In 2021, the annual book list of Searchlight was released, and "Da Feng Da Geng Ren" was selected as one of the top ten online original novels.

  On January 12th, it was jointly sponsored by Literary and Art Newspaper, China Museum of Modern Literature and Institute of Literature of China Academy of Social Sciences, and co-organized by Tencent Group and Reading Group — — "Literature Illuminates a Better Life" 2021 Searchlight Annual Book List Release and the kick-off meeting of a series of seminars for famous readers landed in China Modern Literature Museum.

  Li Jingze, Vice Chairman of Chinese Writers Association and Director of China Modern Literature Museum, Cheng Wu, Vice President of Tencent Group and CEO of Reading Group, Liang Hongying, Editor-in-Chief of Literary Newspaper, and Zhu Xiaofeng, Director of Digital Information Office of Literature Institute of China Academy of Social Sciences attended the event and delivered speeches.

  At the event site, searchlight book reviewers published four annual lists of "Top Ten Chinese and Foreign Novels", "Top Ten Types of Novels", "Top Ten Non-fiction Translated Works" and "Top Ten Non-fiction Original Works". At the same time, the project set up a list of "Top Ten Online Original Novels" for the first time, such as "Going to the Garden", "Miss Table", "Great Services to Beat Men" and "The Robbery of All Ethnic Groups"

  33 judges jointly recommended searchlights to announce the annual list of "Top Ten Chinese and Foreign Novels".

  It is understood that the Searchlight Book Reviewers’ Good Book List, as a list of "literary critics and media book reviewers", is judged by 33 scholars, writers and media people active in the field of literary criticism all over the country, and Pan Kaixiong, a famous critic and former vice president of China Publishing Group, is the director of the jury.

  Pan Kaixiong introduced the searchlight project and the selection rules of the annual list to the audience present. "Every month, 10 genre novels, 10 Chinese and foreign novels, 10 non-fiction translated works and 10 non-fiction original works are judged, and the annual list is based on this."

  At the event site, Li Er, deputy director of China Museum of Modern Literature, Xu Zechen, deputy editor-in-chief of People’s Literature, Qiu Huadong, secretary of the Secretariat of Chinese Writers Association, and Yang Ruichun, deputy editor-in-chief of Tencent News, successively announced the top ten Chinese and foreign novels, top ten types of novels, top ten non-fiction translated works and top ten non-fiction original works in the 2021 searchlight annual list.

  Wang Anyi’s work "A Knife, A Thousand Words" was selected in the "Top Ten Chinese and Foreign Novels List". Pan Kaixiong’s evaluation of the book is that "the scenes that every living individual has to face are presented and displayed delicately and sincerely in Wang Anyi’s works, and readers naturally enter into different dimensions of thinking and questioning while enjoying its beautiful literary pictures."

  Clara and the Sun, written by British writer kazuo ishiguro, won the "Top Ten Novels" award. Luo Yuling, a senior reporter of Beiqing Art Review, commented: "In Clara and the Sun, kazuo ishiguro cut in from the perspective of Clara (artificial intelligence AF), with a kind of ‘ Like a human being ’ As the story unfolds step by step, readers must take the initiative to join the puzzle process and get closer to the whole story. Until the end, we suddenly realize — — This is the memory of an abandoned robot before his death. "

  According to Ding Yang, a senior editor of China Reading News, George Parker’s Sinking Age is undoubtedly a masterpiece among the "Top Ten Non-fiction Translation Works". He believes that "it is a work full of problem consciousness, humanistic feelings and social responsibility, which is why the theme written in the book can still resonate with us despite the distance from time and space, historical background and culture."

  Tigerson Yang’s work Re-Walking: Looking for The National SouthWest Associated University on Roads, Rivers and Post Roads was included in the list of "Top Ten Non-fiction Original Works", and Yang Zao, a researcher at the Institute of Literature of China Academy of Social Sciences, gave a very high evaluation. "Only by the author’s step by step re-walking the long March of the tour group of teachers and students in The National SouthWest Associated University in 1938, and at the same time collecting the most comprehensive relevant historical materials so far, this work can already be put on the list of any good books."

  It is reported that the jury members present also included Yang Chen, vice president and editor-in-chief of Reading Group, Yang Zao, a researcher at the Institute of Literature of China Academy of Social Sciences, and Liu Yihan, a senior media person and book reviewer.

  Discover the beauty of literature in the new era, set up an independent list of online literature first

  In addition to the above four lists, the "Searchlight Book Reviewers’ Good Book List" also set up the list of "Top Ten Online Original Novels" for the first time in the 2021 list.

  The 10 works on the list are a house pig’s trip to the garden, an eagle eating a chicken’s robbery of all ethnic groups, a squeaky young lady, willow leaves in winter, Feng Chun, a newspaper seller named Xiao Langjun, a super mechanic by Qi Peijia, a blue shirt drunk, a loss as the richest man from the beginning of the game, and I will repair the air conditioner, I have an adventure house.

  Caption: The award-winning writers of "Top Ten Online Original Novels" took photos with the awarding guests.

  According to reports, all the 10 works on this list have aroused great concern among readers or led the new trend of online literature creation. For example, the work "Da Feng Da Geng Ren" broke the highest average booking record of Xian Xia’s own platform at the starting point, and clicked over 100 million, becoming a phenomenal work in 2020. "Hunting for Fakes" integrates antique knowledge such as antique restoration and appraisal technology and historical materials into a relaxed and interesting story, which is both sentimental, interesting and professional.

  As the author of Linyuanxing, the house pig said in his acceptance speech: "I started writing Linyuanxing before the epidemic began, the original purpose was to promote patriotism and traditional culture. Unexpectedly, after the outbreak of the epidemic, I suddenly found that the society was filled with a very strong patriotic trend of thought. Our frontline workers and frontline angels in white, their patriotic feelings inspired everyone in our society. "

  Caption: Pan Kaixiong (left), director of the searchlight jury and former vice president of China Publishing Group, presented the "Top Ten Online Original Novels" award to the house pig.

  Caption: Liang Hongying (right), editor-in-chief of Literary and Art Newspaper, awarded the "Top Ten Online Original Novels" award to Zhi Zhi.

  Caption: Liang Fei (left), deputy director of China Museum of Modern Literature, presented the "Top Ten Online Original Novels" award to Liu Ye in winter.

  Caption: Zhu Xiaofeng (left), director of the Digital Information Office of the Institute of Literature, China Academy of Social Sciences, presented the "Top Ten Online Original Novels" award for the blue shirt.

  Caption: Yang Zao (left), a researcher at the Institute of Literature of China Academy of Social Sciences, presented the "Top Ten Online Original Novels" award to Liu Xiahui.

  Pan Kaixiong, director of the Searchlight Jury and former vice president of China Publishing Group, gave such an evaluation of Lin Yuanxing: "The work inherits the passionate style of the house pig, writes the theme of education in a fantasy way, tries to shine reality into fantasy, and looks back on reality with fantasy, and the world outlook and plot design are not vulgar. At the same time, the work has created a unique writing technique that combines reality and magic. The characters in the book walk in the abyss, and they continue to grow through learning and struggle under the background of the collision of old and new cultures, and thus generate has a burning charm, readability and practical significance. "

China Elevator Jianghu Fengyun Record

Li Jianguo, general manager of Midea Building Technology Elevator Company, used the human body as a metaphor to introduce the technical points of Digital Elevator: "For example, the application of AI graphic image recognition, voice acquisition technology, new infrared, millimeter wave and other human perception technology sensors, laser ranging technology, etc. is to improve the perception ability of the elevator; The application of CPU chips with higher computing power, big data analysis, artificial intelligence, deep learning, neural network and other technologies improves the calculation and analysis ability of the algorithm, which makes the elevator smarter and smarter. " It is understood that before leaving the factory, every LINVOL elevator has to undergo a total of 513 quality tests of the whole elevator and its components, such as performance, protection, structure and function. The mechanical safety protection system is combined with the electrical safety protection design, and eight safety devices, such as emergency braking system, door interlock and speed limiter, are adopted to prevent elevator accidents to the maximum extent. On the software side, we can monitor the elevator’s operation status in real time through big data and Internet of Things technology, analyze the elevator’s operation status in time through big data logic algorithm, and transmit it to the elevator management platform through the network for intelligent analysis and preventive maintenance. In addition, Midea is equipped with AI, sensors and Internet of Things technologies for every digital elevator. The camera of AI can automatically identify dangerous goods and dangerous ladder riding behaviors, and initiate corresponding measures to prevent problems before they happen. As a part of the building, intelligent elevator can also improve the operation efficiency of the building. Li Jianguo introduced,The digital platform of iBUILDING in UILDING can automatically identify passengers’ identity information through the elevator eye system, and automatically guide people on nearby floors to take a ride by robot dispatch, so that passengers can be sent to the destination floor without button contact. "It turns out that the elevator stops in the middle during the peak period of use, and the single running time is long; Now, through a series of algorithms and digital intelligent applications, the single running time of the elevator can be shortened, running more times, and delivering more people to the destination floor. " At the same time, the intelligent passenger flow analysis system can also realize the priority of dispatching elevators on peak floors, shorten the operation efficiency of elevators by about 2/3, improve the comfort, and at the same time effectively reduce energy consumption, save energy and reduce carbon.codaBorrow a passage from A Tale of Two Cities by Dickens as the conclusion of this article: This is the best time and this is the worst time; This is the age of wisdom, this is the age of stupidity; This is the period of faith, this is the period of doubt; This is a bright season; This is the dark season; This is the spring of hope, and this is the winter of disappointment … Although the rivers and lakes of elevators in China are still under the feast of foreign investment, I believe that with time, domestic elevator brands will surely rise against the trend and flourish in the wind! Each platform has the same name. If you like our story, please share, collect and forward it.