104-year-old mother and 81-year-old daughter make lanterns! Jiading’s "old children" have a Lantern Festival like this →

February 24 is the Lantern Festival, and the atmosphere of the Lantern Festival in Jiading streets is full. Various nursing homes in Jiading also bring joy to the "old children" by holding Lantern Festival activities.
Ma Lu Town Welfare Institute in Jiading held a public open day and Lantern Festival, our festival. The "old children" with an average age of 85 were busy making lanterns, solve riddles on the lanterns and watching performances, and they had a great time. Cheng Yueying, a 104-year-old old man, is the "longevity star" of the welfare home. She is making lanterns with her 81-year-old daughter.
Cheng Yueying told reporters that in the past, the conditions were poor, and I was very happy to eat a bowl of glutinous rice balls during the Lantern Festival. Now, there are countless activities such as solve riddles on the lanterns, making lanterns and watching performances. "When I was a child, I was bitter. I could have a bowl of glutinous rice balls for several days after the Lantern Festival, unlike everything now." Cheng Yueying said.
Daughter Zhang Dingfang introduced that when I was a child, every Lantern Festival, my mother would make New Year’s soup for herself and make rabbit lanterns. Now it’s my turn to spend the holidays with my mother, as if I had returned to my happy childhood.
In addition to solve riddles on the lanterns, lanterns and fun games, the volunteer team of literature and art also brought theatrical performances such as operas, and classic clips such as Shanghai Opera and Yue Opera were staged in turn, and the old children listened with relish. "There are singing and jumping, playing and eating, which is quite happy and lively." The old man Kang Mingjie said.
It is understood that this activity is one of the series of public open days. In recent years, Ma Lu Town Welfare Institute has held public open days in combination with folk festivals, so that family members and citizens can enter the nursing home, enjoy the festival with the elderly and learn about the daily life of the nursing home.
Written by: Yin Qinqin
Camera: Wang Jian