[Liubei Anti-drug Science] Are you sleepy when you go to work? This "refreshing" trick can’t be done!

as the proverb goes

happy events do good to one’s heart

I feel sleepy when I get to work.

Especially after a long holiday.

After a few beautiful days without getting up early

Going to work is even more sleepy.

Face fatigue and tiredness

Little friends have tried their best.

Strong tea, coffee, cool oil …

But remember

There are thousands of refreshing methods.

Don’t use drugs as a means

A truck driver started taking drugs with the idea of giving it a try because he was easy to get sleepy and heard from his friends that taking drugs could refresh him. Finally, he was detained for 15 days.

An online writer was arrested by the police because he often stayed up late to catch a manuscript and used drugs to "refresh himself" and "seek inspiration".

A 22-year-old boy, Zhang, was finally detained for 15 days in order to earn more overtime pay.

Can drugs really refresh you?

Amphetamine drugs such as ice, magu and ecstasy have strong central nervous system excitement. Taking this kind of drugs can make people feel energetic, excited and confident in the short term, and they can continue to work and study for a long time without eating or drinking. However, long-term use of methamphetamine will inevitably lead to organ damage and even auditory hallucination mental disorder.

Drug abuse can "eliminate fatigue" and "refresh the mind"

It’s all a lie

Never believe in the "magic effect" of drugs

Maintain healthy and regular sleep habits.

have a good sleep

Is the secret of "refreshing"

Original title: "[Liubei Anti-drug Science Popularization] Are you sleepy when you go to work? This "refreshing" trick can’t be done! 》