Gu ‘an, Hebei Province: Se-enriched cherries "grab fresh" for listing.

Nowadays, cherries in greenhouses are maturing one after another. In a greenhouse in Gu ‘an, Hebei Province, the branches of selenium-enriched cherries with crystal clear and full fruits are full of mouth watering. Citizens and tourists who come to experience the fun of picking can be seen everywhere in the greenhouse. In recent years, Gu ‘an County has given full play to its geographical advantages adjacent to Beijing and Tianjin, actively adjusted its agricultural planting structure, vigorously developed protected fruit planting, skillfully played the "wrong season listing" card, and built a characteristic fruit planting industrial base, thus embarking on a development road of "leading by science and technology, scientifically managing, standardizing production, increasing income and enriching the people".

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"Snow Flying Swallow" Ski Watching Competition "Two Incorrect"

  "Look! Here we go. "

  "The speed of sliding is so fast."

  "It feels so good to fly."

  At the end of the National Alpine Ski Center.

  Several coaches lead a group of children.

  Practice skiing on a gentle snow slope

  Not far away is the competition trail of the National Alpine Skiing Championships.

  After practice, the children

  You can also enjoy the wonderful performance of the athletes.

"Snow Flying Swallow" Ski Watching Competition "Two Incorrect"

  National Alpine Skiing Center in Yanqing, Beijing

  Also known as "Snow Swallow"

  Since the new year, competitions have continued.

  International Snow Federation Alpine Skiing Far East Cup Yanqing Station

  Closing on January 11th.

  More than 70 athletes from China and Japan.

  Participate in downhill and super giant slalom events.

  China players gain 2 gold and 5 bronze medals.

  I found the state of the game and improved my confidence.

"Snow Flying Swallow" Ski Watching Competition "Two Incorrect"

  right after

  National Alpine Skiing Championships

  Officially kicked off on January 14th.

  The competition lasted until the 20th.

  Set up downhill, slewing, super slalom and other items.

  Attract about 170 players to participate in adult and youth competitions.

  The result of the competition will determine whether the athletes can get it.

  Admission ticket for the 14th National Winter Games.

  "Fourteen Winter" Alpine Skiing Competition

  It will also be held from the end of January to the beginning of February

  Continue to be held in "Snow Swallow"

"Snow Flying Swallow" Ski Watching Competition "Two Incorrect"

  Zhang Yuying, who won a bronze medal in Yanqing Station of Alpine Skiing Far East Cup.

  Won the women’s all-around competition in the National Alpine Skiing Championships as expected.

  She expressed satisfaction with her performance.

  And strive to achieve better results in the next competition.

  Winter Olympics standard track

  World-class venues and facilities

  And careful competition organization and service guarantee.

  Impressed the contestants.

"Snow Flying Swallow" Ski Watching Competition "Two Incorrect"

  Tang Honglang, leader of the Beijing Alpine Ski Team, said

  "Snow Swallow" has the top snow trails and supporting facilities in China.

  High-standard track can promote the development of alpine skiing.

  Let more athletes get experience and grow rapidly.

  Beijing team is a young team.

  Players from both adult and youth groups take part in the competition with a learning attitude.

  Do one’s best

  Strive for the qualification of the "Fourteen Winter"

"Snow Flying Swallow" Ski Watching Competition "Two Incorrect"

  "In the past, most Chinese skiers went abroad for training.

  Now they have come to Yanqing to train in’ Snow Swallow’. "

  Liu Qianxun, deputy director of the Yanqing District Sports Bureau in Beijing, believes that

  Excellent venue conditions help to improve athletes’ competitive level.


  A number of young talents in alpine skiing have emerged in China.

  The future will shine on a bigger stage.

  Yanqing District will also continue to strengthen the construction of youth ice and snow teams.

  Through ice and snow events

  Further enhance Yanqing’s international popularity.

  Help the development of ice and snow sports and sports industry.

"Snow Flying Swallow" Ski Watching Competition "Two Incorrect"

  During the various events hosted by "Snow Swallow"

  Yanqing Olympic Park is open normally.

  Release the opening plan of Volkswagen Snow Trail in advance during the Games.

  Promote the "Games+Tourism" model.

  Let the track and Volkswagen Snow Road complement each other.

  Attract ice and snow sports enthusiasts to punch in the Winter Olympics venues.

  Not only can you watch the game

  You can go into battle in person.

  Enjoy your own "speed and passion"

"Snow Flying Swallow" Ski Watching Competition "Two Incorrect"

  Yanqing Olympic Park is covered with "Snow Flying Swallows"

  National snowmobile sled center "Snow Youlong" and Yanqing Winter Olympic Village

  Since it was opened to the public on April 29th, 2022.

  It has received nearly 400,000 tourists.

  Yanqing District plans to build Yanqing Olympic Park in 2024.

  And the ice project training base

  Linkage of snow and ice resources such as Shi Jinglong Ski Resort

  Run high-level events and mass events of snowmobile, sledge and alpine skiing well.

  Provide high-quality venues and supporting services for ice and snow lovers

  Polishing the "Golden Business Card" of Ice and Snow in the "Most Beautiful Winter Olympic City"

  Reporter: Li Chunyu.

  Photo: Rong Media Center in Yanqing District, Beijing

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Bai Yansong: Are soccer and soccer the same sport in China?

On July 19th, Bai Yansong paid attention to the "football road, how should China go?" in CCTV’s "News 1+1" program. Among them, the golden sentence is constant. Some words may sound a little harsh, but we can understand the helplessness of many experienced fans who can only have fun in the midst of years of pursuing love and constant loss. The so-called "love is deep and responsibility is urgent".

Let’s listen to what Yansong said ~

"I don’t want to talk about China football and everyone laughs."

When it comes to football in China, everyone will be happy and tell many jokes. In fact, I don’t want everyone to laugh when talking about China football, but China football has tortured fans for so many years, and I think we have some capital to laugh now. What can we do if we don’t smile?

But we really don’t want to laugh. We really want China football to develop better. But how to develop?

"How can China football develop without a stadium and a good coach?"

There is a survey: What do you think is the most important thing for China football to be strong? I think two figures are too low: 3% people choose.Build more stadiums, and 3% of people choose.Training of grass-roots coachesThis ratio is too low.

Let’s take a look at the goal of China Football Association: to expand the training scale of coaches year by year. By 2020, the total number of certified coaches in China will reach 70,000. Note that it is to strive to achieve it by 2020, which is quite different from the fact that 100 children in Iceland may have a good coach to take care of them.

There are also people who study football in China now, but after graduating in four years, they can’t get a certificate, and then they may be assigned to a school and stop teaching football and become ordinary physical education teachers.

Without a stadium and a good coach, it is almost impossible to make football in China the same sport as football.

"Playing football well has nothing to do with the population."

I often hear people in China say that 1.4 billion people can’t find 11 players. The four most populous countries in the world rank first in China, second in India, third in the United States and fourth in Indonesia. Except for the United States, which often enters the World Cup, the remaining three countries are not good at playing football, so it has nothing to do with the population.

What does that have to do with anything? CCTV 5, the sports channel, made a 20-episode feature film called Football Road before the World Cup. Frankly speaking, after the World Cup, I watched it again, and I saw that my blood was boiling and I often became very quiet. How about football in China? Is China football and football a sport after all, and how can they become the same sport?

"The goal of the national team competition in 2018 has almost not been completed."

Next, let’s look at the goals of the national team. The Chinese Football Association’s Action Plan for 2020 has drawn up three goals for the national team in 2018:

The goal of FIFA U20 World Cup was to strive to participate, but I didn’t go.;

FIFA U17′ s goal was to compete, but it didn’t go.;

The goal of U23 Asian Championship was to enter the top eight, but failed.!

In other words, the goal of the 2018 competition was almost not completed. The goal of the 2019 competition is to enter the top four of the Asian Cup. Can it be completed? Frankly, I’m not optimistic.

"We don’t want to be people who tell jokes about China football."

I really hope that all football players in China can take a good look at the 20 episodes of Football Road on Sports Channel. After reading it, we will all be the beneficiaries. We don’t want to be people who tell jokes about football in China. Frankly speaking, how lively the World Cup is, we are just passers-by, just a group of spectators. Only when China football is really well done and China football and football become the same sport, will we be really happy.

Want to see more suggestions from Bai Yansong about the development of football in China, click to watch the full video ↓↓↓

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Greenland Kangmei Valley 丨 Official Website | Fengxian Greenland Kangmei Valley | Real estate details 丨 Shanghai Fengxian [Kangmei Valley] Welcome

Shanghai Fengxian "Greenland Kangmei Valley"

The National Hotline of the Sales Center: 400-8558-334 (Calls Callery Sales Division Promotion Activities)

If you have any questions, please inquire, make an appointment to enjoy the discounts of buying a house, and the professional one -to -one enthusiastic service, so that you can use a professional perspective to buy a house.

Disclaimer: The content of the article is comprehensive from the Internet, sharing only, and the copyright belongs to the original author! Intersection If there is any infringement, please contact us, we will deal with it as soon as possible!

Greenland · Kangmei Valley Sales Center Hotline: 400-8558-334 Buy a house in Shanghai. First of all, you must choose the right location, especially just need! It is especially important to buy more valuable sectors at the same price. This not only affects the quality of life and living, but also the decisive factor in the value of real estate in the future.

From the perspective of policy -oriented, the preferred choice of Shanghai is undoubtedly five new cities. These five areas are defined as an important growth pole in Shanghai in the future.

Greenland · Kangmei Valley Sales Center Hotline: 400-8558-334

The most worth mentioning is that it was announced at the just -concluded "" Cloud Investment Promotion "and" Cloud Signing "Conference in Fengxian District, Shanghai in 2022." Line 15 of Shanghai is about to start. According to the planning diagram, it can be determined. There are two stations in the core area of ??Duan Oriental Miyu, and Fengxian travels will be more convenient.

In addition, there are 9 universities in Line 15, with a total of 10 campuses and 3 national science and technology parks. This line is really full of talents. Not only that, Line 15 is also a proper transfer king.

This means,Greenland · Kangmei Valley Sales Center Hotline: 400-8558-334 is located in Fengxian South Bridge. The strongly built international medical and healthy life service complex, with a total price of 900,000, is under hot sales …

Nanqiao City

About 130,000 square meters of international health community

Platinum service -type apartment

Launched the building about 45-100㎡ apartment houses

Unlimited purchase, the total price is 900,000 from 900,000

"Greenland · Kangmei Valley" renderings

1 international health life service complex

Greenland · Kangmei Valley Sales Center Hotline: 400-8558-334 occupies the core of Nanqiao, with a single set of about 45-110 square meters. At the same time, relying on the big brand effect of Greenland Group, after purchasing, you can also directly entrust the brand of platinum hotels to uniformly manage and operate, one -stop hosting services, can be transferred and can be transferred.

Real view of business clubs

Greenland · Kangmei Valley Sales Center Hotline: 400-8558-334 is a giant system for Greenland Group, with about 130,000 square meters of international health life service complex. The project covers a variety of formats such as international medical rehabilitation centers, commercial centers, clubs, hotels, platinum service apartments and other diversified formats. It will create new landmarks in the South and Shanghai portals, new kinetic energy and green physical and mental habitats in the regional beautiful health industry.

In addition, in this complex, there is also a platinum service apartment provided by Greenland Hotel Tourism Group with a four -star hotel -type exclusive service.

Greenland Platinum Hotel, this is a very well -known luxury four -star hotel in the industry. To enjoy one night of services, they often need to pay thousands of yuan.

Even so, there are still many home buyers. When they need to resolve the pressure of life and need to restart their work inspiration, they will firmly punch the platinum and the luxury hotel. Because the services here can instantly heal your body and mind that you are tired of life.

Let the owners start at about 900,000 ultra -low total price,Greenland · Kangmei Valley Sales Center Hotline: 400-8558-334 can enjoy a four-star hotel-style service every day. Coupled with the comprehensive diversified and large health facilities in the composite body, such products choose a choice for the vibrant elderly people to choose a career for the new young people in the city.

The apartment facilities are configured in accordance with the four -star standard, including shared kitchen, full -time restaurants, business clubs, gym, exquisite books, etc., which brings a full range of star life enjoyment to the residents.

Gym renderings

"Greenland Kangmei Valley" club renderings

Club effect chart

From ritual service, room cleaning to intimate private assistant, etc.,Greenland · Kangmei Valley Sales Center Hotline: 400-8558-334Provide residents with meticulous care, so that every residents can enjoy a private, comfortable and exquisite star life.

2 Greenland Creation

New landmark of South Shanghai Portal

Greenland Group is the first Fortune 500 company in China with real estate as its main business.Greenland · Kangmei Valley Sales Center Hotline: 400-8558-334 has formed a diversified business pattern of "the main business of real estate, large infrastructure, large consumption, large finance, health & science and technology industry" The business spreads more than 50 countries around the world, and in 2021, the Fortune Global Enterprise 500 is 142nd.

"Greenland · Kangmei Valley" real -life picture

The most worth mentioning is the characteristics of "Greenland Kangmei Valley".Greenland · Kangmei Valley Sales Center Hotline: 400-8558-334The riverside growth blended with the river and green space next to the Pu South Canal, and extended infinitely in the landscape space.

Through the "urban rain forest" and "cross green gallery" landscape concept, the project creates a new business card and a new style of the "three lives" in the South and Shanghai regions. At the same time, combined with the characteristics of the project’s "medical and health care", to create a "five -sensory garden" of a panoramic and open healthy life.

Especially under the design of the "urban rain forest", through the concept of "small units, large operations", it is more refined, modern, and more international.

In order to organize the community and the city organically, Greenland Kangmei Valley implanted the ecology and art into the community, and through the "social+vitality" three -dimensional dynamic line, the creation method of the "two axis and multiple groups" creates a step -by -step and blending scene. Leisure life scenes make emotions release.

The overall space structure of the apartment is square, and the superior lighting and ventilation,Greenland · Kangmei Valley Sales Center Hotline: 400-8558-334The layout of each functional area is reasonable and clear, taking into account social and private needs, and at the same time, through some superposition designs to maximize the use of spatial use, to carefully create extraordinary home lives for residents.

"Greenland Kangmei Valley"

Unit Figure Reference

Model stem effect map

Model stem effect map

Model stem effect map

3 The bustling life circle at reach

The development of each dimension of Fengxian New Town is very complete.Greenland · Kangmei Valley Sales Center Hotline: 400-8558-334 There is the 100 billion-level industry, the bustling facilities comparable to the urban area, and the planned national green ecological demonstration with the planned country as the core of Shanghai fish as the core. City area. Just waiting for all planning to land, the area will usher in the outbreak of value.

Especially the "Shanghai Fish" environment,Let people enjoy the beauty of the four seasons, the trails of water and mountains, and forest sports fields, and natural river channels that can be boiled, will become your natural back garden, pocket park, sports venue, let you go out to see the scenery, enter the garden step by step, show all the way, show all the way to show up. The beauty of square inch.

Shanghai fish

In addition, there are about 47,800 square Nanqiao Central Park (planned)Greenland · Kangmei Valley Sales Center Hotline: 400-8558-334After completion, it will become the largest ecological green space park in Shanghai, a natural ecological oxygen bar, and infiltrate fresh oxygen at 365 days. Living here, enjoy health and gain beauty.

In terms of transportation, Line 5 Wangyuan Road Station and the south extension section of Line 15 (in China); there are many S4 Shanghai -Gold Expressway, Hongmean Road Tunnel, Daye Highway, Puxing Highway, G15 Ring Expressway, etc. Urban aortic ring.

Medical aspect,Adjacent to the Sanjia Women’s and Infant Fengxian Hospital (expected to be opened in August 2022), the Fudan Fudan Children’s Fengxian Hospital (to be launched), and Xinhua Hospital’s Fengxian Hospital District (expected to be completed in 2024) and other improved medical facilities to escort health.

Shanghai Fengxian "Greenland · Kangmei Valley"