Online celebrity patients in Huoshenshan recorded the difference between life and death with more than 400 anti-epidemic diaries.

  Wan Chunhui tells the story of his struggle with the virus.

  Wan Chunhui’s mobile phone holds a photo with the medical staff of Vulcan Mountain Hospital.

  From having a fever on January 24th to being discharged from hospital after recovering from illness on February 20th, Wan Chunhui, 45, recalled this special experience and lamented that it was a magical journey without losing strength. "I will remember and thank the most lovely people who helped me all my life"!

  During the whole epidemic, Wan Chunhui wrote more than 400 diaries. Among them, more than 100 diaries from admission to discharge have accumulated more than 60 thousand words, which will be included in "Very Care" and published simultaneously at home and abroad in the near future.

  There is one last bed left on the tenth floor of the inpatient department.

  A photo attracts millions of readers.

  Wan Chunhui is a free investor. A few years ago, he registered his personal headline "Ghost Story Finance" and occasionally published several articles on investment and financial management. He is a "amateur" with only a few hundred fans.

  On January 26th, with a persistent high fever, he went out for medical treatment and walked to Hankou Hospital for two hours. There were few pedestrians and almost no vehicles along the way, and the whole city was silent. As a native of Wuhan, this scene broke Wan Chunhui’s heart. He took a photo with his mobile phone, published the first anti-epidemic diary, and soon had millions of readings.

  "I used to feel very popular when I saw 100,000+tweets. I didn’t expect to write a few words casually, so many people would pay attention." Wan Chunhui said that when I think of so many netizens standing with me, I feel full of strength.

  At that time, there was no special kit, and the doctor screened Wan Chunhui for a variety of known respiratory viruses, which was highly suspected to be COVID-19. The rescue room and observation ward were crowded with people, and the alarm sounds of ECG monitors kept coming and going. There was no empty bed, so Wan Chunhui had to go home.

  This is the most tense period of beds, and Wan Chunhui pricks up his ears to inquire about bed information every day. On the evening of January 30th, I heard that a new ward was opened in Houhu Campus of Central Hospital. He had no time to clean up and hurried there, and there was just the last bed left on the tenth floor of the inpatient department.

  In the first three days of hospitalization, Wan Chunhui had a high fever of 39.8℃, and his oxygen saturation dropped to 90, and he tried his best with every breath. It is only two or three meters away from the hospital bed to the bathroom. He feels like walking straight. "It feels like seasickness. I can’t say where it is uncomfortable, but it is uncomfortable everywhere."

  At the worst, there was a moment of despair. Wan Chunhui feebly picked up his mobile phone and almost wrote "Sorry, I can’t make it", but the words he finally typed out were "I can"!

  She made three bows facing her hometown.

  The 400 articles are all full of emotions.

  On February 4, Wan Chunhui was transferred to Vulcan Mountain Hospital. After getting off the bus, he insisted on walking into the ward, and his heart was irrepressible. "The best military doctors in China are gathered here. I feel like I am in a safe."

  On the first day of admission, Wan Chunhui experienced the puncture technique like a military medical textbook.

  "My blood vessels are relatively flat. In the past, needles and punctures often missed." Wan Chunhui recalled that a tall male nurse came that day, wearing goggles and double medical gloves. "It’s so beautiful to hit the nail on the head in such a difficult situation!"

  Later, Wan Chunhui learned that the nurse surnamed Li, from Handan, Hebei Province, was a local blood donation star before supporting Vulcan Mountain, and the cumulative blood donation was equivalent to the sum of the whole body blood volume of two adults. After coming to Vulcan Mountain, "Li Dage" shaved his head twice for the convenience of putting on protective clothing and disinfection.

  Dr. Bai from Bethune International Peace Hospital in Shijiazhuang, both husband and wife signed up for the first line, and the young children had to be looked after by the elderly. A nurse who supported Vulcan Mountain in Yunnan, her mother died suddenly, so she had to bow three times in the direction of her hometown, and then dried her tears and went on working. There is also a nurse who has been unwell all the time during his mission. When he completed the task of isolation, he sent the elderly to see a doctor and found out that it was the advanced stage of gastric cancer.

  "You are so handsome when you try your best to save people!" Wan Chunhui wrote in his diary, "Some nurses are thin and small, and protective clothing is like a long skirt, but the power that generate came out when saving people is really great."

  Volunteer to clean the ward.

  He inspired his patients with his story of rebirth.

  The ward of Huoshenshan Hospital is U-shaped, and two nurses are responsible for the nursing tasks of 40 patients. In order to help the medical staff reduce the burden, Wan Chunhui volunteered in the ward. In addition to cleaning and recycling domestic garbage, psychological counseling for patients has become an important task.

  An old lady in her 90s was running around without a mask. When Wan Chunhui asked if she was hungry, she stuffed her with a box of Oreo cookies, but when she visited later, she found that the old lady didn’t eat at all, just sitting alone by the bed, staring blankly out of the window — — I don’t know if the disease can be cured well, and I don’t know when I can reunite with my loved ones, which is the biggest heart disease. In order to appease the old man’s mood, Wan Chunhui chats with her whenever she is free.

  On February 16th, Wan Chunhui didn’t come for two days, and the old lady was a little unhappy. Wan Chunhui explained that Grandpa Su in the next bed was gone, and he was very sad, so he didn’t go out.

  The old lady’s eyes suddenly softened, which in turn comforted Wan Chunhui. "Is he disobedient?" "Yeah. He just disobeyed, gave up on himself and refused to take an injection and take medicine. " The old lady nodded thoughtfully. Wan Chunhui quickly asked, "Are you obedient?" The old lady immediately said, "I am obedient."

  There are many stories about patients like the old lady. Wan Chunhui keeps coming out and cheering for his patients with his own rebirth story, hoping to let more people see the vitality from the predicament. These patients have also come to Wan Chunhui’s pen and become the protagonists of the diary of Vulcan Mountain.

  On February 20th, Wan Chunhui’s twice nucleic acid test results were negative, reaching the discharge standard. The medical staff escorted Wan Chunhui out of the ward. Ten meters apart, Wan Chunhui hugged them from a distance, and a "treasure" suddenly wet his eyes. Wan Chunhui said: "I have never experienced this situation, and it is difficult to understand this feeling between doctors and patients. We are friends of life and death."

  Great care in an extraordinary period

  Publish books to pay tribute to the retrograde of Vulcan Mountain

  During this period of discharge, Wan Chunhui was busy proofreading the manuscript. For more than three months, Wan Chunhui has written more than 400 diaries, which has caused great repercussions on the Internet. He decided to collect and publish more than 100 diaries up to the time of discharge, and Central South University Press will publish the domestic version, while Chinese Publishing House of China Publishing Group will be responsible for the overseas version.

  The manuscript is basically named "Take Good Care". Wan Chunhui said that no matter whether it is medical staff, volunteers or sinking cadres, they are all working hard to save more lives, regardless of remuneration, and I would like to dedicate this book to all people who risk their lives to save lives. The word "extraordinary" is, first, because it is indeed an extraordinary period, and second, as a description of the degree, it is praised by our medical staff.

  Wan Chunhui never forgot his relatives in Vulcan Mountain for a moment. At 5 o’clock in the morning on April 16th, he got up early and rushed to the airport — — On the 15th, Vulcan officially closed its cabin, and it is very likely that the medical staff will be evacuated on the 16th. Unable to enter the terminal, he had to watch from a distance and watch the motorcade leave.

  Medical fans are also always paying attention to the dynamics of Wan Chunhui. The next day after returning to Shijiazhuang, Director Han of the ward called and said that he was walking in the courtyard of the community. This relaxed feeling has been long gone, and he was busy sharing his joy with his old friends. The nurse was away from home for three months in autumn, and her husband made a mess at home, and all the flowers and plants died. Nurse "Li Dage" accidentally lost half a tooth in Wuhan. After returning to Handan, he was in a hurry to fill the tooth. He repeatedly asked about the progress of the manuscript, hoping to see it finished as soon as possible.

  A few days ago, Wan Chunhui was caught in a traffic jam when he went out for a haircut. He was not anxious or annoyed, but he was very happy because the whole city had slowly recovered. "Most of the medical staff in the ward are from Hebei. We have an appointment to wait for the epidemic to pass. I want to go to Shijiazhuang to see these life and death. Now it seems that this day will not be too far away. "

  Text/Reporter Wu Yetu/Reporter Jin Zhenqiang

Whose job will Germany take from the comprehensive layout of artificial intelligence robots?

  [Special attention robot]


  At least 18 million of the existing 30 million jobs in Germany can be replaced by intelligent machines and software.

  * 86% of the jobs in the most basic operation jobs can be replaced by robots.

  * Office workers and secretarial workers are the most dangerous, and about 1.9 million jobs will be threatened.

  * Other industries seriously affected are warehousing, postal services and express delivery (1.5 million), retail (1.2 million) and cleaning industry (1.2 million).

  German industrial robots have certain advantages in raw materials, body parts and system integration. Globally, Japan and Europe are the main producing areas of industrial robots. Swiss ABB, Japanese FANUC, German KUKA and Japanese YASKAWA are the world’s major suppliers of industrial robots, becoming the four major families of industrial robot production. In recent years, in order to realize the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, Germany has successively put forward its own strategic plan of industrial upgrading driven by the development of robot field.

  According to the Industry 4.0 plan put forward by Germany at the Hannover Industrial Fair in 2013, through intelligent human-computer interaction sensors, human beings can remotely manage the next generation of industrial robots with the help of the Internet of Things. At the same time, the intelligent factories and intelligent production links in Industry 4.0 need the help of constantly upgrading intelligent robots. This will not only help solve the problem of high energy consumption in the use of robots, but also promote the green upgrade of manufacturing industry and fully realize industrial automation. According to statistics, Germany is the fifth largest robot market in the world and the largest robot market in Europe.

  As early as the 1970s, Germany began the process of "machine substitution". Today, Germany has 292 robots for every 10,000 workers in the industrial field, ranking third in the world after South Korea and Japan. During this period, Germany established its own robot industry and talent echelon through long-term government funding and the combination of Industry-University-Research. Germany also led the European Union to set up specialized institutions to conduct long-term research on the development of robot technology in Europe, and implemented a large-scale research and development plan for civil robots, investing a lot of money to develop robots that can be used in medical care, nursing, housework, agriculture and transportation.

  The prestigious "KUKA"

  Established in 1995, KUKA Robot Company of Germany is one of the world’s leading industrial robot manufacturers. KUKA Robotics has more than 20 subsidiaries all over the world, most of which are sales and service centers, including most European countries and the United States, Mexico, Brazil, Japan, South Korea, India and other countries and regions. At present, the product line of KUKA robot covers almost all six-axis robots, palletizing robots, high-temperature and dust-proof robots, welding robots, stamping and connecting robots, rack-mounted robots and high-precision robots with all specifications and load ranges. KUKA robot can be used for material handling, processing, stacking, spot welding and arc welding, involving automation, metal processing, food and plastic industries. Users of KUKA industrial robots include: GM, Chrysler, Ford, Porsche, BMW, Audi, Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen, Ferrari, Harley-Davidson, Boeing, Siemens, IKEA, Swarovski, Wal-Mart, Budweiser Beer, Coca-Cola, etc.

  Kuka industrial robots have also appeared in many Hollywood movies and made a big splash. In James Bond’s film "The New Iron King Kong", a scene is described in an ice palace in Iceland, where a female agent of the National Security Agency is threatened by a KUKA laser welding robot. In the film The Da Vinci Code directed by Ron Howard, it was a KUKA robot who handed the hero robert langdon a password box.

  In 2016, in a man-machine table tennis competition in Germany, the Agilus one-armed robot launched by KUKA launched a fierce battle with German table tennis star Bohr. The world champion of mankind fought against a cold, orange mechanical arm with a racket, attracting global attention. Agile, one of the roots of the word Agilus, means agile itself. Kuka claims that this robot is the fastest in the world, fast enough to return Bohr’s ball from any position. In the initial stage, Agilus one-armed robot quickly took the lead of 6∶0 with its precise movements and hitting the ball, but Bohr also found the weakness of the robot opponent, and wiping tennis, edge ball and high ball became effective means to make enemies. In the end, Bohr struggled to win the game with a score of 11: 9.

  It is worth mentioning that on January 8 this year, China Midea Group announced that it has completed the delivery of shares of KUKA Group involved in the tender offer and paid all the money involved in this tender offer, accounting for 94.55% of the issued share capital of KUKA Group. It remains to be seen what prospect KUKA can bring to the development of robot industry together with China’s manufacturing pioneer Midea.

  "Machine substitution" in high-risk industries

  In the fields of metal processing, electronics, medicine, etc., robots are also engaged in heavy, accurate, repetitive or dangerous work instead of manual work. A few days ago, the Mining-ROX project from Frejborg University of Technology developed a robot named Julilus, which can not only save a lot of money for the whole mining process, but also improve the safety factor of mining. Frejborg University of Technology is the only university in Europe that conducts such research and has a teaching mine. The research and development team hopes to use automated robots to mine, so that miners will not continue to engage in dangerous work. In addition, mining robots can also participate in mine rescue.

  This project is actually a part of Robots in Saxony(ROX), which is a cooperative project of several universities in Germany, aiming at applying automatic service robots to unstructured environments. At present, the Mining-ROX project has two robots: Alexander and Julius (both named after famous German scientists). Bohad Rong, a professor at Frejborg University of Technology, said that Julius can explore under mines with high risk factors, including those where mine disasters occurred, abandoned mines or completely unmanned mines.

  In fact, in the middle and late 1970s, the German government began to implement a policy called "Plan for Improving Working Conditions", which made it mandatory that some dangerous, toxic and harmful jobs must be replaced by robots, and the application of robots was really brought to the market by administrative means.

  A life robot that shines brilliantly

  In addition to being used in manufacturing and high-risk industries, Germans attach great importance to the application of robots in daily life.

  This spring, according to German media reports, Domino’s Pizza announced that it will cooperate with Starship, an autonomous robot startup, to use robots to transport pizza in Hamburg, Germany in the next two months. Starship’s six-wheeled robot is about two feet high, weighs about 40 pounds, travels at a speed of four miles per hour and has a distribution range of one mile. Although the robot can drive automatically, it still needs someone to accompany it to avoid the wrong route. Although Starship is a British company, it has been widely publicized in Germany.

  At the Electronics Show in Munich, Germany in March this year, the Sub1 Reloaded robot developed by German scientists only took 0.637 seconds to crack the third-order Rubik’s Cube, breaking the previous record of 0.887 seconds, which was recorded in Guinness World Records. The record of human cracking the third-order Rubik’s Cube is 4.904 seconds. Sub1 Reloaded contains many microchips, which are like the electronic version of nerves, brains and muscles to form a complete Sub1 Reloaded robot.

  Sub1 Reloaded uses a microcontroller produced by Infineon. This microcontroller is very similar to the controller in the driver assistance system of unmanned vehicles, which can make the machine make "the least response". The "least reaction" plays a greater role in autonomous driving than in restoring the Rubik’s cube. The success of this robot in the Rubik’s Cube will inspire engineers to improve autonomous driving technology and chip processing technology.

  Future employment relationship

  Under the guidance of the concept of industrial digitalization, Germany has continuously improved the level of automation and the utilization rate of intelligent robots, which has had a great impact on the employment field. Statistics show that robots have threatened 59% of jobs in Germany, which has attracted great attention from all walks of life in Germany.

  According to the survey results of the research project "Future Employment Relationship: How Employment will be Affected by Electronic Technology" initiated by Cambridge University, at least 18 million of the existing 30 million jobs in Germany can be replaced by intelligent machines and software. The survey found that the unemployment risk of different jobs depends on the professional division of labor, job level and job nature. 86% jobs in the most basic operating jobs can be replaced by robots, and the auxiliary labor force is the second most threatened job by robots. In absolute terms, office workers and secretarial workers are the most dangerous, and about 1.9 million jobs will be threatened by technologies such as intelligent office. Other industries seriously affected are warehousing, postal services and express delivery (1.5 million), retail (1.2 million) and cleaning (1.2 million).

  As soon as this result was announced, it attracted attention from all walks of life in Germany, which means that in theory, 59% of the employed population in Germany may be unemployed. However, Carlsten, chief economist of Ing-Diba Bank, who is in charge of the investigation, said that "the trend of fully implementing automation may become a reality, or it may just be a mirage". At least for practitioners with high professionalism and scientific research mind, their work is rock solid. Of the more than 240,000 doctors in Germany, only about 1% (3,100 people) can do their work by machines. Equally irreplaceable are chemists and physicists, whose daily work can hardly be replaced by computers. According to the survey, among 46,000 scientists, only about 2,800 people’s work can be done by computers.

  But the reality is still cruel. Last year, German sporting goods giant Adidas announced that it would move its production line back to Europe and America, and Adidas CEO herbert hainer said that it would use robots for production. These production lines moved back to Europe and America originally belonged to foundries in China, Southeast Asia and other places. Heiner said that in Germany, where labor costs are generally high, robots can now be produced 24 hours a day with fewer people. This also means that German robots began to compete with workers in China and Southeast Asia for jobs.

  However, people need not be too pessimistic. German researchers found that in fact, the input of automation and the application of electronic technology may not only threaten people’s employment, but also play a certain role in promoting it. For example, in electronic technology and information industry, with the improvement of industrial level, more and more employees will be needed. After all, it will take a long time for robots to completely replace human work. As far as Germany is concerned, most giant enterprises try to use robots for production work. After all, the manufacturing cost, deployment cost and learning cost of robots are the thresholds for robots to completely replace human work.

  (Berlin, August 26 th, our reporter in Berlin pastoral)

How to avoid minefield in second-hand car trading

  Xi yawei

  Recently, the Beijing Consumers Association conducted a survey on "the consumption problem of used cars" and found that many of them were suspected of concealing the real car condition or illegal operation. In fact, the chaos of second-hand car trading is not uncommon, which leads to many cases of transaction fraud flooding into the court. Then, what are the "minefields" in used car transactions, and how should consumers avoid them?

  Minefield 1

  It is difficult to identify the identity of the trading platform for car payment remittance to salesman account.

  Guo selected two used cars in official website, a second-hand car platform operated by a company. When he went to the store for consultation, Gao, a salesperson, was responsible for the reception. Guo expressed his willingness to buy through WeChat. Gao said that there was no need to sign a contract, and the car money could be transferred to the company through him, and he provided Guo with his own bank account. After that, Guo put the car money into Gao’s account. Soon, one of the cars was transferred to Guo’s name, but the other car was not delivered after repeated urging. Guo found that the car had been sold to others, so he appealed to the court to request the termination of the contract, refund the car purchase price and compensate. The company argues that it has not signed any sales contract with Guo, and there is no sales contract relationship between the two parties. Their identity is only an intermediary, not a vehicle seller. And although Gao is a salesperson, his responsibilities do not include concluding oral contracts and collecting payment.

  The judge dispelled doubts

  As a salesperson of the company, the vehicle information involved in the WeChat transaction with Guo came from the company’s second-hand car platform official website. Although the company claimed that the salesperson had no right to collect the payment, the court found that during Guo’s car purchase, Gao had transferred money to the company several times, with a huge amount, and Guo successfully purchased and transferred one of the cars by transferring money to Gao’s account. In these circumstances, it can be concluded that Gao has long-term behavior of collecting customers’ payment, which is a duty behavior. Therefore, Guo and the company have established a de facto sales contract relationship, and the company bears the seller’s responsibility, not the intermediary responsibility. Now that another car has been sold to others, the fundamental purpose of the contract cannot be realized. Guo has the right to terminate the sales contract involved and ask the company to refund the car money and compensate for the loss of capital occupation.

  Second-hand car trading platforms have dual identities, except for intermediaries, and sometimes they are sellers. Some second-hand car platforms sell second-hand cars themselves, but they deliberately evade their responsibilities in the car purchase agreement. When consumers have problems after buying vehicles through the platform and its staff, the platform refuses to pay compensation on the grounds that they are intermediaries rather than sellers. In the process of trading, what kind of responsibilities the platform undertakes mainly depends on the nature of the contractual relationship it forms with customers. If a sales contract relationship is established, it is the seller of the sales contract and bears the seller’s responsibility. It must deliver the used car that meets the contract to the buyer and handle the transfer according to the contract. If you are the intermediary of the sales contract, you will be responsible for the intermediary if you provide the opportunity to conclude the contract and match the buyers and sellers to reach a deal. Compared with the seller of the sales contract, it bears less contractual responsibility. However, in practice, there are cases where a written contract is not signed, and there is a dispute about whether the second-hand car trading platform is the seller. At this time, the court will comprehensively determine whether the second-hand car trading platform is the seller according to the evidence such as chat records, recorded materials, payment vouchers and witness testimony.

  Judge’s advice

  When buying a car, consumers should try to avoid making a private deal with individuals. They must not only sign a formal car purchase contract by verbal agreement, ensure that the transfer procedures are complete, determine the legal nature of the vehicle, and stipulate the rights and obligations of both parties through a written contract; It is necessary to carefully review the terms of the contract and keep the relevant documents of the transaction; If the rights protection is unsuccessful, you can sue the court for rights protection.

  Minefield 2

  Vehicle mileage data is falsified. Car operators return one and lose three.

  Qu bought a used car through an old motor vehicle brokerage company, and the mileage of the vehicle delivered in the contract was 139,000. After buying a car, Qu entrusted an appraisal company to appraise the vehicle, and concluded that the odometer of the vehicle was artificially changed, and the actual mileage should be above 220,000 at present. Qu filed a lawsuit with the court on the grounds of fraud, demanding that the old motor vehicle brokerage company cancel the contract, refund the car purchase price, make three times compensation and pay the appraisal fee.

  The judge dispelled doubts

  The mileage belongs to the important information in the process of second-hand car trading, which will directly affect consumers’ purchase choices and belong to the scope of the right to know.

  Although during the trial of the case, the used motor vehicle brokerage company believed that it had been tested by a third-party agency when it acquired the vehicles involved in the case, and the mileage shown in the test report was 132,600 kilometers, it was sold to Qu Mou according to the test data, and there was no intention of fraud. However, as a professional used car seller, the used motor vehicle brokerage company should carefully identify and truthfully inform consumers. Although the "apparent mileage" of the vehicle is stated in the test report, it has also been made clear that "odometer reading is not the basis for judging the actual mileage of the certified vehicle". The company did not show the test report to Qu in the transaction process, which made him lose the opportunity to choose according to the test report, which obviously had the intention of fraud.

  According to the provisions of Article 55 of the Law on the Protection of Consumer Rights and Interests, if an operator commits fraud in providing goods or services, it shall increase the compensation for the losses it has suffered according to the requirements of consumers, and the amount of compensation shall be three times the price of goods purchased by consumers or the cost of receiving services; If the amount of increased compensation is less than that of 500 yuan, it shall be 500 yuan. In the above case, the court finally decided to terminate the sales contract between the two parties, and the old motor vehicle brokerage company refunded Qu’s car purchase price and compensated him for three times the car purchase price.

  Judge’s advice

  When buying a second-hand car, consumers should not only choose the brand and color of the car, but also pay attention to whether the car has had an accident, maintenance records and other quality-related conditions, which is also the main difference between buying a second-hand car and a new car. Before buying a car, the seller should be required to provide the vehicle condition test report, accident records, maintenance records and other materials. When signing a sales contract, consumers should carefully read the terms of the contract and know the agreed contents. When encountering ambiguous terms and expressions, they should negotiate and amend them in time, and remember not to just listen to verbal promises. In addition, both parties shall clearly state in the contract the commitments made by the operators on the vehicle condition, such as non-accident vehicles, non-soaking vehicles, non-burning vehicles and non-stealing vehicles, the warranty period provided, the authenticity of vehicle mileage and other important contents, as well as the liability for breach of contract. And we should pay special attention to the format clauses that exempt the seller from the main obligations and exclude the main rights of consumers.

  Minefield 3

  During the warranty period, the vehicle spontaneous combustion shall be determined according to the actual situation.

  Wu Mou signed a transfer agreement with the second-hand car company, stipulating that "the company guarantees that the purchased vehicles are free from major accidents, soaking in water and fire, and the engine, gearbox and circuit board are guaranteed for two years". Subsequently, Wu Mou got the car after paying a loan of 220,000 yuan, but five months later, Wu Mou was driving home when the cockpit of the car caught fire. Afterwards, he entrusted an appraisal company to investigate the cause of the fire of the vehicle involved. The appraisal conclusion is that the possibility of fire caused by lightning strike, external fire source, artificial arson, vehicle accident collision and circuit failure can be ruled out, and the possibility of fire and spontaneous combustion caused by vehicle power system/fuel supply system failure cannot be ruled out. Wu Mou believed that the second-hand car company failed to deliver the vehicles meeting the quality standards as agreed in the contract, so he appealed to the court, demanding that the contract be terminated and all the car money be compensated. Second-hand car companies argue that Wu Mou bought the car with knowledge of the car condition and warranty commitment, and the damage to the car was caused by spontaneous combustion, so it should not be held responsible.

  The judge dispelled doubts

  According to Article 15 of the Measures for the Administration of Second-hand Car Circulation and Article 16 of the Specification for Second-hand Car Trading, second-hand car distribution enterprises must provide quality assurance and after-sales service commitments to buyers. According to the appraisal results in this case, the second-hand car company, as the seller, should guarantee the quality and performance of the delivered vehicles, and make corresponding warranty commitments, and should bear corresponding compensation responsibilities for the damage caused by the spontaneous combustion of vehicles. Wu Mou, the buyer, knew that it was a used car, but obviously its quality and performance could not be compared with that of a new car, so he still chose to buy it. At the same time, considering that he had used the car for five months from the time he picked it up to the time when the car spontaneously ignited, during which the battery was replaced and the vehicle involved was not properly maintained, Wu Mou himself should also bear the corresponding responsibility. Considering the contractual obligations of both parties, the use time of the vehicle and the principle of fairness, the court finally found that Wu Mou and the second-hand car company were each responsible for 50% of the damage to the vehicle.

  Judge’s advice

  When consumers buy used cars, they must check whether the vehicle procedures are complete. The seller shall provide complete formalities, including motor vehicle registration certificate, original invoice for car purchase, vehicle driving license, vehicle purchase tax payment certificate, purchase surcharge, vehicle insurance, road maintenance fee, vehicle and vessel use tax, etc., and the buyer shall check them one by one. In addition, consumers should also check whether the car engine number and frame number are consistent with the description on the relevant certificates such as the vehicle driving license. After the vehicle is overhauled, there should be relevant documents, warranty forms and vehicle safety technical inspection marks. The vehicle frame number (VIN code) and engine number in these documents must be the same as the vehicle. When necessary, you can ask to go to the motor vehicle registration management department with the seller to check whether there are rights defects such as mortgage and judicial seizure in the traded vehicles.

  Minefield 4

  Buying a car through "car bugs" leads to disputes. The identity of the seller must be comprehensively identified.

  Wei met Feng, a "car bug" in a second-hand car dealership. The two sides reached an agreement through WeChat, and Wei bought a second-hand BMW from Feng. After paying for the car, Wei found that the car had serious quality problems and could not be used normally. For the purpose of the contract, Feng could not be sued to the court, demanding to cancel the contract and return the car for a refund. Feng argued that he was neither the owner nor the seller, but a second-hand car agent. After receiving the agency fee, he transferred the remaining car money to the owner Liu, and provided the transfer record. He believed that Wei should claim rights from Liu. After the court added Liu as the third person in this case, Liu said that he did not know Wei, nor did he entrust Feng to sell the car, but only sold the car to Feng.

  The judge dispelled doubts

  Whether there is a sales contract relationship between Wei and Feng is the focus of controversy in this case. Although Feng said that he was only an intermediary, it was impossible to see from the WeChat chat records of both parties that he had clearly stated his intermediary status, and he could not submit the relevant evidence that the owner Liu entrusted him to sell the car. According to the principle of contract relativity, the court found that Wei and Feng had established a contract relationship for the sale of used cars, and the purpose of the contract could not be achieved. Wei had the right to request the termination of the contract, and Feng should return the car money to Wei, who would return the car to Feng.

  In cases involving "car bugs", because they have no formal qualifications and company supervision, the used cars sold are prone to ownership disputes or other major quality problems. When there is a dispute, "Car Bug" will call himself an intermediary, denying that it is the seller to evade the responsibility. If it can provide sufficient evidence to prove that it is an intermediary, it will not undertake the obligation of refund, otherwise it should be refunded.

  Judge’s advice

  When consumers buy used cars, they should choose regular operators and try not to trade through "car bugs". At the same time, both parties should sign a written contract to clarify the identity of the seller and pay attention to checking the ownership and condition of the vehicle. In addition, consumers should establish a sense of evidence, pay attention to retaining the evidence in the relevant transaction process and vehicle use, including invoices, contracts, electronic credentials, chat records, promotional materials, audio-visual materials, etc., so as to keep good evidence for future rights protection and safeguard their legitimate rights and interests.

  Standardized governance

  Work together to build a supervision system for used car trading

  Since 2018, cases related to used car transactions have shown a rapid growth trend. After investigation, consumers are faced with "three difficulties" in disputes over second-hand car transactions: First, second-hand car operators have various fraud methods, and it is difficult for consumers to protect their rights. Some operators lack integrity and cheat consumers by adjusting odometer data and concealing overhaul experience. Second, the information of used cars is opaque, which makes it difficult for consumers to inquire. At present, China has not established a national unified second-hand car trading information network system. When signing a contract, it is difficult for consumers to find all the information about the legality, maintenance, insurance and accidents of the vehicle on the platform. Third, the legal responsibility of used car operators is difficult to determine, and it is difficult for consumers to prove. Second-hand car operators and financial management are relatively chaotic. They often don’t sign written contracts, but only rely on salesmen to contact consumers. Salesmen collect consumers’ car purchases in their own names.

  Therefore, if consumers choose to buy used cars, they will inevitably take more risks while enjoying preferential prices. Be sure to keep your eyes open, stay calm, try to choose a formal trading market and network platform, and check the vehicle situation on the spot, sign a formal car purchase contract, ensure that the transfer procedures are complete, determine the legal nature of the vehicle, save the relevant documents of the transaction, and avoid the consumption trap to the greatest extent. At the same time, second-hand car operators should abide by the law, operate in good faith, standardize the transaction process, and actively fulfill their obligation to inform consumers. Relevant administrative departments and industry associations should focus on promoting the construction of official inquiry platform for second-hand car condition information, and further refine the quality identification standards related to second-hand cars to promote the standardized development of the second-hand car industry.

  (Author: Beijing No.1 Intermediate People’s Court)

The whole circle of friends went skiing? A 3-minute "Tao" Guide for Beginners

Do you love skiing this winter?

Image source: pixabay

Slogan of "300 million people on ice and snow"

Let all China completely "burn" this winter.

Many people feel the charm of skiing for the first time.

By this dopamine and adrenaline

Sports "planting grass hard"

Do you know why skiing makes people want to stop?

Is it difficult to get started skiing?

It is rumored that "the end of the snow trail is orthopedics". Is skiing really easy to get hurt? What preparations need to be made?

Before rushing to the snowy road, you can gain more fun by knowing some skiing knowledge ABC!

Why does skiing make people happy?

The unique charm of skiing is that it is a kind of sport that will instantly lose weight from a height.

From a scientific point of view, the secretion of endorphins in our brain will increase during exercise, which will make us feel euphoric and happy, so endorphins are also called "pleasure hormones".

In addition to the benefits of general exercise, skiing brings rapid secretion of dopamine and adrenaline due to speed and weightlessness, which makes people’s heart beat faster and excited, and brings people happiness and satisfaction.

Dopamine also has the function of eliminating fatigue and inhibiting depression, so skiing is not easy to feel tired and bored, which is the secret of skiing’s addiction.

Does skiing hurt people?

Yes, exciting sports are often accompanied by danger. According to ISSS statistics, among all sports, skiing is indeed a kind of sports injury, especially in the knees and wrists, and snowboarding is more likely to be injured than snowboarding.

But don’t back down in a hurry! In fact, skiing is a highly technical sport, and many people, as the "little white" who first climbed the snowy road, mostly fell because they didn’t understand it.

According to statistical analysis, the causes of skiing injuries are not only the technical and psychological factors of skiers, but also the climatic factors. In fact, most of the injuries can be avoided as long as the general skiers are fully prepared and have a good sense of safety!

The sources of skiing injuries are mainly divided into the following categories:

Incorrect skiing posture leads to ligament or muscle injury when falling.

The novice can’t control the speed and direction well, and the collision caused by too fast speed.

If you don’t hit people, people will hit you, and you may be scratched by skis and poles.

Safety reading before going up the snowy road.

If you want to ski safely and have fun, the most important thing is to start from ourselves:

Wear protective gear and do stretching and warm-up for 2-5 minutes before starting skating.

The first step in skiing: learn to fall! Expert’s experience: If you are going to fall, then go and fall with the trend. Don’t compete, it is particularly easy to get hurt.

Do what you can and don’t do things beyond your level. (e.g. descending steep slope, high-speed dash, jumping platform, etc.)

Pay attention to the front, back, left and right at any time like driving, and be sure to take a look at whether there is anyone behind you when changing lanes. Don’t stand still in the snowy road. If you don’t slide, move to the edge of the snowy road in time.

Skiing ABC

What should novices prepare before going on the snowy road? Here is a summary for you. Come and have a look.

How to choose the right snowboard for you

According to the use of skis, skiing can be divided into snowboarding and snowboarding.

In general, we should choose a snowboard with a height minus 5~15cm. Beginners choose shorter skis, which are more flexible and easier to control; The longer the skis, the faster the speed.

Compared with snowboarding, snowboarding is close to the category of extreme sports. Unless you already have a certain skiing foundation, it is recommended not to try snowboarding rashly.

How to choose a suitable ski resort for you?

In different venues, the difficulty of skiing is also very different. From easy to difficult, it can be divided into:

Volkswagen ski resort

cross-country skiing

Alpine skiing (professional level)

U-pool ski jumping (professional level)

Adventure skiing (professional level)

A beginner-friendly ski resort is like this:

Sloping slope

The snow trail is not long, and the sliding time is short.

Don’t be too high in the snow field. The low oxygen content in the mountain air will affect the body function.

Choose sunny days, and sports injuries are more likely to occur when the snow field temperature is low and the weather is bad.

What equipment do you need to prepare before skiing?

The secret of happy skiing

Step 1: Know your level.

"I am a sports white, how can I start skiing?"

"What should people who have exercise habits but have never skied pay attention to?"

When you come into contact with any new sport, you should pay attention to step by step, and skiing is the same! Don’t be like the news a few days ago that a novice skier rashly challenged a trail that didn’t suit her and broke her bones.

Don’t rush to pursue speed and high excitement when you first go on the snowy road. Start from the basic movements and give the body a process of gradually establishing "muscle memory".

Step 2: Do you want to hire a coach?

Once again, skiing is a dangerous sport with certain technical requirements. If you can’t turn and brake for the first time, you will lose your confidence before you really appreciate the fun of skiing. In fact, it is not worth the candle.

Therefore, if economic conditions permit, it is recommended to start the introductory stage under the guidance of a professional coach.

Step 3: Safety boundaries should be observed.

For beginners, there are two very important indicators that must be paid attention to when skiing, and don’t exceed the warning line, otherwise it is equivalent to stepping into a dangerous door with one foot!

Image source: pixabay

"Busy skiing, busy wrestling, busy being happy!"

"Keep loving going to mountains and seas, no skiing and no winter!"

See you here:

Even the friends circle ski copy is ready for you.

Take it away. No thanks!

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Central Meteorological Observatory: The cold wave weather will end the high temperature in the south, and the strong precipitation in Sichuan, Shaanxi and Henan will be weakened.

  CCTV News:According to the website of the Central Meteorological Observatory, there was a strong wind cooling in the northern region: due to the influence of cold air, the temperature dropped by 6 ~ 10℃ in the northeast, North China, Huanghuai, northern Jianghuai, Jianghan and northeastern Sichuan at 05: 00 today, and dropped by 12 ~ 18℃ in northern North China and eastern Heilongjiang, central and eastern Jilin and central Liaoning. There were 6 ~ 8 gusts and 9 ~ 11 local gusts in some of the above areas yesterday. This morning, the temperature 0℃ line is located in the north of Shanxi, the north of Hebei and the north of Liaoning.

  There is heavy rainfall in Sichuan, Shaanxi, Henan, Shandong and other places: from 08: 00 yesterday to 06: 00 today, there were heavy rains or heavy rains in northeastern Sichuan, central and southern Shaanxi, northwestern Hubei, central and western Henan, northern Jiangsu and Anhui, central and northern Shandong and the peninsula, southern Tianjin and southern Guangdong Leizhou Peninsula, northeastern Hainan Island and other places, and heavy rains occurred in Guangyuan, Bazhong, Suining, Shaanxi, Hanzhong, Ankang, Shangluo, Shiyan, Shandong, Zibo and Weifang.

  Cold wave weather will end the high temperature in the south

  Affected by strong cold air, it is estimated that from 08: 00 on October 4 to 20: 00 on October 6, the temperature in the southeast of northwest China, southern North China, Huanghuai, Jianghuai, Jianghan, eastern Southwest China and most parts of the south of the Yangtze River will drop by 6 ~ 10℃ successively. Among them, the temperature in parts of southern Huanghuai, Jianghuai, Jianghan and northern Jiangnan will drop by 12 ~ 16℃, and the local temperature drop can reach more than 18℃. On the morning of 6th to 7th, the lowest temperature 0℃ line will be located in the northern part of North China to central Liaoning, and the lowest temperature 10℃ line will be located in the northeast of Sichuan, central Hubei, southern Henan to northern Jiangsu and Anhui. There will be 4~6 winds in the Yangtze River basin and its north, and gusts in high altitude areas and rivers and lakes can reach 7~8. There will be 7 ~ 9 strong winds in the northern and eastern seas of China, with gusts of 10~11. The Central Meteorological Observatory continued to issue a blue warning of cold wave and a yellow warning of strong wind at sea at 06: 00 on October 4.

  Due to the influence of cold air going south, the high temperature range in the southern region is obviously reduced and the intensity is weakened. However, it is estimated that there will still be high temperature above 35℃ in southern Zhejiang, most of Jiangxi, Fujian, north-central and eastern Guangdong, and northeastern Guangxi during the day on October 4, among which the high temperature in parts of south-central Jiangxi, most of Fujian and northern Guangdong can reach above 37℃. After 5 days, this high temperature process ended. In addition, in the next 10 days, there will still be no obvious rainfall in most parts of the south of the Yangtze River and northern South China, and the meteorological drought will continue.

  In addition, it is expected that a new round of cold air will affect most parts of the central and eastern regions from August 8 to 10, and the temperature will drop by 4 ~ 6 C, and some areas will be 8 ~ 10 C.

  Strong precipitation in Sichuan, Shaanxi, Henan and other places has weakened

  Due to the reduced range and intensity of heavy precipitation, the Central Meteorological Observatory lifted the blue rainstorm warning at 06: 00 on October 4. However, it is estimated that there will still be moderate to heavy rain in the northeastern Sichuan Basin, southwestern Shaanxi, Huanghuai, Jianghuai and Jianghan from October 4 to 6, and there will be heavy rain in some areas.

  Specific forecast for the next three days

  From 08: 00 on October 4 to 08: 00 on October 5, there were moderate to heavy rains in parts of southeastern Tibet, northwestern Yunnan, northeastern and southern Sichuan, northern Chongqing, southwestern Shaanxi, most of Henan, northern Hubei, northern Jiangsu and Anhui, and most of Hainan Island. Among them, there were heavy rains (50-80 mm) in southwestern Shaanxi and northeastern Sichuan Basin. There are 4 ~ 6 winds in parts of central and eastern Inner Mongolia, Heilongjiang, Liaoning, Shandong Peninsula, eastern and southern Henan, central and southern Jiangsu, eastern Hubei, northwestern Jiangxi and Zhejiang, with gusts of 7 ~ 8 (see Figure 3). The Bohai Sea, the Bohai Strait, the northern and central waters of the Yellow Sea, most of the East China Sea and the Taiwan Province Strait will have strong winds of 7-9 and gusts of 10-11.

  From 08: 00 on October 5 to 08: 00 on October 6, there were moderate to heavy rains in parts of northern and southern Tibet, southern Qinghai, south-central Shaanxi, central and western Huanghuai, most of Jianghuai, northern Jianghan, and most of Sichuan Basin, with local heavy rain (50 ~ 60 mm). There are 4 ~ 6 winds in parts of northeastern and central Inner Mongolia, eastern Heilongjiang, Liaodong Peninsula, Shandong Peninsula, northwestern Jiangxi and northern Zhejiang (see Figure 4). The Bohai Strait, most of the Yellow Sea, most of the East China Sea, the Taiwan Province Strait, the bashi channel and the northeastern South China Sea will have winds of 6-7 and gusts of 8, among which the winds in parts of the Taiwan Province Strait can reach 8 and gusts of 9.

  From 08: 00 on October 6 to 08: 00 on October 7, there were moderate to heavy rains in parts of southwestern and southeastern Tibet, southern Qinghai, southern Huanghuai, most of Jianghuai, most of Jianghan, south-central Sichuan Plateau, northeastern Sichuan Basin, most of Chongqing, and eastern Hainan Island, and there were local heavy rains. There are 4 ~ 5 winds in parts of central Inner Mongolia, Liaodong Peninsula and Shandong Peninsula (see Figure 5). There will be 6-7 winds with gusts of 8 in the eastern Yellow Sea, the northern East China Sea, the Taiwan Province Strait, the bashi channel and the northeastern South China Sea.

Colorful activities celebrate the New Year, and the New Year’s Day activities in Guangzhou Red Revolution Stadium are warm.

Southern Network News (Reporter/Zhou Cun correspondent/Sui Wenguang Travel Announcement) During the New Year’s Day, various red revolutionary memorial venues in Guangzhou planned to launch multi-cultural activities such as the basic exhibition of revolutionary cultural relics, the New Year’s Eve in museums, fun sports games, and the Shuaifu story meeting, so as to meet the needs of citizens and tourists for cultural travel in an all-round way and add luster to creating a peaceful, peaceful, happy and festive New Year’s Day holiday.
At the end of the year and the beginning of the year, it coincided with the 130th anniversary of Comrade Mao Zedong’s birth. Comrade Mao Zedong hosted the memorial hall of the former site of the peasant movement workshop to launch a new exhibition, "China has a Mao Zedong". The exhibition adopted a combination of chronology and special topics. Through detailed historical materials, rich pictures and selected cultural relics exhibits, it fully demonstrated Comrade Mao Zedong’s far-sighted political vision, unshakable revolutionary belief, extraordinary courage to explore, perfect struggle art and outstanding and superb leadership skills.
After two years of upgrading, Guangzhou Museum of Modern History recently exhibited "Red Guangzhou Hero City-Guangzhou Revolutionary History Exhibition". In order to highlight Guangzhou’s exploration and contribution in the history of Party history and China revolution, the theme of the exhibition is "Guangzhou is the cradle of China’s democratic revolution", and through "Great changes in a hundred years: exploring the road to national salvation and survival", "Every spring comes to a standstill: the establishment of Guangzhou’s party organization", "Surging like a storm: the center of the Great Revolutionary Movement", "indomitable struggle in the white area" and "concerted efforts: Guangzhou’s military and civilians" The exhibition area is 1,765 square meters, and the exhibition line is 380 meters. There are 581 physical exhibits, 235 historical photos, 17 groups of artistic works such as oil paintings, sculptures and scenes, and 16 multimedia exhibitions, which show the glorious history of the Guangzhou revolution at multiple levels and from multiple perspectives.
In addition, various memorial halls have also launched a variety of social education activities. In 2024, the memorial hall of Marshal Sun Yat-sen’s Mansion launched the activity of "Dragon Leaping and Tiger Leaping to Celebrate the New Year and Gathering in Shuaifu to Celebrate New Year’s Day", with theme activities such as "fun sports meeting", "story meeting in Shuaifu" and "fun visit to temple fairs", supplemented by manual creation activities such as "painting linen bags", "DIY desk calendar" and "paper cutting". The memorial hall of the Third Congress of the Communist Party of China launched a series of New Year’s Day activities to welcome the New Year, and realized the revolutionary spirit by listening to red stories and DIY crafts. The memorial hall of the Agricultural Institute launched a youth research activity of "Learning Poetry with Grandpa Mao". After the students visited the exhibition "China has a Mao Zedong", the research teacher appreciated Mao Zedong’s poems in combination with the historical background, so that the students could learn spiritual strength from the ideological growth of great men and teenagers and gain cultural nourishment.
Photo courtesy of correspondent

Iraq has designated Christmas as a legal holiday and erected a 26-meter-high Christmas tree to commemorate peace.

In Baghdad, the capital of Iraq, local authorities set up a large decorative Christmas tree in al-Zawra Park Square.
Shortly after celebrating the first anniversary of the victory over the extremist organization "Islamic State" (ISIS), the Iraqi government recently announced another measure to make Christmas a national legal holiday for the first time.
According to a report by CNN on December 25th, the Iraqi government recently issued a statement saying that the legislature recently voted to pass an amendment to the national holiday law, stipulating that Christmas is a national holiday for all Iraqis.
The Iraqi government also issued a message on the official Twitter, "Merry Christmas to all Christians, and Merry Christmas to all Iraqis and all those who celebrate Christmas around the world."
On December 9, 2017, the Iraqi government officially announced that the country had won a "historic victory" against the extremist organization ISIS. In 2014, ISIS once controlled about one-third of Iraq’s territory, occupied Mosul, the second largest city in Iraq, and declared "the founding of the country" there. After more than three years of hard work, Iraqi government forces recovered all the territories controlled by ISIS in 2017. Because many groups, including Christians, suffered cruel persecution during the ISIS occupation and the long-term poor security situation in the local area, this is the first time that local people have publicly celebrated this festival on a large scale for many years.
A year after the defeat of ISIS, the security threat in Iraq is at its lowest level in years. According to the statistics of the United Nations Mission in Iraq, the number of casualties nationwide in November was the lowest in six years.
According to the Arab News Network, on the 25th, in the capital Baghdad, Christians held a celebration mass early in the morning, and local authorities set up a large decorative Christmas tree in the main square to prepare for the large-scale Christmas celebration. At the same time, troops were deployed near churches, shopping malls and main squares to prevent potential terrorist attacks.
In the last week of December, war-torn Iraqis are seizing the rare "peaceful period" for many years and returning to normal life. Many local clubs, cafes and shopping malls in Baghdad have held various New Year celebration parties.
"This is an opportunity to celebrate the New Year with my family and spend time with them," Rawaa Abdulridha, a young Iraqi lawyer, told Arab News. "We are eager to be happy. We are exhausted, because war and death have been occupying our streets for many years, and now it is time to cheer. "
On the 24th, the Iraqi government erected a 26-meter-high Christmas tree in a theme park in the capital Baghdad, which is considered as the largest Christmas tree in Iraq.
Park management official Qais Adnan told the Associated Press that the tree was built to "celebrate the religious diversity in Iraq", especially after ISIS persecuted religious minorities and tens of thousands of people fled their homes.
Last December, an Iraqi businessman named Yassir Saad proposed to build the tree in a gesture of cross-religious unity during the celebration. The businessman told the Associated Press at the time that the purpose of the tree was to unite brothers of different faiths during the festival celebrations and help Iraqis not forget their suffering.
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Iraqi festivals, Iraqi national day, does Qatar celebrate Christmas? List of Iraqi festivals in 2021, July 14th, Iraq Monument, Iran National Day.












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Tell you quietly, one more lead can become so powerful, wild fishing is invincible

During the usual fishing, lead pendants are on the sub -line and eight -character ring, that is, the position of the leading leather seat of the pendant fishing. However, the water love is different, and the method of fishing for fishing must be changed. The reason why the master caught more than you is actually not much secret. The key is a "change" word. What fishing method never uses, nor is it obsessed with single lead or double lead, or some magical bait. For example, in order to increase the fishing nature of fish, we will move the lead, increase the length of the sub -line in disguise, and make the sub -line swinging the amplitude larger. Have time to eat bait.

Good people will have a heart of Barna Haichuan, can tolerate, tolerate, allow it, and help. Good people will have good thoughts. When they see others in trouble, they will reach out to help; when they see the weak are bullied, they will come forward. Good people always think too much for others. If you encounter something, you will think about it. I would rather lose myself, be aggrieved, and do not go to win or lose with others. Kind people, because they are not afraid of suffering, they will not suffer. There will be cause and effect in the world. Good and evil God will judge that you will pay back you will double you in the future. Good people, we, we must learn to understand the change of red dust, to understand calmness all the way; we, we must learn to forgive the imperfections of life, cherish, treat them well

In addition, in order to prevent the small fish from making a nest or a large flow of water, lead pendants are usually increased, and the space beans with fixed lead pendants are opened, which is what we often call fishing and running. Let the bait to the end quickly and use the stability of the large lead to reduce the effect of water flow on float. Through the above two examples, we will find a very interesting thing: it seems that there can be fishing anywhere in the online group, the position of the lead pendant is different, and the effect is different.

This is only the usage of single -lead pendants. In fact, in actual fishing, double -lead or even more lead fishing methods will be used many times. For example, when we fishing and running lead, although the weight of the lead pendant is greater than the buoyant of the float, the lead pendant itself has the entire buoyancy of the float. state. At this time, we must not only bear the buoyancy of the float, but also overcome the rubbing of the lead and the friction of the line group and the lead. The fishing is too blunt.

But at this time, if a double lead pendant, that is, two lead pendants are installed on the main line. First, use the lead pendant above to drift normally, such as adjusting 3 meters. Then use the lead pendant to run for lead. At this time, the lead pendant can only be exposed with a burden, which can be ignored, so the lead pendant will lie flat at the bottom of the water, but it is similar to the anchor -like fixation. effect. The line group can also slide easily in the lead leather seat, and the fish can swallow the bait into the mouth with only smaller strength, which will be much more sensitive than a single large lead pendant fishing and running lead.

In addition, if there is a sauce layer at the bottom of the water, we usually raise the fishing low. In order to prevent the bait from getting into the mud, we will also adjust the proportion of the bait very lightly. However, there will be a problem at this time, and there is no way to push the floats into the water when the double -hook bait hangs. For example, if we adjust the 6 meters, we will be exposed to the water surface after hanging the double bait. But at this time, what should I do if I want to get a bait suspended and the bottom of the bait? It is very simple. You can install a bite on the lower hook. This lead pendant does not need to consider the weight at all. The purpose is to let the lower hook bottom. However, at this time, the hook is still suspended. In this case, there is no need to consider the problem of drift. Fishing 1 or 2 mesh, the state of the bait in the bottom of the water must be a hook suspended and the bottom.

Even if you fish normally in the static waters, you can use double lead. For example, put a small lead pendant under the floating feet, so that the float can be quickly turned over. Make floating drift easier to find signals and positioning fishing points. However, when using a multi -lead pendant, you must consider the leading weight when bleaching, and you cannot interfere with the role of other lead pendants. The general principle is that whether it is a single lead or a double -lead pendant, it is adjusted according to the water and fish feelings. Don’t think that the double lead is tall, and the single lead will be out of date, otherwise it will be counterproductive.

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