Whose job will Germany take from the comprehensive layout of artificial intelligence robots?

  [Special attention robot]


  At least 18 million of the existing 30 million jobs in Germany can be replaced by intelligent machines and software.

  * 86% of the jobs in the most basic operation jobs can be replaced by robots.

  * Office workers and secretarial workers are the most dangerous, and about 1.9 million jobs will be threatened.

  * Other industries seriously affected are warehousing, postal services and express delivery (1.5 million), retail (1.2 million) and cleaning industry (1.2 million).

  German industrial robots have certain advantages in raw materials, body parts and system integration. Globally, Japan and Europe are the main producing areas of industrial robots. Swiss ABB, Japanese FANUC, German KUKA and Japanese YASKAWA are the world’s major suppliers of industrial robots, becoming the four major families of industrial robot production. In recent years, in order to realize the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, Germany has successively put forward its own strategic plan of industrial upgrading driven by the development of robot field.

  According to the Industry 4.0 plan put forward by Germany at the Hannover Industrial Fair in 2013, through intelligent human-computer interaction sensors, human beings can remotely manage the next generation of industrial robots with the help of the Internet of Things. At the same time, the intelligent factories and intelligent production links in Industry 4.0 need the help of constantly upgrading intelligent robots. This will not only help solve the problem of high energy consumption in the use of robots, but also promote the green upgrade of manufacturing industry and fully realize industrial automation. According to statistics, Germany is the fifth largest robot market in the world and the largest robot market in Europe.

  As early as the 1970s, Germany began the process of "machine substitution". Today, Germany has 292 robots for every 10,000 workers in the industrial field, ranking third in the world after South Korea and Japan. During this period, Germany established its own robot industry and talent echelon through long-term government funding and the combination of Industry-University-Research. Germany also led the European Union to set up specialized institutions to conduct long-term research on the development of robot technology in Europe, and implemented a large-scale research and development plan for civil robots, investing a lot of money to develop robots that can be used in medical care, nursing, housework, agriculture and transportation.

  The prestigious "KUKA"

  Established in 1995, KUKA Robot Company of Germany is one of the world’s leading industrial robot manufacturers. KUKA Robotics has more than 20 subsidiaries all over the world, most of which are sales and service centers, including most European countries and the United States, Mexico, Brazil, Japan, South Korea, India and other countries and regions. At present, the product line of KUKA robot covers almost all six-axis robots, palletizing robots, high-temperature and dust-proof robots, welding robots, stamping and connecting robots, rack-mounted robots and high-precision robots with all specifications and load ranges. KUKA robot can be used for material handling, processing, stacking, spot welding and arc welding, involving automation, metal processing, food and plastic industries. Users of KUKA industrial robots include: GM, Chrysler, Ford, Porsche, BMW, Audi, Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen, Ferrari, Harley-Davidson, Boeing, Siemens, IKEA, Swarovski, Wal-Mart, Budweiser Beer, Coca-Cola, etc.

  Kuka industrial robots have also appeared in many Hollywood movies and made a big splash. In James Bond’s film "The New Iron King Kong", a scene is described in an ice palace in Iceland, where a female agent of the National Security Agency is threatened by a KUKA laser welding robot. In the film The Da Vinci Code directed by Ron Howard, it was a KUKA robot who handed the hero robert langdon a password box.

  In 2016, in a man-machine table tennis competition in Germany, the Agilus one-armed robot launched by KUKA launched a fierce battle with German table tennis star Bohr. The world champion of mankind fought against a cold, orange mechanical arm with a racket, attracting global attention. Agile, one of the roots of the word Agilus, means agile itself. Kuka claims that this robot is the fastest in the world, fast enough to return Bohr’s ball from any position. In the initial stage, Agilus one-armed robot quickly took the lead of 6∶0 with its precise movements and hitting the ball, but Bohr also found the weakness of the robot opponent, and wiping tennis, edge ball and high ball became effective means to make enemies. In the end, Bohr struggled to win the game with a score of 11: 9.

  It is worth mentioning that on January 8 this year, China Midea Group announced that it has completed the delivery of shares of KUKA Group involved in the tender offer and paid all the money involved in this tender offer, accounting for 94.55% of the issued share capital of KUKA Group. It remains to be seen what prospect KUKA can bring to the development of robot industry together with China’s manufacturing pioneer Midea.

  "Machine substitution" in high-risk industries

  In the fields of metal processing, electronics, medicine, etc., robots are also engaged in heavy, accurate, repetitive or dangerous work instead of manual work. A few days ago, the Mining-ROX project from Frejborg University of Technology developed a robot named Julilus, which can not only save a lot of money for the whole mining process, but also improve the safety factor of mining. Frejborg University of Technology is the only university in Europe that conducts such research and has a teaching mine. The research and development team hopes to use automated robots to mine, so that miners will not continue to engage in dangerous work. In addition, mining robots can also participate in mine rescue.

  This project is actually a part of Robots in Saxony(ROX), which is a cooperative project of several universities in Germany, aiming at applying automatic service robots to unstructured environments. At present, the Mining-ROX project has two robots: Alexander and Julius (both named after famous German scientists). Bohad Rong, a professor at Frejborg University of Technology, said that Julius can explore under mines with high risk factors, including those where mine disasters occurred, abandoned mines or completely unmanned mines.

  In fact, in the middle and late 1970s, the German government began to implement a policy called "Plan for Improving Working Conditions", which made it mandatory that some dangerous, toxic and harmful jobs must be replaced by robots, and the application of robots was really brought to the market by administrative means.

  A life robot that shines brilliantly

  In addition to being used in manufacturing and high-risk industries, Germans attach great importance to the application of robots in daily life.

  This spring, according to German media reports, Domino’s Pizza announced that it will cooperate with Starship, an autonomous robot startup, to use robots to transport pizza in Hamburg, Germany in the next two months. Starship’s six-wheeled robot is about two feet high, weighs about 40 pounds, travels at a speed of four miles per hour and has a distribution range of one mile. Although the robot can drive automatically, it still needs someone to accompany it to avoid the wrong route. Although Starship is a British company, it has been widely publicized in Germany.

  At the Electronics Show in Munich, Germany in March this year, the Sub1 Reloaded robot developed by German scientists only took 0.637 seconds to crack the third-order Rubik’s Cube, breaking the previous record of 0.887 seconds, which was recorded in Guinness World Records. The record of human cracking the third-order Rubik’s Cube is 4.904 seconds. Sub1 Reloaded contains many microchips, which are like the electronic version of nerves, brains and muscles to form a complete Sub1 Reloaded robot.

  Sub1 Reloaded uses a microcontroller produced by Infineon. This microcontroller is very similar to the controller in the driver assistance system of unmanned vehicles, which can make the machine make "the least response". The "least reaction" plays a greater role in autonomous driving than in restoring the Rubik’s cube. The success of this robot in the Rubik’s Cube will inspire engineers to improve autonomous driving technology and chip processing technology.

  Future employment relationship

  Under the guidance of the concept of industrial digitalization, Germany has continuously improved the level of automation and the utilization rate of intelligent robots, which has had a great impact on the employment field. Statistics show that robots have threatened 59% of jobs in Germany, which has attracted great attention from all walks of life in Germany.

  According to the survey results of the research project "Future Employment Relationship: How Employment will be Affected by Electronic Technology" initiated by Cambridge University, at least 18 million of the existing 30 million jobs in Germany can be replaced by intelligent machines and software. The survey found that the unemployment risk of different jobs depends on the professional division of labor, job level and job nature. 86% jobs in the most basic operating jobs can be replaced by robots, and the auxiliary labor force is the second most threatened job by robots. In absolute terms, office workers and secretarial workers are the most dangerous, and about 1.9 million jobs will be threatened by technologies such as intelligent office. Other industries seriously affected are warehousing, postal services and express delivery (1.5 million), retail (1.2 million) and cleaning (1.2 million).

  As soon as this result was announced, it attracted attention from all walks of life in Germany, which means that in theory, 59% of the employed population in Germany may be unemployed. However, Carlsten, chief economist of Ing-Diba Bank, who is in charge of the investigation, said that "the trend of fully implementing automation may become a reality, or it may just be a mirage". At least for practitioners with high professionalism and scientific research mind, their work is rock solid. Of the more than 240,000 doctors in Germany, only about 1% (3,100 people) can do their work by machines. Equally irreplaceable are chemists and physicists, whose daily work can hardly be replaced by computers. According to the survey, among 46,000 scientists, only about 2,800 people’s work can be done by computers.

  But the reality is still cruel. Last year, German sporting goods giant Adidas announced that it would move its production line back to Europe and America, and Adidas CEO herbert hainer said that it would use robots for production. These production lines moved back to Europe and America originally belonged to foundries in China, Southeast Asia and other places. Heiner said that in Germany, where labor costs are generally high, robots can now be produced 24 hours a day with fewer people. This also means that German robots began to compete with workers in China and Southeast Asia for jobs.

  However, people need not be too pessimistic. German researchers found that in fact, the input of automation and the application of electronic technology may not only threaten people’s employment, but also play a certain role in promoting it. For example, in electronic technology and information industry, with the improvement of industrial level, more and more employees will be needed. After all, it will take a long time for robots to completely replace human work. As far as Germany is concerned, most giant enterprises try to use robots for production work. After all, the manufacturing cost, deployment cost and learning cost of robots are the thresholds for robots to completely replace human work.

  (Berlin, August 26 th, our reporter in Berlin pastoral)

The Lantern Festival in my memory turned out to be like this!

Time, like Lishui, flows leisurely towards Dongting Lake.In a blink of an eye, we have waved goodbye to the Year of the Rabbit and ushered in a hopeful year of the loong.
Along with year of the loong, there is also the Lantern Festival, which we have been absent for a long time, and we are looking forward to it.


Standing on this shore of time, what will come to your mind when you think back to the once crowded Lantern Festival?
Is it the laughter floating on Guanyin Bridge, the singing and dancing in front of the south gate, or the cups in Dayong Mansion?


Entrenched in the memory of our lantern festival, there is no shortage of the songs of Dayongyang Opera;There are many kinds of lanterns.Even more indispensable is the enthusiasm and unrestrained dance of Maugus.
We gave applause to the wonderful performance of the dragon and lion dance team;We used to sing with the melody of Sangzhi folk songs;We once praised the delicious kudzu root powder..


Undoubtedly, since Dayong ancestors held the first Lantern Festival thousands of years ago, the unique elements of the Lantern Festival, such as Yang Opera, Lion Dance, Dragon Dance, Lantern Festival and Jiuzi Whip, have been imperceptibly implanted in the hearts of everyone in Zhangjiajie, becoming special Spring Festival memories of Zhangjiajie people from generation to generation, and helping to shape a unique Zhangjiajie culture.
There is no doubt that when everyone in Zhangjiajie talks about the Lantern Festival in his hometown, he will definitely open a knowing smile from the corners of his mouth, and his yearning for another Lantern Festival will rise in his heart-
There, we forget the sadness and loss of last year, immerse ourselves in the happiness and joy of this moment, and pin our good wishes on the new year.


However, due to the impact of the epidemic, the Lantern Festival has been absent from the Spring Festival for four years, which has become a major regret in our hearts.
The flowers still bloom every year, but the flowers are different from each other year after year.A bright lantern is a witness of the years and also carries our beautiful memories.


Four years later, the dazzling lanterns of Lantern Festival will bloom as scheduled this year, illuminating the whole city.
And the person who accompanied you through the streets and alleys of Zhangjiajie to traverse the joy, where are those people now?
We wish each other a long life so as to share the beauty of this graceful moonlight, even though we are miles apart.Zhangjiajie in the palm of your hand wishes everyone can think of that person and those people together on the Lantern Festival, and then look for the joy that has been absent for a long time!Then experience the precious affection, friendship and love!

More than 202 tons of fresh fruits and vegetables from Baise, Guangxi rushed to Huanggang, Hubei.

More than 202 tons of fresh fruits and vegetables from Baise, Guangxi rushed to Huanggang, Hubei.

The picture shows the special train ready to leave. Photo by Zhong Xin

  Zhongxin. com Baise, February 18 (Reporter Lin Hao) "Baise fruits and vegetables rushed to Huanggang, and the children of Guangxi and Hubei were heart to heart!" "Warm in the same boat, unite as one to fight the epidemic!" "Huanggang come on! Come on in Hubei! Come on, China! " … …

  On February 18th, in Baise East Railway Station, Baise City, Guangxi, an old revolutionary base area, the "Baise No.1" fruit and vegetable train with more than 202 tons of fresh fruits and vegetables was slowly started, and it sailed to Huanggang City, Hubei Province, thousands of miles away, sending the people in the epidemic area the care and blessings of Baise people.

The picture shows the caring person receiving the donation certificate. Photo by Zhong Xin

  The fruits and vegetables transported by this special train include 9 categories, such as radish, green vegetables, lettuce, wax gourd, pepper, sugar orange, jujube, cherry tomato and sweet potato. Some of them come from the alpine mountain area in the north of Baise, some from Baini Village in leye county where Huang Wenxiu, the "National Excellent Communist party member", fought before his death, and some from Jingxi City, a border city between China and Vietnam. All of them are donated by local caring enterprises in Baise, cadres and workers in government departments and caring people in society, which will give priority to the needs of designated hospitals, isolation points, first-line security units, special groups and community residents in Huanggang City, Hubei Province.

  It is reported that Baise is an important fruit and vegetable production base in China, with a fruit planting area of 2.5562 million mu and a vegetable planting area of 1.7609 million mu. Huanggang City is adjacent to Wuhan. Up to now, the cumulative number of confirmed cases ranks third in Hubei Province, and it is one of the areas with severe epidemic situation in Hubei Province.

The picture shows the crane loading special carriage. Photo by Zhong Xin

  On February 13th, Peng Xiaochun, vice chairman of Guangxi CPPCC and secretary of Baise Municipal Committee, contacted and communicated with Liu Xuerong, deputy director of Hubei Provincial People’s Congress Standing Committee and secretary of Huanggang Municipal Committee, and decided to donate a batch of fruit and vegetable products to Huanggang City after learning about the local epidemic prevention and control situation. Subsequently, relevant departments, enterprises and caring people in Baise City acted quickly, and in just a few days, they completed the harvesting, packaging and cold chain storage and transportation of more than 202 tons of fruits and vegetables.

  According to the Guangxi Department of Commerce, the "Baise No.1" green train for fruits and vegetables is the first green channel for cold chain transportation of the "South Vegetable to North" railway in China. Since its opening, it has operated nearly 200 trains, transporting tens of thousands of tons of southern fruits and vegetables to the northern region.

  After the outbreak, the "Baise No.1" fruit and vegetable green special train has been transported or participated in six classes in Baise, Nanning and Guilin, Guangxi, and sent to Wuhan, honghu city, Xianning, Yichang, Shiyan and Huanggang, Hubei, providing a guarantee for the efficient export of high-quality agricultural products in Baise and even Guangxi and the first-line logistics of Hubei’s resistance to the epidemic.

  The Guangxi Department of Commerce said that next, Guangxi will continue to run two shifts a week to support Hubei’s fruit and vegetable materials to the cold chain special train, and continue to convey the friendship and care of Zhuang’s children to Hubei.

Runner’s List-Running is a dual practice of the runner’s body and mind.

What is running for runners?

A way to keep fit? Means to reduce body fat? Or a pastime to kill time?

When you choose to stick to it and regard running as a very important part of your life, at this time, running is not only a regular body movement with your left foot and your right foot, but also a kind of practice, both physical and mental.

Running begins with the body, respects self-discipline, conforms to the heart, lasts longer than persistence, and finally reaches the spirit.

Xiaobian arranges some books that are suitable for running hobbies and also suitable for non-runners. I hope that runners can resonate with the author in the book and further appreciate the joy of running.

Author:Japanese marathon star Da Pojie.

Running is a very lonely and hard thing. Sometimes I am worried about the long road ahead, but because of this, the happiness and sense of accomplishment at the finish line are even more special, just like life. -Big Breaker

As a professional marathon runner, Da Jiejie’s efforts, persistence and self-discipline have influenced countless runners. It also attracted countless young people to join the running sport and regarded him as an idol and even a spiritual guide.

Notes of Marathon Masters is a running note created by Da Bojie, which covers training experience, psychological changes, practical suggestions on diet, training, sleep and recovery, and answers to 31 questions of interest to runners. It has very practical reference value for runners at all stages. Use words to experience the training experience of top marathon runners.

Author:Hulbeart Stefani

Your body also has "thinking". Running makes you an artist, a hero or a saint. Running brings you back to your childhood, makes you unique, and makes you find yourself again. -Hulbeart Stephanie

The author, Hulbeart Stefani, is a famous German long-distance runner and coach. He has won the German Marathon and other long-distance races for 16 times, and won the European Marathon in 1986. As a coach, he has trained several famous track and field players for Germany, which is quite famous in the field of German track and field.

Running is a science, which requires not only self-discipline, strong will, but also scientific methods. However, Hulbeart Stephanie has given you the answers in his book. The contents of the Running Bible include easy-to-understand physiological knowledge, reasonable and effective training plan, simple and convenient diet guide, comfortable suggestions for wearing and scientific and professional running guidance. Running Bible can help you improve your speed, endurance, flexibility and strength in all directions.

Author:Cameron Strache

To the onlookers, running seems to be a lonely, unrelated personal experience. But in fact, it is the mutual encouragement between teammates that makes a runner run better, stronger and faster. -Cameron Strache

In 1970s and 1980s, Frank Short, Bill Rogers and Alberto salazar were born in the United States. It not only brought the victory of long-distance running to the United States, but also led the golden age of American running.

Long-distance running is a test of the body, and it is also a temper of the mind. The article tells how three runners overcame the double pressure of body and mind, and grew up from a nameless runner to a king of road running. Thanks to the author’s excellent creative ability, The King of Road Running, which is originally a documentary literature, has ups and downs of story lines, as wonderful as narrative novels!

Author:John Parker

In such a insensitive world, thick skin is the only way to break the ice-John Parker

This is a novel that is easy to make people empathize. There are not only dreams on the way forward, but also various factors that affect the progress, such as family, love and friendship. These factors may be positive or negative. How to overcome these negative factors is a problem that each of us has to face.

John Parker put his personal experience into the story, and the real story makes readers feel the same. The process of realizing your ideal is like running in the rain. Difficulties hit your body as frequently as raindrops, but you will always be raindrops. How can tiny raindrops defeat you with strong will?

Author:Dr Nicholas romanov/Kurt Brenga

A revolution about running posture

Dr Nicholas romanov and Kurt Brenga have been deeply involved in the field of sports science for many years. The two authors combine practice with theory and give a more scientific explanation for running posture. "Posture Running" teaches you how to run correctly.

Dr romanov’s "posture running method" divides running posture into three key basic movements: key running posture, falling and pulling up. The contents of the article include the selection of running shoes prepared before running, the reasonable recovery of muscle injury, the technical essentials of posture running and other practical knowledge, covering almost all the situations that can be encountered during running, and it is a runner’s guide suitable for all stages.

Author:Murakami Haruki

In the long-distance running, if there is any opponent that must be defeated, it is the past self. -Haruki Murakami

Aside from being a well-known author, Haruki Murakami, like most runners, repeats the same training every day and is obsessed with the passion for the competition and the choice of equipment. From the early marathon to the late triathlon, the process of each race is similar, but from the pre-competition registration to the post-competition resumption, every process is extremely gratifying.

For Haruki Murakami, running, like writing novels, is a very important part of life. There will be a sudden burst of inspiration and physical and mental exhaustion caused by long-term work. How to treat them as the primary task and urge ourselves to complete the plan is the inspiration of Haruki Murakami’s What I Talk about When I Run.

Author:Ricky Rolle

When you were young, you were a handsome swimming champion. Because of long-term alcoholism, you have become a fat and greasy uncle in middle age. Looking at yourself in the mirror, do you want to continue to rot or cheer up? The author obviously chose the latter.

Control your diet, keep exercising, cheer up, and fill your life with cycling, running and swimming. The meaning of exercise changed from losing fat to breaking through oneself, and then to completing the super championship. The author found the meaning of life while overcoming difficulties. The ups and downs of the story are absolutely no less than any book that goes against the sky.

Author:Shion Miura

Zangyuan, no matter how long and far you run, you are not alone. At any time, there are others running around you. -Keiji Kiyoseki

In the last year of college, Keiji Kiase finally assembled a long-distance running team of his own. His teammates were all roommates in the dormitory "Zhuqingzhuang" of Kuanzheng University. Under the efforts of Keiji, everyone chose to join in and work together with Hakone as the ultimate goal. Because most teammates are beginners without any running experience, the whole process is difficult and tortuous. In the end, with everyone’s disdainful efforts, we reached the standard and entered the race through pre-selection.

"Strong Wind Blows" inspires young runners from generation to generation to pursue their dreams and realize themselves, and at the same time attracts countless young people to join the sport of running. We are no longer young, and every time we open this book, we never lose our heart.

Author:Jadeha Ronander Finn

The real running is to run freely like a Kenyan. -Yadha Ronander Finn

For Kenyans, long-distance running has a different meaning. Long-distance running has improved the living standards of Kenyans and changed their lifestyles. At the same time, it has also made them know more about Kenya and deeply attracted them to explore the secrets of Kenyans.

For local young people, long-distance running is one of the few ways to change their fate. Therefore, the purpose of long-distance running is more and more pure: if you want to change your destiny, you can only run and run faster.

Summary of European football: Bayern Paris won the championship, Inter Milan locked in the Champions League qualification, and Rome missed the top four.

On May 28th, Beijing time, let’s take a look at the latest situation of the five major leagues in Europe.

Grand Paris won the championship one round ahead of schedule.

In the 37th round of Ligue 1, Lionel Messi scored 496 goals in the history of the five major leagues, helping Paris draw 1-1 away from Strasbourg. With only one round left, Barley was 4 points ahead of Lance, the second in the league, and won the championship ahead of schedule.

In the past six years, Barley won five French champions, and in the past 11 years, he won nine French champions. Messi joined Paris for two years and also won two French champions and a French Super Cup.

The script of the Bundesliga title competition

In the last round, Dortmund surpassed Bayern by 2 points. In the final battle of the Bundesliga, Dortmund can break Bayern’s monopoly on the Bundesliga champion in the past 10 years by defeating Mainz, who lost four games in a row at home.

As a result, Dortmund was beaten 2-0 by Mainz as soon as he came up. Although he pulled two goals in the end, he still only got a 2-2 draw. In this game, Alai was the most unlucky one. He missed a penalty in the first half, scored a goal in stoppage time in the second half and was blown off because of offside. After the game, his INS was captured by extreme fans.

Bayern took a 1-0 lead early, and was equalized 1-1 by Cologne in the second half because of Gnabry’s handball. If Bayern can’t score all 3 points, Dortmund will win the championship. However, Mucia La, who came off the bench, scored the winner in the 89th minute, which ruined Dortmund’s last hope of winning the championship. In the end, Bayern beat Cologne 2-1 and beat Dortmund to win the championship because of the goal difference advantage.

Inter Milan lock in the top four in Serie A.

In the 37th round of Serie A, lautaro scored a goal and Lu Kaku scored a goal. Inter Milan beat Atalanta 3-2 at home, locked the top four in Serie A one round ahead of schedule, and got a Champions League seat.

Roma missed the top four in Serie A.

In the 37th round of Serie A, it was difficult for chaaraoui to save the goal. Rome lost two goals in three minutes in the final stage, and was finally reversed by Florence 2-1, which made it unbeaten in seven rounds of the League. Now, with only one round left, they are four points behind AC Milan, the fourth in the league, and they are determined to miss the top four in Serie A one round ahead of schedule. They want to qualify for the Champions League next season, and only the Europa League is left.

Luton succeeded in overtaking.

Luton beat Coventry 7-6 on penalties in the final of the Championship promotion play-off, and the team history was promoted to the Premier League for the first time. According to Luton’s official introduction, they are the first team to enter the Premier League from a non-league, and they were still in the fifth league nine years ago. At present, three newly promoted Premier League horses have been identified, namely Burnley, Sheffield United and Luton.

[Looking for coaches] How is the proportion of the correct motivation? That’s it! -The table tennis national ball exchange

Find a coach+ask the Ma Kaixuan coach to guide it to see if there is any problem with the front and back action? thanks

Coach Ma Kaixuan Answers

Boys, right -handed horizontal board, single -line exercises on the front and backhand.

1. Positive hand. The plate shape is stable, the hitting time is reasonable, and the proportion of impact and friction is quite good. The first thing that needs to be adjusted is the shape, the big arm is started, and now it is too close to the body’s torso, causing the big arm tension, and the continuous shoulders are raised.

It is best to swing with bare hands to solve it. At the same time, the front arm is opened horizontally a little more. In this way, the focus of the exchange is adjusted together. My legs, but I estimate that the distance between my feet is close. That is to say, we comprehensively govern during waving,Open your feet properly, the knee is slightly bent, and the structure will be much more reasonable.It is best to use multi -ball to adjust the action with more effort. It is not impossible to use a single ball. The requirements for the sparrows are relatively high. Of course, you can do a single ball.

2. Affairs. This video is shot well, and there are angle changes, and it will be much more comprehensive.

The child is stable and the action structure is quite stable. The proportion of playing and rubbing in the ball is quite good. This coach is a bit level, at least, it is quite satisfactory. You can stand some properly at your feet, and the sense of stability will be much better.

In addition, there is a detail that he must stand in front of him with his left foot. Sometimes he comes out of his right foot. At the same time, the left foot heel is twisted on the ground. This is not possible. Can you remind him that when hitting the backhand, the left forearm of the left arm is placed near the left waist, and the height on the table is very helpful to the body balance.

At this age, the practice of training, and the number of training hours, the ball skills will rise very fast.

Do you want to ask too? Native

Ma Kaixuan, former Beijing team member. In 1990, he went to work in the United States and many students were selected as the U.S. National Team. Its table tennis resumes are colorful and unique and have rich teaching experience. He is currently a technical consultant of Ping Pong World Magazine and National Ball Exchange.

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