Chief Designer of 歼 8II Aircraft: Creating a "Competitive Aircraft" belonging to China people.

  Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, May 3rd Title: Creating a "competitive aircraft" belonging to China people: A record of Gu Songfen, academician of the two academies and chief designer of China’s J-8II aircraft.

  Xinhua News Agency reporter Hu Zhe

  Under the background of "poor and white", the first jet trainer in China — — Fight against religion 1; Risking one’s life to fly into the blue sky by fighter plane three times, just to find out the plane design problem; "Ode to the heroic virtue of the world, recite the pure fragrance of the ancestors." With a pure heart for the motherland, he has presented the fruitful results of jet plane design and aerodynamic research in China … …

  Has won numerous honors, but never takes credit. Along the way, Lu Ge made a lifelong determination to let China people own "confident and competitive" aircraft: he is an academician of China Academy of Sciences and China Academy of Engineering, and the chief designer of China’s J-8II aircraft — — Gu Songfen.

  "A blank sheet of paper" made China’s first jet trainer

  Today, 87-year-old Gu Songfen recalls the indissoluble bond he had with the plane.

  In 1940, when the nation was in peril and foreign enemies invaded, 10-year-old Gu Songfen received a "special birthday gift" from his uncle — — A model airplane, "it was very rare at that time", Gu Songfen introduced, and he was out of control and immersed in the world of airplanes.

  During the war, air strikes and bombings even planted a seed in the young Gu Songfen’s heart. He secretly vowed: "We must make a plane belonging to China people!"

  With this seed, Gu Songfen went from youth to high spirits, from the Huangpu River to the snowy north.

  In August 1956, the former Aviation Industry Bureau established the first aircraft design room in New China in Shenyang 112 Factory. In this team of the best aircraft designers in New China, Gu Songfen assumed the position of leader of the pneumatic team.

  In order to solve the problem that the fuselage adopts two-side air intake, Gu Songfen digested, combed and summarized all the information he could collect, and finally formed a set of methods for aerodynamic design and calculation, successfully completed the selection and calculation of airfoil and wing-body combination type, the determination of inlet parameters and the calculation of data needed for overall design.

  Nothing is difficult in the world. Gu Songfen, together with military experts, used the only wind tunnel that had never been used in engineering at that time, groped and experimented, and finally achieved ideal results. According to Gu Songfen’s memory, in the case of extreme shortage of materials, after work during the day, he had to take his colleagues to the hospital to collect waste needles and weld them on copper pipes to form a model … …

  On July 26th, 1958, the first flight of J-J-1 plane was successful in Shenyang. Gu Songfen created the aerodynamic design method belonging to China people in the almost blank new China aircraft design career, and also reached a new peak in the research and practice of applied aerodynamics.

  In order to find problems for the plane, I flew into the blue sky by fighter plane III.

  On July 5, 1969, the J-8 aircraft made its first flight. However, in the subsequent flight test, the plane appeared strong vibration, which made all the participants hang up their hearts.

  In order to solve this problem completely, Gu Songfen made a bold decision: take the J-6 plane to the sky in person and observe the vibration directly behind the test plane!

  According to Lu Mingdong, the test pilot who was flying the plane at that time, "Mr. Gu was nearly half a year old at that time, but regardless of the impact of overload on his body and the potential crash risk, he resolutely took a telescope and camera and observed and photographed the dynamics of the plane at an altitude of 10,000 meters, which made all the comrades present very shocked and moved."

  Li Tian, an expert in aircraft aerodynamics and an academician of China Academy of Sciences who is also a friend of Gu Songfen, also witnessed this "feat" at that time. According to Li Tian’s memory, another teacher of Gu Zong — — Huang Zhiqian, the first chief designer of the J-8 plane, died in an air crash. Gu’s wife, Jiang Zefei, had an agreement with him: she would never fly again. This is not out of distrust of the safety of the plane, but because we can’t bear the pain of losing our loved ones.

  This time, Gu Songfen is not going to board a large civilian plane, but a fighter with higher risk! Therefore, he must hide from his wife and everyone in his family. Gu Songfen himself admitted that he didn’t have time to think so much at that time.

  The work is dedicated to ambition, and the industry is broad and diligent. Thanks to repeated observation and bold attempts, Gu Songfen finally solved the problem of serious airflow diversion with the team, and personally designed the fairing of the rear fuselage of the aircraft to completely eliminate the transonic buffeting of the aircraft.

  Family learning is handed down from generation to generation, and the belief in knowledge will never change.

  Gu Songfen is often asked a similar question: "What are you doing this for?"

  For the name? For profit? Just for this long-term country.

  Gu Songfen, who is now nearly 90 years old, can still clearly remember the words and deeds of his father and other elders, and the loud noise when the invaders dropped bombs on him. Gu Songfen’s belief as a party member and an intellectual was constructed by this stillness, movement and relaxation. In his life coordinates, there are both the "blood" of Chinese culture flowing from Mr. Gu Tinglong, the father who is a cultural master and honorary curator of Shanghai Library, and the "pulse" of the first generation of intellectuals in New China who struggled hard. In Gu Songfen’s research career, the two "bloodlines" complement each other.

  What attitude should intellectuals take to live in the present? Feelings of home and country, and eternal faith in knowledge … … "Respect knowledge and fear knowledge." From Gu Songfen, we can see China’s answer given by an intellectual family that has passed down from generation to generation.

  "Learn technology and use technology; Learn knowledge and use knowledge. " Apply what you have learned and combine knowledge with practice. In Gu Songfen’s eyes, serving the country and strengthening the country is pure and determined.

  "To be able to make new creations, you must read more books." Today, the old academician who is nearly ninety years old is still "the first person to come to the office in the morning"; When you see the cutting-edge research results in foreign academic institutions, you will definitely share them with relevant young designers and step up your study with them.

  A thought still exists, and this ambition is unremitting. Even the most difficult moment, the most dangerous situation and the last day of life will not give up easily. This is Gu Songfen, a pure aviation man and a respectable intellectual.

Capello: All sports in China are great. Why not football?

Live on November 8th In an interview with titan sports, Capello, a famous Italian coach who once coached Jiangsu Suning, talked about his views on China football.

-You have coached star players like teixeira in Suning, and also coached many China players, including some international players. What’s your impression of China players?

I always had the feeling that when I saw those China players, they looked great. But when foreign aid arrived, they seemed to get worse in speed and technology. It stands to reason that with such a huge population base, supplemented by care and determination, China football should produce great stars. You are great at all sports, why not football?

A huge difference between China football and Italian football is that foreign aid can make everything different in the China League; Not in Italy.

Of course, for China football, foreign aid still plays a role: playing with better players will help you become better. Similarly, Serie A teams need to adapt to a faster pace when they play in the Champions League. Once upon a time, Italian football was at the top of the world. The root cause was that the best players played in Serie A at that time. They improved the rhythm of the whole league, so everyone played better.

-I don’t know if you remember that Min Kim Zai once played for the Super League, but it was after you left Jiangsu. Naples, where Min Kim is located, has not only performed well in the league, but also demonstrated its full dominance in the European War.

Italian football is growing. Don’t forget that we won the European Cup last year. Naples is amazing as well as surprising. This club knows how to find good players. Min Kim and Kvaratskheliya, two Serie A players, have the strength to be top stars in any league, because they have both strength and skills, are extremely focused in the game and are gifted! Don’t forget, they are still very young.

(Nanling cries and cries)

Shanghai Shanghai People’s Tourism Line+20 20 cities produced good activities

  Original title: 2020 "The people of Shanghai went to Shanghai," launched 20 special tourism routes+20 cities good events, which one do you like?

  The Shanghai Culture and Tourism Bureau sponsored the "Shanghai People’s Going to the Shanghai event since the month of 2020. 19. China Tourism Day starts the date of the city. Many fine lines and waste management activities. The annual activity abstract and review, and in order to better launch a new event in 2021, revealing a new one, especially the "fashion capital, Shanghai magic" 2020 "Shanghai people go to Shanghai to Shanghai "Online competition.

  Among the candidates of more than 3.00 candidates, more than 200 events. Cultural tourism experts repeatedly decided after selecting 20 special tourism routes and good activities in 20 cities. These final players will be appointed by the regional cultural travel agency in December this year. , Representing this line to participate in the speech, it has a detailed series with activities in the region. In the final jury, the media selection of the "Shanghai People’s Favorite Micro Shanghai Tourism Road" and "Shanghai’s Most Popular Cities" in 2020. "This is a good look at Shanghai’s finals and urban events. Shanghai is good!

  Special tourist route

  Baoshan District: Post -industrial fashion new way

  Many people carry the memories of the old industrial factories. The old yard sparks in industrial reorganization, becoming the most avant -garde of the landscape of the industry. 3D printing of Smart Bay Branch Park brings together the Chinese Cultural Museum, the largest 3D printing bridge in the world, the pier and other art played red dot networks; the Shanghai Glass Museum has transformed from a glass furnace workshop to a magical change, colorful crystal glass world, China, China, China It is one of the three museums, not to be missed; the third -floor bridge sports cultural park, which was previously known as the Shanghai nitrate vacuum bottle factory, has become a new generation of red tide drift fist.

  Baoshan District: Explore the villages north of Shanghai, "quiet" color

  The national characteristics of the north gate of Shanghai -Luo Jing, Tangwan Town, starfish, bonuses, new land, and Yangqiao Village will build a "five villages scalable" rural revitalization demonstration zone. Tangwan’s most beautiful rural village road. The Shanghai New Road series comes from "fields, forests, roads, rivers, houses" this is a maternal cultural park hemerocallis flower, grass prostitute troubles, golden rice fields, adopt non -genetic technology entertainment; village in the village; in the village Starfish, Jellyfish Postal House Dating "Water Elf" Bath Water System Forest Oxygen Bar Spa, looking up at the sky and star camp, "crab accidentally meet" Baoshan Lake Yangtze River Crab, enjoying leisurely and pleasant rural life.

3 high temperature day strikes! Why is Meiyu so "weird" this year?

Hangzhou next door is out of plums today. Is Shanghai this year?

Today is another day of "full heat". At 12 o’clock in the Shanghai Central Meteorological Observatory, a high -temperature yellow warning signal: Affected by the high pressure of the Western Pacific subtropical high pressure, it is expected that the highest temperature in the central urban area, Jiading, Minhang, Qingpu, Songjiang, Pudong, and Baoshan will exceed 35 ° C.

In the case of one, since June 22nd to today, there have been 3 high temperature days in Shanghai. According to the data released by the Shanghai Central Meteorological Observatory, the next week, Shencheng will also be on the edge of a subtropical high pressure. The highest temperature frequently impacts the high temperature line of 35 ° C, which is a week when the heat wave rolled.

Not only that, the good rainfall is going to "let the pigeons"! Dr. Rui Rui, the chief service officer of the Shanghai Meteorological Bureau, said that at present, the rain belt of Jiangnan will be lifted north next week, and the distance between the north is still very high. I am afraid that the rainfall next week will drift away again.

Why is Meiyu so "weird" this year? High temperature+rainy rain, is it the legendary "dry yellow plum"? In fact, in meteorology, there is no saying of "dry Huangmei". Similarly, the nouns such as "plum" and "empty plum". Wu Rui explained that this year’s Meiyu is "atypical Meiyu". Because the Jiangnan rain belt this year is relatively south, Shanghai is on the edge of the rain belt during this time. Over the city, Shencheng came to the control of the subtropical high pressure, and it was sunny and hot.

In the sense of meteorology, there is no "dry Huangmei", only "withered plum" and "empty plum". Wu Rui introduced that "withered plum" refers to the rainy date and the amount of precipitation on the rainy day, and when the rainfall is more than half lower than in previous years, it is called "withered plum"; Few, only a few times.

Hangzhou next door has announced that Mei has been announced today, so when will the "atypical Meiyu" in Shanghai go this year? Is it "dry plum" or "Kongmei" this year? It is also necessary to wait for the subsequent rain belt to judge again.

But it is certain that high temperature will last for a while. According to predictions, the lowest temperature next Monday and two cities will start from 28 ° C, and the maximum temperature will reach 35 ° C.