Runner’s List-Running is a dual practice of the runner’s body and mind.

What is running for runners?

A way to keep fit? Means to reduce body fat? Or a pastime to kill time?

When you choose to stick to it and regard running as a very important part of your life, at this time, running is not only a regular body movement with your left foot and your right foot, but also a kind of practice, both physical and mental.

Running begins with the body, respects self-discipline, conforms to the heart, lasts longer than persistence, and finally reaches the spirit.

Xiaobian arranges some books that are suitable for running hobbies and also suitable for non-runners. I hope that runners can resonate with the author in the book and further appreciate the joy of running.

Author:Japanese marathon star Da Pojie.

Running is a very lonely and hard thing. Sometimes I am worried about the long road ahead, but because of this, the happiness and sense of accomplishment at the finish line are even more special, just like life. -Big Breaker

As a professional marathon runner, Da Jiejie’s efforts, persistence and self-discipline have influenced countless runners. It also attracted countless young people to join the running sport and regarded him as an idol and even a spiritual guide.

Notes of Marathon Masters is a running note created by Da Bojie, which covers training experience, psychological changes, practical suggestions on diet, training, sleep and recovery, and answers to 31 questions of interest to runners. It has very practical reference value for runners at all stages. Use words to experience the training experience of top marathon runners.

Author:Hulbeart Stefani

Your body also has "thinking". Running makes you an artist, a hero or a saint. Running brings you back to your childhood, makes you unique, and makes you find yourself again. -Hulbeart Stephanie

The author, Hulbeart Stefani, is a famous German long-distance runner and coach. He has won the German Marathon and other long-distance races for 16 times, and won the European Marathon in 1986. As a coach, he has trained several famous track and field players for Germany, which is quite famous in the field of German track and field.

Running is a science, which requires not only self-discipline, strong will, but also scientific methods. However, Hulbeart Stephanie has given you the answers in his book. The contents of the Running Bible include easy-to-understand physiological knowledge, reasonable and effective training plan, simple and convenient diet guide, comfortable suggestions for wearing and scientific and professional running guidance. Running Bible can help you improve your speed, endurance, flexibility and strength in all directions.

Author:Cameron Strache

To the onlookers, running seems to be a lonely, unrelated personal experience. But in fact, it is the mutual encouragement between teammates that makes a runner run better, stronger and faster. -Cameron Strache

In 1970s and 1980s, Frank Short, Bill Rogers and Alberto salazar were born in the United States. It not only brought the victory of long-distance running to the United States, but also led the golden age of American running.

Long-distance running is a test of the body, and it is also a temper of the mind. The article tells how three runners overcame the double pressure of body and mind, and grew up from a nameless runner to a king of road running. Thanks to the author’s excellent creative ability, The King of Road Running, which is originally a documentary literature, has ups and downs of story lines, as wonderful as narrative novels!

Author:John Parker

In such a insensitive world, thick skin is the only way to break the ice-John Parker

This is a novel that is easy to make people empathize. There are not only dreams on the way forward, but also various factors that affect the progress, such as family, love and friendship. These factors may be positive or negative. How to overcome these negative factors is a problem that each of us has to face.

John Parker put his personal experience into the story, and the real story makes readers feel the same. The process of realizing your ideal is like running in the rain. Difficulties hit your body as frequently as raindrops, but you will always be raindrops. How can tiny raindrops defeat you with strong will?

Author:Dr Nicholas romanov/Kurt Brenga

A revolution about running posture

Dr Nicholas romanov and Kurt Brenga have been deeply involved in the field of sports science for many years. The two authors combine practice with theory and give a more scientific explanation for running posture. "Posture Running" teaches you how to run correctly.

Dr romanov’s "posture running method" divides running posture into three key basic movements: key running posture, falling and pulling up. The contents of the article include the selection of running shoes prepared before running, the reasonable recovery of muscle injury, the technical essentials of posture running and other practical knowledge, covering almost all the situations that can be encountered during running, and it is a runner’s guide suitable for all stages.

Author:Murakami Haruki

In the long-distance running, if there is any opponent that must be defeated, it is the past self. -Haruki Murakami

Aside from being a well-known author, Haruki Murakami, like most runners, repeats the same training every day and is obsessed with the passion for the competition and the choice of equipment. From the early marathon to the late triathlon, the process of each race is similar, but from the pre-competition registration to the post-competition resumption, every process is extremely gratifying.

For Haruki Murakami, running, like writing novels, is a very important part of life. There will be a sudden burst of inspiration and physical and mental exhaustion caused by long-term work. How to treat them as the primary task and urge ourselves to complete the plan is the inspiration of Haruki Murakami’s What I Talk about When I Run.

Author:Ricky Rolle

When you were young, you were a handsome swimming champion. Because of long-term alcoholism, you have become a fat and greasy uncle in middle age. Looking at yourself in the mirror, do you want to continue to rot or cheer up? The author obviously chose the latter.

Control your diet, keep exercising, cheer up, and fill your life with cycling, running and swimming. The meaning of exercise changed from losing fat to breaking through oneself, and then to completing the super championship. The author found the meaning of life while overcoming difficulties. The ups and downs of the story are absolutely no less than any book that goes against the sky.

Author:Shion Miura

Zangyuan, no matter how long and far you run, you are not alone. At any time, there are others running around you. -Keiji Kiyoseki

In the last year of college, Keiji Kiase finally assembled a long-distance running team of his own. His teammates were all roommates in the dormitory "Zhuqingzhuang" of Kuanzheng University. Under the efforts of Keiji, everyone chose to join in and work together with Hakone as the ultimate goal. Because most teammates are beginners without any running experience, the whole process is difficult and tortuous. In the end, with everyone’s disdainful efforts, we reached the standard and entered the race through pre-selection.

"Strong Wind Blows" inspires young runners from generation to generation to pursue their dreams and realize themselves, and at the same time attracts countless young people to join the sport of running. We are no longer young, and every time we open this book, we never lose our heart.

Author:Jadeha Ronander Finn

The real running is to run freely like a Kenyan. -Yadha Ronander Finn

For Kenyans, long-distance running has a different meaning. Long-distance running has improved the living standards of Kenyans and changed their lifestyles. At the same time, it has also made them know more about Kenya and deeply attracted them to explore the secrets of Kenyans.

For local young people, long-distance running is one of the few ways to change their fate. Therefore, the purpose of long-distance running is more and more pure: if you want to change your destiny, you can only run and run faster.