Men sell test answers for a profit of 800,000 yuan, regardless of whether it is true or not.

  The police in the sand area arrested the criminal suspect who illegally provided and sold the test answers. Our reporter Gan Xiayi photo

  (Reporter Tan Yao) Every time there are various exams, the information of "selling answers" and "passing answers" is flooding on the Internet, and this year’s college entrance examination is no exception. Many lucky candidates dare not speak out even if they "buy the answer". Recently, the police in Shapingba District cracked a gang that illegally sold answers to test questions. Can you really get the answer to the college entrance examination? Let’s see what the suspect says.

  Cheating gangs were found in the rental house.

  On June 6, the day before the college entrance examination, Mr. Zhao, who lives in Shapingba, called 110 to report that he saw an advertisement on the Internet, claiming that he could provide answers to the college entrance examination to help candidates cheat.

  Mr. Zhao said that when he saw these advertisements, he was angry, because he had participated in the college entrance examination, and he felt that selling answers to help candidates cheat seriously hurt those candidates who studied hard at the cold window, so he called the police.

  After receiving the police, the police of Tianxingqiao police station in Shapingba quickly rushed to the scene. They contacted the seller according to the QQ number left in the advertisement, pretending to be the candidate who bought the answer, and knew the address and contact information of the other party during the conversation. The police investigating the case quickly arrested two suspects, Lai Mou and Ji Mou, who were suspected of illegally providing answers to selling test questions in a rental house in Ronghui Hot Spring City, and seized a batch of equipment for cheating in the exam on the spot, including 10 mobile phones, 3 laptops, 3 devices for sending and receiving test answers, and 1 mobile phone signal shield.

  The suspect said that he could not get the answer to the exam at all.

  After the trial, the suspects Lai and Ji confessed that they had sold all kinds of exam answers through the Internet since the beginning of 2016, and they had illegally made a profit of more than 800,000 yuan. The two have a clear division of labor. Lai is responsible for trading and buying answers from the exchange groups of various exam answers, and then selling the bought answers to the people who buy them. Ji is responsible for advertising, promoting and attracting customers in various QQ groups.

  Lai told the police that they didn’t know the specific source of the test answers, and they joined many test answer exchange groups on the Internet. Whenever there were various tests, some people in these exchange groups peddled answers. When he thinks the answers are true, he will talk privately with the person who gave them and buy them, but he can’t guarantee that these answers are true.

  Lai said: "The answers in the QQ group are basically false, but they can be sold regardless of whether they are true or false, all in order to cheat the candidates." They also do the same thing, by posting advertisements and spreading news in various QQ groups on the Internet, to convince candidates that they have the ability to get the real answer before the exam, and then some lucky candidates will contact them to trade. Lai and Ji will ask candidates to bring their own mobile phones and receive answers in the exam to cheat. Even if the answer is not true, cheating candidates will not call the police.

  The suspects also admitted that they couldn’t get the answers to the national college entrance examination, claiming that they had the answers just to cheat money. When the candidates are deceived and put the money into the designated account, Lai and others will directly blacken the candidates.

  Candidates can be sentenced to a maximum of seven years for cheating.

  At present, Lai and Ji are criminally detained by the police on suspicion of illegally providing and selling test questions and answers, and the case is still under investigation.

  According to the police investigating the case, the reason why Lai and Ji can get high rewards by selling answers and helping candidates cheat is because many candidates are lucky. In fact, at present, all kinds of examination systems are constantly improving, and almost all the answers circulated on the Internet before and during the exam are fake. Spending money on fake answers to cheat will not only cost you years of hard work, but also pay a higher price. The Criminal Law (Amendment 9) and the newly revised Education Law stipulate that those who organize cheating in exams will be punished by the criminal law, and cheating by candidates is also a criminal act, with a maximum penalty of seven years’ imprisonment.