After the Olympic Games, the "Entertainment Index" of Xie Yalong, the five highlights of China football, climbed.

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  On August 13th, the men’s soccer preliminaries of Beijing Olympic Games, the match between China and Brazil was held in Qinhuangdao Olympic Sports Center, and finally China lost to Brazil 0-3. The picture shows Brazil’s No.15 Diego fighting with China’s No.14 Wan Houliang. China News Agency issued Liu Xinshe

  You don’t have to play in the top 10 national football games, so you wash and sleep; The Olympic Games at home showed its face, and it was out in the name of "the worst team". In Xie Yalong’s China football, everything gave way to the Olympic Games, and the result really "gave way". In the end, the only thing that can stay in people’s memory is an entertaining discourse-"Xie Yalong dismissed" and a popular greeting: "Xie Yalong dismissed, did you shout today?"

  A look, will Xie Yalong finish class?

  "Xie Yalong finishes class" ranks second in the "Ten Classic Quotations of Beijing Olympic Games" published by a website. It is said that in the Olympic men’s soccer field, the most popular slogan is "Xie Yalong’s class is over", so that a Brazilian reporter actually thinks this is the most Chinese way to refuel, humming these five syllables into the press conference …

  "Xie Yalong after class" has been fully entertained, and it is destined to enter the "Top Ten Catchwords" in 2008. Those fans who are deeply hurt by China football can only laugh at themselves in this way. In fact, it doesn’t matter to them whether Xie Yalong really leaves class or not. What fans really care about is not where Xie Yalong is going, but the way out for China football.

  After the Olympic Games, will Xie Yalong finish class? The most powerful statement we can know now is the words of an official of the China delegation: "The failure of football is an established fact, and the leaders of the Football Association must take responsibility. Traditionally, it is impossible to remove Xie Yalong from his post, but it will definitely be rotated! As for where to go? Is it a lateral transfer? There is no need for any discussion now. "

  However, someone asked, "Who will come to class after Xie Yalong’s class?" If a "Xie Yalong dismissed from class" can solve all the problems, the solution to this strange equation of China football is simple.

  Then, before we see the dawn of football in China, we might as well continue to carry forward the spirit of entertainment. Authorities in the entertainment industry have said that the trend of the entertainment industry in 2008 can be called "two dragons playing with pearls", one is Zhou Zhenglong and the other is Xie Yalong.

  Second, will Dewey stay in China?

  At the Beijing Olympic Games, Dujkovic, who was the head coach of China Olympic Team in name only, cooperated fairly and sat on the coach’s bench for 270 minutes. After the Olympic Games lost, the TV cameras still pointed at him. However, China fans are not fools, and all know that he is a cover. They will never lift a stool and smash the TV when they see him.

  After coaching the Olympic captain for 21 months, Du Yi still has a say in China football. He said: "There are many talented players in China, but I saw a problem in practical work. There is a big problem in China’s football foundation. The basic skills of Olympic players are very poor, and what China football needs to improve most is tactical discipline."

  Where to go in the future, Dewey said, "Actually, after I stopped being the head coach of the Olympic Games, the Super League team contacted me. I won’t talk to anyone about these issues until I terminate my contract with China Football Association on August 30th. I like China very much. If there is a suitable club, of course, a stronger club to find me, I will be happy. "

  Third, will the ball market crash?

  The national football team was eliminated early in the World Cup qualifiers, and the Olympic Games was defeated in the Olympic group stage. The most urgent thing is not the fans, but the China Football Association and various clubs. On August 22nd, the League Department of China Football Association convened the bosses of 16 clubs in the Super League and held a meeting of "Saving the League" in Beijing. At the meeting, the Football Association expressed the hope that all clubs could support the Super League at this critical moment and avoid the continued decline of China’s football image.

  Fearing that the market will be worse if the game is played on Wednesday, the Football Association postponed the game originally scheduled for the middle of this week (27th) to the weekend (30th or 31st), just to make the market look better and avoid a depression.

  Lin Lefeng, general manager of Greentown Club, believes that the Super League will not be greatly affected. "In fact, I think that this Olympic Games can score a goal in a draw at the Olympic Games. This performance is acceptable and should be fair to them. However, I strongly disagree with the excessive violence and fouls in the Olympic Games. " Lin Lefeng said, "The disappointment of fans with the national football team and the Olympic Games does not mean that they are disappointed with the Super League. Most fans will not mix the two. Even if the national football team does not reach the World Cup, they will still pay attention to the Super League."

  Fourth, see if the Super League can be immune to it.

  The national team broke up and the Olympic team went home. In the post-Olympic era, the China Football Association had to look back and focus on the Super League. Ma Chengquan, director of the League Department of the Football Association, said: "Let the League truly become the pillar of China football." I wonder if the Super League, which suddenly changed from grass to treasure, can become the savior of China football?

  It is reported that the League Department of China Football Association and the Super League Company have created a 2009 Super League plan entitled "Building the most advantageous sports marketing platform in the post-Olympic period", which particularly emphasizes that "in the post-Olympic period, the Super League, as the top football event in China, will enter a period of rapid development and contain great potential". According to the report, the Chinese Super League will definitely play an important role in sports marketing in China’s post-Olympic period.

  Lin Lefeng said, to promote the development of football in China, it mainly depends on the league. "When the Olympics are over, the schedule will not change again, fans can watch the ball with peace of mind and the league can develop steadily."

  Fifth, can Greentown play the AFC Champions League?

  For Zhejiang fans, Greentown football is still the biggest attraction, especially in the Greentown team’s recent record is quite good, and it is even expected to break into the AFC Champions League next year.

  Four Super League teams will enter the AFC Champions League next year. The China Football Association believes that the expansion of the AFC Champions League will play a great role, which will greatly stimulate the improvement of the level and team building of the Super League.

  Lin Lefeng also said that the AFC Champions League is a high-level competition in Asia, an important platform to show the level of China clubs, and the prize money is high, which is attractive to all clubs.

  Song Weiping, the owner of Greentown, has requested that the team "strive to reach the top four" this year, which means that it can participate in the AFC Champions League next year.

  Watching Greentown players compete in the AFC Champions League is also the biggest wish of Zhejiang fans at present. (Source: qianjiang evening news)

Editor: Li Erqing

Mother of an autistic child: I even hope he walks in front of me

  Zhongxin. com, Beijing, April 3 rd:Mother of an autistic child: I even hope he walks in front of me

  Author: Yang Yuqi

  What kind of helplessness makes a mother want her child’s life to end before herself?

  Facing her 6-year-old son Tong Tong (a pseudonym), her mother Bai Li (a pseudonym) bluntly said, "I even hope he can walk in front of me … …”

  Bai Li, 35, is the mother of an autistic child. Four years ago, after her son Tong Tong was diagnosed with this disease, Bai Li’s life seems to have embarked on a long-distance running without an end. Now, she is accompanying her children to try her best to find hope in a hopeless situation.

  Why doesn’t he call me mom?

  On May 28th, 2016, Tong Tong celebrated his 3rd birthday. However, in the eyes of mother Bai Li, since the child was born three years ago, he has said less than 100 words to himself and looked directly at his parents less than 100 times.

  "The child is almost 2 years old, but he has never said a complete and coherent sentence, and even the number of times he called Mom and Dad is extremely limited." Bai Li began to wonder whether Tong Tong had a language barrier.

  But soon, Bai Li found that things were not that simple. Tong Tong is not only abnormal in communication, but also different from other children of the same age in eyes and behavior.

  "There is no response to calling his name, his eyes are always erratic, playing with a toy wheel for a day, and even yelling without warning." Bai Li began to search on the Internet to see if these seemingly weird behaviors were normal reactions of a 3-year-old child. However, countless conclusions point to the same noun — — Autism.

  What is autism? Sun Menglin, deputy director of the Autism Rehabilitation Committee of China Disabled Persons’ Federation Rehabilitation Association, explained: "Autism is also called ‘ Autism ’ It is a developmental disorder of the nervous system, which is mainly manifested in social communication and communication barriers, narrow interests and rigid behavior patterns, and most of them occur before the age of 3. "

  After much hesitation, Bai Li and her husband decided to take Tong Tong to the hospital for examination. On July 13th, 2016, the family came to Beijing Anding Hospital. After a series of tests, Tong Tong was diagnosed with autism.

  Bai Li would rather believe that this was a misdiagnosis in the hospital. A few days later, she took Tong Tong to the Sixth Hospital of Beijing Medical University and Beijing Children’s Hospital for re-examination. However, the nightmare of autism has finally become a reality. At that moment, Bai Li was like a bolt from the blue.

  My husband and I broke down and cried.

  Since Tong Tong was diagnosed, it took Bai Li half a year to accept this reality. What caused the son’s misfortune? Bai Li blamed herself.

  Facing the young Tong Tong, Bai Li couldn’t help blaming herself when she watched him hang his head and say nothing, even like a plant without feelings: "Is it because I ate uncooked mutton kebabs when I was pregnant? Or is oxytocin overdosed during production? "

  In fact, children as unfortunate as Tong Tong have become an increasingly large group. Recently, the Multicolored Deer Autism Research Institute co-founded by Sun Menglin released the Report on the Development of Autism Education and Rehabilitation Industry in China 3.

  According to the report, the incidence of autism in China has reached 0.7%. At present, there are more than 10 million people with autism spectrum disorders, including more than 2 million children under the age of 12. According to the latest research data in the United States, the incidence of autistic children has increased from 1/88 in 2009 to 1/45 now.

  What is it that makes autism come to these young souls? Sun Menglin said: "At present, global medical research cannot determine the cause of autism, and there is no medicine to cure it. The disability rate is extremely high, and it may be accompanied for a long time or even for life."

  In Bai Li’s small family, with the growth of age, Tong Tong’s illness became more and more serious. When he is anxious, he will bite his mother’s hand hard until her mother screams pain. Throw the pillow out of the window when you lose your temper, or even drop all kinds of appliances at home for no reason.

  Bai Li still remembers a "war" that broke out at home when Tong Tong was four years old. In the middle of the night, Tong Tong suddenly became agitated and kept yelling in bed. Dad, who had to get up early the next day, couldn’t bear it. He rushed into the room and beat and scold Tong Tong.

  "You fight, fight to the death, and kill him." Bai Li thundered at her husband.

  "Yes, I am relieved to kill you." The husband answered with tears.

  Sometimes, just because Tong Tong lost his temper, Bai Li and her husband can break down and cry.

  Visible burden, invisible pressure

  Like every family with autistic children, the most realistic problem facing Bai Li’s family is the treatment for Tong Tong. It’s like a long-distance race with no end in sight, looking for hope in hopelessness.

  In order to alleviate Tong Tong’s illness, Bai Li tried various methods, such as western medicine treatment, Chinese acupuncture, and even various online remedies, and spent countless money.

  Even though taking care of Tong Tong has overwhelmed Bai Li, she still dare not quit her job to take care of her family. In October 2016, in order to alleviate the child’s illness, she sent Tong Tong to a rehabilitation institution for children with autism. And the treatment fee of 18,000 yuan per quarter is overwhelming the whole family.

  In addition to paying the quarterly rehabilitation fee, she also signed up for a 20-class "Oral Muscle Training" course with a asking price of 12,000 yuan for the child’s language recovery. According to Bai Li’s calculation, plus miscellaneous expenses, it is difficult for the couple to leave a deposit for their monthly salary of over 10 thousand.

  In fact, Bai Li’s family conditions are the envy of many colleagues. Both husband and wife are native Beijingers. Before their children were born, the school districts for attending famous schools were all ready, but who would have thought that the school districts were useless and the originally excellent life was greatly reduced.

  "If it weren’t for the children, our income wouldn’t be so low." Bai Li said that in the face of many opportunities for company promotion, she deliberately gave up: "Promotion means greater work pressure, but children will get sick if they don’t see me for a long time."

  Indeed, in the eyes of my mother, Tong Tong is a clingy child: "One day I came home from work two hours late, and Tong Tong couldn’t sit still. I opened the door and kept calling my mother to the empty corridor."

  Spending is a visible burden, but what makes Bai Li more sad is the invisible pressure around her.

  Once, Bai Li and Tong Tong shopping mall met a strange child, and Tong Tong wanted to greet each other, so she hugged the child’s head with all her strength. In the eyes of the other parents, this scene has become an invisible injury: "You let your son bully others in public?"

  No matter how Bai Li apologized, the mother scolded Bai Li and pushed Tong Tong to the ground. Bai Li said that she cried the most sadly that time.

  How to go to school in Tong Tong is a big problem

  Today, Tong Tong is studying in an autism rehabilitation center. Before entering the rehabilitation center, Bai Li sent Tong Tong to a public kindergarten in August 2016, but this plan was overturned a month later.

  Because Tong Tong doesn’t adapt to lunch break, she always makes noises or even screams when other children are sleeping, which leads Bai Li to be called to school every week, asking to teach her children not to disturb others’ rest. Therefore, Bai Li had to take Tong Tong home after noon.

  Soon, Bai Li received another video from her teacher. In the video, all the children are playing games around the teacher. Only Tong Tong is hiding in the corner of the classroom with a small bench and does not participate in any classroom activities.

  "The teacher only sent me the video, telling me that children can’t study here and should consider sending it to a school for the mentally retarded." Bai Li said.

  However, it is not easy to get into a school for the mentally retarded. After contacting a mentally retarded school many times, Bai Li got the reply: "The mentally retarded school mainly serves children with mental retardation, and autism is not mental retardation."

  "Students with hearing impairment, blindness and intellectual disabilities have places to go, but children with autism have no way to go." Bai Li said.

  Now, Bai Li is anxious: rehabilitation institutions only accept children under 7 years old, and seeing that her son will be 7 years old next year, can normal primary schools accept Tong Tong? Can the mentally retarded school accept Tong Tong?

  I even hope he walks in front of me.

  Family expenses, children’s schooling, and even when they are old, what about life in Tong Tong? Regarding the future, Bai Li can’t even imagine.

  According to a set of data in Report 3 on the Development of Autism Education and Rehabilitation Industry in China, 10% of the autistic patients in China have been assessed as mild, and these people can live independently, enter the society and take up jobs.

  70% of the patients are assessed as moderate, and they can often take care of themselves, understand social norms and live independently with limited assistance; Another 20% of patients with severe autism rely entirely on family care, and it is a "luxury" to take care of themselves.

  Zhang Jishui, deputy director of the Department of Psychiatry of Beijing Children’s Hospital affiliated to Capital Medical University, explained that at present, China’s assistance to autistic children is still in its infancy.

  At present, Zhang Jishui suggested that parents can enjoy a certain degree of subsidies or subsidies according to local policies.

  Zhang Jishui explained that generally speaking, children with mild autism can enter normal schools, while children with moderate autism should consider entering integrated schools or taking parents to accompany them. However, if they are severely autistic, they can only receive education at home.

  "It is very important to rebuild children’s confidence, discover hobbies and cultivate their skills in intervention treatment for autistic children." Zhang Jishui said.

  In addition to the immediate difficulty in entering school, how to ensure the future life of the child has become Bai Li’s lingering concern: "I think that after our death, the child may not even be able to take care of himself. Sometimes I even hope that he can walk in front of me so that I can arrange everything for him."

  Nowadays, Bai Li began to consciously cultivate children’s skills. When cooking, she always puts the child beside her: "Even if he will sell his own pancakes in the future, I can rest assured."

What are the reliable Java training institutions in Shanghai?

What are the reliable Java training institutions in Shanghai? What kind of training institutions should I go to learn a new skill? Everyone has different focus, but the content of the curriculum, the teaching environment, the employment rate, and the reputation of the training institution considers each person. Therefore, a good training institution must have a good teaching environment, a scientific and perfect curriculum system, a good employment rate and a better reputation.

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How to understand the employment of the training institution, one is to see the employment report of the training institution, and the other is to understand the employment situation like students who are studying or graduated. The power node is for students to work better, internal employment, and employment of famous enterprises. At the same time, there are special employment service centers to track and guide employment services throughout the process, and do a good job of service for students.

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