"Cancelling the mobile phone number is tantamount to selling yourself" rushed to the hot search, and 10086 responded.

On April 5 th, Observer Network, the entry "Cancelling the mobile phone number is equal to selling yourself" rushed to the hot search, which triggered a hot discussion among netizens. Many netizens discuss that there are too many softwares for binding their mobile phone numbers. If the unbinding is not in place, many problems will arise due to account cancellation.

On April 1st, the police officer "Xu Dudu" of Tongling City Public Security Bureau released a video saying: "Cancelling the mobile phone number is tantamount to selling yourself, and the mobile phone number you cancelled casually is likely to cause property losses. When you don’t use or don’t want to use your mobile phone number, go to the business hall to cancel it. After a while, the business chamber will put your mobile phone number back into the market, and the next person who uses your mobile phone number can log in to Alipay, WeChat and other software with the mobile phone verification code. The consequences are unimaginable. You may wish to go one step further, unbind all the related software that binds this mobile phone number, and the mobile phone number reserved by the bank must also be modified, so that it can be foolproof. "

Some netizens said that they were afraid to change their accounts for fear of trouble and omission. Some netizens said that they had encountered the situation that replacing a new account required the old account to receive the verification code.

Because all kinds of accounts and software now use the mobile phone number as the key step to log in, the mobile phone number is closely related to people’s privacy and network information security.

In this regard, 10086 customer service said that if you need to cancel your mobile phone number, you can bring your ID card to the local business hall. However, it should be noted that if the software such as WeChat is not unbound after the cancellation of the mobile phone number, it is possible for the new owner of the number to log in with the mobile phone number. It is suggested that users should bind a new phone number for the software they use within three months after canceling the phone number. Generally speaking, the cancelled mobile phone number will be put back on the market after 1-2 years.

Is there a one-click query function?

At the end of last year, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology upgraded some functions of "One Certificate for General Inquiry 2.0", and the registration of Internet application accounts supporting inquiry increased from the previous 11 to 16. At the same time, the service of "Unbinding/Complaint One-click Jump Processing" has been added, which aims to further facilitate users to inquire and unbind their unwitting accounts.

Search for "WeChat official account" in WeChat, click on the attention, and select the function of "One Certificate for General Enquiry" in "Government Services" in the menu bar below. After entering the inquiry homepage, click "Internet Account" and fill in my mobile phone number, the last six digits of my ID number and the verification code, and you can inquire about the account registration of mainstream Internet apps and websites. The query results will be replied within 48 hours through the unified SMS port of 10699000.

If you need to inquire about the details or unbind the account, you can click "Explanation of Unbinding and Details Inquiry" on the inquiry page to enter the page of the corresponding Internet enterprise for related operations.

If there is any objection to the query results, you can call the enterprise customer service telephone for consultation.

More than just unbinding the Internet account, if you lose your mobile phone or cancel your mobile phone card, you must remember to do the following things:

Back up telephone information

Modify the mobile phone number bound to the bank card

Change the binding of mobile phones such as Taobao and Alipay

Change the mobile phone bound by social accounts such as Weibo, WeChat and QQ.

Change the mobile phone bound to the network disk or cloud service

Change member information

After the mobile phone number is cancelled, it is best to destroy the SIM card.

Source | Observer Network Comprehensive Nine School News, Upstream News, etc.

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Today’s Lantern Festival, did your family eat Yuanxiao or Tangyuan?

  Today is the annual traditional festival-Lantern Festival, with the traditional custom of eating Yuanxiao in the north and glutinous rice balls in the south. In many people’s minds, many people think that Yuanxiao and Tangyuan are different names for a kind of food, which are silly and confusing. In fact, there are still some differences between Yuanxiao and Tangyuan in practice, hardness, size and taste. Do you know the difference between Yuanxiao and Tangyuan?

  Yuanxiao and Tangyuan: Different production techniques.

  Tangyuan is wrapped, while Yuanxiao is "shaken".

  North Lantern Festival, first mix the stuffing, the stuffing is hard, cut into cubes smaller than table tennis. Then put the stuffing into a dustpan, pour a proper amount of glutinous rice flour, and sprinkle water while rolling until the stuffing is covered with glutinous rice flour, and the Yuanxiao gets bigger and rounder. It’s slightly bigger than glutinous rice balls.

  Southern dumplings are made like buns. The stuffing of glutinous rice balls is soft. Put glutinous rice flour into a ball with water, pull a small ball of wet noodles by hand and squeeze it into a round shape. Pick a ball of stuffing with chopsticks and put it on the glutinous rice slice, then turn and close it with both hands. It is slightly smaller than Yuanxiao.

  Yuanxiao and Tangyuan: Different tastes.

  Yuanxiao tastes rough, and the fillings are mostly sweet, usually white sugar, sesame, rose, chocolate and other fillings. The cooking time is relatively long. After cooking, the water will be a little turbid, the glutinous rice will taste thick, the skin will be soft, and the filling will be "biting".

  Tangyuan has a soft and glutinous taste, while the stuffing is sweet and salty, with rich taste, mainly black sesame, red bean paste, fruit, vegetables, meat, etc. The cooking time is relatively short, and the soup is relatively clear after cooking, and the taste of glutinous rice is relatively light.

  Yuanxiao and Tangyuan: Different distribution areas.

  Yuanxiao is common in the north, and it can often be seen that it is sold on the street, processed on the spot, and now eaten and shaken, because Yuanxiao needs to be quickly wrapped with powder, which is relatively ready to eat, and has certain requirements on temperature. Fresh Yuanxiao can only be eaten in the north!

  In the south, dumplings are mainly used, but the temperature requirement of dumplings is not high, so prepackaged dumplings can be eaten all over the country.

  For thousands of years, Yuanxiao/Tangyuan has been an indispensable delicacy on the dining table of every household, and it is also a witness to the traditional culture of the Chinese nation. No matter how different the taste is, the same is everyone’s good wishes and expectations for reunion.

  Do you like Yuanxiao or Tangyuan?

  Yuanxiao and Tangyuan have diverse tastes.

  What wonderful fillings have you eaten?

Source: Henan Education Broadcasting

Liquor giants are frequently expanding their production! Maotai invested 4.1 billion yuan, Wuliangye invested 2.75 billion yuan, and LU ZHOU LAO JIAO CO.,LTD invested 570 million yuan … for every re

Opening words:

New Year’s Eve is a day of family reunion. Behind the lights, there are always some people who choose to stick to their posts and contribute their strength to others’ Spring Festival.

When they are homesick, they can only "reunite" with their families online, make a phone call, make a video, report their peace to their families and send them lovesickness.

On this New Year’s Eve, upstream journalists visited ordinary people from different positions and recorded their online New Year’s Eve.

Thank them for their dedication, responsibility and responsibility.

Pay tribute to everyone who has spent New Year’s Eve online.

▲ At Jiangbei International Airport, Xiong Mengxiang, the ground flight attendant of Chongqing Airlines, is checking in passengers.

Xiong Mengxiang, a 32-year-old ground crew member of Chongqing Airlines, has only been back to his hometown in Hubei twice for New Year’s Eve since he worked for 10 years. This year’s Spring Festival, she still sticks to her post to ensure that thousands of tourists go home for reunion.

Video call with family during lunch time

"Mom, is the dinner ready for the New Year’s Eve?" On January 31st, New Year’s Eve, the day of family reunion, Xiong Mengxiang made a video call to his mother during the short lunch time.

"What do you eat today? Dad cooked a lot of delicious dishes, but it’s a pity that you can’t come back. " Mother’s words are full of regret and concern.

"You eat more, eat my share, I’m all right here, eat well, don’t worry …" Xiong Mengxiang in the video always keeps smiling. A few minutes later, after hanging up the phone, she quietly turned her head and gently wiped her tears. Immediately, she began to tidy up her appearance, then put on a smile again and returned to her post to continue her work.

▲ Xiong Mengxiang wears protective equipment and is ready to work.

"Hello, madam, do you have any luggage to check?" Xiong Mengxiang, who returned to his post, smiled and served every passenger who came to check in.

Work for 10 years, only go home on New Year’s Eve and spend the New Year’s Eve twice.

Xiong Mengxiang has been doing this job for 10 years. Because of the particularity of her job, on New Year’s Eve in the past 10 years, she stuck to her job for eight years and only went back to her hometown in Hubei twice. On New Year’s Eve this year, Xiong Mengxiang is still on duty.

Xiong Mengxiang’s current job is a 24-hour shift system, starting at 9 am and getting off work at 9 am the next day. The main job is to handle check-in, ticket sales, change of visa, inquiry and other services for passengers. In the morning, they have to greet the passengers on the first flight, and in the evening, they have to send the passengers on the last flight away before they can get off work.

▲ Xiong Mengxiang handles check-in procedures for passengers.

Check-in, communication and coordination, formalities … These actions are repeated hundreds of times every day. After the COVID-19 epidemic, they also need to check the "double code" and nucleic acid certificate, which makes her work more complicated.

During her stay in Spring Festival travel rush, she received an average of more than 200 passengers every day, and the reception volume may double during the peak period. In the face of passengers’ inquiries, they always smile and serve, and do every detail well. At the check-in counter, they should check in a passenger within 3 minutes, and at the sales counter, they are required to issue tickets within 1 minute and change their tickets within 5 minutes. Standing for a long time caused varicose veins in her calf.

"Although I will be absent from the family reunion dinner this year, I am very pleased to be able to guarantee thousands of tourists to go home for reunion." Xiong Mengxiang said.

Upstream journalist Gan Xiayi Li Jing

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Moderate rain, heavy rain, heavy rain! Shaanxi issues important weather forecast.

This article is transferred from [Shaanxi News];
In recent days
Rainy weather occurs in many places in our province.
Provincial meteorological observatory news
06: 00 on September 21st-06: 00 on September 22nd
Precipitation occurred in 500 monitoring stations in 96 districts and counties in the province.
temperature fall
Snowfall occurred in Taibai Mountain in Baoji.
This afternoon (September 22nd), Shaanxi Meteorological Observatory
Issue important weather forecasts
There is rainy weather in our province from this afternoon to the 25th.
At 9 o’clock this morning
Issued by Ankang Meteorological Observatory
Important weather report
Night of 22nd to 28th.
Ankang will have a new round of rain weather process.
There may be sleet in the high mountain area of Qinba.
Affected by the cold air in the north and the warm and humid airflow in the southwest, there will be a new round of rain weather process in our city from the night of 22nd to 28th, with moderate rain as the main rainfall intensity, and heavy rain in some periods during the period, accompanied by short-term heavy precipitation (10 ~ 30mm/h). The accumulated rainfall during the process is 100-130mm, and it can exceed 180mm in some areas.
The temperature drop in this process is obvious, and sleet may appear in the high mountain area of Qinba in the later period of rainfall.
Shaanxi specific forecast
It is expected that it will be cloudy to cloudy in the whole province during the day. There are light rains or showers in western Shaanxi, most of Guanzhong and most of southern Shaanxi. There are 3-4 southerly winds in most parts of northern Shaanxi, 3-4 easterly winds in northern Guanzhong, and 5-6 gusts. In the morning, there is fog in southern Shaanxi, Guanzhong and southern Shaanxi, and there is dense fog in the local area. Tonight: the whole province is cloudy. There are light rains or showers in the south-central part of northern Shaanxi, most of Guanzhong, and western part of southern Shaanxi, and there are light rains and local rains in eastern part of southern Shaanxi (Figure 2). There are 3-4 southerly winds in most parts of northern Shaanxi, and 3-4 easterly winds in northern Guanzhong, with gusts above 6.
Today’s risk warning: The main disastrous weather in our province today is heavy fog. In the morning, there is fog in southern Shaanxi, Guanzhong and southern Shaanxi, and there is dense fog in the local area.
23rd: The whole province is cloudy. There are light rains or showers in parts of northern Shaanxi;There is light rain in southern Shaanxi, most of Guanzhong and western Shaanxi, and there is moderate rain in the local area; There is little to moderate rain in the eastern part of southern Shaanxi.There are 4-5 southerly winds in most parts of northern Shaanxi, and 3-4 easterly winds in northern Guanzhong, with gusts of more than 6.The daily average temperature drops by about 4℃ in most parts of northern Shaanxi and eastern Guanzhong.
24th: The whole province is cloudy with light to moderate rain in most places.Among them, there is heavy rain in the eastern part of Guanzhong and the eastern part of southern Shaanxi.
25th: It’s cloudy in the whole province, with light rain in parts of southern Shaanxi and Guanzhong, Shaanxi.There is little to moderate rain in the south, moderate to heavy rain in some places and heavy rain in some places.
26th: There is little to moderate rain in most parts of the province on cloudy days, and there is heavy rain in the western part of Guanzhong and parts of the western part of southern Shaanxi.
27th: The whole province is cloudy, with moderate to moderate rain in Guanzhong and southern Shaanxi, and heavy rain in some places.There is heavy rain locally.
28th: Cloudy days turn cloudy in the whole province, and there are some places in southern Shaanxi.Small to moderate rain.
29th: It turns cloudy and sunny in northern Shaanxi and Guanzhong, cloudy and cloudy in southern Shaanxi, and in some places in the south.Small to moderate rain.
30th: It is cloudy and sunny in northern Shaanxi and Guanzhong, and cloudy and cloudy in southern Shaanxi.
October 1st: The whole province is cloudy. Late weather trend (October 02-October 05): Northern Shaanxi and Guanzhong are cloudy with sunny days, while southern Shaanxi is cloudy with cloudy days with scattered precipitation.
Heavy rainfall in recent days.
Lead to Ankang territory
Some national and provincial trunk lines appear.
Landslide, subgrade water damage, etc.
Ziyang highway section quickly carried out emergency rescue and smooth work
From September 19th to 20th, Ziyang County was hit by the heaviest rainfall this year, resulting in landslides, subgrade water damage, mudslides, falling trees and other disasters in many places on Provincial Highway 211, and some traffic was interrupted, which seriously affected road traffic safety.
Ziyang Highway responded quickly, and immediately started the emergency response plan for flood control. The person in charge of this section immediately organized personnel and machinery to rush to the scene of the disaster to guide the emergency repair work. According to the principle of first rushing through and then ensuring smoothness, he went all out to clean up the road surface landslides and mudslides and ensure the safe and smooth roads under his jurisdiction.
By 17: 00 on September 21st, all the damaged sections of S211 and G541 maintained by Ziyang Highway have been rushed through. In this round of rescue, more than 161 flood control personnel, 39 sets of machinery and equipment, 132 sets of materials were invested, and 3,526 cubic meters /66 landslides and 4,155 cubic meters /45 mudslides were cleared.
Lan’ gao highway section is fully rescued and unblocked.
As of September 21st, there were 6 landslides of 1,260 cubic meters, 1 debris flow of more than 3,000 cubic meters, 16 waterlogged sections of 1,300 linear meters, and ditches of 1,600 linear meters in the area under the jurisdiction of Langao Highway. More than 120 flood prevention and rescue personnel and 30 sets of machinery and equipment were put into operation, and the rescue work is still in progress.
Heavy rainfall weather
It is easy to cause flash floods and landslides
Debris flow, urban waterlogging and other disasters
How should we respond scientifically?
Let’s watch it together
Source: Shaanxi Radio and Television Media Group Shaanxi News Shaanxi Meteorological Ankang Meteorological Ankang Comprehensive Broadcasting

Mrs. Han Xu, former ambassador to the United States: Sino-US friendship lasts forever.

  A recent photo of Ms. Ge Qiyun. Ms. Ge Qiyun, born in 1926, graduated from the Foreign Languages Department of Fudan University in Shanghai. He joined the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 1950 and worked in the International Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the liaison office in the United States and the embassy in the United States. (Xinhuanet Feng Yanqiang photo taken on December 31, 2008)

  Xinhuanet, Beijing, December 31st (Xu Qian, Feng Yanqiang) "George H.W. Bush was elected president of the United States in November 1988. As in the past three years, he still came to the China Embassy in the United States for Christmas in December, and we invited them to eat roast duck. They are coming for roast duck. They especially like Beijing roast duck and Zhajiang Noodles in old Beijing. " Ge Qiyun, wife of Han Xu, former China ambassador to the United States, said with a smile when talking about former US President George W. Bush.

  On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and the United States, Xinhuanet interviewed Ms. Ge Qiyun. Ge Qiyun, who is in her seventies, is energetic and amiable. From her, you can feel the atmosphere and easygoing of the older generation of diplomats in China. As a witness in the process of establishing diplomatic relations and development between China and the United States, Ge Qiyun told reporters about the interesting diplomatic past between China and the United States.

  Barbecue club

  "I think the American people are very easy to get along with. The American people are very lovely and enthusiastic. They are more active in thinking, as can be seen from their usual clothes, and they are more casual. Americans are very humorous, and high-level people will joke, which left a particularly deep impression on me. " When talking about his impression of Americans, Ge Qiyun showed his affection for the American people without reservation.

  Ge Qiyun excitedly talked about his interesting experience in the "barbecue club"-American Journalists Association. The so-called "barbecue club" is not a place to eat barbecue, but a place for American journalists to meet, where they "barbecue" American political elites, find fault with them and make a fool of themselves.

  On the evening of February 9, 1988, President Reagan and his wife held a reception for the diplomatic envoys of various countries in the United States. The picture shows the Reagan couple taking a photo with China’s Ambassador Han Xu and his wife. President Reagan wrote an inscription on the photo: "Best wishes to His Excellency Ambassador Han Xu of People’s Republic of China (PRC) and his wife, Ronald Reagan."

  Ge Qiyun still remembers the anecdote of her first meeting in the "Barbecue Club". At that time, the object of "barbecue" was Reagan, then president. After Reagan arrived, the reporters below made things difficult for him. "Do you remember this, Madam President?" Reagan replied, "I don’t remember. I forgot all about it." Everyone burst into laughter. They are either malicious or just joking. Because Reagan became president in his 70 s, his memory declined. When people ask him any questions, he often answers, "I forgot."

  Another time I played a joke on Barbara, the wife of George H.W. Bush. Barbara has silver hair and never dyes her hair. She shows her true colors. Journalists like to make fun of her and persuade her to dye her hair and look younger, but Barbara, who has a strong personality, is dismissive. However, on one occasion, Barbara intentionally wore a black fake headgear to attend a party of the "barbecue club", but it was quickly discovered by reporters, and the audience burst into laughter and gave warm applause.

  George H.W. Bush spent Christmas at the China Embassy four times.

  Before the interview, the reporter heard that Han and Xu had a deep friendship with the Bush couple. Korea and Syria worked in the United States for 10 years before and after, but the friendship with President Bush began in 1974, when Bush was the director of the US Liaison Office in China.

  When he was the director of the liaison office in Beijing, George H.W. Bush used to cycle around the streets in order to get to know more about the people of China. This practice was extremely rare among foreign ambassadors to China at that time, and it became an interesting story for a while.

  On December 23rd, 1988, China’s ambassador to the United States, Mr. and Mrs. Han Xu, hosted a Christmas dinner for newly elected US President George Bush and his wife Barbara. This photo was taken on December 23rd, but after President Bush signed an inscription on August 14th, 1989, he asked General scowcroft, the US National Security Assistant who was about to visit China, to give it to Han Xu when he visited China. Bush wrote an inscription on the photo: "Pay tribute and friendship to Han Xu and Ge Qiyun-well done, Mr. Ambassador! George Bush, August 14, 1989 "

  Ge Qiyun also talked about the fact that Mr. and Mrs. Bush went to the China Embassy in the United States for Christmas. "Americans like to eat turkey at Christmas, which means the same thing as our Chinese New Year package in jiaozi. But when we invited them, we invited them to eat roast duck. In Beijing’s roast duck restaurant, it is said that ducks are roasted with jujube wood, but at that time, the embassy didn’t have that condition, only an electric stove. They came for ducks and especially liked to eat roast duck. When they left, we didn’t send any heavy gifts, just green onions, sweet noodle sauce and Zhenjiang vinegar. "

  In 1988, George H.W. Bush was elected President of the United States. Ge Qiyun said: "On Christmas Day in December, George H.W. Bush led the whole family, including the current President George W. Bush and his wife, to the China Embassy in the United States for Christmas. At that time, we had a colleague here who was very talented. He wrote a poem for the Bush Sr. and his wife, accompanied by an American tune, and asked someone to sing it in Bel Canto, which moved Mrs. Bush Barbara. "

  When the Bush Sr. and his family came to China’s embassy in the United States for Christmas, Ge Qiyun said, "They are still treated to the same things and eat roast duck. Bush senior is very low-key and unassuming, giving people the feeling that he is close. The Bush family has played a great role in promoting Sino-US relations. "

  Ge Qiyun presented her personal calligraphy work "Dragon Eagle" to Mrs. Bush Barbara at the China Embassy in the United States, and wrote an inscription: Sino-US friendship will last forever, and Ms. Barbara bush will survive.

  "George H.W. Bush and his wife are very traditional. Some values and family values are very similar to ours. They are all traditional." Talking about George H.W. Bush, Ge Qiyun still remembers it vividly, and his face is full of nostalgia.

  From 1985 to 1989, when Han Xu was the ambassador to the United States, the Bush Sr. and his wife spent Christmas with Han Xu at the China Embassy in the United States for four years in a row. For the last time, Bush Sr. led the whole family, including the current President George W. Bush, to spend Christmas at the China Embassy in the United States, which was unique among previous American presidents.

  Ge Qiyun has been away from the United States for many years, and Han Xu has been dead for more than ten years, but American friends such as President Bush Sr. still keep in touch with Ge Qiyun. Their relationship proves a famous song "Friendship lasts forever".

  "2009 is the 30th anniversary of Sino-US relations, which is of great significance. My feeling is that it is hard-won. Han Xu worked there for 10 years, and after he came back, he was in charge of the work of the United States for 6 years, so he had a lot of experience in the work of the United States. The relationship between China and the United States has experienced many twists and turns, but it will definitely get better and better. This is not based on human will, "Ge Qiyun said.

Editor: Li Erqing

Found a 60+ dressing expert: don’t pretend to be tender or fancy, don’t wear gold and silver, and be elegant to the bone.

Hi, are you ready to be beautiful together?

What kind of experience is it to have a mother who is more fashionable than yourself?This 60+ Aunt Su’s fans come to tell you. Up to her peers in her sixties and seventies, down to a little girl of 20+, this aunt wears countless circles of powder. ▼▼

In the comment area of Su Ayi’s social account, there are iron fans of the same age who envy Su Ayi’s status, and there are also 20+30+ girls who seek links online and watch.Aunt Su, whose hair is curled and dressed with personal characteristics, can’t see at all that she is a "grandmother" over 60.

It can be seen that fashion is not a patent for young people. When you are old, you don’t have to go with the flow to wear "grandma’s clothes". Just look at Aunt Su.The face is perishable but the style lasts forever!

It’s never too late to dress up. In this issue, we will take a look at this fashionable 60+ aunt and see how she uses some.The basic model that can be seen every day, wearing an unforgettable elegant style ~

First, 60 years old wears a 40-year-old appearance, and Aunt Su did two things right:

(point 1): the color is not more than three, and the color is advanced.

Careful observation of Aunt Su’s clothes is not difficult to find.She is very fond of overlapping wear, and each dress is not too tight and the color is not too complicated.This simple collocation style not only shows her unique personal temperament, but also makes her overall dress more advanced and outstanding.

The choice of color is one of the keys to create a simple and elegant style.Too many colors will make the overall shape look chaotic and lack a sense of unity, so it is suggested that when choosing clothing collocation,Try to control within three colors.. This will not only highlight the key points, but also make every single item on the upper body feel advanced.

In addition to the choice of color, Aunt Su is also very particular about color matching. take for exampleChoose items with adjacent colors or similar colors to match.This will make the overall shape more harmonious and unified.Appropriate embellishmentSome bright colorsThe addition of these bright colors can make the whole shape more vivid and interesting.

(point 2): the version prefers to be loose, elegant and more relaxed.

Aunt Su, who is 163 cm tall and weighs 108 kg, is a relatively standard figure among her peers, but her collocation always gives people a feeling of being tall and relaxed, which is not unrelated to her preference for loose versions.

When a woman is old, compared with the slightly cramped tight-fitting models, the comfort and elegance of loose items are better. For example, with the above picture, the loose H-shaped windbreaker can well accommodate the figure curve, with light-colored Polo and pants inside, which makes the body feel the greatest freedom and relaxation.

But the loose version should pay more attention to the proportion of the body and the waistline, and Aunt Su is very good at it.Fold it through to expose the light-colored inner lap to emphasize the waistline, and the cardigan button buckles a visual line that makes the upper V and the lower A, stretching the proportion of the lower body.. Only by combining techniques and loose items can we have a fashionable sense of relaxation.

(Point 3): Age-reducing collocation avoids deliberate feeling.

Many women in their 60 s prefer the age-reducing style, but they can’t start. If they are not careful, they will be suspected of playing tender. Aunt Su’s idea of age-reducing is worth learning.Taking "simplicity and comfort" as the core, we choose classic light-colored items to create a simple style, and at the same time, we can show a youthful and energetic style.

For example, choose a classic sweater cardigan with a solid color T-shirt and white pants. This kind of collocation makes people shine, clean and refreshing, which greatly enhances their temperament, and will not make people feel too deliberate in daily life.Appropriately embellishing a bright color is not exaggerated but can show a certain vitality, and the effect of age reduction is doubled.

Aunt Su’s dress style shows her age-appropriate comfort and self-satisfaction, showing a state of stretching and relaxation, which is very worth learning from her peers.Perfect interpretation of what is "ageless wearing" across age.

Second, Aunt Su’s "Down cotton-padded jacket" collocation is worth learning.

▋ [How to choose? 】

?? Don’t choose colors that are too conspicuous, black and old.

When choosing down jackets, color selection is a key step, especially for middle-aged and elderly women. Too bright colors, such as bright orange and big red, are not only possible.It makes the skin look dull, and it is difficult to wear elegant temperament.

Strong colors have a great impact on vision, and it is difficult to match the daily wearing style, which is too exaggerated. butAunt Su’s down cotton-padded jacket is mostly black, white and gray or earth colors, which are deep and low-key, and can well set off the temperament of mature women., but also can be very harmonious with most colors, you can.Greatly improved the practical wear of clothing..

?? If you don’t choose the complicated quilting style, the earthy taste is still fat.

When purchasing down jackets, you shouldTry to avoid those styles that are too slim and have complicated quilting design.. This kind of down jacket is not only easy to go out of fashion, but also divides the body proportion into a mess, making it difficult to match, and it is difficult for ordinary people to wear a sense of fashion.

In contrast, down jackets with wide quilting intervals will look more neat and fashionable, such asBread and clothing, rhombic check quiltingIt will also look more elegant after the upper body.

▋ [How to take it? 】

⑴ Create a "elastic" contrast and create a slimming effect.

How to wear down jacket without being bloated? The answer lies in grasping the elastic ratio.The key to shaping the slimming effect is to choose fit pants and build them inside.It is recommended to choose slim underwear and slim pants, such as straight pants, leggings or slim wide-leg pants.

These underlays and trousers can enhance the overall line sense, form a visual balance with the down jacket, and create a "elastic" contrast, making the whole look elastic and more exquisite and moving.

⑵ Don’t blur the waistline, wear a tall feeling.

In addition to choosing suitable trousers, the version and collocation of down jacket itself are also very important. In order to prevent showing too bloated body lines, we should pay attention to highlighting the position of waistline.

with regard toSmall, half-sized.Middle-aged and elderly women,Choose a bottom with a high waist design and a padded waistband.It is a good method, which can lengthen the body proportion. In addition,Color contrast between open coat and bottom coat, both hierarchical and slim.

⑶ Down jacket and wide-leg pants are matched, so there is no mistake in covering the meat.

Aunt Su’s down jacket loves to match the narrow wide-leg pants. As it turns out, the combination of the narrow wide-leg pants and the swollen down jacket is very complementary.The straight trousers not onlyCan help hide the fat of the legs, and at the same time avoid the overall shape from being bloated.Create a light visual impression.

You can learn from Aunt Su.Choose a down jacket that is over the waist but not over the hips.With a pair of wide-leg pants with high waist design, a small piece of light color is exposed, which can effectively lengthen the proportion of the lower body and make the figure look more symmetrical.

Third, as long as you have a good attitude, you will never be old.

Among her peers, Aunt Su’s dressing style is different, and at the same time, it is "no grandma-like" in others’ mouths, but these Aunt Su don’t care, bask in life, share clothes and interact with fans, and live a comfortable and happy life in old age.

Aunt Sue said:From the beginning, I was embarrassed to wear lipstick when I went out. When I was in my 60 s, I began to share my clothes. We changed in experience and grew up in change.

Indeed, what is old in life is youth, and what is not old is mentality. The old days are yesterday, but the old days are today.

The vicissitudes of time may be written on the face and body, but a person’s heart isIt can not only be "mature as a teenager", but also "return to nature".

Want more beautiful skills and beautiful clothes to share, don’t forget to "pay attention"! If you are confused, you can write privately. Welcome to leave a message for discussion. Let’s be beautiful together! "No reprinting without permission" # Winter Life Punch Season #

Accident! The two new naturalizations of the national football team staged a derby showdown in Europe, representing China’s debut as soon as next year.

A few days ago, in the Dutch Cup, two popular naturalized national football players, Fizezhan Tianle and Yang Rui Anshang, played an alternative derby, in which Fizezhan Tianle started and played for the team for 90 minutes. Yang Ruian only got the chance to come off the bench in the 73rd minute. Fei Cizhan-Tianle and Yang Ruian are both Chinese players. As long as they are willing to be naturalized by the China Football Association, they can play for the national football team as soon as next year.

Fei Cizhan-Tianle belongs to the excellent player who came out of Ajax youth training system. He used to be the core of the second team and often wore the captain’s armband to play. Whenever Ajax team 2 encounters a deadlock in the game, Ficzen-Tianle can stand up for the first time and put on a good show to turn the tide. Fei Cizhan-Tianle mainly plays the front waist on the court and belongs to the commander urgently needed by the national football team.

Fei Cizhan-Tianle didn’t catch up with the initial stage of the naturalization policy in China football a few years ago, so he came to play in the national football team. The main reason is that Feci Zhan-Tianle is still looking forward to his entry into the Dutch national team. However, according to his development momentum in recent seasons, it is basically impossible to knock on the door of the Orange Legion. Therefore, the most pragmatic goal of Fei Cizhan-Tianle is to play football in the national football team.

Yang Ruian is the main striker position and also has certain finishing ability. If Fei Cizhan-Tianle and Yang Ruian can be naturalized in the national football team, the hope that the national football team will hit the 2026 World Cup will be greatly increased, and both of them are willing to play in the preliminaries for China. National football fans think that if Fei Cizhan-Tianle and Yang Ruian can be naturalized smoothly, I hope they can continue to work hard in Europe instead of returning to the Super League.

Because naturalized players will only get worse and worse when they play in the Super League. Fizichan-Tianle and Yang Ruian both have the ability to play in the Dutch main force, and they can continue to play in the Dutch league. I hope these two national football favorites can become the core of the national team as soon as possible, and coach jankovic will also entrust them with important tasks. I believe that the performances of Fei Cizhan-Tianle and Yang Ruian will not disappoint the fans.

Meibo Art Museum | Xu Ziyun -Listen


As the brand art exhibition of the Meibo Art Museum, the Miko Spring Art Exhibition series has been successfully held for four years, and has accumulated a group of loyal audiences and good reputation. "We tried to break through innovation again and continued the expressiveness and artistic nature of the theme art exhibition over the years. Together with the eleven contemporary art coffees and famous contemporary artists, they strive to present an art feast for the audience with their works that meet the theme of the exhibition.

This art exhibition uses the art form close to the public to extend and find the artist’s spiritual connotation, and think about whether the works and exhibition behaviors of the artist will bring collective changes. understand. The works of the ten famous contemporary artists have a good atmosphere to the Spring Meibo Art Museum. Just like the camphor forest at the Meibo Art Center, the thick vertical line has been attracted to this garden, and the scenery changes.


I am a native of Shanghai. When I shuttle on the streets of Shanghai, I look at the streets, architecture, or some other things. I will have a feeling of knowing each other. Watching these things when I was young is a different feeling.

It’s like looking at a mirror, but this mirror is projected into different spaces and different latitude, so I use the material of mirror acrylic.

I use monochrome, silver, and black and white to present a conversation between the neutralized and memory and memory of the work. The metal color of silver can reflect my feelings of the development of the city in Shanghai. The form of metal and monochrome is more representative and powerful.

The mirror effect of the work allows the audience not only to see myself in the mirror (in the work), but also feel my expression of this city. This work is not only a dialogue between me and my own time and space latitude, but also allows me and viewers to communicate in different time, space, and latitude in the form of mirror.

Xu Ziyun

"Listening Series 1"

Mirror Acrylic

75 × 50cm


Xu Ziyun

"Listening Series 3"

Mirror Acrylic

75 × 50cm


Xu Ziyun

"Listening Series 4"

Mirror Acrylic

75 × 50cm



Young artists convey the creation information through the combination of multiple spaces. Each one can see the artist’s presentation of the past, the presentation of the state of survival, whether it is collective or individual, there is always an indiscriminate relationship with the environment. Xu Ziyun showed his personal feelings about growth space in the form of more novel works, thinking about the meaning of the past and the relationship between the present.

About artist

Xu? Yun

Out of 1991?

Graduated from the Oil Painting Department of China Academy of Fine Arts in 2016


Exhibition experience:


"Early" artistic innovation in China Academy of Fine Arts? Exhibition Futurelab Shanghai? Shore Dome?

"Ming? Can the Bay Area? New Year Artist Program" Australia?

"Internal and Outside" solo exhibition Banana Art Space Nanjing


Banana Art Space 2020 Summer Group Exhibition Nanjing

"Flola’s living room" contemporary art and plant art cross -border exhibition neon art museum


"? 年 Plan for the selection exhibition of outstanding works over the years ·? New Year Artist Nomination Exhibition"

"Memory Vision? -Chayun Art Item? Exhibition" Shanghai


The 9th New Star Art Festival of the series of works "Behind the scenes"


The work "For" Lunch on the Grass "? Conjecture to participate in the" Yue? -The visual cross -border extension "Chicago, USA


The work "Festival?" "College? 2016" Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts

The work "Breathing", "Care?"

116m2+POP UP Painting Mobile Biennale Biennale


The work "Separation in the evening" and "Live? Light" won the theme award of the Inter-Youth International?

The work "Star?" "Spring is here -10cm3" San Shang Contemporary Art Museum (Hangzhou)

The work "Models?" "Gadgets -Contemporary Paper Works Exhibition" Van Geng Art Institution (Hangzhou)


The work "Spring Equinry Squiries Laying on?" "Pursue Excellence: Artists of the College ——? The Session of Oil Painting Invitation Exhibition" (National Tour)

Year 2014

The work "On the escalator? Autumn" Nanjing International Art Exhibition (Nanjing)

"Nine? · —— Zhejiang Oil Painting Works Exhibition" Ningbo Art Museum

year 2013

The work "Lu Lu" and "The Shop" "The Consciousness of Painting -Creation Research Exhibition of Oil Painting Department of the Chinese Academy of Fine Arts" (Shanghai)

The work "Slim Shadow Slimming


Creative work "Jian" nationwide? The New Year’s Exhibition- "Most Painting" (Beijing)

year 2011

Creative work "Jian" 6th China Academy of Fine Arts "Century Star" China Academy of Fine Arts Museum of Fine Arts

Zhisheng: Collective upward -2022 Beauty Spring Art Exhibition

Producer: Chen Hui

Project planning: Kong Kong

Curator: Xiaojun


Chen Xiaodan, Ding Fang, Gong Xinru, Ji Wenyu+Zhu Weibing, Long Bin, Qu Fengguo, Xue Song, Xu Ziyun, Zhou Dujin, Zhou Xiaoping

Organizer: Meibo Museum

Opening time: February 26, 2022 (Saturday) at 3:30 pm

Exhibition time: February 26, 2022-March 20, 2022

Exhibition location: Meibo Art Museum, No. 88 Liming Road, Minhang District, Shanghai

| Opening time: Tuesday to Friday 9:00-17:00

Saturday Sunday 9:00-18:00 (closed Monday)

Address: Meibo Art Museum, No. 88, Liming Road, Minhang District, Shanghai