[Content at a glance]When Yang Guang was a child, he lost his sight because of a sudden illness. However, his natural wide range and unique feeling and understanding of music made him gradually show his talent in music. Although he encountered many difficulties in life, he never gave up easily, and overcame the unimaginable difficulties with an optimistic and persevering character. Now, Yang Guang can not only stand on his own feet, but also will release his first music album.

  Moderator: Audience friends, welcome to today’s "Man and Society". Andrea bocelli, an Italian, was blinded by an accident when he was 12 years old. However, he overcame his physical defects with optimistic passion and persistence in art, and stepped into the peak of his career step by step, becoming a world-class singer who has made remarkable achievements in the fields of classical music and pop music. In today’s program, the young man we want to introduce is also very similar to the blind musician just mentioned. Although he is blind, he has a resounding name-Yang Guang.

  Commentary: This summer, for the blind singer Yang Guang, there was some desolation and some helplessness. Just two weeks ago, he left the Disabled Art Troupe and moved to a damp and dark basement. In doing so, he is waiting for an opportunity, an opportunity that he thinks is very important.

  At the same time: I was just waiting for an event, the music channel of Beijing People’s Broadcasting Station, the anniversary opening ceremony of the 974 audio-visual room. I believe that many people will know me through that event.

  Commentary: Yang Guang is full of expectations for this activity, but he doesn’t know what this activity can bring him. He just wants to change his current situation strongly. Yang Guang was blind since he was a child. He lived with his grandmother and didn’t return to his parents until he was at school. Dad bought a children’s electronic organ specially for him to pass the time at home. Unexpectedly, since then, it has opened a door to the music world for Yang Guang.

  At the same time: I didn’t expect him to listen to the radio and then follow that feeling, but he could also play a tune. At that time, it was like "Huo Yuanjia". After listening to it, he could sing along and play it. His father thought it was quite strange. Later, I also thought that since he liked it so much, he should go formal and find a teacher for him.

  Commentary: Seeing Yang Guang’s talent in music, his parents specially invited a teacher for him. From then on, he began to study piano and vocal music formally. In 1998, 19-year-old Yang Guang was admitted to the Disabled Art Troupe. He thought that he could stay here with music steadily and steadily. Unexpectedly, what he really had to face was the cold reality.

  At the same time: (at that time) I was not provided with food and clothing, and my salary was very low at that time, so I felt quite wronged at that time. The most busy time was to perform four performances a day, then leave immediately overnight and perform four performances the next day.

  Commentary: During a performance of the Art Troupe in Beijing, I occasionally heard that Yang Guang of Beijing People’s Broadcasting Station had a new song promotion activity for newcomers, and suddenly she gave up her intention.

  At the same time: (in the art troupe) I still feel that there is no development, and it is just muddling along. I don’t want to muddle along, so I will find my own new road.

  Commentary: Although the head of the troupe tried his best to retain him, Yang Guang resolutely left the disabled art troupe, which had lived for two years, and moved to the basement. However, it didn’t take long for Yang Guang’s life to be in a dilemma. How should he spend the rest of his life?

  In the same period: I just sold my mobile phone, that is, I bought a mobile phone for more than 1,000 yuan, and sold it for 700 yuan. At that time, it seemed that I sold 700 yuan (money), and then I left 500 yuan (money), took the remaining 200 yuan, and bought a broken mobile phone.

  Commentary: this 500 yuan has accompanied him through a period of financial difficulties. One day, Yang Guang found that he had only a few tens of dollars on him. At this moment, his mother, who was far away in Harbin, suddenly called and said that she would come to Beijing to see him, which made Yang Guang suddenly feel a little uneasy.

  At the same time: I think my income should be quite high among all the children of my mother’s colleagues.

  Commentary: Yang Guang always thought he was the pride of his parents. He really didn’t want his mother to see his difficult situation. That night, he completely lost sleep.

  Commentary: In 1979, Yang Guang was born in an ordinary family in Harbin. His arrival brought great joy to the whole family. However, when Yang Guang was eight months old, he was diagnosed with an incurable disease.

  At the same time: retinoblastoma, which belongs to eye cancer.

  Commentary: Parents took Yang Guang everywhere for medical treatment, but no hospital could make him see the light again. In the future, Yang Guang was destined to live in the dark, but her strong and persistent grandmother tried to let the sun shine into Yang Guang’s heart.

  At the same time: the feeling of snow, rain and water in nature, touching animals, cats, dogs and chickens, (grandma) let him feel it with his hands.

  At the same time: Grandma will take me to the road, and then tell me that you are a PLA soldier, buy me a submachine gun and tell me to rush forward.

  Commentary: In spring, he smells the brilliance and fragrance of lilacs. In summer, he hears the sunlight crawling through the window. In autumn, he tramples on the beach kissed by the waves. In winter, he goes to the pine forest to listen to the falling of snowflakes. Time flies, Yang Guang has grown up happily. He not only has a strong physique, but also has a strong and persistent personality. In recent years, he has never wanted to let his family worry about him.

  At the same time: I was asked if anyone bullied me outside, how much money I earned, and how about eating, but what I told her was definitely 80% false.

  Commentary: Now that he is in such a situation, how can he face his mother? The heavy frustration makes Yang Guang feel sad. However, in any case, his mother still has to pick up the station when she comes to Beijing. After counting his own money, Yang Guangcai finds that all his property is only 42 yuan money, and now there is no one to accompany him to travel. What should I do? When I grind my teeth, I can only take a taxi. On the way, Yang Guang has been whispering in his heart, and I don’t know if this 42 yuan money is enough for the fare to Beijing Railway Station. Fortunately, after paying the fare at the Beijing station, Yang Guang actually had 23 yuan money left. After receiving his mother, Yang Guang shared the last sum of money with his mother who didn’t know the truth.

  In the same period: there are more than 20 yuan left, and only one breakfast can be eaten.

  Commentary: Seeing her son’s calm face, the mother told the real purpose of coming to Beijing.

  At the same time: I want to see how he works in Beijing, and I just want to confirm it.

  Commentary: At this time, Yang Guangzhen wanted to tell his mother all about the current situation, but when the words came to his mouth, he held back and said something else.

  At the same time: He said that I am no longer a child, and he said that you can rest assured. At that time, I thought that he might arrange it well.

  Commentary: After breakfast, the mother was eager to see where her son lived. Yang Guang had to take her mother to the basement where she lived. As soon as she saw her son’s living environment, she understood it all at once.

  At the same time: Tears rolled around the eyes, but I didn’t fall down. I felt that the child was too strong, which moved me. I didn’t blame him. I just said that my heart was very sad, that is to say, it was so difficult for you to see, and then you didn’t worry me. I think he is becoming more and more mature.

  Commentary: At this time, it is no longer possible to hide from his mother. Yang Guang told her all her feelings and plans firmly and optimistically.

  At the same time: he said that I would venture outside, and I wanted to be with normal people. With that mentality, I said, can I do it? He said yes, you can rest assured.

  Commentary: Seeing that her son is so determined, the mother decided to stay in Beijing for a long time and take care of her son’s daily life. She gave her son most of the little money she brought with her. This time, it was the first time that Yang Guang used her mother’s money in the past 10 years.

  At the same time: since I was 16 years old, I haven’t taken the initiative to ask my mother for money.

  Commentary: With his mother’s company, Yang Guang doesn’t have to worry about his livelihood for the time being, but he can prepare for the program of Radio Beijing wholeheartedly. Soon, the radio station specially recorded a program for Yang Guang for half an hour. Although the program was very popular with the audience after it was broadcast, it did not pave the way for him to become famous overnight.

  At the same time: At that time, a lot of people knew me, but you knew that to be a culture, you had to have a lot of money first. If you wanted to be famous at that time, another thing was that you had to have a lot of connections. I was a teenager at that time.

  Commentary: Although he didn’t get the success he expected, Yang Guang made many friends because of this activity. When he needed help for his livelihood, it was his friend Xiang Yang who accompanied his family to the bar to find opportunities to sing.

  At the same time: Sometimes when it rains, he will let me wait in the car. He braved the rain, ran there to talk to others, went to the bar and talked about it, and then he came back to pick me up.

  Commentary: Yang Guang, who has always been confident in himself, has been repeatedly rejected by bar owners.

  At the same time: they think that inviting a blind singer will damage the image of my restaurant or bar, and maybe this bar doesn’t need to perform.

  Commentary: A few days later, a bar finally accepted Yang Guang. So, he began a career of singing in a bar. Although his income was not high, his life was simple and happy. One day not long after, when Yang Guang came back from a friend’s residence, he fell into extreme pain and contradiction.

  At the same time: it was an actor’s colony. They lived in a very shabby basement, with a long bobbin house and small single rooms like pigeon cages on both sides. One by one, just look at that person. Some were one or two people, and some were two or three people crowded in that big bed. There was a TV at most in the room, and the basement would give off a musty smell from time to time.

  Commentary: Seeing that there are so many healthy artists whose living environment is comparable to his own, Yang Guang was greatly touched and his heart was extremely sad. At this time, he began to learn from the bitter experience and think about his next step.

  At the same time: because there are too many singers, and no one is willing to spend a lot of money to invite a person with physical disabilities and no characteristics to perform, first of all, I have to take care of you. At least when you come on stage, you have to let others lead you up, right? He has to find a sound singer. Well, there are too many singers now, so I have to be different. I have to find a new way.

  Commentary: Where is the way? This problem has always plagued Yang Guang, but he never wanted to understand it, but an idea jumped into his mind. He should go to the outside world to have a look, and maybe there will be new gains. Pack up your bags and Yang Guang set off again.

  During the same period: I began to perform all over the country, I should say the three northeastern provinces, and I basically performed all the big night shows.

  Commentary: This time, Yang Guang cooperated with many performance units. At this time, he is no longer a teenager who wanders around the world and sings for survival. He is looking for his own way. In performances around the world, he sang freely and often won a full house of applause. However, Yang Guang thinks that these are not what he wants.

  At the same time: if you are out of town, you will run the night show again. Aren’t you still an actor? That’s a living, that can’t be called a career.

  Commentary: In his spare time, Yang Guang likes to be alone. At this time, he often recalls many past events around his grandmother and parents. It was a very happy time. After grandma and father died one after another, my mother was the only one in my hometown. When I think of my mother, the softest place in Yang Guang’s heart will always quiver gently. After so many years of traveling outside, he and his mother always gather less and leave more, but their mother’s concerns and exhortations always echo in my ears. When I thought of this, Yang Guang’s heart suddenly surged with a melody and a few lyrics. He immediately wrote down this feeling. For several days, Yang Guang was immersed in this melody. Finally, the yearning for loved ones turned into a trickle flowing on the keyboard. In a performance not long after, Yang Guang presented this song to the audience, which unexpectedly aroused the applause of the audience. After that, this song became his repertoire, and at this time, Yang Guang and his songs attracted the attention of a music producer.

  At the same time: when I knew he was blind, then he had such a good voice, such a good ear sound, such a good condition and such a happy feeling. This comprehensive thing infected me.

  Commentary: Under the planning of this music producer, Yang Guang’s song "There is someone waiting for you at home" quickly became popular on the Internet. This song is like a touchstone, which tests the charm of Yang Guang’s music.

  At the same time: it’s just a demo, a small demo (audio-visual version), but it’s incredibly popular on the Internet, so I’m more confident.

  Commentary: After that, Yang Guang’s passion for music burst forth, and he wrote a lot of songs. He finally found his own way, that is, he wrote and composed his own words, sang and played himself, and interpreted each song with true feelings.

  Commentary: Now, Yang Guang is no longer worried about his livelihood, but his life is still frugal and simple. He still lives in the basement, and uses the money saved to buy music equipment and his favorite music CDs, because there is still a bigger dream hidden in his heart.

  At the same time: I very much hope that I can become a very good cultural businessman.

  Commentary: Now Yang Guang lives with his mother most of the time. While his career and life are gradually becoming stable, her mother is getting old. Therefore, no matter what the scenery is on the road of life in the future, Yang Guang will accompany her together.

  At the same time: To tell the truth, I feel that without her, there would be no me today, so I have a grateful heart for her.

  Moderator: Your smile is no longer as wrinkled as before, and your black hair is no longer as white as before. My voice is not as hoarse as before, and my steps are not as slow as before; When you are old and your hair is white, my eyes are still on your face. When you are old and wrinkled, I will still accompany you to watch the sunset. This is a few lyrics from Yang Guangge, which we extracted. With such a moving song, we believe that Yang Guang’s future road will be covered with sunshine. Thanks for watching today’s program. Please stay tuned for "People and Society" at the same time tomorrow.

  Premiere at 18: 46 on September 11th.

  Replay at 23: 55 on September 11th and 11: 55 on September 12th.

Editor: Wang Shanshan