Gu ‘an, Hebei Province: Se-enriched cherries "grab fresh" for listing.

Nowadays, cherries in greenhouses are maturing one after another. In a greenhouse in Gu ‘an, Hebei Province, the branches of selenium-enriched cherries with crystal clear and full fruits are full of mouth watering. Citizens and tourists who come to experience the fun of picking can be seen everywhere in the greenhouse. In recent years, Gu ‘an County has given full play to its geographical advantages adjacent to Beijing and Tianjin, actively adjusted its agricultural planting structure, vigorously developed protected fruit planting, skillfully played the "wrong season listing" card, and built a characteristic fruit planting industrial base, thus embarking on a development road of "leading by science and technology, scientifically managing, standardizing production, increasing income and enriching the people".

Producer: Ma Baojun

Planning: Du Yiran

Coordinator: Zhang Qing

Director: Shen Xuanxuan

New Media Editor: Tao Lingjun Du Liwei

Source: Propaganda Department of Gu ‘an County Committee

Produced by China Xinhua News Network (CNC)