More than 202 tons of fresh fruits and vegetables from Baise, Guangxi rushed to Huanggang, Hubei.

More than 202 tons of fresh fruits and vegetables from Baise, Guangxi rushed to Huanggang, Hubei.

The picture shows the special train ready to leave. Photo by Zhong Xin

  Zhongxin. com Baise, February 18 (Reporter Lin Hao) "Baise fruits and vegetables rushed to Huanggang, and the children of Guangxi and Hubei were heart to heart!" "Warm in the same boat, unite as one to fight the epidemic!" "Huanggang come on! Come on in Hubei! Come on, China! " … …

  On February 18th, in Baise East Railway Station, Baise City, Guangxi, an old revolutionary base area, the "Baise No.1" fruit and vegetable train with more than 202 tons of fresh fruits and vegetables was slowly started, and it sailed to Huanggang City, Hubei Province, thousands of miles away, sending the people in the epidemic area the care and blessings of Baise people.

The picture shows the caring person receiving the donation certificate. Photo by Zhong Xin

  The fruits and vegetables transported by this special train include 9 categories, such as radish, green vegetables, lettuce, wax gourd, pepper, sugar orange, jujube, cherry tomato and sweet potato. Some of them come from the alpine mountain area in the north of Baise, some from Baini Village in leye county where Huang Wenxiu, the "National Excellent Communist party member", fought before his death, and some from Jingxi City, a border city between China and Vietnam. All of them are donated by local caring enterprises in Baise, cadres and workers in government departments and caring people in society, which will give priority to the needs of designated hospitals, isolation points, first-line security units, special groups and community residents in Huanggang City, Hubei Province.

  It is reported that Baise is an important fruit and vegetable production base in China, with a fruit planting area of 2.5562 million mu and a vegetable planting area of 1.7609 million mu. Huanggang City is adjacent to Wuhan. Up to now, the cumulative number of confirmed cases ranks third in Hubei Province, and it is one of the areas with severe epidemic situation in Hubei Province.

The picture shows the crane loading special carriage. Photo by Zhong Xin

  On February 13th, Peng Xiaochun, vice chairman of Guangxi CPPCC and secretary of Baise Municipal Committee, contacted and communicated with Liu Xuerong, deputy director of Hubei Provincial People’s Congress Standing Committee and secretary of Huanggang Municipal Committee, and decided to donate a batch of fruit and vegetable products to Huanggang City after learning about the local epidemic prevention and control situation. Subsequently, relevant departments, enterprises and caring people in Baise City acted quickly, and in just a few days, they completed the harvesting, packaging and cold chain storage and transportation of more than 202 tons of fruits and vegetables.

  According to the Guangxi Department of Commerce, the "Baise No.1" green train for fruits and vegetables is the first green channel for cold chain transportation of the "South Vegetable to North" railway in China. Since its opening, it has operated nearly 200 trains, transporting tens of thousands of tons of southern fruits and vegetables to the northern region.

  After the outbreak, the "Baise No.1" fruit and vegetable green special train has been transported or participated in six classes in Baise, Nanning and Guilin, Guangxi, and sent to Wuhan, honghu city, Xianning, Yichang, Shiyan and Huanggang, Hubei, providing a guarantee for the efficient export of high-quality agricultural products in Baise and even Guangxi and the first-line logistics of Hubei’s resistance to the epidemic.

  The Guangxi Department of Commerce said that next, Guangxi will continue to run two shifts a week to support Hubei’s fruit and vegetable materials to the cold chain special train, and continue to convey the friendship and care of Zhuang’s children to Hubei.

What you don’t know is the truth.

Part of "Chess Map of Cixi"

Time is after the Reform Movement of 1898.

After the failure of the Reform Movement of 1898, Empress Dowager Cixi couldn’t sit still. She thought for a long time that Guangxu was just a puppet controlled by herself and couldn’t afford to turn over much wind and waves, but he didn’t expect that Guangxu almost brought herself down by manipulating the Reform Movement.

Cixi was very angry and the consequences were very serious.

She ordered Guangxu to be imprisoned in Yingtai, almost completely cutting off the emperor’s contact with the outside world.

With the great power of Cixi, even if she kept Guangxu locked up for a lifetime, the problem would not be big, but the courtiers would inevitably make irresponsible remarks, and it was beyond her ability to bear the long crowd.

It is true that you are good at power, but you can’t be so blatant and aboveboard.

Therefore, Cixi later released Guangxu, and let him go to the DPRK normally.

Facing the DPRK is facing the DPRK, but to put it bluntly, it still exists like a mascot.

Passbook, empress dowager cixi sees first, government affairs, empress dowager cixi deals with first, Guangxu speaks, ministers turn a deaf ear, and empress dowager cixi’s imperial edict has been implemented all over the country before it leaves the palace gate.

Long history, what kind of emperor is the most pitiful?

Like Liu Chan, the late ruler, he had to be happy in order to survive?

Like Emperor Xiao Yi of Liang Yuan, he lamented in the raging fire of Jiangling that "the way of civil and military affairs is exhausted tonight"?

Such a talented person as Li Yu, the queen of the Southern Tang Dynasty, was unable to save the fate of the declining dynasty?

Like Song Qinzong and Song Huizong, the country was humiliated, and the meat led the sheep and finally died in another country?


Actually, it’s not, because the most pitiful emperor in the world is that you are still an emperor. You are elegant and luxurious, you live in a gorgeous palace, you have inexhaustible food, you have hordes of servants, you have everything, you don’t lack anything, but the problem is that you are a puppet emperor.

You can spend every day of your life with the best standards and enjoyment in the world, but the problem is that you have no right.

The emperor has no power, so he has no dignity.

And if a person loses his dignity, he will become the most pitiful person.

Emperor Guangxu, who ascended the throne at the age of four, was unexpected. He would become the most humbled emperor in history-however, it was actually predictable.

Only two hours after the death of Emperor Tongzhi, Empress Dowager Cixi began to organize a meeting to discuss who would succeed him.

Tongzhi didn’t have a son, because he died too early, only 19 years old, so his uncles and grandfathers, of course, strongly recommended their sons. These guys had different intentions, and Cixi was so smart that she had already seen through their minds, so she rejected them one by one.

Cixi had her own ideas in her heart. She chose to choose, and finally chose Zai Tian, the son of Yi Xuan, the prince of alcohol, as the new king, Zai Tian, which was later Guangxu.

Generally speaking, when this son becomes emperor, everyone will be quite happy. If you don’t want to have a big banquet to celebrate, you should at least buy two firecrackers to listen to it.

(Prince Gong Yi? )

However, after Yi Xuan, the prince of alcohol, learned on the spot that his son Zai Tian would become the new emperor of Daming, he fell to the ground, and then began to cry bitterly. It was really sad, and several people couldn’t pull it up.

Naturally, the Prince of Alcohol is not extremely happy, but he foresaw the tragedy of his son’s life early.

Things go with the flow, life is just a dream, and time flies. In October of Guangxu’s thirty-three years, Guangxu fell ill after a lifetime of cowardice.

Interestingly, however, at the same time when Emperor Guangxu fell ill, the physical condition of Empress Dowager Cixi began to be pessimistic. After all, she was a figure who had experienced four dynasties, and even if her life was longer, it would inevitably come to an end by this time.

After Guangxu fell ill, Cixi made a good plan and directly took Puyi, the son of the then Regent Zai Feng, to the palace.

Puyi, after all, is a member of Prince Chun’s family. This child is the grandson of Yi Xuan, a pro-alcohol.

Tongzhi was six years old when he ascended the throne, Guangxu was four years old when he ascended the throne, and Puyi was even younger, only three years old when he ascended the throne. How could their petite bodies and immature thoughts bear the fate of this empire?

On October 21st, at quarter past two, that is, at half past six in the evening, Guangxu died at the age of 38, which can be said to be an early death.

Just now, we said that when Guangxu was dying, Cixi’s time was almost over, so Cixi died just one day after Guangxu’s death, and the time was not exactly three minutes the next day, that is, around two o’clock in the afternoon.

Emperor Guangxu didn’t know that if he could hold on a little longer, then he could let Cixi die before him, and he could get rid of the shackles of Cixi for ever.

(Reading portrait of Emperor Guangxu)

The author doesn’t care how Cixi died, but Guangxu’s death has always been very doubtful in history.

In fact, Emperor Guangxu’s physical condition has always been very bad, but his bad health belongs to the lack of Eucharist, lack of spirit, cold hands and feet, occasional dizziness, and so on, which is just a slightly serious sub-health.

Many emperors in history were sub-healthy.

Conscientious emperor, his work intensity is inevitably high. He listens to politics in court during the day and has to look at the passbook when he goes back to the palace at night. It belongs to high-intensity work, working overtime all day, and sleeping less. There must be something wrong with his physical condition, and he is not conscientious. Most of them are addicted to fun, and some of them drink too much to be good, which has a greater impact on health.

The deceased is like a husband, not giving up day and night, and every emperor in the feudal era is working hard to reach his extreme.

It’s normal for the emperor to be in poor health, so it’s good to keep him, but it’s abnormal for the emperor to suddenly die suddenly.

At that time, there was a doctor in the imperial court named Qu Guiting. His main job was to treat Emperor Guangxu, not just by accident, but for a long time.

According to his records, ten days before Emperor Guangxu’s death, the emperor was just in low spirits, and it didn’t matter much. Five days before Emperor Guangxu’s death, the emperor was just listless and coughed twice from time to time, which seemed normal. But just three days before the emperor’s death, when Qu Guiting went to take the emperor’s routine pulse, the emperor suddenly showed pain and then shouted that he had a stomachache.

My friends, it’s not the ordinary stomachache, but the painful rolling, which is quite severe.

Qu Guiting also observed very carefully that Guangxu’s face was dark and his tongue was brown. He immediately inferred and recorded in his diary that Guangxu’s current course and condition had nothing to do with the chronic diseases he had suffered for a long time before, which was a new disease.

(Emperor Guangxu’s robes)

Qu Guiting is just a court doctor. He may not be sensitive to politics, but what he saw and heard undoubtedly pointed Guangxu’s death to an abnormal death.

This point was later confirmed.

In 2008, people identified a strand of hair left by Emperor Guangxu, and it was confirmed that the arsenic trioxide content in his hair seriously exceeded the standard. What do you mean? That is to say, various diseases in Guangxu may have caused him to stay in bed, but the real cause of his death was arsenic poisoning.

Yes, after Cixi blocked the Reform Movement of 1898, she realized that there was an irreconcilable relationship between herself and Guangxu. She knew that if she died in front of Guangxu, Guangxu would definitely come back to light and reform the government affairs she left before her death.

In the late Qing Dynasty, there was a historian named Yun Yuding. According to his records, the tenth day of October in the thirty-fourth year of Guangxu, eleven days before the death of Emperor Guangxu, happened to be the birthday of Empress Dowager Cixi.

Cixi, a person, likes birthdays very much. She doesn’t play with ghosts and gods, but she is extravagant and extravagant. Every time she celebrates her birthday, she goes to great lengths and spends a lot of money.

Nominally speaking, the queen mother who never gave Guangxu a day’s maternal love is still his mother. Out of ethical filial piety, the emperor led the civil and military officials to the Palace to celebrate their birthday.

At that time, Empress Dowager Cixi was actually much sicker than Guangxu, because she was old after all, and Guangxu was still able to get up and move when she was sick in bed. I’m afraid Cixi couldn’t move, so she refused to meet Guangxu.

One is the queen mother, and the other is the emperor. They are at odds with each other and have been secretly fighting, or they have been looking forward to the end of each other’s lives.

(Imperial Autumn Day)

If Cixi dies first, Guangxu will be liberated. Although his body in his thirties is already dead, it may not be dead, but it will turn for the better.

In that case, perhaps Guangxu can make up for the regret of the Reform Movement of 1898 and the hundred-day reform.

And if Guangxu dies first, then Cixi will finally rest assured, because no one in this world can finally fight against herself.

Moreover, Cixi also heard that the emperor’s eyes lit up when he heard that he was seriously ill, which made Cixi hate and hate. After all, life and death have a life. Cixi could not stop the passage of her life. When her time was coming, that is, the day before she had a premonition that she would die, she reached out to Guangxu. (The author guesses)

Yes, when she personally took Guangxu out of the palace of alcohol relatives, Guangxu was still a few days away from the age of four. Cixi still remembers that Guangxu was sleeping soundly and was so naive that she couldn’t help but think of her own son Tongzhi who fell to the ground that year.

Before he fell asleep, Guangxu was just an ordinary son of the Ai Xinjue Roche family, but after he woke up, he became the master of the empire.

Time flies in a hurry, but the fallen flowers and leaves drift away in the wind.

Inheriting the Great Unity, having fewer emperors’ hardships, leading the country in twists and turns, refusing to fight for peace, seeking change and striving for strength, reforming for a hundred days, weeping for blood in Yingtai, and dying strangely, Guangxu’s life passed like this.

From the perspective of the royal patrilineal line, Cixi was his aunt, and from the perspective of the royal matriarchal line, Cixi was his aunt, and from that moment on, she became the mother of the child.

Now, she (maybe) has become an executioner, and she (maybe) has personally ended the fate of this grown-up child who is less than forty years old.

Of course, getting rid of Guangxu can’t bring any shock to Cixi’s life curve, let alone what kind of influence it will have on the direction of this empire. From the twilight glory and the afterglow of the scorching sun in the late Qianlong period to this moment, it has already dissipated.

Shanghai Pudong’s "Investment Promotion · Bright City" — Don’t read it wrong -don’t look at it -come in and see

Line 9 Gu Tang Road Metro Station is pure new. Pudong Caolu Merchants Bright City Exhibition Hall has been opened. It is located in the northeast corner of the intersection of Jinzhao Road, Gu Tang Road. It is expected to enter the market in the second quarter.

The project first launched 348 suite land

The main push construction surface is about 105-135 square meters 3-4 room

Hardcover, rough delivery

The linked price of the house is 45,000/㎡!

In the capital verification, the first set of 2 million, two 4 million.

The average residential price is expected to be 57,000/㎡

According to the plan, a total of 6 high-rise houses are built with a product of 105-135 square meters. Among them, 7#is self -sustaining for developers, 1#, 2#, 3#, 5#are all 105㎡ units (1#3#hardcover 2#5#blank), and 6#are all 135㎡ units.

A total of 416 suites, 204 units of 105㎡ units, 144 rough blank, and 68 units of 135㎡ apartment.

Open 1#, 2#, 3#, 5#105㎡ units.

Sales Hotline?: 400-8123-224

Empower the city upgrade, China Merchants Shekou’s bright new voice

As China’s leading cities and park operation service providers, China Merchants Shekou has deeply cultivated Shanghai, constantly helping urban development with high -quality works, and is committed to becoming a bearer of a better life.

In 2022, China Merchants Shekou Shanghai’s company was ingenious, and its strength layout was diversified, creating more good possibilities for cities. The new "6D" TOD work created by China Merchants Shekou United Midea at Gu Tang Road Station, Pudong Line 9-China Merchants · Bright CityEssence

Bright City as China Merchants Shekou new exploration TOD complex worksReterable to the relationship between people and cities, people and life, stand on the development of Pudong, and create a new model of TOD life for cities more convenient and comfortable.


The planning and renderings of the land are currently exposed!

The renderings are as follows: (for reference only, eventually the developer announced)

Sales Hotline?: 400-8123-224

According to the housing price linked hint, the Housing link price of the PDP0-0307 unit D1B-6 plot and the D1E-11 plot in Caolu Central Town, Pudong New District is 45,000/㎡, which is far lower than the average price of the surrounding second-hand housing.


PDP0-0307 unit D1B-6 plot in Caolu Central Town, Pudong New Area, D1E-11 plot is located in Caolu Town, Pudong New District, east to Huagu Road, south to Qinjiagang Road, west to Gu Tang Road, north to north to north to north. Jin Zhaolu.

"Bright City" is a comprehensive plot of commercial and residential office

The lower limit of the residential set is 476 sets

Line 9 Gu Tang Road Station

Residential & Complexing price is 45,000 yuan/㎡

People and cities

New demonstration zone in Pudong, meet the future

Pudong has never lack of miracles. Pudong itself is a miracle. From Lujiazui in the 1990s, to the front beach planned by the 12th Five -Year Plan, and then to the Golden Bridge City Sub -center and Zhangjiang City Sub -center, Pudong’s speed represents Shanghai speed.

In 2019, Pudong New Area was given municipal economic management authority. In 2021, the "Decision on the Formation of the Pudong New District Regulations of the Shanghai People’s Congress and its Standing Committee" was adopted in 2021. By 2035, the socialist modern international University with world influence will be basically established. Urban cities.

Bright cities, Luzi World Pudong, Tangzhen-Cao Lu-Heqing City Town Cross Town Cao Lu, in the south of Zhangjiang Gao Technology Park, Biyun International Community in the west, and Gaqiao Free Trade Zone in the north. Only one outer ring line is separated from the Pudong 2035 plan. The time of the two songs can reach 2.18 million square meters of Jinqiao’s "9 palace", which has superior geographical and traffic advantages.

Project area map

Bright cities, compound development of commercial, office buildings, residential and other formats, and integrate public travel, office, entertainment, shopping and other functions one stop. At the same time, the value of surrounding land is greatly increased, and the development of the entire sector will be driven, and the future will become the core business center of the "Cao Hetang" region.


People and life

"6D" tod, a new era of life mode

As the new generation of TOD products of China Merchants Shekou, the bright city comes with about 90,000 square meters of business -China Merchants Garden City, only 416 houses, 6 office buildings, etc., to create a three -dimensional lifestyle with the new "6D" TOD model.

At this point, home, shopping malls, office buildings, and subways have no underground pass within about 400 meters, and enjoy all supporting facilities. Easily realize the efficient and high -quality experience of work, life, social, and travel. With more comfortable travel standards, richer business scenarios, greener urban environments, more vibrant living forms, and more free living space, create a new urban model of "man -made".


The construction surface of the "China Merchants · Bright City" residential product is about 105-135㎡, with a total of 416 units. It is expected that the first phase of the residential house will be pushed 105㎡Essence The apartment diagram is as follows:

Peripheral facilities:

【Business Resources】

There are commercial facilities such as Shanghai Jinqin Square, Baolong City Plaza, Yue Tian Di and other commercial facilities around the plot.

Baolong City Plaza

【Ecological Resources】

There are also Jinhai Wetland Park in the ecology.

Jinhai Wetland Park

The "Bright City" is about 1 kilometer of Perma Hills (real estate transformed by the dormitory). The apartment is about 41-108 square meters of 1-4 rooms, with a total price of about 2.88 million.

Peima hill sand table

The west side of the plot is the riverside urban garden project. It was completed in 2006. The current average listing price of second -hand housing is 61,000/㎡.

Riverside city garden

Everyone who loves life has a better idea for the city! As a rare subway disk in Pudong, the project has attracted much attention from the start of the land. On the day of the release of the case, many customers have been looking forward to it.

Officially released by the project,China Merchants Shekou "6D" TOD -The bright city exhibition hall is grandly opened on January 27,,The exhibition hall is located in the northeast corner of the intersection of Jinzhao Road, Gu Tang Road, about 200 meters south of McDonald’sEssence Please enter the registration channel for consultation and appointment!