Fifteen Connections between Fantastic Animals Series and Harry Potter —— From McGonagall, Deathly Hallows to Room of Requirement

As J·K· Rowling’s new work in the post-Harry Potter era, the special feature of Time Network, the third film of Fantastic Animals series, Fantastic Animals: The Mystery of Dumbledore, was released in Chinese mainland today!

The series of stories of Fantastic Animals took place in 1926-1945, starting with Newt Scarmand’s coming to new york in 1926 (the year when Voldemort was born) to perform a secret mission of "silence" for albus dumbledore. Theoretically, it will end in the legendary battle where Dumbledore defeated dark wizard’s Gellert Grindivo-the year Voldemort left Hogwarts and disappeared for many years. As for the familiar story of Harry Potter, it will not begin until Harry was born in 1980 and began to go to Hogwarts in 1991.

Fantastic Animals: The Mystery of Dumbledore

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Adventure/Family/Fantasy released in America on April 8th, 2022.

As a prequel to the Harry Potter series, apart from sharing the same magical worldview, what are the connections between Fantastic Animals and Harry Potter? summarized 15 noteworthy points in the first two films, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them and Fantastic Animals: The Crime of Grindelwald, in order to better prepare for the third film.

01 magical animals

The series "Fantastic Animals" originally came from a Hogwarts textbook "Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them" written by Rowling in his early years. The author of this book is the protagonist of the movie series "Fantastic Animals" (maybe he has become a supporting actor now? ) Newt Scarmand. This book is neither a novel (like the original Harry Potter) nor a script (like the script book of Fantastic Animals). It can be said to be an index of "Fantastic Animals", which includes all kinds of knowledge about them.

As the name implies, the film series of Fantastic Animals must have the amazing appearances of various animals such as sniffing, tree-protecting Luo Guo, Li Wu, Thunderbird, horse-shaped monster, poisonous horned beast and so on. In the original Harry Potter series, animals such as Vernon, fire dragon, Buckbeak, the winged animal with the head of a horse, also played important roles in different stages of Harry’s life. In "Fantastic Animals 3", the newly joined Kirin, Scorpion bijuu, and Winged Birds will continue to bring new surprises to the audience.

02 polyjuice potion

The clever "Gryffindor know-it-all" (this phrase is not derogatory unless it is used by Professor Snape) hermione granger can make polyjuice potion in the second grade! This magic potion can make you look like a different person in a short time, and it has a great effect in the Harry Potter series-Harry and Ron sneak into the Slytherin lounge, Bartemius Crouch, Jr. becomes Professor Moody, and the Iron Triangle breaks into the Ministry of Magic, even in the Privet Drive transfer plan of "Seven Harry", polyjuice potion has contributed a lot.

In the Fantastic Animals series, it was also thanks to polyjuice potion that gellert grindelwald disguised himself as Percival Graves, the security secretary of the American Magic Congress.

03 the history of Dumbledore

In the Harry Potter series, thanks to the famous gossip reporter "The Beatle" (not) rita skeeter’s "Dumbledore’s Life and Lies", Harry and his friends were able to learn about the love and hate between the headmaster and Grindelwald in his early years and the tragedy that happened to Dumbledore’s sister Ariane.

Since "Fantastic Animals 3" has the subtitle of "Dumbledore’s Mystery", it will introduce the true identity of Claydens-Aurili uz Dumbledore and his secret connection with this family in detail. After the accident in godric Valley, how did Dumbledore and his old lover Grindelwald break the blood alliance and turn against each other? The "Fantastic Animals" series will give you the answer slowly. Speaking of which, I would like to remind you that aberforth dumbledore, Dumbledore’s younger brother who loves goats in the Harry Potter series, will also play an important role in Fantastic Animals 3.

The name of the Ministry of Magic and Muggle

Corresponding to the British "Ministry of Magic", the institution that performs the function of "government" in the United States is called "MACUSA". The top leader of the American Magic Congress is the President, while the top leader of the British Ministry of Magic is the Minister. There are similar differences between Britain and the United States-in Harry Potter, the British call people who can’t do magic "Muggle", while Americans call such people "No-Maj".

05 magic world entrance

Just as there is diagon alley in London, England, and other big cities where wizards gather, there are also special places like "diagon alley" that connect the Muggle world with the magical world. There is a similar circus in Paris, and there is a bar run by goblins in this place in new york, USA-similar to leaky cauldron in London. In Fantastic Animals 3, we will also see that there is such a "special place" in Berlin, Germany.

In addition to the entrance to the magical world, the entrance to the Ministry of Magic is also located in the bustling Muggle city center, which is hidden by magic and has a special entrance or password. Only wizards can enter and leave freely. Unlike the telephone booth in London (password is 62442——magic), the entrance of the Ministry of Magic in Paris is a fountain with a statue behind it.

06 Rita lestrange

Real fans will be shocked when they hear the name "lestrange". Bellatrix lestrange, Voldemort’s number one deputy in the Harry Potter series, took the husband’s surname after marriage-she was a member of the Black family and married rodolphus lestrange. Rita was theseus Scarmand’s fiancee and Newt’s ex-girlfriend in the Fantastic Animals series. The movie spent a whole episode exploring the blood relationship between Rita and Claydens, and the final conclusion was that it didn’t matter, and Rita finally died.

07 Silent Books

In the world of Harry Potter, the wizard book publishing house that publishes Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them is called Silent Book Company. "Silent" in Fantastic Animals refers to a dark magical force in the magical world. In order to escape bad luck, young wizards will suppress their magic power, but because of lack of guidance, they have not learned to control and control their own power, so they have derived parasites-dark magic power silently. These hosts are called "silent people", including Claudens and Ariana Dumbledore.

08 nicolas flamel

Nicolas flamel, the philosopher’s stone maker who only heard his name in Harry Potter, also appeared in the series of Fantastic Animals, and even the philosopher’s stone appeared. Interestingly, nicolas flamel was a real Frenchman in history and the ancestor of European alchemy. His appearance in the Paris part of Fantastic Animals was also in line with his nationality.

His story sounds very popular. It is said that he successfully turned mercury into gold, and was robbed after his death, only to find that there was no body in the coffin. Centuries later, Newton (yes, that Newton) translated nicolas flamel’s manuscript from French into English.

Variations by Hedway

Every time a Hogwarts scene appears in Fantastic Animals, BGM is the most famous "Hedway Variations" in Harry Potter movies, which was created by john williams.

10 Nagini

Nagini, the serpent who was inseparable from Voldemort in the Harry Potter series, turned out to be an Asian girl who was cursed by blood in Fantastic Animals. She was originally an orc circus performer with blood curse, because the blood curse inherited from the maternal line of the family can switch between human and snake, but the curse will eventually turn her into a snake completely. Nagini’s beast is a 12-foot-long serpent, which later became Voldemort’s pet. It is one of Voldemort’s seven horcruxes and also Voldemort’s murder weapon.

Many, many years later, Nagini not only killed people, but also killed Professor Snape, and was finally beheaded by neville longbottom … Will you shudder when you associate it with that beautiful girl who lived alone with Claydens?

Professor McGonagall

This is actually quite controversial. During the period of Harry Potter, Professor McGonagall was born in 1935 and began to teach at Hogwarts in 1956. However, in the 1920s when the series of "Fantastic Animals" took place, especially in "Fantastic Animals 3", minerva mcgonagall appeared as a young woman, and the birth year of Professor McGonagall on Pottermore was also deleted.

12 deathly Hallows

As the most important "concept" in the last two films of Harry Potter series, the "Deathly Hallows" refers to the three sets of elder wand, Resurrection Stone and Invisibility Cloak. Having these three sets at the same time can make you the master of death (such as Harry himself, the chosen son). In "Fantastic Animals" series, Grindelwald, incarnated as Percival Graves, gave Claydens the necklace of Deathly Hallows as a "keepsake".

The wand in Grindelwald’s hand, which reveals his true colors, is the real elder wand-the one in Dumbledore’s hand during the Harry Potter period many years later, and the one that Voldemort died of. In "Fantastic Animals 3", Grindelwald will get more close-ups with elder wand in his hand when he fights with Dumbledore.

Mirror of Eris

In the Harry Potter series, little Harry once stood in front of Eris sunglasses and eagerly looked at his parents and other deceased family members in the mirror-a mirror that shows your deepest desire. Principal Dumbledore once lied to Harry that he saw himself in the mirror with a pair of wool socks in his hand. However, in the series of Fantastic Animals, young Dumbledore saw in the mirror the former best friend and ex-boyfriend Grindelwald (Depp’s face at that time …).

An unbreakable oath

In the Harry Potter series, Professor Snape and narcissa malfoy made an unbreakable vow to help her son Draco kill President Dumbledore. In the series "Fantastic Animals", this spell appeared again. This time, Yusef Kumar made an oath. His father made him swear that he must kill Rita lestrange’s younger brother Claydens. As a result, he turned around and found that Claydens was not her brother at all. The younger brother who was related to Rita had already been buried in the depths of the Atlantic Ocean.

15 room of requirement

The room of requirement in the Harry Potter series is a magical place, and one can only go in when one really needs it. This is the secret stronghold where Harry leads D.A. to carry out magic training. His first kiss with cho chang is here. He hides the potions textbook of the half-blood prince on this side. Malfoy introduced the Death Eaters to Hogwarts through the room of requirement, and killed President Dumbledore. Ravenclaw’s crown, as one of Voldemort’s horcruxes, is also hidden here …

In the Fantastic Animals series, as an important part of Hogwarts, the room of requirement will also play a role, especially in the third part.

Author/Editor: Zhen Zi

How to avoid minefield in second-hand car trading

  Xi yawei

  Recently, the Beijing Consumers Association conducted a survey on "the consumption problem of used cars" and found that many of them were suspected of concealing the real car condition or illegal operation. In fact, the chaos of second-hand car trading is not uncommon, which leads to many cases of transaction fraud flooding into the court. Then, what are the "minefields" in used car transactions, and how should consumers avoid them?

  Minefield 1

  It is difficult to identify the identity of the trading platform for car payment remittance to salesman account.

  Guo selected two used cars in official website, a second-hand car platform operated by a company. When he went to the store for consultation, Gao, a salesperson, was responsible for the reception. Guo expressed his willingness to buy through WeChat. Gao said that there was no need to sign a contract, and the car money could be transferred to the company through him, and he provided Guo with his own bank account. After that, Guo put the car money into Gao’s account. Soon, one of the cars was transferred to Guo’s name, but the other car was not delivered after repeated urging. Guo found that the car had been sold to others, so he appealed to the court to request the termination of the contract, refund the car purchase price and compensate. The company argues that it has not signed any sales contract with Guo, and there is no sales contract relationship between the two parties. Their identity is only an intermediary, not a vehicle seller. And although Gao is a salesperson, his responsibilities do not include concluding oral contracts and collecting payment.

  The judge dispelled doubts

  As a salesperson of the company, the vehicle information involved in the WeChat transaction with Guo came from the company’s second-hand car platform official website. Although the company claimed that the salesperson had no right to collect the payment, the court found that during Guo’s car purchase, Gao had transferred money to the company several times, with a huge amount, and Guo successfully purchased and transferred one of the cars by transferring money to Gao’s account. In these circumstances, it can be concluded that Gao has long-term behavior of collecting customers’ payment, which is a duty behavior. Therefore, Guo and the company have established a de facto sales contract relationship, and the company bears the seller’s responsibility, not the intermediary responsibility. Now that another car has been sold to others, the fundamental purpose of the contract cannot be realized. Guo has the right to terminate the sales contract involved and ask the company to refund the car money and compensate for the loss of capital occupation.

  Second-hand car trading platforms have dual identities, except for intermediaries, and sometimes they are sellers. Some second-hand car platforms sell second-hand cars themselves, but they deliberately evade their responsibilities in the car purchase agreement. When consumers have problems after buying vehicles through the platform and its staff, the platform refuses to pay compensation on the grounds that they are intermediaries rather than sellers. In the process of trading, what kind of responsibilities the platform undertakes mainly depends on the nature of the contractual relationship it forms with customers. If a sales contract relationship is established, it is the seller of the sales contract and bears the seller’s responsibility. It must deliver the used car that meets the contract to the buyer and handle the transfer according to the contract. If you are the intermediary of the sales contract, you will be responsible for the intermediary if you provide the opportunity to conclude the contract and match the buyers and sellers to reach a deal. Compared with the seller of the sales contract, it bears less contractual responsibility. However, in practice, there are cases where a written contract is not signed, and there is a dispute about whether the second-hand car trading platform is the seller. At this time, the court will comprehensively determine whether the second-hand car trading platform is the seller according to the evidence such as chat records, recorded materials, payment vouchers and witness testimony.

  Judge’s advice

  When buying a car, consumers should try to avoid making a private deal with individuals. They must not only sign a formal car purchase contract by verbal agreement, ensure that the transfer procedures are complete, determine the legal nature of the vehicle, and stipulate the rights and obligations of both parties through a written contract; It is necessary to carefully review the terms of the contract and keep the relevant documents of the transaction; If the rights protection is unsuccessful, you can sue the court for rights protection.

  Minefield 2

  Vehicle mileage data is falsified. Car operators return one and lose three.

  Qu bought a used car through an old motor vehicle brokerage company, and the mileage of the vehicle delivered in the contract was 139,000. After buying a car, Qu entrusted an appraisal company to appraise the vehicle, and concluded that the odometer of the vehicle was artificially changed, and the actual mileage should be above 220,000 at present. Qu filed a lawsuit with the court on the grounds of fraud, demanding that the old motor vehicle brokerage company cancel the contract, refund the car purchase price, make three times compensation and pay the appraisal fee.

  The judge dispelled doubts

  The mileage belongs to the important information in the process of second-hand car trading, which will directly affect consumers’ purchase choices and belong to the scope of the right to know.

  Although during the trial of the case, the used motor vehicle brokerage company believed that it had been tested by a third-party agency when it acquired the vehicles involved in the case, and the mileage shown in the test report was 132,600 kilometers, it was sold to Qu Mou according to the test data, and there was no intention of fraud. However, as a professional used car seller, the used motor vehicle brokerage company should carefully identify and truthfully inform consumers. Although the "apparent mileage" of the vehicle is stated in the test report, it has also been made clear that "odometer reading is not the basis for judging the actual mileage of the certified vehicle". The company did not show the test report to Qu in the transaction process, which made him lose the opportunity to choose according to the test report, which obviously had the intention of fraud.

  According to the provisions of Article 55 of the Law on the Protection of Consumer Rights and Interests, if an operator commits fraud in providing goods or services, it shall increase the compensation for the losses it has suffered according to the requirements of consumers, and the amount of compensation shall be three times the price of goods purchased by consumers or the cost of receiving services; If the amount of increased compensation is less than that of 500 yuan, it shall be 500 yuan. In the above case, the court finally decided to terminate the sales contract between the two parties, and the old motor vehicle brokerage company refunded Qu’s car purchase price and compensated him for three times the car purchase price.

  Judge’s advice

  When buying a second-hand car, consumers should not only choose the brand and color of the car, but also pay attention to whether the car has had an accident, maintenance records and other quality-related conditions, which is also the main difference between buying a second-hand car and a new car. Before buying a car, the seller should be required to provide the vehicle condition test report, accident records, maintenance records and other materials. When signing a sales contract, consumers should carefully read the terms of the contract and know the agreed contents. When encountering ambiguous terms and expressions, they should negotiate and amend them in time, and remember not to just listen to verbal promises. In addition, both parties shall clearly state in the contract the commitments made by the operators on the vehicle condition, such as non-accident vehicles, non-soaking vehicles, non-burning vehicles and non-stealing vehicles, the warranty period provided, the authenticity of vehicle mileage and other important contents, as well as the liability for breach of contract. And we should pay special attention to the format clauses that exempt the seller from the main obligations and exclude the main rights of consumers.

  Minefield 3

  During the warranty period, the vehicle spontaneous combustion shall be determined according to the actual situation.

  Wu Mou signed a transfer agreement with the second-hand car company, stipulating that "the company guarantees that the purchased vehicles are free from major accidents, soaking in water and fire, and the engine, gearbox and circuit board are guaranteed for two years". Subsequently, Wu Mou got the car after paying a loan of 220,000 yuan, but five months later, Wu Mou was driving home when the cockpit of the car caught fire. Afterwards, he entrusted an appraisal company to investigate the cause of the fire of the vehicle involved. The appraisal conclusion is that the possibility of fire caused by lightning strike, external fire source, artificial arson, vehicle accident collision and circuit failure can be ruled out, and the possibility of fire and spontaneous combustion caused by vehicle power system/fuel supply system failure cannot be ruled out. Wu Mou believed that the second-hand car company failed to deliver the vehicles meeting the quality standards as agreed in the contract, so he appealed to the court, demanding that the contract be terminated and all the car money be compensated. Second-hand car companies argue that Wu Mou bought the car with knowledge of the car condition and warranty commitment, and the damage to the car was caused by spontaneous combustion, so it should not be held responsible.

  The judge dispelled doubts

  According to Article 15 of the Measures for the Administration of Second-hand Car Circulation and Article 16 of the Specification for Second-hand Car Trading, second-hand car distribution enterprises must provide quality assurance and after-sales service commitments to buyers. According to the appraisal results in this case, the second-hand car company, as the seller, should guarantee the quality and performance of the delivered vehicles, and make corresponding warranty commitments, and should bear corresponding compensation responsibilities for the damage caused by the spontaneous combustion of vehicles. Wu Mou, the buyer, knew that it was a used car, but obviously its quality and performance could not be compared with that of a new car, so he still chose to buy it. At the same time, considering that he had used the car for five months from the time he picked it up to the time when the car spontaneously ignited, during which the battery was replaced and the vehicle involved was not properly maintained, Wu Mou himself should also bear the corresponding responsibility. Considering the contractual obligations of both parties, the use time of the vehicle and the principle of fairness, the court finally found that Wu Mou and the second-hand car company were each responsible for 50% of the damage to the vehicle.

  Judge’s advice

  When consumers buy used cars, they must check whether the vehicle procedures are complete. The seller shall provide complete formalities, including motor vehicle registration certificate, original invoice for car purchase, vehicle driving license, vehicle purchase tax payment certificate, purchase surcharge, vehicle insurance, road maintenance fee, vehicle and vessel use tax, etc., and the buyer shall check them one by one. In addition, consumers should also check whether the car engine number and frame number are consistent with the description on the relevant certificates such as the vehicle driving license. After the vehicle is overhauled, there should be relevant documents, warranty forms and vehicle safety technical inspection marks. The vehicle frame number (VIN code) and engine number in these documents must be the same as the vehicle. When necessary, you can ask to go to the motor vehicle registration management department with the seller to check whether there are rights defects such as mortgage and judicial seizure in the traded vehicles.

  Minefield 4

  Buying a car through "car bugs" leads to disputes. The identity of the seller must be comprehensively identified.

  Wei met Feng, a "car bug" in a second-hand car dealership. The two sides reached an agreement through WeChat, and Wei bought a second-hand BMW from Feng. After paying for the car, Wei found that the car had serious quality problems and could not be used normally. For the purpose of the contract, Feng could not be sued to the court, demanding to cancel the contract and return the car for a refund. Feng argued that he was neither the owner nor the seller, but a second-hand car agent. After receiving the agency fee, he transferred the remaining car money to the owner Liu, and provided the transfer record. He believed that Wei should claim rights from Liu. After the court added Liu as the third person in this case, Liu said that he did not know Wei, nor did he entrust Feng to sell the car, but only sold the car to Feng.

  The judge dispelled doubts

  Whether there is a sales contract relationship between Wei and Feng is the focus of controversy in this case. Although Feng said that he was only an intermediary, it was impossible to see from the WeChat chat records of both parties that he had clearly stated his intermediary status, and he could not submit the relevant evidence that the owner Liu entrusted him to sell the car. According to the principle of contract relativity, the court found that Wei and Feng had established a contract relationship for the sale of used cars, and the purpose of the contract could not be achieved. Wei had the right to request the termination of the contract, and Feng should return the car money to Wei, who would return the car to Feng.

  In cases involving "car bugs", because they have no formal qualifications and company supervision, the used cars sold are prone to ownership disputes or other major quality problems. When there is a dispute, "Car Bug" will call himself an intermediary, denying that it is the seller to evade the responsibility. If it can provide sufficient evidence to prove that it is an intermediary, it will not undertake the obligation of refund, otherwise it should be refunded.

  Judge’s advice

  When consumers buy used cars, they should choose regular operators and try not to trade through "car bugs". At the same time, both parties should sign a written contract to clarify the identity of the seller and pay attention to checking the ownership and condition of the vehicle. In addition, consumers should establish a sense of evidence, pay attention to retaining the evidence in the relevant transaction process and vehicle use, including invoices, contracts, electronic credentials, chat records, promotional materials, audio-visual materials, etc., so as to keep good evidence for future rights protection and safeguard their legitimate rights and interests.

  Standardized governance

  Work together to build a supervision system for used car trading

  Since 2018, cases related to used car transactions have shown a rapid growth trend. After investigation, consumers are faced with "three difficulties" in disputes over second-hand car transactions: First, second-hand car operators have various fraud methods, and it is difficult for consumers to protect their rights. Some operators lack integrity and cheat consumers by adjusting odometer data and concealing overhaul experience. Second, the information of used cars is opaque, which makes it difficult for consumers to inquire. At present, China has not established a national unified second-hand car trading information network system. When signing a contract, it is difficult for consumers to find all the information about the legality, maintenance, insurance and accidents of the vehicle on the platform. Third, the legal responsibility of used car operators is difficult to determine, and it is difficult for consumers to prove. Second-hand car operators and financial management are relatively chaotic. They often don’t sign written contracts, but only rely on salesmen to contact consumers. Salesmen collect consumers’ car purchases in their own names.

  Therefore, if consumers choose to buy used cars, they will inevitably take more risks while enjoying preferential prices. Be sure to keep your eyes open, stay calm, try to choose a formal trading market and network platform, and check the vehicle situation on the spot, sign a formal car purchase contract, ensure that the transfer procedures are complete, determine the legal nature of the vehicle, save the relevant documents of the transaction, and avoid the consumption trap to the greatest extent. At the same time, second-hand car operators should abide by the law, operate in good faith, standardize the transaction process, and actively fulfill their obligation to inform consumers. Relevant administrative departments and industry associations should focus on promoting the construction of official inquiry platform for second-hand car condition information, and further refine the quality identification standards related to second-hand cars to promote the standardized development of the second-hand car industry.

  (Author: Beijing No.1 Intermediate People’s Court)


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2012-08-02 16:31 Author:ZhubuchongSource:Life Week

In 1958, a game of Blackheath Football Club.

Many people are convinced of this story. Rugby originated in 1823. "When wilhelm weber Ellis caught the ball and ran with it, a purely random game began at the football match held at rugby Public School for Boys in Warwickshire." Ball games have existed in the British Isles for nearly 1300 years, and the invasion of Normans and Vikings has brought their own culture — — From language, clothing, diet, weapons to games, the most popular among the lower classes is this wild and irregular ball game — — Games are often held between two neighboring villages and towns, or between monasteries and even universities. In 1363, King Edward III issued an edict forbidding all recreational activities such as throwing stones and wood, kicking balls, fighting cocks and fighting dogs.

Nevertheless, this banned sport remained among the people in England, and in the 18th and 19th centuries, just as the Enlightenment emphasized that building a sound body was also an inseparable part of modern civic education, many elites in the upper class began to try to "domesticate" it as a means to cultivate masculinity and gentlemanly manners by making rules.

In August, 1845, Jim McKee, a student of Rugby School, tried to formulate the first rugby rules, stipulating that any collision after the ball touches the ground, before the kick-off or when the players are in the air is illegal, and the game must be terminated when the players are injured so that the former can receive treatment. An offensive player without the ball is offside if he is in front of the players who kick or take the ball … … Soon, the sport became popular in elite preparatory schools such as Harold and Eton College, and was eventually brought to universities such as Oxford and Cambridge by these students. In 1871, the British Rugby League (RFU) was formally established in PallMall Hotel, Regent Street, London. The original members were 21 clubs from different regions, and the founder and chairman of Richmond Club, E.C. Helms, became the first general manager of the League.

On March 27th, 1871, the English rugby team and the Scottish rugby team held the first international rugby match in Edinburgh’s Raeburn Palace Stadium. With the cheers of 4,000 enthusiastic local fans, Scotland beat England, which was exhausted by the long journey, through two touchdowns and a converted penalty kick.

England wore white shirts, white shorts and navy socks during the competition. This glorious tradition originated from Rugby College — — Different from the English football team and cricket team "the symbol of the three lions of the Plantagenet Dynasty", the symbol on the jacket of the English football team is a red rose.

Review on the Highlights of the 5th Anniversary of "Chengdu Concentric" Practical Work Exchange Conference

  In-depth discussions and exchanges, ideological sparks, and broad consensus. Recently, the 2023 "Chengdu Concentric" practical work exchange meeting was held in Chengdu, Sichuan Province, with the theme of "building a strong foundation, forging ahead in unity" and "strengthening the construction of local organization system of democratic parties".

2023 "Rongcheng Tongxin" practical work exchange meeting site. Photo courtesy of the United Front Work Department of Chengdu Municipal Committee

2023 "Rongcheng Tongxin" practical work exchange meeting site. Photo courtesy of the United Front Work Department of Chengdu Municipal Committee

  "In the past five years,’ Rongcheng Tongxin’ has built a new platform, explored new paths and injected new kinetic energy for the construction of participating parties in the new era in Sichuan Province, and has become a beautiful brand of multi-party cooperation in Chengdu and even the whole province." Chen Wu, deputy director of the United Front Work Department of Sichuan Provincial Committee of the Communist Party of China, spoke highly of the achievements of the practical work exchange meeting of "Chengdu Concentric".

  After five years of hard work, spring flowers and autumn fruits are fruitful. Since 2019, the "Chengdu United Front Work Department" practical work exchange meeting hosted by Chengdu Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China and undertaken by Chengdu-level democratic parties and municipal social institutes has continuously focused on the "five constructions" of democratic parties. Through a series of activities such as theme essay-writing activities, theme project selection of "Chengdu Xingli" and theme exchange meetings, it has become an important exchange platform for the United front work brand and party work in Chengdu, and a window for grassroots United front work to show its unique innovations and highlights.

  Brand influence with high temperature is increasing year by year.

  "Democratic parties should keep pace with the times and promote their own construction in an overall way, build a more scientific and efficient institutional system that is more suitable for the development status quo to improve their own construction level, show a new atmosphere of multi-party cooperation, and add help to building a socialist modernization power in an all-round way and comprehensively promoting the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation with Chinese modernization." On the stage, Liu Jiaqiang, Vice Chairman of the Central Committee of the Chinese Revolutionary Committee, gave a splendid keynote speech. Under the stage, nearly 300 members of the Chengdu United Front listened attentively.

  This is the second time that Liu Jiaqiang has given lectures at the practical work exchange meeting of "Chengdu Concentric". Every year, the practical work exchange meeting of "Chengdu Concentric" invites the central leaders of democratic parties and relevant experts and scholars to make reports and share around their own fields to help the participants further increase their new knowledge and broaden their horizons.

  If the expert teaching reflects the theoretical height of the exchange meeting, then the exchange of speeches and the sharing of Chengdu United front practitioners represent the grassroots temperature. At this year’s exchange meeting, party member Liu Yajing, jianyang city branch of Chengdu Municipal Committee of Chinese Revolutionary Committee, Peng Yilan, director of Chengdu Municipal Committee of Zhi Gong Dang, and Cao Ligang, vice chairman of Chengdu University of Technology Committee of Jiu San Society, shared their thoughts and opinions around the system construction.

  In the past five years, the "Chengdu Concentric" practical work exchange meeting has become a platform for in-depth discussion and exchange among the democratic parties in Chengdu. Through exchanges, we will explore and solve theoretical and practical problems in the self-construction and function of grass-roots organizations of democratic parties, and promote mutual learning and common improvement.

  "The exchange meeting provides a reference, reference and replicable experience for the democratic parties’ own construction." The relevant person in charge of the Party Department of the United Front Work Department of the Chengdu Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China said that the holding of the "Chengdu Concentric" practical work exchange meeting has promoted Chengdu to improve more than 100 institutional mechanisms such as ideological and political guidance of democratic parties, participation in and discussion of state affairs, deliberation and resolution, and training of representatives, and promoted the establishment of 122 "homes for party members".

  With the exchange meeting getting better and better, the brand influence of "Rongcheng Tongxin" is also increasing year by year. "In recent years, the theme essay-writing activities have won the active participation of United front departments and party members in other provinces and cities such as Chongqing, Hunan, Hubei, Jiangsu and Jiangxi. At the same time, the online and offline participation scope and number of participants of the exchange meeting are also increasing year by year. " The relevant person in charge of the Party Department of the United Front Work Department of the Chengdu Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China said.

  In 2022, in order to further expand the influence and communication power of the exchange meeting, the United Front Work Department of Chengdu Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China put the "Chengdu Tongxin" practical work exchange meeting on the screen and in the cloud for the first time in the form of video programs through TV, new media and other platforms. At present, the exchange meeting has been widely attended and watched by Chengdu United Front cadres, more than 20,000 members of democratic parties and the general public, and the number of related video news hits has exceeded 80 million.

2023 "Rongcheng Tongxin" practical work exchange meeting site. Photo courtesy of the United Front Work Department of Chengdu Municipal Committee

2023 "Rongcheng Tongxin" practical work exchange meeting site. Photo courtesy of the United Front Work Department of Chengdu Municipal Committee

  The transformation rate of theory, practice and guidance results has increased year by year.

  Every guest who participated in the "Rongcheng Concentric" practical work exchange meeting will get a special "companion gift"-the theme essay exchange collection after "enjoying" this rich ideological feast.

  The theme essay activity is an important part of the "Chengdu Concentric" practical work exchange meeting, and it is also an important carrier for the demonstration and exchange of the achievements of the practical work of various democratic parties in Chengdu every year. Every year, the United Front Work Department of Chengdu Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China, in conjunction with Chengdu Institute of Socialism, draws up the theme of the annual essay around the "five constructions" of Socialism with Chinese characteristics’s participating parties, and carries out the essay for United Front departments at all levels, democratic parties’ organizations at all levels, socialist college system, party school (administrative college) system, experts and scholars in universities and research institutes and United front practitioners. The collected essays will be evaluated by experts and the leading group for essays, and the selected outstanding papers will be printed into a collection.

  It is understood that the 2023 "Rongcheng Concentric" practical work exchange meeting received a total of 113 theoretical articles from democratic parties, United front departments, CPPCC organs and socialist colleges in more than 10 provinces and cities such as Liaoning, Hunan, Shaanxi and Shandong, and finally selected 75 excellent papers.

  "I am very grateful to receive this honor when I just became a member of the patriotic United front with a mission and dreams. It is recognition and encouragement for me." Liu Yajing, who won the first prize for essay writing, said that as a new party member of the Chinese Revolution, she had a deeper understanding of the United front and democratic parties and opened up new knowledge in the process of writing essays. "At the same time, through theoretical study, in-depth thinking and writing articles, you can increase your own experience value, and in practical work, based on your own work and identity advantages, you can better serve the work of the Kuomintang and serve the social development." Liu yazhen said.

  The relevant person in charge of Chengdu Institute of Socialism said that in the five years since the essay writing work was carried out, not only the number of papers submitted has increased year after year, but also the scope of contributions has been continuously expanded and the quality of articles has been improved year by year. These articles include not only the summary and reflection of the backbone of the democratic party organization system on its own organizational construction, but also the observation and reflection of the relevant staff of the United front departments at all levels, as well as the latest theoretical research by theoretical experts and scholars from all walks of life.

  On the one hand, the steady improvement of the quality of essay shows that the influence of "Chengdu Tongxin" practical work exchange meeting is increasing, on the other hand, it also reflects the beneficial effect of theme essay activities on the exchange meeting. The theme essay activity not only enriches the connotation and extension of the exchange meeting, but also provides a broader vision for the United front workers.

  "For authors who need to carry out relevant practical work, the essay competition has built a platform for practitioners to promote research by learning and dry by research; For theoretical research authors, the essay competition provides more practical fields for their theoretical research. " The relevant person in charge of Chengdu Institute of Socialism said that whether it is practical work or theoretical research, the theme essay activity will provide direction for essay writers to continue to strengthen their theoretical research and law summary, and help them to continuously improve their practical business ability, and the theoretical research will be deeper and closer to practice.

  In the past five years, the "Chengdu Tongxin" practical work exchange meeting has formed six collections of theoretical achievements, including the Collection of Work Style Construction of Local Organizations of Democratic Parties and the Collection of System Construction of Local Organizations of Democratic Parties, which contain 1,600 pages and 2.1 million words, providing theoretical reference and practical examples for all democratic parties and United front departments in Chengdu to carry out the work of democratic parties.

2023 "Rongcheng Tongxin" practical work exchange meeting site. Photo courtesy of the United Front Work Department of Chengdu Municipal Committee

2023 "Rongcheng Tongxin" practical work exchange meeting site. Photo courtesy of the United Front Work Department of Chengdu Municipal Committee

  Test the effectiveness of construction and improve the level of construction year by year.

  "After hearing that safety education’ 1+N’ entered the campus project and was awarded as the municipal demonstration project of’ Rongcheng Xingli’ theme project, everyone felt very happy. This is an affirmation of the social service work done by party member, all the agricultural workers’ and workers’ parties in our Wuhou General Branch. " Chen Hongxia, Chairman of the General Branch of Wuhou District of Chengdu Agricultural Workers’ Party, said, "The award is only the beginning. We have to learn advanced experience and innovative practices from other advanced projects selected this time, and then promote our projects to further improve quality and efficiency."

  The theme project of "Rongcheng Xingli" mentioned by Chen Hongxia is a group of practical and innovative projects that the United Front Work Department of Chengdu Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China, in accordance with the idea of "one place, one feature", guides the municipal democratic parties, districts (cities) and counties and the United Front Work Department of colleges and universities in Chengdu to find the combination point of United front features, local features and brand features, and focuses on building a number of practical and innovative projects to serve the overall situation.

  Every year, the United Front Work Department of Chengdu Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China will hold the municipal demonstration project of "Chengdu Xingli" theme project and the awarding ceremony of the municipal project at the "Chengdu Concentric" practical work exchange meeting. This year, the municipal demonstration projects were awarded by the United Front Work Department of Wuhou District Committee of the Communist Party of China and Chengdu Municipal Committee of the Agricultural Workers’ Party, and the "Tongxin Bookstore" implemented by the United Front Work Department of Pidu District Committee of the Communist Party of China and Chengdu Municipal Committee of Jiu San Society. In addition, 10 projects, including "Little Orange Lamp Peer Aid Road", were awarded the municipal-level project of "Rongcheng Xingli" theme project in 2023.

  "It is encouragement, but also spur." After learning that "Tongxin Bookstore" was awarded the municipal demonstration project, the Chengdu Municipal Committee of Jiu San Society held a team meeting for the first time to study how to make the demonstration of "Tongxin Bookstore", a learning democratic party, more in place. Youzhi, chairman of the Pidu District Committee of the Jiu San Society, said that the process of building and operating the "Tongxin Bookstore" is a process in which the Pidu District Committee of the Jiu San Society will stimulate the vitality of its members and strengthen the society with talents, and it is also a process of building a scholarly democratic party. Every member who participates in it benefits a lot.

  To this, Chen Hongxia also feel the same way. It is understood that in the process of implementing the project of "Safety Education’ 1+N’ Entering the Campus", the General Branch of Chengdu Wuhou District of the Agricultural Workers’ Party strives to make all agricultural workers’ parties in party member give full play to their professional advantages by combining the professional characteristics, work categories and social resources of party member from all walks of life of the Agricultural Workers’ Party. "Through the project activities, we have fully condensed the strength of each of us, party member, to do practical things and do good things in cooperation, and improved our ability to investigate, analyze and solve problems." She said.

  "The purpose of creating the theme project of’ Rongcheng Xingli’ is to build a platform for the democratic parties to practice and exercise, and to promote the democratic parties to test their own construction effectiveness and improve their own construction level in the practice of performing their duties." The relevant person in charge of the Party Department of the United Front Work Department of the Chengdu Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China said. This year is the fifth year of the construction and implementation of the theme project of "Rongcheng Xingli". It has made useful exploration and practice in helping park city construction, social governance, rural revitalization, people’s livelihood and self-construction of the party, with outstanding highlights and obvious results. At present, 50 municipal demonstration projects and municipal projects have been built, including "Tongxin Mulberry", "Linpan Clinic" and "Zhi Shan Tian Fu School-Enterprise Linkage".

Can’t you catch tickets for global studios? You can also come here to interact with other "top flow"!

Already worried


Rainbow base

Video details


The 2021 China International Services Trade Fair ("Service Association") is about to be launched. Beijing Global Studio, Beijing Global Studio, will be unveiled in the Beijing sub -center.

According to reports, after the official launch, Kung Fu Panda, the "top flow" of the global studio, and so on. It will also come to the scene and the audience in advance.

Beijing Universal Studios is located in Tongzhou District, Beijing. In the 20 years of construction, 7 years of construction, this year, after the opening, "double", today, I finally started trial. It will be officially opened on September 20.

As the world’s largest global studio, what is mysterious here? Shanghai Securities Journalists take you to explore.

Harry Potter, Xiaoyang and other top traffic collection

VR dazzling technology immersion experience

A reporter from Shanghai Securities and Magazine came to Beijing Global Resort in Tongzhou District, Beijing, early.

It is very convenient to take the subway. Both Beijing Metro Batong and Line 7 are global resorts. The volume of the station is equivalent to three times the total railway station. There are 4 safety entrances 82.

From the subway, the west side of the station is the urban avenue, restaurant and theme store of the global resort, about 700 meters again. You can reach the resort.

Global studios have the magic world of Harry Potter, Kung Fu Panda Glass, Xiaoyang Paradise, Transformers, Jurassic World Nubra Island, Hollywood Avenue, Future Water World, and so on. 7.

In the park, first of all, this is a milestone building in Hollywood. On Hollywood Avenue, you can play a monster, Maryline Monroe, and take a group with them. In a film -specific product factory, you can experience the effect of photoelectric mixed. Experience the entire movie production process.

Hollywood Avenue is not far from the right. It is currently the largest little yellow garden in the world. Visitors can enter Super Mengle Island on a huge pier. Experience the stimulus of the roller coaster, or sit at a bird’s -eye view of the Menci Rose Vortex 360 ° Island.

In Nubra, Jurassic World, experience the "Jurassic World Adventure", adopt a complete terrain luxury automatic system (Atlas) into the wilderness of Nubra Island and meet dinosaurs.

"Global resort is full of technology. Many projects are real scenes and 3D virtual scenes. Visual art enjoyment is very good." Tourists told reporters.

In the "Future Water World" theme scenic spots, the feeling of immersion continues various details. Even a hair dryer can be heard in the bathroom. It is shocking to accelerate the technology of water gasoline, accelerate, and bullets. Until the plane crashed & hellip; & hellip; various stunt performances made tourists scream again, it seemed to be in a wonderful "water war".

The largest and most exciting roller coaster in the park- "DABA Tiger Roller Trolley", 4. Within 5 seconds, it can be accelerated from a static state to 104 kilometers.

Except for playing, I can’t eat, drink, drink and various products! There are 80 restaurants and 30 retail stores. Ice cream from Xiaohuang people and other themes, butter beer to signature & hellip; & hellip; various novels diet, of course, the price is also "unforgettable"!

The fare has not yet been announced

Beijing or enter the Mid -Autumn Festival domestic tourism is the hottest

Beijing Global Studio fare? The recent testing and test operation tests have been fired thousands of yuan. But the official fare has not been announced.

Compared with Shanghai Disneyland, before, he had just issued a ticket adjustment plan: starting from January 9th, 2022, the conventional daily ticket adjustment was 435 yuan, the special agreement was 545 yuan, the peak day was 659 yuan, and the special peak day was 769 yuan.

After the official opening on September 20, the theme park of Beijing Global Studio needs to enter the ticket. In Beijing Global City Avenue, tourists can go to the case without buying tickets. Adjustment.

The time to open the global resort is a coincidence in the Mid -Autumn Festival. Where to analyze the main data research institute, the Mid -Autumn Festival has always been the off -season of long -distance travel. Especially in Beijing, in the Mid -Autumn Festival, there is usually a scene of "going out" instead of "entering Beijing". As the Global Resort was officially announced in the Mid -Autumn Festival, Beijing is expected to be the most popular destination of the Mid -Autumn Festival.

How to promote the Beijing economy?

It is reported that Universal Studios Beijing covers an area of ??120 hectares, plus 280 hectares of resorts. After completion, it will become the world’s largest global vast city. This is 2 times that of Osaka Global Studio, 5 times of Singapore Global Studio, and 4 times in Shanghai Disney.

The existing section of the global resort includes the theme park of Beijing Global Studio, Beijing Global City Avenue and two resorts. The second phase of planning construction includes the theme park of Chinese elements, which introduces IPS such as Chinese culture and Sun Wukong; the three -phase plan construction water park, with a total investment of more than $ 50 billion.

CITIC Jianota predicts that Universal Studios Beijing receives about 15 million to 20 million people, and the price of guests is expected to exceed 1,500 yuan. After maturity, the annual turnover is about 25 billion yuan to 30 billion yuan.

Pacific Securities believes that the global resort will directly drive Beijing’s tourism revenue by 4 % -5 %, and the annual growth rate of the industry around the tourism industry will increase by more than 100 billion yuan. the value of.

Many listed companies participate in the global studio industry chain

As an investor, the capital story behind Beijing Global Studio is more concerned about.

From the official disclosure information, Beijing Global Resort has Beijing International Resort Hotel Beijing International Resort Hotel, which is a joint venture with Beijing Ryan Cultural Tourism Investment Co., Ltd. and Kangcaster NBC Global Commercial Position And resort.

Beijing Handbiao Cultural Tourism Investment Co., Ltd. is the Beijing Municipal Government that mainly supports investment, development, operation and Beijing Global Resort. It is usually used by five Beijing state -owned enterprises. Including one of China’s largest tourism companies -Beijing Chiefs Group.

As the largest shareholder of the global studio, the first travel hotel of the first group, Wangfujing, Quanjude, the first commercial stock, and so on. This is the closest and benefited from this industrial chain.

At present, there are only two hotels in NOVOLI in the Universal Studios -Universal Studios Hotel and Resort. The number of rooms is about 1200. These two hotels are management of 50 % of the International Cay and First Tourism Group. And before December 31st, he has been committed to injecting a girl hotel, 2022. In June of this year, the hotel’s discipline announced a $ 3 billion plan. Global Studios near the theme hotel, in order to seize market opportunities.

In addition to the first time, many listed companies have recently responded to investors in Shanghai and Shenzhen. It appeared in the case of cooperation with Beijing Universal Studios.

Wangfujing said that the company produced by Wangfujing Shopping Center produced by the company is expected to be opened with the global studio scenic spot. However, in order to deal with the market tax, the company revealed that there is no specific plan to open global studio.

All the rally and delivered a speech thatthe Quanjihuzhuang is located on the city avenue of Universal Studios. The project covers an area of ??more than 15,000 square meters. The form of snacks, dinner, takeaway, terrace bar, etc. Organic combination. The store will be tested at the same time as global studios on September 1.

There is also an investor’s "adapter". Beijing Culture Group, Beijing Culture Group, Holding Bank, is one of the investors of Beijing Global Studio.

CITIC Tourism, China Youth Travel, and so on. It is a formal authorized partner of the Beijing Global Resort Tourism Channel.

Also, many listed companies have participated in the project construction of global studios. For example, Jintu Group is one of the main suppliers of Beijing Global Studio Green New Building Materials; time and space technology participation in the construction of Beijing Global Studio theme park support construction (first stage) urban avenue flood lighting project construction; Yuanwang valley and valley and Beijing International Resort has signed a franchise agreement for many years.

Shanghai Securities News

"Shanghai Securities Journal" on July 1, 1991, with the establishment of the New China Securities Market, it is the first national financial daily daily that my country provides authoritative financial securities. "Shanghai Securities News" is a key newspaper, Xinhua News Agency, and the China Securities Regulatory Commission designated information disclosure newspapers.

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Edit: Chen Qiqi

Video production: Yang Shengwu Guan Tie (Internship)

Shanghai’s tragic accident caused 1 death and 1 injury case details announcement

Cao Moumou, a male, male, born in 1995 ** 被 被 被, citizenship number: 4290041995 **********, Han nationality, junior high school culture, before the incident, online car driver, household registration in Hubei Group of Xian Tao City ** Village, temporarily lived in Room **, ** Road ** Road ** of Yangpu District, Shanghai. On March 31, 2021, the Chongming Branch of the Shanghai Public Security Bureau was criminally detained in accordance with the law for suspected traffic accidents.

The case was ended by the investigation of the Chongming Branch of the Shanghai Public Security Bureau and was transferred to the court on January 17, 2022 to the court for review and prosecution by the non -prosecutor Cao Moumou. After the acceptance of this court, the next day, it was informed that the non -prosecutor had the right to entrust the defender and the legal consequences that the penalty could be caused. The close relatives of the victim had the right to entrust the lawsuit to the lawsuit, and questioned the non -prosecutor in accordance with the law and listened to it. The opinions of the victim’s family reviewed all case materials.

After review by law:

At 5:35 on March 31, 2021, the brand that was not leased by Cao Moumou was Shanghai AF **** small sedan.时,因其驾驶机动车未靠道路右侧通行且违反文明驾驶规定而分别与对方向在道路东侧由南向北被害人沈某甲骑驶的号牌为上海67****电动自行车及The victim Huang Moumou’s number plate was a collision of Shanghai 38 **** electric bicycles, causing damage to the vehicle, Huang Moumou’s injury, Shen Moujia died on the spot. After determining the accident of the traffic police detachment of the Chongming Branch of the Shanghai Public Security Bureau, Cao Moumou’s total responsibility for the accident, Shen Moujia and Huang Moumou did not bear the responsibility of the accident.

After the accident, Cao Moumou’s initiative to report to the police, waiting for the scene and actively rescued the wounded. After the case, the above -mentioned criminal facts were truthfully confessed. A few days ago, the victim Huang Moumou had received Cao Moumou’s compensation RMB 55,000 (the following currencies are RMB); 38.6668 million yuan and Cao Moumou compensated 49,000 yuan (the remaining 60,000 yuan has been negotiated with Cao Moumou and the victim Shen Moujia’s family membership payment). Cao Moumou has been understood in writing by the above -mentioned victims and family members of the victims.

The evidence of identifying the above facts is as follows:

1. The one -click search for super search information, ID card copy, and criminal suspect’s illegal crime information verification form from the Shanghai Public Security Bureau confirmed that the non -prosecutor Cao Moumou had reached legal and completely criminal responsibility age when he committed the crime. Identity information and no prevalence.

2. The Shanghai Public Security Bureau’s case (event) issued by the public security organs receiving a report, the registration form, the case of the case, the 110 incident registration form, and the call for details. A traffic accident occurred near the Panlong Highway and the intersection of the construction of the North Road and the electric bicycle. Cao Moumou, who was not prosecuted, took the initiative to call the police, waited for the scene and truthfully confessed the above criminal facts.

3. The results of the test form of the drug driving (urine test) and the exhalation alcohol tester confirmed that Cao Moumou was not toxic and drunk driving.

4. Driving license information, motor vehicle driving license, photocopy of driver’s license, vehicle detailed information, motor vehicle traffic accident liability for compulsory insurance policy, commercial insurance policy, Shanghai taxi operating license confirmed, Cao Moumou’s driving license and rental car Related conditions such as the driving card is complete.

5. Shanghai Public Security Bureau’s population business inquiry management system information, ID card copy, a copy of the temporary resident ID card, and basic information of the vehicle have confirmed that the victim Shen Moujia, Huang Moumou’s identity information and two electric bicycles are related.

6. The first aid case, the medical certificate of the resident death, the guarantee, the cremation of the remains, the thermalization certificate of the body of the residents, and the thermalization of the body, and the Judicial Appraisal Opinions of the Judicial Appraisal Center of the Shanghai Medical College of Fudan University confirmed that on March 31, 2021, the victim Shen Moujia was on the spot due to a traffic accident on the spot. Death, the cause of death is in line with road traffic accidents, causing injuries to the whole body. In addition, ethanol composition was found in the blood.

7. Notice of injury testing and the outpatient medical records of the Chongming Branch of Xinhua Hospital affiliated to Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Medicine confirmed that the victim Huang Moumou had eyeballs due to the accident.

8. Household registration copy, copy of ID cards, civil judgments, civil jets, civil mediation letters, receipt, understanding, and Didi company transfer vouchers confirmed that Cao Moumou has conducted with the victim Shen Moujia’s family on the economic compensation of the accident. Civil litigation and later reached a mediation agreement. A few days ago, the victim Shen Moujia had received a compensation of 1.182 million yuan in insurance companies, 386.668 million yuan paid by Didi Company and 49,000 yuan for Cao Moumou. Payment). The family members of the victims have been understood by Cao Moumou.

9. Transportation accident understanding, people’s mediation agreement, and road traffic accident economic compensation voucher confirmed that it has been compensated by the victim Huang Moumou for the victim of the victim, and was written in writing.

10. The "Road Traffic Accident Confix" issued by the Transportation Police Detachment of the Shanghai Public Security Bureau and the situation of Shen Moujia’s electric bicycle after being drunk, which is confirmed by the situation of the responsibility of the accident. Cao Moumou’s responsibility for the accident; Shen Moujia drunk riding electric bicycles does not work on traffic accidents and the consequences of damage. The two victims had no fault in the accident. Responsibility for the accident.

11. Shanghai Fenglin Judicial Appraisal Co., Ltd.’s judicial appraisal opinions confirmed that the safety technical status of the car involved in the case is in line with the relevant provisions of GB7258-2017 "Technical Conditions for Motor Vehicle Operation Safety"; the safety technical status of the two electric bicycles involved in the case meets GB17761-2018 " The requirements of the Safety Technical Specifications of Electric Bicycles; at the time of the accident, the license plate is "Shanghai 67 ****" electric bicycle carried by people to carry people’s traffic behavior. A collision of electric bicycles can be established.

12. On -site pictures of road traffic accidents, surveys of road traffic accidents, photos, photos, CD -ROM confirmations, car accidents and other related situations.

13. The statement of the victim Huang Moumou confirmed that at 5:35 on March 31, 2021, when the electric bicycle was driving along the east side of the Pinglong Highway from south to north to the south side of the south side of the river bridge, about 200 meters, It was suitable for a sedan to drive quickly from the middle to southeast along the middle road to the southeast, and it avoided it westward. Later, it felt like a electric bicycle or a car colliding.

14. Witnesses Shen Mou’s testimony confirmed that it was the son of Shen Moujia. On March 31, 2021, Shen Moujia drove an electric bicycle and collided with a small sedan on the way along the Pinglong Highway. His mother said that Shen Moujia went to the construction site from his home when he was at the time of the incident.

15. The confirmation of the confession of the non -prosecutor Cao Moumou was confirmed that at 5:35 on March 31, 2021, the driving number was Shanghai AF **** small sedan, and it was driving north to south along the Dragon Highway in this area to the south to the shoulder. The road milestone hit two electric bicycles at 6.7 kilometers, resulting in related facts such as one death and one injury.

The court believes that Cao Moumou, who was not prosecuted, implemented the behavior stipulated in Article 133 of the Criminal Law of the People’s Republic of China, but the circumstances of the crime were mild. And its close relatives made financial compensation and obtained written understanding, according to the provisions of Article 67, paragraph 1 and 37 of the Criminal Law of the People’s Republic of China, can be exempted from criminal punishment. According to the provisions of Article 177 of the Criminal Procedure Law of the People’s Republic of China, it was decided not to prosecute Cao Moumou.

Three seized CD -ROM returned to the Chongming Branch of the Shanghai Public Security Bureau.

If the non -prosecutor’s decision, if he does not accept the decision, he can appeal to the court within seven days after receiving the decision.

If the victim’s close relatives do not accept the decision, they can appeal to the Second Branch of the Shanghai People’s Procuratorate within seven days after receiving this decision, and ask for a public prosecution; they can also filed a self -prosecution directly to the Shanghai Chongming District People’s Court of Shanghai.