Capello: All sports in China are great. Why not football?

Live on November 8th In an interview with titan sports, Capello, a famous Italian coach who once coached Jiangsu Suning, talked about his views on China football.

-You have coached star players like teixeira in Suning, and also coached many China players, including some international players. What’s your impression of China players?

I always had the feeling that when I saw those China players, they looked great. But when foreign aid arrived, they seemed to get worse in speed and technology. It stands to reason that with such a huge population base, supplemented by care and determination, China football should produce great stars. You are great at all sports, why not football?

A huge difference between China football and Italian football is that foreign aid can make everything different in the China League; Not in Italy.

Of course, for China football, foreign aid still plays a role: playing with better players will help you become better. Similarly, Serie A teams need to adapt to a faster pace when they play in the Champions League. Once upon a time, Italian football was at the top of the world. The root cause was that the best players played in Serie A at that time. They improved the rhythm of the whole league, so everyone played better.

-I don’t know if you remember that Min Kim Zai once played for the Super League, but it was after you left Jiangsu. Naples, where Min Kim is located, has not only performed well in the league, but also demonstrated its full dominance in the European War.

Italian football is growing. Don’t forget that we won the European Cup last year. Naples is amazing as well as surprising. This club knows how to find good players. Min Kim and Kvaratskheliya, two Serie A players, have the strength to be top stars in any league, because they have both strength and skills, are extremely focused in the game and are gifted! Don’t forget, they are still very young.

(Nanling cries and cries)

Runner’s List-Running is a dual practice of the runner’s body and mind.

What is running for runners?

A way to keep fit? Means to reduce body fat? Or a pastime to kill time?

When you choose to stick to it and regard running as a very important part of your life, at this time, running is not only a regular body movement with your left foot and your right foot, but also a kind of practice, both physical and mental.

Running begins with the body, respects self-discipline, conforms to the heart, lasts longer than persistence, and finally reaches the spirit.

Xiaobian arranges some books that are suitable for running hobbies and also suitable for non-runners. I hope that runners can resonate with the author in the book and further appreciate the joy of running.

Author:Japanese marathon star Da Pojie.

Running is a very lonely and hard thing. Sometimes I am worried about the long road ahead, but because of this, the happiness and sense of accomplishment at the finish line are even more special, just like life. -Big Breaker

As a professional marathon runner, Da Jiejie’s efforts, persistence and self-discipline have influenced countless runners. It also attracted countless young people to join the running sport and regarded him as an idol and even a spiritual guide.

Notes of Marathon Masters is a running note created by Da Bojie, which covers training experience, psychological changes, practical suggestions on diet, training, sleep and recovery, and answers to 31 questions of interest to runners. It has very practical reference value for runners at all stages. Use words to experience the training experience of top marathon runners.

Author:Hulbeart Stefani

Your body also has "thinking". Running makes you an artist, a hero or a saint. Running brings you back to your childhood, makes you unique, and makes you find yourself again. -Hulbeart Stephanie

The author, Hulbeart Stefani, is a famous German long-distance runner and coach. He has won the German Marathon and other long-distance races for 16 times, and won the European Marathon in 1986. As a coach, he has trained several famous track and field players for Germany, which is quite famous in the field of German track and field.

Running is a science, which requires not only self-discipline, strong will, but also scientific methods. However, Hulbeart Stephanie has given you the answers in his book. The contents of the Running Bible include easy-to-understand physiological knowledge, reasonable and effective training plan, simple and convenient diet guide, comfortable suggestions for wearing and scientific and professional running guidance. Running Bible can help you improve your speed, endurance, flexibility and strength in all directions.

Author:Cameron Strache

To the onlookers, running seems to be a lonely, unrelated personal experience. But in fact, it is the mutual encouragement between teammates that makes a runner run better, stronger and faster. -Cameron Strache

In 1970s and 1980s, Frank Short, Bill Rogers and Alberto salazar were born in the United States. It not only brought the victory of long-distance running to the United States, but also led the golden age of American running.

Long-distance running is a test of the body, and it is also a temper of the mind. The article tells how three runners overcame the double pressure of body and mind, and grew up from a nameless runner to a king of road running. Thanks to the author’s excellent creative ability, The King of Road Running, which is originally a documentary literature, has ups and downs of story lines, as wonderful as narrative novels!

Author:John Parker

In such a insensitive world, thick skin is the only way to break the ice-John Parker

This is a novel that is easy to make people empathize. There are not only dreams on the way forward, but also various factors that affect the progress, such as family, love and friendship. These factors may be positive or negative. How to overcome these negative factors is a problem that each of us has to face.

John Parker put his personal experience into the story, and the real story makes readers feel the same. The process of realizing your ideal is like running in the rain. Difficulties hit your body as frequently as raindrops, but you will always be raindrops. How can tiny raindrops defeat you with strong will?

Author:Dr Nicholas romanov/Kurt Brenga

A revolution about running posture

Dr Nicholas romanov and Kurt Brenga have been deeply involved in the field of sports science for many years. The two authors combine practice with theory and give a more scientific explanation for running posture. "Posture Running" teaches you how to run correctly.

Dr romanov’s "posture running method" divides running posture into three key basic movements: key running posture, falling and pulling up. The contents of the article include the selection of running shoes prepared before running, the reasonable recovery of muscle injury, the technical essentials of posture running and other practical knowledge, covering almost all the situations that can be encountered during running, and it is a runner’s guide suitable for all stages.

Author:Murakami Haruki

In the long-distance running, if there is any opponent that must be defeated, it is the past self. -Haruki Murakami

Aside from being a well-known author, Haruki Murakami, like most runners, repeats the same training every day and is obsessed with the passion for the competition and the choice of equipment. From the early marathon to the late triathlon, the process of each race is similar, but from the pre-competition registration to the post-competition resumption, every process is extremely gratifying.

For Haruki Murakami, running, like writing novels, is a very important part of life. There will be a sudden burst of inspiration and physical and mental exhaustion caused by long-term work. How to treat them as the primary task and urge ourselves to complete the plan is the inspiration of Haruki Murakami’s What I Talk about When I Run.

Author:Ricky Rolle

When you were young, you were a handsome swimming champion. Because of long-term alcoholism, you have become a fat and greasy uncle in middle age. Looking at yourself in the mirror, do you want to continue to rot or cheer up? The author obviously chose the latter.

Control your diet, keep exercising, cheer up, and fill your life with cycling, running and swimming. The meaning of exercise changed from losing fat to breaking through oneself, and then to completing the super championship. The author found the meaning of life while overcoming difficulties. The ups and downs of the story are absolutely no less than any book that goes against the sky.

Author:Shion Miura

Zangyuan, no matter how long and far you run, you are not alone. At any time, there are others running around you. -Keiji Kiyoseki

In the last year of college, Keiji Kiase finally assembled a long-distance running team of his own. His teammates were all roommates in the dormitory "Zhuqingzhuang" of Kuanzheng University. Under the efforts of Keiji, everyone chose to join in and work together with Hakone as the ultimate goal. Because most teammates are beginners without any running experience, the whole process is difficult and tortuous. In the end, with everyone’s disdainful efforts, we reached the standard and entered the race through pre-selection.

"Strong Wind Blows" inspires young runners from generation to generation to pursue their dreams and realize themselves, and at the same time attracts countless young people to join the sport of running. We are no longer young, and every time we open this book, we never lose our heart.

Author:Jadeha Ronander Finn

The real running is to run freely like a Kenyan. -Yadha Ronander Finn

For Kenyans, long-distance running has a different meaning. Long-distance running has improved the living standards of Kenyans and changed their lifestyles. At the same time, it has also made them know more about Kenya and deeply attracted them to explore the secrets of Kenyans.

For local young people, long-distance running is one of the few ways to change their fate. Therefore, the purpose of long-distance running is more and more pure: if you want to change your destiny, you can only run and run faster.

Teach you a set of "heart-stopping methods" after the Spring Festival, specializing in all kinds of "don’t want to go to work"!

The Spring Festival holiday is coming to an end!

What’s even more frightening is that

The first day of work after the holiday

There are bound to be many people who are uncomfortable.

Even have a fear of going to work.

This is the so-called "post-holiday syndrome"

Hey, Xiaobian has a set here.

Spring Festival "Accepting Heart Dafa"

I think all the readers have strange bones.

Must be wizards.

It’s better to be with Xiaobian.

Down with post-holiday syndrome

Return to normal working conditions!

Dizziness, dizziness, sleep disorder syndrome

During the Spring Festival, many people choose to take advantage of the long vacation to go home for the Spring Festival, or visit relatives and friends and travel. When going out, the schedule is irregular, which causes some people to be unable to adjust from the holiday schedule for a while after coming back after the festival. They are full of energy at night and can’t fall asleep until the morning. The sudden change of people’s living habits and environmental factors leads to mental stress, disrupting the biological rhythm of sleep and awakening, and physical and mental fatigue, which leads to sleep disorder.

Coping with Dafa:

1. Restore the original life rules as soon as possible to ensure the regularity of sleep;

2. Don’t make your brain highly excited before going to bed. You can use music and other means to meditate. Keep soaking feet in hot water for 5 ~ 10 minutes every night;

3, staying up late will make people’s digestive system circulation worse, so you can’t eat too much, and focus on light, eat more foods with high vitamin content;

4, people with poor gastrointestinal and poor sleep can drink hot tea or chrysanthemum tea soaked in medlar.

Holiday dyspepsia syndrome

Spring Festival is definitely inseparable from the dinner, every day is chicken, duck, fish, meat, plus all kinds of snacks, all day long mouth is not idle. After a few days, some people feel that they have no appetite, can’t eat anything, and have a dull pain in their stomachs. In addition, many colleagues want to eat vegetarian food to clear the intestines and lose weight after the New Year, but unexpectedly they have discomfort symptoms such as abdominal distension.

Coping with Dafa:

1. To treat bulimia, we must first manage our mouth and let the gastrointestinal tract have a good rest;

2. Take an active part in some favorite sports, such as brisk walking, jogging, doing exercises, playing ball or dancing, etc., and do some sports that make your heart beat faster and sweat, so that your body and mind can "move" and your appetite will be adjusted to normal.

3. In addition, eat more fresh vegetables and fruits to promote gastrointestinal peristalsis and accelerate the discharge of harmful substances in the body.

Holidays addiction syndrome

During the Spring Festival holiday, there are also such a group of people who stay at home, spend all day with computers and indulge in the Internet. After a few days, I just feel top-heavy, my eyes are dry, and my eyes are blurred. Until I went to work, I was still thinking about my holiday life.

Coping with Dafa:

1. For this psychological disorder, the key lies in positive self-adjustment;

2. Try to adjust your state at work, devote yourself seriously, and take a vacation for your mind when you rest, and learn to relax and entertain.

Return trip "getting angry" syndrome

Many people will "get angry" after experiencing the painful return peak, while others will have red eyes, toothache, oral ulcers, herpes on the corners of their mouths, etc. When they think of going through that kind of pain again before going to work, they are all sour and refreshing!

Coping with Dafa:

1, drink plenty of water, add the right amount of water;

2, you can use hot water to soak your feet every night, and the water temperature can be slightly higher, so it is appropriate to feel "slightly hot". Soaking your feet can dilate blood vessels, accelerate blood flow, enhance blood circulation, and relieve fatigue and sleep.

Mental disorientation and fear of going to work

After the Spring Festival holiday, there are always some people who have inexplicable fears in their hearts, mainly including the following symptoms. They are dizzy and don’t know what to do. They often sit at their desks for a long time and don’t know where to start their work. Soft hands and feet, weakness; Dizziness; I suddenly feel boring at work and want to quit.

Coping with Dafa:

1. Actively make corresponding adjustments from the content of life to the schedule of work and rest, meditate on what you should do after work, and adjust your psychology to the working state;

2, you can take a long and deep breath every 2 hours. Imagine that with each breath, the tension also leaves the body;

3. It is recommended to take a hot bath before going to work and try to return to the schedule before holidays. It is best to drink a cup of chamomile tea to help sleep before going to bed.

Crossing the Spring Festival, the new year is expected. No matter whether you are ready for a new round of work or not, the countdown to the end of the long holiday has already begun ~ If you are still immersed in the joy of the holiday, Xiaobian reminds you to adjust your state quickly, accept your heart, and harvest the return of the next year with hard work!

Come on in the new year, yeah!

Original title: "Teach you a set of" heart-stopping solutions "after the Spring Festival, specializing in all kinds of" don’t want to go to work "! 》

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Bai Yansong: Are soccer and soccer the same sport in China?

On July 19th, Bai Yansong paid attention to the "football road, how should China go?" in CCTV’s "News 1+1" program. Among them, the golden sentence is constant. Some words may sound a little harsh, but we can understand the helplessness of many experienced fans who can only have fun in the midst of years of pursuing love and constant loss. The so-called "love is deep and responsibility is urgent".

Let’s listen to what Yansong said ~

"I don’t want to talk about China football and everyone laughs."

When it comes to football in China, everyone will be happy and tell many jokes. In fact, I don’t want everyone to laugh when talking about China football, but China football has tortured fans for so many years, and I think we have some capital to laugh now. What can we do if we don’t smile?

But we really don’t want to laugh. We really want China football to develop better. But how to develop?

"How can China football develop without a stadium and a good coach?"

There is a survey: What do you think is the most important thing for China football to be strong? I think two figures are too low: 3% people choose.Build more stadiums, and 3% of people choose.Training of grass-roots coachesThis ratio is too low.

Let’s take a look at the goal of China Football Association: to expand the training scale of coaches year by year. By 2020, the total number of certified coaches in China will reach 70,000. Note that it is to strive to achieve it by 2020, which is quite different from the fact that 100 children in Iceland may have a good coach to take care of them.

There are also people who study football in China now, but after graduating in four years, they can’t get a certificate, and then they may be assigned to a school and stop teaching football and become ordinary physical education teachers.

Without a stadium and a good coach, it is almost impossible to make football in China the same sport as football.

"Playing football well has nothing to do with the population."

I often hear people in China say that 1.4 billion people can’t find 11 players. The four most populous countries in the world rank first in China, second in India, third in the United States and fourth in Indonesia. Except for the United States, which often enters the World Cup, the remaining three countries are not good at playing football, so it has nothing to do with the population.

What does that have to do with anything? CCTV 5, the sports channel, made a 20-episode feature film called Football Road before the World Cup. Frankly speaking, after the World Cup, I watched it again, and I saw that my blood was boiling and I often became very quiet. How about football in China? Is China football and football a sport after all, and how can they become the same sport?

"The goal of the national team competition in 2018 has almost not been completed."

Next, let’s look at the goals of the national team. The Chinese Football Association’s Action Plan for 2020 has drawn up three goals for the national team in 2018:

The goal of FIFA U20 World Cup was to strive to participate, but I didn’t go.;

FIFA U17′ s goal was to compete, but it didn’t go.;

The goal of U23 Asian Championship was to enter the top eight, but failed.!

In other words, the goal of the 2018 competition was almost not completed. The goal of the 2019 competition is to enter the top four of the Asian Cup. Can it be completed? Frankly, I’m not optimistic.

"We don’t want to be people who tell jokes about China football."

I really hope that all football players in China can take a good look at the 20 episodes of Football Road on Sports Channel. After reading it, we will all be the beneficiaries. We don’t want to be people who tell jokes about football in China. Frankly speaking, how lively the World Cup is, we are just passers-by, just a group of spectators. Only when China football is really well done and China football and football become the same sport, will we be really happy.

Want to see more suggestions from Bai Yansong about the development of football in China, click to watch the full video ↓↓↓

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Shanghai Nanjing Road Tourism

There is a tourist attraction around Shanghai, however, this is Nanjing Road Pedestrian Street. Because my friends can’t go to Shanghai Disneyland, Yuyuan can’t go, and cannot go to the temple, but no one does not go to Shanghai landmark -Oriental Pearl Tower. It is the Oriental Pearl Tower and Bund next to Nanjing Road Pedestrian Street. Watching the Oriental Pearl Nanjing Road generally visited the past.

Nanjing Road Pedestrian Street, the total length of 1033 meters, Shanghai is the first construction of Pedestrian Street, and China is called the first step in the bank street. In the streets, cars are not allowed to pass. Although there are pedestrians in the middle of the street, although there are pedestrians, street layouts and landscape TV series, it is worth visiting in the taste of old Shanghai.

Nanjing Road is a shopping paradise for people. On both sides of Nanjing Road, there are various shopping malls and experience stores, restaurants, and so on. Throughout Nanjing Road, there are more than 1,200 well -known brands. It has nearly 800 light in its international brand. At the same time, more than 90 top brands have opened flagship stores here. It is also called Nanjing Road. High -end consumer venues.

In addition to endless shopping malls, Nanjing Road is also covered with non -ferrous foods. Here is the more famous Shen Dacheng pastry, the real boss fresh meat moon cake. When I just visited Nanjing Road, I ordered a meal, and then ate noodle Harlem Ningbo Road. At that time, rice was just a little bit. The noodle restaurant was basically full. The customer immediately ordered the surface characteristics of the bullfrogs of Harlem. One fried pork chop and a bottle of milk. Bullfrogs are particularly fresh, soup is very rich, and there are more bullfrogs. It can be said that the feet seem to be delicious. It is highly recommended for this noodle shop. Without the use of bullfrogs to face it, Nanjing Road, food has many other characteristics, such as fried Xiao Yang, the delicious price is not expensive.

There is a century square in the middle of Nanjing Road. There is a large music fountain on the square, which reaches 4.5 tons of Eastern Baoding in the northwest. A huge display was built on the square. When I encountered a tourist festival, there would be a colorful show on the square.

Along Nanjing Road, you can directly reach Shanghai Bund. There is an iconic building at the Bund, and Shanghai has a landmark building -Oriental Pearl. I suggest everyone here, you can visit Nanjing Road during the day. In the evening, you can enjoy the bustling night view of Shanghai on the Bund. Because it was turned on and racing all the neon lights of all buildings. Along the Bund, through the Huangpu River Wharf, you can take the Huangpu River trip, and you will have a taste to enjoy the scenery on both sides of the ship.