Teach you a set of "heart-stopping methods" after the Spring Festival, specializing in all kinds of "don’t want to go to work"!

The Spring Festival holiday is coming to an end!

What’s even more frightening is that

The first day of work after the holiday

There are bound to be many people who are uncomfortable.

Even have a fear of going to work.

This is the so-called "post-holiday syndrome"

Hey, Xiaobian has a set here.

Spring Festival "Accepting Heart Dafa"

I think all the readers have strange bones.

Must be wizards.

It’s better to be with Xiaobian.

Down with post-holiday syndrome

Return to normal working conditions!

Dizziness, dizziness, sleep disorder syndrome

During the Spring Festival, many people choose to take advantage of the long vacation to go home for the Spring Festival, or visit relatives and friends and travel. When going out, the schedule is irregular, which causes some people to be unable to adjust from the holiday schedule for a while after coming back after the festival. They are full of energy at night and can’t fall asleep until the morning. The sudden change of people’s living habits and environmental factors leads to mental stress, disrupting the biological rhythm of sleep and awakening, and physical and mental fatigue, which leads to sleep disorder.

Coping with Dafa:

1. Restore the original life rules as soon as possible to ensure the regularity of sleep;

2. Don’t make your brain highly excited before going to bed. You can use music and other means to meditate. Keep soaking feet in hot water for 5 ~ 10 minutes every night;

3, staying up late will make people’s digestive system circulation worse, so you can’t eat too much, and focus on light, eat more foods with high vitamin content;

4, people with poor gastrointestinal and poor sleep can drink hot tea or chrysanthemum tea soaked in medlar.

Holiday dyspepsia syndrome

Spring Festival is definitely inseparable from the dinner, every day is chicken, duck, fish, meat, plus all kinds of snacks, all day long mouth is not idle. After a few days, some people feel that they have no appetite, can’t eat anything, and have a dull pain in their stomachs. In addition, many colleagues want to eat vegetarian food to clear the intestines and lose weight after the New Year, but unexpectedly they have discomfort symptoms such as abdominal distension.

Coping with Dafa:

1. To treat bulimia, we must first manage our mouth and let the gastrointestinal tract have a good rest;

2. Take an active part in some favorite sports, such as brisk walking, jogging, doing exercises, playing ball or dancing, etc., and do some sports that make your heart beat faster and sweat, so that your body and mind can "move" and your appetite will be adjusted to normal.

3. In addition, eat more fresh vegetables and fruits to promote gastrointestinal peristalsis and accelerate the discharge of harmful substances in the body.

Holidays addiction syndrome

During the Spring Festival holiday, there are also such a group of people who stay at home, spend all day with computers and indulge in the Internet. After a few days, I just feel top-heavy, my eyes are dry, and my eyes are blurred. Until I went to work, I was still thinking about my holiday life.

Coping with Dafa:

1. For this psychological disorder, the key lies in positive self-adjustment;

2. Try to adjust your state at work, devote yourself seriously, and take a vacation for your mind when you rest, and learn to relax and entertain.

Return trip "getting angry" syndrome

Many people will "get angry" after experiencing the painful return peak, while others will have red eyes, toothache, oral ulcers, herpes on the corners of their mouths, etc. When they think of going through that kind of pain again before going to work, they are all sour and refreshing!

Coping with Dafa:

1, drink plenty of water, add the right amount of water;

2, you can use hot water to soak your feet every night, and the water temperature can be slightly higher, so it is appropriate to feel "slightly hot". Soaking your feet can dilate blood vessels, accelerate blood flow, enhance blood circulation, and relieve fatigue and sleep.

Mental disorientation and fear of going to work

After the Spring Festival holiday, there are always some people who have inexplicable fears in their hearts, mainly including the following symptoms. They are dizzy and don’t know what to do. They often sit at their desks for a long time and don’t know where to start their work. Soft hands and feet, weakness; Dizziness; I suddenly feel boring at work and want to quit.

Coping with Dafa:

1. Actively make corresponding adjustments from the content of life to the schedule of work and rest, meditate on what you should do after work, and adjust your psychology to the working state;

2, you can take a long and deep breath every 2 hours. Imagine that with each breath, the tension also leaves the body;

3. It is recommended to take a hot bath before going to work and try to return to the schedule before holidays. It is best to drink a cup of chamomile tea to help sleep before going to bed.

Crossing the Spring Festival, the new year is expected. No matter whether you are ready for a new round of work or not, the countdown to the end of the long holiday has already begun ~ If you are still immersed in the joy of the holiday, Xiaobian reminds you to adjust your state quickly, accept your heart, and harvest the return of the next year with hard work!

Come on in the new year, yeah!

Original title: "Teach you a set of" heart-stopping solutions "after the Spring Festival, specializing in all kinds of" don’t want to go to work "! 》

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Men sell test answers for a profit of 800,000 yuan, regardless of whether it is true or not.

  The police in the sand area arrested the criminal suspect who illegally provided and sold the test answers. Our reporter Gan Xiayi photo

  (Reporter Tan Yao) Every time there are various exams, the information of "selling answers" and "passing answers" is flooding on the Internet, and this year’s college entrance examination is no exception. Many lucky candidates dare not speak out even if they "buy the answer". Recently, the police in Shapingba District cracked a gang that illegally sold answers to test questions. Can you really get the answer to the college entrance examination? Let’s see what the suspect says.

  Cheating gangs were found in the rental house.

  On June 6, the day before the college entrance examination, Mr. Zhao, who lives in Shapingba, called 110 to report that he saw an advertisement on the Internet, claiming that he could provide answers to the college entrance examination to help candidates cheat.

  Mr. Zhao said that when he saw these advertisements, he was angry, because he had participated in the college entrance examination, and he felt that selling answers to help candidates cheat seriously hurt those candidates who studied hard at the cold window, so he called the police.

  After receiving the police, the police of Tianxingqiao police station in Shapingba quickly rushed to the scene. They contacted the seller according to the QQ number left in the advertisement, pretending to be the candidate who bought the answer, and knew the address and contact information of the other party during the conversation. The police investigating the case quickly arrested two suspects, Lai Mou and Ji Mou, who were suspected of illegally providing answers to selling test questions in a rental house in Ronghui Hot Spring City, and seized a batch of equipment for cheating in the exam on the spot, including 10 mobile phones, 3 laptops, 3 devices for sending and receiving test answers, and 1 mobile phone signal shield.

  The suspect said that he could not get the answer to the exam at all.

  After the trial, the suspects Lai and Ji confessed that they had sold all kinds of exam answers through the Internet since the beginning of 2016, and they had illegally made a profit of more than 800,000 yuan. The two have a clear division of labor. Lai is responsible for trading and buying answers from the exchange groups of various exam answers, and then selling the bought answers to the people who buy them. Ji is responsible for advertising, promoting and attracting customers in various QQ groups.

  Lai told the police that they didn’t know the specific source of the test answers, and they joined many test answer exchange groups on the Internet. Whenever there were various tests, some people in these exchange groups peddled answers. When he thinks the answers are true, he will talk privately with the person who gave them and buy them, but he can’t guarantee that these answers are true.

  Lai said: "The answers in the QQ group are basically false, but they can be sold regardless of whether they are true or false, all in order to cheat the candidates." They also do the same thing, by posting advertisements and spreading news in various QQ groups on the Internet, to convince candidates that they have the ability to get the real answer before the exam, and then some lucky candidates will contact them to trade. Lai and Ji will ask candidates to bring their own mobile phones and receive answers in the exam to cheat. Even if the answer is not true, cheating candidates will not call the police.

  The suspects also admitted that they couldn’t get the answers to the national college entrance examination, claiming that they had the answers just to cheat money. When the candidates are deceived and put the money into the designated account, Lai and others will directly blacken the candidates.

  Candidates can be sentenced to a maximum of seven years for cheating.

  At present, Lai and Ji are criminally detained by the police on suspicion of illegally providing and selling test questions and answers, and the case is still under investigation.

  According to the police investigating the case, the reason why Lai and Ji can get high rewards by selling answers and helping candidates cheat is because many candidates are lucky. In fact, at present, all kinds of examination systems are constantly improving, and almost all the answers circulated on the Internet before and during the exam are fake. Spending money on fake answers to cheat will not only cost you years of hard work, but also pay a higher price. The Criminal Law (Amendment 9) and the newly revised Education Law stipulate that those who organize cheating in exams will be punished by the criminal law, and cheating by candidates is also a criminal act, with a maximum penalty of seven years’ imprisonment.

Meituan takeaway "Quality Big Big Big Carnival" is launched in Shanghai to go online with multiple discounts to eat all over the city.

Recently, in order to promote the rapid recovery of Shanghai’s economy and provide consumers with higher quality takeaway services, Meituan takeaway and 500 high -quality supply brands, including 300 must -list the city’s must -order brands, and jointly linked by multi -category and multi -business formats In the form of a quality meal carnival in Shanghai. During the event, each person can receive a maximum of 1,000 yuan consumer coupons per day, allowing consumers to enjoy a affordable, delicious and rich quality meal.

Multi -category consumer coupons, catering brands are online, open high -quality carnival feast

From June 18th to July 3rd, users log in to the "Meituan Takeaway" or "Meituan" APP, search for "takeaway consumer coupons" to enter the event page. In the "Coupon Receive Zone", users can receive three quality food consumer coupons of "over 60 yuan minus 10 yuan", "over 80 yuan minus 15 yuan", "over 100 yuan minus 20 yuan"; in addition, users can still use the same page, which can also Receive different types of consumer vouchers such as category coupons, brand coupons, and quality daily life coupons, which can receive a maximum of 1,000 yuan per day. Among them, the popular coffee milk tea consumer coupons, "less than 25 yuan minus 7 yuan", "less than 40 yuan minus 20 yuan", "less than 99 yuan minus 30 yuan", the number is limited, first come first served.

It should be noted that the same user ID is limited to the same value consumption coupon. The coupons cannot be used, but it can be superimposed with other preferential activities of the platform or merchant.

In addition to the rich and diverse quality consumer coupons, Meituan takeaway also links Cai Lan’s snacks, Xiao Yang Shengzheng, Lao Shengchang, Red Armor, KFC, Starbucks, TIMS, Manner, Ruixing Coffee, Hi Tea and other high -quality brands. Bring a rich quality meal. The hot air’s raw fried buns, the delicious soup, the delicious flavor, the spicy and delicious crayfish, etc., can be sent to the user through the takeaway, with a variety of fancy milk tea and coffee, so that many Shanghai citizens who have been in home for a long time to live in their homes tolerate the forbearance I ca n’t hold the index finger, and I place an order to buy.

"Since I received a 80-15 consumer coupon on Meituan, I have been thinking about how to use it. As a result, the child said that I want to eat soup bags. Of course, the first choice for Lao Shengchang," Ms. Wu, who lives in Minhang District, Shanghai, opened Mei The group takeaway said, "Fresh meat soup bag, crab powder soup bag, shiitake mushroom snow bamboo shoot noodles, green onion grilled rows of egg noodles, plus refreshing small dishes, almost a family’s dinner is enough, very affordable"

The city’s must -order brand has joined, so you can enjoy high -quality takeaway without leaving the house

It is worth mentioning that 300 must -list brands in the city also participated in this quality meal carnival. This gang, Cantonese cuisine, Beijing cuisine, French cuisine, Japanese cuisine, Mexican cuisine, Brazilian cuisine and other domestic and foreign cuisine are available. Pujianghui and Jingxihui and other high -end catering are also among them. These high -quality brands are launched by the "Single Meal" of "Small Little Persons" characteristics of takeaway, allowing users to enjoy high -quality food products at more cost -effective prices, setting off a new climax of the upgrading of catering experience.

It is understood that Meituan takeaway in Shanghai’s first nationwide "city must -order list", according to the consumer takeaway dining experience, taste, evaluation, quality and other comprehensive dimensions, set up a batch of restaurants, and then well -known old chefs, chefs, and chefs, and chefs, and chefs, chefs, and chefs, and chefs, chefs, and chefs, and chefs, chefs, and chefs, and chefs, chefs, and chefs, and chefs, and chefs, chefs, and chefs, and chefs, and chefs, and chefs, chefs, and chefs, and chefs, and chefs, chefs, and chefs, and chefs, and chefs, and chefs, and chefs, chefs, and chefs, and chefs. Cooking cuisine master, gourmet enthusiasts and other local experts composed of local experts composed of compulsory list review committees. They are anonymous to try as an ordinary consumer. From the perspective of dishes taste, takeaway services, etc. The evaluation, eventually selected the most quality TOP300 catering brands in the local area.

Not only that, the "Cast City Must -Point List" has also greatly expanded the service scope and depth of quality meal and carnival through the design of "visibility" and the farthest city distribution service, which helps more users. You can enjoy high -quality cuisine throughout the city without leaving home.

With the introduction of the "Shanghai Municipality Accelerating Economic Recovery and Revitalizing Action Plan", the resumed market has become the top priority of the current stage of the catering industry. Jin Peihua, deputy secretary -general of the Shanghai Catering Culinary Industry Association, said that in the environment of Shanghai’s economic recovery and boost, Meituan takeaway launching a quality meal carnival will effectively boost the consumption confidence in Shanghai’s catering industry, drive and form new consumption hotspots, and form a new consumption hotspot. While stimulating the enthusiasm for consumption of Shanghai citizens, it has promoted the high -quality development of the Shanghai takeaway industry.