badminton Open will open on March 8th. Russian women’s singles player Coetzee Tskaya was scheduled to play Han Yue of China. Under the ban, China is expected to advance directly. Russian and Belarusian players will also be absent from the European Badminton Championships in Malta on April 8. The Thomas Cup and Uber Cup, badminton team events, opened in Bangkok on May 8, and Russia was shortlisted for Uber Cup. If there is no major change in the situation, it is expected that the team selected by the World Badminton Federation will take the place.
The World Athletics Federation updated the official website late at night on March 1st, and decided to impose sanctions on Russian and Belarusian athletes, staff and officials, which involved the World Indoor Athletics Championships in Belgrade in March this year, the World Walking Team Championships in Muscat, and the World Prospect Championships to be held in Eugene, Oregon, USA in July.
Since 2015, the Russian track and field team has arranged for athletes to participate in individual competitions under the doping ban, but many athletes have chosen to apply for the status of "Authorised Neutral Athlete" in order to participate in various international competitions. In this capacity, the female high jumper Rasickoni participated in the Tokyo Olympic Games and won the gold medal. She also did not participate in the event that Russian President Vladimir Putin presented medals to the gold medal winners of the Tokyo Olympic Games in the Kremlin on September 11, 2021 on the grounds that she did not want to temporarily change her training plan. According to the analysis of track and field from the media "track and field base camp", Russian athletes who compete as "neutral athletes" are also covered by this ban.
Russian athletes go their separate ways.
Russia and Belarus have many excellent athletes in basketball and ice hockey, and many of them play for clubs in the United States, Canada and other countries.
According to local media reports in Canada, Alex Ovickin, the Russian star of the National Hockey League (NHL) Washington Capitalists, is facing the situation that CCM Hockey, a sporting goods manufacturer, cancels his endorsement contract. Ovikin is the core figure of the team and is recognized as one of the best ice hockey players in history. Hublot Watch, a subsidiary of luxury goods giant LVMH Group, issued a limited edition watch for him. Yevgeny malkin of Pittsburgh Penguins and Dmitri orlov, teammate of Ovikkin, are also signing players for the company. The Russian national ice hockey team was also banned by the International Ice Hockey Federation.
On March 2, FIBA officially banned the Russian national team, and the European Basketball Association disqualified Russian clubs from continuing to participate in the remaining competitions, and banned all competitions under the European Basketball Association from being held in Russia. The ban has a great impact on the schedule, and the European Basketball Association has postponed some games.
Clubs such as Dzenit Men’s Basketball Team in St Petersburg and CSKA Moscow released all foreign aid and allowed them to choose to leave. Georgian star Shengellia, one of the highest paid basketball players in Europe, left Moscow for Spain with his family.
Basketball clubs in Estonia, Poland and other countries announced that they would no longer participate in the VTB League, which was held internationally, with clubs from Russia and Belarus participating.
The influence of the ban is spreading in various sports and countries, and athletes of various sports who play for clubs in Russia have chosen to leave one after another, but there is no sign of official suspension of leagues in various sports in Russia. Due to the serious devaluation of the ruble, athletes who choose to stay in Russia may face a sharp decline in their income. Some fans estimate that Malcolm, the Brazilian striker of the Dzenit team in St. Petersburg, the highest-paid foreign aid in the Russian Football Super League, will lose 1.67 million euros, and his signed annual salary is about 6.67 million euros.
Russian athletes who play for overseas clubs are caught in a dilemma, and the situation they face may become more difficult.

It is De Technology’s AI-driven automated test to optimize the user experience of 5G smart phones.


A new application test automation method, which can quickly evaluate the experience quality provided by the world’s popular mobile applications.

German technology company recently announced the introduction of enhanced functions for its Nemo device application test suite. The software solution adopts automation technology and artificial intelligence (AI), which gives a powerful boost to wireless service providers and application developers, and can help them quickly evaluate the real interaction between smartphone users and local mobile applications. It is German Technology that provides advanced design and verification solutions, aiming at accelerating innovation and creating a safe and interconnected world.

In the past few years, the number of users who use mobile applications to access digital content and participate in social media platforms and online games has increased significantly worldwide. Compared with the mobile web browser, the local mobile app can provide a tailor-made excellent experience; Therefore, the use of mobile applications has significantly promoted this growth.

Matti Passoja, the head of Nemo wireless solution of De Technology, said: "Service providers and mobile application developers want to know the real experience of end users when they access OTT applications with smartphones connected to cellular networks, and they need a reliable way to verify it. It is DeTech that has created an automated application testing method based on its unique software and hardware technology platform. This method uses real applications, and can accurately understand network performance even in extremely complex and changeable situations. "

It is DeTech that makes full use of artificial intelligence, machine learning (ML) and automation technology, and uses the data captured by local mobile applications (instead of the simulated data flow) to create a brand-new device testing application method. This method can evaluate the interaction between end users and their mobile applications more accurately. The new application test automation method can help wireless service providers quickly optimize the performance of 5G network, and at the same time provide better quality of experience (QoE) for smartphone users. Users can enjoy the world’s most widely used OTT services and social media applications, such as Facebook Messenger, Microsoft Teams, Snapchat, TikTok and Zoom.

The new automatic test application method is one of the three supplementary test methods provided in Nemo device application test suite of German Science and Technology. According to the type of mobile application and key performance indicators (KPIs), the test method can be used with a Nemo field test solution. Nemo test suite users can obtain comprehensive, real and flexible 5G network performance verification and end-user QoE evaluation.

It is a Nemo testing tool of German Science and Technology, which can capture real measurement data in the field and use it for real-time analysis or post-processing analysis. These test tools include Nemo Outdoor 5G NR drive test solution, Nemo Backpack Pro 5G indoor benchmark test solution and Nemo network benchmark test solution.

Music creation is not careless, Xunfei intelligent recorder SR302 is trustworthy.

For many young music creators, an easy-to-use intelligent recording pen has become the immediate need. In fact, Xunfei intelligent recorder SR302 has become the choice of many people. With its compact body and professional performance, it can be said that in the market of intelligent voice recorder, Xunfei intelligent voice recorder SR302 brings a different experience. This year’s Double Eleven, start this Xunfei intelligent recorder SR302, and easily complete the advanced stage!

Being recognized by many young users, the strong strength of Xunfei intelligent voice recorder SR302 is the most critical. Among them, the professional recording function is its brightest point. In the slim body of Xunfei intelligent recording pen SR302, there is a combination of 2+4 microphones with excellent performance, which can not only achieve 15-meter long-distance pickup, but also achieve 360 dead-angle radio reception and intelligent noise reduction under the blessing of Xunfei intelligent algorithm. Whether it’s a path in the dead of night or a busy playground, Xunfei Intelligent Recording Pen SR302 can bring more satisfactory recording effects to users.

Of course, the advantages of Xunfei intelligent voice recorder SR302 don’t stop there. The free and permanent intelligent transcription service is also an important reason why Xunfei intelligent voice recorder SR302 is popular in the workplace. Based on Iflytek’s leading artificial intelligence speech algorithm, Xunfei intelligent voice recorder SR302 can show brilliant performance in 10 languages and 12 dialects. Easy transcription, accurate identification, online transcription accuracy of up to 98%, it is easy to present the recorded content in the form of words in front of users. Whether it is lyrics creation or meeting minutes, with the help of Xunfei intelligent recorder SR302, the performance can always be better.

In terms of portability, which many young friends are concerned about, Xunfei Intelligent Recording Pen SR302 also performs well. Its slim body and light weight are very convenient, whether in jacket pocket or small bag!

Huicheng City, Win the Future | Zhichuang AI-AI+Industry Summit was successfully held.

On the afternoon of November 4th, 2022,Under the guidance of Futian District Talent Bureau, the Smart City Special Session of Zhichuang AI-AI+Industry Summit sponsored by Shenzhen Artificial Intelligence Industry Association, Gongdadi Innovation Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. and Guangzhou Yingma Information Technology Co., Ltd. was successfully held.

The talent development activity of "Zhichuang AI" is one of the series of activities of "Endeavour New Journey to Spend Talent Day" in Futian District in 2022. It gathers professionals from enterprises in artificial intelligence industry, focuses on AI industry ecology and artificial intelligence industry chain, shares cutting-edge perspectives and talks about new opportunities for artificial intelligence development. With the theme of "Smart Convergence into a City, Winning the Future", this forum focuses on the smart city field, and faces software developers, system integrators and hardware providers in smart city transportation, urban management and other fields, bringing together enterprise representatives and industry elites with AI intelligent upgrade requirements, and connecting upstream and downstream business opportunities, industrial landing experience and other all-round resources to jointly explore the development direction of urban scene application.

Zhao Cong, CEO of Gongda, Liang Hongbo, General Manager of Yingma Technology, and Lang Liping, Shenzhen Artificial Intelligence Industry Association delivered speeches for the event; Li Sunan, Senior Marketing Director of Gongda, Lu Zhitao, Director of AI Scene Application Division of English Code Technology, Yan Weijie, Manager of Qianshitong Solutions Department, and Liu Rongjie, Product Director of Gongda attended the event and delivered speeches, and had in-depth interactive exchanges with business representatives and industry elites in the smart city field on the key technologies, scenes and needs of smart city development.

This activity focused on key technologies and fields such as visual AI, intelligent transportation, intelligent security, AI computing power, etc., and invited more than 60 enterprises to participate in the in-depth discussion of hot and difficult issues in the construction and promotion of smart cities. At the same time, the live broadcast of the event attracted nearly 3,000 participants. Through this activity, participating enterprises share their experience in AI construction of smart cities, combine the digital and intelligent transformation needs of their fields, make all-round docking of related resources, jointly explore the development trend of smart cities, and jointly promote the high-quality development of artificial intelligence industry.

48 hours have passed, why haven’t the community unblocked yet?Shanghai Jinshan response

Recently, some netizens asked at the "I Jinshan" WeChat public account of "I Jinshan" in the Jinshan District Rong Media Center, Shanghai, and asked: "Xiaobian, Xiaobian, 48 hours have passed, why hasn’t the community notified notification?"

In this regard, "I Jinshan" replied: "The region management and control investigation is a dynamic adjustment process, and it is not said that it will be automatically unblocked in the community in 48 hours. Only when all personnel in the region control the community have been detected twice within 48 hours, and the resultIt is normal. After the comprehensive research and judgment of the previous epidemic prevention and control department can be issued, the unblocking instruction can be issued. Once the nucleic acid test results in the region are controlled abnormal, the control time will be extended accordingly. "

"I Jinshan" added: "The number of nucleic acid detection has soared in the near future, and the test report time is relatively prolonged, which affects the time and control time. The current situation of the epidemic prevention and control is severe and complicated.The principle of less contact and less gathering "promotes home online office."