Still like to play mobile phones in the dark? Be careful to shake out acute glaucoma!

  During the days when you were at home, besides eating and sleeping, did you stay up all night to paint Tik Tok, play the king and follow the drama? The original law of life was disrupted, and the life of night owls who couldn’t afford it during the day and were not sleepy at night was opened. Even if the light is turned off, I can’t bear to put down my mobile phone, and I can brush it under the covers for half an hour when I’m still unfinished. As everyone knows, playing mobile phone in the dark, acute glaucoma is quietly approaching you.

  Playing with your mobile phone without turning on the light can really blind you.

  This is by no means alarmist. Using the eyes in dim light will cause the pupils to dilate for a long time, block the circulation of liquid in the eyes, lead to the increase of intraocular pressure and the acute attack of glaucoma. Persistent high intraocular pressure can also damage the tissues and visual function of various parts of the eyeball, resulting in decreased vision, optic nerve damage and narrowed vision, and may even lead to blindness if not treated in time.

  Of course, playing mobile phones in the dark is only an incentive, and the most important thing is that individuals themselves belong to the "glaucoma quality." "Glaucoma quality" mainly refers to glaucoma patients with high myopia, hyperopia and family history. Once there is an inducement, the intraocular pressure will increase, which will lead to glaucoma. Even if you belong to the "glaucoma quality", don’t be afraid. As long as you control the incentives, the chances of forming glaucoma will be much smaller.

  In addition, playing mobile phones in the dark can easily lead to myopia, dry eye, macular degeneration and other diseases, and "mobile phone family" should take it as a warning. Playing mobile phones in the dark is especially harmful to teenagers’ eyes. Watching the screen at close range in the dark will make them blink less, which will easily lead to visual fatigue. Teenagers’ eyesight is still developing, and in the long run, it will easily aggravate refractive problems such as myopia and astigmatism.

  Four types of people with high risk are more likely to be "stared at" by glaucoma.

  People with grumpy temper Some people are often grumpy. Emotional instability will lead to unstable intraocular pressure, and long-term high intraocular pressure will induce the formation of glaucoma.

  Women over the age of 40 gradually enter menopause, so their emotions are changeable, which are all manifestations of "glaucoma quality". The range of emotional changes is too large, which may easily lead to a sharp increase in intraocular pressure and induce acute glaucoma.

  The eyes of those who overuse their eyes need rest every day just like the brain. However, facing the computer at work and playing mobile phone after work, this habit of using eyes will lead to excessive eye fatigue, which will lead to glaucoma coming to the door.

  Patients with high myopia, high myopia, due to the enlargement of myopic eyeball and the extension of optic papilla, leads to the thinning of the cribriform plate and the sclera near the optic papilla, and the high intraocular pressure compresses the optic nerve, which leads to the gradual atrophy of the optic nerve and the gradual loss of visual field, which leads to blindness.

  How far are you from glaucoma?

  During their stay at home, some people experienced eye pain. For some people, this may be normal, and taking a rest will be fine. But for people with high risk factors of glaucoma, if it is caused by increased intraocular pressure, it may be a sign of glaucoma.

  How to simply judge whether eye pain is caused by increased intraocular pressure? Here is a small method to teach you: "finger measurement" — — With two fingers, it takes only two steps to test whether our intraocular pressure is too high.

  Close your eyes, gently touch the eyeball with your index finger and feel the fluctuation of the eyeball: 1. If it is as soft as your lips, then the intraocular pressure is normal; 2. If it is as hard as the tip of the nose, then the intraocular pressure has increased slightly to moderately; If it feels as hard as the forehead, then the intraocular pressure is already very high. Through this small method of self-test, we can roughly judge whether the intraocular pressure is normal or not. Of course, if you feel obviously uncomfortable, you still need to see a doctor. It should also be reminded that people’s intraocular pressure is not a constant value. Different times of the day are not exactly the same. It is not possible to judge the condition or confirm the diagnosis only by a single intraocular pressure measurement.

  In addition, in addition to eye pain and elevated intraocular pressure, glaucoma has the following symptoms:

  Nausea and vomiting, eye pain and eye swelling When the intraocular pressure rises sharply, it can reflexively cause the excitement of vagus nerve and vomiting nerve center, resulting in severe nausea and vomiting. Trigeminal nerve endings are stimulated, which reflexively causes pain in the distribution area of trigeminal nerve. Patients often feel migraine and eye pain.

  When the visual field narrows and the visual acuity decreases due to the gradual increase of intraocular pressure, the optic nerve is damaged. In the early stage, visual acuity decreases and fog appears at night and disappears the next morning. In the late stage, the visual field is narrowed, which is also the main symptom of glaucoma.

  When the rainbow looks at the light, there are seven colored circles or halos around it, similar to the rainbow in the sky after the rain clears in summer, which is called rainbow in medicine.

  Home "Eye Protection Method" for Glaucoma Patients

  Glaucoma is a lifelong disease. During the period of staying at home, it is easy to have acute glaucoma if you keep a good attitude and stable mood, have a lot of mental stress, think too much, sulk or lose your temper.

  Don’t overuse your eyes, and avoid overusing your eyes to see a bright spot in the dark. When watching a mobile phone, it is best to adjust the contrast of the screen to make the brightness and color as soft as possible. If possible, turn on a low-brightness background light in the room to ease the brightness gap between the screen and the background environment. And keep looking at the mobile phone for no more than 20 minutes, blink consciously and pay attention to "reducing the burden" on your eyes;

  Avoid drinking a lot of water at one time, drink a small amount of water in several times, and try to reduce the amount of drinking water at night to prevent glaucoma;

  For acute glaucoma, sudden eye swelling, eye pain, headache, accompanied by decreased vision, in the case of good self-protection, it is necessary to go to the ophthalmology department in time to reduce intraocular pressure to prevent visual function damage;

  For the primary open-angle glaucoma that has been clearly diagnosed, patients need to take medicine on time, and they can consult online during the epidemic and go to the hospital on an optional basis;

  COVID-19 virus can infect conjunctiva of eyes, which may cause lung infection. Patients with glaucoma, especially those who need to use drugs for a long time, need to pay strict attention to hand hygiene.

  Text/Wang Xia Liu Liwei (Beijing Rehabilitation Hospital)

More than 202 tons of fresh fruits and vegetables from Baise, Guangxi rushed to Huanggang, Hubei.

More than 202 tons of fresh fruits and vegetables from Baise, Guangxi rushed to Huanggang, Hubei.

The picture shows the special train ready to leave. Photo by Zhong Xin

  Zhongxin. com Baise, February 18 (Reporter Lin Hao) "Baise fruits and vegetables rushed to Huanggang, and the children of Guangxi and Hubei were heart to heart!" "Warm in the same boat, unite as one to fight the epidemic!" "Huanggang come on! Come on in Hubei! Come on, China! " … …

  On February 18th, in Baise East Railway Station, Baise City, Guangxi, an old revolutionary base area, the "Baise No.1" fruit and vegetable train with more than 202 tons of fresh fruits and vegetables was slowly started, and it sailed to Huanggang City, Hubei Province, thousands of miles away, sending the people in the epidemic area the care and blessings of Baise people.

The picture shows the caring person receiving the donation certificate. Photo by Zhong Xin

  The fruits and vegetables transported by this special train include 9 categories, such as radish, green vegetables, lettuce, wax gourd, pepper, sugar orange, jujube, cherry tomato and sweet potato. Some of them come from the alpine mountain area in the north of Baise, some from Baini Village in leye county where Huang Wenxiu, the "National Excellent Communist party member", fought before his death, and some from Jingxi City, a border city between China and Vietnam. All of them are donated by local caring enterprises in Baise, cadres and workers in government departments and caring people in society, which will give priority to the needs of designated hospitals, isolation points, first-line security units, special groups and community residents in Huanggang City, Hubei Province.

  It is reported that Baise is an important fruit and vegetable production base in China, with a fruit planting area of 2.5562 million mu and a vegetable planting area of 1.7609 million mu. Huanggang City is adjacent to Wuhan. Up to now, the cumulative number of confirmed cases ranks third in Hubei Province, and it is one of the areas with severe epidemic situation in Hubei Province.

The picture shows the crane loading special carriage. Photo by Zhong Xin

  On February 13th, Peng Xiaochun, vice chairman of Guangxi CPPCC and secretary of Baise Municipal Committee, contacted and communicated with Liu Xuerong, deputy director of Hubei Provincial People’s Congress Standing Committee and secretary of Huanggang Municipal Committee, and decided to donate a batch of fruit and vegetable products to Huanggang City after learning about the local epidemic prevention and control situation. Subsequently, relevant departments, enterprises and caring people in Baise City acted quickly, and in just a few days, they completed the harvesting, packaging and cold chain storage and transportation of more than 202 tons of fruits and vegetables.

  According to the Guangxi Department of Commerce, the "Baise No.1" green train for fruits and vegetables is the first green channel for cold chain transportation of the "South Vegetable to North" railway in China. Since its opening, it has operated nearly 200 trains, transporting tens of thousands of tons of southern fruits and vegetables to the northern region.

  After the outbreak, the "Baise No.1" fruit and vegetable green special train has been transported or participated in six classes in Baise, Nanning and Guilin, Guangxi, and sent to Wuhan, honghu city, Xianning, Yichang, Shiyan and Huanggang, Hubei, providing a guarantee for the efficient export of high-quality agricultural products in Baise and even Guangxi and the first-line logistics of Hubei’s resistance to the epidemic.

  The Guangxi Department of Commerce said that next, Guangxi will continue to run two shifts a week to support Hubei’s fruit and vegetable materials to the cold chain special train, and continue to convey the friendship and care of Zhuang’s children to Hubei.

Yitong Century: It has obtained 35 invention patents, 61 invention patents under application and 350 software copyrights, which has strong market and channel advantages.

On February 26th, financial circles reported that some investors asked Yitong Century on the interactive platform: Does the company have core key technologies? If so, is it competitive?

The company replied that according to the latest annual report, the company has obtained 35 invention patents, 61 invention patents being applied for and 350 software copyright certificates. From the perspective of competitive advantage, in the network technology service business, the company’s business covers major provinces and cities across the country and has strong market and channel advantages. In the field of Internet of Things, the core competence has been iteratively upgraded, and the southbound access capability across terminals, middleware and platforms has been realized. For details, please refer to the periodic reports disclosed by the company. Please pay attention to investment risks.

China Meteorological Bureau: Recently, the weather situation in China is complex and changeable, and the situation of disaster weather prevention is severe

  CCTV News:According to China Meteorological Bureau’s WeChat WeChat official account news, on March 23, after the national morning weather consultation, China Meteorological Bureau held a video conference to further deploy the disaster weather prevention and response work in view of the recent complex weather situation.

  The meeting pointed out that the weather situation in China has been complicated and changeable recently, and the northern region has been hit by strong winds and dust. The southern region has ushered in the strongest precipitation and strong convective weather this year, and the strong convective weather has entered an active period, and the situation of severe weather prevention is grim.

  The meeting put forward three requirements for the next step:

  First, we should be vigilant, clearly understand the complex situation faced by meteorological disaster prevention and mitigation, overcome paralysis, effectively enhance risk awareness and bottom line thinking, and lay a good foundation for the meteorological service work in flood season this year. According to the forecast, there will be another high-impact weather process around the 29th. It is necessary to pay close attention to weather changes, strengthen monitoring, forecasting and early warning services, and promptly remind relevant areas to respond and provide tracking services.

  Second, we must adhere to the "one process, one policy" to meet the requirements. Meteorological departments at all levels should promptly remind the public to do a good job in the protection of sandstorms and strong winds, be highly alert to the strong disaster-causing nature of weather processes such as heavy rain and local strong convection, respond quickly, and coordinate up and down. The national level should strengthen the guidance to the provincial level, and the provincial level should strengthen the guidance to the cities and counties, and actively adopt effective coping strategies and measures.

  Third, we should do a good job in early warning and response to impending disasters, and actively provide effective and useful decision support for the rapid and efficient disposal of party committees and governments at all levels. Especially when encountering severe weather processes such as high-level rainstorm and strong convection, it is necessary to promptly call local government leaders to take preventive measures in time to prevent problems before they occur.

Paris’s kindness to meritorious deeds has attracted controversy. Because of the three shortcomings, it is accused of not being worthy of a five-year contract and current status.

Then the second shortcoming is the lack of leadership. When Messi staged a farce with fans and management, when Mbappé publicly angered the team because of the right to portrait, Ma Jin, as the leader of the first team, did nothing at all. On the court, he also failed to show the leadership temperament worthy of the captain’s armband. Finally, the third short board is that the performance is not stable enough. Several key battles, especially the world cup and the Champions League, have made him firmly labeled as a "soft-footed shrimp". Therefore, under these shortcomings, many fans believe that Ma Jin is not worthy of a five-year contract and is not worthy of wearing the captain’s armband.

Generative AI stands on the cusp: Silicon Valley bets that future technology giants will shuffle?

Generative AI is getting more and more popular. Is this really a good business?

Recently, AI painting is on fire.

By inputting some words, AI can generate an image that matches the words in a few seconds. These images are wild, and some are even bizarre. For example, people have extra fingers on their hands, and their fingers bend unnaturally. Even, AI can generate some meaningless billboards and alphabets that humans have never seen before.

Although AI painting is outrageous, it has set off a wave of science and technology: the spring of generative AI has come.

David Beisel, a venture capitalist at NextView Ventures, said that in the past three months, the word "generative AI" once became a hot word. Moreover, the generative AI technology has developed rapidly and the market enthusiasm is so high that many people even quit their jobs to start a business in this field.

There is no doubt that AI has been in a prosperous stage in the past five years or so, but most of these past advances have to do with understanding the existing data-for example, the AI model has been able to quickly and efficiently identify whether there are only cats in your mobile phone photos. However, the generative AI model generates something completely new that has never been seen before. In other words, generative AI is not just about analyzing existing data, but creating.

Boris Dayma, founder of Craiyon generative AI, believes that "generative AI is not only creating old images, but also creating many new things, which are completely different from what we have seen before."

Sequoia Capital also said in a blog post on its website: "Generative AI has the potential to create trillions of dollars in economic value." Sequoia Capital predicts that generative AI may change all industries that require human beings to create original works, from games to advertising to the legal profession. It is worth mentioning that Sequoia Capital also pointed out in its blog post that this message was partly written by GPT-3 (GPT-3 is a generative AI capable of generating text).

Working principle of generative AI

In the past, deep learning technology was widely used to train the model on large data sets. When the program understands the relationships in these data, the model can be applied to actual scenes, such as identifying whether there is a dog in a picture or translating text, and so on.

The working principle of the image generator is to reverse this process. For example, instead of translating English into French, it translates English phrases into images. Specifically, it usually has two main parts, one is to process initial phrases, and the other is to convert data into images.

At first, generative AI was based on a method called GAN, that is, the generative adversarial network. In essence, this method is to make two artificial intelligence models compete with each other to better create images that meet the target.

At present, generative AI is usually based on Transformer, such as image generator DALL-E and so on. DALL-E was first created by OpenAI in 2021, and in 2022, OpenAI released DALL-E 2.

Christian Cantrell, a developer who focuses on generative AI, said: "With DALL-E 2, we can really cross uncanny valley." (The Valley of Terror theory is a hypothesis about human perception of robots and non-human objects. It was put forward by Japanese robot expert Masahiro Mori in 1970. )

Another commonly used AI-based image generator is Craiyon (formerly known as DALL-E Mini), where users can enter phrases in the browser and see the illustrations it generates within a few minutes.

According to Dayma, since its launch in July 2021, Craiyon has produced about 10 million unprecedented pictures every day, which adds up to 1 billion. Earlier this year, the use of Crayon soared, and Dayma also took Crayon as its full-time job. In addition, Dayma has created a Twitter account to post the weirdest and most creative pictures generated by Craiyon. For example, ketchup comes out of the tap on the Italian sink.

In addition, Stable Diffusion has also received wide attention. The project was released in August this year and has been open source on GitHub. Developers can run the project on computers, not just in the cloud or through programming interfaces. For example, Stable Diffusion can be integrated into Adobe Photoshop by plug-in, allowing users to generate backgrounds and other parts of images, and use layers and other Photoshop tools to operate in applications.

Cantrell, the developer of the plug-in, said, "I want to meet these creative professionals, so that they can introduce artificial intelligence into their creative work, instead of destroying their work."

It is understood that Cantrell has worked for Adobe for 20 years. After leaving in 2022, Cantrell focused on the direction of generative AI. Cantrell said that Stable Diffusion has been downloaded tens of thousands of times, and artists told him that they used this plug-in in many unexpected places, such as making Godzilla animation or creating pictures of Spider-Man.

Start-up companies get together

Some investors regard generative AI as a potentially transformative change, just like the early development of smart phones or the Internet. This kind of transformation has greatly expanded the potential market of this technology.

"Before that, artificial intelligence was not unprecedented. Before 2007, we were not without mobile devices, "said Beisel, a seed investor." But at this moment, everything came together. The final consumer can experience and see something different from before. "

Cantrell believes that machine learning is similar to a more basic technology: database. "Machine learning is a bit like a database, which opens up a whole new world for network applications. All the applications we have used in our life are built on the database. But no one cares about how the database works. People only know how to use it. "

Michael Dempsey, managing partner of Compound VC, said that in the past, it was "very rare" for laboratory technology to enter the mainstream, but at present, generative AI has attracted wide attention of venture capitalists. Nevertheless, he warned that the current generative AI may be in the "curious stage" near the peak of the hype cycle, and the companies established at this stage may fail because they don’t focus on the specific uses that enterprises or consumers are willing to pay for.

Others in the industry believe that startups that can apply new technologies such as generative AI today may challenge technology giants such as Google, Meta and Microsoft in the future.

At present, many companies applying generative AI technology have already received large amount of financing, and their valuations have also risen. For example, earlier this year, Hugging Face was valued at $2 billion after receiving investments including Lux Capital and Sequoia Capital; OpenAI has also received more than $1 billion from Microsoft and Khosla Ventures.

In addition, according to Forbes, Stability AI, the developer of Stable Diffusion, is negotiating with investment institutions to raise up to $1 billion in venture capital.

Cloud vendors and chip vendors will benefit.

Besides start-ups, cloud service providers such as Amazon, Microsoft and Google can also benefit from it, because generative AI may require a huge amount of computation.

Meta and Google have also taken action and started recruiting talents. In September of this year, Meta released an artificial intelligence application called "Make-A-Video", which can generate videos, which makes the generative AI technology a step further.

"This is a great progress," Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta, posted on his Facebook page. "It is much more difficult to generate videos than photos, because besides correctly generating each pixel, the system must also predict how they will change over time."

Recently, Google matched with Meta and released a program code called Phenaki, which can also convert text into video and generate several minutes of footage.

This craze may also boost chip manufacturers such as Nvidia, AMD and Intel, because the advanced graphics processors produced by these companies are ideal for training and deploying artificial intelligence models.

At a recent meeting, Huang Renxun, CEO of Nvidia, emphasized that generative AI is the key use of the company’s latest chip, and he said that this kind of program may "revolutionize communication" soon.

At present, there are not many uses of generative AI that can generate commercial benefits. Many exciting breakthroughs today come from free or low-cost experiments. For example, some writers have tried to use image generator to generate images for articles. An example of Nvidia is to use a model to generate new 3D images, including people, animals, vehicles or furniture, which can be filled into the virtual game world.

Ethical issues can not be ignored.

While generating AI excites the industry, the ethical issues it brings are also worthy of attention.

The first is employment. Compared with professional illustrators, generative AI is obviously cheaper. Therefore, generative AI is likely to rob artists, video producers and other people engaged in creative work of their "rice bowls".

In addition, there are complex problems in originality and ownership of the content created by generative AI.

Generated AI is trained on a large number of images. Therefore, it is still controversial whether the creator of the original image has copyright requirements for the generated new image.

Some time ago, an artist won an art competition in Colorado, and his winning image was created by a generative AI named MidJourney. After winning, the artist said in an interview that he selected one image from hundreds of images generated by himself and post-processed it in Photoshop.

It is worth mentioning that some images generated by Stable Diffusion are watermarked, which indicates that some of the original data sets are copyrighted. Previously, Getty Images (a picture trading company based in Seattle, USA) announced that it was forbidden for users to upload generated AI pictures to its picture library, because the company was worried that there might be some copyright problems in such pictures. .

With the improvement of image generation software, generative AI may also deceive users, make them believe false information, or display images or videos of events that never happened.

In addition, developers must also deal with the possibility that models trained on a large amount of data may have biases related to gender, race or culture contained in the data, which may cause the models to show such biases in their outputs.

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Urban governance rule of law: take the "Shanghai Domestic Waste Management Regulations" as an example

Since the reform and opening up, the urban management of Shanghai can be divided into three stages: the initial stage of reform and opening up to 2000, the construction management is cracked by solving the "three difficulties" (difficulty in transportation, housing difficulties, and environmental difficulties). With people -oriented, management as the first, safety as the first, to welcome the "Expo" event and consolidate "comprehensive management" as the main task; since 2017, it has entered refined management to make good use of the "three hearts and one needle" (embroidery -like " Carefulness, patience, excellence, and embroidery needle), build four beams and eight pillars.

After more than forty years of practice and exploration, Shanghai has accumulated rich experience in the process of dealing with various complex problems operating in large cities, and conducted a comprehensive exploration in the refinement of urban management.

In 2021, the Shanghai Housing and Urban -Rural Development Management Committee organized the writing "Exploration and Practice Series of the Construction of" People’s City "in the New Era". Strengthen the refined work of urban management and promote the exploration and practice of people’s urban construction. The book uses the four main "needle methods": rule of law, standardization, intelligence, and socialization (fourizations), combined with cases to detailed how Shanghai performs refined management.

In the chapter of the "rule of the rule of law" the "warning line" of urban management, the writing group cuts in from the legislative, revision, law enforcement and law popularization of the city management field in Shanghai, analyzes the application of the rule of law thinking in the management process, and confirms the construction of the rule of law. Fundamental role in urban management. We have edited some of the contents of this chapter, explained the necessity of rule of law in urban management, and selected one of the most representative cases in order to readers.

For a long time, Shanghai has always regarded the rule of law as an important cornerstone of the construction of governance systems and governance capabilities, based on the management needs of oversized cities, and continuously refining and optimizing the guarantee of legal systems.

In early 2021, driving into the Fenhu Daokou of the G50 Shanghai -Chongqing High Speed ??Speed ??and entering the boundary of Shanghai, Mr. Lin, who was sitting in the co -driver, received a text message- "The Regulations on the Administration of Shanghai Public Health Emergency" will be implemented on November 1, 2020. Everyone is responsible for preventing and controlling and controlling it according to law. Strengthen self -health management, strengthen self -protection awareness, wash hands, divide hands, use public chopstick spoons. Enter the airport, railway station, bus, subway and other public places to wear masks as required to maintain social distance ""

"It is illegal to wear a mask in Shanghai in public places." Mr. Lin turned his head and told his friends and took out the mask from his pocket.

The "Regulations on the Administration of Public Health Emergency" clearly stipulates that during the popularity of respiratory infectious diseases, entering public places should be worn in accordance with the requirements and maintain a social distance. Today, wearing a mask in public places is not only a civilized habit, but also a legal obligation that Shanghai citizens should adhere to.

How to use the rule of law thinking and the rule of law to regulate the public order of the city, so that the law can be dependent on, and the law is based on the law. It is an inevitable requirement and important content of the construction and management of modern cities. From the perspective of the refined goals of urban management, the accuracy and effectiveness of management methods should meet the basic requirements of standardized implementation, and the standardization of the means requires the establishment, sound, and perfect legal and regulatory system to enhance the particle size and refinement of legal resources With high rigorous rules and the spirit of the rule of law, it provides a solid institutional foundation and exquisite behavioral guidance for the efficient operation of urban management. On the one hand, we can rule the people and the people in accordance with the law, and use laws and regulations to restrict the behavior of citizens; on the other hand, in accordance with the right to rule, govern officials, regulate the behavior of government agencies and their public officials, and use laws and regulations to control the exercise of public power. It can be said that the process of continuous improvement of the rule of law in urban management itself is an important practice of the concept of "the people of the people’s city and the people’s city for the people".

The standardization of management methods is also conducive to overcoming the disadvantages of sports and empirical governance, and improving the long -term and stability of urban governance. The content of the standardized management methods also includes the clear division of the rights and obligations of various types of public affairs and the supply of public services, and the determination of organizational management and operating rules provides behavioral specifications for various governance subjects, and provides public rights of the public. Standards and basis, guide urban management laws and regulations to become social consensus and behavioral rules.

For the government, the rule of law of management methods lies in clarifying its responsibilities and their behavioral standards, accelerating the transformation of government functions, and promoting the original inherent leadership decision -making government to the legal decision -making government through the construction of the rule of law. For citizens, as the main body of the city, citizens have the right to also obliges to improve the literacy and legal awareness of the rule of law, can establish reasonable expectations for administrative processes and management effects, and achieve effective supervision of public administration. It can be seen that the rule of law is the core symbol of urban competitiveness and the dazzling business card for urban governance.

The ideal state of rule of law is "the law can be prohibited, and the law is prohibited without authorization." To achieve this goal, the lack of legislation, law enforcement, and law general law is indispensable. Especially for Shanghai with the inheritance of sea -faction culture, its regional culture itself has a basis for contract civilization.

Shanghai is the first city in the country to implement garbage classification. From July 1, 2019 to the present, it has formed a situation of Shanghai demonstration and onlookers in the country. For Shanghai, legislation is both the task required by superiors, but also the endogenous demand generated by garbage classification to a certain stage. Up to now, the "Regulations on the Management of Shanghai Municipal Lomitic waste" have been implemented for more than two years, and the garbage classification has entered the daily life of each Shanghai person. It shows the civilization of the city.

Case: Fine Management -Taking the "Regulations on the Management of Shanghai Municipal Links" as an example

From 2005 to 2010, the average annual growth rate of Shanghai’s domestic waste was about 3%, the average annual growth rate from 2011-2017 was 4%, and the annual growth rate after 2014 reached 5%. And the traditional garbage treatment method, whether it is incineration or landfill, will bring obvious problems: occupying tens of thousands of acres of land, mosquito flies fly chaotic, sewage overflows, smells of the sky, seriously pollute the soil and groundwater environment … The number of garbage is still threatening the lives of various wild animals, and the garbage in rivers and oceans invades the habitat of aquatic creatures, causing them to die by mistake and even species extinction. At the same time, the two evils brought by the waste incineration are one of the most deadly toxic substances on the earth. After the incineration is discharged and discharged, it can diffuse from a long distance. Once the pollutants enter the human body, they will stay for a long time and eventually cause cancer. "Garbage siege" has been "under the city."

Promoting garbage classification can effectively improve the efficiency of garbage treatment, reduce treatment costs, reduce land consumption and environmental pollution, drive circular economy, save resources, and turn waste into treasures, and have the benefits of social, economic and ecological aspects. However, in order to do a good job of domestic waste, we must change people’s behavior habits and require a long -term process. Refined governance of domestic garbage in other countries often go through decades or even longer efforts. Therefore, the legislative work of the garbage classification is not only the need to mobilize the entire force, but also the most powerful education and guidance of this work and the most powerful education and control.

On the basis of a large -scale questionnaire survey and full review, Shanghai people have reviewed and approved the "Shanghai Municipal Home Wurns Management Regulations" greater than January 2019. It is announced that it will be officially implemented on July 1, 2019. Enter the "hard constraint" era.

The legislation clarified several priorities in Shanghai’s garbage classification work. One is how to divide it? Shanghai has been exploring garbage classification since the 1990s. After several changes, in 2011, it was determined to be recyclable, harmful garbage, wet garbage, and dry garbage. During the review of the regulations, the Standing Committee of the Municipal People’s Congress designed a set of questionnaires for the general public, and the results showed that most citizens expressed their recognition of the "four -point method".

Shanghai domestic waste classification and launch guide

Who will control it? At the three levels of the city, district, and streets, the regulations stipulate the management model of "combination and block", and clarify the work content of the street office and the township people’s governments. One by one. For example, units and individuals who generate domestic waste are the responsible subjects of classification and distribution. They should put domestic waste to the corresponding collecting containers; each launching point shall establish a classification and distribution management responsible person to clarify their rights and obligations; For garbage, the receiving unit can refuse to receive it. If it does not make corrections within the time limit, it can be fined.

The third is how to do the source reduction? The regulations include specific matters including promoting product packaging materials and reduction of express packaging. For example, hotels must not take the initiative to provide disposable daily necessities, catering service providers and catering distribution service providers must not proactively provide free disposable chopsticks, puffing and other tableware. In Shanghai, when using APP such as "Hungry" or "Meituan", each merchant must provide special tableware options and give reminders to "provide on -demand".

Fourth, how to achieve "closed loop" management? The regulations strictly standardize and transport and transport, and clarify that the receiving units must use special vehicles and ships to implement closed transportation. Realization of the whole process.

After the "Shanghai Municipal Domestic Waste Management Regulations" was officially implemented, a public account article entitled "A picture to understand Shanghai’s domestic garbage classification" was crazy "swipe the screen" in the circle of friends. Someone teased that the "magic people" was "mad" by the garbage classification. Every morning, when they went out, they had to accept the soul torture of "what garbage was".

Mobilization and ridicule, but if you go to the community and ask "whether the garbage classification is good", even the seventh or eighty -year -old grandma will answer you: "Okay! Now the environment is so serious, Allah is obliged to contribute to environmental protection." Since the implementation of more than two years, garbage classification has entered the daily life of every Shanghai people. Everyone is proud of "division", ashamed of "indiscriminate".

Observing all corners of Shanghai, you can find many places that are changing because of garbage classification: Located on the coast of the East China Sea and 70 kilometers from the southeast of the city center -this "digestion" of about 50%of the domestic garbage terminal treatment in Shanghai The landfills have become the ecological protection display window of green surroundings; Xinyixiu Village, which has achieved "wet garbage cannot be out of the community", Aunt Hou voted to the wet garbage in the community’s trash tank, and the intensive processing of intelligent equipment was treated with concentrated treatment 4 hours later, it became organic fertilizer, and was taken home by Aunt Hou to raise flowers. At the Century Lianhua Luban shop after the "Plastics Limit Order", the counter was carefully prepared on the counter. Packing for customers to use …

Shanghai Old Port Ecological Environmental Protection Base is the world’s largest waste incineration plant and medical waste disposal facility

Xinyu Liu Village "Wet garbage does not get out of the community"

The changes that occurred in factories, communities, supermarkets, and landfills are the true portrayal of the participation and control of the whole people. As of the end of 2020, Shanghai has initially established a full -process classification system to achieve 100%harmless treatment of domestic garbage. Both residential and unit domestic waste classification standards have doubled more than 95%, and the recycling rate of domestic waste resources has reached 38%. Garbage classification makes Shanghai more livable and more temperature.Please clickhereOr scan the code to buy to understand the exploration of refined city management in Shanghai: