5G Science Popularization: Can an ordinary mobile phone connect to a 5G network? What are the priority areas for coverage?

  BEIJING, March 7 (Reporter Wu Tao) Recently, 5G mobile phones have been released intensively, and 5G related news has emerged in an endless stream, which has dazzled netizens. But can the current 5G network be used? Where can I use it and how can I use it? Many netizens are confused.

  Can mobile phones use 5G networks now?

  One of the doubts of netizens is, can the current mobile phone use 5G network?

  At present, most of the users use 4G mobile phones, and it is definitely impossible to connect to 5G networks.

  In addition, there are no mass-produced 5G mobile phones on the market. Although Huawei, ZTE, Samsung, OPPO, Xiaomi, etc. have recently released 5G mobile phones, mass production and sale are basically in the middle of this year.

  What kind of 5G mobile phone should I buy?

  There are so many 5G mobile phones, which one is better?

  Judging from the current release of mobile phone manufacturers, a mainstream configuration is Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor+Snapdragon X50 modem. For example, the 5G version of Xiaomi MIX3 is this configuration. The 5G mobile phones released by ZTE and OPPO also use Snapdragon X50 modem.

  However, on February 19th, Qualcomm introduced the second generation 5G NR modem — — Snapdragon X55 modem. So if you are not in a hurry to change the 5G mobile phone, you may wish to wait. After all, the X50 was launched in 2016.

  How does the current 5G terminal use the 5G network?

  Many netizens are asking: How do I see that media reports have started to use 5G networks?

  It is understood that this situation is the use of some dedicated equipment. For example, in the media workspace of the two sessions, journalists can use the 5G network and 5G+VR high-definition camera installed in the "Minister’s Channel" of the Great Hall of the People to watch the live interview of the experience minister through VR glasses.

  Moreover, network coverage also needs to be specially built by operators. China Mobile, the representative of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, said that it would complete the construction of two 5G microcellular base stations in Beijing Railway Building within 36 hours.

  Which places give priority to the opening of 5G networks?

  The good news is that some areas are expected to be the first to experience the 5G network. Recently, Miao Wei, Minister of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, said that the 5G license will be issued soon. So everyone is expected to experience the 5G network soon.

  According to incomplete statistics, before that, the three major operators have carried out off-site testing or 5G pilot projects in Beijing, Xiong ‘an, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Tianjin, Hangzhou, Suzhou, Wuhan, Chengdu, Lanzhou and Nanjing.

  Specific to the city, China Unicom said that the 5G base station will give priority to several key scenes in Beijing, including Media Center, Beijing City Sub-center, Beijing New Airport, along Chang ‘an Avenue, Financial Street, and the 2019 Beijing World Expo.

  What is the speed?

  One of the main characteristics of 5G network is its fast network speed. According to many operators, compared with 4G, the speed of 5G network is ten times faster.

  Mate X, a folding 5G mobile phone released by Huawei, is said to have a bandwidth of 200MHz, with a theoretical peak of 4.6Gbps, and can download a 1G video in 3 seconds at the earliest.

  Of course, these are all in the test state, and their speeds are different in different environments.

  For example, the same is China Mobile 5G. After field test in Beijing Railway Building, the downlink rate of the network reaches 700Mbps and the uplink rate reaches 90Mbps.

  However, on February 27th, China Mobile opened its first 2.6GHz 5G base station in Lhasa. After testing in outdoor environment, the peak download rate reached 530M/ s, and the average download rate was about 500M/ s. It took 2 seconds to download a 1GB movie.

  What applications have been launched?

  In fact, the characteristics of 5G are far from limited to fast network speed, and its application is not limited to 5G mobile phones. Its application can cover almost all walks of life. At present, 5G+4K live broadcast is widely used.

  The relevant staff of China Unicom told the reporter of Zhongxin.com that in fact, the 5G mobile phone is only a terminal product of 5G, and the application of 5G network is far from limited to mobile phones.

  Miao Wei recently said, "In the future, about 20% of 5G facilities will be used for communication problems between people, and 80% will be used for things and things, things and people, that is, the Internet of Things, especially the mobile Internet of Things communication problems."

  For example, in the education industry, recently, China Unicom launched an open class of 5G new technology. In order to let students better experience the refraction and total reflection of light, students can wear VR glasses to feel the mirage.

  Li Yunzhao, an expert in education informatization of Hubei Unicom, explained that holographic projection portraits have higher requirements for network speed than live HD video. The network speed of 5G is more than 10 times faster than that of 4G, and the network delay of holographic projection video is less than 5 milliseconds. Only when entering the 5G era can video tools truly realize vivid holographic projection.

  At the 2019 Shandong 5G Industry Summit held recently, 21 5G application booths based on 17 scenarios were displayed, which comprehensively demonstrated the top 10 5G application directions such as 5G+ artificial intelligence, 5G+ robot, 5G+ virtual reality and 5G+ Internet of Things.

The peak of power battery scrapping is coming! The cost of changing batteries is comparable to buying a new car?

  Power battery replacement is expensive, and many car companies regard "battery replacement" as one of the main directions for designing pure electric vehicles in the future.

  New energy vehicles are gradually entering thousands of households, but for some users who ate "crabs" early six or seven years ago and bought pure electric vehicles, they are now facing new troubles — — The cost of changing the battery is more expensive than the original price of buying a car! All-media reporters learned from market interviews that the current service life of automobile power batteries is mostly 5-8 years, which means that the power batteries of the first batch of new energy vehicles put into the market during 2009-2013 have entered the "retirement" period. In view of this situation, let’s see what new tricks car companies have.

  Text, photo: Guangzhou Daily all-media reporter Deng Li

  [Change the "electricity" scene] The battery is scrapped and the car is "scrapped"!

  The owner, Mr. Chen, bought a Chery EQ electric car four years ago. After the subsidy, the price of the new car was about 65,000 yuan. Recently, after a heavy rain, the car was soaked in water and the battery was scrapped! After dragging it to the 4S shop, the car dealer told him that he had to replace the battery, but the cost was nearly 70,000 yuan! Mr. Chen was dumbfounded, which is thousands of dollars more expensive than buying a new pure electric car! In this regard, 4S stores also expressed helplessness: because there is no separate subsidy policy for automobile power batteries, the price of battery replacement is very expensive.

  All-media reporters noticed that at present, because the price of "battery replacement" of many independent brands of pure electric vehicles is higher than that of buying new cars, in the event of battery failure, most car owners give up replacing batteries and directly scrap their vehicles. It is also very expensive to change batteries for imported new energy vehicles. Some people have calculated that a Tesla Model S with a price of 700,000 yuan to 800,000 yuan needs more than 300,000 yuan to replace batteries, so you can buy a BMW.

  [Market survey]

  The battery is guaranteed for 5~6 years, but there are constraints.

  All-media reporters noticed that the current state requires the key components of new energy vehicles (batteries, electronic controls, motors) to provide a warranty of not less than 5 years or 100,000 kilometers. During the warranty period, the owner’s maintenance is completely free.

  The reporter searched a number of automobile brands and found that BYD Qin currently provides "a six-year or 150,000-kilometer warranty for the whole vehicle and a lifetime warranty for the battery"; SAIC Roewe has provided E50 vehicles with 3-year and 100,000-kilometer warranties, as well as 5-year and 100,000-kilometer battery core component warranties, and some models also have battery decay warranties; BAIC provides a five-year unlimited-kilometer commitment for the battery of E150ev, and users who purchase the new EX260/EU260 before April this year can enjoy the lifetime warranty service of the battery. Generally speaking, at present, the mainstream new energy vehicle companies only guarantee the whole vehicle, and only a few manufacturers have an extra warranty for the battery for a long time. In terms of foreign automakers, Tesla has just changed the warranty terms of the Model S drive and battery pack of electric vehicles to 8 years of unlimited mileage.

  Despite this, the cost of replacing batteries as high as 60,000 to 70,000 yuan is still in the minds of car owners. If the warranty period ends after 5~8 years, and the life of the battery just ends, then the owner will have to make a headache choice between replacing the battery or scrapping the vehicle; If the battery is within the service life and there is a problem that is not covered by the warranty (such as soaking in water), it may be necessary to break up the battery after seeing that other parts of the vehicle are still in good condition, because the high battery replacement bill is very "disgusting".

  [Current Scheme]

  The manufacturer’s policy encourages "replacement" in three or four years.

  However, replacing the whole battery is not the only solution. The engineer of JAC pure electric vehicle clarified to the reporter: With the development of technology, if there is a problem with the current battery, it is no longer necessary to replace the whole battery as it was a few years ago. Now it is only necessary to replace one or several corresponding faulty batteries. The engineer told the reporter that the cost of a single battery is only a few hundred dollars, and the working hours are up to one or two thousand yuan. In general, it is cheaper than the engine maintenance of fuel vehicles.

  However, there are many problems in the use of electric vehicles, and the high cost of batteries still inevitably becomes a resistance for many people to buy. The reporter noticed that many car companies started the "buy-back plan" to solve the problems of fast depreciation and fast battery loss of pure electric vehicles, and encouraged consumers to replace new pure electric vehicles in three or four years. For example, at the beginning of the listing of Yundu New Energy, a three-year repurchase policy was introduced at the same time, and the guaranteed price of its pure electric vehicle was 50% of the original price.

  All-media reporters also noticed from the second-hand market that the current depreciation of second-hand new energy vehicles is faster than that of ordinary fuel vehicles. For example, in 2013-2014, the price of Beiqi E150EV in the second-hand market ranged from 20,000 to 40,000 yuan. After the updated Beiqi EX360 went on the market, manufacturers also complied with the repurchase and replacement policy. As long as the car condition of the old pure electric vehicle meets the official standards, it can offset the purchase price of 39,800 yuan, which is much more cost-effective than direct scrapping. In doing so, manufacturers not only encourage consumers to trade in old ones for new ones, but also help consumers avoid the embarrassment of finding out that the battery life has ended after six or seven years of use and being forced to scrap their vehicles.

  [Car enterprise goal]

  Load a detachable battery

  Perhaps it is precisely because the high cost of batteries has aroused the concerns of users, and many car companies regard "battery replacement" as one of the main directions for designing pure electric vehicles in the future. It only takes three to five minutes, and a "blood tank is empty" battery is directly removed and replaced with a new battery with full charge. Although the power exchange technology has not been verified by a large number of landing operations, this idea is favored by many new energy vehicle companies.

  Traditional car companies, such as BAIC New Energy, have taken the lead in distributing in several cities across the country since last year to carry out the service of "changing power stations". After the taxi industry has achieved good response, this year, the "changing power" model has been extended to the field of pure electric private cars in Beijing. As for the new car-making enterprises, it has been included in the research and development category. Previously, Tesla had announced a 15-minute power exchange technology; Weilai, the representative of China’s new car manufacturers, plans to build more than 1,100 power stations nationwide in 2020, hoping to let car owners realize "changing electricity within 3 kilometers" in the central areas of first-tier cities such as Beishangguangshen and Shenzhen; Another new car manufacturer, Chehejia’s first SEV, its biggest highlight is the use of detachable batteries, which is also the official claim that they do not rely on the capital of charging piles.

  China new energy vehicles ushered in the first peak of power battery scrapping.

  In 2009, China officially launched the demonstration and promotion of "10 cities and 1000 vehicles" new energy vehicles.

  From 2012 to 2014, demonstration applications were conducted in the north, Guangzhou and Shenzhen, and new energy vehicles entered the era of private consumption.

  In 2015, the sales volume of new energy vehicles in China was 331,000, of which 247,000 were pure electric vehicles, ranking first in the world.

  In 2017, the sales volume of new energy vehicles in China reached 777,000, ranking first in the world for three consecutive years.

  In 2018, the first batch of new energy vehicle battery systems will enter the "seven-year itch" elimination period, which will usher in the first peak of power battery scrapping.

  In recent years, the relevant state departments have paid extra attention to the market guidance of battery recycling. At the same time, the data of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology shows that the first peak of power battery scrapping will be ushered in 2018. Gao Yunhu, director of the Department of Energy Conservation and Comprehensive Utilization of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, pointed out that it is necessary to accelerate the recycling of power batteries for new energy vehicles and implement the formulation and implementation of pilot programs. On August 1st, the Interim Measures for the Management of Recycle and Utilization of Power Batteries for New Energy Vehicles was promulgated and implemented. In September, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued the List of Qualified Enterprises (First Batch).

Still like to play mobile phones in the dark? Be careful to shake out acute glaucoma!

  During the days when you were at home, besides eating and sleeping, did you stay up all night to paint Tik Tok, play the king and follow the drama? The original law of life was disrupted, and the life of night owls who couldn’t afford it during the day and were not sleepy at night was opened. Even if the light is turned off, I can’t bear to put down my mobile phone, and I can brush it under the covers for half an hour when I’m still unfinished. As everyone knows, playing mobile phone in the dark, acute glaucoma is quietly approaching you.

  Playing with your mobile phone without turning on the light can really blind you.

  This is by no means alarmist. Using the eyes in dim light will cause the pupils to dilate for a long time, block the circulation of liquid in the eyes, lead to the increase of intraocular pressure and the acute attack of glaucoma. Persistent high intraocular pressure can also damage the tissues and visual function of various parts of the eyeball, resulting in decreased vision, optic nerve damage and narrowed vision, and may even lead to blindness if not treated in time.

  Of course, playing mobile phones in the dark is only an incentive, and the most important thing is that individuals themselves belong to the "glaucoma quality." "Glaucoma quality" mainly refers to glaucoma patients with high myopia, hyperopia and family history. Once there is an inducement, the intraocular pressure will increase, which will lead to glaucoma. Even if you belong to the "glaucoma quality", don’t be afraid. As long as you control the incentives, the chances of forming glaucoma will be much smaller.

  In addition, playing mobile phones in the dark can easily lead to myopia, dry eye, macular degeneration and other diseases, and "mobile phone family" should take it as a warning. Playing mobile phones in the dark is especially harmful to teenagers’ eyes. Watching the screen at close range in the dark will make them blink less, which will easily lead to visual fatigue. Teenagers’ eyesight is still developing, and in the long run, it will easily aggravate refractive problems such as myopia and astigmatism.

  Four types of people with high risk are more likely to be "stared at" by glaucoma.

  People with grumpy temper Some people are often grumpy. Emotional instability will lead to unstable intraocular pressure, and long-term high intraocular pressure will induce the formation of glaucoma.

  Women over the age of 40 gradually enter menopause, so their emotions are changeable, which are all manifestations of "glaucoma quality". The range of emotional changes is too large, which may easily lead to a sharp increase in intraocular pressure and induce acute glaucoma.

  The eyes of those who overuse their eyes need rest every day just like the brain. However, facing the computer at work and playing mobile phone after work, this habit of using eyes will lead to excessive eye fatigue, which will lead to glaucoma coming to the door.

  Patients with high myopia, high myopia, due to the enlargement of myopic eyeball and the extension of optic papilla, leads to the thinning of the cribriform plate and the sclera near the optic papilla, and the high intraocular pressure compresses the optic nerve, which leads to the gradual atrophy of the optic nerve and the gradual loss of visual field, which leads to blindness.

  How far are you from glaucoma?

  During their stay at home, some people experienced eye pain. For some people, this may be normal, and taking a rest will be fine. But for people with high risk factors of glaucoma, if it is caused by increased intraocular pressure, it may be a sign of glaucoma.

  How to simply judge whether eye pain is caused by increased intraocular pressure? Here is a small method to teach you: "finger measurement" — — With two fingers, it takes only two steps to test whether our intraocular pressure is too high.

  Close your eyes, gently touch the eyeball with your index finger and feel the fluctuation of the eyeball: 1. If it is as soft as your lips, then the intraocular pressure is normal; 2. If it is as hard as the tip of the nose, then the intraocular pressure has increased slightly to moderately; If it feels as hard as the forehead, then the intraocular pressure is already very high. Through this small method of self-test, we can roughly judge whether the intraocular pressure is normal or not. Of course, if you feel obviously uncomfortable, you still need to see a doctor. It should also be reminded that people’s intraocular pressure is not a constant value. Different times of the day are not exactly the same. It is not possible to judge the condition or confirm the diagnosis only by a single intraocular pressure measurement.

  In addition, in addition to eye pain and elevated intraocular pressure, glaucoma has the following symptoms:

  Nausea and vomiting, eye pain and eye swelling When the intraocular pressure rises sharply, it can reflexively cause the excitement of vagus nerve and vomiting nerve center, resulting in severe nausea and vomiting. Trigeminal nerve endings are stimulated, which reflexively causes pain in the distribution area of trigeminal nerve. Patients often feel migraine and eye pain.

  When the visual field narrows and the visual acuity decreases due to the gradual increase of intraocular pressure, the optic nerve is damaged. In the early stage, visual acuity decreases and fog appears at night and disappears the next morning. In the late stage, the visual field is narrowed, which is also the main symptom of glaucoma.

  When the rainbow looks at the light, there are seven colored circles or halos around it, similar to the rainbow in the sky after the rain clears in summer, which is called rainbow in medicine.

  Home "Eye Protection Method" for Glaucoma Patients

  Glaucoma is a lifelong disease. During the period of staying at home, it is easy to have acute glaucoma if you keep a good attitude and stable mood, have a lot of mental stress, think too much, sulk or lose your temper.

  Don’t overuse your eyes, and avoid overusing your eyes to see a bright spot in the dark. When watching a mobile phone, it is best to adjust the contrast of the screen to make the brightness and color as soft as possible. If possible, turn on a low-brightness background light in the room to ease the brightness gap between the screen and the background environment. And keep looking at the mobile phone for no more than 20 minutes, blink consciously and pay attention to "reducing the burden" on your eyes;

  Avoid drinking a lot of water at one time, drink a small amount of water in several times, and try to reduce the amount of drinking water at night to prevent glaucoma;

  For acute glaucoma, sudden eye swelling, eye pain, headache, accompanied by decreased vision, in the case of good self-protection, it is necessary to go to the ophthalmology department in time to reduce intraocular pressure to prevent visual function damage;

  For the primary open-angle glaucoma that has been clearly diagnosed, patients need to take medicine on time, and they can consult online during the epidemic and go to the hospital on an optional basis;

  COVID-19 virus can infect conjunctiva of eyes, which may cause lung infection. Patients with glaucoma, especially those who need to use drugs for a long time, need to pay strict attention to hand hygiene.

  Text/Wang Xia Liu Liwei (Beijing Rehabilitation Hospital)

Those seasonal fruits in autumn have their own merits! Did you eat right?

  Editor’s note: Autumn is the season of bumper harvest of all kinds of fruits, and all kinds of seasonal fruits are also sold in the market. When autumn is dry, you should eat more fruits that are rich in water and have nourishing effects. There are also many eating customs in this period, such as "eating buds in summer and eating fruits in autumn". Although the fruit is good, the way to eat it is still very important. This edition selects three popular fruits in autumn to help you learn how to eat these nutritious autumn fruits healthily.

  This fruit is in season, but it makes people "love and hate"! Interpretation of Several Questions about Persimmon

  Autumn is full of fruitful harvest scenes. There is a folk saying that "the white dew hits walnuts, and first frost picks persimmons", and this is a good time to eat persimmons. Speaking of persimmons, the softened persimmons are thin, tender, sweet and delicious, so I really can’t help eating more. But many people stay away from it, because they heard that persimmons can’t be eaten, especially when they are eaten on an empty stomach. There is also a saying that people with anemia are not recommended to eat, which is more likely to be anemia; There are even rumors that the processed persimmon frost is a preservative. This article will take you to crack these "rumors" one by one and eat persimmons healthily and safely.

  Q: Eating persimmon with stones on an empty stomach?

  A: This statement is too absolute. There are other factors for stones.

  Eating persimmons on an empty stomach is relatively more likely to produce stones, but the more critical factors for the formation of gastric stones are insufficient gastric motility, eating too much at a time or eating persimmons with high tannic acid for several days. If you eat astringent persimmon or ripe sweet persimmon on an empty stomach, you don’t have to worry too much about stones.

  Persimmons are indeed related to gastrointestinal stones, mainly because persimmons contain more tannic acid, also called tannin, which is mainly concentrated in the peel. Its astringent taste is actually a way for plants to "protect themselves" from being eaten; Unfortunately, we humans have accepted this astringency, such as the unique flavor of wine and the heavy feeling of drinking tea, which is mainly brought by polyphenols such as tannic acid.

  Suppose you eat a lot of tannic acid and enter the stomach, which polymerizes in the environment of gastric acid to form a gelatinous coagulum, and then forms a sticky mixture with protein and pectin, which slowly hardens into "stones", inducing stones and causing bloating and stomachache. If it is caused by persimmon, there is also a special name called "stomach persimmon stone"

  According to the data, the appearance of "stomach persimmon stone" is related to gastrointestinal diseases (accompanied by weakened or disordered stomach function) or eating a lot of persimmons.

  Of course, your stomach moves normally, and it is difficult to give tannic acid a chance to fully contact other food ingredients to "aggregate into a ball". Moreover, the persimmon varieties produced in agriculture are already low in tannic acid. We should know that the appearance of gastrolith is influenced by many factors, such as patients with a history of gastric surgery, diabetes, mental disorders, and acid-related diseases such as peptic ulcer and reflux esophagitis are also closely related.

  Therefore, when diagnosing stones, we only care about persimmon intake, which is not comprehensive and needs comprehensive analysis.

  Q: Pregnant women can’t eat persimmons?

  A: It is purely a rumor.

  As long as it is safe and hygienic, and it is not allergic to persimmons, it can be safely eaten. As long as the gastrointestinal function is normal, it is no problem to eat persimmons occasionally. Just follow the same precautions as before.

  Q: People with anemia can’t eat persimmons?

  A: Generally, it only appears in people who are vegetarian or eat a lot of persimmons.

  As for the saying that "anemia can’t eat persimmons", I think tannic acid will affect the absorption of iron. Theoretically speaking, this phenomenon will only occur among vegetarians, and it is a long-term consumption of persimmons. Because only non-heme iron existing in plants will be affected by tannic acid, and the absorption rate of heme iron in animals will not be reduced because of tannic acid. Therefore, for most people, eating persimmons occasionally will not cause anemia.

  For people with anemia, it is more important to know what causes anemia, rather than simply staying on the surface of "do you want to eat persimmons?" If it is a common iron deficiency anemia, eat more animal liver, animal blood and lean meat to increase iron intake, and supplement iron preparations when necessary.

  Q: Is persimmon rich in nutrients?

  A: Vitamin C is 10 times that of apples.

  Persimmon is an out-and-out Chinese native fruit. Next, what is its nutritional value?

  1. high vitamin c content

  To say its biggest nutritional advantage, it is really not the golden color of persimmon that we thought would supplement carotene more, but vitamin C. A big crisp persimmon, about 200g each, can meet 60% of the daily demand for vitamin C (the recommended daily intake of vitamin C for healthy adults is 100mg), which is 10 times the vitamin C content of apples.

  Compared with citrus family fruits with high vitamin C content, it is not inferior (persimmon 30 mg /100 g), such as orange 33 mg /100 g and tangerine 19 mg /100 g.

  2. Carotene is good

  The carotene content in persimmon is 120 micrograms per 100 grams, which is similar to that of orange, although it can’t catch up with mango. Like persimmon, the carotene content has more than tripled, which is equivalent to persimmon dehydration, and the nutrients in it have been concentrated.

  β which is rich in carotene; -Carotene, which can be converted into vitamin A in the body, plays a very important role in eyes and skin.

  3. It contains water-soluble dietary fiber such as pectin, which is helpful for relaxing bowels.

  4. Moderate calories, equivalent to litchi and pomegranate.

  However, persimmon can be as high as 255 kilocalories per 100 grams, which is higher than steamed bread (236 kilocalories /100 grams). Therefore, it should be noted that people who lose weight or control blood sugar should pay attention to eating less.

  Q: Is the frost on persimmon a preservative?

  A: Generally speaking, it is the frosting naturally formed during the production process.

  Persimmons are often processed into persimmons because they are not resistant to storage, inconvenient to store and transport, and have short shelf life. To be processed into persimmon, you must peel it first. After peeling, the water inside the fruit is mixed with sugar and seeps to the surface. As the water evaporates during drying, the sugar of persimmon gradually crystallizes and accumulates on the surface, eventually separating out sugar such as glucose and fructose. In this way, persimmon with "white frost" was finally formed.

  Therefore, the frost on persimmon is not a preservative, but a naturally formed frosting in the production process of persimmon, which is harmless to human body and can be safely eaten. Of course, we should be wary of some unscrupulous merchants who artificially sprinkle flour, starch and other substances on persimmon in order to improve the value of persimmon.

  This is easy to distinguish. After "artificial whitening", the persimmon cake looks more evenly white. When you shake it gently with your hand, the white powder will fall off, which is fake. And its taste is not as sweet as the original persimmon.

  Pay attention to the following three points and eat persimmons with confidence.

  1. Don’t eat raw persimmons, and don’t eat persimmon skins. Choose fully ripe persimmons to eat without skins or choose sweet persimmons and dried persimmons. If the persimmon you bought is astringent, you can put it together with bananas and apples, put it in a plastic bag, or put it directly in a foam box, which can remove the astringency well.

  2. The elderly and children with poor gastrointestinal function, who have gastroesophageal reflux and bloating, had better not eat on an empty stomach.

  3. Don’t eat too many persimmons. According to statistics, eating two persimmons (400-500g) a day by healthy adults will not cause stomach stones, so children can just taste them. However, the situation varies from person to person, mainly depending on your gastrointestinal feeling. If you eat persimmon, your stomach will be uncomfortable, which means that your stomach and intestines are delicate, so don’t eat too reluctantly.

  To sum up the knowledge points: eating persimmons on an empty stomach is easy to grow stones, and it cannot be generalized. The key factors for the formation of gastric stones are insufficient gastric motility and eating persimmons with high tannic acid for several days at a time. As long as the gastrointestinal function is normal, adults, pregnant women and people with anemia can eat persimmons; It is no problem for adults to eat one or two a day. Persimmons are concentrated in essence and can be eaten in half. The "white frost" you see is naturally formed icing, so you can eat it with confidence.

  Text/Wang Yanli (registered dietitian)

  Audit/Chen Ran (Senior Engineer, Deputy Research Librarian, COFCO Institute of Nutrition and Health)

  The article is specially contributed by "Science _ Facts", please indicate the source for reprinting.

  Autumn fresh jujube is on the market, why is it called "nutrition all-around champion"?

  Who is the "nutrition all-around champion" in fruits? This honor, the most should be awarded to fresh jujube, people who want to maintain immunity should eat it quickly.

  Fresh dates are rich in nutrients, especially vitamin C.

  Fresh jujube is rich in vitamin C, B vitamins, dietary fiber, potassium and other minerals as well as a variety of organic acids, and its nutrition is very rich and comprehensive. In particular, the content of vitamin C is particularly high, up to 243 mg /100 g, and eating 40 g of fresh dates can meet the demand for vitamin C for one day. You may not have an intuitive feeling if you just say the value. When you supplement vitamin C, you may think of oranges, lemons, etc., and the vitamin C content in fresh dates is 7 times that of oranges, 10 times that of grapes, 11 times that of lemons and 20 times that of pomegranates. It is no wonder that fresh dates are called "the king of vitamin C" among common fruits.

  The temperature difference between autumn and winter is large, and colds are easy to occur. For people with insufficient intake of vitamin C, proper vitamin C supplementation can maintain the body’s immunity. If vitamin C is lacking for a long time, it will make the important cells of the immune system — — The function of phagocytes is affected, and people are more likely to catch a cold, and are more prone to burnout and general fatigue.

  For the average adult, the daily intake of vitamin C is 100mg/day, and the intake for preventing non-communicable chronic diseases is 200mg/day.

  However, when eating fresh dates, be sure to choose fresh ones, because vitamin C is a water-soluble vitamin. In the process of water loss, vitamin C is also greatly lost, and the nutritional value of dried dates is not as good as that of fresh dates.

  In addition to vitamin C, fresh dates also contain many nutrients, and the potassium content is 375 mg /100 g, which is higher than that of bananas, which is good for protecting blood vessels and preventing hypertension.

  In addition, the content of carotene and zinc in fresh jujube is also high, which has the functions of antioxidation and skin protection.

  Not only that, jujube also contains triterpenoids, vitamin P, adenosine cyclophosphate, etc. These substances have the function of assisting cancer prevention.

  Fresh dates are sweet. Can diabetics eat them?

  If the blood sugar control is stable, you can eat it, but don’t eat too much.

  The sugar content of fresh dates is high, reaching 30.5%, which is higher than that of ordinary fruits. Diabetic patients can eat a few at a time, and it can be tasted. Excessive consumption will cause blood sugar fluctuations.

  How much is better to eat fresh dates every day?

  For the average adult, the simplest way to measure it is to grab a handful by hand every day, eat as much as you can, and try to eat between meals so as not to affect your appetite.

  Eat jujube carefully and slowly, and chew the outer skin before eating it, because jujube skin is not easy to digest, especially for patients with gastrointestinal diseases. If you eat it too fast, it may increase gastrointestinal discomfort.

  Text/Yu Kang (Professor of Clinical Nutrition, Peking Union Medical College Hospital)

  Grapefruit is full of treasures, and grapefruit skin also has three wonderful uses.

  The fruit period of grapefruit is from September to December, and it is one of the favorite fruits in autumn. Grapefruit is crisp and tender, juicy and sweet, and rich in water, which can replenish water for the body and make people unable to stop eating it. Grapefruit is not only rich in nutrition, but also a good thing.

  Grapefruit is rich in vitamins and minerals, and its glycemic index is not high, so it is suitable for diabetics.

  Grapefruit is rich in vitamins and minerals, including vitamins such as vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin C and carotene, and minerals such as calcium, phosphorus and potassium.

  Every 100g of grapefruit edible part contains 84.8g of water, 12.2g of carbohydrate, 0.7g of protein, 0.6g of fat and 0.8g of crude fiber, and contains 57 kilocalories.

  Grapefruit also contains a variety of micronutrients, including a variety of minerals, such as calcium 41 mg, phosphorus 43 mg, iron 0.9 mg; There are also many vitamins, such as carotene 0.12 mg, riboflavin 0.02 mg and niacin 0.5 mg.

  As a natural antioxidant, vitamin C in grapefruit pulp can resist oxidation and lower blood sugar by scavenging free radicals in the body. The glycemic index (GI value) of grapefruit is 25, and the glycemic load (GL value) is 2. It can be seen that grapefruit is low in sugar content and suitable for diabetics.

  Grapefruit peel is also a good thing to help reduce blood viscosity and reduce thrombosis.

  Citrus grandis peel contains flavonoids such as naringin and rutin, which have antioxidant activity, can reduce blood viscosity and reduce the formation of thrombosis, and has a good preventive effect on cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases such as cerebral thrombosis and stroke.

  Grapefruit has the function of lowering blood sugar because it contains many phytochemicals, but some of these phytochemicals exist in the inedible part of grapefruit — — Grapefruit peel. Pomelo peel has three major nutrients.

  1. Natural pigments

  Pigments in grapefruit peel include fat-soluble carotenoids and water-soluble yellow flavonoids.

  Naringin, the main component of water-soluble pigment, is a kind of polyphenol existing in grapefruit peel, which has antioxidant and hypoglycemic effects.

  2. Dietary fiber

  Grapefruit peel is rich in dietary fiber, among which water-soluble dietary fiber has the effect of improving intestinal peristalsis and lowering blood sugar.

  3. Pomelo peel pectin

  Pomelo peel pectin is a kind of compound polysaccharide with straight chain and high molecular chain, which has the effect of reducing low density lipoprotein cholesterol, reducing the damage of arterial wall and lowering blood sugar.

  Pomelo peel can be eaten or skillfully used in three recommended ways.

  Grapefruit peel is green and slightly bitter, with a unique taste. Especially the pomelo peel of Shatian pomelo in Guangxi is thick, full, white and fragrant.

  When eating grapefruit skin, you need to remove the yellowish skin and the floc tightly wrapped with pulp, leaving the soft part in the middle. Pomelo peel has three wonderful uses.

  1. Soak in water to lower blood sugar

  Diabetic patients should make full and comprehensive use of all parts of grapefruit if they want to lower their blood sugar through grapefruit. For example, the pomelo peel is soaked in water, and the pomelo peel is diced, and 15-20 pieces are put in water at 25-70℃ for 10 minutes at a time.

  Step 2 cook

  Pomelo peel is mixed with meat to make pomelo-flavored steamed pork, pomelo-flavored braised pork, pomelo-flavored pork pot, pomelo-flavored steamed pork ribs, etc. The pomelo flavor and meat flavor permeate each other, which has a unique flavor and can also play a role in dissolving greasy and helping digestion.

  3. Natural deodorant

  Pomelo peel has a porous structure, which can purify and adsorb formaldehyde in the air. Put the pomelo peel in the refrigerator, and the mixed odor of food will not only be removed, but only a faint grapefruit fragrance will be left.

  Putting the dried pomelo peel into shoes can also deodorize and sterilize. The odor of sewers in kitchens and bathrooms can also be removed by washing and soaking with boiled pomelo peel water, which is simple and practical.

  Text/Dr. Ma Health Mission Dr. Guo Xiaohui

  Science Audit/Ma Guansheng (Professor, Peking University School of Public Health)

What’s it like to play volleyball on the bench? Come to Wenchang, Hainan to see "Village Pai"

There are different ways to celebrate the Spring Festival in different parts of the country. In Wenchang, Hainan, which is a "hometown of volleyball", the most lively place during the Spring Festival is the volleyball court. Follow the reporter to the scene to feel it.

In Wenchang, Hainan, there is a tradition of organizing volleyball matches on holidays, and this year’s Spring Festival is no exception. The local government specially organized the 2024 "Village Pai" Spring Festival Competition, which lasted from the start of the twelfth lunar month to the final match of the Lantern Festival on the fifteenth day of the first month. Today coincides with the match day, and many people at the scene are specially here to watch the game.

In the afternoon, a village row competition between Jinshan Town Beef Dried Team and Gongpo Town Xiangmi Team ended here. The participating teams were named after the most famous local agricultural special products, which made the audience remember the local characteristics at once. At the same time, the wonderful competition also ignited the enthusiasm of the audience, and the whole scene was full of gongs and drums.

In Wenchang, besides regular volleyball matches, you can also see many fancy volleyball matches created by villagers. The bench volleyball match, which takes advantage of the gap between matches, is different from the way of hitting the ball by hand in the conventional volleyball match. As the name implies, the main prop of bench volleyball is a four-corner plastic stool. Players on the court use the stool to serve, catch, pass and even jump up and smash. Each team of the two sides will send three players, and the team that wins 15 points first will win the game.

Not only is the competition on the field enthusiastic, but the cheerleading off the field is full of enthusiasm. Tourists from all over the country and local citizens in Wenchang cheered and shouted for the players in the live game. Some beat gongs and drums, and some took stainless steel pots at home to cheer, which was huge and particularly lively.

Volleyball courts in all villages and towns in Wenchang are very popular, and local people will come to a New Year’s volleyball match when they visit relatives and friends during the Chinese New Year. This year is year of the loong. Everyone takes off and struggles on the field, which also symbolizes the good color of the dragon and tiger leaping, showing a vigorous spirit. In order to let tourists from all over Wenchang better watch the game, taste the taste of the year and celebrate the custom of the year, there is also a temple fair about 100 meters away from the stadium.

"Hainan Coconut Semi-Wenchang", fresh green coconut, coconut milk refreshing and cool, coconut sugar coconut cake, these are the specialties of Wenchang Coconut. There are also coconut carvings, which not only have strong Hainan characteristics but also are national intangible cultural heritage.

Today, many people at the village platoon watched the game, held specialty products in their hands and ate snacks in their mouths, and felt the traditional and healthy Spring Festival in Wenchang.


Amazing appearance! The fashion personality of beautiful women has caused heated controversy.

When she walked into the room, the whole atmosphere changed. Her appearance, like a breeze, blew away all the troubles and anxieties.

Every inch of her skin, every hair, is shining with charming light, which makes people irresistible. The fashion personality of beautiful women has aroused heated controversy.

Some people say that she is a representative of fashion, some people say that she is a symbol of personality, and some people say that she is the embodiment of beauty. But in any case, her appearance is absolutely amazing.

She wore a tight black dress, which set off her perfect figure. Wearing a red belt around her waist just highlights her figure.

Her feet are on a pair of high heels, and she walks gracefully and confidently. Her hair naturally hangs over her shoulders, slightly curly, and people can’t help but want to reach out and touch it.

But what is even more amazing is her personality. She is not the kind of person who blindly pursues fashion, but has her own style and thinking.

She wore a thick chain around her neck and a silver cross hung on it. This kind of collocation is both fashionable and full of personality.

When she entered the room, everyone was attracted by her charm. Some people began to guess her identity, and some people began to guess her purpose.

However, no matter who she is, her appearance has made this room unique. This is the story of the hot controversy caused by the fashion personality of beautiful women.

Her appearance, like a lightning strike, is unforgettable. Her personality and fashion have made people re-examine their own clothes. I hope we can all express our personality bravely and create our own fashion like her.

How to play badminton well, 14 skills to help you improve.

(Circle cards have been added here, please go to today’s headline client to check)

First, you can take any badminton. The first condition of serving is accuracy, so as long as it can stabilize the ball, any method will do. Usually, the method of holding badminton can be divided into the following two ways: gently pinch the top of the feather with your fingers, and the ball holder is downward. Or gently hold the ball above the ball holder with five fingers, and the ball holder part is downward. No matter which way you take the ball, you should always train to hit the ball in a certain position.

Second, hold and clap your hands as relaxed as possible, so as to maximize the strength of your wrist.

Third, strive to hit the ball in front of the upper body, and never let the ball fall below the neck, otherwise the return ball will have no attack power.

Four, in singles, unless the spike, never hit the ball in the opponent’s midfield, as far as possible to play two corners.

5. When hitting the ball, you must master the strength. After you can control the ball, find someone to practice hitting yourself from four corners to four corners of the opposite court, because hitting four corners can make your opponent run the farthest distance. Hit the long ball from the rear corner to the opposite rear corner, and put the ball to the front corner. Pick the opposite and rear corners from the front two corners and put the ball from the front two corners, and a total of 46 styles of play can be derived.

6. The singles serve should be as high and far as possible, the doubles serve should be short, the flight route of the ball should be close to the upper edge of the net, and the serve should be changeable.

7. In singles, first look at the opponent’s weak ball path, and then feed the opponent to push his elbow. Generally, the opponent’s playing quality depends on whether his backhand is sharp or not. If the opponent is good at all kinds of balls, it depends on the opponent’s unstable ball path, which leads to more mistakes.

Eight, before you are ready to kill the ball, lean sideways, with your left foot in front, the toes of your two feet touching the ground, and step back with a fast step, so that the hitting point is in front of your right shoulder. Because if the hitting point is lower, you can only play golf.

Nine, before killing the ball, the body leans back and basically bows, so that you can use all the strength of your body.

Ten, before killing the ball, the grip must be relaxed, and there must be a gap between the palm of your hand and the handle. This is the most important thing, because only by relaxing first can you use your strength to kill the ball, otherwise if the grip is always tight, the strength of your wrist will definitely not come out. Grasp the racket and kill the ball hard at the moment of killing the ball.

Authentic advanced badminton racket A-class offensive all-carbon fiber single-shot ultra-light 32lbs 3U4U adult racket


Eleven, in a powerful forehand or backhand stroke, the body should turn to the hitting side in order to stand firm.

Twelve, for beginners, the backhand end line is usually its weak area, and attention should be paid to hitting its weakness.

Thirteen, when hitting the high ball back in the frontcourt, you should try to use spike. Spike is an important scoring method, but don’t hit the high and short ball at the baseline, which usually gives the opponent a chance to kill the ball.

Fourteen, if you are scoring, don’t change the way you play, if you are losing, you should immediately adjust your manners. If your continuous attack doesn’t work, you can hit a high ball and then find a fighter to launch an attack again.

Paris’s kindness to meritorious deeds has attracted controversy. Because of the three shortcomings, it is accused of not being worthy of a five-year contract and current status.

Then the second shortcoming is the lack of leadership. When Messi staged a farce with fans and management, when Mbappé publicly angered the team because of the right to portrait, Ma Jin, as the leader of the first team, did nothing at all. On the court, he also failed to show the leadership temperament worthy of the captain’s armband. Finally, the third short board is that the performance is not stable enough. Several key battles, especially the world cup and the Champions League, have made him firmly labeled as a "soft-footed shrimp". Therefore, under these shortcomings, many fans believe that Ma Jin is not worthy of a five-year contract and is not worthy of wearing the captain’s armband.

"New Time and Space", "New Model", "New Experience" 2020 Shanghai Tourism Festival to produce beautiful responses

Shanghai, September 27th (Gong Li SHA) On September 27, the Shanghai Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government held a press conference. An introduction of effectiveness, deputy director of the Cultural and Tourism Cheng Meihong City Bureau, Deputy Director of Liu Min City Commercial Committee, Minister Lu Xiaohui, Propaganda Department of Xuhui District Committee, Changlong Wanlong, Jing’an District, deputy district, and deputy head of the Chujie Yan District of Songjiang District attended the meeting.

Create a "new space" everywhere for the tourist scene

Shanghai is a well -known tourist city. This is an excellent tourist city "king is everywhere and should be accessed from time to time." The journey of this Tourism Festival has adhered to Jiangsu, the city of festivals, excavating tourism landmarks, new carriers, and new methods to fully stimulate the vitality and release of the city, in order to better serve the development of the Yangtze River Delta.

First, the tourist destination that focuses on promoting shows the Yangtze River Delta. In the context of promoting the development of high -quality cultural tourism integration in the Yangtze River Delta, strive to take the lead in traveling in the "same city effect" in tourism. In some cities in the Yangtze River Delta, the original "good neighbors" to the current "family." This year’s tourist festival, our first time, our first tourism festival. Four items of implementation. The first group of the Yangtze River Delta Tourism Festival was at the Nantong venue, Wenzhou, Huangshan, and three cities launched nearly 100 theme activities. It attracted the participation and attention of more than 8 million people. Through the first time to go to the night market culture, business activities, gourmet punch, self -driving tour, people who have been driving, such as the Yangtze River Delta city, showed some new boutique space for cultural tourism.

At the same time, at the main venue of the opening ceremony of the tourist festival, there is no cultural tourism Yangtze River Delta with rich TV network broadcast resources. The first batch of Shanghai -Huzhou City, Zhejiang’s boutique tourism line "living room from Huangpu River to the world", and the first batch of Shanghai citizens and tourists embarked on a wonderful journey of Shanghai Lake. For the first time, we launched 17 joint Shanghai and Yangtze River Delta cities. The products launched only 12 days, and it sold more than 20,000 copies.

The second feature of the new space is the dotted line of Shanghai urban cultural tourism strings. Shanghai Red Culture, Shanghai Culture, and Southern Cultural Resources are very rich. In the tourist festival, we carefully sort out and integrate, the integration of the focus will not work, provide the public to the public, and lead tourists to participate in a high -quality experience life. Essence At the Tourism Festival, the 16 district government’s cultural tourism enterprises, including our business business, and so on. Then it launched 156 events and nearly 500 fine lines of fine lines, covering three cultures, one river and one river, and buildings can be read. All aspects of online celebrities photography, shopping, food, and so on. The network involves thousands of red punching points.

"The road of sailing, listening to Shanghai Wei," The sound of cultural activities in Shanghai, Shanghai launched 100 red tourism routes; the "Charm Binjiang" event across the river area, released the theme and product line of the five major theme 104 seaside linkage; The introduction of "Building can read", a good place in Shanghai on 16 nights, 103 micro -structures; the golden autumn tourism shopping season to create eight shopping integration, tourism, CultureConsumer’s wonderful destination, to provide consumers with various green business for consumers Travel joint document; "Good Shanghai? Garden Life" launched the theme park line of the five nations for the theme of the five nations; "Magic City Model Young 2020 Youth Travel Experience Award", launch the 15 -week youth journey Deep official website of recruitment experience.

Third, the wave of C -disc in Shanghai is the latest demonstration of punching. During the tourist festival, adapting to the new needs of urban life, the trend of young people, Shanghai launched many recent waves of red networks, punching and best movie photography points, and continue to cultivate "platform+merchants", "boxing line grass grass grass grass grass grass +Offline, "text travel consumption model. The top ten "best movie points" and 12 "best stamping red dots" were launched by Yangpu River in Yangpu District; Hongzhuang District launched four best photography in the eight o’clock and the most beautiful landmarks; Minhang District , Launched "Treasure Hunting Minxing? Minhang Hongfa Ten Nets," He "traveling Minhang called" Book Competition Minhang Road; Xuhui District Celebrating the Vitality of the Holidays, Public Speaking of Music and Wonderful Charm Construction Cross -border Integration; Putuo District Organization; The three lines were packaged on the ground camps to play the two parties in Suzhou to expand the new space of hydrological tourism on the Suzhou River.

Establish a "new model" for integration and interaction in all places

Tourism is a comprehensive industry, and has the effect of "100 % of the industry". In the normal context, prevent control, the tourism festival adheres to leading innovation, initiative to change, respond to new new needs, create new demand for new supply, online and offline interaction, and the complementary platform content. In order to better serve the new development model Essence

Provide and demand and promote each other. The epidemic prevention and control in the background of the standardization, the travel method and destination to the public have changed a lot. Forcing the text tour, we need to improve the quality For the service series, leading public tourists choose new local tourism depth. During the Tourism Festival, the integration of iterative upgrades of the "micro -Shanghai" project of the text tour, Daren Punch and the best movie photography point of photography in Shanghai, listening to the story of urban cultural researchers tell the story of the old house, listening to a wonderful opera chanting, has become Shanghai’s’s in Shanghai City walking line.

So far, the spring travel company has organized more than 50, and 10,000 people participated in Micro Shanghai tourism products. In the next step, it will also strongly support the wishes of local farming Shanghai Cultural Tourism Company, increase the supply of product content, improve service quality, and meet the new needs of public tourist tourists. September 27th is World Tourism Day. This morning, a good place was found in the suburbs of Shanghai-2020 World Tourism Day to see Shanghai activities. Shanghai travel consumer market recovers.

Hug each other online and offline. In the Internet economy, she gave birth to "New Online Text Brigal" as a new concept, "Online Tour", and "the next holes" has become a new cultural tourism experience model. Through the online platform, a new urban cultural tourism business card is realized, the competitiveness of the global market of Shanghai cultural tourism industry has been enhanced, and the new allocation of regional tourism resources is highly created.

The first "Cloud Tourism" platform of the Tourism Festival this year brought together hundreds of high -quality tourist festivals on the live line. Hundreds of articles covering Shanghai’s key business districts, tourist attractions, and cultural sites theme lines.新华社, 伦敦, 美国特派团评论, 携程, 驴母亲旅行, 巡回赛上海应用程序, 颤音, 百度, 丁东买食物, 获取物理应用程序, 达达集团和其他公司,旅游节发射特殊窗口, 特征, List online to show the theme of the tourist festival, and the tourism festival provides exclusive rewards and trends.

According to statistics, the "Cloud Tourism" platform clicks a total capacity of 1.017 million people. In the comments from participating in the statistics of Midea Group, from September 12th to 25th, the amount of food and beverages increased by 56.6 % year -on -year, leisure and entertainment expenditure increased by 39.8 %, bed expenditure increased by 33.9 %, 90 % of 90 % , Sales of Travel Ticket Sales at the same time.

Mutual assistance interactive platform and content. The services of the Yangtze River Delta and even the whole country are set up to the masses. Passengers in Shanghai are mission. Through the connected platforms and contents, they will continue to strengthen exchanging cultural tourism and tourism to combine the country’s resources to improve quality and promote literary promotion effects.

On the day of the visit, the city jointly established the Yangtze River Delta Tourism Promotion Alliance in Sanxue and Zhejiang Province. The Yangtze River Delta will work together to host various tourism promotion activities. The team builds a tourism marketing network to cover the entire media. Jointly developed a tourist boutique line shared by the Yangtze River Delta, information sharing, product push, and transmitting each other, creating a new image of the Yangtze River Delta integrated tourism destination. This year’s tourism festival has also become the best time to focus on Shanghai and Shanghai. According to statistics, there are remote markets, such as nearly 40 tourism promotion activities in Inner Mongolia, Tianjin, Shandong and Yangtze River before and after tourism.

All local Wenxiao departments through literary performances, food activities, shopping mall road shows, and so on. Babies, beautiful scenery, cultural folk customs, food specialty, and so on. Let the citizens enjoy the great riverside of the beautiful motherland at the door. The 2020 Shanghai (China) Conference and Business Tourism and Domestic Tourism Direct Transactions have established a series of conference industry exchanges and interactive activities, sharing conferences awards and the current situation and development trend of the business tourism industry, and strengthened industry exchanges and improvements.

Share "new experience", so that a beautiful life is everywhere

Tourism is a good time to live in a beautiful life of the people. The tourist festival adheres to the concept of people’s urban development, and vigorously promotes the integration of tourism, urban life, and city experience, so that citizens and tourists will be tourism, fully experience "cities, make life better", and let the book "people city" read. , I can see it, you can see it.

"Cross -border integration" "Travel+ N". The epidemic suffered unprecedented impact. How to seek opportunities from the needs of CRISISFROM in adversity, it is necessary to seek new cross -border integration of the upstream industrial chain. The cooperation between the various departments this year is a highlight. This launched a series of "travel+" products and activities. The opening ceremony of the Tourism Festival merged with Nanjing Road East Tower. It only takes 20 minutes to sell the "self -sufficient flow" of the tourist festival and the two IP addresses of Nanjing Road. The overall effect of the opening of the Championships has formed a geometric factor growth.

According to statistics, on September 12, at 8:00 pm, the instantaneous traffic of Nanjing Road was 3.60,000 people, and the tourist festival almost turned over last year. The Municipal Commerce Commission has led the autumn tourist peak season shopping. It has created eight business travel lounges. The integration of 644 is famous. The famous, famous restaurant, the name of this street. Autumn is the harvest season. The Municipal Agricultural Committee and the Municipal Transportation Commission launched 18 rural boutique tourism routes to propose comprehensive suburbs of Shanghai’s most beautiful villages. Shanghai Film Group has held nearly 50 well -known brand business travel of the "Worry -Free Calcium Marathon Party" text brings exquisite cultural and creative and interactive activities, attracting tourists to participate in the public to participate in the public.

The 3rd China (Shanghai) International Health Tourism Expo has become an important platform for the pharmaceutical industry to gather tourist attractions, cross -border integration of sports and health, promoting a win -win cooperation between the health tourism industry, prosperity and development. Shanghai Pudong Development Bank has launched the theme of the debit card theme happy Yangtze River Delta. You can buy the Yangtze River Delta text brigade voting, and 18 has been released. 40000.

The cultural connotation of "show depth". "Shanghai urban tourism resources cannot be separated from red culture, Shanghai culture and southern culture empower power, and show the depth of cultural connotation for the" cultural soul "of tourism in the tourism industry. The text brigade provides a better experience for public visitors. Reading the content of the "Tourism Festival, the second meeting of the cultural and creative market, Shanghai will become the resource characteristics of the" building possible "cultural creative product, so that public visitors will be stronger and more intuitive to understand the city’s city’s History, the taste of urban culture.

According to statistics, a total of 62 cultural and creative enterprises in the city’s 16 districts have 929 cultural and creative product exhibitions. Shanghai People’s Broadcasting Station, "The road of sail, listening to the Shanghai" plan ". Without the voice of Shanghai Red Culture, Red Tourism provides a new experience for the people. On September 14th, "early 990 news" listened to 3.13 %, an increase of 37.89 %, and the number of 55 years per day. 70,000.

The world holds the theme activity of the "traditional city center" and gives full play to the advantages of the comprehensive effect of art world performance art. The Yangtze River Delta has created the theme of IP IP in the non -heritage music festival. 16 days of tourist festival, Shanghai’s colorful culture and performance art market, the world’s main performance art performances 51 and 152 on -site projects, with an average of nearly 10 games per day, the number of major performance projects increased by 59 %, and the on -site growth rate was 55 %.

Consumption upgrade "Enable power." Continuous innovation supporting markets, high -quality products of consumers, and launching many high -quality products in the tourist festival of organizational activities, promoting consumption, and leading public tourists pursuing the quality of life. According to statistics, the sales of the businessmen along the Nanjing Road along the Tourism Festival have increased significantly, and the new world of Deman Department Store in Dim Province. Sales of Family Fashion Store. 080,000 yuan, Rose 54 % subway: September 12-13 days, 1388 entire network traffic. 60,000 people, the ring on weekends -more than 5 % (September 6) increased.

On September 12, the passenger flow of Nanjing East Road Station was 11.560,000 passengers, which usually increased by 16 % on weekends. According to statistics, during the tourist festival, the sales of the four districts of the city increased by 5.2 %, and the sales of Huangpu District increased 26 times. 6 %. Fireworks Shanghai Food Season Activities attracted nearly 13 million people to participate; the "Southern Food" section "on -site" on -site participation was more than 50 years old, 10,000, and sales of nearly 200 million.

(Edit: Tang Xiaoli, Han Qing)