Attention! These "good habits" you think may not be able to keep fit.

  With more and more people paying attention to health care, health care has become a hot topic in people’s spare time. Are all the legendary health preserving methods true?

  The effect of grinding whole grains into powder is greatly reduced

  Whole grains are good things in themselves. Eating them often is helpful to health and can prevent many diseases. For example, millet can remove heat and tonify deficiency, and open the stomach; Soybeans can moisten dryness and eliminate water, prevent osteoporosis and strengthen the spleen; Walnut can strengthen the brain, improve intelligence and lower cholesterol, but if these grains are ground into powder and eaten, their effect will be greatly reduced, because the dietary fiber is gone, and only starch and sugar are left. Although they are all grains, the health care effect is very different.

  Drinking porridge every day can’t meet the body’s demand for nutrients.

  Everyone knows that drinking porridge helps digestion and promotes nutrient absorption. But it is not suitable for drinking every day, because porridge is low in fat, salt and sugar, which can not meet the body’s demand for nutrients. At the same time, if you observe carefully, you will find that people who drink porridge three times a day are often weak. For example, patients in hospitals often drink porridge every day, and when their health improves, doctors will suggest improving their diet.

  It is easy to cause metabolic disorder by keeping in good health.

  Keeping in good health means not eating grains, meat, eggs, etc., and only drinking water and taking glucose instead of three meals, which is called a health care method that can better "clean up the stomach". I don’t know that such a health care method does not conform to the physiological laws of the human body. If it is done for a long time, it will lead to metabolic disorders and diseases such as gastritis and gastric ulcer.

  Drinking 8 cups of 200ML water every day is a little too much.

  Just drink a proper amount of water every day. If you drink it according to hard indicators, too much water in your body will accumulate in your body, which will increase the burden on your spleen, lead to dysfunction of your spleen and stomach, imbalance of water and liquid metabolism, and make people feel bloated and sleepy. Seriously, it will also cause many cystic diseases, such as liver cysts, kidney cysts, ovarian cysts, uterine cysts, etc. Therefore, although drinking water is beneficial to the body, it is not the more the better.

  Walking 20,000 steps every day will cause physical harm.

  Although walking is good for your health, the effect of excessive use is different. Walking too much will become overwork and bring harm to the body, the most obvious of which is synovitis and effusion in the knee joint, which will also lead to thigh fracture.

  Eating more vitamins is not necessarily good for your health.

  There are many kinds of vitamins with different functions, among which vitamin C and vitamin E are common, although vitamins can play an auxiliary therapeutic effect on some diseases. But vitamins are not everything, and the more you eat, the better. In this regard, some experts said that if the body itself is not short of vitamins, it is also a waste to eat vitamins no matter what kind of diseases it suffers from, and it is a burden on the body. Excessive vitamin content in the body will cause new diseases, such as urinary calculi and accelerated arteriosclerosis. (Reporter Li Yuan)

Sunny Wuhan is permeated with the breath of spring.

Jimu journalist Liu Zhongcan

On February 27, under the bright sun, the warm sun melted the ice and snow a little, making the urban area of Wuhan full of the breath of spring.

In the morning, the sun shines on the earth through the clouds, and the whole city seems to be covered with golden light. Between high-rise buildings, white fog rises like an ink painting. In the East Lake Park, the residual ice and snow on the lake sparkles in the sun, and complements the surrounding pavilions and bridges, forming a beautiful picture.

(Source: Jimu News)

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Why is love full of twists and turns? Li Junxian and Chen Xiaoyun talk about the emotional line in You Have Today.

The TV series You Have Today, directed by Chen Mingzhang and starring Chen Xingxu and Zhang Ruonan, is being broadcasted by Youku. The play revolves around the work and life love between several young lawyers. Among them, the love line between wu jun (played by Li Junxian) and Cheng Xi (played by Chen Xiaoyun) is full of twists and turns. A few days ago, Li Junxian and Chen Xiaoyun told the media that listening, understanding and companionship in love are the most important things for this couple.

Wu jun (Li Junxian) and Cheng Xi (Chen Xiaoyun).

Li Junxian: The relationship between wu jun and Cheng Xi is mutual respect.

In You Have Today, Li Junxian plays wu jun as a partner of Junheng Law Firm. He and Qian Heng (played by Chen Xingxu) are good friends and business partners with tacit cooperation. Qian Heng is responsible for solving professional problems and wu jun is responsible for expanding customers. In the play, wu jun is regarded as the "immortal boss" of the law firm, which will not only provide employees with emotional value, activate the company atmosphere, but also give generous benefits. Li Junxian admits that his life is not as lively as wu jun’s, "but I am also a Northeastern myself, and I will try my best to raise the rhythm of my acting, which will make everyone look not tired."

Wu jun, played by Li Junxian, is a partner of Junheng Law Firm.

Outside of his career, wu jun seems to be laughing and laughing, but he is emotionally obsessed with Cheng Xi (played by Chen Xiaoyun) who has recruited Cheng Yao (played by Zhang Ruonan), the younger sister of Cheng Xi, into the law firm. And wu jun’s most attractive place for Li Junxian is that this character is persistent and single-minded about love, and Wu Jun has always been filled with Cheng Xi in his heart. "wu jun’s feelings with Cheng Xi are mutual respect. See and hear each other’s true thoughts, instead of paying unilaterally, because sometimes your pay may not be what your lover needs, so I think listening, understanding and companionship are the most important. "

Chen Xiaoyun: I appreciate Cheng Xi’s self-consistency

In the play, Cheng Xi, a public interest lawyer played by Chen Xiaoyun, is in a state of "daring" whether she is married, single or in love again. When she is with her ex-husband, she is desperate and leaves when she leaves. When she is single, she has peace of mind and enjoys a single life. In Chen Xiaoyun’s view, Cheng Xi is soft on the outside and strong on the inside. "She is very sober, especially knowing when and what she wants. She wanted peace, so she rented a house in the countryside and became a public interest lawyer. She is particularly clear about her planning at each stage. "

In Chen Xiaoyun’s view, Cheng Xi is soft on the outside and strong on the inside.

In the early stage, Cheng Xi took an evasive attitude towards wu jun’s pursuit, but with wu jun’s persistent company, all ends well. Chen Xiaoyun said frankly that Cheng Xi’s acceptance of love has always been relatively consistent. When she wanted to be alone, she was alone and immersed in her work. When she was ready for the world of two people, she accepted wu jun. Chen Xiaoyun said that she appreciates Cheng Xi’s self-consistency. "She is also a state that I am pursuing now."

Beijing News reporter Liu Wei

Editor Xu Meilin

Proofread Lin Zhao

New Year’s Day in Old Chengdu

Cover journalist He Yuyu
People in Chengdu used to run this festival with great taste, such as red banners, rice cakes, wine, new year’s greetings and long-distance running on New Year’s Day. Listen to Jiang Lan, a writer in Chengdu, telling the story of New Year’s Day in old Chengdu.
On New Year’s Day in 1946, all the members of a big family in Chengdu took photos of "family celebration" for the victory of War of Resistance against Japan. /Zheng Guanglu for the picture
Old Chengdu old customs
As the saying goes, the winter solstice is the new year. Regardless of the Gregorian calendar and the lunar calendar, as soon as the winter solstice is over, people begin to prepare for the New Year.
Jiang Lan told the cover news ( that there are many rules for New Year’s Day in old Chengdu, such as not eating in the morning (homophonic crime, committing crimes), lest stroke of bad luck; Meals are mainly dumplings and pasta, which are intended to live long and reunite; On the morning of New Year’s Day in some suburban counties, people should put nine candles outside their doors to respect heaven and earth. Nine also means that officials have nine products.
In the series of Zhuzhi Ci "Shu Zhong New Year" written by Liu Yuan, a great scholar in the late Qing Dynasty, the grand scene of Chengdu New Year at that time was also described.
"The end of the North Korea was full of noise, and it was quite soon that year." It is about the streets and alleys of Chengdu and various counties in the old days, which will be occupied by a large number of excited drum bands during the New Year, with unprecedented pomp.
"It’s lucky to burn incense, and it’s auspicious to listen to other people’s words", which depicts the scene of people going to the temple to grab incense early in the morning on New Year’s Day.
"Generally, the scenery adds new joy, and the sign-up notes are posted all over the door first." Jiang Lan explained that in those days, people dropped in on New Year’s Day to celebrate the New Year. In order not to disturb the host family’s group year, they left their "business cards" at the gate instead of entering the house.
Long-distance running in Chengdu on New Year’s Day
From 1956 to 2016, Chengdu New Year’s Day cross-country race has been held for 47 times. It is the longest cross-country race with the largest number of participants in all parts of the country, and it is also the deepest New Year memory of Chengdu people. Jiang Lan told the cover news that in fact, this event may have originated from the tradition of "swimming in all diseases" in the north.
New Year’s Day Cross-country Running in Chengdu in 2013
"Wandering all diseases", also known as "walking all diseases", has been a custom since the Ming Dynasty. It is reported that women in Beijing will travel together around the Lantern Festival, and all diseases can be eliminated after three bridges. Later, it developed into a family outing in the New Year to eliminate disasters and avoid evil spirits. In the Qing Dynasty, the Eight Banners were stationed in the Shaocheng area of Chengdu, bringing the New Year’s "Wandering All Diseases" to this city. “
In the old days, Rongcheng was a big city with a small town, and its winding walls were unique to the whole country. On the 16th day of the first lunar month, every household in Chengdu will climb the city wall and wander along the way. "At that time, there were willows all over Chengdu, and when you were sick, you could still see the newly sprouted willow branches, which was very welcoming."
At the beginning of the last century, the Qing court fell, and the new government replaced the imperial court to implement the New Deal. According to the report of China Weekly in 1934, it was a headache for the government at that time that people clung to the custom of New Year’s Day in the old calendar. "I thought that this old year was as corrupt as foot binding, stereotyped writing and opium."
According to Jiang Lan, since 1940, the Chengdu government began to hold long-distance running activities during the first month to replace the tradition of swimming in all diseases, so as to teach people to keep fit and welcome the New Year. Long-distance running starts and ends in Shaocheng Park (now People’s Park), which is very popular among citizens.
After liberation, since the late 1950s, Chengdu has carried out a 100-day running in winter. In 1956, Chengdu continued the past tradition and held a long-distance race, which was the first cross-country race in the New Year. Since then, the cross-country race time has been moved to New Year’s Day, becoming a New Year’s Day cross-country race, with tens of thousands of participants every year.
On New Year’s Day of Literature and Art
As a person who makes a living by writing, Jiang Lan has always kept the habit of trying to write in the New Year. "It’s just a short article, which is a bit diary-like. Summarize the past year and look forward to the New Year."
New year’s test pen has been around since ancient times. According to Liang Zhangju, a politician in the Qing Dynasty, this tradition can be traced back to the Ming Dynasty. Liang Zhangju said that at that time, all scholars, businessmen and businessmen would write "Zhuang Shu in two words" in red on New Year’s Day, such as "writing everything on New Year’s Day" and so on, seeking a meaning. Yu Pingbo, a red scientist, also remembers that he used to write "New Year’s Day with a pen" on red paper, and then went out to pay New Year’s greetings according to XiShen’s position on the Gregorian calendar.
New Year’s Day and New Year’s Day Picture/A Complete Picture of New Year’s Day Customs Examination
For the students who are eager for the imperial examination, "raising a pen on New Year’s Day" is especially a good color. In addition, when the old and the new turn, the literati’s thoughts are soaring, and they will try to express their feelings on New Year’s Day.
At the beginning of the last century, after the popularity of newspapers and periodicals, celebrities often published some small articles on New Year’s Day, called New Year’s Day writing test. For example, Bing Xin, Yu Pingbo, Ba Jin, Zhou Zuoren, Ji Xianlin and so on all have famous essays on this topic, either recalling old friends, worrying about the current situation, or recording some current moods.
Jiang Lan introduced that newspapers in the 1980s and 1990s also had a column on New Year’s Day, in which some writers or predecessors wrote some New Year’s feelings to bid farewell to the old year and welcome the new year, but now it is gradually decreasing. "In the past, New Year’s Day was very ceremonial, but now it has also been diluted by the trend of consumption."

China Elevator Jianghu Fengyun Record

Li Jianguo, general manager of Midea Building Technology Elevator Company, used the human body as a metaphor to introduce the technical points of Digital Elevator: "For example, the application of AI graphic image recognition, voice acquisition technology, new infrared, millimeter wave and other human perception technology sensors, laser ranging technology, etc. is to improve the perception ability of the elevator; The application of CPU chips with higher computing power, big data analysis, artificial intelligence, deep learning, neural network and other technologies improves the calculation and analysis ability of the algorithm, which makes the elevator smarter and smarter. " It is understood that before leaving the factory, every LINVOL elevator has to undergo a total of 513 quality tests of the whole elevator and its components, such as performance, protection, structure and function. The mechanical safety protection system is combined with the electrical safety protection design, and eight safety devices, such as emergency braking system, door interlock and speed limiter, are adopted to prevent elevator accidents to the maximum extent. On the software side, we can monitor the elevator’s operation status in real time through big data and Internet of Things technology, analyze the elevator’s operation status in time through big data logic algorithm, and transmit it to the elevator management platform through the network for intelligent analysis and preventive maintenance. In addition, Midea is equipped with AI, sensors and Internet of Things technologies for every digital elevator. The camera of AI can automatically identify dangerous goods and dangerous ladder riding behaviors, and initiate corresponding measures to prevent problems before they happen. As a part of the building, intelligent elevator can also improve the operation efficiency of the building. Li Jianguo introduced,The digital platform of iBUILDING in UILDING can automatically identify passengers’ identity information through the elevator eye system, and automatically guide people on nearby floors to take a ride by robot dispatch, so that passengers can be sent to the destination floor without button contact. "It turns out that the elevator stops in the middle during the peak period of use, and the single running time is long; Now, through a series of algorithms and digital intelligent applications, the single running time of the elevator can be shortened, running more times, and delivering more people to the destination floor. " At the same time, the intelligent passenger flow analysis system can also realize the priority of dispatching elevators on peak floors, shorten the operation efficiency of elevators by about 2/3, improve the comfort, and at the same time effectively reduce energy consumption, save energy and reduce carbon.codaBorrow a passage from A Tale of Two Cities by Dickens as the conclusion of this article: This is the best time and this is the worst time; This is the age of wisdom, this is the age of stupidity; This is the period of faith, this is the period of doubt; This is a bright season; This is the dark season; This is the spring of hope, and this is the winter of disappointment … Although the rivers and lakes of elevators in China are still under the feast of foreign investment, I believe that with time, domestic elevator brands will surely rise against the trend and flourish in the wind! Each platform has the same name. If you like our story, please share, collect and forward it.

The Shanghai Scenic Area became popular due to the "heart black", and the ordinary bottle of water was sold for 20 yuan, and the tyrants dare not go.

The Shanghai Scenic Area became popular due to the "heart black", and the ordinary bottle of water was sold for 20 yuan, and the tyrants dare not go.

Shanghai is a modern city with a high popularity in my country. Many young people who pursue their dreams have gathered here, and many financial leaders have gathered. Therefore, it has also become a place where many people yearn for.

Therefore, many people do not work hard here, but also want to come here to see the feeling of big cities, so this year attracted countless people to travel here, but among many tourist scenic spots, there is a special one specially The existence, it became popular because of the "black heart" of the scenic area. Ordinary bottle of water was sold for 20 yuan, and local tyrants did not dare to go.

And this is the Shanghai Disneyland, which falls in Pudong New District. It officially opened on June 16, 2016. It is the first and largest amusement park in Mainland China. Fantasy park. Therefore, because of its popularity here and carrying many people’s childhood, it has always been where everyone dreams of going to.

But in such a place, not everyone can afford it. Among them, because it covers an area of ??1.16 square kilometers, it contains 7 theme plates. If tourists are playing, at least at least two days of time budget.

In addition, the problem that makes tourists feel difficult is that the price of each of each of the play projects here is particularly high, and the hotels in the scenic area are high. It is said that the off -season also requires 1,000 yuan to base for one night. Moreover, it is even more. Not to mention that during the peak season, it is difficult to find a room, so it has become a place where many people are expected.

And there are many disgusting unwritten rules, such as not to bring food and drinks, so tourists have to consume inside, but the price is high. For example Simple food also requires hundreds of budgets, coupled with hotels, tickets, fares, and other miscellaneous fees. This trip, there is no tens of thousands of budgets, I am afraid it is difficult to play happily.

However, the "black heart" place is still maintaining a scene where people come and go, and many people should be surprised! However, it is not difficult to guess that many people are actually willing to accept such a price, but the positioning of Disneyland is very high -end. In addition, the amusement facilities in it are really good, so they can attract everyone to play inside and willingly Consumption.

It’s just that ordinary people are more heartbroken! After all, I am not willing to spend so much funds on it. In the end, I did not get anything except for memories and happiness.