Summary of European football: Bayern Paris won the championship, Inter Milan locked in the Champions League qualification, and Rome missed the top four.

On May 28th, Beijing time, let’s take a look at the latest situation of the five major leagues in Europe.

Grand Paris won the championship one round ahead of schedule.

In the 37th round of Ligue 1, Lionel Messi scored 496 goals in the history of the five major leagues, helping Paris draw 1-1 away from Strasbourg. With only one round left, Barley was 4 points ahead of Lance, the second in the league, and won the championship ahead of schedule.

In the past six years, Barley won five French champions, and in the past 11 years, he won nine French champions. Messi joined Paris for two years and also won two French champions and a French Super Cup.

The script of the Bundesliga title competition

In the last round, Dortmund surpassed Bayern by 2 points. In the final battle of the Bundesliga, Dortmund can break Bayern’s monopoly on the Bundesliga champion in the past 10 years by defeating Mainz, who lost four games in a row at home.

As a result, Dortmund was beaten 2-0 by Mainz as soon as he came up. Although he pulled two goals in the end, he still only got a 2-2 draw. In this game, Alai was the most unlucky one. He missed a penalty in the first half, scored a goal in stoppage time in the second half and was blown off because of offside. After the game, his INS was captured by extreme fans.

Bayern took a 1-0 lead early, and was equalized 1-1 by Cologne in the second half because of Gnabry’s handball. If Bayern can’t score all 3 points, Dortmund will win the championship. However, Mucia La, who came off the bench, scored the winner in the 89th minute, which ruined Dortmund’s last hope of winning the championship. In the end, Bayern beat Cologne 2-1 and beat Dortmund to win the championship because of the goal difference advantage.

Inter Milan lock in the top four in Serie A.

In the 37th round of Serie A, lautaro scored a goal and Lu Kaku scored a goal. Inter Milan beat Atalanta 3-2 at home, locked the top four in Serie A one round ahead of schedule, and got a Champions League seat.

Roma missed the top four in Serie A.

In the 37th round of Serie A, it was difficult for chaaraoui to save the goal. Rome lost two goals in three minutes in the final stage, and was finally reversed by Florence 2-1, which made it unbeaten in seven rounds of the League. Now, with only one round left, they are four points behind AC Milan, the fourth in the league, and they are determined to miss the top four in Serie A one round ahead of schedule. They want to qualify for the Champions League next season, and only the Europa League is left.

Luton succeeded in overtaking.

Luton beat Coventry 7-6 on penalties in the final of the Championship promotion play-off, and the team history was promoted to the Premier League for the first time. According to Luton’s official introduction, they are the first team to enter the Premier League from a non-league, and they were still in the fifth league nine years ago. At present, three newly promoted Premier League horses have been identified, namely Burnley, Sheffield United and Luton.

Shanghai Shanghai People’s Tourism Line+20 20 cities produced good activities

  Original title: 2020 "The people of Shanghai went to Shanghai," launched 20 special tourism routes+20 cities good events, which one do you like?

  The Shanghai Culture and Tourism Bureau sponsored the "Shanghai People’s Going to the Shanghai event since the month of 2020. 19. China Tourism Day starts the date of the city. Many fine lines and waste management activities. The annual activity abstract and review, and in order to better launch a new event in 2021, revealing a new one, especially the "fashion capital, Shanghai magic" 2020 "Shanghai people go to Shanghai to Shanghai "Online competition.

  Among the candidates of more than 3.00 candidates, more than 200 events. Cultural tourism experts repeatedly decided after selecting 20 special tourism routes and good activities in 20 cities. These final players will be appointed by the regional cultural travel agency in December this year. , Representing this line to participate in the speech, it has a detailed series with activities in the region. In the final jury, the media selection of the "Shanghai People’s Favorite Micro Shanghai Tourism Road" and "Shanghai’s Most Popular Cities" in 2020. "This is a good look at Shanghai’s finals and urban events. Shanghai is good!

  Special tourist route

  Baoshan District: Post -industrial fashion new way

  Many people carry the memories of the old industrial factories. The old yard sparks in industrial reorganization, becoming the most avant -garde of the landscape of the industry. 3D printing of Smart Bay Branch Park brings together the Chinese Cultural Museum, the largest 3D printing bridge in the world, the pier and other art played red dot networks; the Shanghai Glass Museum has transformed from a glass furnace workshop to a magical change, colorful crystal glass world, China, China, China It is one of the three museums, not to be missed; the third -floor bridge sports cultural park, which was previously known as the Shanghai nitrate vacuum bottle factory, has become a new generation of red tide drift fist.

  Baoshan District: Explore the villages north of Shanghai, "quiet" color

  The national characteristics of the north gate of Shanghai -Luo Jing, Tangwan Town, starfish, bonuses, new land, and Yangqiao Village will build a "five villages scalable" rural revitalization demonstration zone. Tangwan’s most beautiful rural village road. The Shanghai New Road series comes from "fields, forests, roads, rivers, houses" this is a maternal cultural park hemerocallis flower, grass prostitute troubles, golden rice fields, adopt non -genetic technology entertainment; village in the village; in the village Starfish, Jellyfish Postal House Dating "Water Elf" Bath Water System Forest Oxygen Bar Spa, looking up at the sky and star camp, "crab accidentally meet" Baoshan Lake Yangtze River Crab, enjoying leisurely and pleasant rural life.

Shanghai Nanjing Road Tourism

There is a tourist attraction around Shanghai, however, this is Nanjing Road Pedestrian Street. Because my friends can’t go to Shanghai Disneyland, Yuyuan can’t go, and cannot go to the temple, but no one does not go to Shanghai landmark -Oriental Pearl Tower. It is the Oriental Pearl Tower and Bund next to Nanjing Road Pedestrian Street. Watching the Oriental Pearl Nanjing Road generally visited the past.

Nanjing Road Pedestrian Street, the total length of 1033 meters, Shanghai is the first construction of Pedestrian Street, and China is called the first step in the bank street. In the streets, cars are not allowed to pass. Although there are pedestrians in the middle of the street, although there are pedestrians, street layouts and landscape TV series, it is worth visiting in the taste of old Shanghai.

Nanjing Road is a shopping paradise for people. On both sides of Nanjing Road, there are various shopping malls and experience stores, restaurants, and so on. Throughout Nanjing Road, there are more than 1,200 well -known brands. It has nearly 800 light in its international brand. At the same time, more than 90 top brands have opened flagship stores here. It is also called Nanjing Road. High -end consumer venues.

In addition to endless shopping malls, Nanjing Road is also covered with non -ferrous foods. Here is the more famous Shen Dacheng pastry, the real boss fresh meat moon cake. When I just visited Nanjing Road, I ordered a meal, and then ate noodle Harlem Ningbo Road. At that time, rice was just a little bit. The noodle restaurant was basically full. The customer immediately ordered the surface characteristics of the bullfrogs of Harlem. One fried pork chop and a bottle of milk. Bullfrogs are particularly fresh, soup is very rich, and there are more bullfrogs. It can be said that the feet seem to be delicious. It is highly recommended for this noodle shop. Without the use of bullfrogs to face it, Nanjing Road, food has many other characteristics, such as fried Xiao Yang, the delicious price is not expensive.

There is a century square in the middle of Nanjing Road. There is a large music fountain on the square, which reaches 4.5 tons of Eastern Baoding in the northwest. A huge display was built on the square. When I encountered a tourist festival, there would be a colorful show on the square.

Along Nanjing Road, you can directly reach Shanghai Bund. There is an iconic building at the Bund, and Shanghai has a landmark building -Oriental Pearl. I suggest everyone here, you can visit Nanjing Road during the day. In the evening, you can enjoy the bustling night view of Shanghai on the Bund. Because it was turned on and racing all the neon lights of all buildings. Along the Bund, through the Huangpu River Wharf, you can take the Huangpu River trip, and you will have a taste to enjoy the scenery on both sides of the ship.